Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 29, 1968 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1968
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

PAGE A.I 0 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAFtt SATOR15AY, JUNE 29, 1968 LEAVING KHE SANH — An armed convoy leaves Khe Sanli feombat base below the western end of the demilitarized zone, South Vietnam, with a cargo of varied equipment bound for Landing Zone Stud, which will be the new western anchor of the DMZ defense line with the inactivation of Khe Sanh. In background are the hills of the Khe Sanh Valley, controlled by the North Vietnamese. (AP Wirephoto) Alton Attacks Blight on Wide Will Seek U. $. Funds By CLARKE WILLIAMSON Here are all the '67 • '68 programs voted on by TOP VIEW readers. The programs are listed In order of readers' preferences: BEST SPECIAL: National Geographic — GBS. BEST WEEKLY SERIES: Family Affair — CBS. ALL AGE FAVORITES; Walter Cronkite — CBS, Walt Disney — NBC, Hondo—ABC,* racques Cousteau — ABC, The FBI — ABC, High Chaparral- NBC. RECOMMENDED (general- y highly favored — but not always by every age group): Andy Griffith - CBS*, Harry Reasoner — CBS, Mission Impossi- >le — CBS, Bonanza — NBC, It Takes a Thief — ABC, My Three Sons — CBS, Charlie Brown — CBS, Big Valley — ABC, The Virginian - NBC, unsmoke — CBS, The' Iron Horse — ABC*, Dean Martin - NBC, Frank McGee - NBC, rreat Explorations — NBC, Roger Mudd — CBS, Discovery 67-68 — ABC, 21st Century — BS, Animal Secrets — NBC, ••;• EDITOR'S NOTE—This Is the • first article of two concerning the steps Alton has taken to be re-certified for federal fund proj- . ects. The city lost its certification years ago when it failed to adopt a housing code that would meet federal standards. Alton only recently adopted an amended housing code to clear the way for re-certification. By JIMKULP Telegraph Staff Writer The City of Alton is on the' verge of opening the door *o a b variety of federal programs for community Improvement, aimed at eliminating and preventing slums and blight. The key for this is a workable! program which the city is about to submit to the regional office of the Department of Housing •and Urban Development (HUD) According to Mayor Clyde Wiseman Alton will ,be the only city in Madi-. .son County which will ttien jibe certified to receve aid ;.Hfrofn these programs. <• In essence the workable ; .program — which /'is re- •fquird by the federal goy- ^ernment before a city can : :; be eligible for these grants vr- is a summary of what the "'city has done in the way of /necessary legislation, plan> iting and enforcement to provide the proper type of physical environment needed in :the community. Alton, after the workable Jprogram is approved by the ^government, plans to utilize the following HUD grants: Various mortgage insurance programs, urban renewal, housing for senior citizens, /public housing, community facilities, open space land and urban beautification, , planning relocation, model :cities program and demonstrations and other programs. To do this Alton had to establish certain criteria required by the government as 'some assurance that the city will keep ahead of blight. Mayor Wiseman said the city had not been eligible for federal programs since 1963 because these criteria were absent. Wiseman said there were .three major deficiencies in these criteria when he took office in 1965: The city had no fire code, no continuous planning and no bousing ordinance with established procedures for implementing its provisions. In its workable program to be submitted to HUD, the <*ity reviewed the significant achievements during the part year and decided on new goals for the coming years, Said the city's declaration of policy: "Together with sound Pjftjic policy and good municipal manage- ,men,t» the (city) hppes lo create : an - enviroiunent whereby successful cooperation ijntw^in fixate in* itiaUvft and pubwnglicy can iffiiv® ntof the fcttW" forts in improving dwelling units in one neighborhood. . » The city council also, the report to HUD said, has engaged planning consultant cervices to help coordinate the many activities underway. These include Downtown Alton's efforts to rebuild the central business district, the park commission's program to improve park and recreation facilities, the school board's efforts to expand and improve the education plant and the library board's plan to provide a new library. In addition, said the report, the city council has applied for federal assistance to update its current comprehensive plan which was current in 1960. Dur|pg the past 12 months, the city said it also had applied to HUD for assistance to -extend its sanitary sewers and that this improvement, With $641,000 in federal grants, -is now underway. As its major goals for the coming year, <•• the city set out the following: (1) To decrease significantly the number of sub- standard housing units through increased use of city codes This will include rehabilitation and spot removal of those that cannot be salvaged. At present housing code enforcement is being concentrated in the Lincoln School area, but at least two additional neighborhoods will be concentrated upon by the housing department this year. (2) To increase the number of standard housing units through both private . and public initiative. The Housing Authority will build new units as soon as they .are certified, private developers are interested in assisting the authority and others such as non-profit church groups are exploring methods for furnishing low and middle income housing. (3) To provide a capital improvement program as the basis for a bond issue referendum to be submitted to voters in the spring of 1969. The bond issue will include rehabilitation of the city hall to provide efficient space for the enlarged administration, new fire and police facilities, expanded neighborhood park and recreation and a new public library. (4) To continue participation with the Southwestern Illinois Metropolitan Area Planning Commission and the East-West Gateway Coordinating Council to resolve the transportation problems of the metropolitan area, and of Alton in particular. (5) To provide effective public leadership through all groups currently concerned with some aspect of the social, economic and physical development of the city. (6) To complete the re- .view of the current comprehensive plan as an effective tool to guide day-to-day decisions. The city described its current building codes and when they were enacted, and pointed out that a subcommittee of the Citizens' Urban Development Advisory Committee has been formed to help review and update them. Also described were the procedures the housirip counselor follows in securing compliance with the housing code, plus the number of structures in- spected and brought into compliance and those estimated for this action during the coming year. Alton also pointed out that it had formed a housing board of appeals, that a planning commission ex- •ists and that it had engaged the General Planning and Resource Consultants to furnish planning consultant services. Additional planning studies affecting the city, either underway or in preparation, also were listed in the workable program report to HUD. They included: The Citizens' Revitalization Committee which has agreed upon a set of goals for Alton's improvement; engagement of a firm to prepare a parks and recreation survey; employment of a consulting firm to study the feasibility of a new bridge; plans to employ a library consultant for recommendations on a new library; study by the Army Corps of Engineers for a neW lock and dam; and municipal plans to engage an architect to analyze the city hall. ments, ^tiflJtouit saW an §«ect- OnAjgnW^inds.!^: Chicago Street Gang Used U.S. o o Funds for Crime, Senators Told ByLAWRliax , L. KNUTSON Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - Members of a Chicago street gang receiving antipoverty funds encourage juveniles to commit crimes because punishment is less than for adults, a Senate hearing has been told. "They can literally get away with murder," Robert M. Karton, an assistant Cook County, 111., state's attorney told the Senate permament investigations subcommittee. Friday. The subcommittee, headed by Arkansas Democrat John L. McClellan, is looking into the use made of a $927,000 federal antipoverty grant doled out in a rehabilitation experiment to two South Side gangs. Widely conflicting testimony in six days of hearings has cen tered on the First Presbyterian Church and its pastor, the Rev. John Fry. There have been charges—denied by Fry—that he allowed the church to be used as an arsenal, counseled gang members to extort money from merchants, permitted marijuana parties and once relayed an order, for a killing, Karton testified that there is a trend among members of the Blackstone Rangers and Devil's Disciples, the two gangs in the controversial project; to take advantage of an Illinois law by using juveniles to commit crimes. He said that a 16-year-old member of the Rangers confessed killing a Disciple In the street, outside Fry's church and later tried to recant the confession. Karton said the youth claimed an older boy actually committed the murder but told him that, being so young, he would not receive a harsh penalty. "Is tbere evidence that older criminals indjjfee youngsters to commit srious crimes," Karton was asked. "I think that is the conclusion one would have to draw," Karton said. The Illinois law provides that adults convicted of murder be sentenced to a minimum of 14 years in prison, the maximum penalty is death in the electric chair. Juveniles, Karton said, are turned over to the Illinois Youth Commission and can be released anytime the commission considers them rehabilitated. In other testimony Friday, a First Presbyterian Church youth worker said that although gang members he helped were "some of the most violent kids in the whole country," they had a potential for good and he never aided them in crime. Cooperation of the Blackstone Rangers was essential for anyone trying to find solutions to urban problems in their area of operations, said Charles La Paglia,. But under questioning by sen ators, who produced witnesse! and affidavits in attempting to refute many of his statements LaPaglia "specifically and cate gorically" denied these allega tions. HKAVV SCHEDULE - tarry Moelin, left, instructor in the Education Division at the EUwurdsvllle campus of Southern Ulluoi* University, leads a demonstration in welgbHUting at a workshop to SJU's East Si. Louis Center. Mowing bis example we Maxine Agres. originally of Moro, wbo now teaches special education in Yoko- hama, Japan; and L. Lacy of St. Louis, wbo is a recreational therapist at the St. Louis State ScJiooJ and Hospital, They were amoug teachers, therapist* and coaches attending the two-week study on physical edwottUoi) and re* creation for the haudlcapped, The program started Jmue 17, National Geographic Top Special of 67-68 Season Wild Kingdom — NBC, Daniel Boone — NBC, Gentle Ben — CBS, Lassie - CBS, Meet the Press — NBC) Bewitched — ABC, Saga of Western Man— ABC, Captain Kangaroo—CBS, Face the Nation — CBS, The Avengers — ABC, Guns of Will Sonnett — ABC, Mannix — CBS, Huntley Brinkley Reports —NBC, Children's Theatre — NBC. ACCEPTABLE (AVERAGE) SHOWS: ABC Drama Specials, Judd for the Defense — ABC, Flipper reruns — NBC, ABC Reports and Documentaries, I Spy — NBC*, Dragnet—NBC, Gomer Pyle — CBS, Petticoat Junction — CBS, Garrison's Gorillas - ABC*, Daktari-CBS, Lawrence Welk — ABC, Peter Jennings — ABC*, Young People's Concerts — CBS, Lucy Show — CBS, CBS Thursday Movies, CBS Playhouse, Run for Your Life — NBC*, The Saint — NBC*, Hogan's Heroes, — CBS, Red Skelton — CBS, CBS Reports and Documentar ies, Children's Film Festival- CBS, Cimarron Strip — CBS*, Green Acres — CBS, That Girl •ABC, 1 Dream of Jeannie NBC, GE College Bowl -NBC, Felony Squad - ABC,, NYPD- ABC, NBC Saturday Movies, Bob Young News-ABC*, Fly* ing Nun - ABC, Wild West- CBS, NBC Reports and Documentaries, CBS Friday Movies, Hallmark Hall of Fame - NBC, Issues and Answers — ABC, Beverly Hillbillies - CBS, Rat Patrol-ABC*, Bell Telephone Hour - NBC*, ABC Sunday Movies, Kraft Music Hall — NBC, Rowan and Martin NBC, Cowboy in Africa — ABC*, Star Trek - NBC, Hollywood Palace — ABC, Hollywood Squares — NBC*, Carol Burnett — CBS, Smothers Brothers — CBS. UNACCEPTABLE FOR PRIME TIME (would be acceptable in non-prime time): Maya - NBC*, Off to See the Wizard — ABC*, Man from Wizard — ABC, Man from U.N.C.L.E. — NBC*, ABC Cartoons (acceptable for present time-slot), Amateur Hour (acceptable for present time-slot) —CBS, CBS Cartoons (acceptable for present time-slot), The Monkees - NBC*. m ; U N A C C 81 P f A B L E POft TV (disliked by all ages): Danny Thomas —• NBC*; Dun- Danny Thomas - NBC; Dundee and the Culhane - CBS", Newlywed Game — ABC, ABC Wednesday Movies, |e c o n d Hundred Years - ABC*, Jackie Gleason — CBS, NBC Tuesday Movies, Operation Entertainment - ABC, Good Morning World — CBS*, Jonathan Winters - CBS, Tarzan - NBC*, Dating Game - ABC, He and She — CBS*, Mothers-in-Law— NBC, Custer-ABC*, Get Smart -NBC, Accidental Family — NBC*, American Bandstand — ABC, The Invaders - ABC*, Ed Sullivan - CBS, Voyage ABC*, Camera! Three — CBS, Lamp Unto My Feet — CBS, Look Up and Live - CBS, Peyton Place - ABC, NBC Cartoons, Good Company — ABC*, Jerry Lewis — NBC, Directions — ABC, Dream House — ABC*, Lost in Space — CBS*, Batman — ABC*. Asterisk (*) means programs removed or not due to return next season. * * * * * * * * TV LOG (R) Denotes Rebroadcast (C) Denotes Color KTVI (ABC) 2, KMOX (CBS) 4, KSD (NBC) 5, KPLR U 6:00-2 Peter Gunn (R) 4 News (C) 5 Death Valley (C) 11 Ernest Tubb (C) 6:30—2 Dating Game (C) 4 The Prisoner (C) 5 The Saint (C) (R) 11 Movie 7:00—2 Newlywed Game (C) 7:30-2 Lawrence Welk (C) 4 My 3 Sons (C) (R) 5 Get Smart (C) (R) 8:00—4 Hogan's Heroes (C) (K) 5 Movie (C) MOVIES SAT. EVE 6:30— 11— "Yankee Doodle Dandy" (1942) Joan Leslie, James Cagney 8:00— 5— "Phantom of the Opera" (1962) (C) Herbert Lorn, Michael Gough 8:30-2-"Love Is A Many Splendored Thing" (1955) (C) Jennifer Jones, William Holden 10:15— 4— "Hoodlum Priest" (1961) Keir Dullea, Don Murray 5—' 'It Happens Every Spring" (19—) Ray Milland, Paul Douglas 10:45— 2— "Horror of Dracula" (1958) (C) Peter Gushing, Michael Gough 1:10— 4— "Cash McCall" (1959) (C) Natalie Wood, James Garner SUNDAY Noon— 11— "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" (1938) Shirley Temple, Randolph Scott 12:30-4— "Chicken Every Sunday" (1949) Celeste Holm, Dan Dailey 1:00-2— "Devil of Paris" (19-) Jill Haworth, Jean Marais 3:00—2— "The Bullfighters" (1945) Laurel & Hardy 4:00-2-See Sat., 8:30 p.m., Ch. 2 (C) 8:00-2-"A Girl Named Tamiko" (1963) (C) Martha Hyer, Laurence Harvey 10:00— 2— "Mysterious Island" (1961) (C) Joan Greenwood, Michael Craig 10:30-4-"The Miracle" (1959) (C) Carroll Baker, Roger Moore U— "Man-eater of the Kumaon" (1948) Wendell Corey, Sabu 12:45-~4-"New Orleans Uncensored" (1955) Beverly Garland, Arthur Franz WON. DAY Sun., 10:30 p.m., Ch. U ;8JM~'1?arfc Venture" (1W2) John Culvert, John CarraOlne , 4VCave of the Outlaws" (1952) (C) Alexis Smith, MacDonald Carey 8:30—2 Movie (C) 4 Petticoat Junction (C) (R) 11 Wrestling (C) 9:00—4 Mannix (C) (R) 9:30—11 Pat Boone (C) 10:00—4 5 News/Weather (G) 10:15-4 5 Movie 10:30-2 ABC News (C) 10:45—2 Movie (C) 11:00—11 Checkmate (R) 12:00—5 Panorama '68 11 News Roundup 12:10—1 Dick Keefe (C) 12:15—2 News/Sports 12:20—2 Thought for Today 1:10-4 Movie (C) 3:10—4 News/Religion (C) Sunday June 30 6:45—4 Religion/News (C) 7:00—4 Project Headstart (C) 7:20—2 Thought for Today 7:25—2 News Break 7:30—2 Pattern for Living 4 P.S. 4 (C) 5 Lester Family (C) 8:00—2 The Answer 4 Sunday Morning (C) 5 Gospel Jubilee (C) 11 London Line (C) 8:15—11 Songs of Faith 8:30—2 Cross Currents (C) 4 Faith of Our Fathers (C) 5 America Sings (C) 11 Hearld of Truth (C) 8:45—2 Sacred Heart (C) 9:00—2 Message of Rabbi (C) 4 Lamp Unto My Feet (C) (R) 5 Metropolitan Church 11 Uncle Waldo (C) 9:15-2 Catholic Mass (C) 9:30—4 Look Up & Live (C) 5 This Is the Life 10:00-2 Bullwinkle (C) 4 Camera Three (C) 5 Eternal Light (C) 11 Ed Allen Time 10:30—2 Discovery (C) (R) 4 Way of Life (C) 5 Super President (C) 11 Underway for Peace (C) 11:00-2 Linus the Lionhearted 4 Church Is You (C) 5 Gorky's Colorama (C) 11 Wrestling (C) (R) 11:30—2 Bugs Bunny 4 Face the Nation (C) 12:00—2 Milton the Monster 4 Dial M for Music (C) (R) 5 Meet, the Press (C) 11 Movie 12:30-2 Stingray (C) (R) 4 Movie 5 Robin Hood (R) 12:45—5 Bob Broeg Show (C) 1:00-2 Movie (C) 5 Dugout (C) 1:15—5 SPECIAL: Baseball- Cards vs Chicago Cubs (C) 1:30—11 Parade of Champions (C) 2:00—11 Jim Thomas (C) 2:30-2 Dobbie Gillis (R) 4 SPECIAL: Soccer — New York vs Chicago (C) 11 Wagon Train (C) (R) 3:00—2 Movie 4:00-2 Movie (C) 11 Burke's Law (R) 4:15—5 Scoreboard (C) 4:30—4 Amateur Hour (C) 5 NFL Highlights (C) 5:00-4 21st Century (C) (R) 5 McGee Report (C) 11 Bowling (C) 5:30—4 News (C) 5 Animal Kingdom (C) SUNDAY EVENING 6:00—2 Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (C) (R) 4 Lassie (C) (R) 5 Virgil Ward (C) 11 Something Special (C) 6:30-4 Gentle Ben (C) (R) 5 Disney's World (C) (R) 7:00-2 The FBI (C) (R) 4 Ed Sullivan (C) 11 The Traveler (C) 7:30-5 Mothers-In-Law (C) (R) 11 Bill Fields (C) 8:00-2 Movie (C) 4 Smothers Brothers Summer Show (G) 5 Bonanza (C) (R) 1:00—4 Mission: Impossible (C) (R) 5 High Chaparral (C) (R) 11 Pat Boone (C) 10:00-2 Movie (C) 4 5 News/Weather (C) 10:30-4 Movie (C) 5 Johnny Carson (C) 11 Movie 12:00-2 ABC News (C) 5 News (C) Alton State Hospital Gets New Sound Suite Alton State Hospital craftsmen installed an air- conditioned sound suite for the new speech and hearing clinic early this week in the basement of the diagnostic building. The two - room suite was purchased through the W- H. Hopmeier Co. of St. Louis, at a cost of approximately $14,000 The patient will be seated in one room for the diagnostic hearing testing, and the other adjacent room will hose the audiological testing equipment. Complete installation of the audiome- trie testing equipment should be finished in July. Jerry Murphy, hearing and speech specialist, said prescreening tests have been given to all patients, and as soon as our clinic is ready for operation, all those pa< tlents who didn't pass the screening tests will be called for a complete audiome- trie evaluation." In addition to diagnostic evaluations the speech and hearing clinic will provide bearing aid evaluations, speech reading and auditory training. Recommendations will h* made as to medical consultation and therapy on the basis o! tbe diagnostic evaluation. Murphy said, "Of the 1,300 patient population, approximately 40 per cent have speech and hearing problems." Three additional hearing and speech specialists to staff the clinic are being projected for the next Wen- nlum, which is July 1969. Two speech therapists and one audiologlst is needed to serve the new clinic program?. With adequate staff, the clinic will test each patient upon admission, and maintain a complete testing program among patients with n hearing loss, on a reguhr basis. A program is being planned for employes testing, AJ, so, win> adequate staff, Murphy said they would be able to serve other state agencies and the mental health clinics as well. Follow-up work will extend to patients discharged from the hospital, and who are being treated as out-patients at tbe mental health clinics. A thmpy room is also located in the clinic, con- aected by a one-way mirrored window, wuftre Staff may observe therapy demonstrations and teach- 12:05-11 News 12:10—5 Panorama '68 12:15—2 Issues & Answers (C) 12:45—2 News/Sports 4 Movie 12:50—2 Thought for Today 2:15-4 News/Religion (C) Monday Jiilyl 5:15-4 Religion/News (C) 5:30—4 Summer Semester (C) 8:01-4 Town & Country (C) 6:30-4 P.S. 4 (C) 6:45—2 Thought for Today 6:50—2 Farm Report 6:55—2 Newsbreak 7:00—2 Lone Ranger (R) 4 News (C) 5 Today (C) 7:05-4 CBS News (C) 7:30—2 Fury (R) 4 Cartoons ,(C) 8:00—2 Winchell-Mahoney (C) 4 Capt. Kangaroo (C) 8:45—11 Modern Almanac 1:00—2 Romper Room (C) 4 Candid Camera (R) 5 Snap Judgment (C) 11 Ed Allen Time 9:25-5 NBC News (C) 9:30-4 Beverly Hillbillies (C) 5 Concentration (C) 11 Superman (R) 10:00-2 Dick Cavett Show (C) 4 Andy of Mayberry (R) 5 Personality (C) 11 Movie 10:30—4 Dick Van Dyke (R) 5 Hollywood Squares (C) 11:11-2 Bewitched (C) (R) 4 Love Of Life (C) 5 Jeopardy (C) 11:25-4' CBS News (C) 11:30-2 Treasure Isle (C) 4 Search for Tomorrow ) 5 Eye Guess (C) 11 Cartoons & Comics 11:45-4 Guiding Light (C) 11 King & Odie 11:55-5 NBC News (C) Noon—2 Charlotte Peters (C) 4 Dennis the Menace (R) 5 Mike Douglas (C) 11 Dream House (C) 12:30-4 As World Turns (C) 11 Wedding Party (C) l:M-2 Newlywed Game (C) 4 Love Is A Many Splen- dored Thing (C) 5 Days of Our Lives (C) 11 The Texan (R) 1:30-2 Baby Game (C) 4 House Party (C) 5 The Doctors (C) 11 Love That Bob (R) 1:55-2 Children's Doctor (C) 2:00-2 General Hospital (C) 4 To Tell the Truth (C) 5 Anothelr World (C) 11 Woody Woodbury (C) 2:25-1 CBS News (C) 2:30-2 Dark Shadows (C) 4 Edge of Night (C) 5 You Don't. Say (C) S:IO-2 Dating Game (C) 4 Secret Storm (C) 5 Match Game (C) 3:25-5 NBC News (C) 3:30-2 Movie 4 Movie (C) 5 Merv Grjffjn (C) 11 Captain U (C) 4:45-ii Qartoon Cutups (C) 8:M-2 ABC News (C) 4 Leave It to Beaver (R) 5 News Report (C) U Room for Daddy (R) 2 News Report (C) 4 CBS News (C) 5 Huntley-Brinkley (C) 11 Perry Mason (R) 5:MM Weather/Sporte (C) "FREEDOM FROM UMITATIQN" ,8maday-8i30«,ui., K&D-M1UC f itil Wet*'* ChrUtiau tfrvt ..

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