Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 9, 1965 · Page 1
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 1

Clovis, New Mexico
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Sunday, May 9, 1965
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"tn giving n helping fiand to yonr fellow man, keep In mind — you nte often nni most times quickly forgotten." — Colo Sweeney ,11 YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER" VOL. 37 NO. 33 NEA, McNaught Features X* DPI Leased Wires CLOVIS, NEW MEXICO, SUNDAY, MAY 9, 1965 34 Pages Today • ^^••^^•^^••HBMMHMW USP SAIGON (UPI) - U.S. warplanes flew 278 sorties against Communist North Viet Nam Saturday, heavily damaging a vital air base, radar station and military barracks in the heaviest bombing of the war. The aircraft dropped about 160 tons of boms and Bullpup missiles on the Vinh airfield, 157 miles south of Hanoi, and returning pilots said the airbaso Was "70 per cent destroyed." DAILY On SUNDAf tie MHMMMMOTHM B North Viets On 278 Sortie! Two U.S. Navy F8 Crusader jets were shot down in the morning and afternoon strikes at the Red Air base One of the pilots was officialy listed as missing in North Viet Nam. The second parachuted into (lie South China Son and was picked up shortly afterwards by an amphibious rescue plane. He was reported in excellent condition. (Communist North Viet Nam's official news agency claimed five U.S. planes were shot down in Saturday's extensive raids, one of them an F105 lighter bomber). Hit .Military Targets A military spokesman said 200 American planes hit military targets in \ortb Viet Nam in the morniiui. In the afternoon 70 planes from the carriers Coral Sea and Midway returned to Vinh to drop 60 more tons of bombs on the airbase — already hit by 100 tons in the morning. The returning pilots said the runways were cratered and and completely cut in three places. Later eight U.S. Navy Sky- raiders from the same carriers made return strikes on a Long Than warehouse badly damaged in morning attacks 80 miles south of Vinh. Navy Skyhawks ripped up a warehouse and railway installation only 90 miles south of Hanoi in another attack. Scores of other Navy and Air Force planes hit other targets in North Viet Nam during the morning and afternoon raids. The previous day's high in raids against North Viet Nam was about 240 sorties. It was also the first raid in which American planes have bombed a Communist airbase, Heavy Damage Inflicted Spokesmen said "heavy damage" was inflicted on Communist installations with 30 to 35 buildings damaged in the raid on the military barracks alone. One Communist radar unit was reported destroyed in a direct hit by a Bullpup missile. (The heavy raids coincided with a Moscow warning by Soviet Communist chief Leonid crease its military help to Brezhnev that Russia will In- North Viet Nam "if HMMlftty" to defend against American at* tack). On the ground u. S. military spokesmen reported two ffidre Americans killed by, the Communists — one of them a U.S. Marine lance Corporal shot dowri by Red machine gunners while helping distribute candy and books to children In a Vietnamese village six miles north of the Da Nang airbase. Dom No * * * S 'Standby i >ncreqsed AM Offered North Viets Forces' j Brezhnev Blasts LB J t l\,incrv^\V CTTTIT\ /** « ««* ,. , . _ Proposed WASHINGTON* (UPI) — Secretary of State Dean Husk Saturday said the Organization of American States lOAS) should consider forming "standby forc- <'-" to dea! with future emergencies in the hemisphere. He also cited a need for "po- 'I'lia! arrangements' 1 to enable the OAS to make decisions and . MOSCOW (UPI) - Commu ! nist chief Leonid Brezhnev said j Saturday Russia will increase ; its military help to North Viet 1-Nam "if necessary" to defend jit against American attack. ; Brezhnev made what is be- ;lievcd to be the first attack on a top So- He said Johnson the people down after having been elected on a Franklin Roosevelt peace plal- 6.000 that a defense committee headed by Stalin was set up during the war to "organize all actions to rebuff the enemy." Another prominent wartime leader who later was disgraced Marshal Georgi Zhukov, was in the audience, and was singled out for praise. Brezhnev said Russia and "complete agreement. . . as to the steps to be taken to beat back the imperialist interven- in Viet Nam. "The Soviet Union is giving he added. "That is why the question of Viet Nam is a question of honor, and we are carrying out for international sac._ Jury Deadlocked A KOSK rou MOTIIKF; — Litti,- K. n> .T>> Hwu;]' \. I, pnvsems her mother, Mrs. Georp- Ri^!<->. 220 Sunland Drive, voth n ho.'ui'i- ful iffl row as her "Mothrr'-; l»a>'' gift. O'her mother- thrnuchout Clovis \voro 6as- kinu in the R!OI > of their day today as sons mid daughters paid respeci to their mothers. (Staff Photo by Scott Fischer) 6,000 Red Chinese Troops Reported Moving To Laos Husk .said the US action ' tC ; ok] ; vater t ^ "supressing by . n . the force of arms the freedom f , . i and independence of the Do- Hve? He" saidTa? it j minican Republlc ' ter the purpose of the mission j Brezhnev, addressing a V-Edid expand" to include setting 1 Day rally in the Kremlin, also up a ntietral zone requested by paid tribute to Stalin's wartime ;:';•• OAS and providing food and record. It was the first time in m '' ;lil ' in(% many years that a Soviet lead- New Trial Eyed On Liuzzo Death . , \leanu :u! HAYNEV1LLE, Ala. (UPI)— Alabama's attorney genera! said Saturday that Ku Klux Klansman Collie Lerov Wilkins , ho said, -the or had mentioned Stalin's name Jr . definitely would be brought Slain On Highway The 38-year-old Detroit mother of five was slain the night of March 25 as she and a young Power Showdown Nearing SANTO DOMINGO (UPI) -i Rebels killed a U.S. Marine and"' wounded three paratroopers during the night, then aar ! nounced Saturday they are no longer bound by the ceasefire because of the change in the rival Dominican government. v A showdown neared in the Dominican power struggle between the rebel "provisional president," Col. Francisco Caamano, and the new "loyalist" junta of military and civilian leaders. A rebel spokesman, HectoT" Aristy, minister to the preii« dency, said Saturday the new junta is totally unacceptable 4 and there is no chance of . He Mid sincV toe oW jun £ o !!> Robert S. Allen and 1 .a Paul Scotl Tii'-M- arm.imi-r;', an- V, AMIIMITON. Hed China has tr,n-j"-:'«-d iiy truck fluid >:v-vt-d some 6 000 combat tn>up. \<.i!.; \ iel Nam ir;' . l.aus near the northwestern Ni>ti,:::;.: deliniti- \< known < <>r.- b-.;:di ' uf North Viet Narn <••!:;;•:,; t,',e in!«T:t a;:d n.^-m:, I;:-."iiackt-d in dis.per.sed units ••: K.e-e ivkin^ troops It i-«>:<>! In the I'hiir,...* Salv area, the i-< K < ".'iirt.-tura: wtieilni ti,i. \ arc t -mated seven t'hiiit-M' batlaiim,-> I >• a-.hjiice clemci!-, »I a -!;!! a:<• rij.iipjM-d v.:'.i\ ;,n,','.<•: y m•>:•'s't-r force. PIT ii i-, knn;\;. t.its. antitank and heavy rna. « .'<' I:MT their deslii'.a'i-in is I.o.i- f:.M- L'U:I.V 'T \ it-t Nam « m-r was eMabhshed bevund fu!l> snu.-,!i'i A: iii-, urdciv intellii-'i-n-'-i. 1 i!:i,i. : !!!aimru; cinse sectinly o: '.he-- I'rkia.a liariahuiis Kverv inteihiii'dce resmiree is ijein. use,! i'ir tin- pii: i'-'i-.-. i!'( hi l.ii-j also point«> t > th i- <|!iarut!«'i of n; ; ; * partti uiarlv fit-as \ Ill I'dfU -ealr<l de»<! I)i-(u\ery of t:,.e>r Cri' \ :i-t N..!!i i- !f.e III v{ sill' e i S hi .:.,:: i ..'.trullin^; b-n News At a Glance North Korea Offers Viets Men, Weapons TOKYO (ITI — North Korea d«rl,ircd Saturday i! w;t». pit'fiaie<l to send volunteers and weapons tn Viet Nam to help thr Conumini-.t> "it ntvex-vti \, ' the .\oith K.-:i an radio reported. The pledge to help the \'iet I'orii; lied- fij^ht American and South Vietnamese troops was rn.i'ie in a speech hy Lt. Gen. Kim Kook Tu of the North Kmvan people's army. 22,000 Yanks Now In Dominican Republic WASHINGTON (ITI) — Som.- L'l'.U>i American troops are now in the Dominican Republu-. the Defense Di-jwirtment said Saturday. A tabulation listed II. 1 ,Too Army paratroopers, 7,400 Marines and 1,000 Air Force [•ersonnt'l ashore in the island nation. Six hundred more Marines are members of two fighter squadrons providing Dominican air support in the Dominican Republic hut • : ~ : from Puerto Rico. Suspicion Voiced On USW Election Result CINCINNATI, Ohio (ITI) — A top Cnm-d SIP.-I- workers (I'SW) official, implying Prcsidcii! I>avid J. McDonald may have hctMi cheated out ot otfuv, Saturday calkni for a revamping of the million-mt-inU'r union's citation mafhiner\. Howard H. Hamn-. outKoinir I'SW vii-e president, said thorc was "«rave doubt" anil "sas.nirion" al>oiit the union tellers official election report and the voting in Chicago. Canada and Puerto Rico. Pierre Salinger Announces Plans To Wed U>NDON (I'PI) — Pierrp Salingor. former presidential press secretary and California senator, announced Saturday he will marry a |*>rt Frenchwoman who once interA'k'Witl him for ;i Pans ma^a/ine. Salinger. 39, said he and Nicole Ciillrnan. 2ti, will l*> marriti) in Paris "sometime this summer." It will lx> the thin! marriage for Sabrv.vr. the first for Miss GiUman. a feature writer for Healite, a sin.k. intcllivlual French magazine Mansfield Eyes Early Vote On Rights Bill WASHINGTON (ITI)— Semite Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield, Mont., said Saturday (here is a good chance of final Senate action late next week on the bipartisan voting rights bill. He also expressed belief that a liberal - hacked move tn h.ui pull taxes will lail. If the projects hold up. Mansfielij said, he ni.iv call the Senate into session next Saturdav to vote. HU'.M \,•: other tluiii scrkiiii,' iniiiriiui'.:":! no overt ;irtiun is tM-iris: t.iki i, ;i:.';nf'--t ti.fin. Air •»lnkf- f:.r. f lint t^cvil aUtiiii! l/i. (! A-> in i:.i- (. j-t- us M.-iiiui and ii'.II'S Cl-lLtfi - <:•! \-i|'t!i \ |i-t N jm. ti.r-M Ii (Mf ( ' .ih >,- l! iniji- ,i; i<>:'. I.'', • - \'! ,i;;- .ill.i, k- rn[|. Ii!'.i:t- [n IM- tic.';!! 1 ' ilrtt'i'iniiii il t>y li-.c I'ri'M-.iciit ti.'ulf! 1.;-- '\-uii- I'.\'•!'-• t.'H'Ji't n;:;•-' In" cxjiri'S. •-.;, .i\>','\ IPV (.'\[ ir, liiirs In ttii- I'rr.siiii'iu's constant !-Hiii>! ui hi ifiiiiLis Hi riifiiiln-i "• I'unurrs^. f(Hi-i;:ri (i:;>loinats ^ >\ i-! iiui.-. in.i\i)!s anil iitiii'i^ t.i- s!faiit,jstl\ repeat^ tiuit vsliiic t.'icri- will IM' no let-up 111 liOIllh- H!.: sflfi-tcit Ni»rt!i \ let Nam t.i'i'itv hi- is finphatii-ally a- ,'.i!Ilst fXlialHii.'ii. 1 t!if colllllft It i.s Ins coritfiitidn this st.'.i ti'^y \\ill cnni[H-l thr I'oininunist^ to nt'^iitiato a .settlement. In this View, hi- is stroiu'.U t>.K-ki'd Ir. Siferi'tai \ Husk am! cMier tuji State I)i'|iai'lnu-nt oi- tii.tal> The ,J,)int Chiefs of Stan ia\or more yt'Tessive burnhin.^ Tni-s liaM' H-peateiHy urijfii bla.-tinj; llati'ii ami Haiphonp TUti IUF1 -KKKNT V1KWS - Movi'iiifiit id ti.lHM! Iteil Cinnesc 'troop-, into l.uas i.Ki'urri'd as mi- htar> authorities ol the lattei infoinu-d the I'S that betwi-en l : .i,UO() ami 20.000 North Vietnamese ri'Hiilar troops art- in l.oas Sunie u! these troops are beiiiL 1 used ut;ain>! Laotian nuetralist !iirces, others ajipear to be en luiite to South Viet N'ain li>r i employment in a major Viet Cong offensive. This lari!t-i.cale drive is e\ : pectiii to bt> laundied later thi- month vhen the rainy season gets underway The daily downpours and heavily overeaM skk-s will severel> limit I' S air operations throuuh the sumnu-r and early fall AI ple\!-u>!\ ri-|''.!l ted in th-- !{'.;>k maiir tho statements in !'"p'y tn qui'stions submitted by ':i-. > Associated I're-.s as part of a continuing sene-^ of such in- 'ervicus by (ho news media. Husk said I.' S. actions "have ".-i i riothiiu* to do with Kith CPH- '!'"> torni- d! intorvention for '•:•• ;.ii!-;m-i' of collectini,' reve- ' i- - iTii'.c'.'tin'.! concessions i" ',:n..; aovernnifnts " I!-- said it would )-••!•:!' p:imn»e" to Twister Hi*s Nebraska i was applauded - 'rights march ended. Moton and. when he told his audience of An all-white jury that spent Mrs. Liuzzo were on a transpor-i He also charged the United five days hearing Wilkins' case ; a tion committee charged with States violated its neutrality by deadlocked Friday with 10 of shuttling demonstrators back to permitting eight truckloads of tKr> 10 r,on»i ™ 0 ™H n rc (.>,. f .^~ „ , o.i_. _ Wcssm troops to pass through the American-held corridor to establish the new junta within the international refugee zone Friday. Caamno, who was proclaimed provisional president by his supporters Friday, flatly rejected the new ruling tonio Imbert Barrera. The Marine, a chief warrant officer, was killed by rebel in- 12 panel members favoring Selma conviction. A mistrial was declared. , Prosecutors were encouraged ,,.,.,,, .by the lopsided vote in their PRIMROSE. Neb. (UPI) - f av or. A tornado tore down the main or street of this Nebraska commu- ; Saitl Asst - State Att >'- Gen- "ity of 117 persons Saturday ; J °° Gantl: no night. At least four persons; "I think maybe this vote will WEATHER M. speculate were killed. The office of Ne-. wake up a few people and show States mi^ht do braska's governor said only the them that there is a slight case cxu'iitions -tart- town's school house was left of murder involved here." T , ir , u up UJ « ulv . u „, lvl/tl tu - I.atin Ameiu-an standing. Gantfs boss, Atty. Gen. IIigh Sunday 78 low Sunday fi!tr at°rs at the nearby port of Mure persons were reported Richmond Flowers, seconded night 46. Fair and'warmer Sun- Haina Friday night, military - • - - '• • • • - - - •• , ... /Con Cijr»U7r»r\«TXT n nr r« a\ ••^a WARMING UP i-nes to the Do- trapped in fires and wreckage, .this view Saturday. ''•'"• Ku-k s;iid Other Nebraska communities Praises Jurors lent- l.-um time and cities were hit by the lie praised the 10 jurors who ave hern reon:- twisters. They included Grand voted for conviction saying: nut me'r!\ the Island. Valentine, Tobias, "I'm encouraged and think MiiMti.m t-.i take -Johnstown. Wood Lake and those people are to be coin- 's.T ae'io!i i- r.ecessarv to (ireeley. The state's capita! city mended who hung in there for the !;ves cif their nation- of Lincoln was battered by that conviction. .wind, hail and rain. day and Sunday night. (See SHOWDOWN Page j) * * * Recognition Withheld From 2 'Governments' INSIDE Todoy's News-Journol DOMINICAN — Background Of The Revolt, Ac- it^ During; A Week Of Crisis And The United States' Response Arc IVscrilied In This Special Report. Page 7. KMCATOK PIKS — Dr. Charles R. Spain of A1-. uenjiie, Regarded By Many As New Mexico's Leading Educator, Died Saturday. Page 2-1. Ahl.v \riiiiii<l I In- sialr H> < U-MH.-<I t "Mill * . l>r;itll<> ... •:•. •», .'».. Ixieul lxu-al Nunie* In News Marki'U I'ulilii 10 "There is absolutely no doubt he i Wilkins i absolutely will be WASHINGTON (UPI) - The formed itself into a new five- tried again. ' United States Saturday contin- man •'government of national 1 wo other Mansmen. \\ilham U ed to withhold recognition reconciliation " Katon. 41. and Eugene Thomas, from both of two rival "gov- 42. have also been charged with ernments" in the Dominican Interim Regime Needed the Luizzo slaying. Republic ^ S. officials arrived on one Second Circuit Solicitor Ar- Mean while, diplomatic repre- '' JJ ing = The - ^mediate need in thur Gamble Jr. confirmed Sat- sentatives of both groups vied 6 Drommican Republic wag tudav that the state also plan- : for recognition bv the Organiza- *°.^M° r ? °L ^terim regima, broadest possible poll. could admin- llcalbase - l-.iili-riainiui-iit 1 arm Mill- . 11 r; ft SfK'icly 15 Tt-en ol flu- Week TV Log 2-> %'ears Ajfo . 16 17. TKOOl'S Page Chief Absent- I5KOKKN BOW. Neb. (UPD -Kills-ln-Sight is an absentminded Indian. The 68-year-old Sioux chief did ins rain dance and fired iH'wiUer shells here Wednesday, shaking the town and blowing leaves from trees. But the only result in this drought stricken area was a few lightning bolts and gale winds Kills-ln-Sight wasn't discouraged. He went back to the Husebud Reservation in South Dakota promising an inch of ned to go ahead with these tj 0 n of American States (OAS) l ' ;ises meeting here during the dav • ,i "i ~~~.~~, —."— All three of (he suspects are The rebel Dominican regime lser the countr y untl1 elections l ! ifree under $10,000 bond. In ad- of Col. Francisco Caamano C °^ ld tbe held ' ..„ u , .V;;. a dition to the state murder Deno named Dr Antonio Rosar- Q u 5 stlons w « re , stl11 being is, 19 charges, they have been indict- io as its delegate to the 0\S e whetner tne new «»• -' ed by a federal grand jury on Dr. Jose A Bonilla Atiles has ]Unta under Brig ' Gen< Antonio IS charts of violating Mrs. Liuz- been the OAS delegate of the l mbe £ * Jarrera was such * > zo's civil rights. i junta, which Friday night trans- br ° a4dly Sed g , r ° Up ^^ , , j__6 ^g^ gj. jj was mt , re jy jy, e f f( , r | Jjy the military to dress up in ci- i vilian clothes. Another question was whether the Imbert regime could gain effective control of th* country and popular support- These would be general requirements for recognition. U.S. officials also wanted $p let the OAS make th* fir«t judgment on the new regioit, in line with the doctrine thft tlie OAS has now taken ov basic responsibility for tne mink&fl situatioo. If the United States were to endorse toe lmb«rt rain within 24 hours. In fact, he said, "I tried real hard, so you will probably get two." The time period passed without rain. Friday night banker Tom Varney, who hired Kills-ln-Sight when a Shoshone rain dancer declined the job, placed a long distance telephone call to the Sioux chief. Varney said Kills-ln-Sight told him that the failure ol the rain dance probably was due to lack of ammunition for the thunder- stick. He fired only three ho* it- zer shells. But while they were chatting. Kills-ln-Sight remembered. He recalled suddenly that he had omitted a crucial portion of the rain dance. So while Varuey listened on the paleface talks-by-w i r e Kills-In Sight stomped out the omitted steps. Soon it began to rain. And it rained. AM it rained. Some parts of Nebraska got 10 inches of the stu#. 'It was beautiful, just beautiful/ Varney said. 1 it would probably »tUl w«»t OAS to tato the Uv« la Utw Ajoor ties, putting a ,'U-S." Hhi) any new regime can to a of death.

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