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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 1

Paris, Texas
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Tuesday, July 17, 1934
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: ^v3u- i^e**^;;: - * fen* Nm» U Mot On By 8:15 o'doc*. TW New* Office Brfor* o*Cteck For Prompt Defiy- 164 or 1«S. VOL. LXV NO. 22* Full Associated Pre*t Leaded Wire Service (AND THE DINNER HORN) Complete Regional and Local News Coverage PARIS, TEXAS, TUESDAY, JULY 17, 1934 EIGHT PAGES HOME EDITION ESTABLISHED l*f* PLAN TO END BIG STRIKE PROPOSED . : __C an5 3 rars TIKE the man who awore to . shave no more until his party! -was again placed in po-wer, many | • ... . . : : : ; —:—:—; :—- —————~^——• . Supply Dwindles Alarmingly In Tuskahoman I CHARGED WITH CHAINING HIS SON \p str ^ lr ^ nv I*--- _•___ '-A ,- f». *t *'•**"..• ir T¥ ««'**, .• i IB^el^Ufy^X^^WK ,"" ——— ; _ *"J*'*Ug Stores and markets -were deplet- citizens have resolved never U<j or €resh meats and vegetables. 5an Francisco As Strike Is Continued Held After Fatal Shot SAN •was the paramount problem Tuesday in San Francisco's mass strike. FRANCISCO, (£>} — Food) Staples—Rationing resorted to by most stores in order to keep again to t'Ote for a issue. But and other food stocks were dwin - on- hand- Supplies available for a fe-cr days more. -it'.fallure to shave should disease] an<l injure the face of the first ; Id chanse his maud i rapidly. j Bread ana nrilk-—No interrup- Public opinion, already aroused j tion * n deliveries, either to become i by the footi shortage^ appeared | or 5toreSi b >" oraer of the general -. he would change his maud j , ikely to spur efforis toward . end . j strike committee. The nineteen restaurants designated by the strike committee to serve the thousands of San Frail- and have the whiskers shorn. Like•wise, if refusal to vote a small tax '"ioVsave the health of our people ly the strike. The food situation: • Fruits and vegetables—None aiid the pride of our city, the sec- available, except limited supplies 1 ciscoans who depend upon public on<l- v avower should also have a i of citrus fruits. eating: places proved woefully in- '»ewer Auirust of mind and vote for the! Fresh meat—None. Some can- improvement bonds on j tied, but grocers said they "would 7. | be in consumers" hands shortly. I Cured meats all sold. TThe 2Cews does not flinch under 1 Canned goods ; —Still available at th* criticism of inconsistency by some friends who point out that our colnnms have for many years v Itept up asritation ajrainst more taites. This sewer bond issue is preventative In tis nature- It is not inconsistent to ?ruard against disaster when one knows- that th« ounce.. of prevention will cost less pounds of disaster. most groceries, badly depleted. although, stocks ried lunches, and even shared | them with less far-sighted co- i workers. . • 1 . Those -who neither carried, their i lunettes nor had time to wait is j the. accredited restaurants for service thronged - food shops,- in-' eluding the cookie and candy ; counter In the dime and dollar! stores, for canned goods and j sweats. The persons least affected by • the food situation were those who \ laid in extensive supplies last '•week j and "who had automobiles with • enough "gasoline to take tliem into ! adjacent San iviateo county. ; The food situation was helped , r | Robert Broaden Shot to I Death Monday On ) Streets of Town i j CHARGES ARE TO BE I FILED ON TUESDAYl adequate Monday, and the committee opened more places Tuesday. It didn't co any good to get mad or walk out. The 19 restaur- j late Monday, in one sense, by re- ants -were blocks apart. Farmer Arrested For Pis-; tol Shooting: Alterca- | tion Cause of Act i Many persons have scorned the sumption of deliveries of ice to ANTLERS. Okla., — A- R. | The chief regret of this cam- pajgrt, prior to the time tfee people ar* to vote on the bond issue. Is in fact; that ive must drag: from the dirty clothes closet of Paris a, deplorable situation and give it a. -thorough airing. We do'not like'to admit that Paris has for so many years been tolerating such a health hazard as is entailed by tha .erajntyin?; of raw sewage Into the open- We do not like to admit thait'Paris has no sewage disposal { plant. But the longer we put it off th* worse will be the revelation. TK^ ;3jad as well face the made- of the sewer collection and in in Paris srod solve IF'" . ''-' ':"' '•••...' •' " '^ 'v-'. ,• . --.:'. '...:.-•*.•'" : - ' . '' .-•... •b"'.i'." ' "•••-"• ' ^""" ' ""'"• - fptibllshed Sunda-t ; If all the people could vote on | easily car*y, but Letter From Church Read To.Gfy.Dads Withdrawal of Application For Permit to Build Station In Letter Tvho normally j those -without electric refrigerators; Vaughn, 55 years old Tuskahoma! | fanner, vras held in jail Tuesday I | mbrning for the fatal shooting off practice car- \ or adequate coolers. Mayor J, M. Crook at the council meeting Monday night present- j ed to the aldermen the letter from the officers of First Presbyterian church, announcing withdrawal of Its application for a building per- j mit for a. filling: station on its ] Soutli Mala and 5ner- ? streets, copy of: -which, letter \ tbe issue St would "th*''law In this ca*e permits only the property taxpayer to vote. A»d on t^ie property tax In Paris "wjl! rest the whole responsibility of the : results* be xhey good or bad. It is something for them to think over. seriously before refusing to pay a. few c-sMits in c-sira taxes. If i He. issrue is turned down wow ii i» g:o!og: to cost more dea.r:y later o*» Jest mark thai d«ivn and remeni- &*r *t \ mayor had agreed to ibis and the _,. , . . . _ I cownciJ approved his action. Tho»'e •wljo oppose the issue are • *^* invited to use the columns of The | ** having been determined that , .News to give their reasons. But T ^- e Banner of «T—-t4*,~ „ ^^ ? bear in mind, the old story of be- morning.'' "" •"" The nzayor stated that he had been requested by Eugene Me- Cluney. local representative of the Sinclair Oil company, which had contracted with the church to lease the lot for erection of the 1 station, to delay action on the I •withdrawal of the petition until j next Monday, in order that the | congregation of the church might I have opportunity to formally agree j to the cancellation of the contract i between it and his company. ON STRIKE By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS San Francisco Bay region— HJO.OGO union workers. Huntsville, Ala. — 6,000 textile workers in various Alabama cities. Sar. Antonio. Teaas—S.OOO (called out) pecan shellers. Dayviile, Conn.—500 woolea mill workers. Minneapolis -— 7.000 truck drivers. Kohler. Wis.—1,000 pluinb- i^5 equipment workers. Danbury. Conn.—1.000 hat fur cutters. Threatened Strikes Portland, Ore. — General walkout. New Vork — 15.000 maritime workers. New York — I S.OOO knit goods workers. .,;.. ,BaIiimQr«. •— truck.: Call Guard In Minneapolis Small Gives Platform to Voters Here Candidate For Governor Addresses Crowd On Plaza Monday Evening j Robert Broaden. "±5, which occur• red x>n tne streets of Tuskahoma r about - o'clock Monday afternoon. ; E^rck Smith, county attorney, i'-wao with Sheriff John Helm, in| vestigated tne affair, said he! j would file charges and arraign i ! Vaughn Tuesday afternoon be- ] ; fore M. A. Brock, justice of the | I pea.ce. ! j Broaden -was struck just belo-w tiie j ! shoulder blades by a bullet from a \ | ,3S Colt's special, the shot emerg- \ I ing .about the solar plexus, and he i i died almost instantly. ; > Witnesses said Vaughn had "..:"'.' | Tvalked up to Broaden \vho was Introduced by C. B. Brooks oE{ standing -^ith a group of men on \ Paris, Senator Clint Small-of Am- i the streets and that Broaden who 1 arillo. spoke to Paris voters on j ^^ later .found to .be unarmed i Monday night in. the Interest, of { had turned to -walk awav from f his candidacy for governor of | Vaughn ^vho shot him in the back 1 Senator Small, who has! j t ^^ reported that the fifteen-! as city attorney of A^a-1 year-old son of Vaughn bad had i Saturday ...-scltb-j Unionists Relax Siege Lines to Keep From Endangering Life* Health ALL STATE MILITIA IS CONCENTRATED Practically Full Stren«th Of lOO.OOO Union Men Join Walkout <vpi. — A An almost unbelievable story of cruelty wat revealed In Akron, O wrtft the arrest of Daniel Thomas, 54 (Seft), former CWA worket charged with keeping hi* eight-year-old «on T Arthur (right) chatne« to a post in their home for 30 days- Thomas was arrested after neisfi- bor» heard him beating hi* daughter^ and called pollc*. (A*»octated Photo} served rlllo. county attorney and counry | an fead slapped tiie <iic!al district aiid state senator, j pote. Broaden outlined the platform upon -which j bov. The elder Vaugrhn, it -vras said, ; had follovrec Broaden about I General Strike, Heaviest Labor Club, Rarely Used Four Such Actions Taken In World Since '•* JKfc ; Heavy- Damage FoKo*i& - ^' I SAN j member of President | labor disputes boaj-d revealed ! Tuesday that a ti-.-finite proposal | is under ivay to end the general j strike by submitting the entire | controversy to arbitration, svitn i the In?mediate return to i\ork of • all tTsen involved. f The arbitration resolution -=vas i to be discussed and voted upon by I the strike committee represcntias- i all the unions on walk-our. "If we cun get labor to pass the : resolution. ire can settle the ; strike." the labor disputes- board • mernbers decia.r<ri3. He stated he -was positive the ; c-tnployers -.votild agree to a:Tt>ttra- ' tion of the entire controversy if ! <he labor leadr-rs would -Jo- like- • Meanwhile an air of keen an: tfcipation p re "ailed about the fe- ! Bdr temp-le. -v\'here the crencr^l ' strike couxrrt it.tee •-w-as to. .50 in ses: sion. Rtimtirs that a.n aS-ni^Kt f meeting of the cornreitt-ee ha.d drafted a resolution to submit aH T~ i T* - f \ cott011 IrilCK JJriA'erS i>Oators and GRAFS, Pace S. Co!, a city treasurer and depository should be | changed to conform to the State | laws 5ovf>rninc t^Utrh matters, a l-^t- I ter from Ed K. McCuistion. re- 1 I qtiestins: that his application for! | -hat office ar»d his selection at a 1 « former meeting be reconsidered.! I was read and his request vras | f grained by unanimous vote- j I Ordinances adoptini: the State f the selection of a I Total Lo*5 Monday .12 .Thousand; Police Seek Trail rer and depository were then i reaa and adopted under sruspeusion I of tho rules. The application of Ed K, McCaiMJon for the office of city treasurer at a. salary of ?1 annually and agrreelris: to make bond for read and accepted. The Out On Strike Ties Up Transportation ST. 1»AUL. C-P) — Governor Floyd B. Ol*on Tuesday caiiied ont national guardsmen in connection with the strike of Minneapolis truck drix-ers, Adjatajat General Ellard A» \Va!ril> ordered one battalion of Ujc I5ist field artiliery, Minnooca National Guard, to be stationed at tbe Minneapolis armory "awaiting- orders," No violence Ka* developed dins far to connection with the strike. lie is making: the .race. The speaker claimed that having lived ia TVest Texas for more than 40 j town Sunday, but 'had not aaet him years and having served as a pub- { ant i! Moncav, when th~ fatal He official for much of that time | shooting took place. has given him a clear conception f * " of the Tieedii of Texas ranchmen, oil and s^s oper- other citizens of the state. Senator Small uaade the { race for governor four years ago I aad placed third iz> the first t>ri- • 1 aiary. | { In discussing- promises of soroej of the candidates for decreasiris! the cost of state sovernaent, the j speaker said anyone T\-ho is elected governor -will do t\x-Ii to hold [ | expenses at the present level. He j I pointed out there are novr relief! | bonds to be taken care of. a def-1 Nut Shelters Flav Board General strike* of reoent years: Eii£:!aii<i"s general strike lasted S days. Seattle's mayor creslietl strike in 1919. Winnipeg crippled 4O days by walkout. fiusiness paralysis marked each strike. to verify tfa^se reports. It "tvEj; lea.rne<2. novovei", iticit - £feere bad beers an all-ni^bt session of the comniittee. - One labor It-a.d»;r said adoption of such a resolution wouM point to immediate and peaeeful settlement of the s:en»ra.l strike...esti- By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS General strikes, tha big Berth: Snns of organised labor, are -wea.- i __. ., , pons rarely used in the constant j S >^ orkers I*ara.<le; controversy bet-cveen labor and; San Antonio: Attack I ?ff itaL bllt i*™&&K—*s ™ sanj T t T> ' j rrancisco toaay—tney cause -wide •. JLaDor Board 1 devastation, I HOUSTON. Tex«. i^^-Pol.ce | ^^ ty Natioaal Bank of Paris Tuesday ^ ere Snvestiga.tms: a wave j TOa<Jc a ppllc*Uon to be selected ** ] c;ty depository, with agreement to deposit with the mayor approved i bonds to the amoant of the city f deposit and to do all necessary over Houston Monday, re- of !'39 In ««eh and chocks, heaviest loss «ns £ti the Phoenix Befinsng company, where SS.§50.01 tn currency and silver di*a.pp*i*.r«<! from a safe. R, I— Jfepwortb. office* raanss:er. toW city detectives the money was counted and ?«*t tn the wife at aboTJt 1 p. rn. itlorsp; with about ,55.000 in checks nntl a bank deposit book, """At about 2:30 p. tn,. J. I- Kp- mak^s out to the safe. <i<x.r and sot the book and papers. "Short'y afterward. he called m« fron> vhs bank and «ai<j that th edepO5it was I5.SSO.OI short. an«J that Ther* wax no currency ^nd ca.«h. About 40 or 50 p*r»on« « ere coin«r 'n an«I out of the ofg: the day," H^i>tv-:»rth »5ss: and remittance of funds that misrht l>e required, and | MLXNKAPOX.IS. <iP) — A complete tietip of motor trajasportauon was threatened Tmijsday when union truck drivers went on strike' for the second time this year." About 7.000 men were involved. Requests for national guitrds- men to patrol the market district { and prevent a repetition of rioting which caused two deaths and injuries to scores in the first strike !ast May. came front Mayor A. G. icit in tiie state fjind. lower SD- propriazions for all departments, and ne"w demands upon the state •which will call for expenditure of more money timri usual and the ytate win be fortunate if expenses t of so\"ernm.eni are not increased, | He pointed out there is little opportunity for decreasing the tax rate s^ 35 per cent o; the nresent state ts. gx>es. for the support of education. 45 per cent to maintenance and building of highways and the remaining 19 per cent for other srovernnjental operations. Th« speaker advocaiec thi» application was afeo accept- | Bainbridsc and Police Chief Mich- j JL Pasre S. Col, who also bank drpo."«Jt«.. cam* ai« i* the cufSon* Bond Racket Is Uncovered House Committee Probe* Deeper Into Real Estate Board Tanle "WASHINGTON, iJ^-.— SANTA MONICA. C»Uf, — U would b* pretty touph to ask Mr. Koo«ev*-tt to |riv« up his well **rn- «8 r»dxtion and com* to S*»n Fran*n«1 ?«toi> thJ* strike. b«i tt it.* Hfec hf ii» thf- only man can it. trouble i» thwt both »ido* negotiated STO much that they ar» ufck iund tln'd looking at fach <*thor. It would b*» a jrr«>«*t thine •.for him to rttx That's th« to«Kh part ntxiin our affair?*, e\rrybody nvcm* t*» bf ^)l!<ni? *<* tmst the t»rr*i<Jt>ni. bttt it just don't »*?em Hko jh*rc u »nyb-««ly J»c can **?n<l thnt th«»y will trutt, I n»vcr wnw a rrt».n th«t hnd to d«> *» himself. Yours, .\VIIJL. sifted Tues«Jay trrmed R ?25.000,- bond what t>00 "racket." It prepartd a question nairp to obtain mor* Itsht on the actix-itics "bondholders protective CompJamtsi have been received, members saM. that some »wch "committees" hav« inv«stor» by fee*, ^-ritinj: op exorbitant repair* on the property back of the bonds and oth*r wrastefu' t*n»c- Tiers. The 3P-<jue«rlon docuntent nil! fc'e ?ent to * receiver* of closed banks, bank trustee* » n <i ofric<TM of committee* organized to accept deposit of so-called *'sol<J bon»ls" n-hlch ran fnto difficulties durinjr the slump. Chairman SaNath fD., HLN »aid a.ei J JLensrthy conferences between both side* Monday failed to brras any agreement, and the union fi- naJJy reaffirmed, by scclatnatioii. its previous decision to make the strike e-fectix-e at midnight Monday night the deadline set- last week, Union officials immediately made plans for picketing to stop any attempts to move trucks, predicting a complete tie-up. Oov. Olson and K. H. Dunni- gaji. federal negotiator, made strenuous last minute attempts to stave off the walkout. A peace proposal submitted by the grover- nor vr«s rejected by revres^nta.- tiv«s of -2 en^j>lo>*.rs of the city market district, focal poittt of the dispute. Tft* controversy has centered about demands of the union for increased wajpes *r.d tho right ic* represent so-called "inside" •.v<>rk*Tfv in negotiations, TEXTILE STRlKt: .HUXTSVJLJLii. Ala., {,*>} — Twenty -two thousand Alabama textile mt?l worker* were called out on strike Tuesday, many of ization of special d-cpartnient^ in order that businesses and industries served by the departments Tnay be required to support them. This, be said, -win effect a saving of many thousands of dollars to See SMALT-. Pa$e S. Col. 7. them the to walk out before th<> call b<?criTne eff«»ctJve, Three thousand workers left their looms late Monday nijtht »n three tfxtii* tnilSs h«r« .soon after Johp Dean. or£nniz*«r for the Textile Worker* of fea. Issued his summons for the Bank Robbers Elude Police Three Texas Banks Looted Of S6.5OO; Bandits Make Eseape Bj- THE ASSOCIATED PKKSi? Intensive searches for six niert whe robbed ihree Texas banks of approximately ?S.50t> and si:cco.<s- fully eluded purscSng offscers oon* Unued Tuesday, Officerw of five counties c:rc!ed the Squaw creek boston** r.T-ar Tola.r. in Hood county, trailins " -A <> youths who held up the Continental State Bank at To!ar and escaped with between ?4.^00 and 5S.O(»0, A mats, wavirn?: an automatic pistol, entered tb.e People's State bank at Shepherd. San Jacinto counity, forced Cashier C. O. Ford and assistant cashier J. W. Thompson to lie on ihe floxir and walked out TV-it!?: $!.SOO. A small car. v, ;th several occupants, waited for :he man outside. ANTONIO. (J&, —Mass' with many tv-onien -aki: SAN parades part an here rr,ark«Q the second day of the pecan shollers union strike for attack upon poll- | onal labor bos re j Missing Babe Found x\live The San [Francisco strike is the i fourth general zieup the vrorld I has seen since the World War. ' • The others occurred - in Eng-Ian-d, -; Seattle and "Winnipeg- ; i Each of ii>e pre-vious strikes i caused food shortages.' paralyzed ] maied ncw business and interfered seriousiy | fhon^ar 1 d r.-en wi-h the normal pursuits of l!v_! " A"^ resolution of =:rcat signifi- :a^. Aroused srovernments and peo- j cance to labor. that ! pie sprang: into action to break i TvotH-3 brJGjr extensive ; them. - j would be presented to the ..-com— ~ serious. Two and one-half million - ~€ts.ry of thf strategy committee workers,' i -ail - s«rav aii-^ *' transport emr>Ioves. %ralked out on' 5AX FRANCISCO. <& — -The May 4. 1325. in a strike cal-d bv j ^^^ brt ^ cl * ies of Oakland. Serke- the trade union congress. " i 5e >" ar - d Aiamefia fell Tuesday un- i der v!:-5 nambinrr blow of San Ostensibly the strike was in j pv^,^-, = ^^i ^-^ support ot the demand of GOO.Oyy f Jus . ±4 hQljrs , f;er orffani2ed coal miners for more pay and shorter hoiirs. Some crovemment officials charged. howex~er. tharj the British trade tmions were trv- 'Parsdin^r l.^OO stronsr. the strikers IT;arched from Tuesday tnomirs.s:. ea vJnVtn^Kr! Search For Bobby Connor ^ peacefnl pickets at each l of the major sheliinsr place?, | All shelllnsr T^erc tied iip. I with TJO work beinsr cone at any j of thrm accordfr:- :o M. Kodri- I jrue^L cfn^ral represcntativ*; of the pernn shfllers" uniors. T™*? Jtztack on "he labor "board Tvas. so: off when Rodrfsmez tvas Ends In Thickets iSear His Home asked. "Flave yov criv«n the regional labor board a tie this?" ""Thai ijs all we >va.x-e s'iven them." Kt>drJcucz replied, "and they have done nothiryr. vTe can't •wait on them or the N"RA any lonsrfr. Thry keep promisins: ss help but they Tt*>x-<?r do anythinc. No-«- -?.*- have been forced to take tbe matter in our own hands, *'Mr. B»5field «Roarer Busficld. «f the resrional labor i for Texas with _^ _ KAHiSDAt-H. N. T.. C--F?- — Twesty-one-month* - old Bobby | Connor, who vanished while p!ay- i iES vri *' h his doHs five <ia ^" 5 a ?°found smiling and alive, -bui thicket barely mile from hi? ing 1 to demonstrate their power. The strike lasted eig^ht days. Swut action by the jrovemnient an adverse public opinion opped it .-without the liringr of a shot. The srovernzneni collecied and •Sisfihuted food; thousands of See GENERA!,, Pa^e S. Col- S- rtiov :ory settle lonsshor-'*! workmen hours after had quit work in a ment t-^ force satisfac- ment cf the long-lived nen's strike, union \r. the nearby eastbay cities T-ere res-iy to join tneixj. Half a rrsill^on ;iersons of the metropolitan :ireLi"s total of 1.3&0,009 live In the cities h't by Tuesday's extension of the strike. The San Francisco unionists See STRIKE, Pass S. Col. 1. fcalf starved, in a ance to set- I th,ree-<i«art€rs of fhom* Tuesday, , - They searched in the vicinit> of for 'two men who carried .tne chile's face was by brambles and there and purple bruises on his. rnouih i as though caused by sharp rocks, ! ^Discovered in the midst of a. | nearly impenetrable thicker by [ Sersreant Jeronie Hcsan. little! Bobby was carried at once to his ] mother. Mrs. Charles Connor, ] whose courage snapped" under th» i strain. She collapsed an<j was! there Is no i placed under a physician's care. I Rodrlsruer continued j Bobby was examined by doctors nvasi b* b^snd. It he I ar! d then taken to Grasslands fcos- vreni to a s->.rl.> place and found | P « ta i f O - further examination. a sfce-JIor at work he misrht Tiav» been justified In srtyirsir thst th*rc ?s no strike. "'"Don't -v^-orr>', th«y %v; this is a strike before Spectroscope Proves Boon In Diagnosts_^)f Cancer Difference In Blood of Ca ncerous Persons Is Found Discernable: Nev Method of Diagnosis Gives Opportunity For Early Treatment j CAMBRIDGE, Mass.. *£*. —Ne-*i Qualities in cancerous blood, dis- ! co%-<?red by the spectroscope, a sei- j entiiic iixstrunr-ent which astrono- l rners use, were reported Tuesday | to the conference on speetroscopy f Treetrnc at Massachusetts Insti- » The spectroscope, which accu- S Sergeant Kogan at once advar.c- I rately tells the kinds of atoms on | ed the theory that Bobby had been j distant stars, indicates that can^ i kidnaped, but later was abandon- j cerous blood is different from that : in the brambly thicket when I <>r ca^cer- J re^ -*"b^?ct^ Tb*^" 1 ' ibe plasma, or white su •->f bioo<j is used. This pUtsnia is carefully fractionated by chemical methods, that is. a portion of the plasma 5s separated from the whole plasma and placed in the speetroscopic beair; of lisbt. Son?c of the tight :*? abssorbt^fi by tne plasma. Dr. Sanisrar showed that the absorption differs radically from normal when ?>lood is from cancerous rats. . it ts TK< . j, * »..^. p.'v-i. w - • .. The reporc h# he j »'* TI ;> r*^ . ••• a »- t nimsnary. made ovf-r arsd tbr "-rrcansr >><»irfrs to rot the floor." lie said. j „ »..„. ! oa raT * roo * tT - v - but a few havv -- arc about 4<>0 places in ! I OUHC Millionaire | very recent?:- been tried on hnma« } trosc . ' ~ ~ - . -. . rha . , h?> j on Sars Ar.ronio wners T»ecan s work is done, L-et the «-ome down here »rid ran find anybody at work. R.MT.KO.\1> MAN KH.T.KT* AMARTt,UO. i.^—I^M: J. Miller, a Koek T;il«nd railroad switchman, •was found shot to death in the bathrcoTrt of his home early Tuesday. Mrs. Miller was h*!<* its the Potter county 5ai! and Sheriff KH! Adams saM rharyos would be fi!*d asral»s«t her. A boarder in the Miller home asked neighbors to I C3barsced With Murder SAN DIEGO. i<FV.—Grand ration of the murder filed asrainst R. S. Boiling, dapper | yoans: miUionaire SaTj Antonio ~oiT operator, was plann«y by county Tuesday after his ar- raipTinient on. a compl»5nt tHat he kille^ 3t.i> 35^5 bartender nearJy a. year a^->. Vis?My perturbed over his ar- r«*st arscl incarceration in tbe T>ovat counrx- jaiT, BoUinsr appeared in Justice of the Peace Danic! Gar- | bein,srs, and Indicated same tell-ta'c differences esist j there too. I The implications are that the i may leac! to methods i : c»riv*T->r in its early | •s, when it is fre^ueatTy easily [ curable by ordinary irtedical lr«at- '> prc- sugsrest to other particular !s a val | tool, which may &e of use in studying: other diseases. summon police shortly after 1 a. | cia . s rourl waived examining trial TO. A pistol was found in an ad- j an< j joinlnsr room. I TO 188UK WOKK ORI>KRS th«» commttt*o xvunts to determine I strike. More th»n 5,000 oth«r lex-{$"*'*> *\vsy from the \>lasco Statfj AUSTIN, ^—The Tf.\JiK Rish- pariicularly Jf there has b*en any I tit* workers already had quit, {bank amid a hail of pistoZ fire <JN > w*y Department prepared Tuesday collusion of bank receiver* | rx»cn wild he. expected the tull f r * ct **. mt *>»*"* ^>* Cashier L. X, GUARD, 5. Cot. «„ I Skinner. Som« of the shots hit the automobU«. SXimxer to vork orders on $2.119,305 of a RUTS. Gaston Flowers placed In road amj bridro construction oa th« bids wer* r*c«iv*d Monday. J and kilJ«d him»»tf. The report wa^ made by "Dr. K, Sani.srar of the Univ*rsit>- of Pennsylvania, The work started, Dr. SarjijcnT sasd. with no idea of JooXmsr f»>r differences between oarsc»rot:5 and nort - cancerous blood. Instead it x\-as hoped 'to identify «. somewhat myster!o«s placed tinder 55.900 bond, } substance believed to exist in can- roxis blood. The spectroscope was used be- pams- j cause it* t»>chnt<jue of bri?s.kinjs a beam of lijrht into.its rainbow re- j AS - CemocmBy fair ro veals, the presence of substances jcloady amf coni»n»«d w»n» throajcH «fhich: th« bea-m chines, j **T i«l«M *»d We<tn*s«I»y. Gcmtte ever tb-ouirh thty are- too minute *w*»Me wrwdte <MI tbe cowst, mo**for detection by •fee.mfcal methods. I ty soallserly, ....''... ' • . • s* MAN SHOOTS S P KA U M ONT n.^*». - A f te r kinsrJy whittling a Ions 1 v<t:ck ^ it could be used to trip the ! 'With th« merctiry c*irQbln,g to 5. t withiT! one dearree t-f the highest ~ | for the season here Monday, there I se«rrss to !>e littl** point In COTO- i i menti?i.jr on the weather. In. spite I <:>f daily discussion of the heat j dry weather, -nothing haws j done about it. Maytx* the subject j should be siven a resit. T«mj>era~ Mondav rarfg 1 * 1 ^ fr<5m 77 to OK f *.\ HOMA A.N D KASiT TEX - aj?ain*t his abdomen

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