The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 23, 1931 · Page 5
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 5

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1931
Page 5
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THE DAILY NEWS. FREDERICK. MD, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 23. 1931. FIVE DEATHS T. McClearjr Wiles. j T. MoCleary Wiles, a well-kno-sra re- 1 ·ed fanner of aear Jefferson, formerly j Bracdoct. died at the Frederick City i aspital Tuesday night *t 11 o'clock! an operation, aged 80 years, j ·"^'t^Dwfflg chEdren: » ppe£11 * * ndul * s for * Ter - Md * tt !S be*, near Bndxrk; Joto rears PmierJcttonians hare cfaa^ed ,, --,,,, 1, *», c-,j. T.,-- /~ : very bttle in their favorite cisbe*. APPETITES OF LOCAL MEN UNDERGO LITTLE CHANGE IN 20 YEAS FASHION PLAOl'E Years come and go. but tie huasan turkey, couatry haos and baked pota- ' ' - - ~ -- -- ** i .oes. . Col D. John Markey 20 years ago ; liked arid waffles, and "chicken ' it is today! · Edward S. Dslaplaine, author PtiEfiral *11i be i»eM at the home of uSe 1931! B. Wiies, north of Twenty years ago reporters betook ·i^e Lutheran ceme- · known Maryiander and resident of this a: MiddieU)»Ti. Friends are re-) city, and asked Mr. Baker iha: he sesled to oaut flowers. The remains ', liked best to eat. "I like everything." ·nt oi ihe Frederi:k County Na- j t.onal Bank and member of the State | is Commission, likes "terrapin soup." ' ? once attended a large pryiaie dinner Baltimore ivhere the host served ch guest uith a chafing dish of ler- '12 SOUP. Board he :heespec- oys- l is the -V" o! every anxious mother. , :e!-s - peaches, Mrs. Sarah F. McBride. j aad which taste he acquired. Having j cream.~ MunsNw wher- Mrs. Sarah F. McBride. widow ol ! Has 9 a "noble example," horever, ; Ma.-or Etaer F. Ma_sho*e.. »-e-. LOCAL MENTIONS LOCAL MENTIONS CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK. Open Oui- store will be open Saturday. Dc' cember 2:a uutil 10 p. in. i G1LBSHTS. ; Exclusive Ladies' Shop. Tuesday -- Wednesday and Thurtdar. tail U? inquire about ;::e UK- beaut Jul Dorothy Da:«ti« Dv". POTTS GRIFFIN. KEMP'S. "On the Square " Bine Bidce Transportation Co, bus serMce irons Ess Term- j ina! to Odd Pell-jws Horse. North i Miriet S: . exvd'. and intermediate poisa «S«etiv*. December 23. Leave Terminal. 9 15 a ni ; * arid 6 p. 21. L?*\r Odd IV.:o*s Horoe 830, 1030 a. IE. sue 4 3C p. as. Firt? 10 cents For information. Phone 203 «"eU Stuped ftoe Tires r«r S Prtc«d 40,- up. Free Desert. C W LOCKARD, 923 Norta Marie: St. ·Piione -45 Flower Shoppr cffers you »ne«ms froa: wwn'A-S cenls and a dollar up x- them oel making jour ft:.a: e'..x'..o::. i For Sale. ' \Vii_u? Coll:*- and Boston Bull puppies , Will make firje Christmas presents. j 142 West Pa:r:ck St. 'Phone 1055. Shuotins MJUh. Xuiis Di% 11 o'clock GLADS VALLEY G V N CLVB Dr. W. .%. K. Brtl. Optometrist. OS.-e j^po.ii.:nent c.ii. u:i'.i. lor'.r r.xsoe. C»U S-4.! or ISaS-F-tf. . The winter sports season brings | many delightful new accessories. j uhich ss this brown su«Je | ;arket with uhiie Ispm collar. Dance. . ST. FETTER'S HALL. UBERTYTOWN. '· Wednesday. December 23. ; Beautiful Cyclamen and Poln*rtttes ' a:tract:\ely cSecorated rnake a most sp- !?ropr.a:e s:'.: WEDDINGS CREAGEK FLOWER SHOPPK. 3S East Patrick St. Tae a bers of kne (Young) White. She was a resi- j cream, and "someuixs eats rabbit: ^.^ ^..^^ ^ tat of Washington county for 46 years, j The next person tn'-erv^ed on the , o , p,^-^ p ; e si^-.jy seasoned." He id was a member of the Reformed ! subject, a decade ago was George a. ,^ a . S3TS ^ 1^5 e* sanse, provided die lurch of Boonsboro for many years. Dennis, Jr, well known member of · ta ^ ey the Frederick bar. "SteTred muskrat. he is survived by the following sons: rtm W.. and G. Wilbur. Baltimore, ·d a daughter. Miss S. Helen McBride, said Mr. Dennis--and added that his father and brothers had eaten about '. home: sister, Mrs. Charlotte Davis, | 5,000 sa their lives (that was in 1911) : " MiddleSbwn; brother, William H. i and tha: his brother always had them :, rhit*, Washington. D. C. Funeral Saturday morning, services , the home at 11 o'clock by Rev. Rob- Samuel A. Lewis, 20 years ago State's t. said then he Uked "par- and be still likes it. i W. Clinsoa McSherry. member of the t L. Bair. Rev. Addison Groft and Rev. JE. Coblentz. of Baltimore. Interment : the Boonsboro mausoteuzn. Miss Mary A. Wisner. Miss Mary A. Wisner, life-long resi- ut o' this city, died December 21, _______^ » Christmas Chines. Price--Mortimer. i At Kemp's Daily. Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Mortimer, of Sin:* ».:: play Christmas Csrofc on»n. announced t!ie uurnage of h ^ wonderful chimes ca::y--until their daughter. Miss Ruth E. Mortimer. Christmas. and Ernest S. Price, cf Washington. !0 '·» :o 30 * m.--: to 2 30: 3 to 3.30: formerly of Georgia. The ceremony was and 7 '° ~ 30 P- m--Kemps balcony performed in Alexandria. Va, on Sat,- , KEMP'S. 'On the Square." urday by Rev Pierce S. Ellis, at the j home of the minister. The bride has been a member of the- ' clerical force in the office of the county treasurer at Roctvilie for a number of years. Judge Arthur D. Willard. esteemed . j member of she judiciary of the Sixth : judicial Circuit, is fond of "nearly , thing" and has -a hat was describ- . a "catholic tasie." using the term :n a general sense. But he is very . fohd of turkey. j ... ._ T John S. Hershev, manager of the the home of the iittle Sisters of the' Former Senator Jacob Hohroack is I?rancSs s . o: . ^ j, o:el hesitated! bor. Balttoore. She was a daughter the first of those who answered twenty a ^..^ ^^.^ ^^ ab - e . o ^ : .. _. _. . , _ _ ·,,, ^-^AV^ ^ovk m t*t*artw tnar. is. iie is Lne - . this very day. Casoer E, dine, thec president of the Y M." C. A., declared that "oysters in any style" delighted him, and has con: ^' ~ firmed his statement made long ago. be- _ ing just as fond as ever of his favorite dish. Announce Engagement Mr. and Mrs. Leo Weinberg. ^2 West Second street, announce the engagement of their daughter. Leah Frances, to Mr Ernest Berger. son of Mr. and Mrs. David Berger. 6654 Lin- coin Drive, Germantown. Philadelphia. No definite date has been set 5or the wedding. It's Coming! I mean that snow and we have all the ladies' $1 98 and $2.98 ga!o6hes. reduced to Si 68. Think of this price for ; genuine Srst grade Hood rubbr foot- ' ·A-ear. Better get thtm while they last HAIXES. The Shoe Wizard. :23 N Market St. Canaries For Sale. ; CjUirar.t«J Singers MRS C S D1XON. 501 Elas St. Aunual Mrrlins. i-.Jil nvn ;.::.: »: ti« Life Mem- t:ir Prt-cfr.-fi Cv u::v. Aj: cultural Society »i" e ix-'.d s: the Coart House, in Frf^^ C.'.j . Mar l-ni. '· Saturday. January -. 193-. i at !1 o'rlsxr: a t;: at a.uch t:r:5e e'.own aijtiiiii-rs «tll V clecied to :!'_=:.^ic ". "-^ . :'. i.: .'. '.I'.? So.~:d Iv'r the '».'" l.-oJ .^ijc ^..vii other bUiir.Cis '.r^u-a.'. ^. J^ ::·. i;, regularly come bc.'jre th :s' /'"."-: ABKAM HEMP. GUY K MOTfKR. THE CITIZENS' NATIONAL BANK ! OP i FREDERICK, MD. i CAPITAL , $100,000.00 SURPLUS $800,000.00 TO OUR PATRONS AND FRIENDS. We wish that you and yours may ha\f all the happiness that Christmas car: bring and that the coming jear may be filled with the warmth cf fine friendships and the comfortable secur.ty of prosperity. POTTS GRIFFIN. Call JOHN W BRUCHEY'S Buff Rock Poultry Yards for Poultry alsve or dressed. FTC.S:! e^gs daily and baby chicks. 'Phone 696-R. 459 West South St. the late John and Barbara Wisner, ·d Is survived by one bother Philip L. isner; two nephews. Jacob E. Buckey. ilKffiore; Louis P. Martell. Days- Qe; one niece, Mrs. Hbert Watt, of ashtngtoo, D. C.: eight grand- eces and five nephews. Twenty-four eat-nieces and nephews also sur- ve. Funeral from the home of Mrs. airy Baa-, a niece. 300 West South reet, Thursday at 8.30 a. m., thence St. John's Catholic church, -where quiem high mass will be sung. Thos. Rice, funeral director. Mias Margaret Brightwdl. Miss Margaret Brightwell died Friday ; 4.40 a. m. at her home in UnionvUle the age 64 years, two months and t days. Death was due to cerebral iralys-s. She was the daughter of the te William H. and Susanna Brighten. Funeral services were held Monday om luBganore M. clock -with interment imetery, TJnkmvfle. church at 1 in Tiinganore FUNERALS Th* funeral of Mrs. Rosa May Eeff- tr took place on Tuesday afternoon at o'clocfc at her !a» home, 427 North entz street, conducted hy Rev. Wm. . Royal, pastor of the First Baptist lurch. The pallbearers were: Mauce Bennett. LeHoy Boone, Arthur Franklia Six, Irving Shankle interment in Mt. 20 years ago as . . . . .^ - .i,years ago. to change; tnat is. he is the first qaestioned during the p a s f e w days an who ha-s changed. From a taste for favorite of all tempting dishes ^ calne w the conclttsion that i LOCAL MENTIONS terraain, he passed to country it was "ssrais^jerries." "If I had any [ particular favorite, it I'ould be straw- l^erries." said he. Dr. A. A. Raccliff. genial local dent- | ist, maintains that oysters, waffles and . creamed chicken are his favorites, and t chuckle. "I like '. plenty of them!" Parsons Newman, young Frederick | lawyer, prefers roast turkey and stuff- ' sausage and apples, in keeping with | the favorite dish of his old friend, the late Adoiphus Fearhake. whom he , quoted affectionately. Mr. Roorback . acquired a taste for terrapin while he : attended the Maryland Legislature, but j with the wisdom of later years, declares ' that it is better to eat what is available . than "what you wish," so he now prefers ' sausage and apples. James H. Gambrill. Sr., whose 102nd , birthday anniversary will occur on Feb( ruary 24 and who has outlived all oth- · ers questioned on the subject, prefers, first, last and always--"oysters." James H. Gambriii. Jr., prominent ! c ; tizen of Frederick and the Board of Trade when , ^ insurance man ana Kowrian. c» no, favorite and says "the thing I like best · ' GacibriS pert , to eai is whatever my wife puts on the , . . . . . r s ? i 1 p " i The Lafayette Tea Boom will be closed Christmas and New Flower Shoppe has beautiful pans of poinsettias with ferns, all sizes. Two stores for your convenience during Xmas. one at 10 North Market street--the other 38 East . Years days, giving its employes the · Patrick street. ' holidays. We extend to our patrons cordial greetings of the season. MAE KRISE HAifMAKER. Proprietress. Furniture Finishing And Repairing. Prices Reasonable. Work Called For GEORGE W. HUNICHEN. 108 E. Fourth St. 'Phone 28-M. in?, and adds, "anything else a sec- | cndary." Leo Weiaberg. member of the bar. , admits his favorite is "fried chicken ! a la Maryland " William M. Storm, former State's At- I tomey and president-elect of the Si- \ Club, likes padding aad hominy You Have Bumpers on your car. If you ever have real use for them, you'!! surely need Automobile Insurance--especially under the Responsibility Act. Insurance costs only about what a good set of bumpers cost on a private passsnger car. GRIFFIN. Don't Forget 9 Th-- B:g Xinas Dance. AT FREDERICK ARMORY. Fr:aay Nite, 8 3i Good musit, -Good time. Reduced Prices. It Cronns Them Ail. Deulbiis' Cele3ra:ti Saucr Kraut O:scv ;ou try :t, you «:li alA»s b-j ::. .v:;d the flavor s always ilio a:ur T'.:- man who niado s.iuer fcrau: pv«- J. CLARK DEV1LBISS. : M.irket anJ 'I::.rd SVi. Announcement. The Marxland Ii-.d^tru; Finance Company. 26 West Patr;:'i Street. wU! · ^ open evenings from 7 to 9 o'clock all during Chnstmis »eck. FRANCIS PETROTT. Troas. Holiday Bui-gains in t's«l Cars. : 1329 Ponti^c ^-D?3r S*din. \ 1929 Chevrolet Coup?. j 5928 Chevrolet Co 1 eh !92S Chevrolet Cabrotlet. 1927 Essex Coach. 1927 Nash Coupe. 1929 Ford Spjrt Coupe 1929 Ford Sport R v ad:or. See Vcimn Rlppeon. FREDERICK MOTOR CO . ', 11" West Patrick St. 'Phone 1092 OFFICERS JOSEPH D. BAKES. Chairman of Board. HOLMES 1). BAKES. President. JOHN 11. BAKER. Vtee-President. JOSEPH McDiviT. V ict-l'resident. WILLIAM G. ZIMMERMAN. Cashier. SAML'EL G. DUVALL, .?sxts(cnf Cashier. J. TRAVERS I'HOMAS. Assistant Cashier. DIRECTORS JOSEPH D. BAKER. THOMAS H. BALLER. CHARLES H. CONLEV M. D. JOHN S. NEWMAN. JAMES H. GAMBRILL. JR.. HOLMES D. CAKER. DANIEL BAKER JR.. JOHN H. BAKER. ELIAS B. RAMSBURCH, ARCHIBALD B. FISHES. THE PEOPLE'S FINANCE CO. TALKING TURKEY. If j 3'j are one of many who hate bpen cuappoir.led in not receiving Christmas money, do rs? let this s.-jy; your holiday We are dispens- izg Xmas cheer :o many irorthy people who 2nd! therase:v««s in need of cish- Yvj'^r r«putat.oa arid persar.a! resportsib:!.:;.- wCl help" you ;rfl2-er;s«-lT ir. this ercersency. Come la and if.'» tali "turke;." orj this subject x Then* 1473. THE PEOPLE'S FINANCE «O, 15 Court St. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. rOR SALE -- DODGE SEDAN. NEW TIRES »nd bi'tcry Pi:cr STi 00 235 S. Cirroll s'.rrc- !!-:i-J«l- WANTED. W A S H E D -- A LOAN OP S3.«OO WITH FIRST K-.or'.iuje. u«-:; ::-^.,:rd For :n!orm3tic3 ipply N«r*j oScf. Boi :3!2. J:-1S-J'.I MISCELLANEOUS. PIANO TUNING AND RADIO REPAIRING a sptc?:ty. AINrrt C Palmrr Phoa* 513-W. 8 WtAt 13th tr«L 10-20-St! HELP WANTED. RAILWAY MAIL CLERKS.-- MEN 1S-J5. S15800 c:or.;!i Steady. Pa.d vacations Early cxaiiii^Atlons expected. Common education suEcler.t. Fu!! particu- 1 lars iriiti sanjpSc coachinx free. Write today I surr Box 1073R. Ncors-Po'". aad ice-cream." And : sists in his taste for same to this day, i stating .that they taste just as good', now as then. j Dr. Charles F. GoodeU, one physician | quoted, said 20 years ago he liked -roast turkey, hominy cakes and cur- rans jelly." and Dr. Goodell, when . · '..". ^- i. - - - TMi -,,,,,;*, i rennncea of his_ choice, cec^ared again | . co , ,, dec!aring - table." Frank L. Stoner. president of the! Mechanics National Bank j member of the legal profession of ! erick, has so choice of food, and no favorite dish, he said today. G. Maatz Besant. one of the best of Fredericktonians. laughed at t of Have A Picture Taken ' of your home during the holidays, eith- j er interior or exterior. Time of day | makes no difference. Call The Krea Photo Co.. 217 W. South St.. "Phone 95 or Castle's Photo Finishers, 12 Jefferson St., Thorn 828-J. Home-Made Mince Meat. HOc per pound. 253 WEST FIFTH STREET. 'Phone 434-W. Xmas Specials. Home-made pies, mince meat and | sauer kraut. RIDDLEMOSERS GROCERY. 'Phone Sil. 301 Wesr Patrick St. : Consult GrofT, The Florist. : before baying your Christmas wreaths 1 and pot plants. He Js so much cheaper · and the workmanship far superior. Store. 149 N. Marke' St. GROFF. The Florist, ·Phone 224. Visit! Visit! Visit! t NOTICES. ORDER S1SI ON SM.ES NO n;5C EQCITY In Ite Circuit Cuur-, :·-: F--Jcrici county. Sirf.r.i; ·:) L,;ii-t v In the Mattrr of Shrrinan I*. Bo--crj. As- s:s:icc ot Gil^iore II- F,.i-itt. Mortgagee of Sarah C. Hin-.mont! aiul \Vi.!:m: W. Uam- moaij. her husbind. On Pe'..t!on November Term, 1331. In the Matter o! tbc Hcport of Sales Hied the lit clay ot December. 1931. Ordered. That on IRE :«h cay of December. 1931. the Court will proceed to »ct upon the Report cf S»les ol Real Estate, reported to said Court by Sherman P. Bowers. Assigcee !rj Use above cause, and filed therein as aforesaid to finally ratify and confirm the same, unless cause to the contrary LOST AND FOUND. LOST --BROWN LEATHER POCKETBOOK. lon'.alnmg sum of money, Tuesday night, probab!;- on Market street. Liberal reward ·.'. returned to R. C. Piush, 112 South Market itrce!. S2-:3-dIt LOST. STRAYED OR STOLEN.--SCHNATJ- 2cr b'tch and puppy. Heward If returned to Mrs. Jimes H. Cramer. 113 Record St. 12-18-d8t OP BUY "°~ SALES. -w-^--^-----"N--^- FOR SALE. CHRISTMAS FDRMTDRB AND DESCRIFTIOB AT rORSTTOIUS AND HOD8S- OVKR and of muk and Bauer, one of Frederick ! ascKl ^ lllls ^ aat u- iaes best J. Le id Charles Butler. Interment in Mt. 20 years ago as saying: ne u=*u _ ui uuTM , _, ubman . K iivet cemetery. C. E. Cline and Son, j^eef steak, and eggs anc mui in tne , ^ noTSys 0 ^^^^- ' --f h* choice. meral directors. out does not eat: man and dinner with is very a. of the Sal-ration Army. Pallbear- j concentrated beef tea, which is very - -- - _ _ - - iraolesome. He remembers perfectly i having giren his choice of food years The Palace Of Groceries and Crvstal i thereof be sho«rn brfore said day; provided ;Maze of good things to cat. We hare , ^^ %£? £ IgggSc^S ' a complete line of Fruits and Nuts for ' ! the 2£mas Holidays. The best always. | J. CLARK DEVILBISS. I The Palace of Groceries, | Market and Third Sts. 'Phone 54. Christmas Greetings. ! Appreciating the patronage and kind- i est regards of my many friends and I wishing everybody a Merry Christmas j and a most enjoyable New Year. I you could get more red ruscus for your am :,-ours for profitable information, j money at the CREAGER FLOWER You Know for three successive ^eeks prior to said day. The report states the amount of sales to i be Sl.IOO 00. i Dated this 2nd day of December. 1931. I ELI G. HAUGll. i Clerk ol the Circuit Court for Frederick ] County. i Shermiu P. Bowers. Solicitor, i True Copy--Test: ELI G HAUGH. Clrrk d dec. 2-9-18-33 A FULL LINE OP NEW AND CSED FURrrrrjRE AND UNCLAIMED FR3IGHT INCLUDING BED ROOMfTJR- NITORE. DINING ROOM FURNITURE. LIVING ROOM FURNITURE. KITCHEN FURNITURE STOVES. RUGS. ODD PIECES OP FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD KIND nND DESCRIP- s were: Harry M. Pree, Louis Hilde- John Hilderand, John Gonso, arry Stone, L. E. Slap. Inierrcent onbs cemetery. M. B. Etchison and ja, funeral director. R. Ames Hendrickson, business man active also ia many local organ-rations, admits to the fact that he has no spec- al likes or dislikes in a menu but, he is especially fond of partridge- And so, oa! Among those TOO could ir for the Christmas 1931 i foiloTsring: Judge John i C. Mo:ter, J. Prank Eisechauer. Rev. j - - ,,- * . -^.- i Thomas Freeman Dixon. Oliver C. ! ^as congratulate* upon nis Sis, oirin- , Wareilimei John D H endricksoa. David greaMr oppsrtanities. more satisfactory i SHOPPE. than any where ia town. service and continued conscientious ad- ' * vice during the year 1932, · Notice. The past is trhat we have made it. ! The offices of the County Commis- ! i 3 h c Matter future shall be what we "\riii" it. P. LUTHER RICE. ORDER NISI ON SALES NO. 12367 EQCTFV". In the Circuit Court for Frederick County sioaers and County Treasurer -srill be · sisnec of Gllmorc R. riautt. Mortgacee of - " * ** Neison and Ethel Nelsoti. his J closed on December 25 aad 26. j By Order of the Board, i JOHN W. HOLTER, Pres. I ago. Fanner Mayor John Ed Scheil. PERSONALS I v.-ays liked eg^s and said so years ago; 1 ana, although he has been ill and is , very Treak, he continues to have his Canary Birds. ^,,,.,,_ uuilii ,, ^^.^ ^^.^^ Guaranteed Singing Canary Birds. j cay on Sunday, recalls that he has ai- j ^^^ "Ado 1 ohurPearhake"charies j Make your resen-at:ons no^ and en- ' ?ioor. Bridge, Table and Bed Lamps , -:---j , ,,,,,,- r~-,* , n -^vr* ,o.n- , - . . j OJ . w;th ^ a , all course chrjstjnas j H. E. FREEMAN. Dinner. Reasonably Priced, in z quiet j £,.ectrical Contractor, and refined atmosphere. : 335 E. Church St. wife. Oa Petltioa. In the Matter of the Report of Saics filed the 1st dar of December. 1931. Ordered. That on the 24th day of December. S93I. the Court «·;:! proceed to act upon the Report of Sales of Real Estate, re- STANDS. CHAIRS. PIANOS. RADIOS. VICTROLAS PLAYER PIANOS. MAGAZINE RACKS. FERNERIES. CHINA CASES. BVT- FETS. BEDS. SPRINGS. MATTRESSES. DAY BEDS, CRIBS. BABY CARRIAGES, KITCHEN CABINETS. CUPBOARDS. TABLES. AND OTHER GOODS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION. WE HWE JUST RECEIVED A LOT OF NEW FURNITURE FROM A RECEIVER'S SALE. ALL MUST BE SOLD QUICK TO M\KE ROOM FOR OTHER GOODS WE ARE CONSTANTLY BUYING FROM BANKRUPT S^LES RECEIVER'S SALES WAREHOUSE SALES AND PRIVATE SALES OF AH. TRADE IN YOUR OLD FtJR- FOR NEW. WE ARE NOT CONNECTED WITH ANT CHICKS FOR SALE. BARRED WHI IB AND BUFF BOX; AR- consj. 8. C. R. L Reds. Silver-Laced Wh- Wyandottes. $12 per 100. Jersey BlacK Giants. Light Brahmas. Bnff Orpingtons. $15 per 100- Assorted Mixed. $10 per 1001 I007S !5« delivery (roaranteed. 1 to 8- «reek-o!t! chicks- Free ci'.iloc- Beck'l Hatchery. Dept. P. ML Airy. MdT »-3-«Jtr FOE SALE. FOR SALE--FUR COAT. GOOD CON- dition. ' Very reasonable. Writ" News- Post. Box 2203. 12-23-dIf FOR SALE--TWO ANGORA KITTENS ANH I Persian cat. Apply 8 W. 13tb street. 12-2I-d4t FOR SALE--FIFTY TURKEYS. CHEAP. S B Eagle. Enozrllle. "Phone Bpun=wick 184-F-: 12-2t-«at' ^ Rey Miss Bessie Shaft. East Church street ft today on a visit to Cumberland j 3d Pittsburgh. Dr. Joseph H. Apple, president of ' Eood College, recalls being quoted 20 ] years ago. as "Prof. App o' the Wo- | xjj^ _ . _,-._-.- c /^rt'^KTA ~* **r\s* ^*/\Ti*iTT-o*r' +r\ TIT"*"-- I Miss Kathryn Barrick, New York city. - TM an . s . .^ ' ill arrive ai her home in Wooclsboro. · -° r ccsr p .^f * hursday, to spend Christmas --Ifi: her '. S- 253 °- cniij - ireats. -. William W, J. Lorenzo E. Mullinis. Charles H. Baugh- [ man and C. Thomas Kercp. How the jears do ay! i Dinner vniil be served from 11 a. m. : to 6 p. m.: private dining room for · jour convenience and comfort. i Christmas Wreaths! j In as aforesaid to finally ratify and confirm ' the same, unless cause to the contrary I thereof be shown before said day: provided · a copy of th's order be insert^ in some i newspaper p-jbUshed In Frederick County i for three successive -s-eeks prior to said day. GOOD HERE. FULL OP FDRNITtnUt **» HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. STAR FURNITURE CO-. 333 AND 325 N. MARKET ST.. " comirDt^ir utiovi «KT FREDERICK. MARYLAND. FOR SALE OR REST.--THREE STORY brick house, containing eighteen iSSI rooms, including a large store roooi. situated In the business section of Middlctown. Marylaad. Por particulars, apply to O. S. Ahalt. 535 Prospect street, Yorfc. Pa. 12-13-dtl FOR SALE---CHRISTMAS TREES. PINE, spruce or cedar. Two stands, corner ot W. Patrick and Bcntz streets and 233 West Fifth street. Reasonably priced. C. E. Kllpp. ·Pfcone 1803-F-6. 13-17-dSt- We have a varied assortment of made ' The report states use amour.', of sales to Of I want to take this opportunity to up wreaths and invite your inspection. | express so my patrons and friends nty ' We will gladly hold your selection, j ·you hav. ' vou should Dr and Mrs. Edward P. Thomas tv annoance the birth of a son bederick City hospital early Tuesday fiernooa. Mother" and son are doing i ants ~ Double Shooting Investigated. e investigation bv the Carroll coun- continues to pre- | .,, a!Khori;ies ^jo tae shooting of Bea . - . . - . ._ . . -;er oread ana a ^yj^j, and Harry Lynch, colored, who hearty appreciation for your patronage · aad deliver according to yoar instruc- I ciert or the circuit coar: .or F.-«-er:ci: 20 years ago, "if j ^gjg fon^^ dead in the road nea.- West- and extend to vou mv sincere wish for tlons. · S vl^ l "J" P BO^ C - S s-^ c"s- ve never tried this combination, i err , ci - 2p el. near Warfieldsbttrg. early' - -- - - - - ' " ' " ould try it." _ _ I Monday morning, resulted in the hold- irtson and Charles ,he Carrol county . jail as material witnesses for the state. turkey." He stiH likes part- j xhe witnesses were staying ac Ben's FOE EENT. A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy aad Prosperous New Year. THE BARBARA FRITCHIE TEA ROOM Sdith G. Siedling-. Prop. EDWARD H SHARPS. ! 'Phone 485. 1 Greenhouse. Motttr Ave.. near 9th Si 2Ed Tree Copy-To;'.. or December. 3931. ELI G. HACGH. EU G HATJGH, Cleric, d dec. 2-9-1S-23 P. LUTHER RICE. I noge anc is fond of the rest. Mr. Edyard D. Storm, this city, at- :cded the reception aad tea dance iven last Saturday at the Mayflo-wer otel. Washington, by the AsssstanS ^cretary of War aad Mrs. Frederick E. Payne, in honor of their daughter, tiss Carolyn Payne. Mr. M. C. Voorins of Plamfiel-d. New ersey, spent last --eek-er-d -with Mr. D. Stcrm at the latter "s house on outh Market street. Mr. Storm has turned home for the holidays from toe University of Virginia. Ee -alH attend he Hood College dance in Philadelphia ; 'T Prof-Amon Burgee, now County Corn' missioaer, -sras quoted 20 years ago as j j liking "backbone aad sauer kraut.' i Commissi-oner Burgee has no recoliec ' tioa of saying anything like that, for j he now likes sausage and buckwheat cakes. John W. Grove, mother County Coia- rnisjioaer. is easily satisfied ia the matter of his favorite dish--ice-crearc. T. Poole Jones, secretary-treasurer of the Frederick County Emergency Relief Association, gives as ius favorite delicacy lobster, a la ae-srburga- Adnaa C. McCarceH. chairman of the board of the Frederick County Na- ; place, but are originally from Tennessee. -·Flying To Orient' :- I J *J Cpholsterin;, Renishing. Repairing. Chair Caneing--Rattan Work. A. H, if APLJE. 9 Center St. "Phone 301-J. a December 29. Market Prices Pceat. GnUn. bu .52 Live Stock and Produce. ?t:rr;-^icd tjy Predenck Cosritj Predict. lac. ?e:f-:rs _____ ..... ___________ ....... 3e to 4c teers ............. ____________ 4 : iC to 5 r 4 c s. good to choice ____ ...... ____ 2 : iC to 2c · toniaa whose SSth birthday will oc- · cur December 23. likes "comcaies aad j · sausag»."* even though that preference ; ', is corssidered rcore -solid food" than · i indisposed persons have recommended to j ! tiers. Lei-is A. Sice, business man. former ! alderman and aow president of Law- , reaoe S^erhart chapter. Sons of the j , American Hevolution. holds true to hs j -especially broiled trout." ', Dr. William Crawford JohnscE. prac- I s. fair to good, I= a c to 2c § uws what raarj o! his profession: common _ _ Ic preach, and "liSes cverythir.g." haviag alves, extra prime up to 6c no preferences. a'.ves. choice. 160-200 Ibs up to 5c · H. KieSer DeLa'-'.er. raercber of the alves, ch-sice. 130-155 lbs....irp to 4c Frederick Bar. also a not partic-olar j s. 100-125 Ibs. . _ up to 3c abo-^t' a certain type of food, and j i. 90-100 Ibs. subject _.. . 2c · all dishes, recalling as he was q-jes- j ,, _ 2c to 3c : t:cr;ed. the story of tie Arr.ericaa sold- ! c'r.o:ie. 70-30 ISs _ 5c ' :er abroad who had no preference of ' ch3.ce, 60-70 Ibs Jc ' driais. but -drank eTerytiiing:" choice. 10f TDS ap c i David C. W-nebrenaer, III. Secretary · s culied 3c _ of State, too young to be quoted a de- | lOO-l'S ISs 3 3 ,ic | cade ago. expressed himself as being; ISO-.40 Ibs . 4c . aiost foad of roast turkey aad craa- In r.o hurrv--j-.;st taicing her time 140^:50 Ibs . 4Hc ' berry sauce and adrr.:;-ed .12 also l.icd --pre'.ty Frauiein Sl'.l Beir.ho'-n. above. 16C-COO 'as . . .- 4' 4 c , aiinec pie ' a :a ISIS" r.opped off frarn Beri.n recent".;.- on a. fig-,-230 ;os . _. .4'4cj Rev Dr Cnarles E. Wehler -a .10 also .=o".o flight bj" easy stages to India and cough -- _._.._..- 3%c'~is not quoted formerly, liies · roast · Japan, Garbage Notice. 0 Due to early collection Christmas ; morning: ail garbage should be put out ' the evening before. * CTJLLSR AND HSPFNER, · Garbage Collectors. . Notice. Sealed Proposals. The Board of Managers of Mount Sealed bids are requested for sap- Olivet. Cemetery hereby offer a regard PUBLIC SALES . ASSIGNEE OP MORTGAGEE'S PUBLIC ' SAiE OP | VALUABLE DWELLING KOCSS PROPERTY j FACING BAKSR PARK. i NO3. KM. 106 AND 10S N. BENTZ STREET. : FREDERICK. ilD. rj.:es for Monteme and the Jail :or January. February aad March. 1932. by tae Couzty Commissioners of Fred- rr;c'i county at the.r o2ioo at the Court House. Bids will be opened and contracts awarded on December 29. at ihe aforesaid offense. :i a. IE. (Signed ROBERT A KEMP. By Order of the Board. Secretary. JOHN W. HOLT3H. President. R. B MURDOCH, Cleri. oi S25 for information leading to the arrest ZT. conviction of anybody stealing froci the graves and grounds of the cemetery, or S50 for the arrest and conviction of anybc-dy found guilty of Br v.rtie o: the Po^-r of S«;e co-tilr.-d da'.cd A"'-' 23rc3. 15fiS. a:.^ r'-cord^d :n Litter L H . No. 253. at f":." 296. eT . Cnc of the Land R«ord- ·,'. F-ctf-r.cR County. Mar-!and. the undersigned \ z.z.~ r ^ of MortsaCec. "*I". orT'-r at r'-^. - sa'.e the Tr.orlgai-d prersi5cs v, :hr Co-r'- IJiase iJcor. IJOyDAY. vASTAay iTH. 1331. at 11 o c:oti a m.. the f-r.%: :¥. or parc"' LATEST OPPORTUNITIES- ET.rn street, raodem hose. Ideal location. Seven room, modern home. Washington street. S3.5CO. Properties on Park avenue. anc£ East itb street, to be sold at a sacrifice. SAVING S2.00O A recetit drop of S2.000 on this modem 9-room house. Including tract of land on highway, near Frederick, mates an atttrac- tive bargain as veil as a tourist ar;d £U!lJ3i station opportanitj. You most appreciate this value. SO BETTEK INVESTMENT. Modern three tory apartment with gar- use-i that pays 38 per cent- on your tnvcst- T-KO corner Jots ca W. 13ti» street, $250 e^c'.i. L:st To-r rcs2 estate -a-ltri Hicc. P LCTHER SICE. REAL ESTATE THOSE H34- 29 Z THIRD ST. FURNISHED APARTMENT FOR RENT.-Centra! location. All conveniences. Apply 120 West PatrtcS street, or "phone 8S9-M. 12-23-dSi* POR RENT--MODERN 3 ROOlt APART- mc2t. 221 East S«ond xtreet. e, ar.d b-.r.s s" '.-*. ·x.lh , Christinas Dance. Celebrate yaietide at the b.g dance at F^;?er"5- Friiay. De^mber 25. 9 o'clock ur:t..--? Snappy r£-.isi-c that, "brings out tr.c r?a! Chnstrcas dance spirit. Why Take » Chance. 1«: Delphey get your 1932 motor ve- hi:le lioen=e tags, chauffeurs cards. f_^;- etc Daily .service. Information and lT!l : Xmas Greens. J Beautifu: -K-ell-rjerr-e-S Ho".;-. House and Cercet-cry Wreaths. MRS JOHN H STALKY. ·?.ior.e 1802-F-2:. . appl. ratio- blanks furuishec and filled i ·»'? d^; :- ·..-·· r-»£ :---n ra-. ri z :n fre" o! char?''. . St - " *"·* lr -''- '^ *-·'-'' -" ~--'-~. fia't Jsr» = _ . ^ ^ J li.'^ ·**··* - ,.* - .. j ...J -- 7 "- f~ C: T I? T -T5T-T T-lTTT -DTT-C-cr 1-^-. - --*·» Z . - C ,. - ^ . l^.. f Z 1 It J. ?AC DELPHEY. r.t of the p^n ..-.enscgs · FOR RHXT.--MODERX APARTMENT. SO. j 116 V.". Church St. a'.so modern {rent apart- i ment 2:7 E. Secood street. :urrj.=h«i or on- j f-4rr.;'hed AUo d«-c".l:r.E Ko. :!1 E- Sutll ! street. Gi'.raore R. Fla--:t. 109 North Market street. 12-^!-d3t FOR REKT.--FKOST. TTODEHK APART- rnsnt and garage. AppI/ Toung "Wr-rier. ! 316 S. i£artct -tr~U 12-21-dtI i FOR RENT.-- FtLLnJG STATION, OS JEF- 1 fcrson p/»:c, scar Freccr ci, kncirn as t2» i "Kor.ev Locust" slat:os. Good oppor'-ss.ty, | App.v a; station. 12-21-dSf | FOR P.EKT --MODERN SIX RCXDM KOCSE. I 2C3 V,'a«.h:r:5:on street. Ar?-7 ^ L Buri 5?r. CO! Sos~ Market street 22-13-d4t ' FOR P.STXT --FTTRKISHED HOOr^TS APPLY NOAH E. CRAMER SON. i "* *· TM""TM-" *-*"« i FOR RENT ---t-ROOM r LHrCTSHED APAKT- AS OPPORTC7.TT? j ~'~~" " ^**~ ~ K "-~ S "·-""- , 2 _, g _ d5 ., To ^-"chase a 1-55 acre :arni three miles i ~ ' 're-- Wa:£ersr."s 'or £2.800 Th'.s larra is ( FOR RENT --3-ROOM HOUSE AP?I_T 2X) -r-.^rovrt -.-.h x ',i rocm frase d-xli:sg . £,$· se-r;r;'.3 strrtl 13-JS-dSf ^"^". t a n s S3:r.. rcs^hi-e Sed chicken , - - % = ' - :r.i hsi r--r. ^-r.-t T2:cr r-:p«! »te j-QR SENT -- THRSS HOOM APASTVSST. - -3icr= c? stc-: '^ ?:r»« t'^crther ulti . IC-it-dSl* ·vr.t JO zcrcs c: fr.- t.rr.^cr »-i. ba.ancr ; 1 - -.r.i -jr.drr c-.-. ra-.^n The c^ner o: ta:s FOR RENT --MODERN 5 ROOM BUNGA- f.-t' =-.crtj-s«- ' Aro:v F-^rk siratSerger." «= 'v Pat-c'i ·he T-.« attractive farr-. , s-.ree'_ 'p:-5n"- ;T-:: 12-:7-dl* T".. *. .- one -r.S-= ·-. -S" D--- . All clos-c' Rent-A-Car. models Gas and oil free Rates as low zs 10c per mi. For in formation 'phone 1378. FRANCIS SCOTT KEY GARAGE. 114 West Parries Si. ChristnuLS Wreaths, Groff. t.^e Florist, has the finest and cheapest Clinstrcas -rreaths in Frederici Put up by one who is an -.f.^ .n design^;. Don't be deceived by ;n- rt fcrior stuff 7_? Pot Plar.ts in Abundance. "."-, A wonderful wall pciet calendar "s."-' -- -.-1- T Dr -'- - i s :.-·-.--:-. ?-.·; i !-'.-- f ·: :rr - .c 1 - .--? than the! ; 3 ROOM APARTMENT --STEAM KT».~- 3 ,;; E GRAVER A SON. r K N y 2i3. 3- ·- *7.5 H-ec^ris cf F to t r p ^i"'r: ». -- -^". a* S t . r-." c«-f^~r*: ^T 'e :i? COURT STREET. FREDERJCTt. UD. 'FOR RENT--HOUSE ON WATER ST. SIX a --ia -*~ '- ills N Trappers Take Notice. Fui: value and highest pr.ces pa:J, for raw furs at ay place of business i between Third and Fourth S^ ' St-ore. 149 x. Market St. G-ROFF. The Florist, 'Phone 224. js. Chapel Alley. ' Best Fountain Service to Fbe City. I also have a!! kinds of second-hand PEOPLE'S SERVICE DRUG STORES , *·'·'- bc renaired r-'-m -.^.- purr^a^r ·· ;re pipe, good as new, from H-iacb to 8. . ! o'""V» "T"'4"'^" - ""T C -o-c-a-' -inches for sa-e Phone 283 · Scratch Pads and Tablets. 4sts a: eip*!-se of"p:rcha«er *""' ' 2 " c '"*' FREDERICK JCNK COMPANY, ' 8c to IOC a pound, J'.COB ROKP.BACK. Frank Gaslley Pro? TSS NEWS-POST. Resic-eace 215 E. Third St. TiJoae 383.1 Court Street. JOHN N. CLAEY. WE HAVE REMOVED OUR OFFICE FROM IS WEST PATRICK ST, TO 9 NORTH COURT STREET ROOM HOCSS ON 'CSTH \:ar!cf". St. Ap? 7 tc C. S. 5:!:- -»r,»cst, :4 N irarkct «rec- 12-J-dtI POR RENT -- FOTja OR FTVS RCX3i: liOD- e-n tpartr-.crt, '_-r K ei cr jifu-=-sbed Ir.d flDOr App'j 6 W Th.rd str-ct FOR RENT -MOCERN SIX-ROO-J BCL'SS, 102 Ea« Sevcsth street r_«sessica Oc;c- »?r 1st. APT;!T 24* Dili aTsrjtre P^ca» We wr.;e all lines of insurance te- FOR RENT --S-ROOM MODS?.:" AFART- c'.udsr.; autoruoli'Je :iabii;tv and property I =ent. Apply w-.i B.-CS . *io No.-ts var- camase " ' Rst strte - ii-s-!'i 1 U. G Keeper. A* JOHN N. CLARY. ; TOR RENT.--SIX ROOM lOt'SS t *·· "~1 i ccsdi'^oa. Apply Cl Sorai ilar^": --.

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