The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on March 8, 1964 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 8, 1964
Page 6
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Mt*«k I, MM rtveatshigk- P ttw area IMS ktrt*,tt» itriakmwt and Ship tr***l to! wttttNry tor e KNM ****• loBatttop- ,Brt! Coach JohnBte > detail* ot tht RottfhMok baseball to*m opeet Ml IIM StMOaTtt**. day M Mekttsofc la t 4 P.m. AM TIMntey •< 4 to track, M tddNtoa to tM CM* Coast mlaya satorday, Angtotoa tad CutoHttHa tfatfc- rtll bt ih Bay Uw Black cat it Rtwr*u» Aggies tangle with Western iTaUotudttw B. CMTOll'i ptapottorbtMtwU uu* UN Ship* CMUolkUtad UoO» FtaM (4 rilwloetl* Uw QMXM (Af) - rourbM- MtaUI ttett wlU to to Uw •potll«M Mowltr BUM «bm CrtlfMoa RHMU Okltboma City tni) TMM A*M play* T««ui WMtarn U MUhwtt flrit round «im«io«tb»NCAA totaraumnt Loomlnt bin*f( U tb* «- Ibot-l, 140-pwwl Jim (Bid N»w§} BUMI, who bw tod T«xu WmHwii to t «3-8 f*a« ord. BUHM htf t.vw*c«4 30.8 poltu PM wm«, phu M •vtraf* oa ttw Itawrt ud H* !• watt mtkt* 1««u WMtora UN tewtito <mr U» fttwrlto <mr flw ARIM, who «r« Mbbllai oiw wtth *•Mim wtamaj Bulr LA** MdBnit*»n» LD* LWto L INI mrM Ftw figvrtd UCLA to rMiain Ho.l; Drakt is a surprise to ptey >qt>iU Mto «••«>*. Tl* nlPM to *ty A> to «Ml tttofday, • ..m. to it nm, *t tht LIMt* «i th* *omr «t oik tud oyi> 6t4trlrtcts ANGUtTQN-.Hi* t«rt Mftow, * trowp of (Jo. KM* ««M»l«U*to, "111 hoW fMM Smtey (todty), I i\n». on Uw Anttoton B»«oh»ay Shopplnt Cwrttr parklnit lot. Tht public I* inrttnl In at- ••Httd trrtr NSW TOnt (AP) - TM> UCLA Bra**, crtkt't IMI* QOfVt; w* Ytf^MU* MlpMtfy Keyaet*. Tei*t AtM tiMl ID* Tula** Srtett** Mt Ih* heed- VMS dwl*4 h**kMB*tl VCLA ngwred to to) * to*,* tee/tor for tlw mtsu ««*,&•* lew exptetod th* Brwtat, Hdhr Alt-America wan ttwn to Ih* MI «t Th* At*n- «tated FTM, pell and May there. Drake, •owl 188), eovtd b* called the tar- pru* Warn ot th* yaar after nnichtai M a tte with WMMta tor Ih* leage* VMI tpraaf, top upwt ot I '•m- career »»et«<rv dwiestlwm •ho galttd Mt loeth Cosst'us Cloy returns home UWttVlU K (Art - A ««Mu«i CaMltt* Ota* rim* home Saturday tor the find tlnwi OMa (natoa l» (Mttenrt wttft MWftt*** ft* th* Bt« TM «hM«<«Mhi|> t » did AM«WM> State m Ik* *»•» • »rn AIMelw CWtereiwe. and tlotM imm llw city and •»•!* I'M* r»f«lU. rated *MmwII*thi>*ri pr******* petl. The Vtoleu- l»*««t iMtwM two Hi minor (•heel*, «*••*» »Wt KKter. n» *e»«ott ttoB nt*r%*4 id* Hftynr William CUT LOMtRXU to WOB dwlBi ttt Optimlat ctt* twlm HWii h«*t kl BMBMBM! IMhoo) pool. UMBt WOBUW Rlfh P tthamntoashtp IB 41 wars. Tht Atttos oouater wttk Btaate Lenox, t 8-3 oatatdt shooter who hit tor a 30.7 awrag*. Ttsas A*M i tat tourney with an TDOOR ;ervatfons M. C. (Nig) RANEY lusic used after 10 p.m itlwadyftlttbtlm- i MW ruto* covtrn- itorlteptoM- mlUlont patron- •toto purkt hu > chance* In •tttctlv* : wu anaotmced by WaUon, •MOtiUw Uw Pwk* tad •partmeot. I curfew hw b**n •11 58 park*, 1 music, mu*- and radto 10 p.m. H*r«- i ot Uw Urf*r and park* allowing , haw had a later Water skllBg hMtwmahan- dontd at Htntovtlto, Tyler, Bonham, DanftrtUId, Meridian, and Cutwnw state pirk* btoatiM th* lakM contain to** than Uw 825 wrtte* act 1 ** prescribed M Uw minimum. Camptoc and «h»ltor occupancy will b* restricted to a maximum of 10 days. Ttwr* I* no limit BOW, tad Mm* visitors stay tor loa« period* at choice locations, white otlwra rtmaln all tommtr. Minor* win not b* permitted to stay ownltM IB a park ualtt* chtpwoiwdand tecom- poawd^byaduH.? l POUclnf UW^park* MffltU'intiI hadbtm compUoated by problem* arlslnt from unrestrained youngsters. He controlled in porks • authorised traffic win nlttad tn state park* 10 p.m. Th* limited •tatfs (rwmtnUy art to stay on duty r late bows to reduce dewtoplnc from late-hour ear recnlaUons artsOv- oamplnf will be by only and whtrt as- I by th* park manac*- 7 pet* will bt permit- bash only; flrwm* rkt wlunotbtuMd latanyUnwwhlto parkj boat motors ot 13 horsepower * permitted OB th* Inc tot* than 188 WaUon said, "Tht a*w plan aetaally is a mid* to more enjoyment ot our state parks. I b*U»»* there U not one unreasonable Item inUwentlr* list." H* addad. "W« haw ton* into thl* caretttlly and thorouchly and haw prapand this ttt ot rules strictly with ttw Idta ot htlplBf roor* folk* haw more tun." "So many p*opto pstronla* th* parks now that It Is BO longer patstbto to allow unrestricted aetltlUM," Watson said. "As ewryon* knows, just OB* carload ot unthinking visitors could create night long bedlam, e*p*n- lally IB Uw mor* popular parks." IT launches a new drive ! Sportsmen'• clubs ot already 112 clubs Sunday launched a i drlv* to *xpaod Its to ISO mtmbtr r mid-year. ot tat imnnalsa. PnsldMt h«nry •. of port Arthur, M tocttbtr anewn ortanliatlon dedl- tad ImproTlng tb* rnwnattoBalfteiUttos > state tor thlsandtutor* Ml* SBBOujwd theere- s spMlal atotrlBf "to work at Uw across tht stato interest m toms aadtotMour- isttst tportsro*n'» •ffillat* with ttw Sportomta's Ctobs otTwxa*." "It to basic that there Is ttrtngth In numbers, and It follows that tbm Is more strength la reor* numbers," U continued. "Wjth sueh tr««i*r strength', and with solid unanimity of purpo**, w* can wrtsinly r**ch ntw horUons in Uw starch tor ways aad mssss to get tht Job dot* la eoassrvtsf tad managing our natural resource*." UBISM pointed out that clubs affiliated with SCOT not only haw votot la matter* concerning th* State of Texas, but are reprutttirt tensttoa. al oouneils UoMgh SCOT'S atflllallon with the Nsttoaat W1U1U* PederaUon. .aeM*. e»w el V*jt kee» hep* s**»> N *l* i. Key man ot tht Crtlghtoo Bttwjayt It Paul BUts-ttw 30.80 IMB, 30 potato tad 30 rebound* per gam*. Tht 8-7 otntor paced creighton to * 31-8 record. Crelghton't oppootat, Oklahoma city ualwrstty. ha* a star ot Ito own la Bud Koptr* • t-* shooter with a 37.1 awrag*. Oklahoma City haaanunlm- presslve record ot 18-IO-but tht Chtofs spUtwlth Cr*lgh- ton, winning 101-88 to JIB-' nary and losing M-77 la Ftb- utry. games here go to Wichita for ttw Midwest rtftonals March 13-14. Kansas State of Uw Big ElgJit aad tht MlMoari valtoy conttnaot entry win bt the other teams. Lenox and Elmore cire unanimous DALLAS (AP)-BtBBte Lt- nox ot Text* A«M tad Gene Elmore ot Southern Methodist wort unanlrooos selections for tb»AU-Sotilhw*st Conference basketball Mam mad* up .of three seniors,* Junior and a sophjomort. Ltaox todthf Aggtostottwlr tlrst eoaftrtnet championship In 41 ytars aad •cored 487 potato la 34 games, SM In 14 Elmore ws* only 1! point* behind Lenox ash*k*pt8MU to tht not mostof UwstatoB. Texat Tech, which wound up Mcond, was ttw only aahoolto pUot two men on Uw team. Harold Dtanty was third la ttw voting by tbtooachtt. John (Dub)MalalM, oat of tht tow •opbomores ever named all- cuBtorenee, It ttw ottwr Tteh reprtstBtaUve. KtndaU Rhln* of Riot, toad', lag scorer for the **a»an with 884 points sadatoo tops Ineon- fttrtoot toorlag with 318, Is thttlfihtoam member. Malals* bar*ly beat ot* tophonmrt John seaswy of Ttxat A*M, Jim MagMisof Arkaatac aad Jo* ptshtr of T*xa*. htagatts, PtohtTi *opho- mort Gary Turner of Texas ChrUtlan sad Larry Phillips of Rio* mtkt up th* SMotxl tUmort atd HhUw Trophy tad placed stooM In th* optSbttatUttdU event. -Photo by Lloyd's Hoistod Anita b 4-A cog« choMp, wtas 50-42 DANBURY - On the TO-D All-DIMrltt baakelhall team reteaaed recently and appear- Ing In The Facia, Danbury's Jim OlUttun was omitted from th* team through error. Qllllam was a unanimous choice on Uw sll-coaMrenee team and b* wan a repeater from Ih* 1883 mil. AUSTIN (AP) Btophtn F. AttfttB ot BBMtoBshatoBOkt- IM AdinuoB wttb oaty awm potato in tht fourth qtwrtor Saturday to win Uw CUM AAAA ttatehufcttbtUthtm- ptoMhlp 80-42. Bvl ttwuBot«UloaIy«l|ht «hut "M want ttsto, wcwuli •K*o Spain to nta* potato Hri *T«B took a oo»- potot tokd, »-»«, to ttw third qvartor. Witt 8p»l» iurrowitod by two of Urn AdMMon pUytn •I *tt Urn**, noaiton Auftu tonwi to Ktohod Vawpwm tor Ito «MttaB pawn. Th* qntoh toator Ihnw IB tlpoiBto •Bd tot httotrom U«V Ul- •••IMS LAKE JACKSOH - Th* Amtrtcan LIH1* Uttfn* In Lak* jMkaon I* In n**d ot •ddHloml umplr**. »ccort- Inf to Don Hyde, tomitw prei- Idwil. Anyon* intor**tod In K»Jp- Inc. pbNu* eotrtact O. M. Krumny. CY7-eiOl.orHr»>. CYl-TNo. Ideon M*it aad gftttt «•> to win th* Soothm Outttrtaei champtonahtp. CavMtaa had walloped Ih* Keydets I3t»31 only * week or *o earlier. Tulane miattd H* chase* to set a major college record lor tlw most dlMJtroa* **a*an when H beat Louisiana State la II* teat tame ot Uw ***tea. Th* Oree*t*» RMttad with a l-Jamart. Th* Texa* Aggte* won their first uadlaputod Southwett Coaftrww* thamptostnlp in 41 years alter Ttxaa hadbeen regarded a* a *hoo-m before Ih* teason started, Kentotky't comeback after toting mat game* IB 1881 waa another noteworthy tottort. Tht Wildcat* won their tint 13 IB t row, than tost Uwtr first two Souttwattera Conference garnet. But they finichtd with Uw Sic crowa vklorv owr Sonny l.ltlim and ptMvnM him with a k»r to lit* '-Ity. Ctoy'* wrtrt* «»r» in in* rrwrt. which Ml<^ •Mlmahnl at 400. In * n»w« ntnt»r*nr*. Ca**l>« UU«I l(Wf»«l In rrply IP a queMlon cm hit immtwnhlp In th» Iplam r*ll(t(m, Ih* mi-rail oil plac k Muallma. ||* (aid h» Intend* to tmir Ih* wnrki, In ahmrt Ihrm k«, and might rondurt cihlblllon honlnr matchta. *f U* A( tot *n|*K!»H»or»«, CttM* Rtt«**U <4 MI«Mt*« **• U» owtit »*4l»g. Pthvr* 11 itftbill Stt LAKE JACKSON-The l.eke Jackson girl* *oftball A**(H > - lallon will meet Monday. ^ p.m., Lake Jaekton State Bank Anyone Interested in clrl* sodhtll In Lake Jackson I* !<«b*llft»S* of t*e i4t VlMerMN Mil John Austin «( ttoMue. Caltece. ll» all uMa the mo •»«**•»! I incident fat th* *»*v*r ptajr ttiuenebi state c* w**t vtr- (IBl* ».« ie«w*d a* Mint ataiwt n*«kfc*r collet*. Joe Cook, Beekhiy c<>«'., i* «ar|**l»ed !"••<•* player Iwrl ih* t>*u Id* Iwfth «f the|M«kley«i»iri when B»I c«e «M there. Hut * Bltteftekt pt»r»r pawed om ut (h* crowd, ettifht th» halt For an MIT tay«p M»l tt*4 »n> •coreat w.TawtthUaeeeei.* len. "H* had goa* Mfci the !<«>» ind hidden," pretested Ciwk •Itar DliwfHkt won IB uter- tlmt, to-to. ft wasttat clow not* of ttw wty u AetosoB, «to «v* prlMd many obstrwrs by making It to UM totmamtat, ntkt Houston Austto's all- ?-».,;*. Border. eee. (Contlntwd from Page •) Htrb Stowns ot Ttxas Southern set a 220-yard record of 12.0 In the college dlTlaton. Both dskssts bad record* in ttw 440-yard h«dlM«lne* U ' "Tisms •W&torii '».0 to. AU aoatsriini team mtm- Uat elas* sad horn* •*"v^n' C=T-» t~*-*^ \ -^g' •?< ir** Utox, Ttxas A&M, «.», ttalor, Ltuat Ctty, T*x.,ntB* Mmon»,8«u,6-7, stutor, Bouttoot Harold Den- aey, Ttxas Tech, «-l, Junior. Amtritlof KMdaU Rhine, Rtot, t-10, tttHor, oopo, m.i John Malals*. Ttns Tech, 8-1 1, sophomortj Ode***, Flails were bald in th* unvtcrstty sad eoltog* elatsts BatuWay night. DOW RECREATION BOWUHO Dow Dlamood League Team standings - Luck Strikes 33-17, Htllo Trio 3317, Star Ughtera 3040, Pla- ettes 14-88. High Individual game-Anne Pardomwr 188. High team game-Star Lighter* 444. ABC League. Ttam *tandlng*-On* O's 82-38, Oat R 1 * 801/3.381/3. Strikes outo 871/I-ai/t, Ten Striket 841/3-481/8, Oassers 80-80, Long Shots 48-81, Drtbbter* 47-8J, Hot Shots 47-8*. Scatter Shoto 3» 1/3401/1, AMPIBS33-47. High Individual game-Vtr- gll Bpps 303. High team game -One O's 888. NlgUhawk Ltagu* TOMB steadlngt - Maw- rick* 801/3481/3, MagM- tlum ThM* 801/3-381/8, Chlorin* Three 881/3481/3, Olycol Three 881/3471/3. Traffic 8748, indnstrial ft*, latlons 881/1481/3, Us- ••kreb 8441, Glycol oat 8343, MsgnMtom oat 8344, Transport 80-W. pbwaua- mcrs 48-81, Epoxy Itostas 431/3.831/1. plant Ksft. neerlng 3443, Reactor* 8483, BthyMWw 33-83, Bolter- maktrs 30-78. Highlndivtdaalgam*-R,L. LooUBfbUI 833, High team gam* - Magn**IWB Tbrtt 1030. DOWN - MOUNTING OURINO fUFSYN TRADING TIME *. -- ^CHASED ON EASY EASY T«MS ____ t urry PUUIPS, MBS, asse, ArkMSks, 84, staur, ten. M. joh«Bt*tt»y HASTUf&YNI Th* gnat-going A1l-W**th9r Una HAS 3-T NYLONI HAS TOUOM THfAD! tu OKMUWT, re*i»l road *f*!*S*SS!L ? r Uf cord ha« been toughened hir Goodye*f'» *»• ,^^"tv.M^'lSOoody*«rtlnj». - ***** protew. Th*M llrei wlH dt»»ef go t«d IteP on e« lytt* of p*w<n«nti !««»>• ««««!?».»«» "f* to f' l t K YOUN S!ZF AND B.LJ O O t T PAYMENTS Oe)d A Full Set Now Picric Up * Pair T<Mtoy 6.70 » 15 7.10s 1ft 2 (or $2740 2 for fWJO 2tor«E«0 » fUS "BS5 !»•*? :/i5a C.701 7.1011 740s I MHOMavAM 4tor 4 for *70J6 tr »178 »I7S «or U4.SO into 4 ts' i«OSO W 176 1.79 27S TUBCLESS. TOO IN MOST POPULAR AUTO TtRg SIZES » * * u IS .e s tar 4 IV 4 fa> 4 V 4 ttt ft •tow Natlon-Wld« No Limit Guarantor I mm ^ ^^ SIRVICE STORE

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