The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin on July 26, 1959 · Page 24
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The Racine Journal-Times Sunday Bulletin from Racine, Wisconsin · Page 24

Racine, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 26, 1959
Page 24
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excursions Plan That iroader Horizon Give Ch a By Dorothy Whipple, M.D. (AP N (ir >f ««turcil Now that school is out, there will be some long days that need filling up with good things to do. Give the children some new experiences, show them glimpses of life beyond home Dayton PTA Has Initiated Safety Plan Ohio — (m - Wke some candy, DAYTON, "Would you little girl?" The man in the car at the curb smiled graciously and offered the candy bar to the 6- year-old. She wanted that candy bar— hut something in the back of her mind reminded her that mommy had told her never to talk to strangers — and never to take anything offered by them. She said nothing and began to walk faster. The car began to follow her. "It's awfully good candy. Are you sure you don't want it?" Panicky, she dropped the doll she had been carrying and looked around with a frightened, almost tearful glance. Signs Then she glimpsed a sign. Though she couldn't read very well, she knew what the big hand on the sign meant. Here was a place to which .she could run if she were in trouble. Quickly she ran up the sidewalk to the door. A woman let her In. The woman was a member of t^e Block Safety Plan of Hick- orydale School's PTA. She and 51 other mothers joined the plan to offer their children help and protection in a time of trouble. Mrs. Joseph Hertzberg, largely responsible for starting the program, says: "We want to let children know they have a friend. They can go to any of homes If they get hurt or arc frightened by strangcTvS or animals. Responsibility "Of course, this doesn't take the responsibility from the parents, who must teach their children how to care for themselves." Certain strategically appointed homes are identified hy the placards. Law enforcement and social agency workers agree that such a plan would have advantages If instituted throughout the city. and school and playground. The richer a child's knowledge of the world, the more fully he develops. Children always enjoy trips to the 7.00 but after a while they v/ant something new and different. What's available de pends on where you live but in every section of the country there are activities that would ibe interesting to a child. Post Office Trip How about the post office? Talk to the local postmaster, tell him you would like to show two or three children how the mail is handled. Make a date with him for some time at his convenience. Chances are he will be interested and co-operative. Get up a little party with your children and maybe a friend or two. Talk about what happens to the letter they drop in a letterbox. Maybe they might like to write each other letters and see how they get where they are supposed to. A trip to the post office might interest a child in a stamp collection. And incidentally, you might find you learned a lot yourself about the mails. A trip to the bakery not only can be an interesting expedition but one that gives little boys the notion that men can work at cooking as well as women. Bank Visit RACINE SUNDAY BULLETIN July 28, 1959 See. t. Pate Frequent Exposure to Sun WillDuli 'Burn' Topknot Yacafion Demands Good Grooming The gal who expects to be careful about good grooming on her summer vacation will, of course, Include a good deodorant in her cosmetic case when she packs. For on vacation you're far more active than you are when you're sitting in an air-conditioned office. There are tennis and swimming and dancing, and through it all there is quite possibly a young man whom you'd like to impress favorably. And you won't make a favorable impression if you're not neat, not well-groomed. This means that you won't show up at the pool in the morning with your hair in pin curls and a ^»rf tied about your head. '^ot unless you don 't care if you disillusion your public) This means you won 't go for hours without renewing your make-up and combing your hair. It means you won't neglect the use of a deodorant after each shower or Wth. l-'or .slightly older chikircii a hank is a fa.scinating place. I wouldn't lake the very young child to the bank but a youngster old enough to understand what the various kinds of dollar bills are, what bank credit ! means, what the T-'ederal Re- .serve is all about, would find a trip behind the grills of the bank window a rewarding experience. A milk pa.slcHiri/.ing plant, a factory, the railroad yards and always the airport will hold greal delights for children. I'he list is inexhaustible. Then there is the place where Daddy works. Regardless of what Daddy does when he goes to work his children will enjoy having some vivid pictures of what Dad is like when he is at work. Happy Meniories Trips enrich the life of children, they also provide a real means of both parent and child learning something which is certainly bringing them to- 1 gether in a meaningful way. Then there are trips that teach the children something immediately useful, like a trip to the )M)lice station. Let the youngster become acquainted with policemen as friends and kind, helpful people, not as bogeymen who want to hunt him down and punish him. Any time of year is goQd for trips, whenever you have the time and can make the ar rangcments, but summer is an especially good time since the children are out of school and need some new things to think about. —JouriiHl -TlmPK Photoi! Playground Pastimes Concentration can be shown in a multitude of expressions and if you happen to have a chew of bubble gum, so much the easier. Above, Francis Schalzley, 9, 510 Barker St., is engrossed in a chess game with recreation leader Kathy Erbe at Janes playground. At left, taking careful aim while pitching horseshoes at Marquette playground is seven-year-old Peter Kramer, 1108 Albert St. Jim DeMark, 10, 1026 Albert St., awaits his turn. Daily routine activities are the backbone of the summer playground program and include story hours, sandbox play, organized gfimes, sprinkler play, team games, handcraft periods and informal dramatics. 'Crazy Cap, Mafching Tofe Bag Simple fo Make, Easy on Budget lAP Newsfe«ture») ibrush, comb and set your hair. If there is one beauty angle j jhere are so many pretty, are aware ^^^^ this year for beach Receive Bonus in Good Looks VILIA UAUn SHOP ll(}3 Villa St. will b» CLOSED FOR VACATIONS 27 thru Aug. 2 Opui Mon„ Ai^. 3 Each seas(m brings with it a| bonus for good looks. Thei high humidity of summer puts a curl in your hair and moisture in your skin. The sun gives you a golden tan and builds up your vitality. Bapiists Report Goal for New Missionaries RICHMOND, Va. — — After appointing a record number of 137 new missionaries in 1958 — exceeding the goal of 130- ~ the Southern Baptist Foreign Missions Board has set a goal for 1959 of 140 new ones. VVant to stay light-hearted and cool-headed this summer? Make your own crazy cap and matching tote bag. These novel accessories are as easy on your pocketbook as they are to make. All you "need are one yard of denim, colored plastic tape, a sewing machine and an hour or so of time. The sample set made up by sewing experts used faded blue denim with appliqued fish shapes cut from red and white plastic tape, but many color schemes are possible. Pattern i To make the hat, cut a 19- The .sea relaxes you and actsi'"'^h 'lalf circle from paper and use as a pattern. Fold fabric double, pin pattern in place and as a tonic. Sand wears rough spots from your feet and can turn thin legs into shapely curves if you walk along it often enough barefoot. The salads and cold fruit juice or vegetables drinks of summer slim you down. So, even a heal wave Is beneficial to good looks. Make the most of it while it lasts. cut around edge, giving you two half circles. Stitch thh two rounded edges together. Turn right side out and slip-stitch straight edges together. Cut three fish from colored plastic tape and apply to one side. Adjust button and loop at back to fit head. For the bag, cut a circle 10 inches in diameter and a strip of fabric 17 by 36 inches. Stitch the 17-inch sides together. Now stitch ooe open end around edge of circle, forming bottom of bag. Plastic Lining Cut lining from clear plastic, in just the same way as you cut the pieces for the bag. Make bottom circle 10 inches in diameter, but make side piece 16 by 36 inches. Join sides of long piece and stitch to bottom circle section. Insert in fabric bag. Fold top of fabric over two inches, folding raw edge under and catching top of plastic lining, and stitch. Make a second row of stitching one inch from top to form casing. Run a thick white cord through top for drawstring. Then decorate the sides of the bag with five or sue plastic- tape fish, to match hat. The hat is perfect for wind and sun protection and will lie flat for easy packing. The bag is large enough to double as a picnic carrier. most young girls of. it is their hair. The hatless fad is one reason young moderns have become hair conscious, but it is reason too, why hair needs more attention. Glossy hair may be dulled if over-exposed to wind, sun, salt water. After all, your topknot gets sunburned too. You may notice the effects of sun on your skin, but you may not notice the effects of boating, gardening, motoring until your hair becomes dry and parched. And it can't miss if you spend a great deal of time outdoors without a head covering. Most young girls wash their hair every day as they take a shower after a swim during the summer months. Two home hair treatments a week should keep hair in bounce and lustre during the summer months. Brushing Brush your hair thoroughly and comb it to remove tangles before your treatment. A good brisk brushing will help stir up the scalp's natural supply of oil. Many models prefer to bend down from the waist as they brush/ their hair, and circulation is pepped up in the region of the scalp by the combination of bending down and brushing. If hair is realy dirty from sun and wind, wrap the hair brush in a length of gauze or a clean nylon stocking before you brush it. This "dust catch" picks up surface grime, preparing the hair for an oiling. The old-fashioned oil and heat method that mother used on her hair is just as effective today. Use olive oil or liquid lanolin to massage the scalp. Pour it into, a little custard cup and heat it in a pan of hot water. Soak one of the little quilted cotton squares in the warmed oil and apply it to the scalp at inch-intervals all over the head. These little applicators will not fuzz up and leave lint in the hair. Massage After your scalp is covered with oil, place cushions of fin gers flat against the scalp and massage gently, moving the fingers over the surface of the scalp. Use a circular motion. Wrap a clean, towel around your head swami style, and wear it for 15 minutes. This is a good time to give yourself a manicure or pedicure or wash your hair brush and comb. Shampoo your hair with two soapings, using a mild shampoo followed by a thorough rinsing. Blot your hair dry, and apply hair cream or oil lightly to scalp only, then wear, and these are especially flattering to teen agers, that it would seem a good investment to wear one. Parasols are fun and can keep the heat of the noon sun off your head, and bandanas cat> protect the head from ad irect hit of the sun's rays. Oregon Marks Centennial Year Airlines passengers landing in Portland, Ore., these days are being treated to a spectacular night-time lighting display. On the bank of the Columbia River, downstream from the airport, Oregonians have pulled out all the stops in their Centennial Exposition to focus attention on their state's 100th birthday. Highlighting the exposition at night is a 40-foot gas flame atop a 50-foot sculpture rising out of a pool at the exposition entrance. It's visible for miles. The exposition is featuring both formal displays and a lusty frontier village. Exhibits point up a pattern for living in the future, along with examples of present-day living in Oregon. Surrounding the main building are exhibits of fish and game — including coastal seals that ring bells for their fishy handouts — a house of the future, gardens and forest products. Among the unusual items are: an auto with a gas-turbine engine and a swimming pool with wall-to-wall carpeting. The pool is a "conversational well." to be sunk into tomorrow's living room, complete with a built-in carpeted bench around three sides and steps leading down the fourth. Frontier Village, enclosed in a log stockade, stages periodic gunfights. It has a Pony Express office where visitors can send letters to friends back home. The mail will be carried across the state by pony express all summer. JACOBSON'S _ Ladies' SPORTSWEAR • PEDAL PUSHERS • SHORTS • BERMUDAS • JAMAICAS • CAPRI PANTS • DRESSES • SUN DRESSES • PLAY SUITS Open /•'n'lfiiy Evenings *TU9 P.M. WOMEN S STORE 1013 Sixteenth St. 7 YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO LEARN TO DANCE! Look Your Best! Res. $15.00 $795 Cold Wav« ....... * Machine <|gr Wave up All Pernianents Include ItecondltlonlnK Shampoo, Haircut and Style. BESTE BEAUTY SALON New Location 305 Main St. Dial «-7S«l Don 't let poor dancing steal your vacation fun! If you've put off learning to dance because you think it's difficult or takes too long, here's good news for you. Learning to dance at ARTHUR MURRAY'S is quick and easy because there's only one basic step fo learn. This basic step gives you the key to the Cha-Cha, Foxtrot, Mambo, Waltz ... all the latest dances. Even a beginner can master it in almost no time at all. Parties are part of the lesson, so you can count on meeting lots of new people, having a world of good times. Come in now end put a little fun in your life while this special trial offer is in effect. Clip Coupon Below and Mail to ARTHUR MURRAY Dance Studio. ^^^BIXTH AT VILLA Store Houra; Open Daily — 9 :30 to 5:00 P.M. except Monday and Friday — 12:00 to 9 :00 I today we say "Good bye to Summer! DAHCE BOOK AND 2 STUDIO LESSONS liaiKTi: ARTHUR MURRAY Donco Studio 4)6 SIXTH ST. DIAL Mi 3-441? NAM! .. ADDRESS CITY ... i — — « — « ADULTS ONLYI S i STAti PHONf NO.. C/ip and Mail Coupon to the— ^ Arthur Murray Studio, 416 Sixth St., Radne, Wis. Racks of Summer fashions . . . Better dresses, coaH, rom-n-shine coofi and summer sportswear groups hove been reduced to sell immediately, and many ar« NOW V2 PRICE fltgu land m* Hi« new "Let'i Done*" wiHi \tt 80 ^gti of ittlptui kintf on dancing and information •bout prop*)- otiqucttt of the ballroom. I und«rit«nd thai if I itnd in tkit coupfM promptly I will receive a certificott good for 2 INTRODUCTOIIY DANCE LESSONS FREE OF CHARGE, T001 You'll find cotton dresses as swimsuits reduced one-tourth . blouses and bermudas for 1.75, Don't mist these big borgoins. low as 9.98 . , . oil . . . Summer skirts, 2.75 ond 5.95 . . .

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