The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio on December 15, 1955 · Page 35
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The Sandusky Register from Sandusky, Ohio · Page 35

Sandusky, Ohio
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 35
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Page 35 article text (OCR)

Yankees Sign Young Hurler NEW YORK, D PC . 15 (INS> Jim Pifhatcllo, n Baltimore hurl- •r who didn't get tt cliance to throw one pitch for the Orioles last season, has been signed to a contract with the New York Yanl<ecs. The 19-.vGar-oid riglilliandcr first was slRnert by the Orioles alter hp fini.shofi at iMontciair. N. .1. High school last .luiu- l>ut was cut loose as a tree a^ent AiiB. 1 when Commissioner Ford Frick tiiarged the Orioles had • iRned him iljegalfy. BOWLING N-flRTTrS I.KArJVH JMInde & Daiich^l" ~ I Elite Mlra Clennrrs Hindo <Sc baiicli 2 71 « «:s "fiflO fill lli fi.lfi 302 613 '-•i:, "an fisa Tin furi Goocl~F "iirMltiirp ' «R7 80n 774 VVally s Food 7 own 73n 7 If) (iRfi .Inne Ann WelRel "i.l? (hieti sprlesi Jiirl .v Olnli 211 ilitgh siiiclci INblJSTRI.XI, I,K/\rjl!F, (Oogrrl Allp.vs) Mack trim Sanrirrson Motors 035 741 R19 R21 702 742 OP!) 721 an 751 770 a7f» 7nfi (iR(i (!4R -•M 7 in 727 ilijpti srncs fnntriinipnt Pi'pcistnii Inspection St ray g fl2n ^^f. a ?i7 • H04 fi.i9 751 .^609 085 612 ROl «12 670, fiOf) 023 fi44 j fin4 504 ! 5«5 50,1 504 fill fill 070^ Camp BrotluTjt ChariTc'.« Carryoiit House ol t<at»aii C. ScaRiK-tti 575 222 and tiigh sfnRlr i •••"""FUTURE'rTES LEAGUE' Cople.\ s Ins 070 72lt f>2:i Gossoff 540 507 000 riindr'A-DHuiirr Spector s Aoiburn 'B Wally's Food ToMo Pollack Ins Lynn ncaiily Salon Piiilco 001 502 03!) OiThvav « Apnllanif'<; 021 (.PR 07 1 r ,\Plyn Onrvald 501 235 ihicli sr- rirs and liiRit sitislei MtJVH'iP \r, i,r;Act K tnoftrrt AII P.S 'O 020 02!) 0 -14 021 05R 700 053 077 500 073 70f5 022 074 707 700 042 005 742 Ofricp SalvaRe RH 'F Rockettes Helen Alkisnn 4R3, 1!)B (high Scrip' and liich singlei nONNirJl .ANFS I.KAOlfK fHnnnff l.rnifi) Bonn(« Lanes 5RB 075.034 Aloha 054 025 023 Advance "^Cleaner«~. 600 642 flr.7 .Tnspph's 003 ,018 004 Brownworth'.< 005 025 0'R5 American Cravon 075 505 053 Ruth Uhl 475, 170 illigh seriPK • nri hi(rh sitiRlri. " < ITV LEACIIK (Honnip LanPi) Ovdwav ,Srar.«i AppHnncos no3 051 ROO' 7R0 720 714 RRl B37 8.04 Rll 702 817 705' R (l4 '773, 045 0J)5 739 Ri»7 aio^ R72 7R4 832 850 7 !I2 R05 700 704 730 750 Strnh's Fast Side Cafe No. 1 Mark's Market No. 2 Side Cale No 1 Philcn Ijnn's Rnnnie s Maus Shoes Herman Furniture Riro s 7ii5 857 010 ORB 077 915 R03 1007 075 888 877 315 877 903 870 81 f» 900 828 R50 87!1 803 7 !)8 800 844 • 757 9 'OR 073 : 035 rt43 844 Ronnie Lanes 808 020 8r,5 Rarones . . 025 R2fi 003 ,«5rliiistcr'9 830 R84 808 Smith Coal Co. 920 803 043 "Tuhby" Rice fi.'iS. 253 (high «e- Wex and high singlei. Mark's Market No. 2 high gam* of 1007. EERLFSS i.KAC;UE (State All«y»S Kamsn Nite Club 750 71 1. 723 Boots Cafe 784 793 798 Parker'~Bro'».""TTrr7.'T'~788 835 7H4 P.O.C 839 801 749 ^;J1I2O 830 774 849 788 .Martin's Rp.stiuirnjil Exctianpc "A" , . Kiwaiii.s Fire Dcpt fiiliTiond nsTi -y As .soc .Sii|ip|irrs . . FNchfuiKC 'B " Police OciK •I C'liinic. R Donald.«;on, 580 ihifiil .scries r C. Gi.'niilach 227 ihiRh s\i\n\p.\. Turner Gains Nod On Split Decision SVHACU.SI':. .\. . Doc. l.-r I INS I •-- fiiiiadplpliia middlr- weiahl Cil 'I'oi'iu'i-, l)lcedii\>r lioni cuts oNcr boll) f'yi'.~. .scuipri a .s|)lll' (lofi.sion o\oi' .lockip I.aliun of Mail Mcadou. N. Y . Wcdiu'.-- day nlKld at.' the War .Mciiioi la! Aiidiloritiin in Syiai.iisc. 'I'liinrr. a( I.")')'-, .-ipollcd In-' opponent 4'•'_ pounds i .i the na- I ioiiall.v-lolp\ i.'-ed ir)\i,\IonU len- roiindrr. Akron Tops Princes 'IIKI'IN. Dec. 1,=) I.NS - A 4R- Big Klu Crocks Fielding Record NFAV YORK, Dec 15 tlP) - iTed Klii.'<zewski is no "Fancy Dan" b\it his sharpest critics imisl admit lie gets the job done. That was the testimony of the :i\alionat Lea^juc's ofticiai fielding stati.slic.'-. TlH'y revealed today that the Cincinnati Redlegs' 23.5-poiind slugper sot a ma.lor Icamie record by leading the circuit's fii si-l)ascnian in fielding for (he fifth consc('uti\e season. KliL'^/'cwski handled 1,482 chances and cnnimilted only eight rrioi's this voar In coin- piliiif! a .nn.'i a\ei 'a8e that beat (un Stan Miisiai ol Ihe ,St. Louis 'Caidinals h\ .002 points. 0\'rr 'llie lasi five year.s Khisze\\'.<ki has h,indled a" total of 6.044 ciianvcs and made only 33 errors 1 01 a .HP.'i perc<;iilage. Dayton Is Cheered DAVrON. Dec 1 .=i HPi— Day- Ion's Fl.vcis. 93 cfmquerci's of Idaho in a Wednesday night uame here, had more good news today with word thai 6-7 forward ,rinini.\ Palmei' nia\ lie back in aciion aiiaiost tinlieaion Cincinnati l'"i'lfl;t\. Black Hawks Piek Up \n \w6 Nogy To Def«nd Pin Title nntnbci nf ' fpn)lni!,« hT'^fiil .s who pj '.s ^Cfl fi\r- fla^ • iM rpiaiit.s The Chicaco Black Hawks took ;^^|_-^ J TSAI** inK .:,mv-v over third place from Detroit \n 1J9T9n%M rln I ITie 'he -cim i.n,.u cn^in. cii ly Ihe National Hockey League ^ •"<'••'> tio..w, \,, <) \\'edne.«da.\' night «ilh a 4-1 vie- CHICACJO, Dec. l.S IV' — aiirl I oni tlcimi ~-> Dctioii tin- lorv over New- York. There were Veteran Steve Nagv defends his,'^'^''^ quahners ;no other games scheduled. , Al )-6l «r bowling cll8mpion ^lup:""" '•""••''"^'> Williams Expectsifi.CT«KW, To Play In 1956 To Celtics Close In On Second Ploce against Li crown hungry keglers' poiii dm iht; llic ((Uii sc ol today with two chipped bones in '' a finger of his bowling hand. n A The Detroit. Mich., champ'on FoVOf BfOWnS By 4 _ WH!^ also hampered by a SWO IU MI wrist «,v he tried to beat the pHck NKW \nUK P.. \ • II' ; The Bo.ston Celtics moved tOjp the opening rounds of final I 'lir ( 'lev eland Hroxm- ii.iveiu 'eii ;wi(hln a uamc of second place |„atcl, play in this year's annual csiablisheil ,i- f • pnim laMuiir- in the Eastern Division of the i bowling classic. in "cail.v lliir ed,!., KM Hien jNational Hasketbalt Association! (•)„ (),(, women's side of the al- iinnal Fooil >,.li l.e,iL:iii (h .iihiiiiin 'Wednesday night with a Ifl2-100 i(,ys, Sylvia Wcne, Philadelphia, ^hip tianie su'b ih. l,i>.. \n -eies MIAMI rr.A Dec I.-^ 'f \S. , ^ ^ , lerl \\illiams. Itosinn Fied NO* I Pf FL VllOlCA expects In play m.-ifi ha.seball "siis ii,il(in:> . S|HI, a :J,itn (iiii ina Hi \;ictor\' over Neu ^ ork Rochester slrriiglhened ji.s •Western Division lead with a 117- inr» win o\er ."^l Louis. Min- lOeapolis downed Fort Waviie. 9S- in the only other game scheduled. Carroll Seeks 4ih , CLK\ KLA.ND. Dec. Yf> iLNSi-- John Carroll University's hiyh- scoring Blue Streaks, averaging 95 points a game, will be aflci their fourth win in fivo starts tonight when lhe.\ (angle with Western I^eserve University uhicli has one viclor.\ in /oiii out incs. guarded her crown fi -om the .same fJaii"-. De FOHT COLLINS. COLO,. !>#«•. 15 (UP'-Gary Glick, the Cnlnr- 3flrt AA:M fiuarterhaok-haKback Willi, iin^ .aid in .Miami „)io was the PittstnirHh Rteelers' M M fiiiilv lie 1 will pla.v hall l<oniis pick in the first phase of ,,\! s|.,ixMi, • llif National Konthall Leagtle llu >ole,„i, ou .nelc.e, v,ho had • '^"^'^'^^ f'"'" In latk over an offer to play IMii place,1 in bis vh„„l,le, xvhcn CHn^(\v^v foolhnll With the Me !)i(ii<e hi- (olbii hour ill 10,')4. .\rannanl=. iil'lilll-(l he \\ ;|,- ciUl^Klerilli: tlH\ - • HI.; Ihe pin reniir,,'d Ihi- nnilei W \ \ f \ DS BRLN'G RESUl-tS mm JotBou/tWf Boftied in Bond Harrison Gulf-Statron- A&P Supper Market . Asher Bros. Co 820 706 750 Dads Root Beer . . . .,. _807 820 742 79" 827 921 793 853 924i (high .series I Blue Hole Restaurant .Sunbeam Bread Ed Schlett 501, 331 and singlei. u^iV^ERSAL^I T ADIES- LEAGi-E (Slate Alle.v«) , Pou'er's Decorators ... 709 601 717 Bickley Upholsterer 005 022 ROO poTnyouUjirr ^T liy T I LK C Hai'kins pa\cd llie \\a.\ W edn(vs(la.\ iiiglil for .Nkrun's Lniversilv /.iiipcrs to rack up Iheir fmnih .slraiKhl viclorx. an 87-71. Irliimpii o\ci- Meidelbei'K. I l.irklii:-' tola) eclipsed Ihe old Zip scmiiiK maik of 4.') poiiils. TOWERING CO>VBOYS , forte ?J07-r PInf Kentucky *s finest Bourbon for almost 150 years! Telephone Co. f.,ARAMlE, WYO. —W.voming l.s looking up literally in ba.skelball because no less lhan seven of Ihe squad are nmre than si\ feel fifiB"fi22'6.04 five inches tall. OISTILLCO AND BOULtO BY W »TEftflLl. *K0 fRAZtES OlSTIH.E»> (;0 MKDSTOWN, NtlSON COUNTY, MMTMCWT For the greatest values in town, better see-. the fine new MaTaROLATV with RightUp FrontTiining! I.ovr-priced 21' all-melal ronsoie — with Hifriit-I p-Kront 'I'lming in niond or Ftron/e fini*li'.< iondilioned ihrouphoul, Tremen- dnus dollar-value at CAAA QC (No.:iK,17> *ZZ9-" Worlcl's ea.^ipsf tuning to match the world's mots! comforlablfi vieninp! iSo stoopiiifi or streteliing :; . no iunibling M I I I I bar<l-to-sce side conlrol.s . . . no dials fetickiii^' \i]> on to|». All control.-; Mitliin natural reach IVoiu ea.^v slaii(l-ii|> |M )«ilion — and \ou sec the picture a?, \i>\i change channels. K\. chjfti>e riinhbiillon Turn-On on many niodcU—jii-l pii^h a bultroii to gel both picture and eoiind aiii lhc_\ were ia^t lime .sol was u.-ed. EYE.COiNDITIONEU INSIDE ANi) OUT! Finest 2t' Table TV with I'ush- liulton Turn-On. Best viewing ever- «ecn,in'a sheK-si/.e *(Te.-n. Kifrlil-l p-Kroni (ionlroU. \ (.us- lorn I )e I lite Motorola I \ in Malior ;aiM or RIoiui, cA AA IS cNo,2tri) Tbere'i • new Poww Pattel inside <not H COIITPII- tional ehassu) for »tronger, clearer picture. .N PAV Aecurjtshade givM more black -and-»\ hite values for a more natural picture. New Mapic Marpin and Eye-Shade Filler make picture eeein bigper and viewing more comfortable. It's easier to wall li and there's more picture to aee ou the line new Motorola T\'. BYE- CONDITIONED All iiru -M Iriflude te<I. Tas. i 'lUI -ycar warrAnrr ou ulitiiro tube—BO tlaya on other par^t*. MOTOROLA t Im k radini^lhat «akp MMI and>; vmi io -I. cp -ev <>ti rk lliF 1 oflr) per Tab ' ( ai ho. that ItKik gofid anv\>hejf - too! 1 .ilih « thai pin V prm f i • liilU a in lif'i ^. \l ol orola jcaiU in I adios - ,^nd v> f i>f(pt ill' in al low, lov* jiiii ei. MolornIa 21' t'.onfoletle has a (iiare-llnun piiliiie mill room light deflerled \(> ibe Hour. I ine u nod • finished lalnni'l »n binj, tapered le^- al » heanlilul prue. M dlifinanv or Blond. (^o. ZUA) RCG. 299.9S $04095 NOW EXCHANGE £H*I 10.00 DOWN DELIVLRS BFGoodrich B.F.Goodrich Santd's All Star Line-up of... CHRISTMAS GIFTS In Men's Clothes are at WEBER'S Look Your Smartest through the Holidays and after in one of our well tailored, finest TOPCOATS (.putt him cnf Ch((i.'mos (i^t cerftf c3t»i end o n ti t C' * c- • h* w.'i ("'i 'ri'Ft- 1,-1 !y h ''.M.^-; 1+1 > <\ow hoi to-, r i i -'io^'^'^ O'--') For the Man who is going places during the Holiday Season and after in our •«l«(:tion s from l-,xz rM"i l.-ftM-ic, tailnred. From S OPEN FRIDAY and SATURDAY 9 J 30 A. M . to 9 P. M. WEBER MEN'S WEAR INC 208 W. Market St.

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