The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois on January 19, 1948 · Page 4
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The Daily Register from Harrisburg, Illinois · Page 4

Harrisburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1948
Page 4
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PAGE TWO THE DAILY REGISTER, HARRISBURG, ILL., MONDAY, JANUARY 19, 1948 The Daily Register 1869, i'wr Saline Cwnty Register.) , Published evenings except Sundays and holidays at 35 South Vine street, Harrlsburg, Illinois, " by REGISTER PUBLISHING CO. of Harrisburg, MRS. ROY L. SERIGHT, . . . . President.. CURTIS G. SHALL, Editor, and Manager. Entered Tas second class* matter at the post, office at. Harrisburg, Illinois, under act of March' 3,1879. Subscription Rates: By Carrier 20- cents per week. By mail in Saline and Adjoining Counties, $5.00 per year~,iH advance; $1.50 ·for. three, momths. Outside. Saline and-adjoining counties, §7.00. per 'year; $2.00 for- three months; 75 (cents per month.. The Daily Register is a private business' institution. The. management reserves the right to be sole judge as to acceptance or. rejection of, any statement for use either as anews item'or a paid advertisement. Out Our Way BIBLE THOUGHT FOR TODAY ' We cannot deceive God, any of the.- time,. and. even foolish men at long last came to recognize the truth;--11 Cor. 13:8: "We can do nothing against the truth, but for the truth." \ r BIBLE READING FOR TODAY ' Jan. 19. Chosen to Serve.-Isaiah 6:1-8. JT, ALEC, JVE. GOT TO S\T roww FDR A MIWUTE OR SO/ /TH 1 BULL MAY BE ( BRAINY, BUT THERE \ MUST BE SOME FAT / MIXEPIN -- HE LET I TH' DOC TALK HIM IMTO BIFOCAL SPECS, NEW FALSE TEETH AM' ARCH SUPPORTS, ALL AT ONCE.' He '//'J LTf'i.' By Williams HE'LL BE AS WORTHLESS AS A 3UY IN LOVE WITH A GIRL. WHO HAS TWO OTHER BEADS, A LAPPO6,AND MO TELEPHONE/ 7 n 'if' *\ im. T, y. RCC. o. a. PA~. err. JPR.-!« OY MA erwirc. i: ..' U'Jl'J. - ' ' THE OVERLOAD Mining Town Finds Way So Labor Trouble STIBNITE, Ida.-- OH 1 .) --Deep in the mountains of central Idaho A Decade of Service Again the March of Dimes is swinging along, and again Americans are being asked to give their ···" v..~ *** r -_ -dimes and dollars to help the fight lies this, model mining village. It on infantile paralysis. I lies 80 miles over two mountain l ' This year it is the tenth birth-1 passes from a railroad and a high-1 day of the National Foundation,way. _ ·· v j for Infantile Paralysis that gives I The Bradley Mining Co. has one must go fur plan: ^ted Slates of Europe is only solu- said he was awake to that happy fact.' The book to which Deane referred was one called "Building Citi/enship." The doctor was Kay 0. Hughes of Pittsburgh, who wrote it. , ' He was on the pan before a House District of Columbia subcommittee, which is investigating complaints about some of the text books, used in the public schools here. It was Dr. Hughes' second appearance before the committee. .After he had packed his briefcase and gone home the last time. ,the committee made out a list of objections, naming pages and par- .agraphs in the civics book. Committee Chairman A. L. Mill- 'cr of Nebraska wanted to know 'what the author-teacher had done about them. It turned out he had been pretty busy on a rewrite job. ·Take on page 195. There was a picture of Josef Stalin, big as life 'and puffing a pipe. Dr. Hughes 'explained that he and his publishers originally had used the picture along with a brief essay on Communism. He said the essay was intended to teach- the kids a bit about what Communism is like, so they could compare it with our form of government--hoping to goodness they would like ours better. In the next edition of the book they're going to ''leave Joe out of it."" as Dr. Hughes put it. He has inserted instead a description of the Russian idea of democracy, and how wrong it is. That and a few paragraphs about the Taft- Hartley law. ... Says: B*, ,ward'sweep of Communism It has ^^^^^J^^. Tnited States 'given Moscow "a definite setback m Jen a n a i s m ^ ^ France and Italy and sent the TM*,"T" J_ ,, {ree user of tne Politburo scurrying around to find Hughes \\as a iree user House Committee Quizzes Writer About Textbook By HAKMAN W. NICHOLS school. Miller went on a 1 o North 'Carolina scowled, looked down at the witness and said: "I suppose you are aware, Dr. Hughes, that this inquiry is bound to help the sale and circulation of your book." Dr. Hughes beamed. \cs, lie little k V l l V V * _ · » · · · * » * - · f side lour in the testimony to say that "ft* 1 "' hr nnssod aluebra and UUIl. U A I V I *»v I '..^"- -- *7 , , other subjects lie taught school himself for awhile--back in 1912. But not mathematics. . Dr. Hughes said he was thinking of yanking out of the next edition of "Building Citi/enship" a picture of Hank Wallace--taken some time back down in Mexico. He said that now his book is under fire he didn't want to have somebody jump up and accuse him of backing Wallace as a presidential candidate. Heaven forbid, he said. He is trying to ride the middle of the road, in politics, foreign affairs and religion. And he said he was more than proud to report that as of now more than 1,000,000 copies of his textbook have been sold. Daily Register Advertisements Pay SAFETY Let Us Check Your Car and Tires Goodrich Tires and Tubes Bear System Wheel Alignment- and Balancing. Brake and Battery, Service. Vulcanizing and Retreading. We have purls to replace those worn out, for most Over 21 Years Experience. cars. ··B · 4M tf Tfiire Shop. Phone 459W 1M N. Vine St. Chas. H. McCIcndon, Prop. t-. JU* u *.r.t.o*. tY-60-ROUNB y H I W f B A t S O N JLUI JLIU.CUIUIC taiaivaia uia. givcj i -."v- ^*~-~.~., .-- ~ 0 ~~- ---- , *· r_ pnntincnt special emphasis to the annual,of its major operations here a n d -^V^no c VOTH-. campaign, for funds to help polio,though it has employed hundreds' (EDITOKS .NUit. -.n*:*.-.*.. -.»,,! tn ,,.;nn rt,if t h i c ' n f mon in ifs tungsten, antimonv P o l t u r o scurryng aroun ^ new victories m Greece -Austria 4 children. Where, he and perhaps Czechoslovakia. ; deman ded, are the answers; Well, i hundreds' (EDITOKS .\uit: iuua\,i A«C .uua»«an *"""-- ° - " nt turnea oui me answer aicn L natients^ and to wipe out'this'of men in its tungsten, antimony Drew Pearson, discussing Ameri- great encouragement to a demo- there _ not for the kids to read. the last five years polio incidence in the United States' has been the highest for any similar period in the nation's history. Approximately 80,000 Americans, mostly children, have been stricken with the iisease in the last five years,alone. · There - ha? been no letup by the disease. There must- be no letup in the fight against it. No one knows what lies ahead, or where" and for how long polio may strike in years to come. Last ·be merely a temporary stopgap? o . n r . put the - e he said to no union here--except one between employes and management., ,,.-_-- , ',,.._,,. ih 0 rTMv,ctnicHon i;umo a n a i i pJ^antSSr f^,^ | ^%£Si* p'o£SS t °o,S' J-f ^^nent ly bact on her Idaho is dotted with ghost towns, diagnosed the USA-USSR tug-oi-^eet. - « . * , · * the result of old mining booms., war as follows:- ' My own conclusion is that u t When the towns were booming the i "In the early part 01 the last does not go far enough, and tnat x . no ut yuu? ,« ».^ ^^.^ people lived in halfwav primitive century, the United States was a!Europe will never get permanent-jf rom Sears Roebuck to help him stvle The houses were mere young, rebel republic. We had a i y back on her feet until the ar- through freshman algebra in high _T----T"-_ .......i--i --;--~r. new Apolitical idea. Everybody' tlficial barriers which break Eur- linking. A smile broke out on Chairman Miller. He said he'thought he got the idea. Something like the or "pony""he once bought shacks without conveniences. Stibnite Peaceful idea, wanted to imitate us. ,AL/LUl*^ A ^t*V.t,AU.L , » * » » . ^ « - -- . - -Not so here. Houses are mod-1 "Today. Russia has come along era. · So are conveniences. Life' with a newer political idea and may striKe in years io come. Jjastiera. oo are cunvemenues. uin; «nu a. nt.i-i ^v^....^. -- -- ---summer drove home one sad but was lusty in the old-time mining assumed the political leadership tnat undeniable fact -- that polio knows towns. At Stibnite it is peaceful, of Europe. Wove got to get tnat " . , no boundries. Our troops station- There are no bars. But there is leadership back." ope up into^ petty pools of poten tial hate are flattened out. In other words, there has got to be a United States of Europe. And the biggest mistake made and the Pacific were a recreation hall and sports of all · - -- -- * i i I U . fc.iJ»w *_i*^*^«*u v » · - - -- by the Marshall planners--though If 1 _ I _ A. _ _ :.._«.n.w-.n«*nltl ^V S\T1 A T I T O C Ylrt I · _ f C l J L U l V dllVA L.J.1\_- -L tlW.LAAV' l » W - * ^ - (1 JL C^l. C.CH.lV/ll tifctli, t t A A U h7£'WJ WW V*. V**-* * stricken, as were children and, kind from bowling to skiing. ' cal iiU JUL Vlil U V » » J J . llo vw on.4.1*.-^. v,i**. *v,v* k »,-.-, i- - Employes have had a voice in right. The Soviet ideology is new, operation of the mines ,ever since has been sold with great clever-. title i blllp Uat»rv. i tne i»tt*i on ait ^/Atifc**-*.^*"- «.----· -o -- Phonv as the Communist politi-1 no t an irreparable one--was not 1 leadership is. Clare Luce is , to tie up the United States of Eur._ with the Marshall plan. There is still time to do in tsoise, Akron, Los An- -geles and other, centers of the ·1947 outbreaks. For some areas, the 1947 epidemic was the first in years; for- others, it was consecutive. After ten years, the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis has won the heart of every American by its championing 01 the cause of polio victims. Witn- ailw iliailt » 6i .m».»»v -... «»· ..»·».» ,.~... ^..~._-- - . , __ _. out' considering age, creed, color mittee and they review, suggest that time the hate between the TOWADS U. S. E. or race, the National Foundation an( j decide on just about every peoples jf that area was beyond, However these tv .0 countries has earned the confidence" of all detail of mine operation and com- belief. 10 illustrate: I once tr ^ fl ; a ; onc C2nno t build a United States , ... ,__,_ , .-__.,, .«,;»*^. _-...«,. ^ =~ »- ^ ,.-^- ,,,,!. , deal whereby. ^ ,^Eu rope . Furthe rmore. European " "" is deep-rooted. It ^vill operaton o e mnes ,ever snce as . the Bradley Co. took over the vast ness and 1-as bamboozled a good i Already France and Italy nave tungsten and antimonv operations.' many people. Furthermore it has i started to discuss tariff barriers The tungsten was mined out dur- sold Europe on at least one idea'and mutual economic problems, ins the war. But antimony and which is definitely worth while. | France, for instance, needs labor, gold are still produced. ' and which, without the Communist · Italy, on the other hand, lias All work is supervised by the taint, could be the solution of the heavy unemployment. Therefore, employes representative commit- European imbroglio. . I France plans to use some of this tee Representatives of employes ' After World War I. I spent con-) Italian labor, and management sit on that com- siderable time in the Balkans. At ^ s A- SHOULD LEAD Owners or Operators-of Juke Boxes 7 Pin Ball Machines, Cobirs Operators and AH Places of Amusements in S0!isie County. for the Year e y 1 Blanks are now available at the County Clerk's Office in the Court Chairman County Board as earne e cn ea o mne o p e r a n - . -by its help for patients afflicted· mu nity life. The committee meets to work out a ^ . Q{ £ Urop by this widespread disease. j every t\vo weeks. The town paper, broken-down locomotives ot _iugo- ipre j udice The National Foundation helps t h e Stibnite Miner, records faith-, slcvia woula be repaired in tne, r . ' astu · ' ' ' - wKt .aiu . the Stibnite Miner, records faith-, slcvia would be repaired in tne , *· agtute apd forceful statesman . pay the bills that pile up for -the f uiiy every detail of the meeting, idle macnine shops o.. Austria in j . frQ thc outsi d e to build a families of infantile paralysis pa- To Share Profits ;return for Yugoslav corn. Vienna , Un [ lcd states of Europe. In his lients.^ It sees to it that the best Recently it was announced at a was then starving. Corn m \ugo- Harvard S n CC ch General Marshall available medical and hospital care meeting that the internal revenue sla-ua was rotting. However, tne ^ aircadv laid the f 0un dation for is provided. And--so important · bureau had approved a manage-! Yugoslav government said tnev such a un f on but he will have to in the long view--it is sponsoring j ment p i an to set up a profit-shar-1 would rather have no trains at all , CTO a Jot further extensive programs of research'ing p i an an d that only approval than feed the hated Austnans.,» Obviouslv th " e f i rst step j s a and technical education. Research by the wage and hour division was, In no part of lnc SOUl " ern J^ u "xjnited Sta'tes of Western Europe is gradually narrowing the field n e e ded before the plan could be .rope was this hatred worse man. ... ., . , , , _ gradually narrowing in the hunt for the complete answers to infantile paraljsis and it,will be simply a matter of time before those answers are at hand. Professional education assures a supply of pediatricians, nurses and physical therapists trained in the techniques that are peculiar to this disease. All those activities are extensive--the cost, for example, of caring for patients of the 1946 epidemic, will total 530,000.000, by te wage an our v s o n was, n no xjnited States of Western Europe needed before the plan could be .rope was this hatred worsejnan. h - h wouJd indude such coan . put into operation. It calls for .'between the Italians and * u o-1 ^.^ ^ ^^ Belgium, . . setting up a trust fund for em- Slavs around ineste and ployes out of profits. The committee evaluates e and .,...»- js France, Italy. Belgium, '-|The Netherlands, the Scandinav- . -. - ']ian countries. Switzerland and so Two weeks ago 1 re-visited this-on. Once this is organized, the. U. S. OF BALKANS excluding this year's toll. Polio of tne patients need YOUR dimes and ·^r^«- « »XN»T -- j 4t_ j*. f*f*.t*ft·»/%_ dollars. YOU need the satisfaction of giving. So. let's give generously and join the MARCH OF * =iul ~*i' «·*"· j" DIMES. ^ ^ -. P · The Daily Register, . A » V » \-\fi\ J **O - » · - · -- " ^ V * » . V^lJ^^r Si*!^-^ *«^ »*» £,«···»«** w y · - · -- 5 "' part of Europe. There arc stil' % a"; chances are strong that, one by awards money prizes s . , . -id grievances. _ ^ ! \ Vt - as amazed to find that Tito and i veering over to the United States The company has always paiuu n c communists had been' able to' of Western Europe. n and w a e s h a e ' nc ommuns o e s e n u . nu al bonus and wages haye' makc an appreciable change. The trouble with the United a t least equal to those paid Thcy havc been able to coa-! States of America is that though im ii ar W0 rk in other parts vincc a surpr i s ing number of Ital jit has built up the most success- e countr,-. . lvs that t h c , . . instead, we have let Moscow steal Circulate Petition Shannon Taylor is cir -,,, t n r , , t . . ?n^ a rS?hureit filld lhal in northcrn hamsburg I the Communists 2. NOTI In keeping with our policy of employing the best slec- triciGns available we os-e pleased to announce thGt* Mr. Homer L. Rogers is ROW in our employ. i ll a , c s a Inhere the Communists contro our thunder and start- organizing {about . Q pcr . m i O f the local- a United States of the Balkans. aDOUl -)U i«:i vc»ii vx mv iwv.0.- d ciiiicu aiaie* ui nit; tairan^. governments, it is bad political j Almost every European is a po- mcdicinc to criticize Tito. "5'tential- American. His dream is In other words, the Commurt- to migrate to the United States, isls. by some of thc shrewdest ( The problem is to convert him in-v propaganda m the world, have to an American without actually managed to wipe out at least sonic i transporting him across the At;of the acc-cld hatred between lar.tic. ! these countries. They arc aln The problem is not an easy one. making progress tov.-ard Moscow's Cut by using the tremendous rcs- 'plan lor a United States of thc crvoir of good will \,e have in Eu- Balkans. which would unite Yuso- rope, by using thc Marshall plan ^slavia. Bulgaria. Romania. Al- ard Iy using a lot more American 'bsnsa and the new independent salesmanship to build a United Uo-cjllcd republic of Greece. 'Stales of Europe, il can be done. No maUcr *.vhat you may think , _____ 01 Tro. it remains a fact that ceo- j * p i* io loislmae Bapiisl 5 .cr Tito, they rni-,hl aKo be bel- ter off economically. Politically, itY a horse of Furthermore the Br.ik.ins would and embarrassing weapon against ·he USA in our attempt to keep Greece out of Soviet hands. MARS!IAU PLAN FALLS HIORT Ail of this boil? do»\n Io the Inci the gentlemen in the Kiemlin The ro\ival r.t the uiH he "repaired and c held through Friday, be c «-l 9 20 Evanscl^t for the rcxival. Mh:ci Ii^s been in prosrcsj. the pao v '.-- v.ccks, is Ihe Rev. George B 15 WcsfrElm. Phone I26R , . Leathers, miss-sonary of Sa]in- A= - . ,\:cc which At tms point Ihe Marshall plnn t,r(.v, crov.d. m. \Vhether the Chicago : Tnounc IJKCS it or not, the- Mar- jnounc iiKcs it or not,«r- ror.iiions shall plan h.-.^ been the most pow-j K\eno jerful road-block so far in thc west- '10 a:tone .., There have t/eon P-«'-fe;or. of fai'.h and K to :he church. Aoiono i invileJ ?nJ ur-eo ·nd these sen-ices. 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