The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 25
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 25

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 25
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ftAOlNK 8VNDAT BULLETIN Jnly 29. im See. t. FIRC J ^Champagne' Goes to Court By Pierre Legros PARIS—— Take it from French experts, you've got to be careful around the world when you order champagne. You might get cider or. perish the thought, mineral water. This is true, the French say rather smugly, in any country save France. When you order champagne here, you get champagne. To a Frenchman, champagne it tha bubbly stuff that comes only from the champagne dis-. trict of France. This view is assiduously propagated by an organization with worldwide eyes and a jawbreaker name—the French Institute of Original Place Names for Wines and Brandies (INAO). INAO tolerantly recognizes that other countries make bubbly wines that may appeal to uneducated tastes. That doesn't make them champagne ATTENTION-GETTERS—These Beau Brummels of the beach may not land the biggest fish but they are certain to attract a lot of attention. The combed cotton cardigah with collar, left, is lined with a knit trim and has knitted cuffs and waist. Metal buttons accent the vertical line. The knitted shirt of combed cotton terry, right, is a classic in style and comfort. The V-neck is accented by colorful stripes, waist is knitted. The cotton twill slack.s have a hip patch pocket and two side pockets. says INAO—and it stresses its point in lawsuits, indignant statements and a continuing barrage of publicity. INAO is ready to go to court at the pop of a cork. PoliUcal Aspects Sometimes courts can't help. Soviet Russia is putting out a product called "Sovietsko Sha- ampanskojo." "Unfortunately," INAO says, "political reasons render solution of this problem very difficult." INAO recently did unsuccessful battle in London against a bubbly wine from Spain labeled, excuse the word, champagne. Lost British Suit INAO lost its suit to bar the label from British markets and the reaction in France was Immediate and bitter. Bars in Paris serving Scotch angrily staged a series of short-lived boycotts. Spain and Russia are the two big offenders in importing or selling locally bubbly wines called champagne. However INAO is also upset at the United States practice. There is nothing INAO can do in the United States, where legislation says it is okay to sell champagnes that are prop erly labeled as to origin—like California c h a m p a g n e" or "New York champagne." The name champagne is widely used in South America for a variety of products in eluding a brand of coffee and a bubbly mineral water pro duced in Brazil. Use, or as INAO would in sist, misuse, of the term cham pagne is so entrenched in South America through usage, custom and law that INAO says it is too late to hale most offenders there into court. But Europe is another matter. INAO inspectors, posing as simple tourists, prowl through European riestaurants ever on the alert for mislabeled products. A German producer who labeled his product champagne because the firm was founded Your Passport Is Precious; Keep It Safe and Unmarked The most importnnt per.sonal document a citizen can own is a passport—his proof of identify, nationality, his claim to all his constitutional rights whenever he leaves the U. S., and his permit to re-enter the homeland. Vet last year, .').4()6 careless U. S. travelers lost the precious paper or rendered it Invalid by mutilation, according to Miss Frances G. Knight, director of the Passport Office. Already during the first five months of 1959, some 1..196 passports have gone astray. His passport and his money ALL-WOOL TROPICALS—You can beat the heat and still nip those icy blasts so common in new buildings in these all-wool tropicals. The eight-ounce miniature glen plaid in the classic "natural shoulder" model, loft, keeps its wearer looking well-dressed throughout the day. Wool tropical, right, is in a black-white hairline stripe, also is standard garb in offices. Men's Casual Footwear for Fall Is Carefree, Flexible m Styling Slim, Quiet-Spoken Mother Designs Ties in Bold Conversation Prints By Edward Lawrence Julie Taylor is a slim, attractive, quiet-spoken mother of threewho designs revolutionary ties'— an average of one a day for the last six years. She also says revolutionary things, at almost the same rate: "Silk is vastly overrated for ties — I'll take a good cotton any time." "Men are handicapped when It comes to designing ties. They have unconscious 'ties' to the past . . . male fears of, and prejudices against, innovation." "Any color can be worn with practically any other color." • "Manufacturers have no business telling men what ties they can or cannot wear with what . tuit." 'Classic Pattern' Mrs. Taylor began stitching ties in her New England home much the same way her neighbors would "put up" pears or gooseberry jam. The story fol lows the classic pattern: her ties were admired, she> sold a few, hired a building, needlewomen, traveling salesmen, and Consider Rest Boost to Beauty New Collection of Sportswear Is 'Open Stock' By Dick Kleiner ; NliW YORK—(NEA)—Must : men accumulate sportswear on I a piecemeal Inisi.s—they'll buy Casual .shoes will be slimmer,igrouiidc'd in the new fcather-ja shin that .strikes their fancy, trimmer and lighter this fall to weight American leathers, complement the natural look of Narrower Line The narrower flowing shoe line is popular in a grained leather moccasin with hand stitching that follows the square tongue. Frequently seen in town is a refined wing-tipi sports jackets and slacks. New leathers, lines and lasts are designed for suburbanite and cliff dweller who take their in years ago at Epernay in the|style this year, heart of the champagne district, was brought to court by soon had a flourishing business. Her ties retail from $1.50 to $3.50. What's so special about Taylor ties? For one thing, they're not like any others. A comparative few are made up in each design (more than 2,000 distinctly different designs to date), and when the batch is sold out the design is retired. Fortunate owners of early Taylors horde them like Rem- brandts—well, like early Sin- Rest is an item greatly underrated by American women. For we are an active driving people who would rather do almost anything than go to sleep. And our faces show it. They are frequently tense, worn and haggard, even in youth. Women who spends hours in a beauty salon forget that a perfect hairdo can't turn a lined face into perfection. They'll shop for clothes for hours and forget to rest for an equal length of time. Sleep is possibly the greatest tingle aid to beauty that we have. And it should not be achieved by sleeping pills or tranquilizers. It should be ar rived at by a slowing down at the end of the day, by an evening that is tranquil and restful in itself. No matter what your age you need at least eight hour's sound sleep each night. VELVET JACKET The little black velvet jacket jm the ideal cover-up for sheath dresses from now into autumn It looks best with darkened UuM. oUv« t/nrnt tnd oopiMr. atras at any rate. Narrower Widths Mrs. Taylor first cut the pointed tip off the tie. . Then she narrowed its width to about an inch and a half, to bring it in line with the then- new narrow suit styles. Mrs. Taylor archly eschews the conventional regimental stripes, foulards and under-the knot patterns ground out by the big mills. She goes for bold conversation prints — row of black and white piano keys on a burlap-y cotton, Zodiac patterns, theater posters and untrammeled abstracts in brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, blues, purples and greens that leap and bound within the narrow confines of her cravats. Much of the credit must go to that Taylor woman for a revolutionary discovery many men have made: you can wear bright colors and not be loud his discovery has spread and now we have colorful but taste ful sport shirts, coats, sweaters and outer jackets. the INAO and forced to slop using the name. German Cases The INAO also got a court ruling against another German firm which translated the German word "s c h a u m w e i n," meaning sparkling wine, as champagne on the product it liottled for export. In Britain you may also get champagne cider" or a beverage made from pears which is also called champagne. In a way, eagerness to use the name champagne is a tribute to the magic and prestige of the word which is a worldwide symbol of quality. But it is INAO's mission to remind you that all that bubbles is not champagne. Leathers Willi sports clothes free- swinging and colorful this year, footwear for home and leisure hours is carefree and flexible in styling. In smooth, grained and brushed leathers, men will have a wide style choice that includes: ankle-high chukkas; low-cut moc-front slip-ons; and square toed, two-eyelet ties Budget and moderate priced shoes dominate in all styles. Cheering on the Little Leaguers or the trotters—wherever men relax—the American Continental is the style-leader in casual shoes. Tapered and trim American improvements on slipper-like Euroepan styles are fuller in silhouette to conform to the larger, more active American fool. Lightness is slip-on with high, deeply notched tongue and slraighl- from-the-fairway "kiltie" on the the vamp. For all outdoors, there is a high chukka boot with centerline seam and buckle-strap closure- then a pair of trunks that look nice, then some walk shorts that appeal to Iheni. When they get finished, they have a lot of odds and ends that don't go together at all. Co-Ordinates Why not a cn-orclinatod sports wurdrobo? That's oasy, of course, if you can afford to buy everything at once, and net n whole matchini' outfit, nul, if you can't tackle an investment like a rc a traveler's primary needs. Wise travelers who have ihcir travel funds in travelers checks can lose the chocks and got a refund. Enter: Ked Tape Lost ptissportR are aim!tier matter. A detailed account of lie circunislant i>s under which the loss occurred must be presented to the nearest American consular officer, or the Passport Office in Washington. Generally a thorough inquiry is made before a new passport is issued; the traveler is delayed and all his plans may have to be altered. The loss of a |)assp()rl is occasionally understandable. Mutilation of the document is inexcusable. Miss Knight has accomplished some romarUablo streamlining of the entire pa.s.s- porl procedure, and she has brightened up the document by permitting the use of colored photographs and encouraging subjects to eliminate the prison line-up look of (heir photographs by smiling. Be Your Age Rut even Miss Knight can not restore youth, and this is a frequent cause of passport mu Illation. Many passport owners (particularly the ladles) have rendered their passports invalid by altering their ages to a more attractive figure. Any change or attempted alteration of the text of a passport renders It invalid. Passports have been destroyed by travelers turning them into notebooks — with telephone numbers, names of restaurants, hotels and shops and even purple prose describ ing the sights Ihey have seen Don't Carry in Wallet When a passport is reccivec it should he signed immediate ly in the proper place on the page that gives the bearer's de scripiion; on the inside cover in the spaces provided the owner's address should be written and. Miss Knight particularly cautions, the name and address of a person to be notified in case of death or accident. After that, the owner is cautioned by the Department of State not to mark, deface or alter the passport In any way. Most lost passports are the result of careles.sness—left on restaurant tables, at shop counters, and in hotels; or packed in suitcases that go astray. Passports should be carried on the person at all limes but not in the same wallet with travelers cheeks. As every tripper knows, there is frequent need to cash a check; and if every time he cashes a check he also exposes his passport, it is more likely to be forgotten and lost. Planning Is Secret of Well-Dressed Have you ever wondered how it is that some women can manage to bo well-dressed on very little money? Be it a party, a luncheon or just out marketing, they somehow always look trim, well-groomed and really well-dressed. These are the women who plan. Far from waiting until the last to dash out to buy a dress for an occasion, they see to It that they have the dress. They know their wardrobe needs and when a favorite dress no longer can see service, it's replaced. Chances are the dress that replaced It was bought on sale. But you can bo sure that its purchase was carefully thought out. It was not a spur-of-the- moment buy to be worn once or twice, eventually winding up idle In the closet. For planning is the secret of any good wardrobe, whether it contains six dresses or 60, available! that, the next best thing is in brushed, smooth or grained!new collection that's like open leather. stock chinawear. Tlie p.itlerns "True brown," the new are continuing slock, masculine .shoe color, is found i P„hrlc« CouncH of Svnagogues m all casual styles. In addition! n, i ^ ^ to the wide range of matte and , '^'y"'^ "'"'k-^- ;v "ll<' polished blacks and browns r" wao- .K^™ i» made ol either the .same fab- inis year, there is the comiiina-^ ... , , . ,.,UL ric or matching fabrics. With the whole assortment, you have several outfits tliat seem tion of brown with black edg-j ing, laces and sole, , Down, Feathers Best for Pillows Five-Girl Progressive Jazz Combo Acliieves Harmony in Miami Home MIAMI, Fla. —Five girl musicians who team up nightly as a progressive jazz combo achieve as much harmony at home as they do on the bandstand. We gel along so well together we don't even fight over he one bathroom in the house," they'll tell you. The group was organized 10 years ago in Indianapolis by Flo Dreyer, its leader and trombone and trumpet player. Now it's playing nightly under a year's contract at a suburban hotel. Other members are Fagle Liebman, drummer; Greta Gibson, saxophone; Stella Mattern, piano; and Jean Bangor, The five rent a house where they live together and do their practicing. They share household chores except for cookingj •which is Flo's domain. "In leaner years we couldn't afford to eat dinner out," says Fagle. "Now we're used to Flo's home cooking. Her lasagna is terrific." URBANA — Down cushions shouldn't be made entirely of down. They need some feathers too. ! Robbie Blakemore, Univer- Lsity of Illinois home furnishings specialist, says a good combination is 80 per cent down and 20 per cent goose feathers, Goose feathers are best because they are curved and springy. Duck feathers have little strength or resiliency. Quality decreases as less down and cheaper grades of feathers are used. [ made for each other. The trunks, alone, are standard trunks. Teamed with the sports shirt, it's a handsome cabana set. Take the sports shirt and wear it with the walk shorts and there's a hand- .some casual outfit. This is a sensible approach to solving a problem that can be ticklish. Co-ordinated sports wear beats the old-fashr ioned hunt-and-pick method. Sets 'Point A' Program NliW YORK—(/1»)-~A spiritual "Point Four" program to assist Jewish communities In Latin America has been launched by the World Council of Synagogues. The program involves supplying rabbis to .South American congregations which have none. Do You Hove SUN DRIED HAIR? . . . Hava a Cream Scalp Treatment Under a Therapeutic Lamp Also teaiur- ing th< now •Milk '« Honey' Shampoo for luilri in your hair. c'oi.n WAVRM $8.00 WEST RACINE BEAUTY SHbP Betty Von Horn, Mgr. Tudy Andmi, \ttu» K*<«Uc«k, 0»rt. 3220 WMhlHitoH • Ml i.lllO] TRAVEL BERET The travel beret in rayon velvet is ideal for the midsum mer or early fall vacationer. Looks smart en route and can pack flat. 4 ,500,000 Motorists Chooso State Form Why? They enjoy topnotch protection and rock- bottom rates on auto insurance. Do you?. Call HARVEY COOKE Iniuranct ME 2-1151 etkU Farm Mutual Automobtl* Homi Ofdct! BloomlnKton nUneU Iniuranea Oompuij MARRIAGE gets off to its best start when the wedding is FORMAL! Tuxedo. Full Dress, Ciil- away, Stroller — whatever the wedding calls for you'll find at Joe Lawrence. Rent your formal attire (for the entire wedding party!). Our freshly cleaned and pressed garments are new in fashion, light weight for comfort. We'll preclslon-fit them right In our own tailor shop. Racine's Leading Men's Store SIXTH AT WISCONSIN SINGER Famous 5 INCER*8LANT NEEOLI Deluxe with ZIGZAOGER CORSELETTES GIRDLES PANTY GIRDLES BRAS BASQUES Broken Sizes PAMODS BRANOIS: IVtor I'aa, Hieii Jolle. Kabo. Trro, GoKiuird. Vanity, Sacony, Kurtuna, KxiiuUita Form, Slmone, Olsa, Diana LiiN(;i:Rii: Gowns, Nejiligoes, Duster.s, Slips, ''''li.''''"^*'' Dolls, Shorlie Gowns ^9"" ValucH to S10.85 ^ Ui Hab.y Jewelry Vi Off GLOVES yulues to $4 .00 race iCORSET SHOP I- , I S25-16tli IT" NOW I ZIGZAG STITCHING AT STRAIGHT STITCH COST WITH THIS BRAND NEW 1959 AMERICAN-MADE STREAMUNED BEAUTY I • Bxclusive SINGER Slant Needle helps yov Me better, sew better. • Famous SINGER Zigzagger givee big veriely ol decorative stitch patterns. • Made in America. Made by SINGER. Made • Beautiful 2-tone beige and oyster white finish. PWc« reduction applies to both Portable and Consolt models, ONLY per week on the S I NO E II loty Payment Plan ( ••• IT NOW AT VOUn SINGER SEWING CENTER iliMrf i* pkMt bMk mrfar fllWH IIWINO MACHINi COMPANY 308 Sixth St. ME 4-54U 1. . ^^Oi. ^ A ^ ^ ..JL

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