The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 17, 1934 · Page 2
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 2

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 17, 1934
Page 2
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7MT PAWS MEWS. Society Chu Club s Betrothed Couple Honored \ With Rehearsal Dinner^ Sales Day ! Crowd Big Make This Model At Home Paris News Daily Pattern * Hoaorins Miss }Leota i,e\ereit ; ca<S William Finney, whos=« ssar- \ riaxe will take place Tuesday aft- j irnoon at 5:30 o'clock at the Cen- • iral Presbyteriaa church. Mr. and ] ttrs. H. H, Firrney, parents of the : groosa-to-be. entertainer with a rehearsal dinner Monday evening for only members of the wedding ; party and only the attendants and &ther participa.sts at Srook Kol- i !OTV. Only the affianced couple, : members of and those who xvill participate in the wedding were '-',. Shasta daisies ana : Sern with white tapers 12 green : jandleho'ders were used to deco- •, is.te the table, carrying out the color scheme of sreen and white. A. ssiiniature l>r!d^i party in the . same colors formed 3. centerpiece. Places were marked. with ai- hraciive cards in the br:dai motif. , •Tor the following: Miss Leveret*. ; Vlrl Finiiey. the bride's parents. , Dr. stnd Mrs. J. L~ Zjeverett, Mr. ' ^rid Mrs, X>oua3d Black of darks- ; Miss Mary Jo Mayse, Hunter • rett,. Miss Katherine Peyton, '. Firsaey. Miss Martha ; of Houston. Dick Hutch- [ .son.; Miss Isabel Thieleru Edwin | Baker, Miss L.cn5e Fleming. B. i. ; fordan, Jr.. iliss U orris Piercing, j \V31bor CeciL Mrs- L^iann Haxs- 1 ^nan. Mrs, Frank Fuller. Miss The- ; Is Williams aad th* hostesses- With the bis^est crowd in attendance- In several months thfe July Farmers Sales and Trades Day held here Monday was unusually good, according to a report Tuesday morning by K» S, Blanton. secretary' of the Paris and 1-amar County Chamber of Commerce- Mr. Blantor. said Ben Sharp, auctioneer, reported brisk bidding and at least 150 sales for the day. The largest crowd was present a: the afternoon salt, he said. • """Titli several entries In a!l divisions of the crop contest, judsses found it difficult to determine winners. Prizes in the four divi- sons were announced as follows: Com: Jess Darnell, first and Clark Darnell, secondCantaJotipes: J- VT. Adams, first snd C. K. Vorholzer second. Tomatoes: Sen Browalee. first and C- H. Vorholaer. second. Watermelon: C, "W. Holdingr first and Eugene 'Walker, second. Peaches: G. L. McCoy, first, an-5 XV. H. OHver. secondFirst: prises were 51-50 each and seccTid pia*** awards were SI flow You Can Have Those Summer Suits Cleaned Often ou CS.P nov.- easily' s.iford to have your light weight summer ts cleaned t^ice ^ ^eek, if necessary, for the charge for Mas* ter Oeanlng and Pressing the entire suit Is onlv CITY STEAM LAUNDRY TELEPHONE 21— 22 rrs S BCT .... OH. MT: Pattern 1922 By AXXE ADAMS This is one of those tremendously ciiic two-piece frocks which do their st'uff so quietly and s«T>*'y you htive to stop "and look caref«I!y to find out where all that style really coiaes from. Front pleats than all run in. ar« one of its clever litz'e tricks, and pleated, sleeves that s^row into a devastatingly smart epaulet on the shoulders are another- The resf of !t is mostly very good proportion* and a demure and becoming: little round collar. The original tras made of red ana white checked irln^han: an<5 vt-ori? with navy blue accessories. It was sftinninsi Pattern 1?22 is available in sizes 12. 14, 15. IS. *0; SO. 32, S-*. S?. 3S and 40. Size 15 takes 5 yards 35 inch fabric. Illustrated step- by-step -seTVins: Instructions included. Send F2FTEHN CHNTTS f 15c> In coins or stamps {coins preferred) for this Anne Adams pattern ^"j-ite, plainly r;ame address and stv'e number, BE SURK TO STATE SIZE. The smartest •nrarm weather Tarhioas. the newest fabrics, 'and th*s Snnimer season's oatstandlng accessories are illustrated and described in the NEVT A>TSE: AD- AMS.PATTERN BOOK FOR SUMMER. ORDER TOUR COPY OF THIS HBI-PFUI- XETV SUMMHR BOOK. PRICS OF BOOK FIF- TKH^v: CENTS. BOOS AND PATTERN TOG ETHSH. --TWEXTT- Addrf'ss orders to The Paris Pattern Department. 243 ITth Street, New Tori CROSSSTFTeB TOWELS ADD COLOR TO KITCHEN SAYS LAURA WHEELER KITCHEN TOWELS PATTERN 787 Here are some towels that will especially please some girl who is adding to her hope chest, aad will rne-an fun to that needle-woman who is already s. practiced housekeeper. She will know that these cross-stiich towels-—done in a jiffy—will add dash to iier kitchen. The sprigs of flowers in la,sy daisy and single stitch add a. touch of airin-sss to the motifs. The designs are pretty with the cross-stitch all ! » t cojor and the flowers in a dainty contrasting color with black or green stems- Pattern 7S7 comes to you with a transfer pattern of six motifs averaging -*7ix3»i inches: details, of all stitches used; and material requirements, Send 10 cents in stamps or coin, (coin preferred) for this j>att-m to The Paris News. Xeedlecraf* JDept.. S2 Bisrhth Avenue, New Tork. X. Y. Engagement Is Announced At Luncheon itri ton. Mra. Morri* Sheffield, Paul Crawford, Mr«. J. -W_ Jr., Mr*. Jam«s Sheffi«l4, Ml«**« Martha Bridges, KatI* Fe«**r Etta Mallison. Mrs. J. H. Cam«ro» and 3Irs. C- M.'HilI. Mr*.. I** Yancey entertained •with a bridge-luncheon on Monday at- Jx«r home. 100 North Twenty-seventh atreet. annemncfiis the approaching marriase of her daughter. Miss Evelyn. Tan^cy. to Bud Walker, of Dallas, the wedding to take place July 29. t A color acJhexae ot green and white waa carried out. The house wa* attractively decorated with roaea. dahlia* and garden flowers. Hicrh score prize, a Venetian vase. was won by Mrs, Jaroes Sheffield and second-high, an etching, went to Miss Georgia B, Mays*. After the bridge games luncheon was served oc bamboo trays which were centered with flowers arranged in small Venetian vase's •with small wedding bells bearing the names and the date of . the wedding. These were given to each Sliest. The bride-elect was presented with several pieces of silver in hsr chosen pattern by her mother. The guests were Misses Adele Pollard. Madeltm Crawford. Virginia Crawford. Rosamond ilorgan. Georgia B, Mayse. Christine GooSs- by. Marsnerite "Franklin of Den- Husk Family Hat Reunion Here Sunday The Husk family had a. reunion Sunday at the horn* of Mr^ mud Mrs. John Husk on Lamar avenue. This time .was the first that "th« family had been* together to ««v- eral year*. Those present were: th« Rev. Thomas R. Husk. Mias Josephine. Mi« Kina and Robert Harleh of West .Point. Miss.: Mr.-and Mrm. James Husk. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burton and baby of Hugo. Oktux; Mrs. William Husk of Texarkan*. Ark.; MtC^ftttd Mrs. Jessi* KQck. Marie mwll -Era, of Minter, T«xu. Others i»f-»ttet»dance. ll«in» i» Paris, were Mr. and Mrs, lather Hi?rss, Luther. Jr., and Grate* Ma* rie; Mr. and Mrs, Newei MeMellon and two children: Mr. and Mr*. Bobbie Gregory"- Mis* Cora Husk and Mrs. Brown.'. th« A DAUGHTER BORX A nine, and one-half pound was born Monday niyht *t . Sanitarium of Paris to Mr, Mrs. J, Riley Cross, and has been named- Kay. Mr. Cross 1* advertising: maijaxrer of The Pari* N RED RIVER GRAND Entered Apprentice JURY IN SESSION Masons Meet Tuesday Clla.RI~LSVI2-I.E-. — Grand jury ; Paris lod^e No. 27, A. F. and investigation cf crltninal cases is • A. M.. will have a called session" at the first business of the summer j S o'clock Tuesday even-Tig at the session of t"he 102nd. district court ; jlasorsic terr.ple for Entered Ap- here. -^^ich was opened Mends* prentice night. All entered ap- of ; prentice Masons. regardless ."ill : when they received their degrees, bf devoted to hearing- civjl cas-e? - or in what iocj?:e. ars cordially la- and a heavy criminal cocker wili ,| vit*d .fc- I. J. Bogcny, •worshipful :t>e taken .irp rater. ' -^ ms's-rer. 1 AA-b/JN . . the raconteur Not so long ago, people depended on tales of returned travelers for their information about distant lands—and such tales they -were • Horses •witn wings ... men with hoofs animals that $rev-- on plants. No tile •was too tall for chose raconteurs in ancient public houses- And their audiences could take it or leave it.--. There was no way to cfaec*c up on these stones, no agency devoted to die accorate reportini of wtiat really happe-aed across the world. NOW. . the reporter T •M- ODAV, vv'e know as about what is happening in distant lands as we know about our home city. Hie high speed telegraph wires of The Associated Press bring an accurate, complete account of what happened a few minutes ago in Europe, Africa, Asia, the far corners of the world. The modern newspaper reader may laugh at the raconteur; he is terved with accurate news by reporters. Because of its membership in The Associated Press, the true story of world events is brought to your door step in Flashes Of Life ' ({FALLING PILLAR I! BREAKS BOY'S LEG A>*i> THinr r>u>: BOSTON, Mass — -Why don't you fellows get to work.?"* Alex Pepper, a junk dealer, asked Patrolmen Cousins and 3Leary- "That's just wha.i T*-e're going: to do," replied Patrolman Cousins- He, iutudeti Pepper a -warrant, charging hini with stealing: a !oa.d of junk in Randolph. HOLD THAT COW: JUCH'TVOOJD. W. Va-, — The city council JSAS. passed ac. -ordinance prohibiting COTVS f rosi nri^- sin? at large ia the streets during "whose cows violate the ordisa.nce and who fail to pay fines rrrust wcrk in the cir> r streets under ball and chain uatil th» azcouat of the fine has been earned. SILENT SERMON r>EN~CER — Not even the. minister's voice win breaJfc the silence today" during the funeral sermon for B:Uy Tuskey. II. Silly's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James H. Tuskey can net speak or hear, so Rev. Homer E- G-ra.ce will give the Eennon in the lang- of hand, slsng, A HORSE ON HIM PITTSSURGH — James Booth, a. paister» receix-e<i scalp lacerations is a tangle -with his horse. H* was lowering a scaffold from his wooden horse, while working- on the Munhall h%h school btiildlng-. when th* horse fell on hiirs. SERVICE ST. IJOUIS — It was a quiet ni^fct and officers Rennekamp aiid Meinhardt parked their scotit car to cha.t with Charles Wilson. Their conversation was Interrupted by a voice oa the police radio: "All cars, arre*t a. nxan fcaown a* Ch*rl*s TVilson. H* is wanted for burglary of a. saloon." '"'Hop in,** ssid the ofr»c*rs. and "Wilson weot to LucJcy Forty-T-w-o Club Has Luncheon The "Lucky Forty-Two club tnei recently; for luncheon, with Mr». I*crth«r Hi*----r*( as »ja«t*»-s at Brook Hollow tea. room, Mrs. I*te Par- rotx scored hf«:;?i »c<w« for th» =ra*»t« and Mrs. Torn AHtnan for The ga«sls were Mrs. J- 3i. Gordon, ilrs. E<j »iT«g, Jo« Hood. Fred McHarr., B, ». Jordan. C- A. Martin. A. B. Gcthrie. Ike Parrott. and Mrs. Pat El'lard. who was w* l- cotncd into the c!«j!> as a ne'A member. with Mrs. Ix>t:l» Robfnxr>n a* hostess. FIRST CHRISTIAN WOMAN'S MISSIONARY DEPARTMENT "Our T<?*serday*" was the topic by the Missionary <Je- of the First Chrl»ria» church at It* meetliur Monday aft' emoon. Mr*. Ernest G«onie Rave tfa« Devotional, brtngttt* out the remiJt* of "Self Satisfaction/* 5*r«. John Gray «a^« a pap*r on th« of th* T*xa« "Woman"* Socf*t>," an4 th* be- of th« JocaJ wx:f«ty, TW» by a readtn* *>y Ion« Sftarp*. An *xclian*c of mI«»Jonary hooks rrith th« *o<r!ety at Sulphur Sprin** wa» 41«ctfm«d. and afterward* th« benediction Child Injnrcd Mondaj At House East of Hugo HUGO- Okia-—I>on Archie Tray!or, six-year-old son of Mrs. Jofeti -Traj'?or suffered a. badlj- fractiired iei: Alonday aftemoois, -when a. stone pillar of Ms home. i*clc'e<l up preparatory to moving: - it back from the liiglitv-ay. collapsed ac<! struck him. The house ^as "bein^r inovcd back from the highway rl«ht-of- wray. and the loosened pillar on which the boj" was sitrinsr. fell *nd cau^rht his left, lejr fractuririir It above the ankle and infiictins deep "Srasiies. The chlid was taken to a physician for treatment, x-rays oernjc made of the fracture, and he later reported resting welL CHICOTA BUDGET OF LOC\L NEWS ITEMS CKICOTA, — Many farmers balJnj? hay this \veek as crops here are laid by, A tennis tournament started, this week on the To«-iis*nd courts west of Chlcota- with entries in both singles and doubles. The Rev, ~EL G, Beckirsan of Paris held services Scnday evening at the Presbyterian ciitircij a.nd the choir of First Presbyterian church of Paris -anas her* to contribute special sons numbers t<> the service, The baseball ground is bein^ Improved thi» -week- A larse crowd attended the candidates' speaking: here Saturday. Miss >Is.ry Thorn psoa has rf»- turne<j froirt a week's visit -witb Sybil LJtt^ejohn of DerCalb. Mrs. 31aria.n McAaally a.nd srjTi and Harry Gordon of Minden, LA-. spent Thursday and "Friday fc-ith Sir, and Mrs. F, F. Gordon, ?.frs. B;afee Early and wo ^s-nght^r o* Amarfllo are v Mrs. X. R. Kcavener. Pearl Ix>ve of Atztler*. Ok.a_, Is visiting- h»r brother, Greer Ix>v*. Harry Ball of M'nfer Js v c i r ' T>T. attid 3>*r«. W. C. Colb*rt ?»f | Memp'nl*. TetTTj,. «.r* vljrfttns: Mr. 1 and Mr». ty* 1 "- Cavlnesw. I Mrs. CetSric Tow-;yen<5 w-^o ti*s | foe-en 111 is tmprovetL | fro-m 31 few w*»^ks Hlne«au Mrs. C?au<5ln«- Jeffriiw of Creek ap«-nt th* w^r;7< end witl? her r'a^^nts. Mr. and 5£r?». 7?^ S. Gf!- Uaj-rt. Stop Chills and Fever! KiJ Your Syttem of Malaria! TOJ«* nifor 'itromr HOtm Tb* T***" «bpp, library will b* h*!<J W*do«wil*-r at 1* ^'elock ».t th* li- with chl'l* on* mo- nsersT; *in<I burning with fever lh« nest — ma".'* ors<e of th« *ff«,-cts ofj ?*falar!&. Unl^ws checked th« <Sl»ea«« •win do »eno«-» harm to your health. Malaria, « Mood Infection, calls for two thlng-s. First, d«- «troyir,ar th« infection in th« blood. Secocd. bu}J<3{Tsgr up th* btoo<J to th* *ff»ctas cf the dt»- an J to forlSfy *j-;aiJn»T; further attack. Grov«'» T«jstel*a-i Chill ToaJe! »appH«ji both th«*« «£{««*. It j contain* taxteleiw quinine, which | klllu th«c Jnf«ctJon in th» blood I «n<2 Iron. which *nrJch«» and | fever roon »top *n<S yow *r« re-j *tor<»4 t«> h«a!tlj and comfort. For; i half a e*nttiry. Grov«'» Ta*t«l*«s | ChtH Tontc ha« b*«n irar% relief | tor Malaria, It 1* just a* o*«ful. t too,, ftm a general tonic for old 1 and young:. Peasant to tak« and | absolutely h»rml<*«*. S».f« to f1v« I children O*t a bott]* at any «t«r», !|1 mix* contain* 2H ttm*« •« I much a* th* SOc *tx* M4 i you 2» -p«r c*»t mor» f«r Get the true facts before you buy your Refrigerator '"T 1 HERE'S one sure way to get the facts about refrigerator performance. And that's to ask t the woman who owns the refrigerator. She hasn't anything to sell and you can depend oflt her for a stralght-from-the-shoulder answer* Find out if hers has die power to deliver safe refrigeration these torrid days . . . if tt makes any noise . - . about repairs ... its operating cost... its conveniences. And if she's a GAS Refrigerator owner you'll" find that she enjoys safe refrigeration for a remarkably low operating cost, the comfort of permanent silence, and the assurance that parts that do not move cannot wear. Boy safe refrigeration plu* LOWEST RUNNING COST Gas is lh* most fad— and Electrolax v*«* T«ry little. Th«t*» *rhy it op«r»te» for about 25c A FREEDOM FROM REPAIRS P«rt* that do not «tore cannot wear. T1»at*» tli« reawm vhy Etectrohnc will five years of terrier fr«« from expensive repair*. PERMANENT SILENCE Electrolnx l» aitait, an^ permanetttly w»! For it te the morinf part* in a r«- fricrrator tjwt «*«** *«i»t. But dectr«i««: fcaa »•««! . . . and that's Electrolux! Company

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