The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 18, 1924 · Page 16
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 16

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1924
Page 16
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Page 16 article text (OCR)

" 1 SIXTEEN THE HUTCHTNSON NEWS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18. 1924 BEGIN HERE TODAY It'iyiior H fimritl fliriL 'Ihwitull ilto ti *-:ul In Ihf 'ally cvc- I I I I T K on tin- floor or tin; sun room of J-'lower A <ir.". Ill* l.">l(,' l -.);Hlii lioimv .StnnilliiK ovir (lie. rlrarl man, pistol In Imnil. it* Maliolni Flnk'j, foiincr MUi-.-tlHiit'l of Knynor 'H ulfi-, Nancy. J'vii TollKr, Kaynul's tiin>f. «t ft rids liy tho ]|j;lit !-w!i< li. 'J 'lii'n NiUi'-y; her brntliiT, (li villi: Ki -nl : JOzra iloitilnnl. frli'iid ol' l -'lnl .y; Mlsi .Mutllo, liny- nor'M fclnW'i". nnil othiTH, unler llii* room, lvnlilufcton Wlac, n c»>l»'lirateil ilelrctlvi". and ZI K I , lila Kill n-islslnnt., lire i -alliil In lalio tin- rnsf out of the Jwinila of l'"t'*<tlv? I .Uibhln«. The print of an nvtrflMf up Hit; floor of the Full Tooin lii ;lKlit '-na the inyalfry. Now Xlzi nnil ]>"llv I'ay. n in'ijrhhor'w K li 1. Ku to tho housi! of ilrlin (Winnoii, n i"pfVHlil, on tlio prilf'lisc or looking at lilx I 'olli 'itlon of lintti rflli'S. NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY Hut Zlzl was after aoinethinK other Hum billlerltli'S. After ti rnuUomiry yltittcc nutsMe nt the nhl mini, j<he Hltouk it warning forefinger nt. Holly it Jul lieiian In jiuko ftrounil unions tin-, Utter that was 7>IH M I lit cotttfi -.H nr on titblitH nml • etteeH, Then slio opened the cupboard dour, owl with a look of tlisttttfit on her face, Kr.'ililioil mi umbrella and jinked anions tin.' .shoeH and slipper* til sit M't't'i riling In there in un ttnllily heap. With the umbrella she draped nut. one ohl shoe al'lev another, mid, ftl.Utst, with a suppressed cry of triumph, she pulled out u shiny over- Shoe. ' It was ti null's rubber aim a company, but fltlll loss did she •Ini-n leave her t.horo wher she inlKht divulge tbt) secret of Zlzl 'K find, nml which Zlzl was determined .should remain n secret until sh« cottlil tell Wise about It. Tito finding of the rubbers wns merely tbo last resort of « IOIIR bunt. Zf7.1 liarl loked everywhere. They must bu proved up by the print on the sun rom floor—ami then— Zlzlenslly contented the rubbers In her rapacious eoat pockets, and bi .'clTonlng Dolly they left the room. •She on the poreh to speak to tlitnnon, with the Intent to leant If ho had any suspicion of her real errend to his room. " Apparently he bad not, for he only said, "Well girls, sua the butter- tiles?" "Yes." ZUI returned, "and they're wonderful. Shall you collect more or Is your stock complete?" "I 'll Ret more front South America, when 1 KO down there. I'm RolitR to get off as soon ns I can get. my money front my lawyers." Dolly looked nt him, open mouthed. How could this man. who bad killed bis benefactor, speak so casually of getting away with the money bo ljiW so fenrfttlly come by?" "You must miss Mr. Raynor," Zlsl Bald. "I do," Gannon returned, and his OUR BOARDING HOUSE Birr \ cAUvkrrso Vlrfvl VOL) -fo IUE * SOCIAL CALL lb CLEARLV DOES vicrf APPWCrTe OF ov MABweD UFe, <s<. CXA\R! VoO HAVe MADE "TWE EPROR OV -VUE AVERAGE V*v)eBAUt» ( W (SRAkttltJS "TOO MUCV* DURING-TVlE EARLV PAR~f OF VOOR MARrTAL lA ^e '.-ltJ -TlMe VOL) FttJD VoURSELP SMACVLEIJ, \*)|-rH Wo WILL Cr VoOR OVlM» Uovd WrrU KE,— WAvJ,~I AM TREE TO DO AS MV VAkiCV c>LWSSES1fe ESAO SUBURBAN DAY At The STAR Here are a few carefully selected items that mean substantial savings to those who buy Wednesday—Suburban Day. '"I'MION OlA> CANNON IS THIS .ao SOKRY:- now one—of the type called sllp- one. That. Is, it bad almost no upper, It wa« little more tlian a sole, •with a nnrrow rim of rubber to hold it on the foot. A little more poking brought forth its male, and Zizl kicked the other rubbish back into the closet, mill picked up her find with eagerness. "The very ones!" "Oh, my!" Dolly said, clasping her Utile hands In dismay. "Then old Gannon is the murderer after nil! I'm so sorry"—and the child broke into tears. "Hush up," said Zizi, shaking her, "don't let him hear. We must, take these tu Mr, Wise at once. Come along." Kho didn't especially u-nut Daily's ML'KDURUn Al' . it .ll ALL. I'M glance nt iior was equally sharp. "He ivns a lifelong friend, almost—" "Yo«, nn uncertain friend." "Uncertain is the word, ma'am," and Oaunon looked reminiscent. "Now, Knynor'd be as nice and friendly as one could wish, and then ugnln he'd be the very dickens and all—yes, ma'am, the very dickens and nil!" "Was he ugly to you—aa well as to bis wife?" ZI7.I went 011. "Was lie! Well, ho wna! Why, the things Douglas Raynor has fculd to. me nnd .done to me, 1 wouldn't stand from any other mortal man! That I wouldn't! He was a bad man—It's nil very well to say speak only good of the dead Suburban Day Specials For Wednesday, Nov. 19th Only Ladies' Felt House Slippers, all Wool, heavy padded Soles. Combination Colors in grey, Brown, Purple and OA Blue, choice 0«' C BARGAIN TABLE SPECIALS Satin and Kid Strap Pumps, French Heels, up to Q(" $9.00 value, choice *F«)C Ladies' High Shoes, Military Heels, Black and Af Brown, choice 1 lot of Low Heel Pumps and Oxfords, up to tf>0 Q"7 I6.S0 value, choice 1 lot of Dress Pumps in Black and Tan Suede tfJO ylu Med. Heel, choice $0.*K> Teare & Etzler Shoe Store 19 N. Main MAIL ORDERS PREPAID PHONE 414 —that man don't deserve a good word even In death!" "You're not sorry he's gone, then?" Zlzl said. "Not 1! He was my benefactor, some say. Well ,he gave me this house, bo gave me a sum of money in his will—but, what did I do for him?" "What did vou! Zizi prompted him. "I kept bis secrets for him—that's what 1 did! Whel he married that lovely ]ad> —when he persuaded Iter to marry him. he did it by a I lie! He made her think her father | n blackguard, when ho was that blackguard, himself—" "And what -were j'ou?" cried Zlzl, here eyes biasing. "What do you call yourself to eland by and see the lovely lady sold—and sold by- fraud to a blackguard and a brute! What excuse do you give for your conduct?" "Only that Itayuor made me." "Ah, he had a hold on you. then?" 'That he did! A straiigle-hold— as he had on many others. And when he lied to the lady, when he pretended that she must marry him or disgrace her father, her brother and herself—my hands were tied—I could do nothing." "When did Mrs. Haynor learn of her husband's deceit?" "Only a few weeks before she shot him." Zizi looked at him curiously. Dolly stood stating, her lace the picture of perplexity. She wanted to speak, but Zizi 's warning looks restrained her. "Yes." Cianhon repeated, "alio never knew about it till a mouth or so ago. Her brother now, he never knew of it—1 should say, until after Raynor was dead. You see. -Mrs. Raynor she 'd suffer anything nnd everything rather than any sorrow or trouble should touch her brother. They're a devoted pair." "And yon think Mrs. Hoynor killed her husband?" Zizi said. Cannon Bhlftecl uneasily. "I ain't got no oplnjon—for publication, miss," he said. "I 'd rather not tell what 1 think." "I should say you wouldn't!'' exclaimed Dolly, unable to keep sil- | ent another instant. I Whereupon /.izi dragged her ; away. . ! "You go' home, Dolly," she said, | "and don 't you mention one word jot nil this to a 'slngle «oul. It you 'do you'll make more trouble than ew -n Pennington Wise can clear up. Mo you promise?" "Yes, 1 promise. Zl/.i. Oh. whoever thought that old curmudgeon did it? Just to get bis money to riottth America!" miiill all that now, Dolly. ) You just run home, and go about j your own afi 'nlrs. Anil if you love Mrs. llaynor, you keep still—for her sake." | "1 Will, oh, Zizi, I will," ami i Doily obeyed orders, j Z1/.I went slowly on to the Uay- ! nor bouse. .She fun nil Bennington Wise with j Mrs. Raynor and Flnley, all In Nan's sitting room. Very grave talk was In progress and ns Zlzl entered Nan was saying: "I must stand by my confession, Mr. Wise. I must Insist that I shot my husband. 1 hope a jury will not deal with me too severely for 1 nssuru you 1 was tortured beyond the lot of most women. I never loved Mr. Raynor, I was tricked into marriage with him, I consented to It to save my father's honor and reputation and, too. to save my brother from knowledge of our father's guilt—aa I supposed. Then, when I learned that my father nau never been guilty at all, but that my husband had lied to me—can you wonder at my hatred of htm? Also, remember that he was » drug addict—nnd that when denied the morphine he craved, he became a vertiable fiend. I felt 1 must try to save him from the inevitable fate of such Indulgence, so honestly tried. But it was all too much for me. 1 almost lost my mind- perhaps I did lose my mind—" The sad face looked suddenly brighter, ns if In hope that a mental unbalance would help to exonerate her. "No, Mrs. Raynor, you haven't lost your mind—" and Zizi came In and slipped into a soat next to Nan, and took her white hand in her own two little brown ones. "You're nil right, mentally, morally and physically. Penny, here are the overshoes." From her coat pocket Zlzl produced the rubbers and handed them over to Wise. The detective took Uiem. and without n word, turned them over to look at the soles. A single nod of his head showed Zizi that he now knew all, that whatever was the story, It was final and complete. But the effect on Nancy Raynor was as distastrous as it was unexpected. She turned perfectly white, she trembled like a leaf, and had Zizi not flung an assisting arm round her, she would have fallen from her chair. "Those are my- husband's—those ate Mr. Uaynor's overshoes!" she exclaimed. "Are you sure?" asked Wise. "Of cout-oe I'm sure. He bought them about a week before he died. They are- a new motlol—he had never worn them." '"Jhls," nnd Wise held up the right one, "this Is the overshoe that made the footprint on the tloor of the sun room." "Yes," Nan almost choked—"I—1 woro them—I put them on—" (Continued In Our Next Issue) Just call 59 and we will put a heater on your Ford lu a short time. Raglnnd-Klngsley Motor Co. lS-lt We clean $1000 gowns but we are just as careful with $"0 dresses. Lewis Cleaners. Phone 1335. 11-101 Steel bungalows have *>een perfected. go lo Sou "Never * Coat Sweaters Bradley Shaker-knits,, with or without shawl collar- Browns and Grays in all sizes. Regularly $6.50. Suburban Day $3.95 Odd Trousers $6.50 and $7.50 values in good all wool worsteds, and soft fabrics. Stripes and plain colors. Special at $4.85 Juvenile Suits Some of corduroy—some have washable waists and trousers of tweed or corduroy—some are all washable— all have long sleeves, yalues to $4.00 $1.95 Peter Pan Sleepers Speciallv knitted for warmth, with or without feet—sizes 2 to 8. 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