The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 8, 1964 · Page 7
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 7

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1964
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

t i, *.« THJ FACTS MOB - HAND " M. Tf Mllltnv |«'ll'«min !>»(. inwpii M ' «m*r, «KI uf Mr. »n-t Mri. i'* I' < >"1>ft, H"iilr I. lir«»"'l». """• [)l»lf I «I|M wn.Vi 'it ml!Hlf> jKillff (Ulnlne al «"• ' : .'i Artni rnlnlni! I enl<-l, I »r« O<iritiio. I,*., *«•!'. Z1. iiutliit tin- • l»l Wit <1 Mr pnl in-l.ii*r. li « IBf. hit lll«ti I u nilil <. Atm> In •"' ' »ic., him. Knur ;;it I . OKI A.-Pvt. J«n»« f.. Smith lr..M. wh"«« iwrtnu liv* •* HtNorlhAv*- iralnln* M » t»n- iu«ti>fr «l Hw Army Artillery oi.l Mlmllii Onlir. Furl Sill, ukla.. March 4. Dunn* llw> riKir»» Smith vu trained to perform the doll** "t in irtlllorv t»a or hnwlttor <r»"m»». II. «m»r»'l ih» Army tart July ami rom|>lptrO butc Irilnlnc «l Kt.rt l>cilk. L«II* I* « IMO (rxliwl* of Dra/.nn|N>r« Mlfli Srhoul HWl *» «n,|.l«y~l l-y Uv4rOT«r In* CiMUtrurllonCn., mHCTU- lon, Iwfnrr cnlcrlnfii* Army, SOUTHWESTERN TAIWAN - KUrlM Sertetnt Eddie R. Mtthewi, eunotMr. and Mr*. WIHUm I). M»lhe»ii at Ft**- porl, l« p«Htclp«Uni with U» Firrt M»rln» Aircraft win«in > cuonllnalwi U. S.-Nallon•lid Ctiiae** »mphlblou« ti- erelae oall "Oper.lloo Uaek- psek" beln« rnrriuct»d utt the COM! at Taiwan. BeckpKk li alt eierclie Ui leet th» ampMblmu eapabl- UUei and readlMainltnelur- «e* of UwSeveolli Fleet >ad the Nallooalld Cnlfleee Navy. The eterclee, with owr 40,000 men and 140 unlU r«rtlclpa- UM, wlU demonatrate the el- (Mllvvwaa of the United Stale* Beventh Ftoet to rapid- If move a alpuncart combat force to t troubled area In order to aatlct an ally. Prior to the aawuH, alr- erart «( the Seventh Fleet will tullea beach oefen»«i. m additloB, tupport whlpa will eunduct aBtl-eubm«rln» war- rare enerelM* end the are* •vrrowdinf lh» beaehhead wlU be elearedolanyobatrue- tloaa aad nltnv». "H«ekpark" la almltar to thiiee eierclae* conducted periodically by unlta ul the Seventh Fleet »Uh8CATO»nd <4h»r allied nation* in the fur t'.aal lu Imsnvw their <f«rkln( r«Utlu«*M|>a withal- lied natluna. KOKT HOOD. TKX.-Army S(< lull) M. !inufc», 12, I »h,,M- i-ironli, Mr. anil Mr*. i luirt M. Sfu«, ttw .-* H!(ht »i> .* b, ltr*r«iri», and mure I th»n |4(X) i4>«r innn,t<er* >it IMrir Ji»1 Arm>T<Hl I f • I <-t«r«- lirr mill. I, t IM<>^« U> 11)1- tt*r s *t' iMlMU** (Bd to >1* n»ii»lf al* 1. S. CA|xibilll> it- r«.rj rc« <•. rn>'i» uBllk in M a l»* l*4» (M») C, l*t the A |MO|t«te«l».><iu}tt«iit>i* IH> •«* *mt4>>>ed *• a c»I- i»***r tivtul* •B»»fUfcjU» Ari»y «• jMe IwU. * * * * INFANTS-LITTLE GIRLS'-GIRLS' SPRING DRESSES NartaHy 3.1 Stm 7-14 '* * * The Fashion Highlight of The Easter Season! ["SUNG SHOT" SHIFT JUMPER DRESSES 99 ****? •mi OF »nun, UMBTUMB SWOTS and BLOUSES COtVpafw) At l.ff Silk., rayon crepe*. "y»" *M" »• T* f.T '£««ledrettet e»ef!gle»eettont and detent ef oth.r fabric{J-JJI* *W£ .Mftt" lumper ttylet .heath*, '%•'#• ±« ftS. 14% • [acket ttyie*. 2-pe. drette* and tailored ttyl.*. i» «"• 14% In group. _ _ „ _ group. I* ANT? WKW4AM COTTON ThMe hmftSembreMercd cotton i ppn. eon* In . fin. attertment ef P"*'* and white.. ^ . \ Aft LUU imu 9ns • ms Choot» from many atiorted ttvlet and colon. All have many fine datalli. Some have chain handles. ____ mnwflw . imr ms • ms twn HATS Lar«o MlMtl-n of many, many ttyle. from one of America t ftneit maker*. I AVW TAPWfn M.AOK - COMPAW AT M» ., •anttl Fanftl Panttl Cotton twill, cotton ^••?*3J™£l amal Macotatt tharktfcln and other fabrlct In wild eolort and pattemi. Sldo ilppor, tome with belti and poefceti. HOT TAX . ^ uu tt P.rm.nenffy pleifed .klrtf in cotton Wftidad with arn.l t tate and airon rayon. WMto and Sliai I to II. 1.0U4.99 1.99 1.99 2.99 3.99 Tdm tonro Of TbM* toeradfei* Savfe* Jwf ta fife*****) e****iW BeJBwt^wMft Some of th.«. ere 2-pc. «tylet end jacket drette*. Meny have lace trim* and large twirling ikirt*. Oihert In the group ere ileevelett. !00% cotton or butcher rayon In a wonderful atiertment of pattol colon. Site* 1-3 and 1 to 6*. Or to Practical Denim Weave In Shade* of * Grey • Hue • lorry • Tan Tailored In fine watheWe 45% daeron polyetter and 3S% combed cotton. Wear fitted with matching belt or loote end to comfortable a* a thift. Site* I to II. * * * * DAN MVBt "First In American Fabrics" * * * * Ro][in Or Steevefess Styles... Befimida Or Convertible Collars Choote from all cotton, and cotton blended with daeron polyetter or ernel triacetate. Site* 30 to 31. A wonderful collection of ettorted pattel colon In tolldt and pattern* plut cool white. 77 »VMfS 1 Wt. OMWDKIATtt SUCK SETS i Clw.1. *r*m p»«nh, embroWerod or ruffle trim top.. All ee. ordlnated withTtolW black or white tlackt. Many ttylet to choote from. Site* I to II. ROYST RAYON ACETATE OR RAYON KIND SBJIS 4 A Create retittant rayon acetate gabardine, and rayon and 1|| daeron polyetter blend*, quellty cotton flennelt. Ivy league e»W.) ttyling in tolidt and fancy pattern*. Site. 4 to 12. W RAYON ACETATE OR RIYON BLEND SUITS Same a* the above boy* 1 tult* In titet 13 to 20. •OYS- SHORT SWEVE SPORT SHIRTS-COMPARE AT UMJI New thipment plut our entire ttoek of long tleeve tport tnlrtt. Cotton broadcloth. In color*, lutton down and top ttltched eellart with permanent .lay.. Wa»h and ween. Site* MEN'S NATIONALLY ADVERTISED FAMOUS LAIEL DRESS SKIRTS -COMPARE AT 150 TO 3.W Special purchate plut hundred* of our own regular 2.99 ttock. Plrna cottmt. woven white on white, woven ttripet. Regular and I map tab collar*. Slxe* 14-17, •leevet 32-34. MDrs m% conoN WASH uflAR iBStw^ANis - CMtPItt AT 199 • 4.99 ' Fine .election In Ivy or tab ttylet. Novelty weave ej* 0 "*',.. 1 Ready cuffed. Meny popular colon. Waitt ttxot 21 to 34. 19.99 1.00 2.00 2.99 38" HOYA CLOTH ONLY Yi SOLID or CHECK CANNON TOWELS AT SECONDS' PRICE S*3*k •»*) SrltoM el • «** • •:•• • NMM • Alt Ce*k*d CeHM • !«•• »«W $»*«%•«•• C»H*« • >«f<»«« Fabrlt F« !*•<•> •ATM SOI Wkit.. I Ah* A,»IUW* I* . N«. T «a. U"El4" H«Ml TwWre* J fOT W U M Kir «uifccloH.i * fee 1.00 • Tkint* Awuthwit CeMee T y"J* k. *€) M ll»t l *«"»tak. Mee,* V e0e u IraM. Wkt<*. Rnal Clearance Reductions! MBTS LON€"SLHVC SPORT SHIRTS Were 2.99 - 4.99 Wonderful .election of woven cotton*, embroldoriet, "•"•v'*** , eluded ere full range of fabriera«} ttyU*. Many colon to choote from. Site. S-M-L mum SMRTS - A A A Compare at 4.99-S.W. Solid*, fanclet, finett quality eonttruc. ef ||U tton throughout. Many feature, found only In higher priced ben- •J (] f7v Ion textured nylon thirt*. Many colon to choote from. Sis*. S-M-L M8fS YTAR ROUND WEWHT WOOL SWTS AA AA Wool wonted in popular 3-button modelt. Priced below /ll Mil our cott. Sorry, no alteration* or lay-away* at theie price*, tm V« V W Ma^AUWOaANDWOWAMOOtlOHIlBW ^PQRT COATS Choote theie weight tport coat* from wool* end wool and orlon acrylic blend*. MRTS BRESS PANTS DRASTICALLY REDUdi ----*- • '•• 4.00-6.09-8.09 ^69 e yd. 12.88 «AN RIVER 3T fMON OUMWAY ~ ONLY Coordinating tolldt and ttripet. Attorted colon. "Wrtnkl- Shed" «nlih 100% cotton. m RIVER 34" AND 3T WOVEN COTTONS -ONLY Fine attortment Spring plaldt, tolidt. ttripat, nov.ltl.i. Wath end wear. Hnt in American fabric*. leaotiful new tprlng colon end print*. Soft and tllky. FASJflOH mt 31" BUCK AND WHTE PRINTED yd Saft end tilky. for your new tpring outflH. Compare our low price. lAYOWOimSM KEND, NAND-WASHAHE 45" yd 79 s 79* Hand wathablo. Choote from white, pink, made, light blue, nil., toett. beige, aqua, corat and black. yd IRCHASE! HNEST QUALITY ITALY I WASNAHE, mmm, OASE^SBTANT <r RAYON SIITINS Wonderful eollectien of Sprlna eolort. White, natural. yd pink, black, malte. navy, capri blue, rote end othen. Mil AND MATOI91% RAYONS SHI 4T 79* 79 s LEATHERS 'STRAWS NATURAL * WHITE * MULTI COLOR FOAM CUSHION INSOLES ONI LOW PRICE Ttt SAV8KS OH TO YOU Designed By: «FLOREN23A H IN ITALY Hand wathable. Wrinkle retittant. Choice of wild, and > print* for latter tewing. i FWVOH A» AtttATI IIM lOKU^OMPAtt AT | flA ' W«heble. ere«o whtwt. Iwirtlful new Spring color*, yj Ittjl Save now for Spring end Utter tewing. *.TWW rMCMNFMSTV .. Mechln. wa*hable. drip dry, n» Ironing needed. Many {lovely tpriftg colon to cheote from. Dacren peryetter. L79 DISCOUNT SPICIAU 70" x 90" SHEET BLANKET •fPRpR** WPPBP* WT^Mft* e»d PUld, 9*&r- ffjf UKf JACKSON: Bfoiospoft Vilhiq

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