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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Saturday, May 21, 1932
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Last Edition VOL LV.--NO. 186. (AT) Means Associated Press. WEATHER FORECAST FOR JIAHY1AND: Mostly cloudy with light showers tonight and probably Sunday morning. Coo'-tr Sunday. Fan XEA Service. FREDEBIGK, MD., SATURDAY. MAY 21. 1932. TEN PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS LONE WOMAN FLYER LANDS IN IRELAND Hunt For Murderer Of Lindbergh Baby Turns To Maryland Flight Marks 5th Anniversary Of Lindbergh 9 s Gangster Now Sought Who Knew Of Death Of Baby Before Body Found Woman Makes Lone Flight Across Atlantic Known To Identification Experts At House Of Correction. Hopewell, N. J., May 21 (AP).--Search was intensified today for the mysterious gangster believed to be connected with the Lindbergh baby kidnap case, who recently said in Maryland before the baby's body had been found that the baby \vas dead. Col. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, superintendent of state police, disclosed for the first time yesterday that this gangster was being sought and today he gave him first mention in his morning bulletin. "Investigators who are Investigating tht whereabouts of the garjgster reported in Maryland and thought to be connected ·Kith the case." he said, "have been unable to locate him as yet and are continuing their investigation." That part at the morning bulletin L MILE TANEYT01 OPEN dealing with »E9tt«rs other than the search for the gangster follows: Or. Condon .the Jafsie who paid a futile 350,000 ransom for the return of the murdered baby) was taken to New Rochelle (yesterday) by our Investigators to look over the criminal rogues' gallery :n an effort, to identify the man known as John but failed to make any identiflcaUon. "Joseph Perrone (.the taxi driver who took a note from the supposed kidnappers to Dr. Condon, instructing rum about, ransom payment) had formally looked over the cr'nimal rogues' gallery in New York city and failed to identify anyone and yesterday lie went over the gsulery at the Central Bureau of Identification at the State police headquarters in Trenton, j but faiSed to make any identification. Completion Of Work Will Give · she determines Long Intervening Gap On Short Route Remains Rough. START TO LICKS Sends U. S. Greetings From Londonderry--Gas Gauge Broken. New York, May 21 ( A P ) . -- Georpe Palmer Putnam. lianti of Amelia Earhart. announced today he was informed she had taken oif for Dublin in her own airplane from the field at Londonderry where she landed after her transatlantic (light. Hoover Sends Greetings Washington. May 21 (AP).--President Hoover today dispatched a cable to Mrs. Amelia Earhart Putnam, congratulat- ; ing her on her successful flight from Harbor Grace to Londonderry. The flight demonstrate* he said, "the capacity of wom- ' en to match the skill of men in carrying through the most diffi- ' cult feats of high adventure." He will be taken to another police department today. "The King kidnapping case (a mysterious case thought to have possible oonnectioc ·situ the Lindbergh case, mentioned for the first time by information of value - t taiced." When Amelia Earbart starts to do thinp. there's no stopping her. The noted aviatrix nearly four years a e o set her K oal at bein s the first woman to flv srfo VroTM the ocean. Her resemblance to Lindbergh, which has been noted often, is shown by the picture of her at left. In the center she is shown with her husband. George Palmer Putnam, and at riffht in a typical flying pose. | - - ~ further adventures in the air. H?r statement, i-ist prior to her 1928 ' crossing is characteristic of her daraig. | Sh said the only stake she fcoptd to'. on by the flight was "the pnv.kse of i lyins and the pleasure of having a! -.and in a fine adventure " j Miss Earhart -»as born in Atchison. i Ear.. in 1833. She is a. college woman, j in '. and has been n-.uch interested in 339 PROSPECT! Good Thoroughfare To Carolinas. crac.-c-up -o do a. thing there's j=en commented on many tim«. Her' in Abilene. Tex., could not stop h no stopper Mr ; take-off on the first leg of her trans- , She was back at Xewari airport ^ He--"husbajid.G=org* Palmer Putnam, I Atlantic ho? was without ballyhoo, a | another ship ten days later, ready for j wei.are wor. could be ascer- the slightly more than four rough ! miles of roadway between Keymar aac Taneytown. the State Roads Comrnis- long identified with New Jersey liquor- j concrete running southward. This. running activities was disclosed today : wtth two previously built good as -the mysterious gangster in Mary- j sct tches makes the important; highland" sought for questioning in the j ' ajxut ^ ha ^. sarfliC6;i ^ Lindbergh kidnapping case. ' ,"The man, who remains unnamed, in- , nal1 rougn. formed Arthur Mills, identification ex- | The T^eytown-Keymar road a no; pert at the Maryland House of Correc- «*· ·» important correcting jn* be*^ _ . ~ . - . I PAINFULLY INJURED IN | FALL OUT FREIGHT CAR P ! I- j Raymond Linton Hurt About Shoulder, Face And Knees. 10GAL PEOPLE ATIEND Raymond Linton, 42 years old resident m- Annual May Ball Held At Catoc- German Air Liner Reported 500 or Map* Avenue, seined several m · Buries :o rus shoulder and bruises about tin Country Club. Miles Out At Sea. child could be found within five miles of the Lindbergh estate two days be- J jj fore it actually was discovered- Mills, formerly member of the Mary- J land state police, said the rum runner Carroll counties, but is pan, o. direct route from Frederick to · Taneytowa and Hanover, Pa. j From Frederick to the Middleb'urg- Detour crossroads, half a mile aortn FROM 9 TO 1 ! TOOK OFF EARLY y 200 persons gr.:;! annual Mar 3a^ ;A '*M Jrt-di^; £/\SL*wi;, OO4U _u^ j. uuj. * m**.-^-- _ . ___ further informed him the baby had been 5 of Keymar. the road is macadam. *«= killed by blows on :he head and that a rough which runs to where tie road nhicii today begins. That point; the body had been hidden near the fiver's home. ""I didn't pay any attention to it a t , » * fc«* more «**» ,* TO ^tf SOB! the time." Mills said, "but later when . 2! Taneytown. and .rom .here I read that the body had been found I ' ianeytown aje_roaa is_n^e conc.-te. communicated my information to CoL i D!st:r ct *°***" ifiO:a « H. Norman Schwarzkopf of the New i Jersey poUce. Two officers came here · investigate it." | he had first known the '... .^ ^ man at Ocean City* Md_ in December. · - uce3 '' *· 1929, when more than a score of men were arrested while attempting to land | a cargo of liquor on the beach. New York. May 21 (AP).--The Radio ,ne eighth annua. -Ma.y sa-i held by Marine Corporation announced the re- Frederick Chapter. Order of DsMolav. ceipt at. 950 a. m.. e. s. t . today of which occurred Friday nigh: from 9 this message from the German air liner until i o'clock at the Catoctin Cotmtry ' DO-X: Club. i "Position 14-00 Greenwich mean time Attractive corsages were presented ; (9 a. m.. e. s. t 44 00 north 41 15 ladies attending, and music was fur- . west. Wind west southwest. Speed 90 nished ay Bob Craig's orchestra which snots. ,AI1 clear." The position given by the DO-X the face and knees, when he fell from a freight car of the H. and F. Railway j Company at Grove's! east of Frederick. | , about 8 o'clock this morning. He was 1 unconscious when other employes of 1 the company went :o his assurance, and '. uas sent to the Frederick City Hospital · 1 .n an ambiTIaace: Tiie accident happened when Linton. . ! a conductor on the fre'ght. -A as standing in the doorway by the motor. Air suddenly forced the motor to stop. uith such lorce as to throw L.ntos to · the track. V."hen picked up by workmen, he was Lutheran Brotherhood To Convene At Landsdowne. ! Culmore. Ulster. Ireland. May 21 (AP).--Amelia Earhart 1 Putnam brought down her red and gold monoplane in a field on the Donegal side of Lough Foyle this afternoon and thereby became the first woman ever to fly the Atlantic alone. She landed on this side of the ocean five years to the day after Col. Charles A. Lindbergh arrived at Le Bourget. France, successfully completing the first solo flight across the Atlantic by a man. "I've done it!'' Mrs. Putnam exclaimed when she got out of her ship. She had intended to go to Paris but :'. was necessary t cut the flight short because her exhaust manifold bad i burned out and the gasoline gauge -seas ' broken." causing a iitUe leakage. The lithe b!onde flyer, who took off from Harbor Grace. N. F.. at 4.51 p. m., e. s. t.. yesterday, got a lift by motor to Londonderry, flve miles away, where the first thing she did was to get 011 the telephone to report her suc- 1 cess to London in order that her husband. George Palmer Putman. New York publisher, and her Iriends back home might know that, she was safe. It was 2.30 p. m.. (8.30 a. m.. e. s. t) when Mrs. Putman landed here. She had made tHe trip of 2.026 1 i miles In 16 hours and 39 minutes. All Britain and France had been walt- iny eagerly for news of her. special Interest centering on the fact that today was the fifth anniversary of the flight of Col. Lindbergh, to whom attention had been directed anew by the tragic death of his child. When Mrs. Putman had reported she was safe she got into an automobile and left Londonderry for an unannounced destination. Her plane was not damaged in the landing and she was wholly unhurt. "For a lot of the way" Mrs. Putraan said. "I was flying through storms-- 161 Of Those To Get Diplomas Are From Frederick Educational Institution. i DATES ANNOUNCED FOR ANNUAL EXAMINATIONS ..·lavs from the suoper room of District Engineer inomas M. Lin- . :.^F .. a , ^.-^^ Ba'timore The . announcing today die opening ; e _ en; ._ as -, !al;ned DT a comn!: -. :e CO3) _ new stretch. saia ne aia not · ^^ ,, ..,,., -o - ;c _ ; ,, e . w Mersd :tii S. *hen the remaswig lins_ m-gn- _ You _, .^a,TM,.,. j^ben C. Barring- v. He n ! year. ' more anc Joseph M. dine. Patrons an-d patronesses were: thought seriously injured uas rjs approximateiy 509 miles east, sauthtas: ed to the hcepi^i'.. ·shcre ar. x-ray *as o: Cape Race. The German plane took M be made. As he fell or. h.s face, h- oE from Holyrood for the Ai»r« at, 3 a ( sustained severe bruises, in addition to m.. e. s. c. today. I ihe injured shoulder, ar.d it was feared 1 he might, have suffered .sterna, injury Names of 339 prospective graduates ! from the high schools of Frederick . ,, countv now have been listed with acting PRECEDES SYNOD SESSIONS 'Gum* Superintendent of Education · James C. Bie'nl in the offices of Frederick County Board cf Education. Not all of the pupils listed will graduate. however, as there are always a few who not meet final requirements. Frederick High School has toe largest number of prospective graduates. as is usually th^ case, the number being 161. In 193-1 the school had 164 graduate., in 193O. 145k and in 1929, 131. Other schools and their lists are as follows. Mlddletown. 40: Emmitsburg. _. .j ... . . .. 'to bump over the bad s~ret£h He said tnai ne saw the ram run- . v ners two days before the body of the '. Lindbergh baby was found and that he complained of the police activity which ; * hampered his liquor activities. "If somebody doesn't do something (ti , 0 t ^ about the case soon, I will" Mills quoted j "'" At present resident of Frederick who . 2 _ d M __ ^--j..^ v Mvsrs Mr . ^ wish to go to Taneytown but are loathe '. Mre A _ b -. r H . Johnston'. Mr. aad Mrs R. = Keymar may go nartts t-o ; and thence east to Taaeytown, or may go to Keyrcar and thence toward Detour. Keysville and Taneytowu. Botli routes are circuitous and add miles lo i Alvin G. Qoinn. Dr. and Mr,. ^·*em3' nw *--^v D-- A \ Radc'-ff llarianna Had cliff Harry O. SchroeSer. Mr. and ?.I~. Als^-rt L. Brlce. Mr. and Mrs. Roger 3. IVolfe. and Mr and i Mrs. Thorna.= J. Crurn. n-o attended were as foil: Tot* Off at 3 A. M- Harbor Grace. N. r.. May 21 'API -The German air liner DO-X t;xs oTM from Eolyrood for a transatlantic Sign; to th-c Azores at 3 a. in., e. 5 t . today The wind was southwest, blaxing moderately, and the weather was cl-car as the big ship hopped. She had been lying at Holyr:-d refueling after a 40-mil-e hop from Dildo nhere she lanced Thursday after run- Lutherans from Fred-crick city and county will attend the meeting of the 3rotherh-s:-i of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Maryland, to precede the ^ 113th anr.aal scss.or.s -of the Synod, i ·s.hich thev f..".\ also attend and which' will be held ir. the Lutheran Church _ "' j: Oar Saviour. Lar.sdTAT.e. Monday.. Tuesday and WednesdaT. Rev Dr Amos Jjhr. pastor of · Svan;elica; Lutheran church, this · ;.ty. and V 4 rg-.l W. Doub. Midclet-own. -. : cc-orc-S!cent of th« Brotherhood of '.he S;.T..d. t.i". soeak Monday afternoon, at which t.rr.e addresses also will oe made bv Merwrn C. Fus=. Tan^v;own: Dr 14: Libertv. 14: Thurmont. 37: Brans- 43: Waliersvilk. 19: Lincoln Ool!. Comparing the list of gradu- mists, rain, and a litt'.e fog. "To my friends in New York I want to send this message: I am very glad to have come across successfully but I am sorry indeed I did cot rnaie France." It was the flyer's second airplane trip across the Atlantic. Back in June, 1928. before her marriage to Mr. Putnam she made toe crossing, that time a passenger. "There is no comparison," she said in reply to a question about which tnp she liked "On this go I was flying low the whole time and had to reiy on myself " The fre-ght was moving: slowly into the c " T,. Miller. ~* th» Iron Mountain M. J- Grove Lime Company at the time of the accident H and F reprcsentat.ves fr;:n the terminal en East Patncir street -sere called t; trie scene 2nd. in i-urr.. caned the ambulance. tbe man as having said. "He also told , was j^, b .^^.^ ham he fcaew several people connected i Hailter * con'-ac'o-a. Kith the case snd that three or four j ^ Te; \ o j^co^jeu-s. persons were mvo-vcd." Mills said. j " Be ^ n Point ef K^^ j^^ Mills dec-ined to give the name of the ) The most recent strewn of new road j M-£ ^ s "~j, tnr " Marie" Sta-S«r." Betty Mar- short of gasoline. Bennett__ar.d ! k e __ j,-,^, Wa?h:er . Ma _ Mar?ar et snou-c-e..- . s ta - £T paul^ie Jones. Hattl^ Smith. The DO-X had 14 persons aboard -ncluding a woman, Frau;n Ant-ouia Strassman. The plane took off from New York early Thursday momm; after 3 winter spent in her af-er a leisurely 2ighc across the South Atlantic from Swits; rlar.d AGED PHYSICIAN SAYS GIKL COMPANION STOLEN Makes Report Of Holdup To Connecticut Police. Condon Makes Quick Trip. Danbury. Conn. May 21 .'A?). John F. Coadon, "Jafsi»" of the Li bergii iidnappin? case, arr.ves at roadix«e on the cuui said. This stretch, to be structed by the M. J. Grove Lime Company, will permit, a hard-surface route J " j all the ·way from Harrisburg. Pa. to a '· the Carolinas. Two New Tcrk him in another car. said they did not know thentselres where he and they irere going. Condon announced he was going" to have lunch at the roach-oue but did net say where he was going from there 3e ran into some acquaintances aad pointing to the reporters and tbe «5«- tectivcs, said- wit-h a stalls. "I r^st can't seem to get away for a quiet littl-e jaunt by myself." Two Xew Jersey state policemen call- ec at Condon's home ^i the Bronx oe- forc he left After talsing with, hiza a few .-ninutes they went away, returned, had another oncf conference, then l-«ft again. Then Dr Condon started out. Shortly after h-s arrival at Danbuiy . oy relatives and fner.ds of John H. Cur- he said his next stop would be Paw- ; tis. hoaxer of the Lindbergh case, spent tucket R L and thai he also wanted ! two hours with the Virginia -'negotiator" to go to New Bedford. Mass. i in the county jail here today. "I hav ; reduced a communication- Fender came here accompanied by a its replacement in tie near future. This would be a matter of very great expense, :T is apparent A four-yn limit for passing vehicles is now being maintained by the s~-ate. Consequently man" heavr rehicles can not use the bridge. Other Work. Concrete is now oeing poured on two new road Ijiks in the county These are the -oute from Creagerst-owr. :o Loys station, and the rematn'.ng .rnk from Middletown to Jefferson v\-c-rk on the flooring of tix new Ceres-, die ' bridge a^c approaches to it is soon to 1 begin. i and expect to receive other cotr.rcuni- catkns a!or.g :h« way." he said. Attorney Sees Curtis. -.r^s. N J May 21 W. C. Fencer, jforloi ?:ate tr-ooper after a visit to the Lindbergh est-jte near Kopeweli He went immeciatelv to the jail and was grant- i ed an .nter.iew with Cartis (AP).-- ! From the j'-i! he ?-ent to :ne of£:e of Diitnct irr.y Kelly. Carolyn Hahn. Culler. D-orothy Dutro-v. Helen Potts. Mary Lochner. Mary Munrow- er. Anna Margaret Culler. Betty Frank. Huth Ella Drontour?. Betty Gosnell. L-ouise Ba'cer. Evon Ponton. Lu-c.lie Shapro. Edir-na Brown. Piul-ne Keyser. Srelyn K-^ysor. M-ldred R.ce. Louis-: Rotitzar.n. Anna E Cc-nroy. Alma Shull. Mildred E. Cratr.-r.on. Mary Brewer. Myrtla ?;sr5. L-CULV Jor.^s. Mary Ann Myers M?a--lyn Z.-Dots. Hilda P. Zim- _ Irer.e Ka.--is. L.llian Eastt-n. Lo^ Snt.:h. .June Coll-fk^rer. leona Palmer. Helen Shoemaker. Helma L. Hann. Kathenne Tinr.ey Catherine Stal- Ke.en Ar"rr-an MfcSell Betty Kent. El-ear.or Sicl-ielo-jr-jr. Tefy Del".. June Marcoe. Jear T-JC.C Grace Sacer. Gertrude Kinr M Edna ? Stewart. Valetta Y^.^er. Cirtess Callahan Messrs Rob-rt C Harr.nzt-:n. J- Harold Ho-op'r, Rodney W.llard E. Lmwood Myers. Leather-man, Carmi Sayler. Gene HV.ler. Burton Crcager. Oliver K. Cecfer. Eugene G. McAise. Frank R Scltl:. Dirid Garber. Walter L BJS- Wcather Oatlook Coming er outlc-ok. for til" week beginning Monday in North and Middle Atlantic slate* 1 ' Generally fa r and cool Monday and probably Tuesday, s'nowe-- "r..m .=-;-.erely. and warmer middle of week and gen- ' Tr« physician. erally fair and cooler at end. Derby. Conn. May 21 'A?. -- Dr iioyal Pinney. ,eal:hy rct^-.-t; pr.-.i.- tian 'A Nw Kav«ri. repsrt3 to :.'· :c« "odav -"..a.; two rrer. had abi ic'.e-i Mi« O'Neill. hj= c:n-,pan.on en an sjtosivb.le nee. ift;r the;. .-,?.·! beater. Frank Hodges Lewis. Howard Haniey. Edgar Holi=. Nei S Zc-iler. C Robert Stup. Gene Stchis-on. W.nston C Ship- y. Dcrsey Sh.pley. Theorlore E D.n- Arthur McCar.ner. Cr-arl-'s 7V P-o^-le, R. L Saurn. Grayson Sxvf ns W. S~w»d O'Hari. Millard Eyler. Mered-th H.cksian. Cornel.ja S. Moberly. H. Bartgis, John 1. Best. Paji Stnne. Geirge Wm Smith. Kenr.-ith Devllb.v Re Dirt E. Nusz. Eltn-er N Xi;z. Russel' T.n;--r. J Robert McLaren. Howard Al- F-=dc7"_nc. Lauren-s N. Bo-sers. Earl T ·^Vaster. Rayhjjh Michael. Merhle S"..ff - . Howard McGregor. Lincoln D. Engel- brecr.t. James Snoafler Henry F Fa.s Me.t7r Charles. Crothers Ro. oert Rit-chie. Robert Mul..?an. Jerry Young, David M. Kemp. G-y W V.;sn. Lee Hammir.d. W. Meredith S. Ycur.?. a reputed rr..ll.c-n5ire 'old po' :: the attaci -c-ccurred at 11 45 .ast nicr.t when r.e .«'cc:d h^j ··- A =.-e r:-s« ir. Ori,.-,e : -· en^t r.i? tfr.-ar.i--.n '.-;· litli: a c.garett-c :rai;---3 Dr. ?,,-..-·- frc--r. .-is macron-. Slo ar.d zro-.e a- -.-. w.'h \:_^ O"N.-.ll Dr =2.d S-nt-il. and Dr. Gould Wirkcv. of the 3-:-ard of Education if the Un.t.-i Luf'n- .' ;on; those from Frederic £ whi w.ill .i"tcnd the Brotherhood mep-.n; are' Rei. Dr. Travcr. Mr. Douo. P'n.l.p Culler. Robe--. L. J-fs,«r K. M.'hael. Ir-. .ng S B^-er. William Hem?. Earl Ze.;r. John Lent-. Byror. K M.'.ler J-"nr. S Renn. Fran Cole G. ".Villi'm D.^rman E.-,n.-r_ \Ii--l-T- Jarr.»s Fslk. C Z. ' Steele. Alvi Rer.n. R-:y S-childknecht. ir.d J-.f.-e %V. Kolo. Re-.. Dr. and Mr Kolb wj: n-n'r Tr.e or-n:ns ".«*-.:e Mcn-iay 1 .-ir o:. an ad-:rev= or P.T. Dr W.M- 1 am A tVaJ-e B°.l'.rr.-'C-c prc-^.dent of ~--.;.»"--.e^ .r. ~e S;.~n-:^i Ti.ll be heard os 7.;r= ~ .".:: Har.i "1"--- c.ty. *".-'. be .::- R.,-.. L Hs'.rh Tabor, r as tor of Z.on ;a~ts from that churcr. P.«v Mr. Ta- stes of the vanous schools with the past «everal years, t:^ r*^ord is as follows: Mlddletown. 1932. 40: 1931. 29: 1930. j 31. 1929. 25. Emm.tsburj: 1932. 14: 193: 15: 2330.! 14- and 1929 8 ·Wolfsville. 1331. 5: 193-3. 9: 1939. 9.' Makes Byrd Happy. Boston. May 21 'AP.--Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd. Arctic and transatlantic flyer, enthusiastically received word today of the success, of Mrs. Amelia Earhart ir. flying across the Atlantic. "Simply great!" exclaimed Admiral ·cere are no -tigh school graduates now j Byrd when the Assoc.ated Press icform- 1 ed ruin of Mrs. Putnam's landing near rc-ni tnere. Libert:---OVT.: 1932. :4; 1931. 1930. Londenderry. Thurm-.nt. 1932. 37; 1531. 21: :930. 20- 1329 31. Brur.-v, .c-:. 1332. 43: :»31. 60. ·r.; 1929. 45 TValiersville: 1932. 19: 1931. 23. 13. 1929. 13. L.n-cln H:;h. 1932. ;:; i931, IS:D. 17; 1325. 8. Examinations Scheduled. Examinations -a 111 be held in "Amelia Putnam is an extraordinary person." he said. ''I know of no man who has more courage than she. There 530, ! is absolutely no excuse ntw for a man · to feel proud of his exploits as a. mafe." 930. '· · i Fined On Two Charges. 12: i Maurice Jackson, colcrod. 4S5 West . Ai! Saints strce'. ·aas found guilty aad · f.r.ed $10 on evn of two autornobtia the . charges -a hen arra.gried before Jusiice elementary and high schools of the city i Sherman P. Bowers this morning. Tee .-·nd ccunty May 25 and con- \ haanng foliowei Jackson's arrest by rlud-sg June 9. it was announced by Spcc-al Deputy Henry Nusz about act^is County Su?er-nt«ndent B.eril \ 11.30 o'clock this rnomir^r at the inier- ; Onod Iarkrt New York. May 23 rrLarket · In =i.ether s'.-qnish -' A? .-- TV.? stock ^w: -.r.^r'fyr.f fs'ior: '.Tcay. A sag in th» fir^t of leaders off a list hardeneti in t-r.e :a-=t losses wore !ars"ly rcz?-'.r."G IT -a-r:e! a n-.mtyr Dr O P 3,:^t d-:r. -; Ba.t.rcore. '-.11 preacr. tr. _· r-rr".nation sermon examir.atioris wi.^ be r.eld Srst and will be May 25. 26 an-c! 27 Al, .other high school exarn- ,na.-.-:-ns w.ll taie place the week of ?.r?.y 30 V* J-ine 3 Seventh grace ex- arr..r.a'1-t-ns will oe held June 1. 2 and 3 and tho esaminat-ons of p-cils in 'h" f o u r t h f.fth and si.vh ?racl*f wtll oe -·-Id Tuojdiy. Jur.c 7; Wednesday J-S-e 3 zr.-i Trursday. June 9 Commencements ·-. the h-gh schools will begirt Monday. June S. with that at Tr.urnxnt Kir/It School ana will conclude June 10, -t :ne Smmits- ourg H.;h School. Tn- elementary --·h-n. commencements In Frederick and otner comrr/m.-y centers w.ll occur on J-r." 10 ir.; or so bu' hcur The James Z. Doub. A. Roiyrt Moss. Ste^.- sjrd Sl?.-c-d T W'.iitrr.ore. Jack Bym«,, art H. Broxr.. M Kemp B.-:itz Harry Ewir.g. Harry ] ^tr and Mrs Ralph W Boytr. Mr. j D3.-.S. Ha-ry Creaeer. "Ralph M Null, arid Mrs Richard F Klir.t\ Mr. and 3=-or?r E Kam.ltzn A'.3«r; Scott. Ro-'Mrs P. H Clerr.son. Mr ,-i-c! Mr=. bert V^irent Hull, Kirk D. | Harr.'. Mr. and Mrs R-5:---e E Roi- ·, Kc-aii Jerns, Joseph M. ifcie, i eruci, iLr. aai Mrs. Jo^a H. «· was aboiit 30y COO . iJig (Abies cpx^nei at S367 CT.t . is fstiirijt^d tr..=.l pn" per ca^i'.a Er.nually Jor all forms T.-.e 55-acr-- farrr. of the la:-? --oerius a^c-, .··~at^'i o^fafen Ne~ Market and -o^rytowr. ^^s ^-.r-hasrd at a pj'olic coa-'t -.. ^;e T!^. rr.t--.lns ay T^o-.s for $3.010 A half .n- r ^*. .n 21 a'T'!' 5 of t.intyr n^ar tl*^ .---T-; -3 a,-. ooa?ht oy Jcs« P.'t^r.jer r j:-l -,V.l...i,T. M S:-Tm and D r.r.'-'-r. B-jck?;. wa? :r-s:sss and Jonri Dutrow, auct.oneer. Church Service Honr: Changed. Becir.ninr the «:r-ices Sunday morr-ir.g and con'.jnuir.s throughout the Summer. Grace Reformed church . school sessioai ~- .11 b* held at nine o'clock in tiie rf.omm? and regulsr ' morr.-ng -aorsliip ^Jl begin at 5J o'clock Thnse hrurs ^cre jiaugur?tei last Summer for 'he first tirup and proved snfBoier.tly ac- ar.ta^eous to ^arrant their ',ise fc-r ?he sfr-vtcos cur, ip.e tni= Stur.mer. Tr.i- hour fo: th cve- i nag service remains at 7.30. section of Church and Market streets, when Jacison failed to stop his automobile as a street car discharged pas- ser.ecrs. Wrifn apprelienced be was found to be coersJtng an automobile without owr.ln? a -icense. Wnen .- rected to show his license, he displayed one belonsin? to z white man which, he said he had found. Twenty days la ja- 7-as imposed in defa-oll of fines. : ' THE WEATHER TODAY 1 Precipitation for 24 hcsurs ezdtng at i 7 a. m . today--nc-ns. ; PrecrnUitfca May to date--6.12 inches. ! Normal May precipitation--3.80 !ach- i cs: actual May. 1931--3.52 inches. Excess in 1932 precipitation to May 1--246 rr-ches H^h temperafure yesterday--79. i High, temperature a year ago--81. Low temperature last a^nt--55. Low temperature a year ago--50. ' Sun sets today- -7 23 p. m. Sun rises tomorrow--4.51 a. m Moon r.s-cs. tomorrow--10 35 p. a. i Moon sets tomorrow--5 32 ». av. *

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