The News from Frederick, Maryland on July 9, 1948 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, July 9, 1948
Page 2
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- V Mfer, J«* ·. IMI u s p!lll|e CrMfce* Carrying Berlin Food B e r l i n . J » 1 y t 0*5--A U. S. Air Fore* plajM tiaad on the air lift to Berlin erajhad near Frankfurt, (J. S. b««e operations at Tem- p*lhof airdrome reported esrlv today. Base operations identified the Need for a realistic approach in' An Emmitsburg -^*n was elected! plane as the same one reported _ilvtB( tn* problem of economic! president of the Couaty Firemen's · earlier Irons Frankfurt to have balance tareufh development o f ! Aawciation and that north county j crashed in the Taunus mountains. rural-urban r e l a t i o n ship was I community was selected for the i There was no immediate inf orma- ' " Uon at Tempiehof as to the number of occupants aboard or whether it was en route to Berlin with supplies or was returning to the West- after dropping its cargo. Fair Prices For Farmer Is Smith's Plea Firemen Of County Name New Officers by Wilbert L. Smith, near j 1949 convention at the fourteenth t Braddock,' in addressing the Lions a n n u a l meeting held Thursday " Club at Thursday's luncheon at the ' n i { h t in Walkersville with all Francis Scott Key Hotel. members represented except Mid- Experiments Show DDT Is Fish Killer Washington, July * (*)--Farmers with fiih streams and ponds should think of fish as well as bugs when viing DDT spray. The Fish and Wildlife Service that No ilO Atomic Warfare. He Speakinf on the "Atomic A.e.~ Kev. Dr. William R. Barnhart, professor of religious education at Hood College, Thursday evening -- * * enliven man to survive to the Biblical age of Methuselah. · Cmtan attendance prize G. L. Thomas Jn, Warren R. Evans. Truman Lippy; a committee of ****** to represent the club at the Mr. Smith, who is the field , dletown. A parade at 7 o'clock to- representative and state organizer night will end the two-day con- for the Maryland Farm Bureau, ' vention. The plane was a C-4. two-engined West Virginia showed DDT spray could be potent killer of fish. The studies at the Leetown. W. Va. fishery experiment station were completed recently. They were started in 19*5. These experiments showed that mouth bass, blue- emphasized his remarks w i t h Charles T. Troxell was elected; The information from Frankfurt i pound P er acre fill, rainbow and brook trout and golden shiners were killed by DDT spray at the rate of one-fourth statistics. He first cited, however,; president w»th other officers as fol- ecoacstic conditions which follow! lows: First vice president Martin said German police who reported j -Black crappie were tougher, the crash said the plane burned and 1 They were killed with an applies- ' Irancis Scott Key Hotel, "There is ; ' no defense agaimt atomic warfare t jx BAY TRIP and never will be" : Annapolis, J u l y 8 UP, -\ Civilization's o.ilj hope of surviv- s Maryland's conservation chieftains , :ng juan's handling of atomic! sailed down Chesapeake Bay to- power, lies in the unassailable high j day aboard the State Yacht Poto, moral qualities of those harnessing! niac to draw up a revised six-year · or directing the world-shaking } P* 33 * or protecting the State's na! energy. ; turai, resources. 0r. Barnhart strewed that while · , A major ^ px o£ ^cussioa were much ume and thought haJ $TM f ° r * he j 5 ^' s . «J ew ***** been devoted lo outlying the J ^U^. S £* ^ ° lrect ° r ment of Forests and Parks was among officials who outlined the project. Just before the Potomac set sail (at 1 p. m., Kaylor obtained a 60- day option on a 725-acre park site William K. Labrot described as "a gentleman's agreement" for the State to pay $610.000 for the property. The United States has only seven per cent of the world's population, but 70 per cent of all motor vehicles. GET WAGE INCKEA5E9 | Washington, July 8 JP)--Wag*' increases ranging from three to 15| cents an hour were granted today| to per diem civilian employes of| the Army, JJavy and Air Force : ·»* Washington and vicinity. The Military Services said th increases will aifect 17^=0 ea ployes in 43 activities but wfll no' ^ be available to those whose P»\i .was fixed under the classifieatiouj' act and v.-fao recently received $330^ ^nfl^al increase. ed the first world war--closed fac-. E. Blessing. Brunswick: second mat ^^ · oodv was founJ nfar the j tion ' of one _ ha i{ pound per acre' f - _ * J A t*f » _*£ · ^« * ~ ~ ~ ~ -U-.--W vv-v* . .. mm^f *-VM*-\* **^a ISi^ [ **\S1* V"» %*···*_ »w~ g« v v . - _ r ~-- -- -- tories. ruinous prices for farm pro- vice prewdent, W . Bartiga Storm.; wreckae _ Searchers and rescue i Small fish were the usual vic- ducts and no demand for finished Frederick: third vice president.. ^^ wefe Jent immcllate j v , o . tim5 A s fish grow oldei theybhow *****- Paul L. Ho^^er Myersx-il^:; the s ^ ne dwp in tfte WQods n M r ] a . tQ withstarjd the harmful ·The farmers of tius nation did, secretary. Robert L. Smith Fred- , Koenigstein about 20 miles north-' effects. er. Philip H. Beard,, t . Franfcfuri i j chaplain Leslie Sov-' il °" "anujurt. ^^ e or ,e-fourth pound an acre The Frankfurt report said three, app hcaMO)i was found by the- Army control of mo:- Xhe sen-ice said j fearful d est r u c t i o n of which atoauc energy ib capable; too iiitle informauon has been assembled or disseminated regarding the Utopian possibilities v.-hich moral use of atomic pois er can open up for mankind. ! As illustration he pointed out 5 that l\\ o-ounce^ of atomic energy ' could power an automobile for a ] full year's use or three glasses of i lor of the Depart- Sfen^g Service Held x x x Give tne larrner ^ or lae ^ rst time the memorial -, m~fair price for his products and, service J* v »s h e l d in connection; ae will produce no "*];; ,, * " . * d! produce not only an with convention. Thirty-one were] sbundance of food but will" cor.- memorialized from Independents.! --»" * aner . g * nc ". . J u n i o r s . Uniteds of Frederick, j near rioi in ivmcn no yesterday ; advice to farmers ii to exercise care near ponds and streams and to watch the drift of the spray serve his sgil x x s x and assure a ..uj, . more stable economy for other W alkersville. Middletown, groups." he added. Value Of Agricui.ure This drift, it pile up the S! In another effort to cope tti|h , portions over a stream or pond. Rev. E.~Koontz Helwig. Lutheran '· the blockade, the United States.! The experiments w ere done in minister, offered the prayer and!Britain and France yesterday or-! cooperation «ith tae Army ana Among other facu cited were. Ph! i Hya n gave short eulogy after 'dered new drastic power cuts in j t h * Department of Agriculture. Asricelturc comprises about one- two hyrnns were sung. Chaplain '· Berlin They called on the Ger-! -fourth the nation s population, sovocooi presided, , man pooulation to "measure uo t o ' APPEAL TO CAB Total investment in agriculture. Philip H. Beard. Walkersville, the role that history' has given ' Cumberland. July 8 ./TV--Sena- j Atomic radiation, the speaker j , quoted a medical authority as say- i explained, can , isg. harnessed and directed correct- j HERSHEYS^I.M ^z fintt f*Pif'*u!'iZ' SOLID-PACKED JtfU , F U L L P I N T 29/ F O R BRICK CONCRETE BLOCK HARDWARE NAILS PAINTS ASPHALT ROOFING ASBESTOS SHINGLES METAL SASH FOUNDATION WATERPROOFING CALL W. C. HARGETT LUMBER CO. JEFFERSON ST. EX'T. Phone 2262-M LUMBER MILLWORK DOORS WINDOWS PLYWOOD FLOORING ROCK WOOL . . , according to the !940 census, is pres ident of the county association, you." more than the investment in ail | presided over the business meeting . i Sor Millard E. Tydings and Rep. J. ,... . . . . . . ,, i Glenn Beall have appealed to the our railroads, all of our utilities. and introduced Burgess William D. · NEWSMAN" DIES · civil Aeronautics Board to author- and all equipment in mills -and p owe n. w ho welcomed the firemen Cumberland, July 8 ?';--Richard ' i?e airline service for Cumberland. factories of the country put to- an d ..poke o { the community spirit , P. McCardell. 66. veteran Cumber- , Harold W. Smith, manager of tin- gether. Farmers of the nation brought about by formation of the · land newspaperman, died today . Chamber of Commerce, said to- constitute the largest buying group Walkersville fire company. Res- , at his home following an extended ' dav. for the products of industry. ponse was ma( | e by W. Bartgis' illness In recent years he had , Rep. Beai! wrote Smith that the There are about 3 : i-times as many storm. Frederick, past state pres- " been police clerk. , CAB promised a decision six workers in agriculture as in the jd en t. ' He was a son of the late Thomas months ago but "nothing happen- iron and steel industry, automo-, Guests included Phil Ryan, Mt. " F. and Alice Eve McCardell and . ed " bile industry and mining industry Rainier, chairman of the State | was a native of Cumberland. At The Chamber of Commerce and combined. · fi rc Prevention Bureau: C. ". Lar- one time his father was editor o f . the city have also made appeals to One of the prime efforts of the rimore. Eastort. State trustee and '· the Cumberland Evening Times. the CAB for quick action. Farm Bureau, the speaker asserted . in .charge of the training school at i Mr. McCardell was a veteran of was aimed at bringing the nation the University of Maryland; David [ World War I. to see agriculture in its proper E. Touhey. Cabin John, first vice ;--; light and the irr.por;an-e of a true. president of the State association. STORK ON" VACATION" economic balance for the exchange 1 Auxiliary Installs Cumberland. July 8 ./P.--The of commodities in industry and! Meeting in separate session, the Cumberland area stork has been agriculture. "We still find hordes " new officers of the Ladies Auxiliary ] OR vacation, according to hospital of people xvanting and dcrr.and-pg j chosen at a recent election, were ' records. higher wages for doing less and! installed as follow*- ' Memorial and Allcgany hos- less and insisting upon cheap food j President. Mrs. Mildred Kott- ! » iuls rfep ° rl 1 -? 12 ., b .? bies . at the same time," he said, adding I mver . this citv: senior vice-presi- ' b . or ? at those institutions in -that is certainly short-sighted rea- | d « t . Mrs . Rob - erta Hopkins: junior ! ^"L/^ TM O " th - sn °.L 19 .± fJr^" ! somng, no matter from what vice-president. Mrs. Lillie Anders: ' f "I ed to 1224 m the samc pcnod · source of our societv it comes, j secrcta ry; Mrs. Virginia Danner: ! Only 25 percent of the total na- j treasurcr . Mrs . Esther AhaU; chap . .- tional mcome is going to all rural | , w - Mr; Martha Nclson: color : people, which compose 45 percent, faea M A , Fm d · S A R T B U Y S f o r THRIFTY SHOPP ITS ASPIRIN AT ITS BEST StJoseph ASPIRIN WOPIDS LfiPGEST SELLER AT I0 year. There have been 10 '. of twins, while last year . were Farm Pumps Installed And Repaired Pipe Fitting CARTER L. REID Phone Braddock lists. 6271 of the population and we still , M O1H Hoa historian . Mrs . , have ousiness and jaoor leaders ,, , , .,, ,, *° e rh - * ~l Chaplain. j apparently ignorant of the vast i market agriculture affords for the ,. production of American industry \ 2. and labor" Farmers, businessmen, j.jf GIRLS MEET i bankers, legislative and govern-; ' The Wolfsvilie 4-H Girls Club ' mental agencies shou.d move to-, met for Us ^.^ meeting at the ! gether on a plan for effectively; Wolford ! dealing witn the farm situation, i Wolfc Thcre was one ncw menv jvir. ornitn concluded ^ ~ r . , ^. . .. , ._ i ber. Miss Loa Davis, the home ' ^ spe ^i er wa5 introduced b ' (demonstrator was present to dis- ' Daniel J Thomas, program chair-, cuss 4 _ H activ£tics . ^^ ncxt , m * n - ,, N ? T T 1? " C "^ ^resident mectinK will be held July 19 ,,, j t,im. Hamiuon presmed. , {he Wol£svjne . sc hool house at Guests were Lion Donald King. 7 30 n m lEST) i " Gaithersburg: Lion W. E. O'Hara. · » · · · · - ! Cumberland. Edward R. Stanger. Los Angeles. Calif: Rev. John A Baden. Monkton: John D. Hartzler. Roanoke. 111., and Lion A. R. Dinterman. Walkersville. · There are at least 35 orders of . living birds, such as penguins., loons, hawks, pigeons, parrots,' songbirds, and others. I Hotpoint Appliances Hotpoint Electric Ranges Hotpoint Automatic Dishwashers Hotpoint Automatic Hot Water Heaters Hotpoint Home Freezers and Refrigerators Hotpoint Washers and Ironers COME IX AND MAKE YOUR SELECTION' MELVIN M. ENGLE BUDGET TERMS HOMK OWNED HOME OPERATED Back of Post Office Phone 80 Frederick. Md. KEYSTONE PAINTS Wh*n th* b**t cost* tn little why compromise on quality? Complete line exterior, interior finishes. NICODEMUS Paint Store JB NORTH COtm ST. REPORT OF CONDITION OF Western Maryland Trust Company OF FREDERICK, IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND. AT THE CLOSE OF BCSINESS ON JUNE 30, 194S. ASSETS Cash balances with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash stems in process of collection S 700,252 32 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed 1.326.641.97 Obligations of States and political subdivisions 1.022.14 Other bonds, notes, and debentures 4.507.94 Loans and discounts -includins S63 41 overdrafts' 2.001.662.64 Bank prem ses owned S49.SOO 00 furniture and fixtures Sl.550.00 51.350.00 Total Assets S4.0S5.437.01 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of iridiv'duals. partnerships, and corporation- S2.184.973.S3 Time deposits of individuals, panner.-hips. and cor- poration« . . 1 202 167 83 Deposits of Un;led States Government fincludmg pos- tai savings* 48.72421 Deporits of State? and political subdivisions 174.237.27 Deposits of banks 103.835 S7 O-her deposits 'certified and officers checks, etc ' 21.295.01 TOTAL DEPOSITS S3.735.236 OS O.har liabilities 4.435 18 TOTAL LIABILITIES 'not including subordinated obligations shown below * S3 739 671 26 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capstai- S 150.000.00 Surplus . _ . 150000.00 Undivided profits . . . . 38.265.75 Reserves 7.50000 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS $ 345.765.75 Total Liabilities and Capital Accts. 34,085,437.01 'This battK's capital consists of common stock w ith total par value of S150.000.00. MEMORANDA Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for otner purposes S 505.357.12 I, Jacob G Shavvbaker. Treasurer, of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear that the above statement is true, and that it fully and correctly represents the true state of the several matters herein contained and set forth, to the best of my knowledge and belief. Correct--Attest- JACOB G. SHAWEAKER Treasurer W. CLINTON McSHERRY- JAMES H. GROVE, JR., W. E. BURALL, Directors State of Maryland, County ef Frederick, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 8th day of July. 3948. and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. EVELYN M. KEFAUVER, NoTary Public My commission expires May 2,1949. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION REPORT OF CONDITION OF UNION BRIDGE BANKING AND TRUST COMPANY OF UNION BRIDGE. IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND, AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON JUXE 30, 1948 ASSETS Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve balances, and cash items in process of collection S 617.441.55 United States Government obligations, direct and guaranteed l.PMSOOOO Obligations of States and political subdivisions . Other bonds, notes, and debentures Corporate stocks Loans and discounts including SS 82 overdraft^ Bank premises o\\ ned S10.000.00. furniture and fixtures 52.00 Real estate o\\ned othe 1 - than bank premises Other assets Your Buys MANITEX RUGS · Beautiful Assortment Patterns · Size 9 x!2 Only · Reg. Price S6.95 .68 WINDOW SHADES Sixe 36" x 6' Fibre Finish Green, Ecru, White and Tac. Cut Them -- Free! METAL IRONING BOARDS Nyion Hose ' All Metal Construction Will Fold Into Small Area A Life Time Of Service *7 .95 Famous brand nylon hose in a choice of popular shades. 42 gauge. 40 or 30 denier are excellent weight. S : i-10?j ! ly irregular. C H E E S E C L O T H Serviceable And Lightweight 20 x 12 Thread Count Width 36 Inches 238.975.49 453.308.31 900 609.51228 10.002 00 1.00 760.74 Total Assets $3,860.310.37 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations S 940.045.44 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations 2.450.849 19 Deposits Of United States Government (including postal savings* 1.724 81 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 36.09931 Deposits of banks 131.826.01 Other deposits 'certified and officers" checks etc ' 4.56754 TOTAL DEPOSITS 53565.11230 TOTAL LIABILITIES (not including subordinated obligations shown below- S3 565.112 30 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital* $ 100000.00 Surplus . . . 150.00000 Undivided profits 37.S11 92 Reserves . 7 386 35 TOTAL CAPITAL ACCOUNTS S 295.19807 Total Liabilities and Capital Accts. $3,860,310.37 'This bank's capital consists of common stock v, :lh tota' car value of S100.000 00. MEMORANDA Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabilities and for other purposes s 105.000 00 i. Earl D Young. President of the above-namej bank, dc solemnly swear that the above statement is true, and that it fully aud correctly represents the true state of the several matters herein contained and set forth, to the best of my knowledge and beliel EARL D YOLNG. President Correct--Attest. JESSE M PrrriXGFR. ROBERT H. DILLER, ROY GARDNER. Directors State of Maryland. County of Carroll, ss. Sworn to and subscribed before me this 6th day of July, 1948. and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or director of this bank. LESTER K PERRY. Notary Public My commission expires May 1949 r/n Ladies 7 Summer D R E S S E S S 5.95 A tremendous assortment of the newest styles for the hot summer season ahead. All in popular fabrics and priced -rerv low. Sizes to 50. COLORFUL BANDANAS Red Or Blue · Fast Colors · 24x21 Inches 21 c ! 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