The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 6, 1970 · Page 12
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May 6, 1970

A Publisher Extra Newspaper

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 12

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1970
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

Retired Persons To Hear Mrs* Frailer Mrs. C. Lotidell Frazier of fopeka, Kan., Area VI vice-president I of. the American Associationof Retired Persons, will conduct a workshop for officers. and committee chairmen of the Des Mpines and Mount Pleasant Chapters of, the A. A. R. P.. ,frofn 9 a.m. to 3 Thursday at Uptown terrace Restaurant, 4119 University ave. Presidents of the chapters are Howard T. Cox of Des Moines and Mrs. Lycia Grant of Mount Pleasant. "Feel free and flexible in quick-fitting fun fashions. ; Pattern 4688; Misses' ( " Sizes 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18. * Yardages in pattern. ^ 17436 New! Layer look—long vest over skirts and pants. Pattern 7436: Scarf, vest, sizes 10-16 included. Cap, S, M, L included. For dress pattern send 75 cents (coins) to The Des Moines Register, P ; Q. Box 131, Old Chelsea Station, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10011. For needlecraft pattern, send 50 cents (coins) to The Des Moines Register Needlecraft Dopartment, P.O. Box 127, Old Chelsea Station, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10011. .Print name, address, zip code, style number and size, if needed. Add 15 cents for each pattern for first class mailing. Measuring Egg If you are cutting a recipe in half and need to-divide one egg hi half, do it this way: Beat the whole egg until yolk and white are thoroughly combined, then measure and divide. Miss Mason Will Marry Mr. and'Mrs,..JacJTH. Mason, 3201 third st.,. announce the engagement of their daughter, Roberta, and Michael Burgett, son of David Burgett. 305 S.W. Miller ave., and of Mrs. Aleeta Burgett of Emerson. Mr. Burgett is employed by Universal Arts Products Co. Mother Shows No Love Dear Mrs. Ricker: I am a teen-age gir.l with a-very big prdblem. I' am also an only c h i foX My pare rt4 s haven't goK ten along well for sev- e r a 1 years. M y mother h a s n e v.e.r really been a good mother or wife. She never keeps the house clean and doesn't show any love for Dad or me.-He is fed tip with coming home to a dirty house, usually no dinner and finding her parked on the living room couch doing nothing. He told her to "shape up" or he would go some place else. Well, she didn't and be did — with my mother's • best friond, Mary, whom I like a tot. My mother says she loves'us and will not let Dad have a divorce because (she says) he is hers and has been for 16 years. .I!YJL-lost tny_respectJpr jny_ ffiPtherj^Tiot my love but my respect, and! can't get along with her anymore. I love my father very much. If "they do get a divorce, what should I do? - —Very Confused Mrs. Ricker says: There may be some things about your parents' relationship which you do not know, but it seems they are both wrong. If your mother is in good health and really loves you and Dad, she should try to make your .house an attractive and happy home. Your father should not be involved with another woman as long as he is married to your mother. _ Since you are a young teen there is not much you can do about your parents' relationship — unless you can persuade them to see a marriage counselor. An child of .divorced parents has a rough time of it, usually spending part of the time with one parent and the rest of the time with the other. I firmly believe if < some parents would take their offspring's feelings into consideration instead of concentrating on their own selfish, immature whims, many marriages could be saved. It's Dad's Quarrel Dear Mrs. Ricker:^ A couple of years ago I had a quarrel with Betsy, a girl I ran around 'with. But, this didn't stop my parents from accepting an invitation from Betsy's parents to a party at their home. Recently, my father had a quarrel with Debbie's father. She is my best girl friend. It had nothing to do with Debbie or me. It happened at workTYou see7 they work for the same company and it all started over politics! Now, ~my father says I can't go around with Debbie •any more and we're just like sisters. Do you think he is bfcing fair? I think it's ridiculous. . —Faye Mrs. Ricker says: J'm with you! Taking your letter at face .value, your father's attitude doesn't make sense. Unfortunately, about all I can suggest is to ask Mom's help. Perhaps she can make Dad' see that he is being very unfair. Des Moines Register PQQ A 12! Wed., K4«y 6, 1970 * , Drops Arms Counts on 2 Protesters By Veryl Sanderson Charges of carrying concealed weapons were dismissed Tuesday against 'two demonstrators in the Apr. 15 Vietnam War Moratorium by Municipal jCourt Judge Howard W. Brooks. The charges were dismissed against Garry Grace and Evan Evans, both 20 and of 2915 Rutland ave. Botn-had been charged with carrying knives and Grace with having a machete under* neath the front seat of his car, • Judge Brooks, however, admonished the two for carrying such articles during a protest demonstration. He included the 40 young sympathizers' of Grace and Evans in the courtroom in his admonishment. xx "Strong Suspicion" "It s is the strong suspicion of ihis court x that carrying 1 such terns during N dernonstrations is snly askin.g for serious trouble," he said.X "They are not articles of any practical use. V "I do not criticize the officers for arresting you. Confrontations such as this often lead to serious trouble. "With that possibility, those cnives could have endangered ives." Brooks dismissed the charges on the grounds that the prosecution had failed to show the cnives were being used or in- endedJo_be__used_as_offensive weapons, In Pockets Police testified that the cnives were found in the pockets of Grace and Evans. Brooks also ruleoLJhat state aw did not identify a machete, referred to" by,, defense counsel John Hedges of Des Moines as weapon The 40 spectators applauded Brooks' ruling. Last February, Grace and Evans were forceably ejected from the Statehouse by Agriculture Secretary L. B. Liddy and a squad of state guards for distributing copies of their underground-newspaper. In March, Grace and Liddy were involved in a scuffle at he Statehouse. Grace claimed he was attempting to take a (holograph of Liddy. Liddy said 3race was aggressive and Grace swung at him first. No charges were filed in either Statehouse incident. Davenport Boy Dies of Injuries By a Staff Writer DAVENPORT, IA. - Brice Arentson, 6, of Davenport, died Tuesday at St. Luke's Hospital of injuries suffered Monday night when he was struck by a •» e » e e « e e e « e t > e t e • • « 410 • 7th Street Uniform* (Between Locust and Grind) UNIFORMS for • BcauticUnt • Men'* Jacket* t Nursei • • Ub Jacket* t Wiitrettei Open Monday* 'til 9 P.M. *»»•••*«•»«»«»«+ When a storm is about to strike— The New Sound in Town warns you! WIREPHOTO (AP) Driver Escapes ColoradoJFire Willard Wilson, "58, of Grand Junction, Goto., -about 15 miles south of Grand Junction. The truck escaped without injury Tuesday when the truck he, was rarrvinjr more than 8,000 gallons of petvo- was driving hurst into flames on U.S. Highway 50 chemicals. lowan Brown: Peace Efiort Police office Is Center on Senate Applications TURNS IN BABY CASE A 22-year-old man wanted by Missouri authorities in connection with a Hannibal, Mo., incident during which the man's 2-week-old son was taken from a hospital at gunpoint, turned himself in to Des Moines police Tuesday. Police said Leroy Cavil of Palmyra, Mo., and several Des Moines residents walked up to the information window at. police headquarters here about 6:15 p.m. Cavil then J:oJ d ^receptionist Janls Thomas that he wanted to talk to a police officer. Sgt. Daniel Kauzlarich said Cavil is wanted in Hannibal on a charge of flourishing a deadly weapon. Cavil was held in City Jail Tuesday night pending extradition to Missouri, police said.. Officer Carl Nelson of the Hannibal Police . Department Tuesday night said a man with a small caliber pistol entered St. Elizabeth's Hospital about 10 p.m. Monday and took his 2- week-old son from a maternity ward bed. "He told a nurse, TU give my life for this child,'" Nelson said. The man gave no indication why he was taking the baby, Nelson added. A hospital supervisor said the baby remained in the hospital under a doctor's care after his mother was dismissed about a week ago. The baby was being cared for Tuesday night at his grandmother's home in Des Moines, Kauzlarich said. WASHINGTON, D;Q. (AP) - The four young people who last fall rallied a million Americans under the cry, "Bring the boys home. All the boys. Now," v were broke and exhausted. The boys, not alLhome-now,-were-nonetheless corning home. And ecology, not the war, was in vogue as winter-turned to spring. So they called it quits, on Apr. 20, and closed the doors of the National Vietnam Moratorium • Committee. ..Marge Sklen- car and Dave Mixner went to New York for the election cam- bodian x thing," he said. "Also o n a c i t; i z e n s' committee thing." X He spoke of new x possibilities for the peace movement, turn- A1WTI AVfirV l\Jl II l\^ CiClflflUll Cdt 11 ---— j- v .. vv *««v > W»*»U41lr} fcVU H „ paigns. Sam Brown and David ing fr0m street demonstrations corn knife, as a dangerous Hawk stayed'behind to retire to or g anizi "g efforts aimed ' bandit who donned a stocking mask inside police headquarters here Monday night and robbed a police office of $11,000. While most of the building bristled with officers, the robber walked into a quiet Probation .Department office, told a loan cashier to hand over the money and escaped undetected. j one applications have been received by the University of Dubuque for the position of president. The presidency was vacated early this year when Dr. William G. Chalmers resigned. A 17-member committee representing the board of directors, -seimnary college, student body, alumni associations and Predicts Dominican Ballot on-Schedule SANTO DOMINGO, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC (REUTERS) — Interim President Manuel Ruiz Tejada dismissed Tuesday the assassination of a labor leader and four other killings as "incidents that happen all over the world" and said the pre-election climate was im- the debts. Then 10 days later, on Apr. 30, President Nixon told the nation American troops had entered Cambodia. "It's a hell of a time," said a friend of Sam Brown Tuesday aLthey_jhooTc_bands, "for Jhe Moratorium to go out of business." lowan's View Brown, of Council Bluffs, la., the most frequently quoted of the four youthful Moratorium co-ordinators, said in an interview Tuesday: "I have very i mixed feelings. The things we I said were true of the organization and the times.. We felt we were in danger of becoming a self-feeding peace bureaucracy. At the same time we had the feeling the real work had to be done in the communities, not in Washington. "Right now though, it would be nice to have some kind of car while he was playing on a! national organization to bridge here., . things together." Police said he was hit by a car driven by Michael Kavanagh, 17, of Davenport. Kavanagh told police the boy ran across the roadway into the path of his car. Funeral services will be at 1 p.m. Friday at the Runge Mortuary Chapel. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Arentson of Davenport, two sisters, a paternal grandmother and maternal grandparents. pull Brown and Hawk, living and working out of a ramshackle two-story apartment- office in Washington, say there are no plans to revive the National Vietnam Moratorium Committee. Brown, talking between tele bringing pressure on Congress to .end U.S. involvement in Indochina. "People who were not willing to move six months ago are willing to move now," Brown said. "Established leadership people, Focus on Senate "The Senate^of the United States is where the^ action is now. They have never been prone to do anything about the war and they never will unless they are pushed up, pulled up and shored up. Somebody's got to goose those people." Brown was one of more than 70 persons arrested Sunday while taking part in an anti-war religious service in a park near the White House. In a separate interview, Hawk said the allied push into Cambodia and brief resumption of bombing in North Vietnam present the peace movement with a new opportunity. "Cambodia makes everyone so gets the adrenalin running again." Trial Delay In Draft Burning CHICAGO, ILL. (AP) - The trial of 15 persons charged with burning drafLrecords was put- off a second time Tuesday because of the absence of some defendants; One missing was Fred Chase, 26, of Ann Arbor, Mich., who had taken refuge in a Detroit Roman Catholic Church. FBI agents Temoved and arrested him. Selection of a jury was to have started in U.S. District Court Monday but only 10 of the 15 men and women indicted were present. Judge Edwin A. Robson declared Chase and another defendant fugitives and ordered their arrest The trial now is to begin to- the university administrative proving. He said the presiden- council is screening the appli-jtial election would take place cants. 'as scheduled May 1(5. PHISBURY! phone calls, gave only a hazy outline of his post-Moratorium activities. 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