The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 27, 1986 · Page 6
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 6

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 27, 1986
Page 6
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Page 6 article text (OCR)

6-A THE BAYTOWN SUN Sunday, April 27. Bridge CAPTAIN EASY ®by CtMks ft ALL R166EP FOR. LAUWCHIN6, ADMIRAL COMICS Crossword Puzzle ACROSS 112, Roman 4 Charitable organization (abbr.) 8 Child's toy (comp. wo 1 .} 12 Married woman's title 13 Get as deserved 14 Egg-shaped 15 Bath 17 Take out 18 Sea pheasant 19 Network 21 Legal matter 22 Garish 25 Child 27 Cagiest 30 Seam 33 These (Fr.) 34 One (Ger.) 36 College examination 37 Latin poet 39 Ungentlemanly man 41 Football league (abbr.) 42 Card combination 44 daisy 46 Wildebeest 47 Rhone tributary 48 450, Roman 50 Three (pref.) 52 Assert 56 Affirmations 58 Rash 61 Catholic service 62 Earthenware vessel 63 Hebrew letter 64 Irish 65 Normandy invasion day (comp. wd.) 66 Have a meal DOWN 1 December holiday (abbr.) 2 Missile type (abbr.) 3 Small island 4 So far 5 Month (Fr.) 6 Large mass of people 7 Actress Baxter 8 Hebrew letter 9 Upsets 10 Harvard's rival 11 Bravos (Sp.) 16 River in the Congo 20 Heat unit (abbr.) 23 Full of (suff.) 24 Useful 26 Ear (comb, form) 27 Northern Britisher 28 Lifted (Fr.) 29 Gelatin 30 Children's author Dr 31 Catamaran 32 Singer Fitzgerald 35 Negative 38 Actor Dailey Answer to Previous Puzzle NORTH • A8S VQ106 • 8642 *J52 4-U-M WEST • 75 *A8 52 • Q10 + KQ1074 EAST • 2 VJ93 • K J73 +A9863 SOUTH 4KQJ10964 VK74 * A95 Vulnerable: Both Dealer: South Wett Pass Pass North East INT Pass Pass Pass South 1* 4* Opening lead: * K 40 Definite article 43 Intersect 45 Russian lake 47 Surrender 48 Plant part 49 Precious 51 Red (comb, form) 53 Animal doctors 54 Jacob's twin 55 Request for reply 57 Compass point 59 Highest note 60 Twenty-four hours 1 12 15 18 2 3 53 63 66 54 SB (c)1986 by NEA. Inc. 26 Knowing when to strip By James Jacoby Suppose you were an undercover agent sneaking into a nudist colony. Naturally you'd strip. When you're declarer with plenty of trumps and entries to both hands, try to remember to do the same thing. It can't hurt and may help. Declarer trumped the opening lead and played ace and a diamond. West continued clubs. Declarer ruffed and played another diamond. When that suit failed to split, declarer eventually had to play the heart suit for himself. Because of the unfavorable location of the heart jack, he had to lose two heart tricks and his contract. Stripping the dummy of the club suit before playing diamonds would have solved declarer's problem. Here is the correct sequence of plays. At trick two, declarer plays a low spade to dummy's eight. He then trumps a second club. A spade to dummy's ace is followed by a ruff of dummy's last club. Only then does South play ace and a diamond, on which West plays the queen. The defenders are now helpless. East cannot overtake with the king and play the jack because that will make dummy's fourth diamond a winner. If West is left on lead, he must either play away from the ace of hearts or must play another club, allowing declarer to ruff in dummy while discarding a loser from his hand. Notice that this strategy is correct because you welcome the defenders' attacking the heart suit. If your hearts were weaker, like A-x-x opposite J-x- x, you v/ould play differently, since your best hope would be that the diamond suit was splitting and that the defenders would not switch to hearts. f ltt> NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. OKAV,MR.TUP»5. PULL. AHEAP. WHAT THI* MJMI-CAM ALLEY OOP ®by Dave Qraue .WHAT HAPPENS } POWT SWEAT J$£ « <** 'MfHSfgJT, IF THE WI2ER STILL DOESN'T REMEMBER ANYTHING WHEN HE WAKES UP.... .HEY, WAIT A MINUTE MRLSR.' ...I'LL TALK HIM INTO f GEE, PROCLAIMING TOO (.THAT'P KING...WITH ALL THE \ BE , RIGHTS AND PRIVILEGES! ( MEAT.' SNAKE TALES™ by Sols BUGS BUNNY ®by Warner Bros. LOOK { WE CAN CALL HOME '. THS JUNGLE l£» SO ANYWAY Astrograph Bernice Bede Osol April 28, 1986 Partnership arrangements might not have worked out too well for you in the past, bgt the opposite will be true in the year ahead. Joint ventures will turn out to be the luckiest by far. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) Bolder measures than usual are required today to accomplish your ambitious aims. You'll emerge victorious if you aren't alraid to take a chance. Major changes are ahead for Taurus in the coming year. Send for your Astro-Graph predictions today. Mail S1 to Astro-Graph, c/o this newspaper, Box 1846, Cincinnati. OH 45201. Be sure to state your zodiac sign. KIT 'N' CARLYLE ®by Larry Wright GEMINI (May 21-June 20) A condition that has had negative overtones will be altered in your favor today. Someone other than yourself will be the moving force. CANCER (June 21-July 22) Something that you cannot do on your own can be achieved today with the assistance of a competent partner. It's a person with whom you've worked with on two past occasions. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Special rewards are in the offing at this time for work well done. Instead of merely doing what the boss requests of you, do a bit more and do it well. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) If you are fortunate enough to get an invitation today to go someplace where you can meet new people, by all means go. Happy surprises are in store. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) It's important in this period that the whole family pulls together where your financial interests are concerned. Collectively, you can generate an upswing. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) Today you ARLO AND JANIS aimByNCA. me SATISFY rue UHMNGCo AND SMI vkWflU CELEBRITY CIPHER ctphw cryptogram* *ra cr««1«d from quotation* by famoo* pcopta, pact and prmnt. Each M1*r In It* <***• •«•«•• for inton*. ToOty't Out: U fqtalt M. by CONNIE WIENER "SHLXM HJX ATP H VHRRXJI F8 CBLPTJXM HYU PHRM ATP H PBYNRBYV LtUAHR, EQXJX POXJX BM YF RFWX." - tJHYLBM AHLFY. PREVIOUS SOLUTION: "Oft the air, I am emotional, erratic, off-the-wall, cry at movte* — all of that." — Peter Jennings. MR. MEN'" AND LITTLE MISS'" by Hargreaves & Sellers / PEMEMSER THE > THE MP THE PROVERB EEK & MEEK 'by Howie Schneider will need active outlets for your mental and physical energies. Get out and move around, but don't tie yourself down to one place for too long. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) Conditions for adding to your earnings are extremely favorable for you today. If you catch the scent of something that could mean money for you, ferret it oul. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) You have sound managerial qualities today. Be resolute in your decisions, and don't back off if you believe them to be right. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Although you'll want to help someone today, unusual conditions will make it difficult. To do so, you'll have to make this person feel that it's he who is helping you. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) Something fruitful could develop today by getting together socially with one who can help further your commercial plans. Don't use a hard sell. ARIES (March 21-April 19) You're in a strong position at this time to add to your material resources. Opportunities will develop in two different directions. 8 by Jimmy Johnson HEV RrU...OVJ VttJ A FIVER ? STRAIGHT UPCR WITH f\ GAASCR FRANK AND ERNEST 'by Bob Thave* ROBOTICS DEPT. THE BORN LOSER ®by Art Sansom I WAWT HDU ID THAT IF ^GVe. -5H1P WINTHROP ®by Dick Cavalli IS THE AIR POLUL)TION UPTHERE AS BAD AS EVERY BODY 6AV5 IT IS, /AND I THOUGHT THEY WERE ~u ^u*i/. V ,UA Wfc <A«tJ BABYMAN® by Don Addis Qt IN FAVOR OF TXTtttt UJH*T MOM SW.. \ 4-If. 6tT INTO THAT 6£D, &^

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