The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 24, 1956 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1956
Page 2
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• Page 2 <?lrf New Church's Charter Members Being Accepted Charter members win to ar-cor.!- «jd until April Jftr ttw ncv/iy oi'jrsiv te:rf NwUi Mftir. Ban'.:.:-;!, enurelv irf^tc'l at the Ashley bi:r>bcr yard. North M.".i:*, Ti'iis SunOS'." $';n<J;;v, *.dirx>! «'iK h;.' a* <*:••*"> ,'!.!.".. rr.;i cbun/.h ;i< iC:X a.m. "TV- Pr;;;<;n of Man or Pr;;:.w o:' God?'" is the sermon topic- of 1ho pastor, \hc- Hcv. YeiTion Tiicr/ip- won. At fi'30 p.m. traininjr wnion v,-jil IK- !erj sire' a' T:'!fj p.m. Kcv, Thorno- :-.o.-j v,m proiich o: 1 . "Having 7\o Ko;y> ;i:iU Whixiu' Gou 1:1 the Word." A i>rayw "iT>!?fine nn<i business K<'KS";6n will be .'1 7:30 p.m. Wed- daturday, MarcJi 24-, l By Josephine Cuibertson THE timing- of the play can b<; as extremely tricky sort, o£ thin;:, and contracts that appear to be ironclad, if the breaks are not too bad, have a way of disintegrating if there is one false move. Consider this deal, from the recent Vandcrbilt Tournament in York. Xorth dealer. Both sides vulnerable. Centre! Baptist Topics Announced By Rev. Osteen The psKtor cf Cr-r.lrsi Baptist church, liw Rev, John K. Osteen v.'U preach or. .th-:- sub.iec-l "What TT Christ To You" a: fr.e Sunday • ji'ffht service. The 'topic ftsr the morning hour v.-'i\'i be "Spiritual Darkness.'' Thp'SHJSic 1 v.*iU be un<s?r the <'ur- <>ction of J>ei;h Dutsftn- Sp^'^si music for the Sunday mornirg service vnll be "Tee Lord's Prayer," sung by Dwison, . The church exceeded iis jroaJ of SS25 for home missions. Rev. Os- teer, announced. To da'.e the io;.a! received is £714. Mont Beivieu Youth Group Fetes Guests Approximately SO representatives, from churches^ ir. .Zone 3 of Methodist Youth FeUovrship f-~~- tsndcd the fellowship at the First Methodist ChJirch in Jvloni Bel- vica, Jerry Mere«?r. ef Jacinto City, president of ™or=c 3. presided si i.he afternc-nn affair,-'hosted br i'"? jiTofiC Eeh-ica Mrrhoeist Youth rol!ov.-ship sponsored by Mr. and ''Irs. Back Flov-'ers. Contained ia Zone 3 of. "vITF are churches in Channe'.viesv, Crosby, Highlands. Pasadena. Cc-er Park. Greens Bayou. Asburj-, Gs?"/i-a and Green Acres. S'eiiib;~s of the Mont Boivieu group .served refreshments -vhlc'a csrricd thf Easter tbcmo. and I"ainc Mc.BarJ.el and Betty V. Wilson entertainers muslcsliy. Before You 8uv cr Sel CONSULT H. PHONfc 3-1744 [ $600.00 OX A [ HEW 1956 i I PLYMOUTH I | Offer Ends TonloJrf I 1 ERNSE DITTMAN ! I 707 KAST TEXAS £ The bidding: North East South West 1 •£ Pass 1 t, . Pa*5 2 £> Pass 4 A Pass Pass Pass East-West were not very c-.ncer- prising-—they couJci have made five hearts (except ag-ainst the most inspired, twt they didn't even get into the auction. East \vas blameless, because he cou;dii'i \\-i-\l take action over one diamond and risk a spade response irom his partner, bat West put too high a premium on safely when he failed to b:d two hearts ever one spade. South, on ihe contrary, went all out when he heard the spade raise; he had ; almost, no honor strength, but he thousiit very highly of his distribution. West opened the club king, 'ookeci 2t cumray. and shifted to a low heart. East played the king- snd ace of hearts, and South ruffed. KCU- declarer decided to lead the jack of clubs through West's marked ace—an extremely questionable choice, cut unimportant If South had played correctly thereafter. £a_si covered the jack a^c .dummy ruSed lo-.v; then South ru-ted another heart The situation obviously called for s. eor.linuaUon of the club-raff- ing- plan, but. apparently, South didn't want to iand in dummy and have to lead a'.vay from the diamond ccrr.bir.ation, so he eiecied to gel ri-i of his singieion diamond here and r.o\-r. It -.'.-as a fata! move. He made the right guess, putting in Gu^niy-s jsck to fores the ace, b'jt this o:dr.'t do him any good. East returned his trump, and South had to win in his own hand, vrith the jack, to preserve tho trjmp situation. He then ruJTed a ciu'j in uu.Timy. ihreiv- his next-io-Iast club on the- dia- mor.d king—and fouaa himself in a. hcpciess positic-. He st;!I had to ruff another c'.ub. and he couidn't get out cf the ck:m~y t>-;ce v.-,tr.aut having ;o iojc the K<-rt;ng tr:ck to West's r.ov/.s:r.-. gkton ten of trumps. Elks Throw Parfy A COCKTAIL party win be given at S p.m. Saturday ir. the Eik.- io-:.igc. KoJtE?ses '.rin be the wives Order Of Arrow P H A R M A C Y 320 W. DE FEE DIAL 2975 NO PARKING PROBLEM Free Delivery» Open Until Midnight i;.Vi)> TO.VJGHT AT GUNPOINT" L.1ST TIM.KS TO!).v T.OC'K H, COH.VKLL JJOKf <.-iK!l< In "NEVER SAY GOODBYE ' SUNDAY— MONDAY 38CHABD HBDMARR "HOLD BACK TOMORROW" JOHN A9AR CLEO MOORE F.XTJ'.A "DiME TO RETIRE" A ('o)or (":.rl'«i;i ADOLTS 50c «! ^ jHenry Fenda-? Trail <>' «^* fc (•irf&'v '.'j 1 * R rt«rtf»Af^»rt Mfnp 1 * SUNDAY-MONDAY ir S^CiHEMAScQPf: ^CLIFTON, f>ARSAP?A STANWYCK . Log- CHANNEL 2. KPRC-TV 5: 5 6 K 7 S-. S 9: 9 10 10 II 1.2 00 Roy Rogers :30 Soiilicrs of Fortune :00 People's Choice :30 Rljr Surptfse :00 Perry Co mo .OO PcopU- Arc Funny :30 Slur Theater 00 George Gob?I :30 liit Parade :00 City Detective :30 Studio 57 :00 Mo\ic Spectacular 30 Sign Off SUNDAY SMS Inilustry on Parade S:»l Put Gotl First S:45 Christian Science . r i:i"K) Palm Sunday 10:00 Frontiers of" Faith 10 -30 Christophers 11:00 Easier Art Show 11:15 What's Tour Trouble 1.1:30 This Is The Life .12:00 Royal Playlio«?« .12:30 Susie ] :(XJ Million DoUa r Movie 2:30 >fonte Gristo S:00 V.'ide Wide \A'orltl 4:30 Capt. Gallatit 5:00 Meet the Press n:SO Jud.;c Roy B«an ti:00 It's A Great life 6:SO Color Spread S:00 TV Playhottse S:00 JLoretta 1'oung- 9 -.30 Highway Petrol 10":CO Texas In Review 10:30 Heart of City 11:00 Justice 11 :SO Roval Playhouse 12:03 Sign 00 CHANNEL II.KGU'L.TV SATURDAY 5:30 Lucy Show 6:00 The" FaJcon 6:30 Beat The Clock 7:00 Jackie Gleason 7:30 Stage Show S:00 Two For Money 8:30 It's Always Jan 9:00 Gunsmoke 9:30 Kunyon Theater 10:00 Der.rh Valley Days 10:30 The Vise 11:00 Late Show 12:45 Sign Off SDM3AT S:00 Faith For ToUav 8:30 TV Chapel 9:00 Lamp Unio My Feet S-.30 Look Up and Live 10:00 Sepia Spotlight 10:80 Camera 3 11:00 Take A Trip 11:30 Oceanojrraphy 12:00 The Christophers 12:30 Wild Bill Hickok 1:00 Sherlock Holmes 2:00 Charades 2:30 Zoo Parade 3:00 Front Row Center 4:00 Omnibus 5:30 Vou Are There G:00 Lassie 8:30 Jack Benny 7:00 Ed Sullivan S:00 GE Theater 8:30 Alfred Hitchcock 9:00 Adventure Appointment 3:30 What's My Line 10:00 Xews Special 30:15 Bill Roberts 10:30 Late Show 12:15 Sign Off CHANNEL 13, KTRK-TV SATURDAY 5:30 To Be Announced B:00 Ethel anrt Albert 6:30 Ozarlt Jubilee 8:00 Lawrence VVelk 9:00 Chance" of Lifetime H:30 To Ke .'Vrinounced 30:00 Bowlinjf Ji:00 Studio 13 12:15 Xews; SigTi Off 10:5.3 11:00 12:30 2;30 3:30 5:30 0:00 6:30 8:00 St">"DAY Anthem; Prayer Firet Methodist Christophers J'rizc Movie The PuJpit Denn Pike Vour Bible Super Circus Vour (ntroniK Tap fi^yhouse You .AikeU For It Famous Film Festival Amati-ur Hour Dollar A Second Thi,: Pcrtiluluin Star St«<-l Hour News; Siffn Of!" Engineer Sought For Water Survey The O'0';bv Jur.-.or Chamber of Commerce \Vecintisday ivill name Sir. engineer 'M make preiiiriinary .surveys for '.he proposed fresh water 'JiAt:-'.c',. Don Kainsf-y, temporary supervisor, .said erigi.ieers from Baytown. Kf.;^tori and Son Antonio have ;i'-'-:\ f.-orj.ii'J'-'r.-.;;!. and the one to iTisi't-". th'j prelirfiir.ary survey of j>olcr.U%'il;<;:3 .'ind feasibility of the proposed proji-;r.t '.viu be retained »l the reg-:jj»;- rrii-ei!.ijr of the Jay- «.-c-cs in the fire station. REL 1360 ON YOUR DIAL iATURCA-r EVENING 7 :'«'<—<.: Train 10:00—SiJ.'i Ol: SUt^DAY MORNINtt l/i'i— P.?.;;:.on it; The Nswf SUNDAY APTERNOON 12:00 — Sunday Uitlr.** . .%;« J —Pi'-.-'J j.>- vVe (iMi 6 Oft— Artist* On 7 )., ..... -Ir.i- Hr'.'.xr 7;<5— Ki.-st Jiifjii.M Ct.-urth >.3o— ruuor Cu'jir lij:y'j — Bisn Off MONDAY WORN I NO e:01 _ Pf.jijio Six g.2S— KfWS H;rc.l — ^:j'ilo fill 7:»/— TKC J(/ij Cast h: r r';— fjf-<r-.:jo ."how ; ^ fir. — \> v, ff 11 -02— li!. ':."•' ,-•'» horaoy MOf4DAY AFTERNOON DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Small freshwater flsh 5. Bang 9. Bravery 10. Domesticates 12. GocJdoss of discord (Gr.) 13. Wager 14. Piece out 15. Coin (Peru; IS. Poem 17. CUyUt.) 20. Coupled 22. Unwoven cloth (Pac. Is.) 20. Articlt ~f of value ?' 27. Rude dwelling' 28. Neurotic condition among Malays 29. Capital oi Cuba. SO. Pivoted support for a rotating gun 32. City <Pru*s.) 25. Coin (Swed.) 26. Open Cpc-ei.' 39. Safe 41. A kind of quartz 42. Harsh 43. .Cubic, mete. 44. Sea eagles (Eur.) 15. Attitudinise DOWN 1. Gloomy 2. Psychiatrist 3. Lettuce (U. S.) 4. Erbium (sym.) 5. Not fresh 6. Escape (slang) 7. Raised desk (Early Christian. Churches) S. Announce for a score (Cards) 9. Letter of the alphabet 11. Observe 13. Precious metal 15. Small barracuda (S. Eur,) IS. RcgioRs 19. Barrel part 20. A close friend 21. Man's name 23. Large snails 24. Metal fastener 25. Mis- cel- lany 27. Cavern 29. Rent 31. Toils 32. S-shaped worm 33. Apportion 34. Mark of a wound wnga rtouii r-WTETO '30301:3 Ufiaao ai-iaoa GJHH KUH EB Politics Borers H/// 'Wins District Answer 37. Funeral pile 3S. River to the English Channel 40. Receptacle for coffee 41. A Siouan Indian -13. Spain Ubbr.) iz i* -.20 n IS IO ib 8 (Coiilinued From Paifc One.) nation of either Kefauvor or H«r- rimati jnight result in a third party. He said Stevenson "has nearly eliminated himself" as, a contcndev becavisc of his poor showing thus far. Many Southerners arc looking lowaiVl Senate Democratic Leader Lyndon Johnson of Texas as a possible dark horse' cancmlalo. But lie is giving them no encouragement. Johnson is telling friends the fluid situation in the Democratic presidential sweepstakes is making him reluctant to commit himself as even a favorite son candidate from Texns, He was said to feel this might give the impression that he is heading- a movement to sidetrack Xofauver's campaign. Kefauver's stock is booming since his Minnesota vie too"- ; Democrats who have tried to coax Johnson into the race have nuotod him- _as saying he is "from the uTong,direction of the country at the wrong time." By this he means that as a Southerner in a year when the parly is split over civil rights he might not get "iiough northern support to win the nomination. Johnson's Senate associates are divided in thair speculation about 'iis attitude. Some believe he won't ••\w. Others are convinced he will' show a growing interest if developments foreshadow a convention '.padlock. At any rate they doubt he can -.'.rn down the favorite son nropo- -il which was advanced by Speak- ••r Sam Rayburn as a move to '•nsure harmony in the Texas delegation- rs Hill High School thespians Friday night walked away with lop honors at the district one- act play contest in -Sheldon, and won the right to compete in the area contest at Katy April 10. The entry in the" contest, at the C. E. King High School was the first effort of Barbers Hill Schools in the district competition. Miss Ruth Ann McCiillom. Bnr- bers Hill actress, was commended for her excellent performance by Contest Judge ,D. H. Thompson, head of the" speech and arts department of Stephen F. Austin High School in Houston. The Barbers Hill entry was the third net from "The Little Foxes" and the cast included Dan Hooks. The Darkest Hour' Crosby Leaaue Play "The Darkest Hour" is the, Crosby .High School entry in the Interscholastic League District $8 one- act play contest. The Crosby c 1 !*!. is competitiiv< with actors from Anahuac, Sour Lake, Dayton, HuH-Daisc-tta. East Chambers. Koonce. Buna and Little, Cyprus in the district meet at Dayton Friday, and the winner'will move to 'he regional contest in Houston next month. Gordon Spoor, Kenneth Flower Hollis Naquln, Clayton Elmer, ,;>„ Ann Butler. JElnine McDaniel, Hiith Ann MeCullam and Wanda W'ilbuni. The prize winning cast was dl. rpclod by Mrs. ln»:i Purswell assisted by Bcrecc.i McKay, student tliroctor, and Brnida Drcweiy. m';ike up artist. At Thad Felton's TUfNE IN SUNDAY, MARCH 25 the Sunday Spectacular Man Changes Name Rather Than Luck DETROIT — (IB — Michael Ned- elkoff. who originally was Miodrag iXedeljkovic. had his name changed a second time. He told Probate Judge James H. Sexton that, he sold two plays under the pen name of Michael X. Luxor and wanted" to keep it Sfratton Wins Honor For Insurance Sales J. Bryan Siration. C. L. U-, Bayto-.v nrepresentatix'c of The Linc-Ion National Life Insurance Co., trained national recognition for his personal produciion record last month. Stration ranked ninth among all agents of the company in sales for Febmary. This honor was won in competition with ail of the company's more than 2,500 sales representatives throughout the countrv. "Well, the court would rather change your name again than your luck." said Judge Sexton who made the original name change a. year ago. "Petition granted." Baytown's Hit Parade: The top ten popular records in Bay town this week are: 1. Lisbon Antigua 2. Rock and Roll Waltz 3. Poor People o£ Parie 4. >."o, Xot Much 5. Theme for "Three Penny Opera" 6. Theme for ".Man With a Golden Arm" 7. Heartbreak Hotel S. Long Tail Sally P. See you Later Alligator 10. Memories ;in? Made of This. HIGHWAY 146 HAVE YOU TRIED OUR GOLDEN BROWN FRIED CHICKEN? You Really Haven't Eaten ITnlil You Do. Only 65 e Dinner m X > oo m z: c m Home Owned and Homo Operated Mean Lower Price* For You CALL 9590 FOR TAKE HOME ORDERS BROWN'S CHICKEN SHACK E. Texas Arc. *t Highway H6 channel 2 6:30-8:00 pi, NBC Television starring: BERT LAHR • NANCY WALKER '• JANET BLAIR Co-spon*orod by: SAVINGS AND LOAN FOUNDATION AND U. S. RUBBER CO., MAYBELUNE CO., KRAFT HARRIS COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS & LOAN ASSOCIATION \V. T)r-fc,- HERE SHE IS IN BAYTOWN! WE ARE PROUD TO PRESENT . . . ANNA MAGNANI ACADEMY AWARD WINNER WE ARE HAPPY TO BRING HER TO YOU, SUNDAY • • 3 DAYS FROM THE TIME SHE WAS ACCLAIMED BEST ACTRESS OF THE YEAR! A GREAT NEW STAR! ANNA MAGNAHI'S TALEHT IS SO CHARGED WITH VITLiTY ... SO LUSTY ... SO UNIQUE THAT PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD ARE TALKING ABOUT HER! BURT LANCASTER -ANNA MSGNSNT Hal Wallis' production TENNESSEE WILLIAMS' SUNDAY SHE'S H ER I FN THE BOLDEST LOVE STORY YOU HAVE EVER BEEN PERMITTED TO SEE! THE ^Mv ^^•' ^^^-r * — ^«"^ » i ' ^^^*rs m^f jm !• ,)»o B l«rr!n< MARISA PAVAN • BEN COOPKK • will, Virdinin C.r^y • .Jo Vim KM!« | (V Sflndro GUIir. .'l)ir«-lr«l by DANIEL MANN • Skr»i>npl«y l.y TKNNKSHKK WII.MAMH ™\4 elation by HAL KANTEK.- Dnwion the PJ«y. "THK HOSE TATTOO" by T»nn*i..« Wflllm«»^a* /•.Y.V/f M,lCN.lNf-"nm Atiifi JV,>r."-N. 1'. Filni tilwi A«n J STARTS SUNDAY BKUNSON

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