The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 26, 1951 · Page 2
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 2

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 26, 1951
Page 2
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TEW Thtt Newt, Piefleriek, Md., Monday, Nov*mh«r 26, iim, AJTO MM. VRKGYTMPf BIm On Top--Andy On Spot THAT, MY KV...I \A8K ^\ AS IT THE GREATEST \ SHOULD HONOR THAT CAM COME TON BE... A MAN !N THIS BRA OP THE FRIENDLY POWERS PICKED ME TO GO TO THE BEUWAN CONGO TO SPEED UP THE VAST MINING OPERTI OP THE WORLD'S AVDST PRECIOUS METAL... URANIUM £/ TMEY PICKED THE \ BUT, MV ACCEPTANCE iOP MAN POR TWEVOPTHE HONOR JOB, BIM. ..I'M PBOUD DEPENDS UPON CHRIS WELKIN, PANETEER This M^y Be Risky 5fe» SUtP MffffT B£ UK6 THE "SPACE 5OOOMILB BAKTHs WOUL O FOLLOW OP OUR PLANNED ORWT*...TWICE ABOUND THE EARTH HOOK*! ABOVTZCHKI* FLV/M A«S*»UE EXPERTS HAVE HA FLA FOB DO YOU WfcALlIB WM*T YOU MAYe COMB WfTH TUI5 CLOCK* feerr up AT MlPNKSHT* NO, t WANT TO PROP OFF IN A ©OCX? 1 OJ MAY/ ITS SlMPLf. .SENSE yi'M esur you TO Mf CWCWSY VVMCN THB ARTHUR And KIN PLA," MAV8 TO «BT UP A* I AM WMgN r PC? MUTT AND JEFF Now That That's Settled Let's Get On With 1« LETS PUT OUR HEADS TOGETHER AMD THINK REAL HARD; NOW, WHAT WILL WE THIS WEEK? NO, BUT I'VE BEEN THINKIN' ABOUT IT/ LET'S SEE--VOL) WERE A PLUMBED A LION TAMER-- MUTT: DID YOU MAKE OP OUR. MINDS WHAT WE'RE SeNNA WORK AT THIS WEEK* BOOTS AND HCE UUDDIBS Carnival Insect Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL VERTICAL "Then Hubert and T held peace talks and decided thai the Ritzy Kocktail Korner would make a nice neutral 7onc!" JACOBY ON BRIDGE Ran Out Of Trumps And Lost Control NORTH A A Q 8 5 ¥ K 7 5 · Q 9 6 3 + 43 WEST (») K J 7 4 V 4 + J 6 2 EAST * 9 6 2 V A 8 3 2 · 10875 + K 6 SOUTH A 10 3 * None * A Q 10 9 7 5 Neither side vul. North East South Pass 2 » 2 V Double 3 * 4 4 4 V Pass Pass Pass Pass Opening lead By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NBA Service "What is meant by control o£ a bridge hand'" asks a Danbury correspondent Control is difficult to define, but you always know what it is when you've just lost it That usually happens when you run out of trumps so that the opponents can take too many tricks in the side suits In todays hand, for example. South lost control of the play It wasn't his fault however "just keep your eje on East and see how he waited for the right moment to strike the decisive blow West opened the king of dia- Jtnonds, and South ruffed with the six South next led the eight of YOU* TAST« ENJOY ATREAT- he other is doing 7 " When the opponents hoaits towards dummy s king, hop- infi to land in dummy for the club finesse East let dummy win the tuck. If he took I he ace of hearls East could return a diamond, but South would discard instead of rulfmg West would take the second defensive tuck with the ace of diamonds and return a spade Dummy would win with the nee of spades to lead a club South would take the queen and ace of clubs and ruff a third club in dummj East could then over-ruff for the thud defensive trick, but the rest would be South s When dummy won the second tiick with the king of hearts, declarer took the club finesse, cashed the ace of clubs and ruffed a club m dummy with the five of hearts Once more East bided his time He refused to over-ruff If East makes the mistake of over-iuffing, South makes the con- tiact East returns a diamond, and South discards West takes the ace of diamonds and returns a spade. Dummy wins and returns the seven of hearts, and East can take only the ace of hearts When East refused to over-ruff, declaier returned the seven of i hearts from the dummy This was the moment for which East had been waiting He stepped up with the ace of hearts and put dummy m by returning a spade Now declarer couldn t get out of dummy except bv ruffing a spade or a diamond This brought htm down *o one trump, while East still had two trumps South then discovered that he had lost control of he hand No matter how he wriggled and squirmed he could win only nine tricks. 1,5 Depicted insect 8 These creatures travel in a long 12 Rake 13 Meadow 14 Tart 15 Central 16 Repoies IB Finish 19 Indian rnulbem 20AUues 22Depait 23 Remove 25 Woody plant 27Fmt m.m 28 OiRan"; of heauiiK 2 9 ' P w c h State" 30To (prefix) 31 It pity-. otliei insects 32 Note of hutle 33 Walked 35Citv m SBShatpcn 39 Nclw. 01 k 40 Pionoun 41 Wastes time ru ea 48 Knork 50 Rodents 51 High pnesl 52 Pate 54 Soak flax 55 Empty 56 Care for 57 Middle (comb, f o r m ) SBFoimeily 1 Armed fleet 2 Distuibed 3 Mire 4 Biblical pronoun 5 To the sheltered side 6 Cape 7 Makes lace edging 8 Musical note S Chill 10 Delay $ 11 Dasheen 16 Railroad (nb ) 17 Direction (ab ) 20 Required 21 Ocean liners 24 Body of water 26 City in Wisconsin 33 Craving for liquids 34 Turn 36 Type style 37 Mock 42 Exclamation 43 It is found in climates 44 Suffer (Scot 45 Permits 46 Plural suffix 49 Writing tool 51 Eternity 53 Paid (ab ) 55 Verso (ab ) Quit* A Boy 3 M 8 28 IB 10 II YM BUGS BUNNI Mental Giant H7 I GET A TAKT OUTA \ \wt-teRE HE CAN'T FINP IT/ THAT BUSH LOOK* LIKE HEY' EL-MEJ? MOTA GOT A NEW POOCH/ COPR 1W1 SV WARMER TH'U'L CLUCK MUST BE I. EAPIN' BOOKS / HE ^ .PIPN'T GET THAT 5A\A HIMSELF/ FRECEXEB AMD MM 9BDEND8 Back In Old Mo* I fi-l=- BCHSARE IN HOCK~ MRS. } CLABBER FOR OAMAES To HER CAR ' Hold Up A Bit, Sir, You r Trip's Been Cancelled JACOBY ON CANASTA STUDY OPPONENTS' STYLE OF LAY B OSWALD JACOBY Written For NBA Service "This is a situation that happens often enough," writes a Knoxville correspondent, "so I'd like to know vhat kind of tactics to use when I meet it the next time Heres the ivay jt happened the other night "My partner and I needed 120 points for the initial meld Un- ortunately, the opponents won the containing about 15 "What strategy should we adopt after this unlucky incident' How hould each of us understand what take the /LARD AND 1 WAVE A HEAVY DATE WITH MRS CLABBER / THIS APTERMOOM YOU WILL WASH,, SOMETOIM6- BREAK. K f A FEW DISHES AN[ THEM RACK To THE HUT/ IN TME , KITCHEN/ SKIP IT/ IP- I SAID AMY MORE- CD HAVE- TO WASH our wy . MOUTH/ e VIC FLINT Perfect Crime? VlC'5- VISHTOR PROVE*- TO BEAM OLD FRIEND. rrs- OOD TO VOU UP AMD AROUND AGAIN, LOUIE. BUT WELL, IF IM SOMNA BE I SOTTA LOIN DA TECW- MIQUE OP DA PRIVATE EVE SO I PICKED VER LOCK AM' I BEEN i BROW£IN' IN VER LIBRARY. MEANWHILE, IN HAMILTON! PENTHOUSE A FANTASTIC DBAMA. "ENACTED. ABSOLUTEiy [YOU'LL ^Jl'VE GOT. TME PERFECT CRIAAE, SUP Uf?l IT-- THE WAM/ WO ONE WILL j ^PORT f IDEA EVEN *USPECT f- "T^EV -TWAT WILL. M3U DIDNT KILL I ( ALL DQ.J,TRAP WIM/ IfcM T M BEQ u 9 j» AT OFF" ·,". r'/TlV-V PRISCHXA'S FOP Onc-Way Traffic ..AND IF I WAS A SENATOR, I'D CALLJ FOR A FULL INVESTIGATION iF EVERYTHING!, first pack, your proper course depends on how liberally they meld Good opponents will not meld unnecessarily, but you a i e n t always playing against expeils For example, suppose an opponent picks up a pack of about 15 cards and piomptly melds about 20 cards, leaving himself with only 5 or 6 cards m his hand It s a very foolish wa to weld of couise, but we ve all placed asamst people who couldn t resist putting cards down on the table Against that sort of opponent you wait for a couple of rounds of play. Then, depending on the nature of jour own hand, you decide whether to freeze the pack and play offensivelj or whether to assume the defensive When there are seveial melds on the table, and very few caids in an opponents hand, vou should have no trouble m finding sate discaids A freeze is usually indicated, unless one opponent has kept his full hand and may therefore become a menace. If--the opponents are good plajr- ers and therefore meld only what is unavoidable, you must give up the idea of competing for the discard pile You cant fight against a hand of 20 cards when you have only II cards of your own Your course is to play for out. Get rid of cards that were contained m that first pack You can never make good use of those cards, and there is no advantage in cluttering your hand with them You must make room for caids that have a chance to develop into canastas--or at least one canasta Even if you cannot mak« the count, jourself, you must try to keep caids that will fit your partner's likeh nieldt and vou must hope that he can eventually accumulate enough to make the initial meld Mi Jacoby is unable to answer individual questions on Canasta fiom readers However, he will in. elude the most frequently asked questions in his column. FERRY RE-ELECTED BALTIMORE. Nov. 25. (/P)-Bladensburg Fire Chief William Perry uas ic-elected president of the Matyland Fire *Chiefs Association here today as the group met ·for its annual convention. The association voted to adopt a resolution commending Maryland Governor McKeldin and the Maryland Traffic Safety Commission for thtir efforts in saving lives on the State s highways. NOW LET ME TELL YOU WHAT COOLIDGE SAID IN 1926.... FATHER! IT'S 3 HOW CAW WALDO WORK TOMORROW --~ IF VOU KEEP HIMj UP ALL MIGHT -\ -3 , OH, DON'T WORRY ABOUT HIM, DAUGHTER! HE'S BEEN ,. T M REC. U S PAT Off. ,,__ // 26 COPft. 1951 BY NCA SERVICE. INCM OUR BOARDING HOUSE I OUT OUK NO woMOee you THDMT BLOW A SASKET oveR Trt?6e f|sl(5 "TOR^G'V^ jfa *"' \0L) MAO RAFFLED 'EM OFF/ DID \W MOOLA sssswn ANiV .' BSWARS TME IRE OF A** 5 HOOPL5 FALSELY ACCUSED/ A girl who morries to escop« office routine may find the baby's routiM mort coflfwinft. GNU. A NEW HEATINS UNIT POR CLUB-- -AL50, T HAD ·DEVeLOPe'D 60CH DEEP AFFECTK7M RPR. e\KOS THAT RECOILED THOD6UT OF / WHATLL X / TJO WITH ( THte PIECE? V VOU HAD., \ TOO HE'S YOUR FATHER/ CAN'T 1OU HIMT TO HIM THAT'S WHAT'S WITH MY KIOSE. AMP * "THAT STUMT POPULAR. THEN-AMP LOOK. AT U/

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