The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 14
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 14

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
Page 14
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THE DMIY ItEWS. FSZDEBIOK. MD. FBIDAY. MAY 20,1832. -Says Peacock Talked Freely To Him About Curtis' Part In Case 1 Norfolk Prosecutor Talked With, Him About "Negotiations". | NO NEW ANGLES DEVELOPED Norfolk, Va., May 19.--John M. Arnold, commonwealth , ey of Norfolk, announced today after a conference wnn ". Dobson-Peacock, ··intermediary" in the Lindbergh case. ». had obtained no evidence that any Virginia law had ; * violated by John Hughes Curtis in faked negotiations. j Mr. Arnold stated "no new antes' were developed in his ; ftflt-with Dean Dobson-Peacock whose information he said was ft| thorough accord with that given by Rear Admiral Guy H. Barrage, retired, the third "intermediary" aiui Cant. F. H. tackmann, skipper of the yacht u^ed by Currl* in hi* matte-. believe search for a kidnappers' boat. . Dean Dobson-Peacock spoke freely and unhe.-iiatin»?iv. t n e ; Commonwealth attorney said. He added that the minister va« apparent!} convinced of the sincerity of Curtis and was actinjr. fc good faith. Hopewell. N. J-, May 19.--A possible link between a . Brooklyn school teacher and "JafsSe" bobbed in and out of tne : - Lindbergh murder hunt today as police exhibited eagerno.^ t o . fearn more about the activities of Dean II. Dobon-IYaock. as- lociate of John Hughes Curtis, hoax negotiator. Behind the closed doors of the Brooklyn district attorney s Jfflce, officials questioned Mrs. Mary G. Ford for several hours about a report she had communicated several weeks ago with pr. John F. Condon, who handled the '$50.000 ransom pay- Inent for Col. Charles A. Lindbergh. In another room other officers interrogated the teacher's Slaughter, Miss Gertrude Ford, whom they located in a River- Bide Drive apartment- Both told substantially the same story of their contact with JSe aged "Jafsie" and later were released. They had sought in Jwin for $2,500 for private uses. Dr. Condon was told of the interrogation of Mrs. Ford |S he came from a mysterious visit to the U. S. Military Acadc- jby at West Point, N. Y. "I have never seen her." he said. "Did you ever talk to her on the telephone?" he wa* asked. The aged educator smiled, stuck out hi? tongue and said: "That's my answer." Earlier in the day Col. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, state .v fclice head, said Dr. Condon had been "most co-operative with £' Jfolice" and had offered to come to Hopewell for questioning'.it ffe go anywhere else with the investigators. A conference was being arranged at Trenton to discuss Aether anv possible grounds for criminal procedure existed M Dean Dobson-Peacock's request that Col. Lindbergh supply |25.000 for ransom purposes. " Col. Schwarzkopf expressed disappointment over Dean pobson-Peacock's refusal to come to Hopewell for questioning. H* added there was no legal way the clergyman could be forc- *d to make the trip. Civilization, 1932! TARIFF IS Senate Leaders Lay Plans For Continuous Session Through Political Conventions. FOUR IMPORT DUTIES ARE INCLUDED IN TAI MEASURE President Demands Balanced i Budget Before Coming July 1. W^:.;.--r.o". May 19. K.'j..*r a;:d Senate leaders la.d plans] tcda- for a eontuiuous session battle-- | ·r-ro'-xh the po'.itica'. conventions i f ! rer-ssarv--as :he t:t3l revenue-raising ' rc-aviae "oecasse deep'.y snarled in the , :ari£f ro'*' i V o' tee fury of charges, threats, j Beauty Accuses Four Of Abduction * The blond beauty of Mrs. Georgia. Gecht, wife of a Chicago physician. led to the arrest o! Ward C. Swal*eli former assistant state's attorney of Chicago, and three others. nt« on trial ihere for the kidnapp ng of Mrs. Gecht ^ 9 and ts?r husband Mrs. Gecht. pictured here in Use coartroczs. was held i whde her husband was freed to obtain $ ransom. After her release, one oi fcer ^ abductors phoned her for a cate. She kept the appointment. So did police f and the arrests folded. Tbe death * penally will be demanded lor the kid- ^ rappers, lix slate has indicated. Dr. ( Oechi and his pretty wife have been l-.:«rested spectators A j'^ry has jist brtn seated. Judge Psi^p -*. Sullivan 15 the ".r.3.1. ! guests of the Waliers«! Lather ·:-. -r the Sinaw as a vote »as sought | o!s :he oU .mport lax In the revenue . °"li -xzs th* Srsr o.' .'our import duties · ; C3 -,.^^ by .e compromise tax b:!:. The . AbOlft ££, t^r^^LS ^ \ Event Thursday Evening. The su-;xr was presided over by ' Ma-.e K-jsrx^as. present o'. the M:dc Disir.c: Lir~er ^a^ues. 7 as !E:ersper*eS through tne i.-«i ro-l-rai: was answer;*! by stucis I* ! =::d sonis. Follc-iir-S tee supper. Re-., j ' Or Amos ^ pa:or of the Evan- *$ i-eUca! L-i:heran rh-rch. Ci-Ied atten- '*. ' ::cn '.s tns oosunj meetii-s ot the A!- '| :i«c Vo-th 1^-ar-e and A.ISUI- Howard. -, " this c::v spoke c! i"? meetasg of the «_ ' Svnodic'al. Trhi.-h »:i: be held In Hagers- % '·jar. \er LJJO.- Day " "J A va^pjr ~i-r-. ire JoUosred a: the Luth- ·* '. ran riur;h. Rev. Fred Ssriarf. pos:or. '$ ; Tne n:i-n address of the . '*r^ng was 4 j ce..verc= bv Rev Piu: M K.nports. ex- f je":at:-.e s-:retarj- a! the Luther Lea«--« -; He toik as his subject, f LUTHER LEAGUES' RALLY 0 . ,,_ « ._ « _ _,, HELD AT WALKERSVILLE; JILS^-'^S S^S^ 125 Persons \ sa:d. ' ;ut Chr - _s: is always '.he same. Attend · T -"- sre ^ - chaU*a.e tx greater leader- Hi HEUDHONS HELD ON LIQUOR CHARGE 117 Members Of German SUnnerchor Amted. : Phxiadelpaa. MA;- 19--Girrr.;:. .-.vlod-es. jung'bv ll~ fu". rich -.o.t-^. flo.fed uxiay froa-. a PS-ilacSo'jihia police station inhere 35 v omen a:.«l 8J n-.en. am-s'^1 'n a raid or; 'he ncrchor Singing Society, av.a.'cc hcar- E. v is vo.c- H :;: ; T-"e i»"e^-d-=it !s deniandin? a bal- i About 125 persora rrccn Walkers-.ille. ' s .J ;c -^ 2-"-ed bJtSs^t before the neu fiscal year ! Frederick. T3.-.?y:oTC. Minchester. ^ «-s Julv 1. Sen Reed. RepaKicaa.; Brunsmck: and Thurnxoct attsnce-= a .,, one of the tariff advo- ii:dd!e district ral'.y of Luther Leashes ; the league " i Tha oro^ron-. follows: Kyaaa: vesper ' fed-.-ce: Scripture lesson. Rev. "r. Beh- I isyer. Manchester; prarer. Rev. Mr ;\ Taneyto'a-n; hymn, address: |i ?K: anconncercent-: hymn; clos- iraver acd oenediciton. es in the revenue bill, called at the t held Thursday e-.ening in Walters-. Hie. Nominated Without Opposition ";'^; ; ; Membrs of tl'.e ^orleiy vcre ^.:i,'.-.^ FOP President- ,v.hen police broke ui on their cir-.^ -'.! hrarsal and seized a quant.ty of n'.'.c-"- 'ed bocr: tlioy con::nueo. to sir:; cr. WELFARE REPORT IS MADE %£-££S^rH^ --- '-- ' conduct the hearings p.'-v-o"« c'-:d-on -A-r. s-:?i'. isl - A l t h i Charges of frequenting a ypeakeai-v """ '" ""'" · . -i"-.- ,-.** 'v.i-re Uiwilsred and all but. f..j v.erj 3 801 q u.rus c' :r...... ?.:ia 3 _o. 5-nc- i or.a: G. .:; C i .' tise S Co:r:::.;:-" ou --· 2"J. F-TL^TV. v l-.i',h v -u:i 'he -r.'. ^ti-at 01;. tixUri"S ' j"'-'.'i - ctal.c.oas -" - -n.?.". R.rn:"r-' Na::at on a- ^ cth t r ache pr.\_-icss o' the .-.::^-- ac'. tr.c.:cd al- t i u e n a l onventions r.e^ssary. to enac: ,^.^ .--. ifi^am'tnthe Lutheraa'church?a; which! ^-as found 44 days later ia a Siberia* x :ax relief pro- j -. ailing Luther League members »ere | siream. 1300 miles away. "oWo=ar.:s of the oil tariff gave no- , ... e "g.,-...» ;n = jjiv o! a general tariff j -- reV^-sn on :he retenue bii! :I the «n- : :g oort C-1". -s-as retained. Advocates of C-..!;· in th - prc.-s :-j pers-ns pre- i : h , o _, d : a; _ j, ave made the same threat | :: i- ao rA-p^:-ib'.e. n.a'-ic it h.«h- j . - - ,- -5 rt .. e c;ed. i George. ^_. D?rno:rat. Georgia. ^ ! -3-"-"t35av ;r.e tariff contest in i jg 1 ^nr.Ktisn tr.'.h the tax legislation u?- . ig STICKLER SOLUTION ?'l^h03 Tro:ii Lions C'u'- T'^.f. 11 i cllscharsfd. Tno stewards .-fAi: to M.T-- - .n -«i c d ..j b ,-, for further hcir:n-. r-? n ·:-..:ION at N'ir'h ' charges of illegally pissessmc '-qu- '.iv»l r^~ "·'-· --'··*· --' ; A cro*d that gathered --.-*· i · r.:- ; '-'. T,.^ po : :ce stafon to hear the s^.'.n^ Char'. In ? Frsr.--* S-.v.t K-^y h E. H i '- :i, bv most blocked traffic. o. I ,i". . na ) ..:;· '· ~ ?! r.t-.i f '·'. -"~ ar.'i 3' ^.C7{ .*:':o-^l -. ivnti =e v, .1.1 i'. 20 j-nirs of ne'A 13 oair* of hcy rep-i-.-.xi s::ci no ;.rL: rjrr.:^hed j L.o'n V-ir^-mas t-«: ,a.-.i rh.ld re- | l * of re.-.eci ar. -·-··^. c-r.v.-;-.;. c.ine AFTER CO-OPERATIVES Demand For InTcstijatica Voirci At , Chicago. Chicaso May 19--A demar.-i that T.- of ,-r Herman c txal acti-.itics Tias ro ^-xd ?s S492 41. j iiiaivc tut ti-it'- . · i?ir v..v ni^^lo at, the*in~ ^nicn A scathing denunciation of New Jersey police and their -^ pro ,:dea c-.,r b. -he V^.^-A-.. c "y Robert M. Huphcs, registrar ^7~ v V-f%^^H. T Lr .eT^Lc.^^- 6f Dean Dobson-Peacock's church. ; first "It is high time that some straight thinking should be set ^ Before "the public concerning Col. Schwarzkopf? pratuitous -£;; inuendoes about Dean Peacock's nnn-accepiance of his 'invita- p^ : -^- tion' to go to Hopewell."' * * * isor.\~. _ s.' A d.r. Washington, May 19.--A charge that "bonehead policy ..rcd xr: ft-om Norman Schwarzkopf down has bungled the Lindbergh -^% : ;: pase" -was contained in a speech put into the Conjrressiona! Rcc- »rd today by Rep. Karch. Democrat. Illinois. Karch"introduced at the same time a resolution proposing 9 Constitutional amendment empowering Congress to define punish the crimes of murder and kidnapping- e-ativcs and Senate im«? o'. go\cr:-.rr.cnt-r..a"d CO-CT- the pr.«atc p-aj» -rice be The b:^; !c!tK5 In c^cH -»o-J are frc xo-AcK L*.?: ^ere "U?M ^. .inti !..c ST.'.'·- est lc!!cr in ca-li void is 'he! th-.t v.35!n:5iji'. "presVier.'. Hoover ar.d the Republi- j ^cr. Wasson. Indiana, the Republican j Jg .-2d?r prorrp:ly replied that the rev- J ·"i-" oame from the Democratic hels= v/.th t'--.e 01! ar.d coal import tas- -ji Ln it He saic the President had . ..·,.£., .,3 v 3 r:d IE the, roir over the tar- . ! J3 .-.hirh divided ojth parties. S-i La?oll?:te. Reoublitan. Wiscon- | -.n Vnar?K in the debate there was [ j "njsran-." .carolling" in the fina r-'Zmr.e-? on :he tariff pro-.isioas er and You Will Like The New Terry-Boucle Half of Austral'a's population of 6.- ! jg| · 330 000 lives in capita! cities and a fur- j jgf , :n-- 15 per cent in provincial towns , ^ The remaining 35 per cer_t. prov.des · = rrcre than half the produce of the Com- G ;o. rt L. 5 - WA::;tor · f-»r ·' ·arr Unft- .^=e W KoJb. A 15-nii:-...!.· o:'l n.' E-r.i.-.r.i.n B Hv-.n^'^-' th.- reorc.-.:- r.i..- :i 10-.. ·-ir.t ·:·- Con-iV. T-..V r-is c'.'.en bv C^ cr: : :l:e r t or;an.- fn '68, Clarence C. Carty opened a furniture storz destined to faithfully serve this community into ir« third gencrat'on . . . in 1870 hs.pur- c!ia;sd the precent site of Carty's from James H. \Vhitchiil, furniture merchant there from 1832. During |ha first 10 years of Clarence C. Carty'§ career he manufactured most of the fine furniture he sold . . . . the business grew rapidly and by 1890 was the largest in the State, outside of Baltimore. Mr Carty's sons, Charles C. and Harry E. became associated with him and on January 1 1905 bought the eitablSshment. On March 26, 1930 the partnership was dissolved, Charles C. Carty taking over the entire furniture business as sole owner. Throughout the years many changes were made to bring into being die presenl fine store, one of the^rgest in Maryland. Fronting 46 feet at 48-52 East Patnck Street and with a depth cf 190 feat, its floor space is about 45,000 square f e e t . . . the largest retail store in Frederick. The sudden death of Charles C. Carty on March 4, 1932, left theJ'Old Store" :o the third generation and the son, J. Waiker Carty, will carry on the custom* - and policies dating back to '68. They're Cool... They're Pretty... They're Practical... And Above AH They're Inexpensive! Knitted Fabrics, sizes 14 to 20. .All Colors. v £5 ^ i=r' ^., Only Fast Selling Because They Are Unusual NEW ARRIVALS | This Year 50c a Kcadf-to-Wear DepL I _. _. 01 - (Last year 31.2? -Pique Dresses SI; ^ ,----Lace-trimmed Slips SI. t i t L t l r Eleven Montgomery County Towns Join In Complaint. BEFORE STATE COMMISSION sore, "s~ '-? -- ?r: tests ara tr:;2- =^~.?« .r-T:n cy ·-» oJ-sn Ccmpir.y -re re f.:ei tiae Pu.3"_c C^~rr_i=:-n .vre day by rsnr«»:-:v.rc5 o' "-'. :O I ST The protests ~ere re-re.v«d is tec: rates ~ere ir.artrf-i ari.rst t~e fcon- Tae T;ro;«tar.-j cec'arri If re- Eel -s "n;-. grar.t«ti t.-.;y -.- atv-p: to pzrc'^ase the l-uss z' tl-.e -c~-^r... set pcssi;'.? thai th?~ ^." ?"- tenpt M ·:-rc^r.-je rh-c.r '···rr. p^~er conpar." ara r.~n5~:"ct prr. s'e -.r.c? Sectnc C-:T-ir;v of Was sir »*·:·" The 'o-v-.t ----:.n; t'r.-e ?r'.«-j ~'re iscale, D-.i-rsir. Cedar Grsvc ?_r- dum, C^ri^ou-r Darr.asius Barrss- rJce and E-c.-^ir. policy or the c^--,_r.v o: ^»ti"..r.g rra- cal:ti6.= :: -^ ..-. i :n: .r.sti -r. of ari e ".-.c . ··-: SGO t j £5? N E V E R B E F O R E - in the history of this c"".y--not jtj; verv bcprar.tnj;---have wc cver t^ri c,lle offer "Qr -puWtc 50 much in a strictly quality jnrcr srr.rg- mattress--at so a ?rKP --as you arc be:r.£ o^ered now during: this sale if. the Regular Standard $42.50 Service Stripe Inner Spring 1939 fe Girls' School Dresses $1; Makes Love 1 -| f Snappy Hooverettes SI j White, P" » 1 2 Full-Flared Smocks SI' Blue, ~ I TOLC* \MERE AAftOE MR. AVER BE TlCKlED, HOWEP TCXS *^ SOH-N-LASSi I \OV SEE-?-' Tj or" COTT.IT« »ff»r thnr rrro!«r to their rTr!=»i»c arrr.Si-- »t «tjii-..sjv. »r. fHS»rrao*r *io«" »r«3 "drop" p»«ent» IB prr)r , Smp, Irncr Spnn« OsMrmoor dn.-t-nnt for j«urk rfrmrxnrr. Too h«'t tmr«tnct«! choice ef nil «nr» in »*cnt 7« diffc-rnt 0 raxmrtrrd bv Ovtrmoor A Co to S)«tern«x.r rrc recaUr ftn-nc» ?:rip» Inrcr Spririf cori»tra-;.r.n »nd to b« T r i e ' moor «klll*d !T.«-hinK- -- *n the O«ter~ ioor fmrtc-T. Oub- OB »Ue danne d»i« wUe «: rf-n nnHf»^d-nf pr-.rc. And or.i» »» bait -- *o coot e»-!» Sfr 6r?t «nd Srest choice. C. E. CLINE SON EXCLUSIVE OSTERMOOR AGENTS 10-12 South Market 5t F;oc":-. r\, Md. C. CARTY INCORPORATED Frederick, Md. IFI IN ia 4S-52 East Patrick Street PHONE 396 JUST AS BOYS' a Extra Fine V §, MEN'S AS" MUST BE THEJ* AMD »t. High Fast colors. A. B. C, D. 12-14-16. O4SCK AMD GUMDYS IN A JMA- CAN HELP THEM OUT S-MERCHANW " ale: fcrrl « o tal

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