The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 16, 1934 · Page 8
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 8

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 8
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fAGEDCHT THE FAMft NEWS. MONDAY, JULY 1«, 1*34 Congressional Committee Studying Petroleum In- dustrv In South Texas HOUSTON i-P..— After conferring with oil Kitn holding widely 3iverg*nt x~i~\vs and with federal ind state agents aiding in the enforcement of oi! proration. the congressional committee invvsti- ^aiinar the petroleum industry inspected the Coriroe field i^^^ ^*t- arday. Details of the committee's prt- ?a.te. informal conferences here *riih major oil company officials «.ad independent operators were aot disclosed. The prob:e:n of baiting the flow ^ of "hot oil" from ihe vast East Texss field \vas discussed- Souse of the many who filed into the c^ni-'isitteeV su:te urged extension of i>ceru! cor-troi and others contended thai existing law.:? were adc-auat*-. Rhodes McVhaiL special -r.xesti- gator Irs cl£-sr Texas l\>r the 1, nstcd States Department <_«f Interior, uiu! soir.e cf his as--s:star:ts w ere i-Jos- eted for :t time «.\ ith the fi\v-Tn::n isient vffit State Rr-i wise appe Four <Continued F:o:n One> loans 'net addition to those previously outstanding ». S14?.OO'j.*.U u J. stock in Federal i'eposit InJ5urs.25ce corporation- Gone for :;oo<3: STO^OO'j.i'C-l' xTtitrgcer-cy relief. SS05. 4 3yi>.i'00 civil works. ?3S!,'H» : "-.Oi l $. euicrgency corsscr- valion \vurk. industrial rc-covcry S72. l - | t". i .'*^0. rivers anc h&rl^.'n-'. Tennessee valley authority spen-di:':: of >1 1, '>•>'"'•, -'-0". u Boui- der Dam item of $!S.9'iO.*00 and SI3S.i>00-*''-><> of unclassified Public T\"<?rks expenditures are also included her* ^is outright vxv-cr.di- tures, the amount of return bei:t=; •ascertain. SPAIN PLANS NEW SEA PORTS ORUSAiXS, C^—Cotton opened active and firmer Monday. Liverpool was much better than due and weather reports indicated the western drouth remained unbroken. There were numerous buying orders in evidence at the start and first trades were 15 to 16 points up and prices continued upward after the start on trade buying and short covering. October traded up to 13.20 and December to 13.37. or 21 to 22 points above Saturday's close. These were new highs for the season. At the end of the first half hour the market continued firm. Cotton futures closed steady at net advances of 14 to i» points. Wheat Price Sags Little Here is the Washington athletic club women's relay team of Seattle, to be a strong contender for nonors at the women's national A. A. U. championship swimming meet at Detroit late in July. The quartet is coached &y Ray Daughters, the mentor who taught Helen* Madison, Left to right: Olive McKean. Haze! Brocks. Mary Lou Petty. Doris Buckley. (Associated Press Photon MARKETS ji Waiter Sought For Trunk Murder Of English Women At A Glance CHICAGO, i--?*—Almost 10.900.«.»<>0 bushels enlightment of the United States wheat visible sup- i«ly in the past wee,k acted as a j drug on wheat values late Monday, j ! The increase raised the total | i s:-Mk of wheat at domestic termin- 3 1 als 10 within 30.000.000 bushels of | j the supply on hand a year ago.} ! The fact too that there had been j a five day consecutive advance of I prices tended also more or less to i intimidate buyers for at least the ! time being! "Wheat closed nervous at the same as Saturday's finish to 5-S YORK COTTON s lower, September new 9S 1-S to 3-S i corn 1-4 to 1 cent advanced, oats ! i, off to 1-S up. and provisions COTTON •I BKI'JHTON. Kng. \1P* —A stut- conectlon with the murder, auth- j terinc waiter who mysteriously \ orities said. | disappeared over the week end j The body roun<J Sunday ni^t i was sought Monday for question- , was in a ^ unk renioved from an j H o ff to 1-S up. | ing m the bizarre trunk murders | inexpeasive lodging house. A tray | unchanged to 5 cents decnne- i oi t-w.0 v.-omen. | ^, j, ai , S v.-ered the exact descrip- j — \ A woman's b<_«dy. jammed doa-.|ti On o - O ne missing from the trunk { I ble into a trunk, was found Sun- 5 j~. -which the torso was found- Let- \ \ day nig-hi. In the trunk also were j ters an( j blood-stained clothing la j ' the, faes-d and arms of another wt>- | -rjio second trunk were believed to j i man. believed those from the torso j v> e valuable clues. | Spam i* planning to build $130,000,000 worth of fortification* on the Jataeric islands—Majorca, Minorca .and tviza—in the Mediterranean. Officials contend the encircling of these islands is a peaceful measure., einct they are strategic points in the Mediterranean and should be kept neutral. Modern defensive armaments would b* established, including huge raiJway guns similar to the one shown below the map. It is ar American gun located in the Canal Zone, t Associated Press Photos) Parisian On jFort Worth Fann Board! Livestock Labor Cloud Stirs Mart 2SBW YORK. (#)—Ra.Uier dark labor clouds drifted jtnrer tJxe financial markets Monday and prices in various ^securities categories developed a somewhat heavy tone. Stocks pointed lower from the start, although the majority of declines held in the neighborhood of fractions to around a. point and the activity was as dull as in preceding sessions- There was »om« scattered selling in a, few iwuex. such as the railroads, which might be affected by the general walkout in California. There also wer« a few firm spots. Cotton continued to improve, getting up around $1 a bale to new high levels since 1950. Grains -were a, little nervous. Corn ad-, vanced. bur wheat and the other cereals generally sagged under realizing. Bonds maintained "a fairly stable position. The dollar was easier ia terms of some leading foreign exchanges. NEW LOAF MADE BY IDEAL BAKERY Twisted Bread Gives Better Flavor And Finer Texture The Ideal Baking company, owned and operated by Roy and Milton Vanderpobl. is now featuring a new Ideal bread which ii made of t\vlsted dough. This 1« said, to make a more compact loaf, of finer flavor and of more uniform texture, without sogginess in -th« bread. They have just installed a new slicing and wrapping machine which performs both these operations mechanically, setting the loaves out wrapped and ready for -delivery. (Continued from Page Qae'» FORT WORTH, if} — Hogs: | .TOO;, truck nogs steady to 10 j jg^e;-; ^ o „!? hogs/ top $4.70, { C'HJCAtiO GRAYEYARI* "WORKING All interested person* arc ir;- -trited to attetic a. graveyard \vork- iTicr at Oasey graveyard north of Paris Wednesday according: to an ZCews Aloncay. Jr'lJ ! found in a trunk checked at a rail- j ^r.">< ) -ivay station here June IS. i i'i'.zxl A deseripzic-r: of the waiter.} - i know 11 as "Tosal Mancini," an Ital- j I ian. TV as flashed by telegraph and. i ';•:•=•= I Telephone t*_> police of the entire j 5 ~s.-^ : country an-i inquiries for him ~ere j *•> H : ma.ce at French ports on tbe Ens- { ~- iv *'~« • ,. , - " ! " : lish cafennei. i f:> \ Ke w£±= know a 10 * Conducted At Biardstovm Church By I>r. \V. M, Wright i al t e had been "— I that "the port -was ! Tlie funeral of Uoyd Stone, of | open. .ave spent a j Biardstown. 21 years old. who died j July 5. — Bloody TV. H. Rayburn of Boreham. * brother of Consrressman Sam Ray- j burn, iias been appointed super- f j !r is£r ^ Conciliation commissioner j fev oackers and shippers for | (trial association started moving | i or tee Astern District of Texas. , ' .. . . ! from strike-blocked piers in | according to an announcement re- ; 5:oou -- v en the port. T>ozen riots } t-eived Monday. William t.. Jones, butchers: bulk ' 175-2SO pound truck hogs S4.SO-1 good underweights, 145-170} 'Ounds ?3.40-f4.4O; packing sows; :• steady. $3.25-75. xvere -appointed j Cattle: 2.500; 6,±00 sovenun* under provisions of an arr^endirient i calves: J..SOO commerciaL 2, Get Rid of Malaria! uccessful dI Judge of Sher"technically" i man. \ Commissioners rioting on 1 • fe-.v hours late Saturday night at a | at 3- Joseph's hospital. Sunday • San Francisco \vaterfront. Two | to the Bankruptcy Act, to work j government; peddlmg trade 32 suffered 1 with farmers who apply for aid in To conquer Malaria, you must do two things (1) Destr X^iOH Til t,ll€ OlOO^* (2 ) blood to overcome the effects and to fortify against further attacki There is one medicine that does these two things aivd tiiat is Grove's Tasteless Chill Toaic! The- tasteless quinin* in Grove's Tasteer: some fed steersjless Chill Tonic-destroys Hie read: grassers around rial infection bs the blood ell-finished yeari-l^e - ros btsjida up the blood. Thou- tat cows to S3-25; s i au _ hter cattle: all classes tend- WILLIS L. SMITH DIES IN HOUSTON Eases Headache In 3 Minutes alao neuralgia, mnscolar achfi* aod pains, tcx>tiiache, carachfij periodical ?r*f3 pains due to inorganic causes- No nar- corict. lOc and 25c padsage*. eru; hc-nie "^~a-£ ri-:>"jf i who <1i-?d jilonilay niorninr a Kc-usion v.-oulc f^ shipped to Pari noon -,-vtr i^e Sar;t& Fe railroad. > fession^il dancer w-ho ^vas supposed i<ia. Stone, bis parents. IVIr. \ to have been filling an engageTiient | Mrs. T. J- Stone, four brothers, i in Paris. | Frank. Sdgar Joe, Bob and Alvis \ Althoursrh 4_, Miss Kaye looked i rsiu^-li younger, -acquaintances said. : d O rs. \Vhe:t the- first body *,vas discov- ; er~c efforts collapsed to link it : v.*ith ihc case of Agnes Tiifverson. strike grew oimrzousty i: Francisco Bay region and land- I July 12- —"Three thousand sev- [ hundred San Francisco and her ri;a.rr;ag= to Captain Ivan Pc-5- a v •= i An infant's body founc :r. a :*jrn— d attention TO fancy-r>a.ttvrn | s-^rtcase in ths same railway sta.- sbjrts instead <*f solic color onrr>, ric-n s. fe"s" cays Zat-sr slso nail no e practica-lly noaainat; slow to 25 Jo-w*r; San'I>r. Xowlin Wateon of Clarksville! ^ eSshly av^^g^ «<»*«? *3-25 Fort- for Red River county. | do ^f' s °°* ^f^ 6 ? sc * Pee ! ' -"hecp: 3.-JO<>: fat lambs and d wether* steady; fat yearlings I Tonic is pleasant to take and con- Glenn Stone, all of Biardstowa. I July 1^- — inree tiious^i-o. »^»- | f1|Y^T*fc f^ /^WJ A T O ? " n3 2-year-old wethers steady to I tains nothing harmfril. Even chiT- arsd three sifters, Mrs. Aaron -vert hundred San Francisco RH.& ,; |^ M l\^l I }\ /\ I ^ - 5 lower; feeder lambs steady: fat i dren like it and they can talc* it Parker, ana Mrs, Robert, McKin-i Alaraede county teamsters walked.. A J-> J. VW^f V^ 4 ^ X*_1-/W^ I lambs mostly S4.SO-$5,50: bidding safely. For sale by ail stores. Xow ney of Biarustown. and Mrs. Em-lout in support of maritime unions.! j S5.75 for strictly good la-nabs: fat two sizes—SOc acd ?1, The ?1 six* | as president's board worked Jn 1 . f f ] yearlings 53.50-54; 2 year old and [contains 2- 1-2-times as much *s the I tense atmosphere to bring long-; >Irs - Jan^es -I. Beat.ey re^am-f asre . d fat wethers mostlv $2.50- tsec size and civcs you 25 percent I shore dispute to arbitration. ! *^ %^^ r * r '-™ ^J^° w ^ ks * visit j feeder iambs 13.23-75. 'snore for your money.^-J 1 Joly 13-15. — Nmnerotrs unions!*" Tjr^^t^,. ~^.? ^v^^,-.«»i, ; vote to join in geiera.1 •walkout- Sa.n | 1 Francisco faced food .' shortage-1 -^--^ ^ =—.- ».«;:«« o.^-- -^^u-) esi Ran>lle of Paris, route T. Armstrong. Marsha!' and O-y=.Ie McXir.ijey. Charley Biard and E^ri Moore. H«d1ey and Shamrock. ' -Mrs, Perry Finson and ^ vear atiiA-w prepares against violence, j ter Miss WilH* Finson of a> * :i .-{ July 16. — G-eaera-I walkout M la ** r * ^ re h ^ re for » ^o T^-r 03 j scheduled for S a. m. in San Fran- v;st ^ tb 5Il!SS J « nai e | cisco. Mrs- Felix Smith, Tr^ of ! Oklau. with her infant son bom at ( St. Joseph's .hospsT-sU;: b-eea , | moved to the home of her mother, | I Mrs. Joe Bates. 45 North Twen- f i tieth street. | Funeral From e Oa»A. "good cigarette can cause no ills and cure no ailments* ves you o /* peace of / /^ ' and conyort We say that Chesterfields are milder — that they taste better — and we believe that you would enjoy them. r of First Methodist church ^ «'as active in church -arorfe ajs well as in civic work. He ^-as also a member of the Paris Hish- TTelve c'ub. Pall hparer* Jnclude Clareiac-p, Murphy. J. M. Cavi-e-=s. Gantt. S. M. " cock and Boyd . C. | isMJ. W. S. Kan- Ling ?ftenit>ers or ly &-aditor aad representatives o£ rrsany communities is the comiry j' pallbearers. wfll act as AU offices in th* courthoo«; wi bo closed at noon Monday for Mr. Dursajran'* funeral. Small JULY SPECIAL PURCHASE SALE (ConURU«<3 Fron* the cigarette thats MILDER the cigarette that TASTES^BETTER a.nd more *;ffki*nt jsjs'ice. In r-igartf to Ju?wr. Senator HmaH advocates a %vaj?'- »cal« to ra.e*t Aujerican Ktitixlardg c«f living:, protection 50 work hours for em- ployes a,nd modern ^afet;- anot* m industry with safeguard* f->-r v. omen and children. Ke favors *h* stibmisslon art*3 repeal of the ;;re!s*:nt •:t>n«tilutton- ai amend rn^nt rtRarUing th« »a!« of liquor, with strict local option Saw* for th* protection of dry territory. K« l* opposed to the r*ce "track sambl.'nie i>ni ps«iM?d by th* last I<gjjs!ature end advocates repeal "of th* bill. Senator Small fevors th« creation of » »*rjarat« commijwion lo r*«:ulat* th* production of oil a>n<3 gas. K« favor* pfivir.R th« Railroad Commission f«il power to regruJate all etiJSti**. 00 an to protect tbc con»um*-r from unjust and «xc««- »iv* r»te«. Both commtuwlong, h« aa>x. »hou!d b* supported by a. tax upon the bu*l»«8» <sr Jn<Ju«try *u- Senator Email «p«akx at Honey Grov«s Tu«wday morning' at 10 «>'cSoc)c and at BonHam Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. THRKE BODIKS GAL.VESTON; «P>. Monday *tfll sought the bodies «>f thr«« HO"*tonian» who drowned In Ga!ve*ton channel when they «t«pp*d Into dft*{> channel wmt«r* After wadiiic tnt« Zb« buy on * Gibing trip. Discontinued Patterns In Fine CHINA-GLASS & SILVER 1/2 CHINA Durana (Havttand) Bird of Paradise (Haviland) Albana (HavlJand) Yale (Haviland) Marquette (Haviland) Corona Onintess Harriet Kcw Roscm»rv SILVER Princess Patricia (Sterling) Edgeworih (Steriin:;) Dolly Madbon (Sterling) Anniversarv' Bird of Paradise Duchess Queen GLASS Prince** — Wirteria — BUck St« S*-<r<>«vl Floor itmc Brcfo sands of people have conquered Malaria, with the aid of Grove's Tasteless Chili Tonic- In addition to being a noted remedy for Malaria, it is also an excellent tonic of 'genera! use. Grove's Tasteless Chill V

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