Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on November 4, 1969 · Page 51
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 51

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1969
Page 51
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REPUBLIC KFPIIBIJ' Janet Leigh handles two daddy problem mdutfd cliam1 >* rMn •««« « MAIL By EARL WILSON tis, 13, who is also Tony Cur- NEW YORK — Janet tis' daughter, was comparing Leigh's daughter Kelly Cur- daddies with another little girl in the Beverly Hills world recently and said, "My daddy is a stock broker." Later she said, "My daddy is an actor." Her girl friend stopped her. An obvious discrepancy. "Oh, yes," beamed Kelly, "I have two daddies." lucky!" Wilson "Golly! Are said her friend. you Poor Clare A. rare opportunity to view the daily life of a cloistered order of nuns will be presented by NBC News' "First Tuesday" tonight on Channel 12 at 8 o'clock. The NBC f«m crew spent eight full days inside the Poor Clare Monastery in Omaha, Neb. documenting the contemplative life of the Poor Clares and getting them to tell in their own words what it means to them. Janet, now the wife of Robert Brandt, an investment broker, was in town promoting ABC's highly rated "Movie of the Week" TV program. "I think we handle it pretty well," she said. When she and Tony decided to divorce, Janet consulted a counselor on how to break it to Kelly and a sister, Jamie, 10, so they "wouldn't have any hang- ups." And it has gone smoothly. "We explained that Mommy and Daddy couldn't get along.... "Then when I wanted to get married again, I spoke to them again.. .When Tony wanted to get married, I told them again. Then when Tony wanted to divorce Christine Kaufman and marry Leslie Allen, I explained that. They understand and the only difference is that they have four people in love with them instead of two." Janet scrupulously avoids taking acting jobs that will separate her from the girls. And Tony, "being in a rather peculiar business," can drop in on the children any time Fashion designer Al Case says entertainers show poor taste r By DAN LEWIS TV Time Writer Since entertainers are before the public eye so much, people tend to emulate the way they dress. "The unfortunate thing," said Allen Case, an actor turned leading men's fashion designer, "is that more often than not, what the entertainer wears is not in good taste. "The entertainer feels he must wear everything that's new, whether he. looks good in it or not. Remember when Sammy Davis got his friends to wear the Nehru jackets — including Buddy Hackett!" Speaking of Sammy Davis Jr., I asked Case his opinion on Sammy's attire one night on "The Joey Bishop Show." Sammy wore a white, sieve- less cutaway over a sleeveless, collarless shirt (it looked like a dyed undershirt), hip- hugging, bell-bottom trousers, and Can Indian headband. J thought it was outrageous, even in the confines of Bishop's show, where informality js-derigueur. I Case defended the multitalented Davis, however. •'The way Sammy is built, fcnd the kind of person he is, he can get by.. * "But on 99 per cent of the people in the World," he .added, "it would look silly." * > So what does Mr. Case Ihink of show business folk as a whole as dressers? > "Generally speaking, their style depends on their type of career," he began. ; "Broadway actors, for instance, have a tendency to press shabbily. This is supposed to show their independence. . » "Movie stars run the gamut from the guy who won't put pn 4 shirt and tie because it would destroy his rough- amUvirile image, to the one Jvith, the chic of a Fred Astaire. T t ; "Television personalities are ;another breed. They are 6 esieged by designers, They flav$ to be on guard. ! "'Most comedians start .out hi cjubs wearing shiny suits, ruffles, bangles and beads 4- very nightclub-ish. As they beccrme better known, they become more reserved in Gieir; dress." « According to Case, Gary Cfrant is still impeccably dressed, Fred Astaire is still chic, and Henry Fonda and Pick Van DJcye dress ex- tpmely well. •- •• * But among the new crop of »how business people,' he doesn't think there is one inv jjeccable dresser, »The members of the Now Generation are particularly bad. "There's not a good dresser in the bunch." They i' • vS." like the casual, far-out clothes the men's fashion industry has been promoting, Case explained, while he favors a more conservative approach to dress. Here are Case's comments on some major show business celebrities: FRANK SINATRA - "On stage, he's great. Off the stage, tiie only times that I have seen him have been at golf tournaments, and he looked like he had just been dipped in ice cream — all pink, all green, like 1940." ROBERT WAGNER — "I'll dress better than most but put it this way: he tends to tries too hard to be faddish." TOM JONES ..— "I don't personally condone his outfits. But, in what he's doing, he's showing better taste than the Beatles." THE BEATLES - "In their efforts to be individuals, they've all conformed. They wear the greatest conglomeration of gook. They all have a tendency to look the. same. It's conformity, like the gray flannel suit used to be." JOHNNY CARSON - "Generally looks very good. He dresses in great taste." JOEY BISHOP. — "He gives credit to clothing people for what he wears. But his sports jackets are great; they're tailor-made for him, wefi-customed. That is, except when he tries to look young, he looks silly, and there's no reason for it." MERV GRIFFIN — "I would like to sit down with 8:00 Sean Cpnnery Gina Lollobrlgida In "WOMEN OF STRAW" Merv and have a long talk with him about the clothes he wears." ROBERT GULP — "He doesn't bring off what he's trying to do with the clothes he wears. He should tone down." DEAN MARTIN — "Most interesting. He never changes. He was the initial user of the high collared shirt. Although it has been in and out of vogue, Dean still wears them. He still dresses the way he always dressed." JACK BENNY - "He's really great. You say, 'Doesn't he look marvelous,' and don't pay any attention to his clothes." JERRY LEWIS - "He's a lousy dresser. You don't see him in the same wardrobe twice — I'll bet he has more clothes than anyone else — but most of what he wears is in bad taste." WOODY ALLEN - "He's got the most lived-in look of anyone in the business. Maybe I should say slept-in look. But he makes his point, which is important. That's his image." STEVE MCQUEEN "Steve dresses like a high school kid. I suppose that's what he feels he's all about — motorcycles, jackets and fast cars. I'm not so sure it's right for him but." he wants to—even at 7 a.m. when he's on the way to the studio if he likes. "The plan where Daddy drops in at 4 every Sunday and Thursday doesn't work," she says. "Daddy should be allowed to come in any old time." * * * Abe Burrows, praising Nat Lefkowitz, president of the Wm. Morris Agency when he got the Anti-Defamation League award for Human Relations, explained, "That means he was human to his relations".. .Harry H e r s h- field went to Beth-Israel Hospital for a checkup... Chandler's West wanted to send Katharine Hepburn lunch while she was rehearsing nearby in "Coco" but she said thanks, she brings it fro mhome... Peter Nero, a big hit at the Rainbow Grill, mixes contemporary with his Rochmaninoff and Bach in his album:, "From 'Hair' to Hollywood." Secret Stuff: The leading lady of a big film didn't show at the premiere. The explanation: "She was sick ..." "Of what?" ... "The picture." Comedian Joey Adams was 'heckled by a baby girl, Greta Thyssen's 8-month-old dtr, Genevieve Guenther, at a March of Dimes meeting at the Friars for the Nov. 30 tribute to Bert & Burt Bacharach. The baby, bouncing around on her mother's distracting bosom, kept wailing "Da da da da," with Joey yelling, "Hey, kid, shut up." The B. W. and I viewed the huge C artier's diamond (probably to be known as "The Elizabeth") and were amazed that Atty. Aaron R. Frosch who bought .it for the Richard Burtons hasn't seen it yet. "The Lonely Heart," a film based on the tormented, conflict-ridden life of the Russian composer Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky, is being produced and directed in England by Ken Russell with a stellar international cast headed by Richard Chamberlain, Glenda Jackson and Christopher Gable. A Russ- films Ltd., production, "The Lonely Heart" will be released .in color by United Artists. The screenplay by Melvyn Bragg deals with the tangled romantic affairs and unhappy marriage of Tchaikovsky, whose career as a musical genius was often threatened by his emotional instability. The setting is Imperial Russia during the last quarter of the 19th century. It is a time and place of vivid contrasts between the elegance of aristocratic estates and ballrooms and the brutal poverty of the peasantry. Richard Chamberlain, who portrays Tchaikovsky, recently was acclaimed for his performance as Hamlet on stage in Birmingham, England. He also scored in "Petulia" and is starred in the current release, "The Madwoman of Chaillot." England's Glenda Jackson and Christopher Gable will soon be seen in Russell's film, "Women in Love," which the director just completed for producer Larry Kramer and United Artists. Miss Jackson previously starred in the stage and screen versions of "Marat/Sade." "19MK 2:00 DIALING FOR DOLLARS Shirley Maclaine, Anthony Quinn, Shirley Booth in "HOT SPELL' 3:35 CARTOONS 4:00 WALLACE AND CO. 5:00 DENNIS 5:30 PHOENIX REPORT (0 6:00 DICK VAN DYKE A row over crab qrast.. . 6:30 GILLIGAN'S ISLAND 7:00 GIDGET (C) 7:30 DEATH VALLEY DAYS 8:00 TUESDAY MOVIE (C) Sean Connery, Gina Lollo- briqida star in "A WO. MAN OF STRAW." Sui- pense drama . . . Nephew of an eccentric millionaire schemes to get the Aid man't fortune . . . 10:00 HE SAID SHE SAID (C) 10:30 MOVIETIME (C) Hope Lange, Suzy Parker, Boyd. "THE BEST OF EY- Joan Crawford, Stephen ERYTHIN6." Harsh experiences of illicit love affairs among the Madison Ave. set. 3:30 THE STEVE ALLEN SHOW ... George Lindsay, Peppermint Rainbow. 4:30 TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES. 5:00 NEWS 90 ... Jim Peterson, Harry Martin, Ewell Butler, HUNTLEY - BRINKLEY, Duane Brady, Bob Vache 1 , Frank Peddle, Bill Stull, Joe Patrick. 6:30 I DREAM OF JEANNIE . . . "See You In C-U- B-A" . .. Jeannie's use of her magic power jeopardizes an important NASA fighter sortie and causes concern at NASA for Tony's safety. 7:00 DEBBIE REYNOLDS SHOW .. . "To and From Russia With Love" . . . 1st.of 2 - A defecting foreign track star is hidden by Debbie & Jim when she tells them secret agents are after her. 7:30 JULIA . . . "You Can't Beat Drums" . . . Julia's neighbors appoint her to do something about the noise made by a drummer in an adjacent apartment. 8:,00 FIRST TUESDAY V 8:30 Cartoon* 9:00 Jack LaLanne 9:30 NEWS—RUSS UPTON 10:00 Bewitched 10:30 That Girl 11:00 Dream House 11:30 Let's Make A Deal 12:00 Newlywed Game 12:30 Dating Game 1:00 General Hospital 1:30 One Life to Live 2:00 Dark Shadows 2:30 Homemaker's Showcase w/Gretchen Schwensen 3iOO The Real McCoys 3:30 Batman 4:00 The Flintstonts 4:30 ABC Evening News with Frank Reynolds & Howard K, Smith 5:00 News — Art Brock & • Jock Rainbolt f 5:30 HAZEL £ 6:00 WHAT'S MY LINE? 6:30 THE MOO SQUAD 7:30 ABC MOVIE OF THE WEEK—"The Pigeon," an explosive d.etectlv* drama starring Sammy Davis Jr,, P«t Bppno, Dorothy Malone, RN cardo Montalban and Vlctorl* Veirl. 9;00 MARCUS WgLBY M-P, 10:00 10 P.M. New* Report w/Art Brock and Jack Rainbolt 10:30 The Joey Bishop Show ^-Jack Nfcklflus, N«W Ghriity Mlnstreli, Kr«. ' kin, ™ 12 M Late News Report .Art Brock _ Ifittttttfttfiittt9t|< Filmed reports on the contemplative life at the Poor Clare Monastery in Omaha, Neb.; U.S. rule in Okinawa from the Oldnawan point of view; George C. Wallace and his Alabama and other subject!. 10:00 THE RAY THOMPSON NEWS . . , Frank Red. die—Weather; Bob Vache 1 — Sports; Joe Patrick—Views & Comments, 10:30 ELECTION '69 ... Returns from New York, New Jersey, Penn., Ohio, Michigan, Virginia. 10;45 THE TONIGHT SHOW ., . Alan King hosts, Jimmy Brejlm, Haywood Hale Broun, Pete Hamill, Gannon and Gerstenblatt, 12:15 NEWS FINAL,,, Ted Brown 12:25 MOVIE TWELVE . . , "Make Haste To Live" . . . Dorothy McQuire, Stephen McNally, BULLLM. The Arteoiia Republic 25 Phoenix, fttes., Nov. 4, 3:30 Clneml-RIJB AND SHlNfi. Milton Bert* i.-JO Of LANDS * SBAJ (O MontMMro <:!« PETER GUNN rtOOTHi UNTOUCHABLES »:« Comrty Cinema— APARTMENT FOR PEflOY 10:00 Cln«m»-A HELL FOR ADANO. John Hodlak ^ io:o< 8:00 to 9:00 PM This ONE HOUR KOOL NEWS SPECIAL will consist of a series of filmed discussions with the various candidates for Mayor: Robert Burns, John Driggs, Milton Graham and Clarence Shumway. KOOL Newsmen Dave Nichols, Jim Murdock, Bob Davies and Warren Reeves interview the candidates. Anchorman for the ONE HOUR program is the Manager of the KOOL NEWS DIVISION, BUI Close. Sponsored by THE ARIZONA BANK 5:20 FARM & RANCH- Denney 5:30 SUNRISE SEMESTER 6:00 CBS NEWS-Benti 7:00 CAPTAIN KANGAROO 8:00 LUCY 8:30 BEVERLY HILLBILLIES 9:00 ANDY GRIFFITH 9:30 LOVE OF LIFE 10:00 WHERE THE HEART IS 10:25 CBS MID-MORNING NEWS-Edwards 10:30 SEARCH FOR TOMORROW 11:00 MORNINGLINE NEWS —Jim Murdock 11:30 AS THE WORLD TURNS 12:00 SPLENDORED THING 12:30 GUIDING LIGHT 1:00 SECRET STORM 1:30 EDGE OF NIGHT 2:OOGOMERPYLE 2:30 MIKE DOUGLAS- Soupy Sales, singer Thelma Houston, Pete Seeger, photographer Constance Bannister 4:00 DAVID FROST — Ravi Shankar, Fannie Flagg, Ruth Gordon, Larry Santos, Mayor Charles Evers 5:30 CBS EVENING NEWS — Walter Cronkite 6:00 THE BIG Close NEWS-Bill 6:30 RED SKELTON-Audrey Meadows, Three Dog Night, Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy 7:30 GOVERNOR AND J. J. — Governor Drinkwater is being pressured by his daughter to pardon a convicted criminal who loves butterflies. 8:00 KOOL NEWS SPECIAL —"The Race to City Hall." The candidates for Mayor of Phoenix discuss their views. The candidates are Bob Burns, John Driggs, Milton Graham and Clarence Shumway. 9:00 LANCER-Johnny falls in love with a young missionary girl. 10:00 NITELINE NEWS — Dave Nichols 10:30 MERV GRIFFIN-Walter Matthau, David Janssen, Eddie Fisher join Merv in Las Vegas. 12:00 PERRY MASON-"The Case of the Fanciful Frail" 7:30 P.M. GOVERNOR AND J.J. J. J. goes to bat for the so-called butterfly man of Alcazar. ACBSAffUIATC kOOL-TV PHOENIX

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