The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 8, 1964 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1964
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

T m. T« F«OS HECIPE OF THE WEEK Like to serve something different? Try Chalupas Ploy!*" i> on Sole Inn* I | ('(I _ Mrrntom i Into MIMIII- iNonunilntlnn iluli «i||li<urltvMtMli>n Valley Mill* Jl N*» Itraunlela iioil Irlilj). Him in -iw "I tin- rluli'f hyKANCYBACKOR BHA/OMIA - VetUtatMr*. PSH|) Hirsnt I" ••** of tn* mo»t popular foMW hnete**** la ortaorl*. • She inrt her Mtwhaad, Paul, awl their two children Randy •l>, *nd l'»uli, two, live In M ittraetlv* two atonr gray hfiuM thit Paul dMlrwd and tralll. The upatalr* I* unfinished Inrt plm* call fur II tt> he an over-*la*d play room. The hmiiw I* eomfortibly snd very altrKllvety fttrnlahad in Rirly Amerlcin, veniti is a graduate of Stephen F, Austin College and •he met Paul while she was ttiehint la the Commerclil Uepirtment it Colombia High. Hhe still uaea her hook- k»epla* iblllty lithellramrli lumber Yard where Piul I* the miaager of the llarang family bailnea*. p*ui «Uo it<ie* contracting, and la *n ictlva member and put president of iheBraaori* l.lon'a cluti. He *») Vend* twtli belong t/i St. .lunn'ft Epiaeopalehureh •nd tlw Driaorii Parenl- T*»ch«r Aaiwclition. VrnlU elilms the only hobble* sh* has are those thrust iil»>n her. Uke cooking and «i-winf. Rhe ilsii doea sub- milute laschlng In the Bra- r»rla Kl»m«ntary school *h*re Ilimly altenda klnder- (arten. with > hunt nf relative* ami friends living In and around liratorla the close lout Haras* family sttM a great deal of Hwr *p*re tin* visiting Mrf b*u« vtctt**! sad aa lavlUtloB to MI VtMte's Chalapas la ilwiy* aweleotM one. •he share* (Ms net**'***; a 8p**l*h*d flA«or«d m*«l with reader*. CHALUPAS I pkg. tortilla* CdwsH or frown) I Ib. ground meal I mediam siaed pepper, chopped ruw I can fried in hot fat and garlic **H I cup grited Cheddar ch*«a« chopped lettwM and (ornate wedge* Fry »hot* tortilla aaoordi** to pukig* dtreetloaa until crisp. Ses*oath* ground meat with nit, Btpper, and the )*- lapeno pepper. Cook meat la medium skll- 1*1, mishlng with potato m**her to make It loose. Do not add ihortealng. Spread fried tortilla with a layer of beans, a layer of meat, handful of lettuce and tomatoes, and tablespoon of grated cheese. May be topped with mashed avaeado or guaesmole salad, on* pound of meat will aenw 9 or 0 people. This pound cake go** well with coffee lor dessert. POUNDCAKE 3 stick* margarine 1 box powered wgar Aegga Fill powdered svgar box wtftffcwr t lihlismiun TnuUa Waw» margariM, sad Mfw. AM egg*, on* am ««*» tMtftti wil after each ••Otloa, Whan «tu miiad n*w fhwr ajM vamila. Cook tt tea* pan in m dsfree for o*» how or until Htf 'ft M ffc. BOCXSHEF Harder by the Book, by F. L. D. Lockrldg*. Zanalbar Batrigw, by v. w. Mason. Contsssor, by j. Donahue. Non-Fiction, All the Best m Hawaii, by S. A. Clark*. Rental shelf i Hot* Kong surgeon, by Dr. Li Shu Fan. The crave of Eagles, by Winston Graham. Reference shetf t Vanished Civilisations of the Ancient WorMi Story of man's search for truth that IMs beneath the oeaterles. The Dam of Civilisation: World survey of human culture* in early timea. Church census 8URFS1DE-A church census will be conducted Monday through Friday In Surfside by the women of the Oyster creek Methodist and Baptist Churches. JACK REID APPLIANCES FINAL WEEK FRLGIDAIRE CLEARANCE & WE'RE CLOSING OUT OUR 1963 MODEL! A "SHARP SHOPPER" COME JARtY FRIGIDAIRE REFRIGERATORS r (PFPI-161) FRIGIDAIRE Porceliin Frostproof IMPERIAL 16 Cu.Ft. 2 Door ^W-161) FRIGIDAIRE Same i As Above EK* Oemofldntof (FDS-141) FRIGIDAIRE Dcluic 2 Door 150 Ib. Bottom Freezer (PfD-13T43) FRIGIDAJRE AU PORCEUIN 2 Door, 100 Ib. Freezer, 13 C«. Ft (FD-13T-62) FRIWDAJW delui 2 door, KM) b fnenr, PorceWn HYdraton 2 (DA-12-63) FRIGIDAJRf Refrigeritors, 63 Ib. freezers, CMC* «.hit* or yeuow,tait band door (FDS-13T) FRIGIDAJRE Refrigeritors, 2 Door Nne Refrigerator .chdoeofYauo. or copper (D-10-o3) FRIGIDAJRE Lett Hand Door Copper Refrigerator, 10 CH. ft., 56 Ib. freezer. FRIGIDAIRE WASHERS (WCDAS) FRIGIDAW5 Washers, 2 Speed, 12 Ib. Capacity, Choke of Colors (WCDAP) FRIGIDAIRE Washer, AU PORCEIAIN Cvston Delnie, 2 Speed... . (WCDASP) FRIGIDAJRE Washers, 2 Speed, 12 Ib. Capacity, ill PORCEAW (WCI) FRK^DAiRE CUSTOM IMKRIAl AU PORCOAJN Washer, 7 c»des^ ^s, FRIGIDAIRE DRYERS-GAS & ELECTRIC (DDAS) FWGJDAJRI Electric Dryers, choice of Colors, Fabric selector Pmelw Drm DDAGS) FRIGJDAItiGis Dryer, Copper Color, Wash aid Wear and (DM6) FRIGIDAIRE Electric Dryers, Delm, ^M^ (DOGS) FRIGIDAIRE GAS Dryer, Define Model, Fabric selector ,--J NORMAL PRICE ._. SA18.00 618.00 399.00 399.00 •349.00 299.95 349.00 .219.95 FRIGIDAIRE HECTRtC RANGES (RDF630) FRIGIDAIRE 'HAIR* Eledric R»ge, 30 inch. Aifomfe (RS-35-63) fRIGIDAIRE A.loraitic Electric Range, 30 inch, 236.00 ..299.00 ..256.00 320.00 .. 149.W 169.95 -189.95 ...189.95 _ 349.00 -.239.95 (IBters, FRIGIDAIRE ROOM AIR CONDITONERS (AE6LG) FRIGIDAIRE 110 volt, 6000 BTU, Perfect for my btdroon ^ «, (A9G) FRIGIDIAIE 230 toll, 9000 BTU, Will do average tiree"bt«tfooBj~ m & (A12) fRIGIDAIRE 230 volt, 12000 ITU, For Imcg room aid kitchen « My roots 330.00 (A1SG) FRIGIDAIRE 230 VOH, 15000 BTU, »ill d» uviag MA mut»n >r*« m moat *>»M^ r -^, mmmmfmi ??Q,QO (196) FRIGIDAIRE 230 volt, 19000 BTU, Will cool mwy averafe to seuN IMIMS aso.oo Many Other Appliances, TELEVISION-STEREO-A COLOR TV DRASTICALLY REDUCED JACK REID APPLIANCES YOUR FRIGIDAIRE DEALER * * i j * i I '- M MOUnBTOMY HO PAYHtHI IIJUM BKAZOBPORT March l>ll MONDAY Tamil**, bMM BMtsttdrlee Col* stow, dresstae FMcheobbter TUESDAY Rout b**f, brown gmy M**hed potato** TaMtd Mtod, dressing C*k*. whit* flatty Icing WEDNESDAY Beetltew Blackivepea* Chilled tomato** Banana pudding Corn brand THURSDAY Barbecue burger Congealed fndt Baked bean* PUlo cookies FRIDAY FUh portions catsup Qreenbean* Carrot, ralaln salad Crubtrry crunch ANOLBTON MONDAY Hamburgers Lettuce, tomato** Potato chip* Navy btana Apple crisp TUESDAY Frltd chicken Whole kernel corn Buttered camta Cherry cobbler Hotrolla WEDNESDAY Barbecued wieners June peas Buttered rice Fruit Jello THURSDAY Roast, gravy Creamed potatoe* Green beam Banana pudding Hotrolla FRIDAY FUh flick* CaUup Blaekeywpaas Carrot tueka * Chocolate- cake * WC-BRAZOraA MONDAY Beeratew • PittMppl*,ngatabto aalsd. eatery seed dressing Combread%* .{*, "•! •; Orange halve* TUESDAY Pork, gravy Buttered com Turnip creena Rolls Applesauce cake WEDNESDAY Hot Docs, chill Pinto beans SCHOOL MENUS Che*** slicks Damns pudding THURSDAY Braised beef eabes Oreenbenns whMirolU Fruit CMP DANBURY MONDAY Meat tOBf Scalloped pot atoea Often bf*M P**ehM TUESDAY Hot dogs Pinto banns Cabbage Mlad CaoktM WEDNESDAY Beef Fettles Buttered He* Crowderpess Banana pudding THURSDAY Beef, noodles Buttered corn Okra, tomatoes Jollo FRIDAY FUh sticks Buttered potatoes English peas tpple cobbler SWEENY MONDAY Chill, ILiKit K. SIT TON To direct "iu* !c DR.R.C.TENKBON Revival evangelist FP Baptist Church revival begins today FREEPORT - A *erl*s of revival service* tre scheduled at the First Baptlat Church here, today through Mareh 15. Service* will be held at 10 eaoh moraiBf, Monday through Friday, and it 7; 30 etch eveolDf, Suadiy throufh Sunday. Evangelist for the week of evangelistic emphaala will be Dr. R. C. T*anl*oa of Browa- wood. Dr. Tmnlaon recently retired a* paator of First Bap- tut Church, San Saba. Other pastorate* he haa held alaee being ordaloed ts« minister 48 yesrs ago are Crosbyton, Idalou, Post, Wichita Fall*, and Cleburne. Dr. Teanlaon 1* a trustee of Howard Payne college and a member of the Taxis Bap- tUt Executive Board. SUM* his retirement aa a palter, Dr. TemUaon baa remained active IB (apply and evangelistic work. Revival muale will be directed by Je**e N. Button, minister of Music and Education at Freeport Flrat Baptist. Button haa called spec 111 rehearsals of the Revival Choir at 1 each evening of the week. Soloist* and choral ensembles have beenenllsted to provide special muale at both morning and evening service*. Prayer meeting* will be held each evening at 7 la the Adult I Department of the educational building. The church nursery will be open for every service of the revival. The Rev. Philip R. Brown, paator of the church, extend* an Invitation to the public to attend all service*. U Girl Scouts slate Carrot, pineapple sated Cracker* TUESDAY H*mburg*r*, cnest* *lio*s Lettuce, tomato, •ptckle.oo- Ion sated Potato chips Banana pudding WEDNESDAY Breaded v**J cutlet* i f ... ""•"•.m W6 eK OT QCtlVltieS Fruit J*Uo Hot roll*, batter THURSDAY Hamburger Bake or iplced ham Baked beans Fruit sated Cookies FRIDAY LAKE JACKSON-A variety of actlvlllea are planned bv • Lake Jackson Girl Scouts, in observance of Girl scout " ^ComblJatloVtalad • Party cake Church meefing WEST COLUMBIA - The Commlsiton on Education of Columbia Methodist Church will meet at 7:30 p.m. <« Wednesday. Week. Throughout tb* we*k various trocpa will be In charge at Mitt raising ceremonies-si. all school* In Late Jackson. ., ^Wfuesday *fnlng, lf jrtc'C ..nit* to pgwiiiiWt for thti Scouts aif* their tamllits, with each troop making lUownarr*ag»» ment*. ThU event will be held at the Late JscteonPav- illon. The annual mother-daughter silver t*a will be held from 4 to 6 p.m. Thursday- at th* Little House. This will benefit the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund which ls used for expanding Girl Scout Activities throughouttba world. junior Seoul* will assist the Seniors In hostess duties, individual troops will have displays of tnalr activities. ., la.addition to the** events, various troops are planning * *«cUl events during weekT Lake Jackson Senior Troop will go to campWInd-E-Mere Friday and Saturday, where they will KdnotharGlrlScouta from the Texas Girl Scout Council (or a conference on International Friendship. Other troop* are planning special meetings and eook- outs, with one Brownie Troop scheduled to have a special international Day meeting on Thursday, to hear a talk on India. Another la planning an Out- Of-Doon, with a hike and an outdoor lunch. Mr*. L. K. Webster is «pe- ctal events chairman (or Girl Scout Week In Lake Jackson. Mrs. carter Stanley Is Lake Jackson Neighborhood chair- natural poise Thr«*> ways to dr*M upl • Wear hleh. mM or low heel shoe* . . . with open sM*e. ntrnpa or •H»a taekn . . . color contraat or bewn en the vamp' In rrewn, vibrant SpTinoj color*, en patent leather OP *w*«t kM upperm. You'll look wonderful) •$14.99 At pnaent there an 477 girl* registered In the Lake Jackson program, Including 10 Brownie troop*, seven Junior Troops, on* Cadatte and one Junior troop. There are 102 adults registered. Columbia WSCS will begin study WEST COLUMBIA - The Woman's Society of Christian Service of ColumblaMethodlct Church will begin itsSplrltual Lite study on "cbrlstlan perfection" on Tuesday. The meeting w«l begin at 9:30 a.m. The Society will also meet at ft 30 a.m. on Thuraday. The third ant fourth studies on "Chrlatlan Perfection" will be held on Mareh 17 and l» at 9s30a.m. DON'T WASH It's best not to waah grapes before they <we used, but do atoce them (in one lay*r) in the re- rrigetaiw. SHADE TREES • Wiping MwlbwrlM • Sllv-r L*W MO|||« CITRUS TREES SHRUBS • Tomato & P*pp*r Plonh & Plum Tr«*M

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