The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 9, 1918 · Page 8
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 8

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1918
Page 8
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1 ^.^^r*?*^ TI115 HUTCHINSON NfiWB, • •Ki.iiiiM* r • 'i i > i ii mill • mil— MMiMIMlflMfcC: I ' ***••' ! Cf-AfiRIPITO AnVtJTtTtSINCl rtATF! • ! ONRCBNT A Wont) KAUII INHElt- • ; > 'ON. Abbrevlatlun* and .cries of In • • Itlaln or numerals count a* onp word, * "-Undor thin plan dtuntfted ad ertlspra • " can tell In advance the exact cnst of • • their ad. News cluialttod— ads are * taken by phcine (or your acromm'Xla- * • ton, and all I H II K are due and payable • • tlie day [ollon-InK Iho date of Inner- • • tlnn. You can uulm us materially If * • you pay the roll^ctor promptly on pro- • • actuation of atatement. • • * t * • » « • • • • A 84 . I) 83 . is n U Si H 8 .1 I 83 n 81 It 83 T S3 V 83 X S3 WANTED—MALB HKLF. HTt'iUK MANAllKIt Thla Is a .•.pii'lwliil ppportunlty for a marrlirl man .imt mvr 4>> }'•;«-* of oj^o, who liaa runi-hrd tin? limit nf his advancement In Ills pfhi-ut piksitioti and rarnt^tlv rtoMlrc^ hy li.if .1 m>ik un.l lmn<-:(t ( >[7i>rl to Increa/i his inr">in» liy it.;iiinns our hus- nlt'Ws fifr th*. ],urp "K.- 'if »v.-nt'i illy he- coinlUE a sli'ii' inmniKi'r. t'u'.'iro fnliirl' will bo HIintM only by r^sur. priductliR ability. Iicp.trtnii'i 1 1 viorr cxperiunco pre- fcrn*d, but n<M nl'si'hiiHy ni>ce.-muy. Mti,°i luivp pond heallli, ain'.illlJu .(Iran re..ord an din; dctiitininivi to u-.nk hard both mentally and pliyfli.-ully for gelr-devclop. ment- Stato atfe. n-llKtous preference, fin-it oxperlened and aalary eannxl. all ol wluch will bo troatcd conlldentlally. Address O-M. H-ll-1:1-11 - It POll SALE—MltCtLLANIOUt. H' SprlnR Khoata. I ItCRlatored lloliiteln bull. 1 RejrfatertNl HotstrJn cow. 8 long yearling bctrers. 7 grade milk cows. A M .PAY'tK. I'holie 3T-K-11. •T/4 miles west on lTtli .street. IFnainnos soft a Bargains] 186S stelnwaj- A- Son upright piano nt a sacrifice. $360 Cable & Nelson piano at a banraln J3M . i<:ihtirn piano It sold at once at a bargain, see or call orvltte K. Hunt, piano tuner and Auietsman, ton Sherman west. l'hone 735. tll-tt SECONDHAND 'Ilea and tutus, alt slMS. »« buy old Cfulntrs. Kor tuarantMd repair work aee u«. Mlil-Statt Motor Tire Co., oppoaita ailaouri Paclllc depot. »-lf Hutohlnson Typewriter Uo, HOY Al., TYt'KWRITKltS nat-galna In lu-bullt Machines. 807 UoralMUgh-Wiley Bldg. l'hone 30SO. 23 -1 ST RAM HOIIJIIt. We have a low pressure Lotlar for steam healing plant, will be aold at A very low figure. Sec It at Newa Otllce. Foil .SAUK—Five aboats; one thorough* bred Plymouth rock cockjol and one driving horse; three miles north of on Loralne. c. W. Chrlatcsiher. 7-10 WANTED—3 men, apply 7 o'clock Monday morning. Aaron Poultry & K K R C O. 7-2\. WANTI'Tn—Fathers and mothers to buy their hov .H school suits on credit, small payment down,' balance fiOo a week. Youths long pi-"-" suits »1 a week. Corner Commerce l"o., 17 l'J N. Walnut. C-6t WANTBIi—Men to buy their new full suits, JlL'.r.O to J25, a small payment down, balance »1 a week. Shoes 60c a week. Coiner (.'onuncrce Co., 17 & IP N- Walnut. Ii- Cl WANTKP - laborers on construction work at Morton Salt Co., 40c per hour; I JUBH to and from job. WUhcrepoon & Knglcr Co. « WANTlon-Two men at A.T.4V S.K. coal shoot lo shovel coal; steady employment end j-ood wages ;c.-lll at shoot. 6-tit IIOY Wanii'd--t.)ne that Is not going I" si-liool . St-.-adv position . yuallty ijro- cory. 1^4 Must 7th. 'J--1 FOR R.4LK-Sot of "Teachers Methods and Management," six books in set; well bound; latest edition. For further Information Phone 748-W. t-S FOR RAl.F,— Grocery fixtures complete with wagon and harness. Cheap. Fur ties who called 17jJu please call 83G-J. 9-10 SEED RYK Reclea-tr-l seed rye for sale at the Kansas GnUn Co. per bushel bulk. in-ist FOR SAUK—Cash register with four totaJs of oash; received on account charge and paid out; apply Fred Weeaner. ONE 10-SO It. P. Titan tractor. New never plowed an acre. Can save you J200.00. S20 W. lith. 27-tf FOR SAI.E— Good six-year-old hores. S. M. Heaeliy, nlno miles south-west of Hutchinson. 4-10 FOll KA1.K— My entire flock of high giarie owes; Fred McMunay; (iborie -3 Darlow. C-ir WIMT10 Knamel side b'nird and doctor's padded Ublo, ill 110 W. Bigger . W. A. Holding. 0-2t FOR SAI.K--i-*urnHure of five-room bun- culow; lihnnc 3-lilW or 31S Thirteenth I West. C-3t WA.NT1-;!) —Krand boy, one who Is not going to school this winter. Foreman News otfico. tt l-"Oll Combination coal and gas Iwater . Call :W1 W tith or $ihone 3i4B 9-11 WANTl'JU -Coopi-r; sle;uly work; -ippty Bailon Salt Co. plain or down town oftlcc. 3-tf l-'OR SAUK-nreedlng ewes; F.ll Miller, eight miles southwest of llulchlnson. 5-11 Full SAL1-:- one \}\\: Axminster rug I'riee $15.00 . Call 3J4 U Wtwt. It AVANTl-Tll-Uov lo opctat. chine; Oi orull factory, 4 17! billion m.i- .Soulh Mam. YVANTF.D--Uoy between 10 and IS; apply in person. Model Steam Uaundr>\ YVANTICD -Married man to work on farm. Ceo. M. Newlin. phone 33-^F-O. lil*Ai..'K.SM 1TH - tlowl all ui-ound man al once; !»; lo J" JOM ' day. f. 1-'. Stahi, lCltinwiKKl, lv;ili. -7-K WANTICl l - Men to pick apples . l'hone 42-y-:. Yaggy Plantation Co. !i-ll WAN r ri -l|i AS' arehouse man. Ilulehlnso,, Office Supply At Printing Co. 0-tl WANTKl i—Man to tire lurnaces. lni |Olre Cbalmirs Hotel . '.i-:lt l-'O RSALIC—Chwip; if sold nulok. |jnos ier kitchen cabinet; cull 2171. 7-tf l-'OH SAUl;—Good seed rye. $1.8f> per bu phone ti38-F-4; Kay Welkor. 7 11 l-Vlll SAI-K—Haso. burner. :'.I4 West 611i . Phone UtiUl-J 9-3t FOR SAldi—A gas healer. Phono 1I3G -VS lis west 11th. 7-lt l-'O It SAl.l'i—Good heating .-stove; iinuli 110 East lith. 7-10 FOR SAi.K--.N'ow Zealand red. rabbits. 128 1st east. 14-tf. FOR BA1.B— .MeDonnold medical chair phono 3353. 7-21 FOR SAUE—Small gaa heater. ch>!ap; 1230W. 7-21 WANTI-'.M—Good boy for dairy woik; 1*21 rlouth Main. 3-il for sale cheap; call 7-3t WANTKO-A dellvcty boy . A & A iuuK Co. a-it HOTKI J —nishc 1GI3J. FOR SAl.l'^-Uak folding bul; Fast. SECOND-HAND Hutchinson II the Ioflcal mtJkst for Mcond -hand automobile*.- Prospective buyers mould watch this column for complete ll«l of bargains. FOR BALK. , . . One Reo Truck Chasls, In flrsl-clas* coriMiott; four practically new caalngs and tubes. Anyone wanting a truck chasis can save money hy looking this up. Three- iiuarler ton sl«c. I', W. tlllMNINU, 3 -tf . Sterling, Kan. COLE EMIT l^ooks anil itlnM like new; offered at one-hojf actual value; phunc 7P0. 7 -tf Pt)R SAI.E-1817 Ford roadster with extra body nisi dcinounlnble ilms; 24 B'B- ger l-i«st ;phonc 131SW. Call at noon or after 6 p .m. 5-t f RADIATORS Prompt services on repair work. O. K. Auto Radiator Co., 15 South Wftsnlngion. Phone H30. * «*« TO TRAIili-l'rnctlcally new Oakland Six speedster for Ford Sedan m condition ,or tor touring car. Phone 896-J. 9-10 FOR HALF. -1017 Light Six Hiuck. piacti- cftlly new tires, condition, $l,10t). Reno Uulck Co. l>-'i -TOR SALE—New Auto Tire tubes. 20 per cent off. Mayflc-MJ Radiator Shop, 11 1 South Walnut. 2u -tr FORD Touring car. J300 It taken lodny. Or will trade fur Ford roadslor. 633 II FOR SALE—Ford touring; lid mllea west on Fourth street. G. 1* Martin. 3-11 FOR SALE—Ford touring body and pair of lota; 14th Weal; phone 21-F-4. 7-18 FOR SALE—1917 Ford truck. HuUtllnsOn Foundry &. Machine Works. 19-U FOR SALE--Overland 90, run 6,0)0 mile.*. Phone 321-J. »--t ONK Saxon six, nearly new. 3:0W 13th. ai -U. FOR SALE—Ford3. Mc.Vey Uvery. 8 tf MOTORCYCLES AND BICYCLES. FOR SALE—Motorcycle, 117 Bouill Main, Green's Bicycle sb"P. ti-3t FOR RENT—Elegant suite of furnished front rooms, first floor, private Ixilh. furnace heat . One furnished room or second floor; garage If doslrod. Phont 3059. 413 A Maxi. 9-tt POR RENT—Room, flrst-da-ss, in modern home; desirable for teactur.1; lady preferred; 512 North Poplar; phone CO. t-tf FOR IMCNT—Vcrv desirable rooms with boiU-o. single or'en suite; 24 East Stxlli phone 37, 3-tl FOR RENT—Nicely furnished modem bed room, close in. Phono 1599 after H |im. FOR RENT—Sleeping rooms for college boy.s . 17 South \\ ashington. 9-11 FURNISHED ROOM with jirtvato bath modern house l'hone U2n5. 2-tf .STRR"*T'I.Y modern furnished room in family of two; phone 2093. li-lit FOR RENT—Suite of five furnished rooms. Phone 330S. 9-61 FOR RENT—Furnished rooms; inquire at 212 East Fiflli. 4 -tf Kill RENT—Rooms, 222 West 7lh; phono 1191. 7-2t MODERN—Rooms, lilnn, 128 First East. 4-11 MODERN—Furnished rooms; 203 A East, 6-tf LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS. FOR RENT—2 light housekeeping rooms, unfurnished; onu sleeping room, furnished; furnace heat; phone 3267 W. 6tt FOR RENT— 2 or 3 modern furnished sleeping or llglttliouseket-ping rooms. Phone 507. 9-211' LIGHT 1101.' S BK E E P1NG Two rooms nicely furnished. 221 Wefit First. 9-'f L'X J R RENT—Two furnished light housekeeping rooms, 125 Ninth East. 3-lf I'Vill RENT—Modern housekeeping rooms 396 2nd woaL J7-U. First 6-6t WANTED—FEMALE HELP. GOVERNMENT civil KM vice examinations Hutchinson In Seplr-inljer. I iovcruuicul clerk, teuelter, lns|>ecti ess, research clerk, typewrllei ; sulary SU'lHi; J21I0O. experience Women desiring government posiltnns write tjo- fi"e particulars to .1. C. l .ei -naid vfornier civil service i\- ttml.ior). lli9 lleiiols bii'.lrllng, W.viii'iig'.on. 7-13 FOR SALE—Household furniture; phone 2US6. G-31 WANTED— Ladles lo buy their new fall skirts, woUls and shoes on credit, small payimul down, bal,nice 5i)c a^ week. Comer Commili.e Co., 17 ifc 19 N. \Valnut. 5-6t WANTED-- Ladles lo buy Ihejr fall suits, --.Voiits and dresses, a small payment down, balance $1 u week. Comer Commerce Co., 17 oi 19 N. Walnut. 6-Ct WANTED lli'lghl, young woman, eM-or- iencHl in inlllineo; e\-eil.ut oppoilun- Ity for advancement, tuldiens Millinery, care News. 7- Jt ; f _________^ WrtNTKI) -Experienced lady stenographer, one with flour mill or railroad experience pleleriod. Ullllbee Flour Mill L'ol|i. 3-tf •WANTEIJ - I 'oiopclent woman .for gen-] oral 1;. i;o i( d wages, no wash- 1 Jug. iVl I '.'aM Sherman St. 9-12 llOCSlowi IRK - Reliable woman, no wnsliinK. Airs. E. S. Lindas, phone 18C9-J. N". 506 A east. 9-lf V,\NTI'.'D--offlui' girl, 6 week. 610 South Main. Jron &: Meiul Co, FOR SALIC—Slave silo. Call 10-.N-12. l-'OR SA1*E-Small pony, Phone 3386-J. 9-3t FOR SALE OR TRAD! FOR SALE OR TRADE, LAND BARGAIN. 331 acres good wheat land of sale at |10 per acre under the market or would Lrade and tako in stock of merchandise In good location, located 3 mlus north and 1 milo west ot Spuurvllte, Ford Co., liana. Call or wrlo owner G. li. Johnson bpearvtlle .Kansas. 1 -tf, FOR SALE, RENT or Trade— 7-room house, No. 15 Twelfth west; newly palutud, papered and revarnished; mod- vrn except furnace. See or phono Cart Nelson. 627 South Main. 9-tj FOR SALE OR TRADE—8-room semi modern cottage, doublo garage blue grass lawn, shade tree CO ft. front, win consider smaller property and difference, I'lfouu 1C12. li-if. FOR SALE OR TRADE—Uulck five messenger In first-class condition; will consider diamonds as part or all; call pttono I532W or 11 South Walnut. 7 -tf dollars tier Hutchinson li-ll FOR SALE OR TRADE—Throe lots on Second avenue oasl of Plum street for equity In house or for good unto. Ask McNaghlell. Phone 15 1-tt WANTED -Waitresses, cook and laui.dry girls at Portland Coffee House; Win open Wednesday. 7-tt WANTED -GUI or old'lady lo do housework . Light work. Call 316 \V. 6th- Phono 2699 -.I . 9-11 FOR HALE OR TRADE-—Residence In RosedaJe, Knus., phono 4 (si; write P. I llawley, Hulchtnaon, Kims. 7-Jt FOR SALE—House and 10 lots, or trade for Wichita proporly; Imjuite &IKI First west. 7 -Sl WANTED— Uidy In alternation department. Lewis 'J adoring nial Cleaning 7-2t WANTED—A woman lo work .mornings only. Call In person . 523 E nth. si-it WANTED—Girls over 16. Apply In person. Model Stea m Uiuiuliy. 28-tt WANTED -UllllnB clerk. Hutchinson Office Supply & Printing Co. N-tr WANT1SD— -Girl for gcnerul housework; •no waahliig; phone 931. i-3t WANTKD—A.t Melhodlst Uospitul, worn$n tar cleaning- o-tf WANTWP— Sttltmlttdy In niilllnmy. Imiuire a -lie L'lomonui. TO TRAD*. TO fade Five niom house In Partridge 160 acres western land for llulculnson property. —Ask UuNaghlen. Pliono 16. 2S-U. FOll TRADE—Colorudo potato land for stock of grocories or good auto. See G. V\'. Alford; phone 1931 3-tf TO TRADE-I'^iulty In 4 rom house, 60 ft. lot, on West 7th for vacant properly. Phunu 1306.- 30-lf BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. HUSINIISS OPPORTUNITY—1-ajn going to war and must sell my Kansas City Star agency; guod opportunity lo get In business for yoursulf; phone 2683J, «lr. Murray. 4-lf WANTHDe -Expei'Icncatl salcslitdles; F-W woolwortli Co. 7 -Ht WAN'l'lflD-GIrl for Benerul houao work; ."tiall «30. WANTKD -rl -Jxuerlencoa wa|trea(i, Beno liutcl. «•« POSITION WANTIiO-r'eMAHt. l;:WANTJ -a)--rt >»IUon M. UpUMekeeper on • farai or ranch, by mkW'o »gt& U<ly. FPWNP. h KJuNli '-Saii'ii CWd^'ellows rlny I-on«j' rH* 11*11 ttii-w . m Hi Vmk Ft>lt SAU'i—Restaurant; plenty of business; town jif fifteen hundred; reason fur selling poor health. J. W. C'imnoy, Holly, Colo. FOR BALE --Grocery ftxtruca couiplatc with wugou and tiaruoss. Cheap. I'ar- tlos who culled 17S5 please cull 896-J, •'OR SAIJ 1 '—Most cafe In sUito: address Narrow Gauge Cafe, Elkluiri. Kans, 6 61 Wbat la onu uiiui'B meat la auutu- cr 's poison. There aro thirtoou lci- lora In Johu J, Purubinu auti tbo uuuio iiunibor m Ktttsw WUlivlw.—Atcbl- sou Ql9t>C' FOR RENT— RESIDKNCBS. FOR RENT—Modern, except furnace with aleoping gallery; phono 1963W. 7-tf MpR RENT—Furnished 5-room cottage; modern; 20 East Sixteenth. 7-2t 1'YJR RENT—Oct. 1, to adults,. 7 room house. 422 Eas'l B. 9-tf FOR RENT—Residence, J25.00 per month, phone 667W. 6-tf FOR RENT— Seven-room hou3»; plume 146 ur 1992. "S-tl FOR RENT—MISCELLANEOUS. FOR RENT—Building suitable for suburban grocery. 603 bast 'a. ll-U WANTED—TO RENT. WANTED TO RENT—Five room modern house. Call Gwmn at News office. 2 -tf WANTED—MISCELLANEOUS. WANTMD—Cider apples In any quantity ut J1.00 per hundred, commencing Mon- duy murulug; car on Santa Fe team trade; weigh on Youmg & Sons scales. 7 .cvi Ray". 7-10t WANTED—Sixty acres plowed and seeded lo alfalfa, immediately. John T. Chrlsman, 'ill east First. I'hono 3089. 6-U WANTED—A place for a 17-yar-old boy to stay and gp to school in exchange for spare time work; phono 466. 7-31 WANTED—Clean, bright straw; will pay 84.00 per ton delivered to the Hutchinson Box Hoard and Paper Co. iS-tf WANTED—To contract your cement work, sidewalks a specialty. Call 177. * 7 -tf. WANTED—Second hand furniture. Rauh Furniture Co. 2t)-tl FOR SALE—CITY *BOP«RTV.' PRICKS TO MUTT YOU. Seven-rootns, up to now Jio .uoo .oo Hlx-rooms, strictly modern 3,600 00 Slx-roojus, strictly modern 3,000.00 Five-rooms, on Fifth, not modern 1,600,00 Five-rooms, modern except furnace 1,600,00 B1L1NKY RliAl/i'Y. CO. 127ii North Main. Phone 139 FOR BALE— Partly inodrcn home on best street; 6 rooms ,76 (eet, Just what It cost ten years ago . Sell this week. Leaving city, Exceptional terms. Address R-84, News. 9 -M BAitGAJN &A1 .E— 5 room nuHloru cottage. fine condition, near Uborty school and North Midu, 12 ,400; phope 1306 7 -tf 318 west 14th, Bt. new five room house, 1300 cash, balanco monthly, —Ask McNaghien. Phone 16, 26-(i. 13LI*aANTI/Y furnished five-room bungalow; btrlotly modern; north part; gar* age; phono 1768. 6 -*t KOR SALE—Two story six roooi roal- donco. 20(! »th Wool, ffl. T. foot*, phone »40. 88-« bX)K SAU0—« Boom mpdorn house, nearly new. Bait Soranth* Telephone 1661. 8-W FOU HALE— Eight-room modem how. 12,600; 120 *'lf r li West. !}-« FO« SALE—8 iot» «*i i r9»» house. IN 4Y »'«<* v. M-W j0> Unlww ymi wtint lo makf> motifty, N"o. 318 Wast Fmirtecnih Hlrort; five rooms; n^w; J300 Mfih; halnncfi monthly. No, t »?0 fcJnat Fourth *trrot; five rnoms; mOflt >rn; $300, enfln; imianco monthly. No. IE West Thli-tpfinth strprt; aftveh moni.i, furnftce ntu\ Rftmgei oak flo.ors. Xo. 12?6 North &l«ih jtircct; five rooms; modern; pn?y ti?rias. - j'honc IS. 'sds D b Mc2NiiiM(iffii2 A W©wm® For Sssfe cr.osu IN Located 2,'-i blocks from Maiii stfect on car line. & rooms nbsol' uttly modern, (lood gntsKe and slecpinp; porch connected lo house. Plenty of shade and fine lawn. New paint, new floors and new light fixtures. If you mean business address. ©wra % MEWS The cellar is full of good furnace coal. ]F®ir 3R® IE (L Tho very apHrnblt! iMisinoan r^tn at No. 4 N. Main, for lease. Inquire oi Masonic Temple. Susans 3B®nfl©ir IF®!? cBaiD© Suitable for hcatinp; plant for store or shop. Will be sold very reasonable' Inquire at News office. Trade Ofty Fr©pieiriy Wo have a client with throe good Hutchinson residence properties, well located on Avenue A, to trade for Western Kansas l.ind. preferably near llugolon, Kansas . What have you to offer. TtlllR OLD TRENCHES This is Where the French are After a Six Weeks Tight. LAWKS SHOES 50tf a Week Clothing for Men and women ON CREDIT A small,payment CI H Wonlr down, balance yl 0 ITGCtl MEN'S SHOES S0C a Week COMElR COMMERCE 17-J9 N. Wdlmt RIGHT AFTER THE GERMANS The Fiercest Machine Gun Fire the Allied Armies Mad Ever Had to Meet. Plant a few dollars in a Fanm§E)|toiia Acre® You are sure to get more out of it. Phone 15 FINANCIAL. MONO TO LOAN on city homes. I-ong terras on monthly pay tnent plan. Farm loans. THE K1NKL.E AGENCY. Phone 2055. gilate Kxchango Bank Bide. o-tf. DO YOU NEED *507 Private loana on furniture, piano, eta. Easy payments. 1 Sherman west. 1-tf FAIU .1 LOANS? CITY LOANS? -ask McNashlenl First National Bids. 10 -tt CITY loans, uny amount. Newlin Manning Co. 110% North Main, 7-61 LO»T. LOST—Boys blue sweater, somewhere between Star clothiers anj Hon 'ton Bakery Friday (he sixth. Kinder plcnso return to Sl!i East Sucnnall . Telcphono 2015. U LOST—Between 2nd and Main and 31! ]'3aat 11, or on Ave. A St. car, ladles' Bold mis with 13 pearls and 2 turquoise. I'hono 32<9. - 0-ltf LOST—l^ullos' hat on Main street between 1st and Aye. -a . lleturn to Postal TelefiTalih Co. Howard. 9-tI NOTICE—MISCELLANEOUS. NOT1CI'>-To real estate mon; my property al lul? North Madison Is off Uio market. Jos. J. Beck, 7-11 C. II. JAMES, contractor and builder, rluns and specification furnished. Phone 39-F6. S-«. NOTICE—To real estate dealers: 31« No. Ford Is off the market A. It. JarBons. 9-Jt NOTICE—1U«1 mtato men: No. IS iiJast 11th Is off the market . U-10 BOOM AND BOARB. HOTEL DKLMONT, under now manaee- uietu, Is now equipped Jo furnish board as well as rooms to ItSTiatrons. Close to Uanta Fe and Interurban depots and business district . 116 3rd Ave east, I'hono SM7 -W. I'" 1 ' About Bight A novelist Bald at a Bar Harbor lea: , "It la Incredible wbat some 'Women will Bpend to get into society. A weBtern millionaire's wife came to New York, took a bourn in Fifth avenue and save a bal] of great magnificence, "WTien ber husband totaled up the bills be winced and said: " 'My, Maria, tboso Mils total up to »30,000." " 'It cost* money, deario,' said tbo wife, 'to get tnto eoJeflr£ "'Humph,' said the nilUionalrc, 'it don't seem to me that we're gottin' into society as much as society is gettin' into us."* _ ^ Not Csruwvatlv*.' "How's work among the sav? ages'" asked the church member. "All right. But in sending us food supplies I wluli yon wouldn't send any more sausages in-strings," said the missionary who's borne pji a furlough." , "Why not J" "They won't eat anything tuoy C«B wear arpuad. tbelr necks," With the French army In Franco, Sunday, Sept. S.—(By Tiie Associated Press)—The troops of General Mnu- gin between the Alsne and the Oise rivers now are virtually behind their old wire entanglements in their old trenches of 1917. All along the edge of the forest of Coucy and through the western horn of the St. Gobtiin forest the Germans are only two hundred yards away and in some places they are In the old lllndenburg line that are plainly visible from the heights west of Chateau Coucy. - The Oise-Aisne canal and the river Aiietto, that runs between the heights and the chateau and which forms a sort of divided post on their main line six miles - further back at Fersnos were not abandoned voluntarily but wrested from the enemy after a struggle of five clays during which five different German divisions tried to hold off a single French division. Hot Machine Gun Fire. 'The divisions that triad to prevent the crossing of the canal and river,'' the Associated Press correspondent was informed by a; French officer who has participated in most 'of the campaigns of the war "accomplished the greatest concentration of machine gun fire that has been witnessed In this war." The French troops were obliged to face that fire at a range of twenty yards in order to cross the Oise-Aisne canal and the rivor Allette, pioneers throwing bridges over the canal seventeen yards wide suffering not only from the quick firers hut were in good range of German grenades. It required two days to advance to the Allette from the village of Pont Saint :M"ard and tour days lo gain five nun- dred yards of ground. The machine guns were massed thickly all along the canal in front of Quincy and in the woods, thickets and marshes. Bridged the Canal. The French engineers finally suc- seeded in bridging the canal and over the first bridge an enraged sergeant charged the Germans around a machine gun position and single handed made twelve of them pHBonerS. Such was the work that went on both along the rlvef and the canal during the five days,, each day exhausting Germany's best. Two quick.firers were found In a small thicket called ISUmralBftago wood. They * almost as thkik In Vnche wood and the more extensive timbered land fronting Coucy-tiO- Chateau and Coucy-Le'Vlllc. Where the French could not get at them they charged nnd killed the German gunners, oh their pieces, but many emplacements Were too well hidden or protected for a dlroct at-" 1 tack aud It was hecesnnry to shell thorn. _ Enemy on Run. During several hours French projectiles sent splinters flying all through the limber and when tjjo Infantry charged they had to go on to Coucy-Le-Vllle to catch the enemy who had fled, leaving his guns and an enormous amount of materials and supplies behind, Coucy-Ijc-Chateau and the height on which llstnntls were thus turned from the north and flunked nt the sametlmc from the south while thousands of shells filled the ruins of the surrounding position. Chateau Nogent to the southeast was taken about the Minu 'lline and with It the Germans lost posittons on which they had spent a tromondus effort. They retired behind their three lines of hnrbed wire on the line ta Frosnes. The booty they left behind In two immense engineering dumps included locomotives, railroad material of all sorts and a great number of quick firers and emplacement guns and one fifteen Inch gun with which' th'ey had bombarded French towns far behind the lines east of the Allette. THE FINAL CHECKING Is Being Done This Week of (he War Savings Pledges. THERE WAS SOME CONPUSION Caused When Some People Failed to Understand Significance of Registering. HONOR GEORGE SAUNDERS WITH MILITARY FUNERAL Eulogies Delivered and Flags at Half Mast for the Soldier Boy Who Gave His Life. Great "honor wits paid to the niem : ory of George Saunders, whoso death at Camp Funstou last week made the first soldier funeral In Hutchinson. Tribute was Biven by ihe city, which placed the flags on public buildings at half mast, by the Grand Army, the Spanish War Veterans and. the Home Guards, who marched in procesidon anj toolt part in the service, anil by a large gathering of neighbors and friends-which filled the C. M. E. church and the Btrect as well. Very benutiful music was rendered by the choir and the Rev. Allen, pastor ot the Second Baptist church, officlttted during the impressive service. He was assisted by Ilev. Seward Baker aud It'ev. W, T. Oannor. When the religious service was concluded Hey. Allen, Captain Noonan Capt. Uerry, Lieutenant Governor Morgan and Rev. Rogers of the A. M, B. church, delivered eulogies of the departed soldier. His death in the cause of freedom for others was the keynote of the speaking. The honor he-'reflecls on Hutchinson and on the colored race were always mentioned. His parents and sisters and brothers were comforted by - the' respect and affection shown to the memory of the soldier Boy. At the grave military honors wero paid, the salute being fired -by the squad of the-Home Quards. The final winding Up the War Savings Stamps campaign In Reno county Is being done this week nnd County Chairman Dert Mitchner hopes to be able to turn a complete report of the campaign to the State Chairman within a few days. Most of tbo Bchool districts have completed their reports and with a few exceptions have all more than met their quotas. Because of the confusion caused by many people failing to gain the proper significance and necessity for registering when the campaign was first made, the committee has been caused considerable difficulties in chocking over the cards. There were also a number of people in Hutchinson who, It has been found, did not understand the Importance of the matter and therefore made pledges for too trival amounts. *" , Follow-up Campaign. I Tills makes It necessary to go over the ground in Hutchinson again and plans are under way whereby a follow-up campaign may bo put on. So far Hutchinson has not done her full share^in this matter and an effort will be made to straighten the matter out for each person must do his full share In this ImportariU. government program. The booth committee have made arrangements whereby they Intend to move Ihe booth io the Fair grounds. Secretary A. U Sponsler has consented, to give the booth a prominent space and any help which the committee might need to further the plan. Mrs. W. II. Underwood and Ihe other members of the committee are now making plans to arrange different days for various clubs and organizations to have charge ot the'selling of War Savings Stamps. Fresh Vegetables. Phono 1600 for cauliflower, boots, sweet potatoes, egg plant, head lettuce, celery, parsley, carrots, onions, mangoes and potatoes. I. SMITH'S Grocery and Market. 9-H LAMBORN SAYS: Tobacco tastes vary hut every user of tobacco In any form will appreciate the difference between those kept In proper condition and those having little care. Keep this In mind and try the Lamborn Cigar Company for real satisfaction. No. 3 North Main. Phone box orders to 17S5. Free delivery. It Phone 1500. Fresh plums, poaches, apples; cantaloupes, watermelons, oranges, bananas and lemons at I. SMITH'S Grocery and Market. 0-11 Attention, Juniors of Security, you are requested to lie on hand Tuesday evening al 7 o'clock at the Handy Hall. 9-lt MRS. DELIA LOWE, Sup't Children Ury FOR FLETCHER'S C AS T O R I A ESTHER MAUSER, Lyons, Kansas RECORD: Enrolled June 11, 1918. Passed examination August 11, 1918, Received Government appointment Sept, 7, 1918. Average grade, 85% Salary $1100, #1200 after three months, #1320 after six months. All in less than three months, and dtiriug the hot summer at that. Miss Mauser was trained by Colfax Conwell of Washington, D. C, former Civil Service Examiner, who is head of Civil Service Department of the Business College, What Miss Manser has done you can do, Enroll at Once-~New Clasm Next Monday • V " m t I.L..L- The Salt City Business College J. D, CONARD, President. HUTCHINSON, KAN. U pay$ to attend an accredited whool

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