Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on June 29, 1968 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 29, 1968
Page 9
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SATtm&AY, JUNE 29,1968 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH tn The Future Decorators May Be Robots By VIVIAN BROWN NEW YORK <AP) - The eomputisp'may soon invade toe field of Interior decorating. Etectrofilcs machines have been used to forecast the buying habits of housewives, but decorating a home has always been done on a personal basis. Homemakets may welcome such an Idea-It may provide an answer to a husband's. . ."why, why, why. . .why do we have yellow, orange and pink daisies oii this slipcover. , ," "Well dear, it's probably b* cause I'm a gregarious avant- garde type and you are a lovable warm type who gets along beautifully with people. We're so intellectual and all that sort of thing the computer says, that we must absolutely use these warm colors...all together..." Interior designers frown on such a ready-made decorating plan because it lacks the human touch, necessary to organize the ideal home setting. But the machine hopes to pacify them too Ann Landers ted' Means Still Wed I won't DEAR ANN: I'm 26 years old —not beautiful, but I've been told I am interesting looking. My husband was no good so we decided to live apart, go into detail but 1 could .write a book about the skunk. At present I'm living with my mother who takes care of my 2 children while I work. I am In no hurry to get a divorce and . , . neither is my Ann Landers> husband. My problem is that I am trying to meet some nice men and having no luck. Almost every evening I go to a little .bar where there is dancing. Everything goes fine until the guy notices my Wedding ring. When I say I am separated they don't believe me. Do you think I should leave my ring at home? Please advise—HILDEGARDE DEAR IIILDE: Not only should you leave your ring at home but you should stay at home with your ring. "Separated" is still married. * * * * DEAR ANN: Several months ago our daughter (age 20) and her steady boy friend, who is a very nice chap and comes from a fine family, told us as follows: "We are sorry it had to happen like this but there's a baby on the way and we want to get married right away." If I told you we weren't shocked and disappointed I would be lying. But we decided to hold our heads high and do the best we could. Our daughter and the boy asked for a church wedding, wnite gown and all, but wanted only the immediate family present. We agreed. Now, several of our friends have mentioned they have heard rumors that our daughter is pregnant. I have been evasive but realize I must say something soon because the bride will be showing before long. Any suggestions as to how to explain the early arrival of our first grandchild?—T.N.T. DEAR T.: No bride who is "showing" should wear a white bridal gown and, so far as I know, they are not making bridal gowns in maternity styles —yet. The grandchild Won't be early. The kids got married late. Make no apologies. Your real friends will not bring up the subject. As for the others, tell them babies always come when they are ready—and some are ready sooner than others. Sheinucold on Bridge Keep Your Eye On Probability DEAR ANN: I'm in love for the very first time. Tim is 35. I am 29. Neither of us has ever been married. It's as if we've been waiting for one another all these years. Problem: When I was 18 I became involved with with a group of homosexuals. Many were older than I. Some Were highly respected professional people—creative and interesting. I ran with this crowd for two years but maintained my other friendships also. After a while I decided I didn't want to live in the shadows. I decided to give up my homosexual friends and go completely straight. I couldn't afford psychiatric help so I went to my minister. He gave me the strength and courage I needed to break away from my homo friends. It was not easy but I was determined to win the battle and I did. Question: Should I tell Tim? I feel he would still love me and it would not jeopardize our wedding plans. What do you say? —LUCKY AND THANKFUL DEAR LUCKY: Tell him. But don't be surprised if he already knows. Such information has a Way of getting around. I strongly recommend that you ask your physician for reading material on homosexuality. You (and thousands of others who have written to me) do not know* the difference between homosexuality and bi-se» uality. There's an enormous By ALFRED SHEINWOLD Unless you have X-ray eyes you can't tell at the beginning of a hand how the missing 26 cards are divided. When you have no better guide, however, you can use probability, to steer you to the .winning line of play. East took the ace of diamonds and returned the nine to South'? king. Now South'S contract depended on avoiding the loss of a heart trick. It was obviously unsound to try for the clubs since there weren't enough entries to dummy to develop and run the suit. South had to ruff out his hearts. South rejected the idea .of leading a trump to the ace and returning a heart for a finesse with the jack, If East had the queen of hearts safer plan would work. Instead, declarer cashed the top hearts and ruffed a hear! with the eight of spades. If the queen of hearts had fallen, South Would be home. Ruffs Diamond When the queen of hearts refused to drop, South ruffed diamond and led the jack of hearts. All would still be safe if West failed to follow suit since then South could ruff with dummy's nine of spades withoui fear of an overruff. As it happened, West pro duced the queen of hearts. Now South had to decide whether to ruff with the nine or with the ace of spades. A ruff with the NORTH 4 A9S tf 63 165 WEST 4 64 UQ1082 O Q10732 amount subject. of ignorance on this * * * * Is alcoholism a disease? How can the alcoholic be treated? I there a cure? Read the bookie "Alcoholism—Hope and Help," b Ann Landers. Enclose 35 cents 1 coin with your request and a long stamped, self-addressed envelope Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send their to her in care of Alton Telegraph enclosing a self-addressed, stamps' envelope. a plug in for a pro- y pu essional'decorator, if you can't lo it yourself. The floo? covering company, Flintkote, that is introducing the dea provides forms to dealers, nterested people fill out the multiple choice questionnaire, 'he questions cover broad areas if size and function of the* room o be decorated, taking into consideration the size of a family, whether one live? in a house or hi'rtse and so on. Art, hobbies, entertaining, col- irs and even the food one likes md serves is also taken into consideration. Obviously, if you ike caviar, you have a different kind of taste than one who pre- ers herring salad. All the information is trans- erred to IBM cards and fed into he 360 computer. The result is tailored decorating program. There's a small service charge that includes individua decorating analysis, a booklet of decorating tips, broad decorat- ng advice and a sample of the flooring suggested to complement the decorating plan. If there proves to be anything wrong with such a plan, It may be this: how do you complain to machine when things do nol turn out the way you anticipat ed? Hollow out a small edteffl cheese: mince fine and mte a Bttte dry verrnoatti. POe into the "shell." Chin and with crackers as a forMirmef offering along wttft tomato Juice or some other tor' P. good salad lor lunch: chin a of tuna (1 ounce size) and ft of! the oil; turn out tuna the center of a medium-size Cooking Cw* ' C3 f' • .. sl&w wftli fBdldti rtsfiS ftfra npt If you are planning to ttt canned chestnut* fit that twkey stuffing, make MM that tbe chestnuts are Bet packed IB syf« FAMOUS fOR LOW WRYDAY PRICfS! COUNTERREVOLUTION IN FASHION — The counterrevolution in fashion has picked up steam, according to Eloise Curtis, who presented these two creations, designed for David Styne, to reporters on the second day of the New York couture group's five-day showing in New York. At left, model wears "Romantic Juliet" — black velvet and white organdy with gauntlet sleeves; at right, model wears a green velvet jeweled dress and pants, inspired by Natasha in Tolstoy's novel, War and Peace. (AP Wirephoto) OPEN SUNDAY 12 NOON TO 6 P.M. W, ST. LOUIS AYE, mar EAST BROADWAY A New You by Emily JFiZfcens Beware of Beauty Bugaboos] Most girls try their best to look their best but total success is often elusive. Somehow nasty little beauty bugaboos creep in and work their mischief unseen, unheard and unsung! Unfortunately, it's the grooming and beauty flaws that you can't see but others can which act as deterrents to allover loveliness. Remedy the situation by using this check list as your all-seeing mirror. Posture Perfect: There's no doubt about it, your posture and stance can make or break the whole beautiful image. Stop and think for a moment of a desolate, unhappy individual- head down, shoulders slumped, obviously broken in spirit. Then switch your thoughts regally and see the beautiful confidence of the person who stands glamorously, graciously, gorgeously straight! Your carriage pro- jects your total image, so give good looks a head start by tending to this vital area. Now Hear This: Don't let your ears take a back seat to normal good grooming routines. Keep them as immaculate as your face, using cream plus cotton swab as a handy cleaner-upper, particularly important after shampooing, urgent after hair coloring or tinting. Every little crevice counts. 4 4 * 1075 V 975 O A94 +K1094 SOUTH 4 KQJ32 t? AKI4 O K8 + Q5 We* North Pan 24 AUPaM Opening tend- OS nine would be safe if West had the ten of spades and would necessary if either opponent had four trumps. The odds were only even that West had the ten of spades, but better than 2 to 1 that the five missing spades were divided 3-2. For this reason South ruffed the last heart with dummy's ace of spades. Then he could draw trumps with the K-Q-J and claim his contract. Dally Question Partner opens with one heart, and the next player passes. You hold: 464. V Q 10 8 2. 4 Q 10 7 3 2. * A 8. What do you. say? ANSWER: Bid two diamonds. The hand is slightly too strong for a raise to two hearts. Bid the diamonds and raise hearts at your next turn to show your strength. Bledsoe-Wilson Nuptials Miss Kay Wilson, Altonian, became the bride of Victor K. Bledsoe of Pana at 2 p.m., on June 22, in the Pana Bible Baptist Church. The ceremony was read before a setting of white gladioli, 771 Anniversary Celebration Planned by Elk Daughters The Daughters of the Elks' Paradise Temple 1207 will celebrate Its first anniversary July 6 with ceremonies st 7:30 p.m. at St. John Baptist Church, 427 Market St. Dignitaries of the Daughters of the Elks from throughout the state will attend the event, including state president Mrs. L. Hamilton. Also attending will be Mrs. Howard parser, supervisor of UncoJo Gardens. The Daughters of the Elks in ""'" i; of the Pride of AJ- of the Elks, }672 H „„„ of the.sister affiliate to, promote sisterly and brotherly love and betterment • All ™ " ' JA The women's order IB seeking to of so division, lowing thfl group to form youtb programs Currently, delegates from the order are attending a state con- ention In Peoria. They are; Mrs. Betty Taylor, wo-year trustee; Mrs. Jean Miller, daughter ruler, accompanied by her husband, Leo, a delegate for the Pride of Alton Order; and Mrs. Bessie Jones, assistant daughter ruler, accompanied by her husband, Ivory, treasurer of the men's order. Household Hints Burnt-on starch can be removed from the plate of an electric iron if you tot the iron cool and then rub the plate with very fine steel wool. A bit of mild scouring powder on a damp cloth is also very effective. Stains in grout, the material between cerpiic tiles, usually can be removed with a deter gent, pour out enough ( mums and candelabra, by the Rev. Loren R. Green, and Mrs. Green, the organist, accompanied the bridegroom as vocalist. A reception in the church social rooms followed. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Wilson of 408 E. Tenth St., and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Norman Bledsoe of Palmer. Mrs. Robert Conreaux Was matron of honor, and bridesmaids were Mrs. James Creal Jr., Mrs. Ralph Ford and Miss Connie Brown. The Rev. Rodell Bledsoe was his brother's best man, and another brother, Norman Bledsoe, the bride's brother, Lonnle Wilson, and Andy Stiemer were groomsmen. John Rickman and Kenton Smith were ushers, and Debbie Rickman and Charles Sage Jr., were flower girl and ring bearer. The bride wore a Chantilly lace over taffeta gown with lace tiers forming the skirt, and a camelot train attached at the back shoulder line. Lace and petals held her veil, and she carried a Bible covered with orchids, stephanotis and white streamers. Her attendants Wore nile Down With Frowns: Crinkles, wWnkles and plain old frowns can frazzle even the most meticulous makeup. Make it a thrice-daily practice to stop whatever you're doing for a few minutes to discourage those lines. Lean on the table or your typewriter, rub the palms of your hands together to generate heat, relax your head in your hands and cup your warm palms over your eyes. Shut out all unpleasant thoughts—think of blue skies, soft clouds—you'll feel and look refreshed in minutes. Breath-Taking: Bad breath, the notorious despoiler of daintiness! Beat it with good dental hygiene: Proper brushing, dental floss used nightly, daily dedication to mouthwash, especially the chlorophyll type. Most helpful: An a.m. tongue cleansing from top to bottom with a clean girdle bone. Preventive medicine: Ample fresh fruit and vegetables in College Notes Miss Stephanie Walters, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Walters of 301 Maurice St., has been named to the dean's list with highest honors at Cornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa, where she is a senior. Area students named as James Scholars at the University of Illinois for the coming year include the following freshmen: Sally B. Heinz, Carlinville; Robert A. Ayres, 200 E. Airline Drive, East Alton; Peter J. Bradbury, 1203 Emerson Ave., Edwardsville; Bruce S. Durward, and Terry L. Shepard, Jerseyville. your diet, with special emphasis on crisp apples, celery and the like. Neck Knack: Tension makes you look tired; dispel it with this exercise which should be done frequently each day. Move your shoulders up and down vigorously trying to "touch" your ears; pull them way down, then back up and down several times. Tummy Tamer: If your tummy is less than trim, conscientiously hold it in as if you were wearing the tightest invisible girdle (accomplish this by contracting buttock muscles and tummy muscles simultaneously). Pretty soon you won't need a real girdle at all. Vanishing Veins: To camouflage those unsightly little spidery lines, cover them with leg makeup—stick form is handiest. It's best applied when your skin is still warm after a shower or bath. When you banish those insidious beauty bugaboos THE NEW YOU can sail forth with self-confidence to spare. * * * » JUST FOR YOU: Your voice counts, too. Warm up your vocal tone and • your disposition as well by singing In the shower in the A.M. It you simply can't sing, pretend you're entertaining a small child by talking or read" Ing aloud. It helps put sunshine Into your voice. THE PRESCRIPTION 909 BROWN STREET ). Russell Ddt * Dial 465-7513 for free delivery •^r Convenient Drive-up window ^ Parking Lot UNDAY -COUPON- PECIALS 12 NOON to 4 P.I SUNDAY, JUNE 30th Only JUPITER! LADIES AND TEENS SLEEVELESS BLOUSES COUPON SIZES 32 TO 38 REG. 88e & 93e Wfwewa we wo wa vae van wff we WB Wfl >WB WB iwa IWP IWB wn wn >wa t UPITER! CHOCOLATE DROPS COUPON JUPITERHKi ADMIRAL QUALITY 5-TUBE TABLE RADIO REG. 9.97 hWrM»WiW'iW»WiWiW^ Zip Up A Seam PRINTED PATTERN Fascinate everybody with fashion's most ingenious zip trick! A zipper races right up one slant-seamed side to a notched band neckline. Printed Pattern 4961: Misses' Sizes 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. Size 14 (bust 34) takes 3 yards 35-inch fabric. Sixty-five cents in coins for each pattern—add 15c for each Heirloom Beauty Dress up a table with graceful pineapples in petal design against lacy scalloped mesh. Crochet as round cloth for round table, centerpiece for any table. Pattern 771: cloth 65- inch in 2 strands string, centerpiece 30-inch in No. 30 cotton. Fifty cents in coins for each pattern for first-class mailing and special handling. Send to Laura Wheeler, care Alton Telegraph, 60, Needlecraft Dept, Box 161, Old Chelsea Station, New York, N.Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number, Name, Address, Zip. Send for Bl_. Catalog—hunoV' pattern for first-class and special handling. green gowns trimmed with Venise lace, and were designed with A-line skirts, empire bodices and wide back panels. They carried bouquets of yellow and white mums with greenery and yellow streamers. Mrs. Bledsoe is a 1966 graduate of Alton High School, and is a junior art major at Southern Illinois University. Her husband graduated from Morrisonville High School and is a senior music major at Baptist Bible College, Springfield. Mo. After a wedding trip to Washington, the couple will live in Springfield, Mo. YOUR FAMILY DEPARTMENT STORE mailing Send to Anne Adams, care Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Depti, W. 17th St., New York, " 10011. Print Name, Address, Zip, Size and Style Number. Fashion goes soft, prettyl Send for new Spring-Summer Pattern Catalog. Free pattern—coupon In Catalog, 50 cents. New! Instant Sewing Book, Save hours—cut, fit, sew modern, expert way. Over 600 pictures. Only $1. JOE STORK CLEANERS Wall-to-Wall CARPETS CLEANED Satisfaction Guaranteed Fr«* Moth- Prootaf DRAPERIES We will Mike them down and r«- hang them at 1M of cleaning cost BIG TRADE-IN ALLOWANCE FOR YOUR OLD WATCH on o new WATCH Get our fret Trade-in Appraisal Home of Bonded and Notarized Guaranteed Diamonds M U FtW ITTZ, Open 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eartgate Plaza Shopping Center JUPITER 8Vz FT. x ll'/a FT. ROOM SIZE RUGS REG. 14.88 ^^ JUPITER'Ul' CHILDREN'S Rigid, All Ptattte SWIMMING POOLS AMERICA'S URGES! FAMILY CLOTHING CHAIN 18 1868 Needlecraft __________ ..... , g of knit, crochet fashions, embroidery, quilts, afghan», gifts, toys. Plus 6 free patterns printed Inside. SO cents. New Bookl "16 JKfy Rugs"— knit, cro- cheti weave, aew hook rugs for all rooms, 80o. Book of Prize Afghans. 12 complete patterns, We. Museum ~!Ullt Book a— patterns for U qutlts, Oc. BargUnr Quilt Book i— 16 complete patterns, 60c. Book No. 3 , r cover Mb 1*J £jf several minutes and wipe cjean/ pa uern«, eo cent*. t WOOP iUVBB t CARBQMMHi COW.INSVIU-E f BEU.EVIUL* and H.OBISSANT. MO. L/GHTWE/GHT VACUUM •BE I WAY CIEANIN6 ACTION! Mt (taming pewt r «n«IUU»«i»f nviilt at bruih ttmbtrvgnap t Only 7 Ibs. Hangi away en hopk t SANITIZED Disposable dust bag INSULATED POLISHERS FROM $19,91 DOWNTOWN FREE

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