Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 22, 1961 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1961
Page 10
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HOP I STAR, HO PI, ARKANSAS Thwrtday, June 22, 1961 Big Names Stay at This Hotel By 1 BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD 0\P> — At whnl hotel coi;kl ynu find Marilyn Mon roc. Liz Taylor and Eddie Fisher, President Sukarno of Indonesia, Shelley Herman. Judy (Jar-, land. Henry Ford . II, John Hus-> ton and Boh New-hurt? . | The answer is the Beverly Hills Hotel. No hostelry in (he world can boast such n finest list at | any one lime. I have spent a goodly portion of my life nt the Beverly Hilly, as has anyone who covers the Hollywood beat. Not only is it the favorite slopping plni'O for famous visitors, it is also the prime spot for having lunch and cocktails, giving parties and making deals. It has become a status symbol. If you're a success or trying to be one. you stay at the B.H.H. whether you can afford it or not. It is perfectly located for conducting business here — midway between the tir-flung studios, close to (ho wheelers and dealers of Beverly Hill?. It is in the heart of the high-rent district, whore the stnrs and tycoons live. But these are intangibles. I asked Manager Stewart Hatha- How to Tell If the Gal Likes You By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (API—"Dcnr pavement Pinto: I have been going steady with the place goes back to the Span- j a girl for three months, and now ish lobby is lighted in all seasons j I am afraid she is losing interest the lobby is lighted in all seasons i in me. On the other hand, she way for a more concrete explnn at ion. "The hotel has a casual, In. formal air init with a certain for. malily," he said, friendliness- without Our employees call their names—but not names." The Beverly Hills keeps personal files on guests, listing theii likes and dislikes. The symbol of) "We stress familiarity. guests by their first Easy Summer Buffet Sandwiches as a welcome to weary travelers. The Rev Hills is smallish by Hilloninn standards — :t!2 rooms. But capacity is an admirable 00 per cent year-round: in summer and winter it's SRO. You can pay $25 for a single $GO for a suite and up to $1(50 per day for a three-bedroom bungalow. The bungalows arc the super super status-symbol. That's where you'd find people like Liz and Eddie, MM, the Shah of Iran, Queen Juliana of Holland, etc. Number Tells All NE\V YORK (API—People who want information on traffic, subway or airport conditions can get it starting Tuesday by dialing a phone number. A one-minute recording is being provided by the city at a cost of $1,500 a month to keep callers from overloading police and other city information channels during emergencies. may just be playing coy. "How can T (ell for sure? Worried" Well, my boy, there arc many ways. But she probably has no serious interest in you if—She never closes her eyes when you kiss her good night. She'd rather go to a concert with her brother than a ball game with you. She talks constantly about what she has been doing lately but never bothers to ask what's new with you. She remembers the date of the sinking of the Spanish armada, but can't for the life of her recall your birthday. When you take her to a restaurant, she never orders the $2.r>0 tabled'hote dinner — but always selects the highest-priced item on the a la carte menu. She sees a lose thread on your sleeve, and doesn't bother to pick SUPER MARKET Dial 7-4501 WE DELIVER 9 A.M.-10 A.M. — 2P.M.-4P.M. 300D& FRESH GROUND BEEF 39c Ib. FRANKS 2 Lb. Bag ITS GOOD & TENDER CHUCK SLAB SLICED BACON 39e Ib. LARGE BOLOGNA SMALL CURED HAMS 43clb. Good & Tender CALF LIVER 39cib. FRESH DRESSED FRYERS 23c PRODUCE DEPARTMENT Bananas POUND 10 Carrots v~ 2 Lg. Bunches 19 NICE Bell Peppers POUND 25 Home Grown Turnip Greens Lg. Bunch 10 PEAS 5 DEL MONTE Cans SNOWDRIFT J a 79c BANQUET —BEEFSTEAK CHICKEN end TURKEY DINNERS Each 39c PEACHES SPICED IN HEAVY SYRUP 4 24 CANS 98 LIPTON TEA 14 u, 39c 48 Count ^r Tea Bags Q3C HY-GRADE VIENNA SAUSAGE 2 Cans 39C HOT - SHOT SPRAY Pint Bottle Quart Bottle 59c 89c MILK 3 c™ 47c 2 PIECE Dozen loooz. Jug Can 69C 6 Oz. Jar Instant RICELAND RICE 2 ft 29c SKINNERS SPAGHETTI and MACARONI 7 0*. Boxes MACARONI 2 ••«• 25^ MELLORINE (REAM Prices for Thursday/ Friday & Saturday, June 22, 23 § 24 BERNARDIN Caps & Lids Put these high and handsome Summer Buffet Sandwiches at the top of your list of ideal "help yourself foods." They're easy to prepare and nutritious—but most important, they make mighty good eating. These 3-decker sandwiches are made with luncheon meat and two wonderful cheeses. For a sharp flavor we suggest a golden natural cheddar; for a smooth, mild taste, natural Swiss. To enhance the meat and cheese flavors, spread the bread with a rich velvety mayonnaise. There's no doubt about it, these sandwiches are a cinch to boost your reputation as the "hostess with the mostesg" right to the top of everyone's list. • Summer Buffet Sandwiches Sliced boiled or baked ham Round loaf of rye bread, sliced crosswise Kraft Natural Swiss GheeM Sliced, cut in half crosswise Stuffed green olives Kraft Mayonnaise Sliced bologna Kraft Natural Cheddar Cheese Sliced, cut in half crosswise Spread 3 slices of bread with mayonnaise. Cover one slice with bologna, cheddar cheese, a second slice of bread, ham, Swiss cheese and the third slice of bread. Cut into 6 wedges and top each with an olive. nnd complicated strike. Longshore Workers in Protest By PIERCE LEHMBECK NEW YORK (AP)—Growing discontent over a strike by seafaring unions led today to a New York port work stoppage by longshoremen and a threat by one of their top officials to ask President Ken- workers are "in nedy for a strike-ending injunc- the sea dispute, tion. Tony Anastasio, longshore union boss on the Brooklyn waterfront, said if other officials of his union didn't request such an injunction from Kennedy he would. Anastasio is a union vice president. William V. Bradley, president of the International Longshoremen's Association and Thomas Gleason, chief organizer, were not immediately available for comment. However, the union already had ordered members to quit work today, apparently in an effort to force the striking maritime unions to clarify their demands in a situation that has led to great confusion. The action caused a virtual paralysis in operations of the vast New York harbor; already hard hit as a result of the sweeping national strike. Anastasio said: "We believe we cannot support the strike. Fifty per cent of our men are working and 50 per cent are out." Up -to their walkout today, the ILA members had continued to load and unload foreign vessels Czechsand U.S. Hurl Spy Charges •y MILTON ItStEft UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) — Secretary Genera! Dag Ham- marskjold was caught today in a cross-fire from the United States and Communist Czechoslovakia over U.S. spy charges against Czech diptoirfat Miroslav Nacva- lac. The 'United States sent Ham- marskjold a note charging that Nacvalac, handsome 39-year-old counselor at the Czech U.N. mission, is Prague's chief intelligence agent in America and that he paid an instructor at the U.S. Army Language School in Monterey, Calif., $1,700 for information. The United States said it had pictures to prove it. The language instructor, a naturalized American citizen born in Czechoslovakia, confirmed the U.S. account. ; The • U.S. note • declared anew that the Czech government should ecall Nacvalac at once and denied that the demand for his departure .violated the agreement )ctween the United States and the United ,Nations .giving special •ights to' diplomats accredited .to he United'.Nations. Nacvalac • denied all .the 'U:S. charges.' His delegation indicated it would press Hammarskjold to rule that U.S. action against the counselor violated both the U.N; charter and the U.S.-U.N. agree- Moore Bros Wt DtMVf* DIAL 74431 "SERVING YOU SINCE 1896" FKISH MISSED FRYERS FRESH PORK CHOPS BROAD-BREASTED 9fW\Vr\*r -i»r»»-"w • ™— - ^^^^^ ^^^^^ TURKEYS 39^ The walkout of longshoremer who load and unload ships anc handle baggage, hit the port at a crucial time. The nation's two largest passenger liners — the United States and the Constitu ion—arrive from Europe today Three foreign passenger liner were due to arive and two—including the Queen Elizabeth- were scheduled to sail. Thomas Gleason, general organizer of the ILA, said the dock workers are "in the middle" in "Some of the (striking) ship officers are sitting in their ships, eating well and getting paid, and we have about 6,000 longshoremen out of work," Gleason sad, Many longshoremen have' refused to cross maritime picket ines. Negotiations between unions nnd management are at a virtual standstill. A policy meeting- of eacling industry representatives vas held Tuesday night at an undisclosed location. The creeping paralysis of the maritime dispute has spread around the nation and has immobilized more than 100 liners, 'reighters and tankers. Numerous industrial concerns ashore also are stilled. merit. The -U.S. note said Nacvalac was known to U.S. authorities as the "chief of .Czechoslovak civilian intelligence operations in the United States and has a long background in Czechoslovak Intel ligence work." It charged that Nacvalac had six meetings with the Army language instructor, Karel Hlasny, between 1958 and 191, offered an exit permit from Czechoslovakia for Hlasny's fiancee in exchange for intelligence information, and paid him various sums totaling $1,700. The United States said Hlasny was coperating with the U.S. government all. the time and the information he passed was worthless. But Hlasny's fiancee got her exit permit in 1959 and they were married in California. "Naclavac said the U.S. charges were "all lies" and that he had never been in California. But U.S. State Department press officer Lincoln White displayed photo CHOICE CUTS CHUCK 100% PURE GROUND BEEF COUNTRY STYLE 1 00 not affected strike. by the maritime Anastasio also complained that even among the striking seafarers Car Milum Lost Was His Own LITTLE ROCK (AP)—The car Sen. Roy Milum of Harrison lost to thieves in Little Rock Friday was his own—not the state's. The car bore a Arkansas Industrial Development Commission emblem, but William P. Rock, AIDC executive director, said Milum had taken it in trade on a many had remained aboard tied I new car shortly before it was up ships "and get paid and we stolen from a downtown parking — spot. Rock said Milum's bid on the new car was $300 less than his nearest competitor. Milum, an automobile dealer, drove the new car to Little'Rock. stay out and don't get paid." ILA members were called upon to meet with the striking sea unions in a rally at Manhattan's Eatery Park later today. The Maritime Port Council of Greater New York then called for a \vork_,stoppage by'its 27 unions so members coWd attend a raljy after the ILA meeting. ILA officials said thev were confused by the inter-union byplay and lack of clear-cut issues in the six-day-old walkout involving 85,000 maritime workers and close to 1,000 ships. Federal mediators say they have never faced such a confused He intended, to drive the trade-in back to Harrispri. a graphs, of .Naclavac and Hlasny he said were taken outside a San Francisco restaurant where they met. Czechoslovakia's charge that the U.S. demands Violated tl»s U.N. headquarters agreement with the United States hac aroused speculation that the Czechs would request that the case be referred to an arbitra tion tribunal. Clayton Fritchey, a spokesman for the U.S. delegation said the arbitration proceedings can take place only when there is disagreement between the Unit ed States and jthe secretary-gen eral, and "we know of no sucl issue." Fritchey said he had been assured last week by the Czechoslovak delegation that Nacvalac would be leaving soon. This was denied by Zdensk Cernik. acting Czechoslovak delegation head. He said he had informed the United States that his government rejected the charges against Nac- 2 LB. BAG SKINLESS JT ^^ WEINERS 69 2 LB. BOX THICK SLICED GOOD LEAN; DRY SALT V MEAT FRESH DRESSED HENS EXCELLENT FOR CHICKEN SALAD 33s c lb valac, .and that he was awaiting further instructions from Prague. —i.J •'- ,' M. £— i! Catch A Gdypso Gaoler To Quench Summer Thirst DELICIOUS CHUCK m ^^ ROAST 43* 1/2 GALLON CARTON LOW CALORIE VINEGAR it off. , She keeps your picture on her dresser, but has the face turned to the wall. When you borrow $5 from her until next payday, she insists on getting a signed "IOU." She doesn't get around to giving you your Christmas present until eight weeks after Easter. She complains about the way you dance. She doesn't care how many drinks you have at a party. She'd rather ride on a yacht with someone else than take her turn at the oars in a rowboat with you. She thinks bow ties look cute on other men, but doesn't like them on you. During a taxi ride home, instead of pitching wo with you, she launches into a long political discussion with the driver. You are of draft age, but she never broods about when Uncle Sam will claim you. She never notices when you gain or lose weight. You go golfing during a thunderstorm, and she doesn't worry about whether you'll be struck by lightning. 11 most of these things are true, you'd better strike her off your list. Give her the gale—before she can hand it to you. 39 OLD FASHION Hoop Cheese AGED OVER 1 YEAR 49 C Ib FULL QUART BLUE PLATE Calypso music has an oAmt rfcyfr* *•« *•»««•• Ehr Yo«'ll like, too, this Calypso Cooler that blends two atrikingly different flavors, strawberry and bNWM W«lb Milk. *» notlM • MUHMf thirst. The strawberry, as a fruit, M not alway* HI the Bttrfet, N»t Mil can keep its refreshing flavor in season on your patUiy •belf ail year long with quick strawberry-flavored nu« «• convenient powdered form. Stir this strawberry-flavored M* into liquid. •**& * dissolves instantly. Fortified with vitamin* and iron, it *»pplif* good nutrition as well as novel flavor for hot-day aoalMf, Strawberry Calypso Cooler 'm a waoth drink «• thick §• « «»ik- shake and full of fruit flavor YOUM paopj* wiM enjoy it at a combination beverage and detwert witn a •andwfch or laud lunch, or as a mid-afternoon refresher. The milk gives it a sound foundation of nourishment and the combined fruit flavors give it a natural sweetness which makes dessert unnecessary when you serve it 39 DOZEN WHITE Strawberry Calypw feeler % cup quick strawberry' 2 ripe bananas, flavored mix f «*P* nUk Blend quick strawberry-flavored Hi* into * mashed bananas. Gradually add milk, stirring briskly until hje0dj4 ¥i*M: 4 servings. *To mash bananas, break peeled bananas into tbiae or four pieces in bowl, and math with Mfk, M ttortjjr blajder, if pnferred. 3 ft»^M»*r* T»««»W • ^— Caged Eggs 1 CO IB. SACK Potatoes 39 25 tb. Sock Flour I 49 * Lb, Foil Lard 1 19

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