The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 18, 1924 · Page 15
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 15

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1924
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

V- r- .... TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1924. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. PAGE FIFTEEN. LAUNDRY WORK (Cont.) WASHING and lroninc rnll?i1 tor mm delivered. I'honc :in43W. ]5 -ll-Mlm 16 SERVICES OFFERED 1» 1'AtNTINO, cement work; hulltlins estimate tree. 215 E. IJ ,1 'h .I91S.I. lll-S-SnUM, 1'KASII hauling, all klnUa. l'h. HTS*4^ RADIO EQUIPMENT SONOtlA RADIO SPOUKiER (With the concealed horn) "CLEAH AS A BKI,li" Tone quality unexcelled, because It a •11 wood. Bums price as others. Thorns ailZ for demonstration. 17-lS-tiUU It MALE HELP WANTED 19 WANTED —Good man and wire tor general farm work; laily to keep llouse. Address A. Brooks, Arlington. Kaunas. ia-17-l'Jm. VoUNG man or lioy over school ase for .Janitor and delivery work. Mutual Press, 23 W. Second. 1P-1S-1IJK 20 FEMALE HELP WANTED 20 COOK and pastry work. EastsUte Cafe, Stafford, Kan. ao-lH-lSHi llXI'liHIENCRD women to repair men's clothes, 105 So. Main. 2u-l«-',M.>w • EXPERIENCED woman for general housework. Mrs. Frank Kntgnt. 'Jll-n-'lilm. &1KI, for general houaework. Itoom and hoard and small wanes, caic, '» and Main. • SO-ltl-lUlo hoUSEKBBI 'ER, two In family. RcN nrenco. 607 R-W Bldg., or 308 East 18th. 50-18flPKl SALESMEN OR SALESWOMEN '•AT -iHSSMEN wanted for Reno, Uarton, i Stafford and Pratt counties to sell 'Blancke'i automatic carburetor control for Ford cars and trucks. It l» a •nccesi and a good seller. J. p. R Pp«y, Stafford, Kansas. gs -ls-'.-jm 28 SITUATION WANTED, 'FEMALE 25 iliADY with daughter IS, wIshoB to • keep house for bachelor or widower. Writo Susie Miller, Stafford. Kan. 2!i-lS-3DU ,%ORK by nour. Phone 2004. VANTED by young lady—Clerking ' position or saleswork, any kind, grocery preferred: experienced; In or out ef city. Address P-U, cart. News. MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE ,'BE ^ iTlLLlONAIRE, 10U Million mark* J1.00. Uig bunch genuine bank issuce totaling 300 Million J2.00. .Dot Vernon, 1S3S No. 18Ui St., Plula., fP„. 2S-25-26dm. .SUV your floor lamp now, »i down, • (1 per week. Xmas delivery. A wonderful line to ch0O3Q from. Harmon - Furniture Co. 2G-H-SU.M EQBKiPMEOT Iter bxt &my ptejn, naicaoadloffli «aiji5ii;« small Weal Savsnft Ki'U SALi:—Lloyd, Princess Ivory t.:iby biujgy; white enameled baby l.rd. I'hnmt 10GO.I. 20-17-3«n) HASlUlLiltNIOK and spring WHKUO l"r . Mil'!. t>hon« 29KIS. .' 26-18-U'l'i J-'cIl SAL.K. cheap, team of mules, harness and wagon, phone stl-lti-jur; 1-Vtt .SALE—Real estate 8% contract • at discount. —ask McNaghten'. 2il-S'-2Stlm Pim SALE—Biggest Bargain in Eleo- uic Washing .Machines ever offered to the public. Tho "Apex" now being Hold at special sato for one-half thu retail dealers price at the Hutchinson 'Bonded Warehouse—701 East '-Second «trcet. 2t*-17-4Um. FOR SALE—One Mahogany Library di-sk and one Mahogany chair. Call at 610 East miermau before noon. FOR SALIC—Heavy only wagon: 1 gusollne garage tank; galvlnlzcd water tank with faucet and cover. White Lumber Co.. 101 W. Sherman. Vhonn 65. 26-17-6rtm. FOB SALE—Apple wood. Phone 3IF31. aii-S-Dce 4o i"OR SALE—Bicycle, Jlo.Ou; 114 SUi Eaet. ac-m-adm. •t"OH SALE—7% real estate tirst mortgages, —ask McNaghtenl Phone *55. 26-fi-25dm VoR SALE—Manure for lawns. Call 38UJ. !!ll-3l)-2adm blBLS bicycle, 309 West 12th. 2«-l7-3dm. MAGAZINE eubscrlpllona. Mrs. Ina Kilee. 317 East Fourth- 2li-ii--tmiu iilD£j til** elevator and save. Buy your second hand furniture at Shaffers ao-in-HDK eiWEEP mill for sale. Grinds corn and cob. Few weanling pigs. Louis Qortrd, Caatleton, Kansas. 26-stu-ls-lHm SECOND-hand corn similar for sal'-', 23F12. 2li-18-Tuc-Sat-2l->.M TIRE Bargains—30x3; »o.UI. 3iix3ft; J6.29. 3 and 3'A in. tubes fl.10 Uu- •vail Tire Co., lis E. Sherman. ac-in-aiirtm VoDjJG Kat Geese. Phone rtslti.1. 27 MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE OR TRADE 27 TO TRADE—A 4-room house ror team, wagon and harness, mature 408 East Campbell. 27.16-lidm 28 MISCELLANEOUS WANTED 28 CASH PAID FOR GOLD AND S1L VER. J. M. BISHOP, U WEST 2ND. 28-28 - ( ..o .d..Thu-Sat-Tu^.:SDK WANTED—All kinds of used furniture; one piece or an entire houseful. Crook Furniture Exchange Co., phone 36. 28-ll-2Brlm WANTED to buy—Good used' pmnoa. Mayftold Muslo Co., phone 9U3. 28-U-lldm 29 WEARING APPArfEL ZS lBmrcBey £©ir3<8(b Mrs. Ina Klles. phone 3728. 317 East Fourth. 2U-7-25dm lllQHBST prices lor men's doming and shoes. Phono 1158.1. 2».i2-2i,M« USED CLOTHING ami. fancy worn exchange. GIFT & THRIFT Shop, 215 West 5th. Phono 1752-W. • , 20-17-lidm. 30 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS 40 A SPECIAL Price on a beautiful Con- *ti]e Viotrola, Period stylo, mahogany. Jenkins Music Co., 122 N. Main. HO-lS-aUK FOR SA LE—Columbia piionogrupn. . Excellent condition. 720 Mist. 30-1B-1SM l'll(iN(iflf!APllS. BAND 1NSTKU- M'.'hts—Brunsivick, JlfiO; Console, * JUS; Victrola. So0; Columbia, ?00; large I'MUsun. J1S5; C-Melody Saxoplione, $!I.V, Gullur, fID; Banjo, H7. Easy ten's. RORABAUGH-WILEV MUSIC DKPT ao -iH -sDji; ' W. M. BALL Piano Tuner. Phone 4100J i ' _30-lI-21E_ , ltE.\L' bargain In new piano,"huuuiifui '' instrument, fully guaranteed. I'hotie •JW*- 3U-1E-Bdju MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS (Cont.) WE ARE making a special price on several BUghtly used rolls. Ask about these. Jenkins Music Co., 122 X. Main. 30-1S-llL)l'; WANTED—To buy u«ed pianos; May- fleld Music Co. Phone HOI. aiMS -Slirim. WE put in phunograph springs. H. G. Philips, phone 648. 3(l-10-2r,dm WANTED to buy—Several used pianos for cash. II. G. Philips, phono 619. 30-13-Udm WE HAVE some bargains in record cnbliutfl. Thi 'MO will not last long nt Hie prices wo nsk. Jenkins Music Co.. 123 N Main. 30-18-3DE WE HAVE a few Edisons, Honoia and Brunswick phonographs to trade for good used pianos; Veatch Bros., 120 N. Main. - 3U-lH-4rim. 31 HOUSEHOLD OOODS 31 AURORA Acorn coal range, looks like new, our price |4H; one Quick Meal range, all A-I condition, guaranteed, $4Fi. Crook Furniture Co. 3i-l»-:Mm "Apex" Electric Washing Machines nt one-half tho retail dealers price. A first "class-A-1 Standard Washing Machine hns never been offered to the public nt this ridiculous bargain. They nro to be seen and had at Tile Hutchinson Bonded Warehouse—701 East Second afreet. 31-17-ldin. A RUG; stair carpet, sectional booK- ^•cjise. linoleum; cheap. Phone 1477. 31-17-atlm. A NEW shipment of buffet anil mantel mirrors. Xmas club plan, (1 down ?1 per week. Harmon Furniture Co. 31-14-tIDM BEAUTIFUL Peninsular basoournnr, size 10, Used one season. Phono 1373. .31-18-31.IM FOR SALE—Large size base burner, nearly new. City Transfer. 31-18-Um FURNITURE, stoves. 115 East 10th, 31-13-20m FOR SALB—New gloradlant gas atpve bargain. Phone 1511-W. 3t-17-Zdm. GOOD PHONOGRAPH BARGAINS 1 Victor machine, 1150 new, our price 1S2.B0 with 20 records. 1 Columbia, A -l condition, $150 new, our price $67.50 with 20 records. Brunswick, alt No, I condition, $58.50. Soma other itandard makes, all In good condition, from $35 up. CROOK FURNITURE CO. 3l-15-3dm HIGHEST cash prices paid tor all kinds of used furniture. Nothing too good; nothing to poor. Crook Furniture Exchange Co., phone 36. 31-ll-25dm HOMEMADE comforts. Phone 2217. 31-30-25dm NEW and used Furniture, heating fltoves, ranges and gas ranges. Our prices are right. Wo are in the market for good furniture and stoves. Hay Workman, 202M, N. Maple. Phone 3SI1—1571-J. 31-17-25DM. W ANTE!}—Furniture, rugs, stoves; highest prices. Johnson Furniture Co.. Phono 334. ' 31-5-251)1-1 YOU can buy a gomline MclJougall Kitchen Cabinet, $1 down, $1 per week. Harmon JTurnlture Co. 31-14-6UM ROUND OAK range aim baseourucr, Kitchen cabinet, 15 East 7th, 31-16-18W TRADE your old furniture tor new. Phone Shaffers. M-13-BD1S UHKU furniture, upholstering ahil repairing, furniture and stoves. Hlld- yatd Furu. Co., 100 East 7th. Ph. 16a. 31-l-eod-25dm 32 TYPEWRITER SUPPLIES 3* (BITS REPAIR ISD—J! E.VTBP, BOUGHT—SOLD 608 N, Main Phono 7S7 32-1S-25DU "TVPEWHITER lUMWJUAHTKKS." AH makes of Slightly used ami rebuilt typewriters sold on E-X payments;, exeluslvo audits for Royal and Corona Typewriters; rentals, repair work and supplies; reasonable, RENO TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE. 405 N. .Main. ' Phone Ulillll. 32-18-M.W.S.-2„nni. 35 GOOD THINGS TO EAT 3B CALL 20F3 for pears, apples, honey and pumpkins. 35-26-11:25. CHILE, . Hot Tomales/ Uamberger*. Tho best' In Hutchinson. Try them. C. and K. Lunch, 20- A East 1st. Phono 312. 3',-0-2r,dm FOR SALE—Turnips, %\ a liu., delivered. Ph. IMS, 712 W. 1st. A. P. Crum. 35-ir,-4dm GOOD Pumpkin and Mince Ple-i, cakes and popcorn balls. Phono 1144-J. 35-lS-sdm. GOOD homo baking, l'h. int.!. 35-;i-26dm HUME-MADE Bread, cookies, divinity, mince-m"at. Ph'ono 2501-W. Mrs. Sherman lioughe. .•:r.-17-Eod-12dm. 38 LIVE STOCK, SUPPLIES 38 FOR SALE—Big typo Poland China boars. Some extra good boars slrea by Premier by Promoter by Criterion. Dam is .latin by Nortslde Kit by Pick- elld Orphan. These boars are outstanding breeding prospects nil have been vaccinated and are priced right. For frther Information, address Setn Jones, Box 61, Hutchinson, ICansaa. 3S-S-S60I1) FOR SALU— Two iresh cows; 5 Hol- stcln heifer calves. Phono 1200-.T. W. R. Crow. 3S-17-1DM. FOR SALlv - Choice t'uroc males. Phone lC-K-li C. W. Danloril. 38-17-6'lm. 39 PUBLIC AUCTIONS 39 AUCTIONEER—Peto Powelson. phone Midland hotel 94, Hutchinson. 1 can please you. 33-l5-12;25m I WILL sell nt public auction, 4 uu. southwest of Partridge, Nov. 25th, 26 head high grade Jersey cattle consisting of cows and heifers. Some fresh, others fresli soon, N. A. Cas- sldy. 33-H-20E PUBLIC SALE HOUSEHOLD GOODS At 2 o'clock I*. M., Saturday, Nov. 22, at residence No. 129 WeBt 14th Street In the City of Hutchinson, the household goods of the late Louisa M. Ulsh will be sold nt public auction. Among the articles to bo sold are the following; Upright piano, bed stoiids*, springs and mattresses, eoui'b, dining room table, china cupboard, kitchen cabinet. Ice chest, kitchen range, sewing machine, kitchen table, rockers and other chairs, oil stove, three rugs, and numerous other articles. G. W. NORR1S, DANIEL CARRY. Executors. Pete PoweUuh. Auctioneer. 3!J-15-eod-22m 40 PET STOCK 44) DR. O. B. MORGAN VETERINARIAN Specialising In flogs and cats. 121 East Fifteenth. Phono 734. 3-12:Um. 1 RAINED pidlgleia setter, $50, line looker. Wlro C. O. Jones, 258 Lewis St., Memphis, Tenn, 40-10-21m 41 POULTRY & SUPPLIES 41 ARCHER'S STANDARD BRKO Buff Orpington Cnckrels; 2620 North AdaiiK-i. Phone 3763-J. 41.17-Oilm. BJiO.NZE lurkeya, .sired by 1st prize loin at "Arkansas Valley," Mrs. u. G. Wright, Langdon, Kan. '41-14-1DM BARRED Ruck cockerels, 11,85 to - if. .Mrs. Will Love, Partridge' f!.IltuK-3ilm FOR" SALE—Wh 'fr.r Wyandolle. and Whltv Lei-hurii' Cockerels, 373II.J, POULTRY A SUPPLIES (Cont.H AUTOS AND TRUCKS (Cant.) 8» APARTMENTS FURNISHED 65 FCMt SALE—24 White Leghorn pul- Uls. Mny hntched. Phone 3035.1. II-J8.2HE FOR SALE—Barred Rock cockerels, standard mating from heavy laying strain, W. H. Ward, Nickorson, Kan. 41-1,-25dm FOR SALE—Turkeys; A. M. Bowser. Phone 1105 Darlnw. 41-ls-4dm. Live and Dressed poultry HENNINGSEN PRODUCE CO Phono 779. We deliver, 41-12-25IJE SINGLE COMB Rhode Island Red Cockerels. Phone I'N.'I; John A. Morgan. ll-TS-liilm. 42 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES CAFE tor sorfTllV S. Walnut! 42.12-0dm FROM $2,000 to $30,000 with or without services to Invest In corporation with bright prospects for a promising future. D. L. Cheney, box 23, Lln- colnton. North Carolina. . 42,-15-l'im GENERAL merchandise stock ror Rale in a town In Stafford Co., consisting of tho following: $ 700 In Shoes. 30(1 In Work Clothe*. 1000 Shelf Hardware 2500 Groceries. 3000 Dry Goods; furnishings. 1200 In Fixtures. > This entire stock sold at a big discount. Realtors tako notice. .lonn Collopy. Turon, Ivans. 42-12-lldm INVESTMENT—Offer $10,000 7% pre. • ferred stock in ntnounts of $1,000 or more. Dividends payable semi-annually. Established concern. For further Information, nddreBs J-ll, care News- Ffentld. 42-mths-!0.25dm WIDOW has $10,000 life Insurance money to Invest. Investment must ho safe and returns absolutely guarau. teed. State nature of investment. For Interview. Address box S -ll care News-Herald, 42-17-Zlm. 43 MORTGAGES, STOCKS, 43 BONDS OIL OHL Wilt sell today for $G00 one-half m- torst In 160 Acre oil leaoe. Wlleon-co., one rnllo northeast of big well JUBI drilled In, reported making 4UU bbta. MatthewB, 215 E. Sherman. 44-18-181*; WANTKD by resident owner—A loan of $fi,000 for 5 years nt 1%, Interest payable quarterly, secured by a first mortgage on said residence. Loan may bo completed any time within the next sixty days. Address H-ll, care Tho NfiWB. 43-14-l'i»n 45 MONEY TO LOAN 45 Plenty of ready money to buy, build, repair, or pay off present loan; will loan up to 60% of value, you pay back principal and Interest nt 113.33 per month for each |l,000 borrowed; wo want to talk with you about It. Coe- Thomson improvement Co.. Masonic Bldg., phone 45-3Q-£;i(Jm GET 7% on first mortgage real osLate security, —ask McNaghteu! 1st Nat'l Bldg.. 45-S-2r»nm we represent loan companies with millions available to place on ffoou Central Kansas farms, u% with moderate commission, 6Vi% with small cr.mmlssfon, or 8% with no commission. Annual interest. Consult UB now. TUB COtf-THOMSON IMPROVEMENT CO. Loans and Insurance. 45-4-2r»dm MO.NKV to foan, small amounts. Welfare Loan Co., 16% North Main. 45-21 -^iirim MONJCY TO LOAN Improved city properly or farms. —ask MeNaRhten! 4 . r .-n-;'i-nm Cash available now to repay the loan you now have-and reduce your monthly payments by placing your loan In tho Salt City Building Loan & Savings Association. From an Investment Mtnndpolnt, our stock (s safe, solid and secure; whip your lazy dollars Into producing a puarantecd. ti^b divlrtfmd. Let UH call nnrt explain BuildJrjtf and Loan to you. VI CA11KV. LLOYD BltOWN, Pi '^slclf.'iit. Sccretar>'- C0;t N. Matti. fhnnft 1»7J. 4^-lS-iam. $L000,000 to loan on farms. Newiin M ^annlnK I^ian Co. 45-2 (»-liruim 6</o FAHM loans. Anderson investment Co., Phono &38, 27H a. Mam. 45-8 -i !&J'; 46 AUTOS AND TRUCKS « IBOTTIEE CAMS AT LOWOS PRICES 1D20 Btltck Touring 19'J1 Kord Itoadster 1310 Ford Tourlne 1516 Four cyl. Studebskor 11)20 Jordan TourJug 191S Bulclt Tourina 1V19 Studebalter Uls 6 Touring 63 Cadillac Touring. l?m Marnion .Sedan 1923 Studebakor Special' Six 1918 nulclt 0 Touring 1918 Wlllye, 6 Touiinil rhone^46tl 110-113 W. Second -lil -lii -iuu ttlll SALU—-Fore I Touring; class A garage; 20 ^Vest Sbertnan. . 4ii -ls -Bdm FOU SALE or Trade—1522 Ford tour" mtx car. Phone :ill2. 4G-12-Hdm FOUD Touring, 606 1-:. 9tb. 46-I0 -3UJ-; 1-OK yx\Li:7—I.»odce sedan, cliejtp, or will trade body for good roadster body. Vhone 214. Ml-ls-lOni FtlKl.) I 'AR for sale—Cheap.Call 121 Sill Weal. Phone 2078. 4S-17-18>mn. NEW Ford sedan. Pnone 771. 4H-27-25DM NOW wrecking K-4!> BulcU; 37 mobile; Forila and others. Johnson, 15 South Washington. 46-10 Olds- A. K. 23dm One Ford Touring IK.'l Olds Sedan Chandler Sport Touring. 1S20 Hup Uoadstcr. 6. A. Wimlgwwsi Moilfflir C®. The following reconditioned t'LL>a- ItOBILUS are ready to go. The fact that the owner of each of these cara bought new OLDSMOH1LES prove that the>-e cars have given and will glvq, satisfactory service. 5 Pass. Touring good shape 11611 7 1'ass. 8-cyl. Touring »2UU 5 Pass, fl-cyl. Touring,, hew paint 6 Pass. 8-cyl. Touring »SK6 ritONR !0 Cash—Terms That. Aro Eeasy— Trade 40-18-11JID 1923 Ford coupo 10^3 Kom itnadster, starter 131S Uuick Tourlns 1322 liulck Tourlnp:, new paint Vrio Cbovrolot P.U, Roadsicr 13^1 Ford Touring „ l!)lt> .Port TourlnK •' * 1IMS Maxwell Touring Morlol 53 Cadillac Tourlnp, cheap 7-Passcnsi-r Tourins, cneup Lota Of other low priced cars. Let ita know your noeds. SSaJar's Mateir SselbiiB^e The Used Car' Market L. J. Sllfer. Opp Convention Hall •IIJ-1»-31IB USED CAR UAHOA1NH These cars aro priced to move right away: Dodge Pvoadster Hudson Touring Port Touring Colo Chummy Roaditer Forrt Speedster Nash Chummy Roadster Hupmobllp Roadster BUNTB MOTOR CO., 800 S. Main Phona 68 4o-lli-41JK , 47 MOTOR SUPPLIES A REPAIRS LAST MOTTHI we wrecked 24 cars. Windshield «laJi fitted. Tirea and battorlei. _« Co. 22, 24, 29, 28 West Sherman. 47-24-26dm. 60 ROOMS WITHOUT BOARD M> FRONT ROOM—Modern nomo. Main Thono M81-J. (0.17-3DM. MERCER HOTEL, 610',4 N. Main. Suburban Special Nov. 19—Those taking rooma this week; reduced ratea by week for all winter; hot and cold water In each room; steam heat, iQ -ls-ldm MODBltN sleeping rooms. 21b fc;ust Sherman. ,50-S-25dm MOUKltN Sleeping roonn; 318 E. U. Phono 21a. 6u-a-iodm, MODERN Bleeping rooms. 201 W. 6. 5(l-S-2Mm MODERN sleeping rooms. l'h. mu. 60-10-25am NICE docplng rooms close In. Phone 1261W. 112 East 4th. oO-l.l-Bdm SLEEPING room In modern homo. 12 North Elm. phono 3G43J. E0-18-20m SLEEPINO rooma. 227 East Sherman. 60-10:26-11:26 SLEEPING rooms. 213 West Flttn. 60.8-2fidm TWO NICELY furnished rooms with bath; 300 W. IsL Phono 175S-J. 60-lS-25dm. TWO sleeping rooms for rent, furnace heat; ladles preferred. Phono 3700. 50-15-lidm 51 ROOMS WITH BOARD 61 BOARD and mom; furnace heat. 126 East Sherman. 61-2H-2bdm liOAUi) and room close In. Fifth Avenue Rooms, 23 West 6th, ph. 3427W. Si-l3-26dra MODERN furnished 2-room suite close in. Board if desired. 24 East Phone 37. ' 6i-'jo-2Srtm MODERN rooms. Hoard. 306 w, 21111 ,"il-27-2i,dir. MODERN sleeping rooms; Mrs. Sparits 41C Third Mast. 2443. 51-17-3dm, NICE sleeping rooms! Furnace heat. 337 E. Sherman. Phone 147V. C1-15-0DE ROOM and board for two, 208 A. east. Phono 262SW. 61-18-6UE ROOM and board; modern home, D23 East 8th. 51-17-4dm. 52 ROOMS FOR HOUSEKEEPING FURNISHED cottage, »15. 306 W. 2nd. .62-30 -2iKlm FOR RENT—Modern Dght-liouaekeop- Ing rooma, close in. Phone 1747-J. 62-17-3dm. HOUSE1CEEPINO rooms. 306 iV. 2nd. K2-22-26dm HOUSEICBEPINO rooma, 211 W. 6tn. 62-28-2i)dm HOUSEKEEPINO room, Toii west Ulgger. No objections to children. fi2-15-iuur; LIOUT .HOUSE Keeping rooms; also • sleeping rooms from |2 and up. 20s East B. ; 5'.'-17-0tlm. MODEHN furnished hglit housckeep- lng rooms,.604 East C. 3952.1, 62-30-25DE TRHEE ROOMS furnished tor housekeeping; also 1 sleeping room. 31-J West. 62-17-ldm. TWO or three well furnished Housekeeping rooms, bath. 221 West 1st. r>2-ll-lsm TWO furnished housekeeping rooms, (3 per week. 313 East B. 52-18-25DM TWO nicely furnished modern liglit houst-keeplng rooms. 226 West 1st, 52-ll-lllihu 2 ROOMS and uau o( kitchen. 112 First, .east. 62-P.1-20M 64 APARTMENTS 64 UNFURNISHED . APARTMENT close In, furnished or unfurnished. Call 2056W or list. 64-14-lUdtn MODERN apts. and rooms. 610 E. 1st. r)4 -2H-2sdm THREE .ROOM, modern, down auirs apartment: 223 E. 2nd. 6-1-lH-Odm. UNFURNISHED nice front room, bath, waler, lights, gas, pnono; on car line; 601 W. 6th, Phone 3320-.!. 5t-lS-2dtn. FURNISHED—Two room apartment, connecting bath, private, entrance; 117 East 8th. Phone 2039 W. 6a-lS-0dm. FOUR-room apartment, 15 East 6th. r,6-13-tidm MODERN apts, and rooms. Mil E. 1st. 65-30-ll:2r,dm MODERN apartment and sleeping rooms. 100 Bast Fourth. R5.27-25dm MODERN furnished apartment. 63H A East. 65-7-2bdm MODEItN Furnished Apartment, 212" W. 65-17-25dm STR1CTLV modern prlvato apt. 2S10W 54-IS-2Sdm THREE room ground floor apartment, modern. 200 nth West. 65-1S-23.M 56 HOUSES UNFURNISHED 56 FOR RENT—Sbc room strictly modern bungalow, fireplace, doublo garage; paved street: $35; 5 rooms east Hitn, strictly modern, $35; 6 rooms odem except furnace, garage, $25. Hutchinson Investment Co., Realtors. Phono 400. r>6-is-idin. FOR RENT—10 rooma strictly modern except furnace; excellent condition. Phone 2255 or 1503. 56-17-(idm FOU SALE by owner, 2 six room houses, 70S and 710 East Third, in- qulre 710 East Third. E6-12-11DE FOUR ROOM cottage 111. Six rooms, bath; close In, $20. Eight rooms, $20. Pone 1054. r,(!-17-2-lm. FOR RENT—9 room house in Hutchinson, newly papered, varnished, all In first class shape. Modern except furnace. Double garage, $22.50 mo. Claudo Bachus, Abbyvllle, Kan. 6S-lS-20ir FOR RENT—Good modern I room cottage garage close In. Htiono 3230. 56-lB-0dm. FOR RENT—5-room new, modern / bungalow to aduita. Phone 2217. 66-27-25dm FIVE-roum house, semi-modern, garage, $20 month. Call 615 East 7th. 66-15-180 PAY off tho loan on your home on easy monthly payments. —ask Mc- Naghtenl First Natl. Bldg. 60-S-2odm, RENTALS 410 East Osborn, amnll family, $13. 413 A East, strictly modern, .2 baths. 215 11th West, 7 rooms, garage, $30. 614 C East, 6 rooms, chicken house, 112. 928 4th East, garage, chicken house, $25. 810 7th East, 8 rooms, garage, $30. BREILM RE ALT X CO. 60-18-ldm. Six ROOM house close to business district; modern, garage for 2 oars; chicken house. Phono 203S. 56-1.7-4dm 410 West loth; modern except furnace; {20.00. Call 1107 North Monroe. 66-!8-25m. 6-ROOM cottage and garage. 216 West Eighth. 6«-ll-6dm 6-RUO.M modern cottage, with garage. 301 West 12th. B6-lS-l>dm RENTALS. 1 So. Chemical, 4 rooms $ 8.00 3 So. Chemical, 4 rooms 8.00 1st & Palace, 4 rooms 12.00 621 West Clh, 4 room 12 .00 1518 East Third, S rooms...... 13-00 1000 East 6th, 6 rooms 16.00 600 East "F," 7 rooms lo.uu 422 N. Chemical. 6 rooms 15.00 612 East Campbell, 4 rooms 15.00 624 East 4th, 5 rooma $30 .00 617 West 7th, 5 rooms film 37.60 724 Eas tSherman, S rooms mod. 30.00 204 East "A," 6 rooms mod 46.00 14 West 4th. Storeroom >.. 40.0U Steam heated office rooms, —ask McNAQHTENI Realtors. Phone «5S. 1st Nafl Bldg. Call 1586-J evenings. 66-17-6dm. 67 HOUSES FURNISHED 6f FOR RENT—My home furnished; strictly modern; garage; 820 Sherman East. Phone 2132-W. 67-17-Hrim. FURNISHED 4-roonl cottage; lights and gas only. Phone 204. 67-V.I-tidm FURNISHED 3 or 6 -room cottage. In- qulro 221 West First. 57-16-Mm SIX KO.OM. Cottage. Phono lub4. 57-17-21m. FOR RENT—Furnished or unfurnished 6 room cottage. Call 3109 or 1022 ..I. 67-n-lldm. TWO ROOM furnished house, on car line. Phone 29Q6-.I. fi7-17-»dm. 60 FARMS FOR RENT oil FOR RENT—Well Improved farm close to Hutchinson. 28 West ?th. Phone 1039.1. BU-lb-biliii 63 BUSINESS PROPERTY 63 2 -apartment property with modern conveniences. 1W blocks of Christian church. t}wner reserves 4 rooms and reeolvea $95 per month on balance. Sell on easy terms or trade for first- class "Wichita property. Erehrn Realty Co., Realtors, No. 9 East Sherman. 63-IIS-iam. ROOM for rent. 26x125 feet. 419 Soutf? Main. Inquire at 417 South Main. 63-10-10ilm ROOMINO house proposition 100 K. 4 63-19-25dir 64 HOUSES FOR SALE 64 Brand new strictly modern bungalow, northeast part, The cheap price will surprlso you. Built-in features for everything. Good terms and only $6,000. 5 room strictly modern on West 17th, Sf.SOO on good terms. And tool' —oak floors, fireplace, good basement, over-slr,e furnace, should sell $5,500, so better look. J. £3. Mey & §®B> Established 1SS3. 61-18-liiiu FOR' SALE at bargain—217 F East and 301 D East. Write Box 22, Ceneseo, Kans. 6l-ll-25de LOW rato loans on business property. McNaghtenl 1st-Nat'l Bl.ig. i',l-»-25ilm IS-Year city loans. —Mc.Naglileii: ~ 64-8-25dm HOUSES FOR SALE (Co/it.) . 524 West 6th—6 rooms, 56-(t. lot, neat- school and trolley, only 5t.4oo, terms. Brown Bros., Realtors, lli^i N. Main. Phone 2S14. i;(-l.i-4ilni NEW BUNGALOW—Cresccnt Uivit. 6 rooms, strictly modern: beautifully decorated; oak finish, oak floor*; bunt In conveniences. Price Jl.Sito, '.(virus. Roe IteRlly Co., Realtors. t;4-ls -2 <tm. FOIt—Beautiful strictly modern bungalow: double-built, bath with shower: fire place; bullt-ln r<'rrlger- ator; 3 room house In rear; bargain: $4200; terms. Phono 422 Florence lHastburn. 64-17-2dm. FOR SALE—Nice four room cottage with furnace, $1400. Small payment. Bennett & Benscoter, Phone U'.»4. r.l-17-21m. Frietii "to Sal' Two J-Iydp Park lots, each has «u foot from, $107*1. for both fr.r .o each; out of 'own owner In willing- to RHC- rlrico for quick pair: on W>st --'nd< Mnin St. Mnck. Five room all mevlern onk floors; don hie built throughout; hut)t-]n con- venlmcva; ftiif ha.«/»niont; ami laundry room; para^y, front drlv«; restricted district; a nice home; nnn locntlon. PrlCR JJ250; will consider amall i»rop^r(y In exchange. Three room house on Ktmi .nd, ROO block; will sell on very easy t <;rmB. For particulars poe— UealtorB Go. fi-i-18-ldm. STRICT ^r modern bungalow, $:):>5(J.U0 up, Bmall cash pn ymetitf; halance like rent; bargains In building sitee; w« exchange; what have you to otTer? n. C. Getret, Realtor. Phono HHW- Over Am. Natl. Bank. 64-ls-'Jdm. No. 211 ICth Woat, 2 lar^e rooitw in front; kitchen, elftctrio llRhta, water In yard. barn. JIouso nowly pninioui and papered; located between Itoose- velt and Liberty school. Goea tor small cash payment, baianca like rent. Splendid location and good chance for small family. Nearly new bungalow, 4 large rooms, handy to 4th Avenuo nchaol. on easy payments. We havo placed ncores of famllfoa In eaey payment homed. Why not you 7 Ralturs. tin 1 torn. Masonic DMg., Phone 752. 64-lS-lttm. New north end 5 room bumralown; solid oak floorn, breakfast room. Can mako good prleca and vnsy terms on fach. Built-in fpaturea; garage, lirehm Healty Co., Itcaltora, phonq 43. (M-lii-ldm. I^®ir0to Maum H ©iKa© Practicallv new S room (5 bedrooms) and sleeping; porch, atrictly modern home, close to 13th and Main, can easily make two apartments; consider cottage ns part pay; liberal terms. . UKEIIM REALTY CO. Realtors. Phone 42. G4-i»-mm. NEW B room stucco bungalow i-om- plotely modern with oak trim In & room* well located, for J-lOW, 655 or 3999-W. pvenlnHB. 1st Natl. BldK- 64*lS-»dm. 100 acrrs, one-half mile from Haven. One of thu finest Improved homes In Reno County. All tine soil, oxtra good Improvements. Priced worth the money for quick sale. 210 acres .three miles from Hutchinson. All smooth wheat and alfalfa land, 120 acres in wiVat now, Good set of Improvements, SO acre* fenced hoff tight. Priced JuO an acre tinder foniK-r selling price. This In a real baiB^'ii, and 100% location. 0 room, .strictly modern bungalow. Northwest location, paved street. First olnsa condition, nice, largo rooms, pipe furnace, flreplact, double garage, corner lot with extra building site. Price M500, easy terms IT desired. HUTCHINSON 1NVKSTMKNT CO. Realtors First and Main. Phone 400. We, Writ** All Lines of - Insurance. Troy Marktu, Solicitor. Buys This Home. Ensy terms can bo arranged. The price la below value. 6 life size roomn strictly modern, fine shado trees end very desirable location. It will pay you to Investigate this offering. It la a real bargain. Cairoy Real! ISaHatio & Sow. Co. Insuror—Lloyd Brown—Realtor Salesmen: Sanders, Schoonover, IHichanan. Have fino closo In two apartment property In A-l condition, 66x165 feet. Out of town-ownt-r says get oifor. It will pay you to ask about It. LAMBOK.V -MAVFIELD CO. Realtors Phone 1785. 3 North Main, r fil-is-ldm Fair ©&8c Good & room furnace .... 5 room 6 room 4 room C room modern except WANTED LADIES TO SEE OUR NEW WOOL DRESSES that we are selling for $5.75, $6.75, $10.75, $12.75. New Silk Dresses, $5.75, $6.75, $10.75, $12.75. Easy Payments. Comer Commerce Co. 17-19 NORTH WALNUT STREET LOTS FOR SALE (Cont.) FOU SALU— Vacant lots tu business dhstr Havllanu", Knn. Phone slfiW Dr. W, F. SChoor, Hutchinson, Kan. fi3-_3-_U>M 66 FARMS FOR SALE 13 rnll^s Hutchinson, Improved and a fine location, had 27 bushel to aero wheat this year. This Is a real bargain for a home; has pasture, alfalfa, fruit, and only t mllo to market. Price fl3,<K>0; looking fine, Kstiibllshetl 1SSS. (16-lS-ldm FARM BARGAIN DIRECT FROM OWNER S30 a. Haskell Co., tCun., miles county seat; all lovel and best of soil; extra good state of cultivation; 160 now In wheat: fine condition; 120 a. ready for aprlng crop; 40 a. grass; terms on half. Address Box 320, Hutchinson. C0-18-25dm 67 TRACTS FOR SAL' b7 SUBURBAN tract, well Improved, equipped for raising nnd hnndlfng chickens. Nato Neal Real Estate. phone 1719, 67-IS-lid in MUST SELL IVi acre Improved tract, close In; will take $400 ca-sh payment; price onlv $1,900; this is a snnp; offered for 2 tfhya only. Phone. 17S5 or 1794J. *. fi7-P>-2im 3 ACUE tcact, close in, 2 acres In alfalfa. 6 room house, lights ann gas, large Imrn. Can be bought like, paying rent, 624 S. Plum. 07-6-25(im 68 REAL ESTATE 66 EXCHANGES No. l'Wc«i Sth, ronnis mcd^r: fxrepi furn.ii:e, garag'*. Kx- han^-e rv roam hous<j in northwest part oi town. No, 2—Flv* room romplffely modern,, full bn-i'-mont; located block of ti^hool and car line. Northwest part oi flty. Prlo© JJIOO.OO; i 550.00 caJh handle. No. 3—Flvt room modern ^xcpt fmnaco; larKft c^m^ut haaeirn'nt; front room extends ah the way IUM'^H tti« front. I'lru phu**-; liii!l!-ln f.;\turr« tr the klfhon; breakfast iu».<it; on n fli'itrs In tw.i VDOIHR . Gnifi^o anu chicken house. No. 4— Fiva seres nil fn'fllfiiif.i located close to the n**w S'niH* fc'" ysrcl* and New Houiul House at • 1 ;i M r end Priced for quick wal« 11 J^II'-'I 1 'HI. i'hone Tintf. King P.ioai..ia llTialtot? KveninK.s 1327-W. .107 Flint National liink Hldi? FOR TItAPE—Business hldg: valuer «t $2150; lens (Ml rur 3 y.rars nt fA" per month; clear; wtil trnde on goo<: cottage or bungalow. Plum*) "70, FOR TRADE—Nice flva vO'ini nous. rinse in for a snapry six rooms it s north end; pay ca-*h differ-.-nc^. lien • nett Sc Benscoter. phono ior.4. 6S-17-2im. FOR FAL.K or trade—10 room strictly modern home In excellent condition, good location, reasonable term* Phone 2L 5.1 or 1503. .S-17-fidin 70 WANTED TO BUY WANTF.D—A few hundred fane postfl. See mi «t Rock Itdand 8ho> Shop, 317 S. Main. 70-18-adm You are probably working on a s.itary, or conducting a business which requires all your pernouul attention. You need your monthly eatnlnga to koop your wife. »If you bocame disabled, she will HUtter. Sea mo for the protection you need. I can sell you a non-cancellable health and accident policy thai pays you for life. and Insurer. 12 East Sherman Street. Over 50 years la Hutcniasoa. Phona ' p " m " FRANK PILE, Mcrr. Real Estate. MY HOME, 1911 N. MA.IN Two story, heavy tile construction, stucco. Two tire places. Staud- Ing oak downstairs; upstairs white enamel. Oak floors throughout. Sleeping porch, breakfast room. Various bullt-ln features. Beautiful light fixtures. Full basement and fruit room. Stucco sarase. Should be seen to be appreciated. Phone 63'. Evenings, 3304. . 2,000.00' . 2,1150.00 . 1,900.00 1,150.00 Also havo Bomfl good trneta Tor eale or triulo worth the money. " W. 11. Mffllem Phono 01)2. 1 M 'South Main. W1-; want icrfiilence IOHIIH, aLralKht Or monthly uuymunts. aak McNag-hteni ' M-s-liurlm NI;IW 4 room hollow ttlu SLUC-CO bunKu. low: rnoflern, cxefpt fnrnaco; a nllty home; for uuit:k salo t5<ltl cash will hanflle. l'hono 770. 61-ls-ahm. 65 LOT FOR SALE 11YUE I'AUK CUHNUH A 1IKAI. DAHOAIN X'rom owner. Address Box 320. Hutch, inson, 05-18-25drr, Above lands all In one body, appraised at about half value, and must sell to highest bidder for cash, at not less than two-thirds of appraisement. To Settle Estate of C. E. Lewis, At Court House, Liberal, Kansas, Monday, November 24th, 1924 at two o'clock P. M. Southwest quarter Section 34, 32-32, Appraised at $2,000. Southeast quarter Section 34-32-32. Appmised at ?2,000. Lots 2, 3 & 4 & so. half NWJ4 Section 3-33-32. Appraised at ?3,000. Southwest quarter Section 3-33-32, Appraised at $1600. Northwest quarter Section 10-33-32, Appraised / at $1600. Lots 3 & 4 & SK- of NWJ4 Section 2-33-32, Appraised at $1800. At Court House in Dodge Citv, Saturday November 22, 1924 at two o'clock P. M. South half SEJ4 Section 29-26-25, Appraised- at $8,000. Lots 1 & 2 in Section 32-26-25 ;(59'4 acres,) 1 Apprai-cd at $4940.50. These lauds In Ford couniy He two miles west of Dodge City, all bottom, alfalfa lands, $150 per acre has been refused for this, and will sell at not '.ess than two-thirds of appraisement to highest bidder. Grcensburg, Kansas. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS—He'd Like Variety. By Blosser I ItV HA*JE TO PUNISH ^

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