The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 16, 1934 · Page 7
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 7

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 7
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MONDAY. JULY It. 1*34 THE PARIS NEWS, PACEttTW News Classified Ads Get The Quickest Rental Results CLASSIFIED AD Information AU <?la**m*a ad**rtifti*« mutt ••*•• tn lo* otfie* of t*» Part* N*w* col tat*r tb*a « p. a. tfc* day sr*c*din* publication. For 3c S Tla>«* te pfei word. C Tiix 1 ** *c p«t wor<t- . 11 Tii"*» lie p*i *or&. ;* Ti«-»* 3 Oc Minimum attmhvr ot *ara*. " "C*u»*r*a or une» **t •r» counted on ti *OC4» In Ux* -Ha*. »«, t» »U capital l*ti*r» ct •!* Contract r*t*» will &• «!»*» upoa apj^Mcatsou. L*Ka-« rat** ax *Q* «*at i*** vord *ach r» tot *JT* payabl* t» ad*anc«- : Ta* Ne»» »H» oot ** tor nsor* thao o** lacorr*et in«*rt2oa. W» f***r»* th» ri«bt lo *du »Ad c*tt«or all coj»y tor tit* b**t iat«r»»t» •* both *<Jv*rti*«r ao<J r*a<i*»- , Box cum&er* car* N*»» »111 b* xiven *.dverti**r* <l*sirSna: bllart adtir*****- T«i*aho4>e your ad* to oar e»*»p*ten: elasaltwsl A<1 Tak«r* »fco will «m»l»i voo t-» »-orttl»« tk* sopy- fbone t«4 Oft 1W. DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY Juij iS. 1934 for Representative from tb« * District. ' A. Al- AUC1N. JJi- .(Re-election Second Term.) Tor Representative C- G. CANON <ite-«Ieciica second term.) .For County Attorn*!. M. £>- EMBRSON FRANK D. WEAK "HERBERT I- JOKES GRAI>Y STURGEON. StnyeA or •A LOST—Brown f«mal* polic* <Sog. 3 y«ars eW, Dr A. Moore, 102 S. l»th «tr»«L 66$. CHARLES PRICE Phon* S*# f W«et Hoofttoa R- D. Griffi* Glady* Orlffi* W..M. GriKim DRS. GRIFFIS A GRIFFIS Dentist* ORTHODONT1X X-RXT Notice* BUT TOUR AT MDTVOWS CROOK 15c and J5c Per I>OMai W» have all kinds of bait and ari^e prize of 100 minnow* «ach- montii for largest fiab cauf nt •with our shiners. H. W, HIGHEST r*** price for iron beds, other furniture. Furniture Exchange. 35 Clarks-rill* > «tr««t. Phone> 47S, pas««acftrs. Call 1044J. Automobile* Anto Repairing and Pkintixtc 14 NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT YOUR CAR! We have an easy pay plan on auto painting, fender, body and wreck -work. Ask about it.. Grand Are, % at 19th Street Morte Bee Line Station Telephone SOS For County C. A. J. M. 'BRASWSLJ- J> TAN Tor Sheriff: CI^TDE: SKH.TOH < Re-election. »econd t#rm.) La.mar Co. School*! Automobile* for Sal* It 1929 STUDEBAKER panel truck, Srood "condition. See at 3Sth and MART 7ONES LJKD5AT CRe-electioa, Second Terra.) .. J, G. BRIINSON. CHARLIE R, DtTGGER 3VLANESS PIERCE CHISM. Clerfe: ~ R- VI <SOB> HA < Re-electioc, Second terra) For District Clerk: KO3 l-ATTIMORE.'JR, term-) For Assessor and Collector of DOROTHY L-XTIMER. CLTDE HUMPH HJCT 1 i """•"^^—- i Ytar Oocmsisffion^r Precinct Fo. 1- ? JRUPERT U BALLARD { (For Ke-electiou. Secontf Tens.) { Tor ConuaissiOEier. Prectoct 1: | •GSOSGE TEB.KT i Tor- Commissioner Precinct 2t HOY H. DCXAGAN <Re-electioa second terin} J. FRAKK JONES. Ftor Commissioner Prcdoct " i*. 5t, SOT CAVTNTESS .CFor Re-election. Secoad Ttrau) JCAJtK KElN^iZhDT J. H- JOHNSON. for Cojumissioucr Prccfect 4: T. • W. (BH-L.) RUSSSLi. tBe-«lectioa Second Term>. T- H- BOOTH. That ? s what youll find in this list of cars. Many of them have been driven so littie they ... axe really new cars, yet the discount ts most liberal. Call us for -prices:- :"" ,^.-—-,.--^ *34 Buxck Victoria Coope T 34 Pontiac Sedan *33 Chevrolet Coupe '31 Hoick Sedan y 3O Chevrolet Coaeh And several other light cars at the right prices. Rossfflft Motor Co. Livestock Plant* and «ec4 It Queen of Dixie Poultry Feeds Nirff Stock Field Seed — Garden Seed Poultry remedies. Balk .Bird S*ed. Bird R*m«di«c and Sup- and Puppy Food Chaser. Guaranteed tt> K««p tb* Chl^sers Off HARRY BOOK ST Grand Are. TeL «O4 Mmrchandite For Sml* Good Thii^» to 'Eat AKGZX, FOOD CAKES, «0c. T5c. $1.25- Mrs- Rover Council. 81 TWO KO. 5 McCormick mowers Both in yood conditioc. Priced Lamar Track A Tractor Co. Miscellaneous for Sale PLUMS for jelly. Phone 1S78. It is estimated that fires is the United. States cost aaauallT about 15,000 lives. For SmU u> WANT TO BUT * «ood UMd auto- tnobil*. pr*f*rably *2» to **0 mod«U Will consider a wrecked or •d job. if th*motor and Ih* cf th* car ar» in «ood condition, sine* th* car- will b* r*built lor a customer of ours. Pric* mast b« right. Cash paid. Writ* iw. or driv» your car to MORSE BEE STATION, 4i Grand Ettat* for Rent FOR HEKT — Tiro furtdahed room* clos* in. 41 Plum «treet- TO GEKTI^EMEN bedroom clove in. Phon« 1221. for APARTMENT, furnished or un- reraish*d. 12* Bonham. Phone 992. FOUR-ROOM furnished apartment. All conveniences. 193 South 25th. for Rent room furnished house, do** in. Phone 704 A NICB six room house, located across street from 4th tcard school. All modern convenience*. Recently remodeled- Reasonable restaL Telephone 2259-J. & Rm. Fnrn. Hm. and Dtip.—t«fJ. Reml Kttat* for Sale Parnw for 1*6 FARMS FOR SALE Before the trar when cottoa was selling for 12 cents per- pound, *ood land was worth approximately *IOO per acre. Now food fmrm» can b« bought for mush less 'money. Isn't that about th* best arKU- nient why you should invest your money In farm land NOW? Th* First Trust Joint Stock Land Bank of Chicago offers for .sal* Xo. 4337—1ST acre* 1 1-4 miles South of Clarksville on iravel highway to Bosata. 125 acres level, 'black -waxy. 40 acres good mixed son all te excellent state of cultivation. 22 acres pasture. One good set of improvements, one set ordinary improvements. Price JSC per acre. Xo. 30S4—S5 acres 4 miles southeast of Ciarksville adjoining school and church. 60 acres black soil In cultivation. 5 acres pasture. Four room butsgalo-w house. 2 room tea- ant house, barn, etc. Price ?60 per acre. Ask about other farms in Fannin. Lamar, Belta, and Red River counties. CHAS. F. HHJ^. Gibraltar Hotel, Paris. Notice SOTMTJCs tfc* Ciiy Council Dt tfc* City of oa t2i» <t2s tfay or July 1»24 1 h Civ* cotic* tHa.t AH «l*«ioa by auai!£i«d vot«r» of {£• dty of •wjlo own taxabl* proj?««3r is taid City »c<i who ha** duly ;ead«re4 «*i<J property for tax^tioe. .-will b* h*J<J b*- cw««n tb* hour* or s:W> o'clock. A. M^ »o<l 6-co o'clock. P. 3iL. on th* 7th day of Augwat, 1S34. for tb* purpose cf <**- t*rrsinini th* roUowiat propo«JtJoa: ~VTb«th«r or not th* city of PmrU •ial! b* authorized to iss«» Bon<i« of ill* City ID l3s» »ura of muiiicieat to pay Ua* Interest on bond*. an<J creat* a siakicc ftirsii to recess thera at ccatarity; use ma bon£s to iwsar fst«rest frora <la.t« at j. rat* sot eace«<!!an 4 per c«=t aaatias. Interest payable B&sii-a Said bos<l3 saatursct »*ria!Jy at th* »p*ctiv* time* aa<! ia the r*ip«cti»* aroouata. as may b* ftxetf by th* City Coeaeil; ao bond to be i*ss*d for a poriod «xc««<Si3j; thirty y*aj» from !t» -'•" *=<! aB beads to be Jssced for E Sewer Dis. | with th* Q*a*ral £I«etioa £*w« of the Stat*. in mo far &* th* OUR* ar * *». plieabl* aad aot. in conflict with the provision* of. ta* City Charter. Every 'fcwaer oC taxabi* property tn th» dty of: Pari*. trho ^H« <mjji read_ «r*d «al<S i»rop*rty for "Axatioa. aad who la qualified to vot* for tsassber* of th* l*ii»later* of :h» »tat« »-<< who ca» r*s!<l*<3 tn the UcjJta of th* CSty for six <S> aaoeths, an-l in ti:« ^'arvS in^ «fhicb h* off*r* to vot* for thirty {-*» <<»T* KI.-T •-"<;*<i:as tb* electioa I» «titled to •rot*. of tlx* City oi 5*ari« aiitxed ths» th* 6th <lay of Jaly. A. r>,. 133 <. J. M. CROOK Mayor. City of Att«stT Mrs. O<Joas I^arK. City ««cr«tary. city o* Paria. S nait, Gober; El-Mr<x><! I . — per to Painon Bunch, *T*I>oa So- COURTS • — h« purpose at HUGO MARRIAGE R- K. Simiaons to MozeUg Preslar. GreenviUe; N* G. Goolsby, Mt. th* present s*ir*r Syaicm and to b« Wer CoMrrtlctio= BO=««JL polljcar plae«« an<3 presldtB^ of- fleftrs of said eifeetion sliall b« re«p«:. tiv«ly as foliow«. WARD l: Cee-raJ Fire Statist X> p Godbold, presidiagr officer: 1VAKX) S: 3£asoaie 3id. S ., Gr*=4l AT*., W. H- Wrigh«. presJd£=s officer; V.*ARD 3: Cctirt Eouse. A. W. Neville, prt-siding officer; V.'ARr> 4: Paris HJsa School. L W. Jackson, prssifiing officer. Tii* for=> or ballot to b« used !TS sale! eiiction for tiose votias in favor oi ine issTiauca of bonila *iia,li b-e as follows: "5"or "th« issuance of S*wer Co=- strnctloa Beads. Ee-T-i-es "153-j," Tbs for=s of ba:!ot to b« aseij to oaid election for thos« voting against ia*=az!ce of bo=ds shall be a^ folioWs: json; Robert Kanselinan to Vesta. I Tiller. Hugo; Holloweli Cooper to I Ova L-ela. Mae. Bosweli; Theodore | Duty to Thressa. Sinith. Huso; Gus i .May to Irene Stevenson. Paris; I John Miller. Pecan Cap. to Lillian {.Leon Moody, Ben Franklin; G. JL. i Wisenbacher, Quinlan to Ella Rue | Carter. Ginger; Frank Clyburn, ; Pecos to Onita Stevens. Talco; jljeoEard Curtis, Golden Bluff to -De Valley, Ennis. Shoat Lake; Alva Karris, Boswell to Ve-ma McDonald, Soper; Nathan N. Harris to Lola Washington. 3os- well; Aix-ie Pruiit. Hugo to Jimmie Anderson, Durant; Eldridg-e PUSIZ51ATAHA COVB3» (Antlers Okla,) ? Marriage Uceoses Incited. . R. 1^ Cogbum. and Mrs, Olll* Smith. Nashoba; Curtis Goforth. aa<i Dora Weaver, Xashoba.; W. T. T. Cumminss, and. Casa. Rea, Carl Garrson. Dunbar and Fitzgerald, Clayton^ I*» f'r&eman. and Obis Kay^r^all. .Nashoba; \V. R. Fleetwood, Fari*. and Rosa. Gentry. DeXaJb, Texas; t-Jsarley CaaipbeU, Speer. and, l«o- ren& Maynard. Deia; R. EL S'^-r- ens. 3el2oni and ilanda StaUicss, AntSers; Woodrow Martin, «j2d I-orene Carter. Antlers; Herbert Hi: I. and Evelyn Xeileu. An'lers; - ? . C. Hopper, and Doris Brown, biiilthville; Gather Harr aati Lu'la. S kites. Antlers; Milton SchweiiLin^ and MoHie Taylor, Antlers: Louie- Wiiiianis, and Ix>rain Moaoe, C-ajton. | Transfer of Warranty D»ls i »'•"- A. Stigall to Albert Stone; jI^arriTk Alexander, ec ux. to iies- ; si» Hae Alexander; F. 1^ Smart, i et us :c J- J. Peacock, ~ Tie e!ect!o= 10 , in accordance Onstaz, Wolfe City to Mozelle ily- Thimble Theatre, starring POPE YE Reserve Your Seats No\v • SETTXEMEXT SOUGHT | BERLIN, I.-?** — Germany open{ ed che way :o the United States on i Saturday to effect a. settlement junder which interest may be paid I on the Da-ves anci Touag loans 1 despite the reieh moratorium. ByE. CSEGAR VA K.HOVJ SWE TRIED TD PJSQOOCx MCA/t£ PtTCBERS «S ^51G WAV- UJELUSHE I.OST TiOcKV MlUUGt* S'AOCR eiX/£D HER - SETTER 850 TO GE.T UJORSc \ SHE'S lrH8et>- BLOIO] OtUH, MiSSOS OVL- r- 7 VA OOGHTER <3eT A DOCTOR j THE BUNGLE FAMILY 15 SORT OF OsOOF^f' TITLE, BUT YOU CA, BV Ti-i£ TTTLc— Why, Mister, The Idea! By HARRY J. TUTHILi: J / MY STARS! / WHO'S THAT IMASiNE THAT OAKDA!_E TOM, DICK,. AiVJr THE »2??£SS THETf M.iSHT F1MD H'.M V\V *TTB£ X.S^T^^sJ'CfS*™* * -^y >• •* r- f. & *->, and Roc Rcnov«t±ae IS PubBc Welsrber, FI*ce J. WTJLI. THOMAS O'B Second Term.) For Cottoa Weisher «t Pmrlm, K. T. (BOB) NASH. for Justice or the Peace Frechict . »fo. V>P13ce Xo. I: .. . A- "W. SHEFFTSTLI>. . . . Tor FoWic CRoxton.> •J. M. <Mar*.-ini For JnsUcc of the Peace, frednct I. I*1ac<? 2, T-amar Connty. J. A. {Arthur) JOHNSON. for r^-*!sc<' i *t«>r>. swoon*J **ns. CHARGES rARROTT NOW TOU CAN HAVE TOTIR MATTRESS RENOVATED On Tbc Eaty Farnieat Plan! One Day Serrioe Pari» Mattreaa A Awning Co. SO TT. Sbermazf Pbon« *TO Serrtc* KLECTRJC FAX aa<5 Taotor r«- wicdln*. ilaitt SalTar* Co. If North Mala St. Financial Insurance and GALBREATH, DEWEESE AND PROCK General Ixmrmac* 2ST Con*iaM<*. Precinct i: ^AM GA..RL.AND. (R<5-EiACTi.->rj. S«-r^~on<3 Term). J. C- fJOHN^ PRTDE- Need Cash? Sec Ray Morse for Auto Loans, 43 Grand. Ail So<-lrtic» and Ixxlccs C'V* K*T*TS-TR?J STAR PARIS Nri, i O K. 5. TTi«*t» «v*ry xo. :T A, r, *VA A. M. 1 ! *-•*»•.* ~n* *«<i *?h >••?! TO-"«n'ft T.5(V p. Employment Help Wanted. Male 4s STEADY \VORK—GOOD FAT Reliable man -waiited to ca.1! on farmers in Ijtroar county. No experience or capita! n«ed*<3. Writ* t<xiay, McX'ESS Co.. rHfpt, $,. F're^port. I X.->r,sTK"TTB St. *tT*t«M3 ' NO. «t R. A 3rd Th»r*'1*i> S p, jn. Vt* j J Canntntr- H. with four y«ar.oM chlM wantj« housekeeping or hotel work. 233 Polk street. 54 ANOTHER ba»ln«-55 forces me to sell my pig stand. Prictsd ripht for cash or will trade lor liRht d»- liv«r>' tr«ck. «Cran ford's Pi*SS Livestock An!m*l5 TO BEAUTIFUL, whit* Sptt* pups, l>hon« 240S-J. On* of foun4 of th« Carolina is a pr««s In DuptSn coanly lhat m**»- «r*» 120 f« 4i*m«t«r at th* DIANA DANE Super-Salesman &+ i 1 /T^*-^ V^^-ilLj —— » M * * ^-. rr?.^r/*T7-\ ; ^^v^O ^Oi^T^> — F^ \ I ^^w"-^ ^!^^ i i /*»-/«.• - *—mn v-% i^ t K— ^i><ja.O i \ / *^~\-S\s <3r<JX^^* * \* F -/^ w^ * j i / ^^ • / ^ ^^ * \j 1 HOMER HOOPEE Enough Is Too MucH $ t^rr WERE ABOIST J V J \ J ^ y^ ^^*\^ \ \^^^ X. * — -_ / \ t I WQllVD UKt TO He VS AViD VJAKTCS 1! rt^¥^^, SCORCHY SMITH A Single Choice \MO OcrruAWS TALK JM LOW

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