Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 22, 1961 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1961
Page 9
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nit w - — •Democrats Blast GOP Chairman WASHINGTON CAP) ;"-! The National Committee J a blast today at Rep. Wil- E. Miller of New York the MW Republican national chair. inan. It said Miller "ended up with 'is fot m his mouth three times in a row m his first week in office and (hat there is speculation his chairmanship may be brief The committee, in its public* iion, The Democrat," said Mtll- c^§'tnin 24 hours of taking over iisTicw duties June 2 "announced that he favored a Rockefeller: Goldwalcr GOP ticket for 1964." ''Since the New York governor (Nelson A. Rockfeller) and the ; Arizona senator (Barry Goldwat- cr have taken almost diametrical ly opposed positions on almost : every known question of public ; Policy," the committee said, , sw^pwing this idea proved to be too^nuch for even the normally rugged digestion of thc GOP elephant." (Miller in response to questions .Ion a recent radio program said f Ihc party might even have a r'lockcfcller-Goldwater ticket or i 'ice versa in 19C4. He did not say ' he "favored" such a ticket.) "Not daunted by this initial goof," the Democratic publication -i^ "Chairman Miller LETSTGO* NATIVE promptly the strong proceeded to violate unwritten American convention against partisan sniping at the president of thc United States when he is engaged on a delicate international mission. "The GOP leader said he hoped that President Kennedy was not meeting Khruschcv to negotiate some under-the-table deal in or- de^lo increase his prestige'. "This low blow evoked a storm of criticism from all sides." The third alleged "goof" mentioned by (he committee was a Miller statement on television last Sunday. The committee quoted Miller as saying the Eisenhower administration had a complete plan for an invasion of Cuba by anti-Castro refugees to be backed iW'y U.S. 1 air support, but that President Kennedy rescinded the air protection plan. The committee then recalled a statement it said former Vice President Richard M. Nixon made in thc last campaign criticising a Kennedy suggestion for strengthening the forces in exile and in Cuba itself. Nixon was quoted as saying this was "recklessly clan- gjBnis" and would violate,. U.S. coTrimilmcnts not lo intervene in internal affairs of other nations. Thc committee continued. "Miller's statement that thc GOP administration had a full plan for a U. S. sponsord invasion — which Nixon presumably had known about at the time he made this statement — in effect puts thc finger on Nixon as hav- ip^ deliberately attempted lo mis- Jewil the American people on a matter of vital national policy." —COURTESY KLECNtH TISSUE* s — — — - •-•••».•.i«*.<•, i i»»v< Next time, go "native" for your party theme. An Hawaiian patty ft easy to give and fun to go to. You'll want to do the decorad<.Tyo..P •elf. A ttopkal frait centerpiece sets the luau mood and • paper lei at each place setting gives your " •ouch that «B your guests will cnjoyw, — Hcmpstead county, settled first in 11)12, was named for Edward Hcmpstcad, first delegate to Congress from Missouri Territory. Pay TV Plan Taken Under Advisement Arkansas Public Service Commission Tuesday took tinder advisement a plan for pay television in Little Rock after protesting theater operators testified that the" might be forced out of business Midwest Video Corp. has aske thc PSC to require Soulhwcstcr Bell Telephone Co. to install nee essary equipment for the experi ment but Southwestern Bell want a guarantee that its iiivcstmen will be protected. Thc theater group insists tha pay television is not in the publi interest and would eventually mean an end to mloicn picture;, "People arc just not going U come to our theaters to sec some thing they have seen on TV," J.T Hilt of Benlonvillc, owner of fotu theaters and president of the In dependent Theater Owners of Ar kansas, told thc commission. Another witness, Waiter Ruadc Jr., of Micldlctown, N.J., told thc PSQ: "If we have no motion pictures lo put on our screen we can stay in business." Reade owns 35 theaters on thc East Coast and also distributes movies and helps produce them. Readc and Philip p. Hurling of New York, vice president of a firm which operated 38 theaters, said if pay television becomes firmly established it would siphon off thc talent now used in making movies and mean an eventual end to motion picture theaters. Okay Bond Issue DE WITT, Arl<. (AP) - DC Witt residents Tuesday approved bond issues lo construct a 20-bcd hospital and retire some city street bonds two years in advance of the due dale. Vole on the $142,000 hospital program was 30!) to 57. The proposal to retire the ?42,000 in street bonds was 3D5 to 53. Food Sense—Not Nonsense Tied for Strength . B , e ^e sailor or scout, man or wife, all appreciate a good tight knot. Scicntw s are no exception. In the field of food they tie •^together knowledge from many fields of learning. They link know* focfe? ±n v e R« al ?t h i" nfa " r«l uir ^enU for them to^ho avaHable food supply. Result: Nutrition engineered to your needs, foods strengthened to supply nutrients apt to be short in most diets. How did scientists engineer for food power? Through ' 2l Ju I ? ar L C -"" en V fflbr ! ?ad an , d <* r ? al with iron and B vitamins- lilfagra nboflavin> and luac '»-to prevent anemia, beriberi, Obtaining enough of these nutrients depends chiefly on eating .foods that carry them. Thiamme, particularly. „ difficult to get unless you eat enough enriched or whole grain bread and cereal (Jach day. Four servings, your safe mooring against nutrient shortages, are refornmcnded ,as a minimum by U.S. Department of Agriculture nutntjpmsts,' Economists of this staff, Faith Clark and Eloise Cofer, say enriched or whole grain bread and cereal return more ban fi,v tunes then- cost in hard-lo-get thiamine. more than three times their money value in iron and niacin. And, since these 81 times a day - their Wilhin this group of foods are such popular selections as cereals macaroni, rolls, and other bakery food! nfadeK enriched S whole grain flour. Strengthening basic foods through enrichment The highest peaks in Arkansas are Mount Magaziiiu in Logan county and Rich Mountain in Polk teachers' desire. The nine-man majority was composed of five Republicans, NOPi tTAi School Bill Has Uphill Struggle VVAiyMJ ° HMl>6CKLER ".v Catholic district, WASHINGTON (AP) - Admin- Republican, in the House arc Sir ,nT S , 8J " M ttphl " " Car!y " lianimo " s 'y oP^cd to sUuggle today to rescue Prcsi- any school bill. The opposition of tlcnt Kennedys school bill from the conservative Southern Demo- the sea of controversy that bas! cra(s is heightened by their con- all but swamocrl it in Dm Unuen corn that a ferlm-nl r-riupniin., ,„.„. Think* Women Art Treated Unfairly . • , - — ..-''""•"•«"»• ST. LOUIS, Mo. (AP)—Charles two Southern Democrats and twolR- Oldham, national chairman of Dernocrats-both Ro-j (1 ' c Congress of Racial Equality. nunncrn uemocrats— both Ro- " ll! Congress of Racial man Catholics representing heav- ™ arg ° cl loclfl y U white ilv Ca Fre ™om ilters" arc be . - • v • v* li^f I. I Idly llCItl all but swamped it in the House. Democratic leaders in the House looked to thc President to do some personal pushing on thc $2.5-billion measure. Kennedy and House Speaker Sam Rayburn were dealt a setback Tuesday when (he Rules Committee refused to send the 'ill (o thc floor as Rayburn wanted. Instead it voted 9 to 6 to delay my action until the House Educa- ion Committee sends along another bill-the National Defense Mucalion Act — with loans for Jarochial schools included. The success of thc Rules Committee in blocking action illus- ratcd, in capsule form, th c po- cut forces allied against the administration bill. The measure calls for a three-year program of corn that a federal education program would hasten integration m public schools. Many Catholic congressmen arc under pressure from their constituents to withhold support from public school aid until they arc assured parochial schols also will get some form of aid. In addition, the bill faces heavy attack once it gets to the floor from members who oppose thc provisions for teachers' salaries w»l favor thc construction program, and those who object to the formula under which poorer stales will receive a greater proportion of funds than richer stales. women Hitlers" arc being held in a single cell at the Hinds County Jail in Jackson, Miss beds, floo These prisoners do not have but sleep on the concrete said Oldhnm, who visited The United States ranks second only to (he United Kingdom as Ihe largest importer of agricul- "•!( ii i iii r IOIII.Y the prisoners Saturday mid Sunday. He said the cell Is about ID l).v 15 feel,, including balh facili tics. "The Negro girls arc In a sim- itar situation except that they have been placed in two cells and do not have the same crowded condij- lions," Oldham said. A number of (he so-called Freedom Hitlers arrested at ackson, Miss,, in (heir efforts to break down segregation practices in that are were sponsored by CODE. Most of the male Kccdom Hitl- ers arrested at Jackson have been transferred lo the barbcd-wiro.-on- closd maximum security section of the Mississippi Penitentiary at Parchman, Oldham said. Tomatoes are I he number onu (ruck crop in the United States. Value of the tomato linrvesl, in Three Girli Hurt FORT SMITH, Ark. (AP) Three Icon-aged girls remain in a hospital here with injuries received in a traffic accident which (ok the life of Mrs. Tonclln Sharpe, 2H, of For! SMmilh Tuesday. Sharon Proctor, 13 suffered back injury, 13-year-old Mary Willliml received head injuries find 17-year-old Sue Franks has a broken collarbone. All are Fort Smilh Spa Get* lifiMini HOT SPRINGS. Ark. (A*») The city of Hot Springs has fof* mally taken over thc old Host office and federal building nfife for use as a health center. th« $225,ooo building was built in im and declared surplus nflcr tfic recent construction of n new fed- 1 ••••».» .if,. j^v.wu n; lilt, ISffMU-* from ing was delivered to Mayor Dail I Wolf Tuesday. world's agricultural imports come KROGER TENDERAY BEEF BONELESS CftSfcfc plus S&H Green Stamps KROGER TENDERAY BEEF Rib Roast 55= 5 TH -6™&7' Beef u. 79cj " Rib Lb. - -I?* f Tcndcroy Kroger Tcndcray Bcc(_27 lo 33 Lb. Ar«. Cut and Wrapped Free , it 39c 55c Short Ribs Ribs Smoked Jowls ?T. C 7V;-. >lk 29c Ail Meat Franks Mo " ol "'^ c .- tk 53 C Mild Cheddar Cheese Kr . a ': u, 49 C 50 5fcH Green Stnmpt wi(r,. . Coupon f, Futchaic at 2 Lbi. or More Ground Beef pr Chuck : rei(i Water ' 25 StH Green Stampi wirh Coupon i Purchaic of any J . PREMIUM Lunch Meats Catfish Shrimp.... . 20 ' 2 ? 5 ' Bacon Star-Kill Froicn 59c Tuna Pies 2 .Lb. 89c Lb. Bo« '4 af Toppy Northern Sugar Cured Sliced . . Lb. BORDEN'S MORNING GLORY Biscuits CHILDS CHOICE USDA GRADE A LARGE Sandwich Cookies Strawberries Kroger Vanilla or Chocolate . . Stillwcll Froicn , 37 Lb. i 0 . 49c 10-Oi. ***"• »f« 69c Eggs Nvlnnc V. 0 .^'"' * M N*ed!« Stamlcss i^^lwllS J1.09 Value i One Dozen In Carton Cream 67c >, Band-Aid Red Cardinal Gropes Ib. 29c Fresh Peas Yound Tender Carrots ....... |b NO. i/i CANS 10-01. Pk, 1-0 ri. Siic 89c 49c 49c 39c 59c 39c BORDEN'S '/2-GAL. CARTON • BIAST 0' CHICKfN Tuna 3 Froicn Dessert Topping Reddi Wip J; Pcppcridgc Form Potty Shells Assorted Flavors Jcllo ... 4 Kroger Iced Tea Kroger Black Pepper. Spotlight Instant Coffee Krojcr Mayonnaise Wishbone French Dressing — Blonom Fresh Bakcrf Treats — Cinnamon Rolls . . Pk3 : M2 29c Hombufgcr Buns . . ri ? •'". 25c Break A»,)y Bread. .' 29c Tlilt Coupon Good lo. I.|,. 25 S&H GREEN STAMPS With Putckin of Two lO-Oi ft|i 11 oi. ] a , I ....... L.mrl One— Coupon Ii.i,., J g ., |4 CHILDS M.f.M.M.».r.r.r.i.r r >i n i.ft.itfurfij VALUABLE COU/-OM __ Tkli Coupon Good l.r I.In 25 S&H GREEN STAMPS Wlln Purcli.i. of T«. U.Ytl Kroger White Bread _ limit One—Coupon Iipltii Juno |« C H I I D S I 01. Bol, 73c 35c i so T siH*"cJ(EEN "STAMPS With ruictu,, o> >ctt ': Chocolate Chiffon C«Kt. . 5»e ; Limit Out —Coupon (•oitfi Juni 34 i CHILDS Cfflrtateupe »* . • im Extra Large Extrq pqncy Arizona Each V A L Lt A fci I t ' „,. Thil ^"K"" <«o«J loi lil> ( : 25 S&H GREEN STAMPS : c • IW ' iltl _ P1 " (1 "." »' A "^ ' «••• ; Swift s Premium Lunch M««t ; limn One —Cou.on (tpitei Jvni 24 - C H | L D S • ,_ Thii Coupon Goo4 for 1,1,, \ 50 S&H GREEN STAMPS • f Wi '* 1 , "•»"»»« «' J Ul. <r M.,, | Ground Beef or Ground Chuck . limn One—Coupon I»pir<> June 24 : CHILDS CtUfefc A Division oi ih* KrooerQ®, We Reietve Ihe R! 8 hl le limil Qwaiililnf. ^

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