The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 23, 1956 · Page 10
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 10

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 23, 1956
Page 10
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MYI.KR WASHINGTON — UP— official sources speculated Friday that the new Soviet nuclear test means the larger U.S. nuclear arsenal, Such weapons include atomic warheads for everything that now use? high explosives — artillery Third Party Talk Mounts Among Dixie Democrats the Russians are going all-out to shells as small as eight inches in perfect atomic warheads for long-- diameter, a growing' variety of range ballistic missiles. missile charges, bombs of many Others said it proves ihe Rus-, calibers, land mines, torpedoes. sians have achieved "atomic and depth charges, plenty.'' They are now. one well- T} U , now Russian explosion was informed source said, building' up announced Wednesday night in a "whole family of atomic weap- ;, onc ion and Washington. It was ons" comparable in versatility to twr j O f a SC n OS of explosions which have been going; on intermittently since August. 195. Although the United States has re.pcr'.ed only five individual shots in the series, informed sources said there may have been many more. Never before, since their first •test in September. 1949. have the Russia!''.? been able 10 stage so many tests in so brief a time. Instead of months, the gap between ATLANTA, Ga. — UP— Talk of tests previously had been years. third political party for d s- 1; was Sen. Henry M. Jackson southern Democrats was iD-Wash.). a member of the onn- be.ginnin.s' anew Thursday as Dix- sressionat Atomic Energy commit- ie's politics! leaders viewed Sen. lee, who said ihe Russians appar- Estes Kefauver's Minnesota vie- euUy "are developing: a whole tory \vith "sin-prise" bin liule family of tactical and strategic change of heart. weapons." TKN South Carolina where a sue- Tactical atomic weapons are «•> cessfwl bolt from the Democratic signed for battlefield use. suntegic party was started n 19-lS. the for destroying vita! city and in- q ay "was cleared for the formation mistrial centers far from the fight- of another third party in the com- ing fronts. Jackson has said often ing presidential election. '• jhat the Russians may be ahead At Columbia. S. C., the Souih in development of far-ranging misi Carolina Democratic convention sites which, wish H-bomb war- passeii. a resolution that \vonld ai- heads, could destroy entire cities ! low the state's delegates, to throw their support to a. third party in the event the Democratic nominee or the party platform s distasteful to the South. Trie South Carolina Democrats aiso proposed a South-wide stand at the convention to make easier the southern demand for a policy of continued states' rights. Most of the supporters of Adlai Stevenson in ihe South took the attitude thai ;he -Minnesota primary was not a "Srue test," but some backers of the former Illinois governor admitted that Stevenson now 'rill have to f grit hard to tvin the nomination. without warning. ' "P^st few days." was an atomic: The Atomic Energy Commission or hydrogen device. It used the did not say whether the new ex- word "nuclear," which could be plosion, which occurred in the cither. ARBOR <UT GAK'Ht ROAD, NOHTM. OF SCHILLING 3 Bedroom Brick Homes 100% Gl, FHA And Conventional Loons WITH PAYMENTS * AS LOW AS Including Taxes and insurance 50 I'KU MONTH Como In THE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! $500.00 WORTH OF FREE FEATURES IN.THESE BEAUTIFUL HOMES (OR 'IOUNO THI TOWN IF YOU LIKI!) SEE YOUR NEAREST D S IV! O B I DEALER Salt* Office Open 7 Days A Week JACK WILSON, Exclusive Agent LUCILLE (Sadie) WILSON, Sales & Office Manager PHONE 8084 GOP Farm Hopes Rise WASHINGTON —UP— H o n J e Republican leaders claimed a good chance Thursday o' derailing a Democratic drive to boost farm support prices for 1956 crops to level? unacceptable . to the administration. House GOP Leader Joseph W. Martin Jr. (Mass.) said some of the "big city Democrats who helped put a rigid high price support bill through the House by a 206-201 vote last year vrjll not dare support such legislation now because it i3 an election year. He noted that z. switch of three votes would be enough to reverse the decision. Therefore, Martin said, he believes that Republicans will succeed in a last-rninuie eounter-at- tsck to revamp a final compromise iarni bill into a form acceptable to the President. The House .must act -on farm legislation ag'ain because the Senate did no! accept its bil! of last ytar. Instead of approving- rigid SO per cent supports outright as the House did. ihe Senate continued the administration's flexible price support program in principle but through various other leeislative gimmicks raised' supports on corn, cotton and wheat to near the HJ per cent level. The administration opposes both bills. Martin said ?. Republican suh- slitute compromise bill would be put forward. Martin and former COP House Leader Charles A. Hnlleck find.' hope that a compiomisc farm bill satisfactory to President Eisenhower will" emerge from the Democratic-dominated S-onste - House conference committee. The conference committee will work out an initial compromise bill for the two houses to consider. Grandmothers A-plenty SPOKANE. Wash. — Therf was a famiiy gut her ins: at the Burk* Barlow ' horne ami .7 a IB ft s Brent Bariow, 2. mtt his grandmothers- all six of them. They «re grancf- rnoihcr* Mrs. Harold Eerthelson of Spoktr.e and Mrs. Fred Barlow of Denver: four grtai-grandmothcrs. Mry. Ciara Eertht'ison and Mrs. Myrtle Williams of Spokane, Mrs. Robert Scott of Woodburn. Ore., and Mrs. Sylvia Allen of \Ven- atrh^p. Wssh. SAN JACINTO MEMORIAL PARK CEMETERY 14659 MARKET STREET ROAD P. O. Bor 9626 Houston 15, Texas PERPETUAL CARE FUND Reported' by Texas National Bank, Trustee As of December 3Ut, 1955 San Jacinto Memorial Park Cemetery Care Fund H6.074.93 Leis Income Not Disbursed 834.28 Real Estate Mortgages $24,845.83 C^hcn Hand '0. W - 82 The foregoino is a correct statement of the above funds in the custody of rhe Bank es Trusiee: ai of December 3 I si, 1955 TEXAS NATIONAL BANK OF HOUSTON, TEXAS TRUSTEE BY: ARTHUR TRUM, ViCE-PRES. AND TRUST OFFICER Arr-Ou-t of Perpetual Care Fund a/located r'cr Ferpfetu*' Care New in process c.f col- lec^on «rsoi to be p^a to ir^it office.' scccrciirg to Trust Agreement 22,4^9.40 OVFS ALL TOTAL •••• 67.690.05 HERE ARE THE REASONS WHY-YOU SHOULD VOTE AGAINST PUBLIC HOUSING! Communistic • • • Un-American I Cannot Be Segregated.... PuWk Housiwq embodies the Communistic principle thot the eentroj government shall own and control the'hoiis*s the people live in, thus moving them words of the government and subject to po«tkd control. VOTE AGAINST IT. Higher Taxes For You.... Because Federal Public Housing pays no taxes to our city and otir schools, yet its residents enjoy all of the benefits, higher taxes must be paid by you to maVe up fhe difference. Why pay somebody else's rent and your taxes too? Public Housing forces you to do JUST THAT. VOTE AGAINST IT. Private Enterprise Doing Job Private enterprise h solving the housing problem in Baytown for both white and minority groups in the American way. Central Heights and Lincoln Cedors are examples of how builders are moving rapidly to care for Baytown's negro families in ail wage groups. Public Housing h not needed. VOTE AGAINST IT. Bay town Doesn't Need It.... We all know that more than 400 rental units for white families are vacant in Baytown now. Most of them at very reasonable rents. If you think we need Federal Public Housing talk to the widow who owns a vacant apartment or two and depends on Its rent for her support. Will Public Housing help her?? VOTE AGAINST IT. Federd law says white and Negro families must live together in dl future Public Housing. No longer can separate projects b« built for each race. If you plan to vote for public housing Saturday, reflect a moment that by your vote you are asking the white families you expect to help to either live side by side with the Negroes or refuse the accommodations. VOTE AGAINST IT. Invites Corruption.... The newspapers are full of stories of graft and corruption in the administration of Federal public housing projects. Houston and Galveston have been prime examples. The bigger the project, the bigger the temptation. Let's don't let the temptation get any bigger in Baytown. VOTE AGAINST IT. Costly And Wasteful.... Federal Public Housing is the most costiy and.wasteful domestic undertaking of our Federd government. Original construction costs are sky high. Operations costs' are high. Subsidy costs are high. The projects are operated at a dead loss. Accurate figures prove that it would be less expensive to the taxpayers to GIVE THE UNITS TO THE TENANTS to begin with. VOTE AGAINST IT. Don't Confuse With F.H .A. • Gl Let us emphasize again the difference between Public Housing and the FHA and Gl loan programs, in Public Housing the money comes directly from our Federal treasury and makes whde families wards of the government. In FHA end Gl, all money comes from private lenders and helps make homeowners of our citizens. The Federal government simply guarantees that its cititens wiH pay their just obligations. LET'S STAND ON OUR OWN FEET IN BAYTOWN Baytown has always solved its welfare problems and cared for its unfortunate families and individuals through the united effort of its citizens, in the good American way. We havpn't had to cry for help to the Federal government in the past. We do not expect to do so now. LET'S STAND ON OUR OWN FEET. Above All... Don't Leave The Job To The Other Fellow AKE YOUR VOTE COUNT! VOTE "NO" ON PUBLIC HOUSING TOMORROW -ADV. FAIO FO* IY IAYTOWN HOMfOWNMS' ASSOCIATION—

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