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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 1

Frederick, Maryland
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Friday, July 9, 1948
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Today's News Today NBA FEATURE SERVICE A, P. LEASED WUtE AKD flATUlUtS P~~ Weather Forecast Clear and cool tonight. Saturday partly cloudy, a little warmer and more humid. VOL. LXV.--XO. 225. Press Today «Xews--7.S75 ^ Post --S.6OO *. Total--15.273 FREDERICK, MD., FRIDAY. JULY 9. 1948. FOURTEEN PAGES 140 Per Cent Wheat Yield tHere Likely I s PRICE--THREE CENTS l\X/hoiit Yif*lr1 V0a ^ d - Calif ' Jul v I T? Ilt^dl J. IClil "You re in our way:" yelled report| er Sam Blumenfeld to a motorist | who stopped ahead of him. Blumenfeld and photographer Paul Bur, gess just had jumped into their car at the Oakland police station to track down a report of a killing. · -- - - -- I "Wait a minute, I just killed a I Prain Tn St/wk- ATanv !man -" said the other driver, com- · la ram 1O MOCK, Jian\ ing I0 Blumenfelds car with a 45 I Farfnvc Fnt*»rp«l Tntn : caliber pistol in his hand. · * actors entered into . -on Myrtle street?- asked the I Making- Poor Season . surprised Blumenfeld. · JidKing ±-oor reason , .. Yeah takc lhis thing wiu you The wheat crop ir. this immediate ^f 5 " came te * answer, and "the area will not exceed 40 per cent of 1300 Church Fires Gun At Barking Dog Baltimore Women Meet And Then TM H 3 S Reall y Move N HeW . Stockholm. Minn.. July 9 -f.--A i ensuing blast ripped off Maki's Julv 13-16 . Stockholm. Minn.. July 9 ·¥.--A i ensuing blast ripped off Maki's stray barking dog aroused the ire ' clothes, broke windows in all the of Arnold Maki, 21. employed here ' farm buildings, moved a machine . on the Orville Titrud farm. He f shed off its foundation and stripped grabbed a shotgun and went out * trees of their leaves. ?.to the night. i Maki. cut, bruised and badly He tripped, the gun discharged j shaken, was taken to a hospital. And Reformed Women's and hlt a d - vnamlte P il - setting · ir s The dog. apparently unharmed. · 100 pounds of the explosive. Vhe I hasn't been heard from since Guild To Attend And ; Leaders In Evangelical 0 Speak At Local Sessions EaStCril Rail a normal yield, due to a combina- fion of circumstances--all of them bad. That is the considered opinion of a leading grain man, who was one of the first to realize that instead of the bumper crop predicted some time before harvest, great deterioration had set in. Some farmers are so disgusted that instead of marketing an emaciated crop, they will grind it and I feed it to the stock. These are \ farmers who in the customary year would raise 1,000 to 1.200 bushels and this year many realize no more than 200 to 300. First reports from millers The , newsmen f station. M. vestigation. led the driver into the' Per Cent .-estimation. i ^ d e^gates takmg part represent i Officers quoted Smith as saving " tes Penns ' 1 he shot his best friend, William Allen. 42, because Allen "was talking about me too much." Juvenile Case Next Tuesday i Sirs. E. Roy Corman, Pittsburgh. ] Pa., national president of the j Women's Guild, which has a mem- j bership of more than 350,000, will | , lead the vesper services and Mrs. | ; V. J. Bartel!, Detroit, 3 ICC Decision Affects Sleeping And Parlor" Car Charges Also : Democrats Act Like They Are At Funeral ! Depression Grips i Early Arrivals At Philadelphia Washington Police Say He Admits He Slew Bardwell Girl On June 27 · Washington. July 9 P-- Police '' Superintendent Robert J. Barrett said today a N'egro janitor held in j Baltimore for the knife-slaying of ! a young girl there had admitted a : And here ' s killing here i u nsch a ' Tec5 s ! dustrv _, " T ' the morning devotional Washington, July 9,--The east- n railroads today were granted a , .-w increase in passenger fares periods, averaging 17 per cent. In a statement to newsmen Bar- , rest said the jar -tor. identified as \ _ T , Bovernmenl can order the Eugene H. James, had detailed how i itce! mills l ? scc aslde a certain 'he slashed the throat of 11-vear- S perc f" tafic ? f stcel for tlrms I:lak old. Carol Bardweil in Rock Creek! '" K !hings for the armed forces. Park here June 27 ' Police earlier reported that the . ~ _ By RELMAX MOR1X b^SZJS-iSrSZi*"*"* « irl had "*» -^ phere in Philadelphia today. I In Baltimore James was held on The Nation Truman Foes May Switch To Douglas Mayor O'Dwyer And Jake Arvey To Issue Statement; Roosevelt Talking: A Lot Philadelphia. July 9 if;--Democratic Chairman i. Howard McCrath predicted today General Du-» 5 ht D. Eisenhower's name will not be offered to next week's con- vcntiim as a possible part} Presidential nominee. .McGratb told x news conference hc do« not believe that Supreme was intended to make sure Court Justice William O. Dourlas MARLOW j Washington. July 9 .¥--I u the', last minute ru^h to end its work j on June 19. Congress wrote into \ the draft bill something which af- '' fects business. i For example. ' The government no\v can compel a buisness. like a plant or mine. I :o do whatever work s needed by : the armed services. H the plan! owner refuses, the government can sei/e !ii place. He can be jailed for three years 550.000. if convicted of another only she example, steel in- conference direc- lrs ' " evin Smith. Hanover. .' A Juvenile Court hearing · set today for next Tuesday after- ; are 1 n oon at 1 p. m. in the case of a ·. thai the wheat is well below aver- i two-year old boy, who it is alleged !i° r " ., -age and does not grind too well. ', nas been neglected and subjected : . ' P^esiaent of Nevin Regional. One farmer, giving up after sev- ' t o /fuel treatment. , », ~° f « r S lc S.^ i TM"- a » d MK. eral trips around the field, started j '" TM e ?* mc tune - Jt was learned ' to mow his wheat, saying the grass i tnat tne °° y s fath er, Earl Homer \ and labor were worth more than \ KI ' ne - near WoUsville, was released j the soindly gram. - i under sl -°° 0 bond la *e last night i ! «i f * ^ - --.j ) " · * - · * " » » · " » » · » · fr**- A \_tiik. i f-» »··*.*»- **· A. kit*czu«_Aj/ii£a LVSUd » » " -- "~ -- - Miss Sara A. Bcwman. Cleveland", j The new fares can be put into The Democratic convention opens i a charge of stabbing to death I I - · P-" iJ* w re i y Promotion and j effect by the railroads upon five ! Monday, and. according to the sign ! year-old Marsha Brill lait Tuesday : f 16id · i OFiC Or Tll^ \\*rtfY»Ar»*c f^n i l r t ' ^ « . . . « . * ^ .^4 r _, A _ i » _ _ _ _ . . · _ \ · M.M * w « -i-» -- *. *t_ · » i _ _ _ · ^ i a * r «H^ xi*nc T-ir?! «if* )·**»·- V\!n**j«lK «!«.»... - _ , ., 's Guild ) days' notice to the public. -s; _. . . on the depot, this is the same city i as she was riding her bicycle along - - - - - - - - wooded road near h e r home i that small business would j to get a ihare of the contracts handed out by the military. i So the draft biK tries to give !.mall and big business alike a share in the contracts. But this idea--that the government peacetime The raise was authorized by the i t5ial entertained rhe Republicans j a Interstate Commerce Commission j t w o weeks ago. But it doesn't.' there. | for all of the railroads doing pas- I look or feel or sound »he same. ! The Bardwell youngster also xvas ! turbed a lot of business men senger business north of the Ohio 1 Registering at the hotel today was : riding a bicycle when she was a t - i p rl ~;rtTMt-Tr,. m -, r 11 P. \\elker. Taneytown. island Potomac rivers and east of i llke checking in at a haunted : tacked. Pr ^' dcn r;rruma.., finally stepped could that--dis- i i " .· ^ 'oca committee the Mississippi. Even in weight, the marketed rop is disappointing. Some has been received that weighs as low as 49 pounds per bushel, whereas a bushel of No. 2 wheat should weigh conducl from 58 to 61 pounds. Wheat below · ant j -58 pounds won't grade JCo. 2 and below 56 pounds won't grade No. 3, causing a reduction in the price. Although marketing time is in The ICC order sustained the car-,,. M16 ^ . conference include Mrs. F. riers' request for an advance of 20 pending further court action on a j . Casselman. Baltimore, class reg- ! per cent charge of assault and batten- on Jstration ; ^rs. Raymond R. Zim- fares an his blond s i house. The difference lies in this: in basic passenger coach ·v on *' *"·"··=- «".«"iunu iu ^.im- tares and 14.3 per cent in basic i merman, this city, publicity, and fares in sleeping and parlor cars. - ^^ ^ . - ,, w -TM ^.*f **.. ^·%,v.^i».^ UAU £SU». *_«», VCLI Kline was arrested early yes-! |!TM_P- ^ a _ u ^-,,. Red ,P£ n Pa - The increases are in addition nere con- here to ef^ilf I in and handed over the problem to The Republicans ^-.^ u ^ lc ^..- , h __.. »,, , ,,,, v · , - ,. ,, . ... ,, vinced that thev were nominating I , ere . tO i « nd . trlal m "if Bardwe » 1 Gct tl e steel industry to agree-the next President Hence theirs · sla - v . lng - .^° charge has been placed i voluntarily to set aside or allocate i session" of sk 11 " aKainst him in that case. Baltimnr«» ', enouch steol for fmrvnnr- .in-. n « . will permit his name to be fro- · posed as an opposition candidate to President Truman in the bitter's bid for the nomination. Philadelphia. July 9 tip)--Aides own a first ry for President Truman iistration critics put their finger on Justice William O. Douglas as a passible Democratic presidential opponent. The Douglas flame, fanned from for to J j -kicking, a boisterous during the him in that case. Baltimore j enough steel for everyone doTng da ' by a statement fr °TM Ja«»b M. police have "first claim" on him. i work for the armed forces. Arvey. Chicago Democratic leader. not say whether the the little boy had been mistreated. . Associate Judge Patrick ML I be Mrs - Grace Sloan Overton. wri- Schnauffer set the hearing date on i ter - ^cturer and counselor on fam- a petition filed by Mrs. William C. I ily life and marriage, airs. Overton full swing, the wheat movement j Roderick, county probation officer. ! a ^ell-known authority in her field Headlining tne conference will last vear. i ,,. ,, -- - - . · The Democrats are arriving with i The eastern carriers recentlv ad- , _,, c ,._h foa .i; n - T. . , ** " ! vised ICC that last vear's increase · feeling. They act as though | was insufficient to Tr****n i-i»v*»rm*ni ! .._ _ f , ! abreast of rising operating costs. Arvey. who said previously he ~'uman is second only i__« uiv* **wfc i« \\inrincr inc . --*-« « *«i k ; . ft KieArsVirtts-rti- »r« htf -iK:i:t«r +«. ..«:«. r p«» ,, «. ,,, , te ,..;-«. z^^j^^^^xsxmsssi n ^; mcnt work ' outhnmR his joint views with \\ashmgton police, who had been . The Commerce Department now " Mayor William O'Dwyer of New for clues to the, has rec cived estimates from the !"*'?!*· There were some strong indica- Mr. Truman said hc wanted to be sure small business had a fair , old-timers, the veteran- of many hasn't approached the ordinary year', She reported that the father has 1 is "··"·'ell-fitted to lead the confer- *Vs a result of todav's action i n * because "it just isn't here." a dealer j administered "severe punilmen? 7 - | *nce. which will have for Its TMeme t h c b a L omf ivav pSenger coach ? ^ tO conventlon - claim th ^ ·aid. There has been scab--brown j to the boy and that Kline and a : ''One in the Bond of Peace.'" ots on the head of the wheat young housekeeper, who was sup- W°rtdl Peace Classes which kill the grain, rust, damage from the Hessian fly, root worms and storms which blew down "the grain. Because of the tremendous _ ^_ ^^ ^ growth of grasses, clever and al- j The -address of the mother. Who j member of the church's^ mission in falfa, the broken wheat was shad- deserted about nine months ago, is ! Hupiag. China, will hold classes in posed to take care of the child, fre- i Classes on the areas 01 work for quently left home for several hours, i w orld peace will be led by experts at times all night, leaving the child j i n the various fields. Mrs. Edwin uncared for and alone in the house, j Beck. Vermilion. O.. formerlv ed and further damaged by developing. Much of it is not i not known, she said. | the mission study theme for the fare in the east will rise from 2.5 to 3 cents a mile and the basic have never seen one start under a cloud of plain depression. Mind you. the trappings are all sleeping and parlor car rate will j here. The city is be-flagged and go up from 3.5 to 4 cents a mile. bedizened. The red-v/hite-and- The order provides for propor- j blue signs denoting headquarters tionate increases in round trip fares. ! and offices are gleaming in the lob- The order affects 61 railroads, j bies and corridors. Sixty of them received the full i A jaunty handout announces had found the death The statement issued by Barrett quoted James as telling police that when he saw Carol riding her bike a wooded section of the park. armed forces on their steel require- ' .. ments'during the next 12 months. ! s from Ncw York, where the yesterday, that Dwyer may have de- per cent of all the sfeef "produced cided that if they can't have Eisen- tt They'll need about 1.200.000 tons I two conferred at in that lime, or only about two ! Ar vcy and O'Dwy in this country. So Commerce Department people ' 20 and 14.3 per cent increase. that the marquee of the Bellevue- . . . arquee o e eev The probation officer asked that j ceming year which is -China in j The New York. New Haven, and i Stratford, this time, will have high in such materials as garlic. ' the little boy. now under care at | the Asia of Todav."" "America's Some Good Yields The dark outlook is tempered lere and there by excellent yields. One farmer has reported threshing 35 bushels to the acre. Just across the road, in another field, the wheat yielded a near record low of not quite nine bushels to the acre. Another farmer reported 21 bushels to the acre over his whole crop. . *· ~ ----·** ·- »*i»vi.s^j. v^A c. at, ; --··«-- -t*-^i,*» vi Awvictv TJIlCJriC3 S ! Emergency Hospital, be adjudged | Geographical Frontier^' will be * e P endent neglected child j taught by Mrs. David D. Baker, a the Chil- ; former missionary to Japan now and be committed to dren's Aid Society. ! President of the St. Louis Council --~ 1 of Church Women and a xvell- Women Guilty | known writer of missionary texts In Prostitution Case' i S?5 County Agent Henry R. Shoe-! Fletcher maker said he didn't think the' yield would go quite as low as 40 per cent but that it would not be iuch over "half a crop.'' He esti- ated the yield--county-wide-would be closer to 60 per cent. A number of farmers tell him they are getting no more than bushels to the acre. 11 to 15 a Hartford Railroad was authorized i more durable party symbol than only to increase its basic coach fare j the Republicans were able to dis- by 4.3 per cent since that line pre- j play. viously had received separate au- ! The rubber Republican elephant thority to advance its fares beyond j developed a slow leak early in the 10 per cent general increase I l " e other proceedings.' His knees of last year. Only a slight further | buckled and his trunk became adjustment is required to make the ! softer a°d softer, and finally com- he drew a knife frcm his waistband and slashed her twice. j say they don't think those needs Barrett's statement did not men- j of ..! he . arm : d f °rces tion rape of the girl but it said James told police he had "sexual gratification" when he slashed her. was quoted as saying he ! mills and in the woods for a time after I tarilv ·» hower. Douglas might be a good trail horse in the heat that most politicians here now think Mr. Tru- interfere i man is ^fcely *o win. with steel turned out for civilian j However. O'Dwyer was being ; quoted as saying that unless some- use. « -»- the kilhng. The Commerce Department will thing new develops, he won't at- call in the heads of all the steel . t e n d tne Saturday night anti-Tru- here called by James California state chair- to agree, volun- · ~. . . . . i --· ~ allocate steel for the The park where the armed forces. Roosevelt. man. Sl r i^' as Slain !s " ear thS Bardwc11 1 They're expected to do this. If i Running Commentary Making the long train trip east- home. anyone refused, the government three cent and ^four cent a mile | P. let el" limp, a very depressing | ago ' rate effective on that system. I sl Sht. The 31-year-old janitor and odd- . could set up a priority--or demand jobs man also is charged in B;il- . --on the steel he makes to be sure timore with raping and robbing a | the armed forces got it. 38-year-old housewife three weeks; That's where the compulsive j^~ *yars^.'; -£.°s-s ss-* loitering for purposes of prostitu- iy Mrs Ralph L. Hoi- j The increases do not affect com- i Indianapolis. Ind., chairman i muter fares, which are on a differ- The . Democrats are erecting an donkey that will snort tion. The comely. 27-j was convicti two other of the Women's Guild. Mrs. John B. Frantz. of Pottstown, brunette .1 along with _. 7 Madeleine Blazer and Mrs. Margaret Starr, also accused of vagrancv counts ' Magistrate Arthur Markewich · m Worrfli P Methods. chairman of the Stewardship will ·will Mrs. H. L. V. Sh-nn Toledo. O.. will have a group ent basis, and which were generally j °^ smoke - waggle its head, and advanced about 20 per cent in the : east last year. ' power in the draft bill hangs like a stick over the business man's head. Fined $10 On Charge : Y or ' if hc ref «scd to honor a P ri- ^^ rt^lf"^r rt*-^4*k»* f»»nvw · L. _ *~~. ^ *_ ority order from the government. kick. f\r T\ ' - T 1 T? . «»"* "iuut j.rom tne government, \Jl JJriVing I OO Jr ast ; his plant could be seized and, as He has never seen a crop de- i raised the bail of th*e three women Officers Are Installed . t Workshops to train local leaders ' , io conduct simUar workshops on | On July 1. Steadman present crop. Mr. Shoemaker said, i p ?5 oled _ tfa em in custody of their tne , work of the educational de- j Post Kg." 96. American legion. He was on 19 different farms cov- [ attorne..s pending their appearance Pa rtm ents of the Women's Guild Brunswick, had its officers installed teriorate quite as rapidly as the from Sl.OOO p o l e d to S2.500 each, and · Keenan glories, the large portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt in convention hall Mr. Truman's por- , OAU ^ uo; trait smiles down from the wall Y Bennett ^Sen^o 11 ^- H, -, i morning. He had been arrested dental a t ^ r a t h SmiICS ° 0nfi - b v State Trooper A. D. Hasenbuh- dentaliy at the news conferences. i er on July 2 after the trooper this morning that he paced him at speeds up to 60 mikv per . explained, he could Charged with exceeding 50 miles fined, per hour. Sylvan Gershen, Baltimore, was found guilty and fined S10 and Court be jailed or ward. Roosevelt kept up a running commentary in favor of Eisenhow- " cr. despite the General's stop- iook-and-listen statement that h* can't take a political nomination. At a brief Omaha stop last night. Roosevelt told reporters he thinks that Eisenhower can't he counted out "unless he refuses to accept after the convention nominates ering some 30 fields several weeks before harvest, when it appeared that an excellent crop was in store. The situation is similar in neigh- Washington county where the wheatheads did not fill out and grains were small. Wet weather during the pollenlzation of the grain is believed to have caused most of the trouble there. _ The Scoring I the wl crains in court today. *|-* '" m - , _ - , , - · · ._ part °^ 4ne Program i bv State Departmental Commander J1L - h f JTM U ? et a date f ° r ' ^ th f ^emoon, Mrs. Franklin T. j Harrv " Allen. Officers installed sentencing at that time. Gabriel Mosner, police legal · i o representative who prosecuted case, said the women face terms up to three years each. . . consultant on Visual Aids ! were: Richard Bowers. Commander: Pennsylvania Sabbath j William G. Care. Lenwood Moss 75,000 Paid For Shoe Plant Sale of the real estate of the hour between ML Pleasant and the t h e i s t c e l f o r i n « badlv n -ua -- --- -_ HT:M .-_. _____ ..--,, «i«-ir sicei ior mmgs oali needed him." One Truman lieutenant, who But lhis business of getting steel- declined to be quoted by name, said r tO - agree ' TM l TMtTM*- °" he thinks some delegate is almost aUoca L lons «.Prdty much what has sure to offer the General's name. bcen ha PP enln g for months. i But James A. Farlev. who "talk, Mf * h^^^ 118 TM" P 333 ^ ^d politics" briefly wfth Eisenhow- n ^ M * hlS: er at a New York luncheon yes- ,1° C government power to terdav. said he thinks some of the ask the sterlmakf»r«: tr cof ac-i^io r ii_ j- · . voluntarily -T certain arr-ount . P « P l e sponsoring the General "are ** " C* · T « ««-«.M«JS»UJI i *i^AXna»ii XJT. ^OA si. j-Jt-i»» WVA ."*vi» -^·di«S^SS a ,h^ fW!111 ^. dar : ad - and H - M - Xicodemus - Vice Com-jL. E. Beaudin Shoe Companv '"it S11.45: Marvin C. o f auional workshop on audio-visual | manders: M. Rolnick. finance of-1 Emmitsburg to The Hanover Shoe ceeding 50. S16.45: Worman's Mill intersection. Collateral forfeitures were by George C. Lawson. Rockville. exceeding 30, S6.45: William Zimmel. Woodstock. 111., exceeding 50. Hartsock. ex- Tl°ev v^reTunT 11 " -,, - ? Jd -^ d - ^er direction, the new | fic^T¥ "LeRov l^^^T^- \ ImT- provide^ In ,T deS filel ^hT basL 6 o^LSj TM a '£ y ^ r f e " OI ^_ a V;° na l . film , -^ -rian: C. Floyd Feete. service offi- | for record in the office^ "£ in this country. For example: Freight cars. Because of the wear and tear on freight crnment I 000 new cars should be · dl . ssel T lce : m r Truman s friends were glad to a with ^j^ ^ said it wou i dn - t look too good if Eisen- ° Wer " S " me ^ P ° P ° d on the basis of telephone convef- Name is Han." will be «* O 'vn at satmnc toTvr.0,3 ?,,- 1= . . . vj«» uc at Regular Veterans Assn. Forms Chapter Here sations tapped by a Both i n -,,, --· J ".^w-wfcx. »_ci.*_i t tCll V |_|j_ testifv L Choremi d | d not ! "'oiion and Field Work of"the Counsel for the three said the t charge i case trill be appealed. , period^ A local chapter o£ the Regular i _ M rs. Choreiai, the daughter of Cleve- of cer; Ruth Rose Wagner, chaplain: , Clerk of the Circuit Court today. Boonsfaoro. operating cense. $11.45: James F. The · a a n sergean ^ · n ^ s n x p i * Alfred Howard. Color Guard Con,: j 000. according to revenue stamps ' ceding 50. S Tl.45: I Delegates to the State Convention °e in to be held at Ocean City. Md.. from , recreauon and fellowship : Sept. 8-12 are: Richard C. Bowers, j jF. LeRoy McGaha. Donald attached to the deed. Consummation of the sale \vas reported some time ago, when it ' new own- Linwood. exceeding 30. 56.45: Robert Sherry. Timblin. Pa., passing voluntarily agreed to allocate 000 tons of steel a year to build new cars and repair the old ones. If something like this hadn't been done, the steel might have Hone into a lot of other things less G J ers would manufacture boys" shoes ceeding 50. SI 1.45: " Roscoe P h I I!}J? h f mmitS ^-A 8 ^^ and em ' Rei£ner - Jersc - viij e. I1L. exc ,, i olov bet«.-PPn 1,0 TT-- TJ ^-t ~,~ * ' *· - J-*i--iHJ_J -TA^.\ u ICiAa., -*^Wi»C4.i\^ ~\Ji . World Relief and rehabiliiatlon ; Strailman. C. Flovd Feete. Joseph ill no -5i»-»rt* n *-»·»- ~_: _ . l _ . : · r tional have the Sta tered as Post No. °1. Initial meetings have been held at Sutton's : T -IT. T . Barbecue on the Washington pike. ^OCal J? arm included Officers were chosen at last J n Foiir-Sfaf*» T««T. night's session as follows: H. H, j F ;5late -I OUF Sutton, commarider: William Suter. j senior vice commander: junior Elder, quartermaster: Earl did these lieutenants seem y the new emphasis plac- glas' possible candidacy. And sven Senator Sparkrnan (D- AIa. who has been casting about frantically for someone else to mpport because of the President's civil rights program, told a report- Rep. Ploeser. Missouri^Repub- T *V; *«n-t_ think Douglas cap R- iican and chairman of the House *?% "^'""P. lnt ° a ,. ma]O ;,. candl - ecd- Small Business committee, was the aate in the time thats left ' one who put into the draft bill the part which assures small business a - , . . - - . -----v, ,, ..M*. v«. v*.»4*».*. i-tiiiiti;* J when way ahead not clear. S6.45: badly needed, like automobiles Henry D. Vincent, Washington, ex- ~ -- .er- 50. for the uomen cnurcn. wih be outlined-a J nlan to ^layettes for newborn"babies over- · seas, and a project io donate em- ! West- · share in steel for g o v e r n e n t vork , v ahead -- -- _ c ""' ie ' u w o r K plant is not in oper- not clear. S6.45: Fenton L Simp- "iquiry at the factory son. Jr.. Libe ^ d ^^^*5.- ^?-:S^ C^eVal^McCl^^ at ! !^L ibertytown. exceeding 81,000 ther E . Phillips. West- ' " --. ..--^ ^ » uuu . cu --« , ine Armistice JJav speaker tor ' «-_,, t .- ' ^ . - ,. : -·"-'·"'-· =«"- u».. i^iucnj ma^e aunng :P49 10.000 November 7 will be Major General ?,^U morn!n S .excited no m- 50. SI 1.45: Luther E. Phillip*. »«,.- i r , , lor* Ti^tcnrtT-rt hniAiAf- ^s... M _ * _ ^x. _ _ «_. __ iuiiiiation as io \v*ii*r* t\~ne*r'^tir\ne- rnin^er evc*f^inir Tl *sfi 4S- Tiair-ri * t ctllSfff i Second Army. Fort George G. t-'---'-"*"'" " '"" " c ""'^'- H. Trott. Cincinnati. O . exceeding ' "y Two Fires The third farm tour for farmers 5 arian women who earn their liv- ' n S embroidering. A number of other offerings will also .be taken -d j Virginia will be held on Fridav. ' f o r the cause of D. July 23. This year's tour will cover -" A ^ :l;f i; -- Placing Of Penetration Will oO. SI1.45. Arrests Troopers W. Hascnbuhlcr. were made by There xvere some signs that if Mr. Truman gets the nomination for top spot on the ticket, he would want somebody outside of Congress to run with him. On this uoint. friends said that Rep. John W. McCortnick of Massachusetts. Assi?tant House Minority Leader, is about as eligible as anyone. Rep. John W. Flannagan. ; new tile floor and has a television ' Placin" of th» . JT lav-i.lj. UI LilC f . i « ; i , . a u i / . i i - U U I S C rr,f set ready for operation as soon as on a section of runway one at the . lliree ,. , one of £ .vange!i-i the aerial arriv ^ , vhich Js expect- « d this week. C. Ramsburg ar.d Arthur .tsworthy.; farm in Frederick county ~j n "the starts with 28 charter 3 ******* Frederick airport is neeled to start tomorrow, if the leaner *s favorable, it was learned tSaf Baltimore. July 9 ^,--x\vo un- A. Mulchner and related six-alarm fires did damage . Jr. fD-Va"' already was out waving in Baltimore yesterday estimated the McCormick flag. -, I j **· total of seven firemen were l^a»U, i reported injured in the blazes i- ! which came 11 hours apart. , x..auiO | A blaze that gutted the -waterfront William G. Scarlett Seed n Is among the prominent meir.bers. cemed. be the movin^ Coring - l " ng ' gram - vitched o *? rom do!Iars a '" ay to P«« in S «»«" out on a rouo Uni*ed "cu W h f C h Robbers broke into Hollander's Auto Store at 38 East Patrick street caS away from := for his running mate, some of Mr. Truman's friends were Baying that Gov. William Preston iane o£ Maryland might prove to . discovered by a night be a m , Rn tv fine selection About is being a width of 300 feet. The work -.vili continue on runway one until it is completely macadamized, after v.hich operations will be re- r rebellion wasn't stage for the mo- more than three hours to · bring the Sames under control, and fire department officials estimated DEEDS RECORDED Deeds were recorded in clers's office for the sale of eral properties. Mr. and use of machines in measures; nerc o^m- a limited number of for the control of the corn borer · weeks The morning and evening the ' Bnd J a "anese beetle on the King , assemblies are open to the public, sev- i * arrn - j · Mrs. 1 T^e tour is under the joint spon- I 17 COWS SCFFOCATED newed on runway three, where countries than to negotiate repav- f orne / reri °us sinks appeared. Fills able credits. As a result, all help ^^^L^lv.l'.V 5 ^ 00 earlv so far has been on a hand-out basis But the foreign assistance act re- 3.400 feet of the runway locks on a rear door to gain entry. covered at this time for They apparently cut a piece of glas? from a pane in one door to release a ' nisht lock." Then "hev . hammered off another lock The ' *3TMZc at S500.000. door was \\ ido open when cm- j * Jairies broke out in mid-after- ployes arrived ihis" ir.ornine indi- ' noon in a downtown four-story · _ . , . ,, , , ^^ casing 1he robber- had left i- the bric;: o««ding «hi!e firemen were Court disciosf-d todav. The suit was still policing the embers of the ear- emered D r -^Jss vera L. Stouer. lier blaze a few blocks away. SETTLED A SI 5.000 suit alleging breach contract has been settled out court, docket entries in Circuit to determine whether thev hold up in wet weather. same manner in which thev entered __ _ quires that SI.000.000,000--or about' XQ ACTION By r. X JfcTier 'o"xelson ha've' sokTto ~Mr.'! sorship of the Extension" "services ' i n t e r n a t i o n a l " ^Fails' 1 ^Minn JU K-,' 20 P? r ^, ent ° f the fl r st ' year recov ' ! Lake Success. Ju'ly aud Mrs. Forrest G. Moler a prop- ' of th e four 'states and the Rural I 9 «V-Martin Timber's 23' cow: i ?P' lUnds -- bc sct aslde as loans to · ^ - - - - - - - - - - "^ a "·' «-"«- i f i n a n c e specific recovery projects There is a parking lot in the '. FIame ^ shot out of the door of a i rear and ihe robbers could have j Iac 5 uer room and destroyed the ' ;,V' S - . _ 9 'fr erty on Ninth avenue. Brunswick, consideration being around S8.000. according io revenue stamps. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin R. Hitchcock have sold to Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Snyder a property in Woodsboro. consideration being around S6.000. program \\ill be made avail- chicken house Before Twber able shortly. cou j d driva thern out 37 of the ani . | ' ARREST DOCKETED One arrest was docketed overnight by city police. William Cromwell. Patrick streel, was charged RAIL STOCKS tP New York, July 9 ' issues moved up in a body in the stock market today on the heels of the surprise announcement of a boost in eastern passenger fares. I mals ! quarters. ·Railroad S3-000. in · Hc estimate e crowded his loss at ,. ""f 1 bc advanced promptly." The use of loans on a st departed in an automobile, it was United Nations ' Security Cwncil j said - City Police are investigating. .- allov.-ed the Palestine truce ' ~ ~ expire v.ithout acting. 'CHILD RECOVERING Little Carolyn Yvonne Norwood. j five-year-old daushter of Mr and which housed several sta- »°* ?*"*«* companies. \vho claimed she had contracted to so of Frederick, as · Extended Forecast AIR HORN REPAIRED Re P airs have been made to the a;r horn on to P of Cit " Hal! and n w a s tested today at 11 a. m. S toner and William M. Storm represented Mrs. Getty. Amount of the settlement was not revealed. | tial scale must begin at once." hc told reporters. with intoxication by S^t. Swomley ' Settlement of the dispute between and hold tinder S10 and costs pend- i three rail unions and the companies ing a hearing. t aided buying. BLIZZARD IV GERMANY Frankfurt. Germany. July 9 tip)-A summer blizzard hit Southwestern Germany todav. Temperatures fell \\ell below freezing over a w i d e I Mrs. Norval L. Norwood, of .... , T . i Airy, is reported to bc getting along I T ne horn - sounded during general " ' nrc alarms, has been out of commission lately. Extended weather forecast Ojv 'satisfactorily at the Frederick Me- Saturday fair and warmer. Warm- morial Hospital where she is under- PARTLY DERAILED Bassel, Minn., July 9 «)--^ Chicago-bound Great Northern Oriental Limited from Seattle was partly derailed last night as it sped er Sunday and Monday with showers Sunday or Monday. Tuesday Wednesday fair fair and cooler. and mild. i through ! ov.n. From Saturday through Wednesday temperatures will average near this central Minnesota ' normal and r a i n f a l l total about 1 1 inch. going treatment for severe lacerations of the body received in an accident at her home on Monday. The child and a companion were playing on the trunk of an automobile when the little girl accidental- lv fell upr*;i t h e rrar bumper of ihe car, s u s t a i n i n g her injuries. PREPARING ATTACK Singapore. July 9 i.-P)--Advices to Singapore nevftspaper said today 400 Communist guerrillas were believed preparing an attack on Kuala Lumpur irom a base eight miles to the south. STRIKE THREATENS Paris. July 9 .* -- A strike o f " 100.000 postal, telegraph and telephone emDloyes threatened France , today. The cabinet met for six i hours but was unable to reach any decision on the workers* demands. DEPLORES WAR Washington. July 9 i.^P]--Secretary of State Marshall today termed deplorable the renewal of fight- inc m Palestine between Jews and Arabs. .NFW SPA PERI -IWSPAPKR!

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