The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 9, 1948 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 4
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Fretenek. M4.. FrMa?. Jmly t, 194* Doctor Savs: +f ITCHING HAS MANY CAUSES; TBEATMEXT MUST VAEV, ALSO p. JO*DAN. Serviee Washington Davbook ·/ Conspirator* Behut« Eisenhower Dafi Ami. Their Mctlrea Washington. July 9. -- The biggest t mystery in politics today is why the 9 -- There is I New Dealers want to ditch Presi- . normal reaction is to scratch the i more intrigue behind the scenes in jdent Tiuman and give the nomina- At on* time or another everyone ] »T T«IS COFFIX has had itching sensations. The, Washington. July Joday In Washington Why New Dealers Want To Ditch Trumaa Is Today's Biggest Political Myster? By DAVID LAWRENCE FRIDAY. JULY 9. 19*8 War Potentials War or ed States the European balance this sum Congress 9 UN Backing Leaves Much Desired By FETE* EDSON Washington, July ».--(NBA)-- Waat the last Congress did to the United Nations was both good and , , - ;_ , - - .,-- ..^ »..,.,_« : bad. Congressmen still view UN ally makes matters even worse. **? revolution. The bustle and , Tbe President has done exactly J Wlth * revolt from the camp of the ' with fishy eyes. There are innumerable causes for flubu » IS f° *"*'·· P*** o{ "** sto . r y j what the New Dealers wanted him so-called "liberals" themselves. i Most important favorable action itching, only a few of which can '· ? l ,*"*. dune ; th ,TM e L conspiracies j to do on major issues ever since he Tb* argument that Mr. Truman ' was Senate passage of the Vanden- ' ' - - - cannot win the election and that i berg resolution, reaffirming U. S. General Eisenhower would surely intent to work for peace through win implies that the Truman rec- UN. Being just a Senate action fit the rich." which is the basic or J is not sufficiently strong to ap- not requiring a vote by the House argument of New Dealism. P* al to the country and that some i nwr signing by the President, the itching spot, but of course this usu- Democrat party than in a Bal- · tion next week to someone else. But in the north it is surprising that anyone who has had the temerity to take such a liberal position as Mr. Truman has on the civil- rights issue should now be faced Side Glances this tussle for power are irritating substances, the condition master of political learned his lessons from ._. .. f^^^lffTf, iii»i**iiii^ ,fuk»tatM,«^9. vki^ VV.IIA4.VI* Western European foreign becomes chronic . Redness thicken . offices have been swamped with j cracking ^ crusting of "PfC i",iiv fT mTM' warning that the Soviet Union lh * skin OCCUL « aM the ltchinj f may of the J ol !' fa ?. man would fore* a showdown. July is ^ extremely hard to relieve, the moath most often mentioned in The seven-year itch, or scabies. these warnings. As for the place is another cause of bkm itching _ __ __ --there has been plenty of news which must be considered. This aad oul ' of ^ conspiracies^ like j price control to fight inflation . fram Berlin lately. ^"P* o£ Jtchmg comes from a para- a wraith, leaving no dirty finger ! which is exactly what the New ' -^ What effect Russia's run-in with site which burrows into the skin prints behind. George is Dwight i Dealers urged. '. her p'ize jackal. Yugoslavia, will Here treatments aimed *t destroy- Eisenhower's closest friend in poh- : Mr. Truman advocated Federal have on the assumed timetable can in * the Parasites are necessary. ,,,, and spends as much time in housing and. by messages and state- i v~_i .1- .i-- i- championed the New Deal" misleading appearance , Mr Tr^n urged conUnuance of only be a matter of conjecture. Destroy The Cause But if Tito had been ordered ;o Lice always cause itching Here threaten or attack Italy to create also the treatment of the itch is he does in his Washington office. position on that issue. The White House cronies looked Mr. Truman advocated "civil : main points in the Tru- j re which are identical I isnpaueat Americans^ -immediate revision of charter. : Ultimate revision of ! charter is cautiously called for · the Vandenberg resolution if oth- ; voluntary means for ending use veto on international dis- it in an position. They are ., ; President to withdraw i cause they don't think he is a the UN the UN the present Russian effort to de- but to get rid of the animals which Spirt ot the general confusion, not merely to apply some lotion T" 1 Ge ? r «f Wlt , h the Allude of - rights" legislation which is what eandu ££ ^£ and pri-c£l« o£ .^ veto °P ^ternaUona! dis- ^1 T..~L., -w^t t n rf~ h»t to *« VM «f th.. a «! m »i whi^h shipwrecked «Hors to their res- the New Dealers advocate. "are no* rnentiwed fcr the ver^ ^ 1 pUie CaSeE and ad!msslon of new cuers. Major General Harry ! There has not been an important '?!* "n\^f nnt ^l~llrrf tt « ' members do not prove successful. Vaughan. the bluff Missouri Nation- ijsue involving New Deal philoso- ! ^ tt , ^n the record the Pres- Main purpose of the Vandenberg ' a! Guard pal of Mr. Truman, now ph y in which Mr. Truman has not | '? ".^^"rL^^ *"' "r^lf I «*»«*». however, is to let the- lh* VL'htt** Wn»lc«» *v\ i I i 9"»r\f *iiHo " V _ A I · ·! r* ' ·· * j mr i 1*1C · »fTW i^tTsxt £«lll££. JLOe la-- » *·-, ^ sine Aivuotr .liiiiitiiy aide, been on the left wins ^ide ^fi*t '«. . * pose him would not be hard understand. Things have now gone so far that checking up on our war po- ;o are causing the trouble. Hives, or urticaria, is a source of itching. This kept ·* hispering .j ucvji v.i inr icn. WIHK -me- lei-., - 1 0 - ,, .world know that the Senate is be-, , «he side he doesn't seem to havl satisfied t^!±:"TM" \ ^Ual t^ RussiaT is a precau- fPo: S -ddenly appear, accompan- O 7 his m^^ --DTn't you wo^ £Z'££^ mM ' imHmm \^*^«*«^'*to^\^±^ \ Mon that it would be foolhardv to led b :' an '^fist^le oesire to aboul Eisenhower. George will, It has been said that those who ^° r " ? ht m * he faC * ° f * P°P uIar 1 while at the same time strengthen- -| rl,±_ V"TM h« H^iH^ ^ ratca - Other forms of allergy may take care of thaL He .., talk , ke ,Z^rL TL vj^ower d^ft! dem f " d f ° r , a /***·»» of the Wag- lng the United Nations world po- '· i ~^. ear*. t**« nr KCX snnce. nc. T. n. *KL UL a. MT. 7-9 J * J J * ?%r * *»"^*»- - V ^ * « * V » f,\ff *t*O \ f , postpone. Congress has decided a , o produces itc hing. that the United States needs a Some people itch all greatly expanded air force and a bathing. The sensation peacetime draft. to half ar» hour or more, but is : Less is known abo'ut the shape relieved after the clothes are on for out of running." many of th sponsored the Eisenhower draft j ner , abor relations Iaw have done so because they felt Mr. ] Eisenhower-for- | Truman couldn't win If the pres- 1 iers were going _ ent occupant of the V Allen and laying their; with his record on Ni in him like presents on an ; sues i.ess is itauwn duum u^ ,»*^ .«:i-vcu anei me tioiij» are on lor , lrust m hjrn like presents on an sues cannot be exn Russia is in now. She has strong a while. Winter itch is a closely \ a Har. Thc truth is that George«vhat New Dealer ca fifth columns in every country. Her related condition which occurs wants people to like him arid ex- i ,, ame record' Deal is- t o w n on ! lice force. ' "Now don't propose to her tonight! I said yes to your father on * Unless an out-and-out New Deal- j Record Falls Short O» Goal j *" ! «»* i '«*l July night like this, and be was never as tirccome as youl" er like Justice Douglas is named. I Record of the last Congress falls tories could equip and supply it. It was said that Germany could not fight a long war. but it was almost six years before she gave up. Right now. Russia's chances Itching of the skin of x'arying friend, who tried degrees of severity may accom- Ike's wishes. · pany such diseases a diabetes. Gusty Leon Henderson, the for- nephritis or Bright's disease, and mer OPA Administrator. He sat' esacially jaundice. ' i n his shirt sleeves in an air con-j^,' With so many possible causes for ditioned office up to his ears carry out f ore j gri policy. He has been firm | against Russia when both major there is no point in abandoning j short of this goal. Congress pro- j President Truman for a "compro- j vided enough money--over $13,- j mise." On the record, he is en- i 000.000--for the U. S. share of UN ; j titled 'o the nomination. If the expenses. It provided another mil- · I Democratic party feels, however, lion plus for pay of the U. S. mis- 1 the New Deal can be better ex- sson to the UN--now numbering; pounded by Justice Douglas, that's understandable, but up to now no H!** £.»«,». UlX bays: of fighting for any length of time an ,'tching «.kin". no single lotion or intrigue. Telephones hang at his ; dp not seem good. The Reds have · ointment can be counted on to ' elbows. His outer ollice serious bottlenecks in steel, coal, i brjng relief in all cases. Severe. \ and obtained from Con| Kress the adoption of the European y program. He has wobbled filled ! . . lssues but °" t n e w h o l e New Dealer has expressed himself on such an issue. It is the idea of means and at any cost--even to 188. Congress failed, however, to ; ' u i ° m TM«hw-in. ; all other griefs for a woman who ! loves her husband and finds that ^ ~- ^ . ' h e ' nss betrayed her. Dear Miss Dix: For tne life of y ou say lhat your jon.^.!^ £. why any j nsar!e jy jealous of his wife. Surely --i2\v trouble .1 * · · « A« t_ *. »ttv* nvuui=. that is an ironic situation that fault, would make even a Send laugh. A n H »v and mj maR who cou , d nor be true to authorize appointment of another r , - . maR who cou , d nor b U. S. deputy to serve on the Se _ I father-in-taw live - i n tne same wife even whcn she curitj- Council with Ambassador ! hol ^ e WIth , m " * lfe - tvo ^^ n down into the shadow of the grave " bv any i Austin » n l Dr. Philip C. Jessup. ? na TM?- ye \ we ha y e "° dsfficult - v ' to bear his child, demanding that 0 b anj . . port of the United Nations. What · north is puzzling. There is an un- the dumping of the man who made ! action » n a S65.000.000 non-interest ; the record in a most difficult post- !oan to Sna nce construction of new . · _i __.t-?_,- «._ »r i^ , UM headouariei-s htii!oin«! on the- · . . . - , Congress a , so failed Jo comp ^ te . in getting along amicably together . she shou , d stu , , ow hUn and tO hi -which * New D^l I*TM headquarters buildings on the: o u r Private affairs. I use the same ' Dear DC ,,«TM,t:,7~ I Rockefeller-donated site in New ; tactics in dealing with my mother, of whom Watching the Conventions The opinion is sometimes expressed that the American people do not take sufficient interest in j ; of politics Note: Dr. Jordan Is unable to answer individual questions from back again in scathing editorials. Just the bare mention of his name derstandable basis for the oppo- ! c . n a n w h " brought growling curses from i si . lion in * n e south. The "civil f Dear Dorothy Dix: I have a niece | _ ---,,-.,, ... _,,....., ...,, ...^ ...... .. -- whom I am very fond and for! · York. Fears that this may result '· r make her keep hands off and no whom I do many nice things. AJH . . . . I in an effort to move the UN from j meddling in our business, so my ways on her little boy's birthday 11 · h · ^" ew Y° rlc to some place in Europe · wife gets along beautifully with send a gift, but she never in any * such op- j are pro bba!y unjustified, even i my mother, and they are friends . way acknowledges it. I never gven ; tne party ; th ou gj, »j, e R uss i a ns would favor j instead of enemies. ' fcnov.- whether she receives the : ei^nTv fat**, th^ j that Chan 2 e - i I write this letter to show that '. present or not. Am I wrong in fed- ' t P rm of foifr v^rri I Toward auxiliary organizations ; it is perfectly possible to live in la S hu « ° v e? ^e matter? ^fhV 5 ! of the Unit ed Nations, the Congress pe ace with vour in-laws if vou use i asked questions in his column. ! I is furious at Henderson, because · I he made more noise than any o f ; the others. He brought Democrat · metf are more likely to talk about j work and business and sports, and that' a great many women show more interest in home life and social relations. Yet the amount of interest shown people as they watch the national political party conventions, testi- DOCTOR ANSWEBS , ; _ _ N: Please send me in- j |««Je« into the act by long dis- B M.XJOR THOIAS M. NIAL how to dissolve gall ! tance calls and 1'terature. He held i Washi | a press conference that made go«d j at ] east I from Europe or the Pacific? any other military weapon? and he knew NEED NURSES IX X. C. ga | that the chances were about a , '· thousand to one Ike could be ' ** . drafted. So he played his shots in of «-«er than it Or A HAPPY HUSBAND . R. M. . ANSWER: Evidently your niece ; After much pressure upon it. i " **""" " """ '" j ^ one of the self-centered, selfish t . r _ M .Congress approved U. S. affiliation! ANSWER: Urn. Yes. No doubt. I People who takes a favor, but who? Lots of veterans do. *Some even i with the World Health Organiza- | Your theory is unassailable, but | never even bothers to make the -j have M-ls and '03 Springfields ! tion - .Tnree conditions were tied i making it work is another pair of j ^ nal1 ^ return of sending a which they dismantled overseas and ' on - F' rs - that i- the U. S. share of j sleeves, as the French say. It cer- , sent back home piecemeal. expenses rises above an .ap- ; tainly would make for peace and ; ' to acknowledge it. Not to : you" letter is the e the -M post^B t to :· ?* fha Thai's because Congress has pass- government oroperty to which vou a law allowing extra amounts ' have n l ' Baltimore. July 8 I.P.--Baltimore such a way the " could car m off fies that they are following close- J nurses with experience treating : thc General and hit Supreme Court , .. ..._,. ,, . - ·poliomyelitis cases today were' Justice William O. Douglas. In ly the work of government. The great majority of people seem to have rather definite ideas about politics and government. compensation for dependents. They o-r,,TOT-r,r«or,t *r- government ac- the first time it's ever been done. The Veterans of Foreign Wars have been plugging the idea for a long asked to volunteer for duty in thc ' a11 his talks with anti-Truman i time. North Carolina polio epidemic' P° 1Uicos - Lcot * whooped up Bill J N O \V. look at the bill. Who is areas. , Douglas as second choice. If that I dependent? Any wife." any minor . didn t work and Harry Truman is chi i d and ar , y "dependent -mother Joseph P. Healy. president of t h e , . . ,, . -- . _.^Baltimore Red Cross chapter, said ' n° mina ted. Henderson had an idea I or f at h e r. That's all. Can you keep one of these weap- ' P roved Sl-900,000 for the first year, j harmony if when Mother went to i height of bad manners, and people ons in your possession legally? Or i "^ wlU have to be specific legis- ; H ve xvith her children she would j who are ««Ury of such a breach it against the law' Is it still lat:on by Con g ress - Second that · keep her fingers out of their pies. I of etiquette deserve to be ignored. the U. S. may withdraw on one . but human nature being v.-hat it is ' For every favor ive receive common : years notice, for which there is no she simply can - t do it j decencj- requires a gesture of ap- . in the WHO charter. · i preciation. even if it is nothing -m.« «« · -*· A - T I : piuviaiuii 111 tiie »jiv^ quarter. - e^oroT/H- ^^"ff *££ Third,that all Americans .appoint-| WonU Take Back Seat ment property and you have no legal right to it. The Army has a regulation on this, but as far as I . the r a - rines do not. I£ you're an Army veteran, you can write the Adjutant General's ' but writing a note. ed to the WHO staff must be clear- You see. Mother never gets over : (Released by Bell Synd. Inc.) ed by the FBI. the idea that she has a perfect right | Congress also tied conditions . to boss her chUdren and their hus- : Cat Leaps From Third U. S. participation in the In-. bands and wives, and run their ,-, ^-5. , . . . ternational Children's Emergency i houses, and tell them how.- they Fund relief v.-ork. Last year Con- , shi ould rear their youngsters. She Storv Window And Live* cave TPFF ;4l fnn onn Thi: tion has a very important effect on I hc had been advised by national I there - to °- Get a liberal--Mayor | the prosperity and the future · oC j headquarters that 22 nurses arc' Ku °crt Humphrej of Minneapolis! F Office. Department of the Armv. v ear Congress w a k e d fo SO- * x Wa-hineton -5 D C if vo» want fn ! nnn nnn g ^* * 1? ?' S- sh " 8 ° " * m the country. If the government j needed immediately, does things they like, they express · o r even Leon Henderson-- on the '' person to compensation at ; ticket as Vice President. wartime rates for disability in- their approval, and if they disagree with government action, they say I necessary in the so. - ' airplanes. _T6ey look to the national politi- ] -- .cal conventions as centers where j £]£.*.·*. V-- A decisions of the most vital impor-1 * ITTy I CUTS r\QO tance are made, which are likely . Local Items From The Columns to shape party policy and .have a j Of Thc News. July 9, 139S. powerful influence on the country's future. If one could look into the homes while the national conventions are in session, many millions | find out. In your letter give a com- | 000,000. specifying that none of plete description of the \veapon and j this money could be spent behind ' ask permission to buy it for "sen- ; the iron curtain. It also provided · ba'lVa wood ' tical boss who has been or-anizin- · service - - - and" whose disability is J "mental reasons.'; That's what the \ that other countries would have to oaisa u ° o a . i w ^.j....^ . _ . , _ " ^ S T - i n r . * r-*t~* less than 60 per centum '· regulation iAR 45-75) says--"senti- | put up $28 for every S72 put up ; Chinchona; Jake Arvey. the Chicago poli- ! curred in or aggravated by active ;a! boss who has be O f the Midwest against * k/UUAALC7I.2. OJLl*^ t JL - . . . , _ . . _ * » meddling when ! An ° rdln . arll -L, QOClle housecat, in all of their af- i T 1 . ber * er * Th«^ay. jumped- pvr,«»^t= th om t« h» '· ° u - ot a ailrd stor " winaow in th« ^ me Aiiawesi against iMr Truman ! n °t ra ted less than BO per ^mum , -~ if ' He is a practical politician and ' sha!1 be entitled to additional com- | mental reasons, doesn" ' .- - . ,, . _ , . will \vrite bv the U S " advises them about :y make. So to expect her to :k seat in her sons" or instead of man- ! Pa:ri ^-Court Building and lived to run av ' ay - ' rhs sudden a -°P sren *- '^nded the cat, but ft - h °° k the effects hasn " t ' oeen seen in . since. "t pretend to be anvthing : pensation for dependents in the fol- ; Probably the AGO , else Jake said simply. "Truman towing monthly amounts." j back, telling you how much you ganization. Congress also did some : ; can't win." His tactics "to keep the j It then lists the monthly amounts. , have to P a ' for the weapon, and . fanc *' cutting. It provided , delegation from hopping on with ' For totally disabled veterans they , you'll have it for keeps. But re- ] i Harry was to put up Mavor Mar- i are: " ' member certain weapons must be ! For International Refugee Or- ' ag . i ?f the whole show, is mere j What caused wishful thinking. oant? will deny that at the : . S. share, with ; bottom of mother-in-law trouble is countries putting up S54.25 , Mother's interference in her chil-" when efforts were made to eject 5 neighborhood cat to run ram- ftf HOWARD YOUNG. JR . j .East Second street, was the re- · ? m * ^ cipient of a handsome bicycle ' oowca om - look around since Wife but no child §21: wife and one child S35: wife and two chil- registered under Federal law and for ever " S45.75 "°m the U. S. ; dren's private affairs, but any son ' the cat from one apartment, it find o'ut' Anot her qualification was that only ! or daughter who can keep Mother t took refuge in the compressor of 1 i 60 per cent of the U. S. funds could ; from butting in with her little two an electric refrigerator and could some state law; Better " for the carnival rink several weeks ago from Father Walsh for having ! of, .people could be seen listening | sold the greatest number of tick- at their radios to the convention! speakers, following the balloting i with keen thrill out scene.' The newspaper stories of thc conventions are read with strong interest, and a host of people wish they .were there and witnessing that scene where such vital decisions are being made. . ; anything to keep me from appl\ ; dren 545.50: wife and three or more J ." ." . ' °e spent unless the diet in the ' cents' -worth would ba something . not be released. Li«=ter Hill of Alabima · cntldren S5G - i i refugee camps was to the level of out of this world. ' After speeding the night en' at his oooosition to ^ wife - Dut one cnild S14: no i Question from V. J.. New Orleans. | the German diet. ' · tangled in the nullev and belt un- I slowlv and con^cien- I wiie ' but two children S24.50. no I La.: "I am a veteran in a Veterans : Whether any of these limitations Dear Miss Dix: We have one der the refrigerator, the cat was i at thc tiouslv He believed Mr Truman'^ ' wife - but three or more children l Administration hospital. Is there · on an international agency by the ' child, a daughter of 18. who is mar- j finally released Thursday morn- ." " ""' "--·-- *T -- - ' -ipplv- U. S. Congress can be made bind- -ied and expecting a baby next jing. "The excited cat took"a flying ^ ' ing is a question no one can now month. I have just found out that leap out cf the window, landing i answer. her husband is having an affair ; on all-fours on the concrete pav^'I Congress also refused to ratifv a with another woman and I do not · merit, i -»jc»**vn.*. ocTiiuiur nn" iias turned -- --- -- - i - -- -- . -- - -x ... ~ ^- * -i . * * j ler and Misses Nan Louise Young. · down a "what's your --eaction" bid ' * l - o ' lv - ihose rates are for totally 11 go home on a trial visit 11 " j convention on privileges and im- know what to do about it. as I do i Jessie Glessner. Mary and Anna to be the President's runnin" mate disabled veterans. If a veteran is J Since you are a x'eteran you mav j munities for officials of other gov- not want to be a trouble-making | Houff. Frances Gouvermann. . . " . . . . " "50 per cent disabled he'll get 60 i apply for a loan at any time. But I , ernments serving the UN in the mother-in-law. ' r\JJ f 4 J r J Washington. D C. composed a ' Hish Pressure The Wallace'. P cr ccnt of Ine amounts listed j think it would be physically im- , u - S - Authority to loan U. S. gov-, Should I talk to my son-in-law \JQQS .MllCr C/7uS jolly parly that spent Wednes- ' campaign is a cross between a door = abox-e. If he's 70 per cent disabled, possible to do all the work con- ; ernment 1 organize jony par.y tnat spent Wednes- campaign is a cross between a door ; aoox-e. it nes .u per ceni I day along the banks of the Mo- to door magazine subscription con- ' he'll set 70 per cent, etc j nocacy i test and a high pressure advertis- Why does the new law . nected with getting a home loan . . - , a o my son-n-av.- ^ technical experts to UN about his conduct, or should I tell i K ormcr Xative's Rins tions als ° failed to get ac- my daughter, or should I just let ; rt^^^A A«»,- ?i is a sentiment that binds them all together. These conventions are a wonderful demonstration of freedom of thought and expression, which are fundamental ideas i n ' American life. limit de-; while still in the to 60 per cent- j you might not find any shouldn't a vet- ; ing to make you a loan abled be just as ' sure you are all w them as a 60 per · able to make a living But certainlv you Recovered After 31 Years ,- ---..*- -wi-. ». s^ i* » * » - , \ _ » , ^» » n * f i , , f , "there are holes in it big enough founders tizkets gets a It \vns felt that only the serious- apply, to crush a^- \vheel on \vagons Stand prize of "an attractive ly disabled shou Wallace-Taylor ' benefits should get the extra! If the original bill had j An international wheat agree- Query from L. E. S.. Waterloo, rnent %vhich wouid have set too Strength For Today By Earl L. Donstass. D. D. HEROIC LIVING DAY BY DAY A generation which has passed through two world wars can aoure- is very high- Toms took the ring to Pecatonica J tempered and insanelv jealous of where 5Irs. Fannie Winder, for- her. What should I do? meriy of Clear Spring, identified it MRS. G C as belonging to her son. Clarence ,,.-....,.-, _, . . .. · Stater. It had been lost more 3 ANSWER: if ,t is possiole. ksep m 3i ears ag0- when clarence f daughter from finding out .. lived on the farm , vith n ; s paf _ 3 husband's dastardly con- ents _ T:ls r - :ng had been given h j m '" until after the baby is born, by an aunt "" Clarence. a veteran :k Young, this the Wallace party comention city. - vice-president. Edward . . . ' . . Lease i.= manager and Vernon Silance bookkeeper Curtailed Iraft--It wasn't noticed in the final hurlv burlv of There's a littlr more to it Vet- words, if you are at least 60 days be- Trade Organization was not sub- erans onlv slightly disabled--10 per " " . . - _ cent or 20 per ceni =ay are able to he poor child-wife and mother o f World War I. now resides vrith v-v-ill have all of the trouble that she h:s mother ;n Pecatonica and is nis two-story dwellinj: house on phia. but Senator Millard Tydings North ?Iarkct street to Dr. Harry of Maryland, an Administration P. Fahrney for S3.200. Dr. Fahr- ^an. pointed to an out on thc irr.- ncy in the future will erect ^nrjen: draft of young men for a h?r,d?orre three-storv dweiiing military service. in place of the present house it may not be A AdO ~ ciate the dread which Europe felt JOHN HERSHBERGER HAS SOLD Congress and ;he rush to Philadel- almost 150 years ago over the nse of Napoleon. Although the Duke of "Wellington gave Xcpoleon the final thrust, it was Lord Nelson. Admiral of the British Fleet, who. by destroying Napoleon's sea PO-wer. crippled him so effectively that world domination was out of the question for him. At the battle of the Nile, in the sea victory near Copenhagen, and finally at the -world-shaking ccrjflict off Cape Trafalgar. Spam, in October. IS05. 1 Kelson made himself one of the j heroes of the ages and sealed the i fate of the little Corsican. .Nelson's flag ship at Trafalgar was called "The Victory " He be- ; gan the day by serving out the '· to thc extent of hurting their earn- ine power. woras. u you are at-east DJ aays oe- ".-«= ^^:»^n u .. »** no. suo- caT i stand up under right now with- ernoloved at Case Company ' hind in your payments on the loan n»«ea to Congress for ratification out adding - to it the grief bevond f o -d T.i ^ornpanj. you now have, and if you can show '_" : 5 year. That, the UTs ouild ng ' ' All Aboard For Philadelphia! VA that it's financially impos- fund !oan and manv of the other sible for you to keep up the par- ' matters which could not be cons. then you csn re-negotiate ' s5d ered wi31 be u? before the next Bu: when a man is 60 or 70 per ,.; by means of a GI Bill loan." And ' Congress. ccnt disabled he may be scr: ** FIXING handicapped in his earning ability. repair5 Hc ^"^ have So dc P cnd almost Items From Th= Columns News. July 9. 1928. used, or rr-.ay be curtailed. Tyd:~ps sad. "It 15 safe to say :ha: s-hou'.d ail the AHies be able to agree io a peace treaty dealing with the former Axis naiiorss in '" at !f a veteran eligible for the Europe and Asia, that the extent of the era;; would either be ot J. "BILLY" EVANS, immediately curJailcd or it would subsistence allowance under anv general manager of the Cleveland be discontinued"" Baseball Club of the American League, stopped in Frederick to o:her law administered bv the VA" he can't get the above amount^ of Wary Photographer^--It's going extra compensation also This cov- look over the prospects of esiab- to be tough for odd character- to ers ex-servicers in school under hshing a Cleveland farm club here imraortal signal, "England ex- THE TEMPERATURE DROPPED »«y; they cor.-.c up \vith some new pects every man to do his duty." j to 70 degrees early today after a tricks. A shot from the mizzenmast of a i heavy thunderstorm which broke French ship mortally wounded Nelson in the closing hours of government » » * QuesJiori from F R . Spokane. Wa«h - · What's the deadline for ap- gel the.r pictures in ;he papers the GI Bill or ? L 16 They P^ing for terminal leave pay?" at the Democratic convention, un- can t draw the extra compensation ' Veterans discharged before Sept under the new law while setting' 1 - 1946 - the date of the Termina: subsi^ienc" pllowance at the de- Leave Act, must anoly for their 4er~ When Philadelphia u as host to pendency rate They have to choose ""-'"s 1 leav e n a v by rnidnisM. Aug. enough extra dough to make those " ^TooVi^JuIv^^--When ' Goverror L^ne leaves tomorrow , This all deoer.ds upon your abil- for the Democratic conclave ' ity to find a lender willing to make in Phi'adeiohia. carpenter? will i- vou a GI Bill loan. That might be swarm into his office to uplift the tough. There ;s no limit to the- drooping floor, amount you may borrow, but there ' The undulating boards in ihe is a on the amount that the j Gox'emor's office, at the 176 year j nent will guarantee--S4.000 t old State House, sag like a tired j the heat wave. The temperature l the ncans. a wrinkled old between one or the other 31. 194S. That leaves about two ; awning. State engineers will replace the old oaken beam* under the hardwood floor with steel support? "About time," said Assistant Louis J. O'Donne'I: "when yon walk :n the room th« bookcases ring like chimes." had reached 94 yesterday. Indian in fu:3 battle rcgaha hit a As soon a* they get out of school. montVl s battle. Kis last words were: THIS YE\R"S WHE-VT CROP IN h '£ h f °r popularity It seemed that of course the new payments will " " "Thank God. I have done my duty.' To die in the moment of one's greatest triumph is indeed a sad i circumstance, but to be able to die · saying, 'Thank God. I have done J my duty." is a sufficient recom-1 pense for any loss death m a y ' cause. There are few Nelsons 'on the scroll of history, but the heroism of Nelson can be manifested in the home or anywhere else provided one chooses to live heroically. (Copyright B*bson Newspaper Eynet.) KWSPAPLRl the countv is on e move every photogenic lady with a jen stpri first wheat marketed here sold for for seemg _ herseif or. the front S1.30 a bushel. First consignments were reported of good ty although the be up to la^ year. . . page IOOK nim !n tow whenever n ° Ve ,- m f Kh *v, , Ve an there were tne two blondes · -ho would hang around the head- . Low , v quarters of the favorite candidates ~ Washington, july Si -Do you Army '^ y ° U br ° Ught GAME POSTPONED 1 The North End Civic Association i , Softball League playoff CARNIVAL AT GAITHERSBURG , Tonight and Saturday evening will be the last two nights of the I annual c?rnival of the Gaithers- scheduled for tonight at Staley 1 Park between the NECA and the , ,,, , _. _ . game .' b " r .\ TMunteer Fire Department whl * » ! on tns °" s FIRE OF UNDETERMINED OKI-, un ^rVhe p h u t o ^ h e ^ . m ^ , GIN destroyed tne large bank j Then, they would tfrab bi* ula- for Taft." ar-d ^0^ has been po^'oned un H - ^!* the *"TM . A CT °^ d ^ i for Stassen " ' a date to be set . lt unannounced ; ^f b f n made P ach evemng and on .. . . , .iere \vas th^- old partv' t(Miqv Saturday evening a new Pontiac barn on the nronertv of M a r i o n ' " " y !?" "T *'! g P WIth the "o^ing beard =nd th' · - . w,U be given away. Rides and va- barn on the propertv of Marion cards and gaily yoo-hco to thc gjrl dressod jn t ^ ht white shorts ri ou tvpes o£ entertainment are over-worked In this and a red s%ve atcr The side- MARKET TRICES ax-ailable to the carn:val-*oers ^ ay '*-/ h j y h a V C bCC " vanous! v shows at the political conventions Wheat, bu. . . S 2 19 i Proceeds from the event will be ^dentified in news caption? as. ncvcr stop Barley, bu. . . S I 39 used in the uo-kccp of the fire j Pretty Misses Cheer for Dewey," ( iCopyrisht, 1948, by Globe Sjnd.) Corn, bbl $11.50 | department equipment. i J Whitter, near Buckeystown. with a loss of over $4.000. Much of this year's hay crop also burned. fi NEWSPAPER!

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