The Paris News from Paris, Texas on July 16, 1934 · Page 6
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The Paris News from Paris, Texas · Page 6

Paris, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 16, 1934
Page 6
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PACE SIX THE PARIS NEWS, ZELL EATON WINNER OF Ill Oklahoman Beats Texan In Finals ! DOHERTV WINS GOLF 1 TITLE OF LUBBOCK { L.UBBOCK. vD—The title of the i second annual Lubbock Country f club's invitation ^olf tournament I Monday belonged to Edgar Dohi eny, red-headed former L-ubbock i hisli school football hero. 1 He srased a sensational spun on j the lasr nine holes o" a SS-hole "T~" _ | match to eke out a " and 1 victory Close Gall IS In Extra ? over j oe Bihl. a fellow townsman. Hole With Leland Ham- Detroit Tops American As Pass Yanks CITY. (-•<*—Slender Zel'. 12aton o: Oklahonia City who : only three years sgo stepped oat ; of "the caddie rarks. Monday} •^ore trie laurels of the western l amateur golf champior.. j Eaton, the medalist, wor. the { Twin H ? 'is course here Sunday on j his' wenty-first~ birthday, defeat- f Tigers Rest Monday After ins Dave i'Spev> Goldman of Dal-j *~ las. 4 and S, in the 36 hole fine's j of the 3*th annual tournaruent. | IT was Baton's first major n:le. | T-JQ has been ICPC-WT; as <_*itianoiria -^ : champion niedalts: but be -ever j ship before. He had the upper j Smashing Victory Over Yank* Sundav to By HX'GH S, FL"!,I F.RTON. JK. .Associated Preso Spons Writer j f a2 ~ ? . The Detroit Tigers were resting j rough if rsot on top of the -world 1 Edwa: Wade Plans To Show Up New Tinear! Says Will Exhibit New Holds Of Own Against Thompson Glen "Wade, -who meets Tommy Thompson in a two-hour finish. match, on the tveekly wrestHns: card her* Tuesday night, has promised to match some of Thompson's 'thousand holds"* in 5 addition 10 his regular "pile driver" hold. Since having heard of Thompson's reparation as a. ^rap- I pier. Wade apparently is planning: to sho'sv him up if at all possible. On the other hand, Thompson is confident he tviil be abl* to take Wade in straight falls. Tuesday nisrht's card is expected CONNIE IN HOME TOWN REUNION furnish plenty of thrills for all over h? pporerst virtually j £ . - eas ^ or , TO p o f the all the way sne er»d»d '.""? battle | League. -svhere they •wish a par 4 on the thirty-third j r ^ e i r ^j^- chance to dra^- a deep, hole. He ended the morning round j QU : €t breath after battling their 2 up on Gi>;dman. ->1? a •-> 1 {-ivay up pa^t New York, one- over par—for a -unc-i-tiiiie j -r>, e —jgers xvound up their cam•advantage over the Dallas piayer | pai=n -^3^5-. t v, e Tanks with a -<vhty bad a TC for the mornir^ - s -j SI ,,r shin _ s to 5 ; r iam?h Sunday, Th* Okl3r.--nia. yout'h •"vent out i ^Teanw'hlle. tbc Ne-w York Giants. ;r* two over par in -.b-r afternoon i eri ~ a£re d in a. similar important rotind to Gold mar;'* OT-e over par. j 5e -ia s \v:ih the second-place Chis. 35. But Eaton held his two-ap | cag;o Cubs, increased their lead acrar-tace through the afterrioor; \ t<? ,^- 0 * u ]j -rames -^-Jrh a 5 to S tarn. j victory. The t;? 1 *-.- c-ia'Tr-.plor. -*" 11 a'remp'' «ualify for the nations; ama- Pat Rc-i!-y. said to be as as Jack O'Bell and Billy cis combined. is meeting Billy Burns. Burns is said to f have learned considerable rou-rh stuff himself since his last appearance here and the match is expected to keep Referee M. O. Kike on | his toes. The pair ^rni so 30 mii:- j utes or to one fall- j A four-round boxing: match be- '-. Ween a pair of nesrro boys who appeared here last -week will open . the show Tuesday night. Those ; tv-ho sa.t seir match last to ---he closr c^.i Eaton brj-J c durins the tournam-yn:. .req-alred to eO an extr the SS-COHQ round to d?tea,t i. Eaminan of "Waco. Texas. 'rrans-Mis5iss;ppi champiorj. PWA Grants Levee Funds Schoolboy ivowe, Tn« first -rame of the series fo iron. s.~air= aided the Tigrer cause- He T-.-orked six in nines;, grave eight hits, fanned six and kept all the Yanks "but ixva Gehrig under control. Gehri^" cracked out four The Giants had =. some~liat. tou~her titne and finally had to ca.ll :r> Carl Hubbell to replace Hal Schumacher and protect a sli'.n lead ilel Ott had s^ v « r: "hem T^-hen x^ecting plenty of fun from this i | match. • S _ -> 5e I TToiloTiTiir the boxing. Sailor j 'r "Oe~ 1 Barto and Vack Olsen -a-ill wrestle | ' to a one-fall, no time limit, 'fin- I ish. Both these men are fast and clever and their bout is expected to be unusually good. In order'to give worsen fans a better opportunity to see Tuesday eight's matches, JDoc Gil man. -who directs the •tvee'kly rcatches. has announced that one woitsan TVHL be admitted free Tvsth each pa;d admission to a floor seat or a Ccmni« Mack, famed baseball manager, and George M. Cohan, noted figure of the stage, were heroes of a homecoming celebration at North Brookfield, Mass. Both spent their boyhood days there and Connie took his Philadelphia Athletics back with him to stage an exhibition against ths home town nine whii^ h* renewed acquaintances. Here Cohan 1* shown at bat and Connie is doing a fait of catching. (Associated Press Photo} "he smashed a. ccuaie •witn t"?.*o i -p"^ *->«->xi:n~ match "^ill besrin aboard in the sixth. | promotly at~S:30 o'clock and the Hitting: hard behind Phil Coigns | ^. rps: ;i n ^- -^m f O l]o-»- without ce- •= for their fourth straight victory, j -j_ v _ -- v y r _ oilman has said. '• the Phils ciowne/d Cincinnati S to ] Red River Counlv Applica- ] i 3.^.2 moved for the first time i r C-11 r\nr* T- ! this season ur. to sixth place. Their j ttOB for ?H-1-UUU J^ ! ad vauce was" aided by the Care!- j Approved | nals, ^-ho trimmed Brooklyr; thrice- | - ' ' | The Cards ^OTJ the opener 2 to 0 \ x:o^niy "v.-as included 511 the list of \ then ici'o^ec up^ -wi^n <=. j-a -'>- \ - ^j__ ,-.-v. — •—=r? riv ""ha ', UTT-OO procuceo iar^-E'.- C".~ jv^ _• the levee in District No. 1. \ -A-all oping the Senators 10 to S^ :n ) *' :c<>rdin^ "o County Jucee ^- ^~ •; Jobrsson's 27th home run. v.-n:cn j ^ _,'^^^ ^ A * & = T crowd atterided. "Wres. ?-'ho says ^hi=e- plans na""e :-are him the major league lead, j "•g a Tro-;os for the first gai^e: •vet. ^'ork ~"ili S?t under •*•=:-• 'JT 1 -, jebnson. J-.rr.n'-.i'r r <?-xx and Bin^ > ^..^^^^ ^.laline catching:; for the T5*.ar taTur^. The pro-jert is i M*Her provided a pair of features s .t'.^^,"^ Lu"^= z~* G^^^ne- Sees' n—t 3 ~ £ ->if-- f-f!id~iris pitching, Ma- 1 <--Tie-a_rsd "^"ebb catching for SOT^ hsTzs: .^liernjarj. "^."ade. Collins Bonham Gets Pak Sunday B ON« ^ M.-Boh«n took ^^ o , Red Rjver Valley I v ;^I" b ; 3 , - nere Sunday after ' " TSE levee: district is :. ps.rt of tb«- county, b-el and include? McCrurr-- Pittsbcrch ir-r-u^ced tne- Bo-ton : ,."^^ Hints Given ~-;«m^^ f ^^^ On Handling \T^ Brandt's t>iree-n;t -n-~r;^, •.., ,•• ^zTr.?* w:ih Gutter here next. Sun- j "^.~'; ^ ^" "*-~ -'-" -"" ~ ~~~&-~ -r-i~"<~ V_," • *^ Local Batters Drive Starting Hurler to Showers In Second Inning When F our Run* Are Scored; Bohaon Goes Ro ate For Local Nine Hap 3aerse. one-time manager i Durham, who'has caus-fc." Soltanon of t-he X>a,I,iss Steers and now m.s.ii- ] :n many a game, liandled the Iti- aser of tbe Americar. jjaundr> r ; dian's slants perfectly Sunday and Co. team of that city, was forced i incidentally made a hit vrith. ^ans to see his pets take a 7 10 3 lick- I far.dorr;. ing- ar the hands of Gene Log's- f A return ^aine bet-ween The two don's Parts Battlers Sunday aicer- ! j-.;^^ may be played next Sunday. noon in a fast and well played \ ^ "\l?na,ger-Morse can be Induced game- The Battlers drove. 3-IcCon- j , 0 accep t a, reasonable guarantee. athey, pitch:-ig: ace for the visitors ! Ba.tterles: Paris, Bohanon and to cover in the second innin? i Ti^yhani; Dallas, McConatiiey. •when the Jiomo club unleashed a | \vhhe ar.d "Burden.. Umpires. fariou? battjn.- rally, during' ?.'h;ch « A'c-orf^a^- ^.r:d Abshire. time four ruus scarnps zhe plate. "yV.iite, a-youtfeful lef:- nan-der, -was sent in to finish TV hat ^ficf onatlj-O" osd s-carted sno -f-2rC'!i. •very -well, fiol-lins: the locals *o zferee rtiTts du.rinsr tse rest of tae afternoon. ">~illiston Sohanon, a f ull-blood- many a mound due!, -vas on the j the visitors eating' out of his! *"J3o. ' 3^s lie is lciiO'»vn to n'> rrisn^ :s off to a -•- Missions On Top Of Heap In Flag Race Defeat Tulsm Oiler* lii Twin Bill to Retain Place ' By Th* Associated Press San Antonio Missions held tighter to the Texaa League pin- na cl* Monday alter romping: on Tulsa's Oilers in a. twin bill. 13- a and 3-2. The league'* ieadins luttins club pounded, out. 27 bits in the two Morgajn gathered five-hits trips to rh«. plate, while Bettencoan. added another fcoiaer to his big collection. Ash Killin liussr ay his sixteenth victory in the opener while Eari C'ald- well tanied the Oilers in thv second. Beau Bell, the ioop's sensational »wa.t leader, appeared, at the plate 10 times in the twin bill Galveston split with Oklahoma. City aad banned out .six birssles, including another homer. Galvestoii took the opener. 10-7. •-while' tne- Indians took, the extra, inning second game. 7-5. Moses, hot on Bell's keels in the hit race, nsade five nits in nine trips. JLnother of in* league's topnotch ball busters. Rudy "York of Fort Worth, poked four for eight as nis club. JTort Worth, -dumped Houston in a twin bill, 5-3 and 7-2. Dallas pulled ap to within, a. balf same of the iirst division, bv taking the Beaumont Exporters., 3-2. and 4-1. Gliatto and were- credited with, the two Major Leaders By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ( Including Sunday** Game*) KATIOXAIi IJEAGUE Batting—-Terry. Giants. .369; Ott, Giants. .360. Runs—Taugrhan, Pirates. 72; Medwick. Cardinals. 71. Runs batted in—Ott. Gkiats, 34; Berger. Braves, and Collins. Cardinals. 70. Hits—Medwick Cardinals, IIS; Allen, Phillies, Bers*r. Braves, and Terry. Giants, 117. Doubles—Allen. PhiUiee. 6: Urbanski. Braves, and Collins, Cardinals. ±5. Triples—iledxvick and Collins. Cardinals, 9. Home Huns—Ott, Giants, : 21; Berger. Braves, 20. Stolen Bases—Martin. Cardinals, 12; BarielL Phillies. 10. Pitching—J. Dean. Cardinals, 16-3; Bush, Cubs. 11-3. AMERICAN UEAGVE Batting — Manush, Senators, .403; Gehrinser, Tigers, .375. Runs—Gehringer. Timers. SO; Werber. Red Sox. 79, Huns batted in—Gehrig. Tanks. 94; Cronin, Senators, 7S- Hits—Manush. Senators, 136; Gehringer. Timers. 117. Doubles — Manush. Senators. 53; Greenberg. Tigers. 31. Triples — Manush, Senators, 10; Chapman. Yankees. 9. Home Runs — Johnson. Athletics. -7; Foxx. Athletics. "B. Stolen Bases—"Werber. Red Sox, 21. Fox. Tisrers. IS. Pitching — Gom^z, Tankees. 142; Marbcrry, Tisrers. 1Q-3. PARIS IVEWS NINE DEFEATS GROCERS Addins eight iiks lo an even dozen errors charged to the Barnes Grocery team* ilie Paris 2Ceivs n^ne took a 15 to-10 gams at the Fair Grounds, diamond Sunday atter- Bentieyv News tnird-sacker, in. the fieldias gem of tbe day when h.e went far to his right to take a louX fiy and retire tha side in. rhe seventh -when, the bases Vere loaded. Batteries "were* for Barnes; Jones, ilcColluni and H.isss; ^ve^'s: Abshire, Crensnaw.and T^ee. Akard. Spring Lake Champ Play Sixteen Qualify For Chit I Title; Pairings Have Been Announced Sixteen player* who have quall<* I tied f of-play'in the Sprinc lA club championship tournament j will play this week, according: t»| an announcement received Monday morning. Monroe Geroat ha» [ the- lowest score o? the IS quili-j fiers with a 74 for the 31 holes- All matches are expected to played this week. Pairinss have been announce*] as follows: Monroe Geron and E. C. Smith, T. E. Gay and George TV'oodtiiX. ( Fred Oliver and Shelby Coker. B. I. Jordan and Jo& -"Woolen. Shelby Dodd and Marvin Crum-« ] ley. James Coker and "Windlc Matin-', ews. Porter Stubblefield and Gen* | Woodfin- ; Joe IkVUliairis and Cap "Vv'elch. POISON IVY And POISON OAK. burns, or ritations are qnickly healed by in? the combined BROWTTS TIOX and BKO\\'N'S SOAP treatment. Itching is ped immediately. BRO"vF2C*S X.O- TION is 100 per cent active as an antiseptic and germicide- 5"or sai*1 and gruaraniced by Palace r>ruy Store.—Adv. GENUINE GLOVERIZED DRY CLEANING Keeps clothes clean longer and better—Try this famous * method used exclusively at our plant! Men's _Sults and Ladles' Plain Presses cleaned and pressed OKER NORTHEAST TEXAS MERCHANDISER Adverting Dep»rtm«st of The Paris Evening News Three In St. Paul Play off ^ITvTERZONE TENXI5 FINALS SATURDAY Officers to Talk Election i ^ • w - ---—,- -i-—. Coni May Be Prepared In Many Ways Says Miss Brooks .. i c ST. FAUt h o r&e H a rr:- 5ta.rt.e-d c-"* •\vlt piay-cff ^---a? bat-.T T'CftrTi? Favored to "Win Over f f,. lf ^,-, •!-. j^ c-s^b other 2S'S over •siorrr.-ec in -:h.a.r FS-'-d iso'se overt Sr :r : 'LONDON- ; '-^ l - ; States End At-^t; 5 ^ - ar» ^r"? for the Demo- ' ction or: July; --= i,eer; asked to <£S5-e-ytbJ€ ir, T\*. rl. P. .Anderson, chairman off "_J""-.J! and ae states that he hope* at! pre-, it un&b;e to attend •w5?I hav« one tn^> fdrr. mat he j —'•* •o.-n*? F rides'* and s frrrS-h, ="•-•• »<=•'- com v'aV, of "?ali:rd3v | TTiarket. This is i*-nportan *PKr;~. his b-.-ir/e \ pecatisc corn is ->rs* oi about over Tnen be on the •news tn*s few its sea- | Bafje:--. -> The r«Kj cirernent for prom returns -wi ?fratfr? . ,^ aaior ._ Ioc . ked TKiliS-OTt do!:sr5 Sunday af^e his fa?t TfO'-k brlr;-,:;n5 pra";? tbo" Taciturn Ressner:, ''"ho m^d :t UP In fsr> -wore!*. pro*eF? y favorit .:r "Di orite to Georg"ia firn-e LONE OAK PAIR TO DO BROADCASTING t<-rp tcucn.r,^ t=»e -;«•-,->-, -- $ -^^i^^ t v cc^ritin-r of b&Hots. a.r»d the rr.e^t- | j. ar5 £ . i-jr is called, the chairman state*' for -he purpose of having a sen- era; u-cersts-iiding tha-t -s--';';! re-j -run in -arsifor-nity of -ictioi-: ?-\ ail] fj-i-T-^* i^TT ^-O ^CC^ST— \ :"*.' rha.t ^' ^-h:ch tn- Terry at airl Co** Special This W«ek Only! HUGO PERSONALS '1 ^ AND LOCAL ITEMS Fr*aw.-t» OH \\.-s-.r . S-. HoOj'wood Be&uty Shop 9~t South !^t \lf-r of M;5ton left Monday for Hot : jiSpriTjgs *o do rss-dio broadcastin**:. • H"U'GO : Okia. |j A rymber of'youn-r people from j Clare mo re **»ras this community -f-en: to Hhacy | rh« jntere-r-;-- o Spring Cover Protects Bed Operstor — Andr Payne, of here Saturday in T'-^rrJ I supreme court c;f»rk. He "was •*'JTJ- HOUSTON — : c v ,.',. f ar»n V^arlv «jvsr;"th*r«5 e.;.~e ca .'r-r-.'- a \ fo-anc Jr. the markets at. sorae' I price the year aroTind. H _,T C ,-j, ;r i | oorn is neither fre?h nor ^f^rris *'after it has been picked for man?} . t * a V--.;'_~ : "hours- a,nd most of the crop- i*' - r _,, t,. ? r r « O T»J 3.5 :; ripens near t.b.e piac? I:>cf a I or drie-J. for out-o'-seajson t-se- erri.-c-ri, i "Wnen *^*i b'JTe into th* first -*i frc-sn j j-_nr" cor*-i of the reason, ~*~e <i^] ci*l-9 then and th*»r«* to have st I never tsrc of com. I reaiir do nc-t tir* of it. Trie fact I remains, however, that alter th^ t fjrj-t w?<?fe or so of the com -tea- I son fve s>esln to think of -srays of | serv:r»«» it that are different. ! ' Stsceotash an-i corn fritters -with ! jT'.a.pJ'J *!3 r rsp or honcj' are tirr.fl— j b-'more-i •w*a;'s of aeiTJsr corn cut j frorn the cob. Many c*>okJ' have ' d'scovered that rooked corn l^ft- ov^r or freshly rut froni th"*- cob i* df-lirio;.;* 5f heated tn crestm ar.d s*fii.'*one--3 wlrh salt, p*>pp*r *T!-3. a. *oo r^cri. ^^**?;^-*'*^HJsor i * fc *5 com js.i-.*i- j ^~I*Y—- •* s^oo*3 " "^ Field in Pro Tennis tfc* Jla//-«r«3' on Jku EOjxorth Finer, /r-, a* itt4xd« a clean nect of th« Blatz Will Advertise Dated Beer to date,, htrdfig taken Label On Neck of Bottle $Uo>*-« Date of BoltKng: Of Brew Middle Statr* tutd Weftfrn. oarnfv^ aitd pramitff to fnJLer zhc national competition In >*orfc m tfn thf faltff of a Camel after hard h« of the C. C. Pylc Si?! Park . i heve AH and White FORUM $5 SHOES Ck**c O-ut ^"2 7d ^o./O JOHN SNELL At Joe Wunsch Gis-ie-^iitfrr ars*5 ?' N'eTJ Parii-f of Faibrs^rht ? Of?T5 \i*f.iT:njj Sid Pari-'s a.nd • ih*i servir S cb*ar<"'h S 1 Jos-«? Oibs-c-n of jPolbright [ mtwic -was vifit-'d h<?r f-is-t^r. Mrs. B->T*I Jack- ; Jfary son Saturday ar.d 5fis«? Isab-«I Bar-j j?5ar>. r.ftt sper.t Sunday *«*;ih Mies Tititii ; Mr? •• * „ jCrf. ^ *?r"j^' '<£ ?^ ^ri "^ SU^ Z*2 v MT "ti ^ - vl -,*. ser-vic* at First Methodist :iv*n by MiBS«s L<-?nora. Sv-»ns an*i Ots*; Ed<IIc- deter S orates both tir.rkir.'j -'tn<; '-ot- ton, Mrf. E. P. Bui ft. b^-^roora <J*sn3ori*strator for the A'<J:tit Ifoiite ha** rri3i*J a- or ff a Hoibert E« ". :fv r home on Corn ha.* It? p!ar-» in cr*»am *?sr<5ia.r"1r * t o;;p' r . It a^-ds a cer- "•OTR *.*?!!•*!•»- tO moffiTi*, b"S"T!J!t? E . !j;* ca.k«?» ar.5 w-iffie*, !r= f*«•*•, >u "••.'UI !i«rt yo'jr favorl*** r<re- for meat and v«s«*'eta&ie *S1j*h*s. "To? *?oap« and for quick br*a^!«. •*rlil orrrur to you. ^V"nf*n vou ^'i*h to ff-ature corrs in Jh** 1 !m«*na -anil 1 LOCALS. PERSONALS ! ABOUT WOLFE QTV For Quality Dry Cleaning Phone 198 are tW- payjR hs?«ra- att'd. <!ojnsr- a type of dry •cleaning 1 f or Southern Cleaning & Dye Work* Cotaer." Mrs. Frs.:ik R.*i:nT-v-s.t*r of Fort. ort.ft, TcxstiS. «rj*3 Mrs. Artiscrr stn-J -rhU^r^o, Bobbie and ob;r.5-on of S*JTI Pra,nci*5co VTOLFE CITT,—Keviva! serviC'sa | a.r« g-u*ret.« of Mr. and JTns. J. "W. t ti~e Durban; Eapt's; church s*a r | HarmnoTj-i* 1 .. L> Kirrsbt-r-y «>ck of S Mrs, F«ar! Com*-n.i»rr<? vis: Mr. and *!rs. Hold en a rs «3 ma John«on and L>tntzR Crockett bare re*urn«?4 from Dallas. Mr*. %V, ;•', John ia,r:.<J d Miss Francee are in I>aHaa J, T. th« horn* of Gili*spie th* J. C, Arnold Mrs. Vf, Fort Mrs. C. H*r»ry ha? sg-onf; to t-o ^"Isit her from Ausr!n where ht vieii.e4 r<i- GaAkjJJ 51 r*. C morjiing; Mr. and Mrs Carter Jrtt •-Sunday Xorth Carolina, Et*t« tiJch eo-cd« in Jiome c .«.«-*• "pan of in t !•;*>• -«pr •tri-1 a. « torn •».•) over th sprinir« ffpri^sr* * r ' ^ £ ' : th** cover smd • ha if yartfK <: CORN STCTFED PKPPKRS is also ti»*J on. This: vrnt. T,flr dirty hut th« bed mor« att kes nine a.r.<i 'JTJ^~ J for A dvu^!* ic spring «v,>v~ «•»•?.> -» thin «-h?t««. I Thcro feas Jtirt been released' 1 hers what 5*s *?a.5<5 to be one of I the l-irsest and n:ost conct-;ntrat«d 1 adverriadntj: canm>ai*ffi-ts on be*r I that ha» been reIc"i»e<J to tiat* I This campaign on the . part • o? th» Blatz Bre*p.':~-;r Compajav. facturers of Btats OM He ts*pKJrs o^2& o^ t3i* "r«?7ri'>rsts la ifa* Orts o? the leaders In the brcTr- ins industry, one of tbc oMest 'of•( Blatz r4 th* rf bring*** f my mp te> 9 higher IcrcL 33k-. In hot even f4SO F.) until bro"*-'T: on top. SPANISH CORN I tabl-sspoon butter 1 !&n;« grre*en. pepper, l medtcm on'on. c1ioppe<J 1 tea-rpoon Bait 1-4 teaspoon blacJc pcppfrr 2 C-JP-? cooke-d oorn "; 1-2 cups tomato* 8 -*-!ioI--« tcheat bi«caits M«j?t butter in frr-'in-p pan snd sautft P^PP^r 3n*s oj;K>n until tender bnt not brown* A<J<3 other inf?r*J i <!ientK f except 'who]*, biscuits) an-S h*» partly c^nden*e-3. Split, newt an<J butter the whole wheat bl--- CTJ.IIS. pJace a j--e"ner0«-» amount of the corn mixture on tot* find SC.-\M,OI*KD CORN" wheat 2n charge T5«r until jtjjce *"•*••'* Promotion Is GivenLawson I>ATTOX, Ohio.—Promotion of Charles* T. jLa-s-jfOtj. <3«$i>*rt7nent store division -"nana-rer for TyiirM- General Motors, to n-janaffer of * household division o* all house Jroid re- ialv^ in the l'nife-J Starej-. -rvan arjnoun-"e*3 today by H W. K*iv*IJ» vice yrej-fi-Jent. Mr. I>»-*"?ton fill* a po»t vacated a year * h»lf a«: of FraRk iss>on th* promo- It. PScrcfr to the ip of The coropra- r cap* <t*»l*ry t^t 2 cups cooVrd <-or*j 1-2 cup rip** o"tv*»^ ________ Heal Tho«* Sore Gum. Even after Pyorrfoea ha* *(^<^ e<S your eto-mach. k^«3n«y« s.o<3 your health, l^eto'* Pyorrhtr* ..uiwJ as directed c»;n *SLV«| «/j'u>'.' "•'» D«»tiwt» recomm*nx! it. Dre*^] j*oi lump «i»t» r*tar» yotir money it It f^il«.i*ach «**$ 7 tffa*poo»» Corn Cut off tops and Pot rO p« of top 3-2 t«t*pooa 1*2 cup corn flakes C tablespoon's butter. Cook e«?!-**ry *n boilimr. atAlte<5 *9r»ti"T an'il tei»<S»r. but not *»of», Place Jn a b«<3 c"t*jj»»rol* aU«sr- lay«-rr» of corn, celery Jive*. Add i»ea»oniia--r Top with corn HaVr* an«3 <!ot bnttfr. Bafee in m motlerat- 1 ' <"375 yjej-rref-s F."» thirty mlnij- te«. « 0 Cfj rr , onion i?aU and pack of irourr on coror top« TOASTEI* CORN' 1 t»hteinoo«R milk I ertf <b**t«n> 1-4 t«!a«poon dry 1-4 teaspoon baking po"*-d<*r 1*2 cup ;?r«,t<Kj raw corn Buttered toast, strip* of bacon Mix cls«"?*<*. mJJfc. beaten «sr«r, s^awontn^s an«t hskina- powder into * smooth paatf. A«Jd th* corn *nd spnra^ m!xt«r« on slic*** of toA»t^s1 t»utf*?r^di hr^ad. r-acw ««trip of bacon on top and p«t und<?r broiler «TttH it be-com<^( broisTtril and puffed up. Serve T.AKK BROWNTV"OOr>. Texaj*. The ?urfac« of t^tke wan Kjowiy lov »a efforts to nhut <Jown the flood fate, opened -Miverat «layjj ««o to *.Uow r*»H«f w»t*r to flow to tb» 10* j: Company lias thf* <;ue5tion that in th* minds of th* public sine* pril ~, 3 $33. Mot only does tins that Blatz O'fi Hftl r Is fully «£*><5 bat thej' prov* that statement by panins: on th* r,«cfc label of 9^ery bottl* of this famous • 'OT4 Milwauke* b-eer. exact month *T5d day on the contents of each bottle Miliionw of dollar* •were spent "by the Blats Br^trins: CoTHpany to increase tho capacity of tbelr brewery in MUwaukc** — a p?amt that -*'AS aSr«*<Jr one of the largest in the country. Ro-w after row of h«sre agelns vats a.n<5 — an'3 jy older ones h« advertiflins campaign »-ri> inc'uiSes fre<j«*r»t of large *iie<3 copy ^^ and in addition IR- malt CAmpstlifn to th<- retail trai<i to con radio s ta direct mail eam- («—th*? use . of !vert!sJn'-r. «och r^is, window str*an5« N rs ar><! rounttr display"*. The loraj BJatr, dSj«trJbT3tOT« ft*r« about tb!-» ca-mpatfn t th« r-»ZAjl«r* bisgun ro call Blatje that l*H« tt«* own aRe." Certainly this* innovalion ors the: par* of th'* brewery r««moi*c» ai! «l«e-«,ti*>n or do»"M as fo <he actual a-jre of Bls*tz OH He-df-lbersr B«*«r. t>ealer» -will do vrell to Ret IT* touch with lht» loeil distributor *n<3 learn mor« about this *«Jv«r- prftmotion so that they will ml*** out cm th«* volumn* of that »r<! certain to folio*!-.'. in this !*stt«» ther«s t» on* of the a*Jv«jrtl**.*>- wh'l-sh 1* * part of thi* cam- *r*d *ho**» how thin it)** BI»t-i OI-J Heid-»lb«nf o Oated iw to tl

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