The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 8, 1964 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1964
Page 8
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MBS KANCY AWX ROGERS TXftCTS Girl Scout Sunday to be observed locally Today, win iota to thi '•Chmren aJ»o need the derive* from etoee Cattily re- ot «M ot Olrl Meatttt !• Mtt Otttadttttoa. CM CMS «m local SoowtB wlfl ba t p«rt of nwra «ha* two a«d ttrw qaartat mil- mirrtata to Rlehafd Sthoppt •BAoVBftad by bar paraBta, Mr. and Mra. Ralph E. Rofan ot 8«n Antonio. Tha brkla- troom atort la tha «OB ot Mr. Md Mr*, nro R. Sohoppa ot Lak« JBOkaon. Tha waddtos l« pluMd tor April 18 in St. Utka'a Calholle Church U San Antonio. Mils R«c«ri U a aaalor at SouUiwaat Tax- u Stata CoUafa wbara aba la ia BA major. Har tttnea ra- i eaivad Ma DS Datraa Ineham- Jutry from 8T8C wbara bawu Illatad la Who'a WholnAmarl- «BB UBlvaralttaa and Col- IClute Girl icouts plan ibservances CLUTE - A full waak of ^ aebadulad by CluU |roopa will mark Olrl scout •k, which baflna today. All ot UM avanta, with UM ixeaptlon of Iha rally onSatur- y, will ba hald In Iha old raabytarlan church bultdlnc ahlnd UM old port ottlea. On Monday, Cadatto Troop 42 will have a atyla show om 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Brownla Troop 350 will pre• profram from 3:48 to > p.m. on Tutaday. A puppat ahow la Bebtdulad i 3;30to4:40p.m.ooWad- aaday, by Brownla Troop 848. Thuraday anata ara a pro- by Brownie Troop 381 2:30 to 3:30 p.m.; and , birthday party bald by Girl t Troopa 188 and 3T7, from |Tto 7 p.m. • •• An all Girl Scout rally on l ; wooded area aoroaa from • port office la alatad on Murdoy from 2 to 8 p.m. Singers to meet Th» nraiorla County Slna> B convention will ba held om 2 to 4 p.m. Sunday at _.<p new Emmanuel BspUsl fclmrcii, straiten Rldce Road in Lake Barbara. f l» church pastor, the Rav. «cll c. UcMll, along with Camliers of the organteatlon, lte all church groupa In area I" attend. aloiH with |he general pttbllc. lion Ctrl Seoais who win •Hand ehwtth to ttttttorm, aa a pawia damwutraUonottha Olrl Swot'a eomntlttmart to do har <Nty to God, loeal toadara point out. Tha Olrl Sooot nfomlM hu towobad In* U«M ot moratbM 80,000,000 AmarleanttarUMd woman alnot JuUtHa Low fo«MiadthiortmBUaUcalntba united States In March, ISU. The thame tor thla year'* Otrl Scout Weak IB "Olrl ScouUng-A promlaa In Action." Thla theme algniflaa the intanUonottha Olrl Scowl ortanlMUoa to amphaaiM UM moral and spiritual basis more etronttr than ever, lo- eal Scout officials report. • "The adults U the movement reeofnlte that IB a world that I* tense, contuaad and often publicly wethleal, ehil- dren need the sense ot direction that oomaa from solid moral values," Mn. H. J. Davis, ohalrmaa ot Oltl Scout Week to pointed oat. the Ctrl Seoatt are maktot* Week to Involve mothars aM tHherataBoflwtaaUvttteeand to toterpnl to paMiBw tta) Importance ot OM ScowUMt in their daafhtera 1 llvaa." Mrt. Davis sUd. "Mo« parents are happy to have their daaahatra 'toto Olrl SeotUt, to make aawtrteada, themselves and raspeet for other*. •'But parents MceptUMMbaMtlts wittwwi My *ara ot the responsibility tor them. "The advantates a Hrl derive* from SooaUni increases u her parents Increase their understandiBf ot what she I* doloi and what Seowitof CM meu to her, " saJd Mrs. Davis. "rt would be well tor parent* not to take Olrl swot- tof tor (ranted, bat to Mara more about It and to look tor way* In which they M edatts CM contribute to H," sha Men Gardeners name chairmen the Mar Jby Qjar*** CM> at TWMW far Ms year's ahow wU» be "Tka o«tt A* a volnntary ortaiutlon, thti Olrl Scoots rely on adults <wko are willing to give a Ut- Ue time and effort to UM welfare of the children ot the oootmuuty* MM. PHILLIP T. HE1LL I* the termer Ml** Karen Harkreedor. Her parent*, Mr. and Mn. J. R. Harfemder ot Freeport, attnoonoa tha oonpto'e marriage on Feb. a*. The groom I* th* eon ot Mr. and Mra. E. T. MelU ot Lake Jackson. The newly-wed* are making their home In Houston where he Is employed by Walker and Aasoelate* and I* also a BtadMt at the University ot Houston. Me I* a gradnateotBraBoapoH High School andatliniliilWIiartoe, County junior College. Mrs. Nell! was a senior student at Braaoeport High School at the Ume ot their marriage. -Photo by Jack oieenterg R. T. ttame U the ehnw chatrwea. General ehatrmeo are itel F. Kaadtey, RtroM B. woe*) jr., E. L, perry* man, and R. M. Ramminc. MMOB A. BVM* la chair- nun ot platemani, aatlatad by Kaa4 PovJsea, (van odan, A P. Banfkman, and G. DavMam. ctMrttteatto*, Dr. D, j. Klllaa, ehalrmant M. P. Mister, Alfred J. proabeUe, Episcopal Wom«n *o fete visitor LAKE JACKSON - The Women at St. Timothy's Epts- copal Church win hold a cot- tee tor Mr*. Robert Doing in the Guild Room at the church from ft 30 to U a.m. on March W. Mra. Doing will ba SB Lake Jtekaon with her hvebaad.Dr. Doing, MaUonal MlMtonar ot UM Brotherhood otst. Andrew, who will be the speaker tor a Spiritual Life Mission scheduled at St. Timothy'* March 18-rO, Pastels big fashion news local merchants report MBS JUDITH ANN HITCHCOCK and Daniel GUbreath Miller are planning M April U wedding, her parent*, Mr. and Mr*. Otis Kendall Hitchcock of Sweeny am nounee. The prospective (room Is the son ot Mr. and Mr*. Fred Millar, also of Sweeny. The wedding will take place at St. Mary'* Epleeopal Church to Wast Colombia. Th* couple ere both graduate* of theUnlvaralty of Texas. tt should be no trouble tnbe the "fairest lady "in the Easter parade thto year because there are all •ortsot exciting new styles available locally. Nor are children forgotten to the fashion picture. Buyer* from all over the county came home from the •prlng market most enthusla- •Uo about the fanhton* shown, to Dallas. It's a season ot pastel* to •any luscious colors, 'one buyer reports, with a tow vivid, ahoeking pints thrown to lor good nmeuje.; * This marcha*VwhS.ise«- pandlng his Indies department, I* especially Melted about (he wide variety of popular priced ready-to-wear line* itewn at the market. He especially noted the color* and fabric* of the ever popular coordinate*, and the tuny way* a white amalaklrt «u ba teamed with colored top*, ranting from pastel* to "wild'* prints. Of (pedal Interest to thl* buyer, also, to n new Junior petite sine range to ready-to- wear (which he describes M •mailer and cheaper) which he now •took*, along with Jun- ior sine lingerie. For milady, linen wits and two ptteeooetomee, along wtth whipped cream urtatMtoeroB dreseas andbtouseeareavaU- able. Bright colored *tr*w bag* were bit fashion new* at the market, Including greens, yellows, and cram**, along with the alway* good beige and white. infant*' wear ***m* to get cater every yeaf and a wide variety of clothing tor UM tiny Mis* or Mr. to tvilUbl* tor This buyer report* that many draeee* have not only a salt belt but colored one* a* well, to change around tor variety. Belt* are good thl* Eaatar^ i Little i Aprons, which are actually a type ot emoek, com* with many coordinate*. Full skirt* and shuts were shown about equally. ahesaJd. The thing one local buyer found most interesting about the market was the amount of oolor *hewn. All the color* tr* very feminine, and she - -- to be QUITTING BUSINESS SALE!! NELL'S FASHIONS tUCNWAY SHOmiW WM* iottm "" LADIES FALL AND WINTER SLIM JIMS 1/3 off ORIGINAL MBC! . E 2/3 j I1AMPU '».9B REG. NOW $3.33 $4.95 ttK. NOW $4.99 LADIES FALL & WINTER DRESSES NOW 2/3 OFF EXAMPLE REG . NOW $14.95 $4.99 $24.95 g.33 GIRLS NYLON PETTICOATS ,NOW uONLY MEN WORT SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS CU*MNT STYLES f/ MEN'S- LADIES BOWLING SHIRTS & BLOUSES 3 TOR $ 5°° LADIES & GIRLS SHOES 1 BRAS GIRDLES LINGERIE LADIES & PRE-TEEN SPRING & SUMMER DRESSES 1 PRICE 1 BATHING SUITS /2 PRICE SAVI AT LEAST V, 1 ON EVERY PURCHASE SOUTH HWY2IB LltUe girl* 1 to be • bit more tailored for Easter. Mfrlllymaterlataud trimming* do not gowtththe •tin popular A-Una styling, th* buyer said. Barter hat styto* tor th* younger *et are much Iha same as last year, he report*. Another buyer aay* she foond most all color* good, with a big peroantege ot Meek and white, also. She noted the many big ool- tar*, picket* and button* that bedeck ready-to-wear. Another new iBvotUonlaehaate- abto belts for dreeses, Dayfify group The Brssosport Hemero- calUs Society will meet at 2:3C thl* afternoon In the Lake Jaeh*on State Bank Anne*. The program will be on doylUly hybrldlttng. The public. I* invited to this meeting, with a special tnvttaUon to prospective new members. WSCS delegates WEST COLUMBIA - Mrs. Katbryn Parlln and Mr*. Chrtetene Hall ara deleeate* from Colombia Methodic! Church to the annual meeting of th* woman's Society of Christian Service. The meeting will be bald Wednesday through Friday in HUB tre tatnaMUr l*f*r- estttc, she report*, and nays they could bast ba described u "high wide andhanrtsome." Chaeaux to brilliant colors go wonderfully with the pastel dresses tor Easter. However, she eauUons, It awomMhM to watch bar money or travel* • tot with llttlaspao* tor ac- ccscortes, her beet hat bat to Mack, white, or bone. She reports that white lightening win be the color this •earner, instead*** ordinary beige. Most different ot all Ike tschton picture t* UM swim mtt story, according to thl* tmyer. The new looee fit allow* tor M abundance of ntU- vttjr. Sports wear I* "outof or- btt" with pants in toogtha tor every oecMlon. The** are teamed with all eorts ot interesting top*, on* ot the newest having a rolled over collar. All to all, she found the market "real, real interesting," she report*, asdldmost of all beyers from throughout the area. And. with all of these exett- tof new fashtons Jaat walllnj tor yow Inspection, you should be abia to find anything your heart de*Ue* right to your °POOl ° REST AURA NT BROWNSVILLE'S NEWEST and FINEST g. p. Stoetwett, A. B. MikM end K. w. TeeOnar. MecaeejftMp entrtee, jame* M. Hart, etatrMM* Elmer Morrison, John Hamey, Wal- •ee Davis, an* J. E. Mtttard. pefclteNy, t**n o, DBVM ehalrmant J. P. D»ns*», M. CaktweU, w. w. Mcdathey, Moa* Mangrove, 8*ke*M», 8. C. Cwteha.ll, chairman; c. M. need, p. w. Koateh, 0. H. Mearalh. Sale*, A. V. Baker, chairman) D, w. pinaiatJliiB, a A. Smith, Dr. J. A. Itewart. U and F. W. Koakk. Staging, c. M. carpenter. ehalrmant M. S, MeMttn, C. p. jaakeon, rroetette. U E. ShttU. Transportation, E.U Sauer, ahalrman, F. E. Peter*, John Lee, J. M. Com, W. M. perry, E, U Hand, 8, D. pronarUee, C. C. ehatrman. Dr. O. U Johnson, P. W. Hill, K. R. Larson, •Ml r. T. imtth. DttraaaUtag, tegvardsee, chairman; •toakweU, Baker, C, ft. Carpenter, J. U wti- MB, Md o. w. DaBtalim. Jwdgteg tut awarda, Wll- MM, chairman) B, w. Haas, Md Dr. Stewart. Hoapitalitr, Ha**, eheir- mani I. H. tfcmmaeh, a I. Braoaher, Font**, H. H. 8*UI. judges' clerk*, Bankjton, etalrmMi J. II. Matver, Dr. Johnson, Stoehwell, and ft. t. Harvel. Miss Shfipard Homamaker ANOUETOH-A senior |lrl he* bM« named ARgleton High School Homeraaker of Tomorrow IB the UMW! Bettjr Crocker contest. 8bt it Jean Sheperd, pree- tdent of the Angtoton Chapter, future Homemakonof Amerle». A fourth-jeer homeneJklnf student, Jean'e sward eame as • remit at h*r eeor* on a written aptitude test. in recognition o* the honor, MM will roeetve a pin, end her name win be torvanted tor competition to the elate MR. AND MM. JKRKV NA»K«BV» wed In ctirut t.uOwran ChMreh rttee Miss Townsend wed fo Jerry Nanlcervis LAKE JACKSON - Ml*i DOOM Towneend became the bride at Jerry Nenkervls IB • candlelight ceremony «t Christ Lutheran chtireh in Lake Jacket* OB Ptb. It. TIM M*. Leelle A. F. CarteM M the couple IB thttr double rlBf vow* •• they ttood btfor* H liter dteorttgd with whll* mums Th* brhto IB «te ol Mr. Md Mr*. C, T. Towi. •md Md UM (room I* UM MM ol Mr. Md MM. BrroB til ol Uk« jMk- atak wora a earaafa ol yal- low ddtadlla. A raaaptioB w«a kaM tt Fallowahip Hall at UM ahcrak Immadialaly Mtowtat «ha aaramoay. Th* brMa la a alaOBt at Drtaoatnrt Hlsh wbara har sr«om H« tllaadad Wkartoo CeMty jwtor C«UH» Md la praa- aatly amptoyad by Da* Chamla*! Company. Tha brute, given IB marriage by her father, wore a gown ot white chlttonfea- Inring a softly shirred cum- merbuad and a lace Jackal. Her veil ot Illusion cascaded from a crown of pearl*. gbe wore * white oreaM DON'T THROW THAT AWAY; DONATE ITJ FREBPORT - •prlBS kowaakMBlntT Mambart ot Uia Pint MattadM Chwob ar* to hopaa thai Mma ol UM Kama aaadM w iha ab*nk tt» oontest U spoojoredby General Hill*, M. Firsf aid course WEST COLUMBIA-A first •id eowree, sponsored by the WMt Columbia Elementary School Parent-Teacher A»- •oclallon, will begin OB TO**de». This U • standard eoarso end will be Uughtby Joe BoBd. Mr*. Dak woods ot Houston wa* har tMer's ma- of honor. She wore e dreee and yellow RBI BlMkrtoek WM Iha brMagroom'B bad IBM. Tba brlda'B molter WM drataad la powdar bloa iilk iBMloBad OB Emptra llBa*. Tht (room 'a mottar ahoM M BOJOB wool ahaalh ItUur- !•• akto driptac, won wife matehUw Moaaaorlaa. Thay ttiBia aoma homaanhtr la plMMBS to throw iwiy, H ao, tkay tak that yoa "throw" H ttMir way IB- ataadoliBUMsarbasaaM. Rama Baadad ira a bat- Ma wtrmtr, a «MHrwa'* lop, a ball, waah ru a, Md a baby bad. Aayoaa wHh My ot UMM llama to doaata U aakud to otU Mr*. CluwaMHoMar, BE 3-««. ALWAYS NEW. ALWAYS HKiHT In BROWNSVILLE on theMRDtR\ Come to and regtetor tor the G.E. Dryer door prUe .THE SIMPLE PUMP Vow always na*d pump* at bsautihd and at plain at thaw. E»w- thM tor you to chaos*, Md whatavw afcwaiwo y«M pratox. w* h»*» Ml toft. 10.99 & 11,99»

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