The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 24, 1951 · Page 10
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 10

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1951
Page 10
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Tabor Is Guest *ker Of Lion* Club Anne Arundel Opens Slot Machine Inquiry Dr. Ralph Tabor. Luther Place :emorlal Church in Washington, ·as the 'guest speaker at the nanksgiving meeting of the Lions !lub Friday noon at the Francis :ott Key Hotel. Introduced by program chair- »an, Senator Jacob R. Ramsburg, Jr. Tabor's theme was "A Prayer lor My Country." As a boy stated the speaker, his father revered the rillage blacksmith of poetry who 'owed no man". But said Dr. Tabor, ie soon realized that he would ilways be in debt. One of the great- st debts is he said, to God. Martin ,uther called God a Creator and imed specifically his most im- n^vrtant creation in relation to man [juch as hands, eyes, and arms. For (his reason no man can call himself ielf made. Robert-Louis Stevenson jsaid that "to every man's hand ·omething is given if only four Ifhigers and a thumb". Not only are we debtors to God, .continued"the speaker, but we also lowe a debt to our families. From the moment of birth to the point where we can take care of our own needs we begin a debt to dur families, said Dr. Tabor. Our other debt is to our country. a And, these three debts all have a peculiar relation, said the speaker, in that we cannot pay them back. The debt of the inalienable rights so special to our country always stands. Dr. Tabor said that we can only hope to keep up the interest charges. The nature of prayer is a form of interest payment and is the very least we .can do, stated the speaker. Dr Tabor 8 said that his prayer · for his country is that the citizens · be worthy of it. Although short, ·Khe prayer has a depth of meaning and feeling, he said. How can anyone pay back the debt of Jamestown, Gettysburg, and the debt represented by the headstones in Arlington cemetery, he asked? Dr. Tabor's prayer asks that the people be worthy of the tradition of the country, that the country remain undeceived, that the people be allowed to cherish their illus- I ions of the might and superiority of our country, that it knows its friends from its foes. He prayed that the country contain citizens who dare to face life realistically and realize that life does not always follow illusions. The speaker said that he prayed that our country might have the kind of righteousness that exalts its people, making them realize that the theories of fair play and justice must come from a people who live in righteousness more than self interest. . Secretary Charles V. Main pre- t sided at the meeting. Milton Brunk, Frederick, was the only guest. Dr. Allen To.Head Psychological Board "IKEY WEST. Fla.. Nov. 23 (#)-President Truman today formally announced selection of 48-year-old Dr Raymond B. Allen, president L of the University of Washington, as director of the Psychological Strategy Board effective Jan. 1. _ He did so in accepting, "with reluctance and genuine regret" the resignation of Dr. Gordon Gray, who is returning at the end of the vear to the presidency of the University of North Carolina from which he is on leave. Allen disclosed yesterday that he Is leaving the University of Washington to take over the job of coordinating overall psychological objectives, policies and programs of- the defense program., M, Gray will continue to serve on a W part-time basis as a consultant to the board as long as Allen needs Mr Truman called Gray "a true and tried public servant" and said he had discharged his duties as the first director of the Psychological Strategy Board "with tact, discretion, judgment and an understanding of human nature." To the former Secretary of the Army, he added: "For all that you have done m ''the public interest in these years of crisis I bespeak for the gratitude of the nation." Social Situation You are inviting guests for a sit-down meal. Wrong- Be vague about the time that you will expect them. Right: Be definite about the hour. The snake-killing secretary bird often will soar high into the air, } carrying its prey with it, then drop it on the hard ground, ending the battle. ANNAPOLIS. Nov. 23 #)·-- Complying with request of the Anne Arundel County State's Attorney, Thomas G. Basil. Annapolis police commisisoner, today began an investigation of slot machines in the city. State's Attorney James C. Morton Jr., said in a letter to Basil requesting the investigation that "a number of social and fraternal clubs in Annapolis" are operating unlicensed devices and "slot machines for which no license can be obtained." Licenses can be obtained in the county only for 5-cent machines. Basil said he will notify all clubs, asking them to withdraw illegal machines and take out licenses for the legal ones, as required by the city ordnance. Acting Mayor Robert H. Campbell said most clubs apparently had "gotten wind of the investigation beforehand and have already removed the illegal machines." Campbell, an alderman, is acting as Mayor while Mayor Roscoe C. Rowe is in the naval hospital undergoing a routine checkup. In his letter, Morton stated that some clubs think no law is being violated if the machines are being operated for social, rather than commercial purposes. "It is the opinion of this office that both unlicensed machines and machines for which no license can be obtained under the law are illegal, irrespective of who operates them." Basil said this did not apply to machines whose proceeds go to charity. Body Of Missing Airman Is Found AURORA, W. Va.. Nov. 23 IIP)-- The search for a missing airman after the crash of a B-26 bomber last Friday ended with finding of his body. The body of 1st. Lt. Prentice F. Ross, Jr., was found in brush less than a mile from where the plane crashed in the ruggad mountains near the Maryland border. The bodies of two other flyers, 1st. Lt Jerome Walsh of Milwaukee. Wis.. and 1st. Lt. William L. Langdon of Moorestown, N. J , were found shortly after the accident. Hope for survival of Ross was raised when his body was not found. Ross came from Fort Worth, Texas, but was living at Hampton, Va., with his wife. The three reserve officers were returning to their base at Langley. Va., from Pittsburgh when the bomber crashed. Members of an Air Force rescue team from Westover Field, Mass., found Ross' body. An unopened parachute pack was on the body. A widespread air and ground search of this rugged northeastern West Virginia section was encouraged by a theory that Ross might have parachuted to safety. Capt. Robert Bourcy of Watertown, N. Y., commander of the Air Force rescue team, said Ross apparently was killed instantly. He said the body was found in a brush pile which had been covered by snow that melted today. The Air Force rescue team from Westover had been joined by more than 100 men from the Pittsburgh air base, National Guard engineers from Maryland, West Virginia, and State Police from the two States. Court News Equity Mary Elizabeth Baker vs John H. Baker, bill of complaint for separate maintenance, temporary alimony and counsel lee. Bessie V. Fritz vs Glenn V. Fritz, bill of complaint for partial divorce, temporary alimony and counsel fee Marriage Licenses Kenneth L. Gilbert, 25, Woodsboro and June C. Zecker. 20, Jelt- erson. Wade E. Weddle, over 21. divorced, 207 West Seventh street and Evelyn I. Myers, over 21. divorced, 335 North Market street, both of this city. Charles M. Gardner. 72. Orlando, Fla. and Elizabeth N. Seller, 70. widow, Camp Hill, Pa. Charles R. Koons, 48. widower, and Elizabeth M. Brumbaugh, 58, widow, both of Milton. Pa. Lloyd C. Buhrman, 28, and Mary E. Stottlernyer, 19, both of Lantz. Clarence L. Broy, 21. and Janet C. McDaniel. 21, both of Purcell- vjlle. Va. John Clifford Zombro. 20. ,Bolivar, W. Va. and Wanda Marie Ambrose, 19. Brunswick. Sven E. Buttolph, 23. Riceville, la. and Carolyn M. Kiostler, 18, Washington. D. C. Herman JH. Tyeryar. 21, 17 East South street and Sylvia E. Albaugh 19, 205 West College Terrace, both of this city. Jack Hervert Abbott. 33. divorced, Baltimore, and Mary Helen Strobel.'21. Braddock Heights. Property Deeded Florence M. Flaniean to Edith M. Flanigan. $1, county. Luther W. Remsburg et al. exe cutor to Luther W. Remsburg, $3, 000. county. Luther W. Remsburg, et al. exc cutor to A. Doty Remsbur.g et al §130. county. Luther W. Remsburg et al. executor to Luther W. Remsburg, $7. 620. county. William H. Goodsell and wife t Thomas A. Lenhart and wife, $10 county. Mary E. Sheetenhelm and hus band to Ruth Moberly, $10. county Ruth Moberly to Mary E. Sheet enhelm and husband, S10, county. Marshall Staub et al to Roy L Sickle and wife. $10, city. Maurice S Ahalt and wife t Hettye A. Hahn, S10, county. Heltye A. Hahn, unmarried t Maurice S. Ahalt and wife, $10 county. Robert E. Clapp Jr.. assignee t the Maryland Savings Bank. $2,000 county. Robert L Sherry and wife et a to I. Mary Staley, $10, county. I. Mary Staley to Robert L. De vilbiss and wife, $10, county. Defense counsel for Mrs, Helen . Kalkowski. 37, asked Mngis- nite Martin K. RIlli«r to take a owl psychiatrist's report into onsideratlon before handing down verdict. Miller indicated he would make iis decision Nov. 30, Mrs. Kalkowski was accused of tabbing 0r. John Newman, 31, n the maternity ward of Uni- -ersity hospital last Nov. 6. He offered knife wounds in the chest and stomach. , Dr. Newman, resident in obste- rics at the hospital, said he at- ended the woman when she had \ miscarriage at the hospital in October, He said she returned Nov. 6 o discuss the case with him, then stabbed him with a four-inch uniting knife during the discussion. More than 726.0001)00 pennie were minted in the United States i 1950. This was more than thre times the total of nickels, dime quarters and half-dollars. Hagerstown Man Is Held For Grand Jury ERIE, Pa.. Nov. 23 MP)--Alderman Villiam Heisler ordered Maurice J. Kramer, 50, of Hagerstown, Md., leld for Erie grand jury action today on charges of fraudulent pre- ense in selling stocks. Kramer entered no plea. He was eturned to jail in default of $4,100 bond. The Hagerstown man was arrest- jd by State Police in Erie Nov. 14. State Policeman L. P. Penman said Kramer sold $6.800 worth of stock o four Erie County persons. The policemen said the stocks were repi'esented as shares of the Central Chemical Corp of Hagers- own, a firm that had recently employed Kramer. Headquarters for HUNTERS · Guns and Rifles · Shells and Cartridges · Coats, Vests, Pants · Caps, Sox · Boots · Hand-Warmers HUNTING LICENSES SHIPLEY'S Sport Store 103-105 North Market St. To Consider 'sycliialrisf s Report BALTIMORE, Nov. 23--/P)--A 7-year-old woman pleaded in- oc'int of n charge that she stab- ed and wounded the doctor who ook care o£ her during a prejj- ancy which resulted in misear- l Kline Low Bidder On Street Grading Work A low bid of $4,447.50 for street grading was submitted to the City by Ricnurd F. Kline on Friday in City Hall. Other bids opened at 4 p. in. yesterday were: Karl H. Clino, S5.- 796 to start in ten days and complete in 60 working days; T. Edgie Russell. $6.020 to start in five days and complete in 20 working days: L. R. Wacsehe and Sons. Tluirmont. $11,300, to start in 20 days and complete in 50 working days. Kline's bid states that he can start work in 10 days and complete in 45 working days. The bids include grading on one block of Culler Avenue between Evergreen and Belmont avenues and the undeveloped portion of the SprinR Valley subdivision which includes part of West 12th street, Pinewood Drive and Beechwood Drive. The Board of Aldermen have to accept the bid before it can be accepted. Plagued By Making Money Too Fast, Says BALTIMORE. Nov. 23 W--Salvatore Volpe. 25, said today he intended to j u m p on a bridge 100 feet high because "I am making too much money and don't know what ;o do with it." Two policemen pulled Volpe oil a ledjte on the bridge after talking 10 minutes to him. Volpe told Magistrate Reuben Japlan afterward he was despondent because he couldn't spend his money as fast as he makes it. He said "he tried unsuccessfully to blow it in on women and drinking. "That is a veiy unusual reason for doing something rash." Magistrate Caplan told Volpe. He ordered the defendant to see n lawyer and doctor before returning Sunday for hearing on a disorderly conduct charge. Patrolmen Edward Waller and William Erdman spotted Volpe sitting on a ledpe of the bridge over a railroad o n 29th street. He warned them to leave him alone and they couldn't reach him because of an intervening railing. The cops talked to Volpe for 10 minutes and pulled him to safety when he stood tip. Volpe told the magistrate he operated a cabinet-making business with seven employes. He said he is separated from his wife. Slephensoa Ordered Returned To Prison ST. PAUL. Minn.. Nov. 23. «P David C. Stephenson. former Indiana grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, today was ordered returned to resume his life term for the death of a young woman worker in 1925. The State Supreme Court ordei marked an end in Minnesota court to a year-long fight for frcedon by Stephenson, once a power in Indiana politics. Stephenson, 56, was convictec of second degree murder for the death of Madge OberhoUzer, 24 In March, 15)50, he was parolci and given permission first to liv in Oklahoma and then Illinois. H disappeared from Carbondale, II and was sought by Indiana as parole violator. HEARING AID PHILOSOPHY A h e a r i n g aid If j u ^ t as satisfactory to Itir u^-r as the service cons t a n t l y n\ailahle. Your henrlnc aid needs good fresh batteries, sometimes a b r o k e n or defective cord replaced or net repaired. J'atron- izinR n Frederick firm assures dally service and frei} ioaner if needed. F R E D E R I C K HEARING AH) CENTER Phone K43 ·» «'. Patrick St. VELL-TRAVFJEtt Can opener blade? cut thplr way distance equnl to almost two nnd hnlf times around the world just penlnii the cans of food packet! nch year In Maryland, an analysis f th« state's pack statistics re- oals. "The Free State processes about 80,000.000 cans of foods each ear." explained Ur. 11 E. Michl. conomist for the American Can Company, supplier of containers. Every tune a housewife opens the average run she cuts through 10.79 nches of metal." On the basis of the state's an- iual pack, this would mean that, iltouether can openers slice liroutih 61,306 miles c u t t i n g otT the ops of Maryland-canned foods. The Nnvn. Frederick. Md., Saturday, November 24, 1951 MKETING TUK8DAY The Women's Democratic League of Frederick County will meet «t the home of Mrs. Cnrollne Me- G i l l . Thurmont on Tuesday cvcn- itiR at 7:1(0 for their regular monthly mcetitiK Miss V i r g i n i a K. Lewis, assistant professor of Social Science at Hood Colleige will be the Riiest speaker, and will sp«ak to the Democratic ladies on parliamentary Jaw and procedure. Miss Lewis hails from Memphis. Tennessee. Formerly she was ihi» social science analyst and an attorney for the Social Science Board of The Treas- ·OUCK C'Ol'RT CASKS Magistrate H. Reese Shoemaker vearinff testimony on a hit-and-run charge, refused to believe the de- 'endant had not known of the ·rash, and fined the Middletown driver, $26.45, in Peoples' Night 2ourt. Friday. In the only other case last night, riarry Birkinshi, Frederick, forfeited $5.80 collateral on a charge of intoxication preferred by Serjjt. Potts and Officer Shook. The charge of tailing to stop after an accident was preferred Thursday night ((gainst Richard C. Conway, Middletown, according to a city police report, as the result of a minor collision at Market and Seventh streets about 7,25 p. m. ury Department in Washington. Miss Lewis received her Bachelor of Law degree from the George Washington University. Washington. She IK a member of the Tennessee Bar Association and the American Association of Political Science. Doors Open Daily At 10:4$ A. M. Continuous Shows From 11 'A. M. OPfMMUSf tfAPPOCK DRIVE-IN THEATRE I M.WM) o) Frtfcri* Rain is called "liquid sunshine" m Hawaii. Hcrody Our sun is probably not the only one with a family of planets racing around it. The AH Automatic Fuel For Water Heating FREDERICK GAS CO., Inc, Tet. 2575 107 East Patrick St- JOTN HOSPITAL AID TODAY Puzzles Games Books Erector Sets Lincoln Logs Tinker Toys . Building Blocks Mechanical Trains Lionel Trains Model Toys Handy-Andy Tool Sets Storm Shipley THE BUSY CORNER Market Second Sts. Phone 26(1 CLlNS AS IT FOR»WTUftE SEEGER CO. HARDWARE 45 S. Market St. Phone 106 We. Deliver Maytag Makes Your Dollar Go Furtherl Low Cottl low Upk»»p! T H E M A Y T A 6 CHIEFTAIN. En.y t rrm* -- l i b e r a l Irnde-in. f-orne !· $129.95 today. 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NOV. 24 MAT. * 1CVK. · Z FEATURES · ALAN "ROCKY" L A N E "VIGILANTE HIDEOUT" (1.30--7:20--10:15) · BIG COMEDY CO-HIT · ··nt:.\n" Monn Frecmnn Edward Arnold · B i l l y DcWolfe (At 2:20--H:20 Onlv) Extra--Serial--Busier C r n b b r "Pirates of the Hijyh Seas" SUN. 9 I'. M. only MON. 6:45-8:45 fffif f'l Ktt\ttt.K Mar Dona Id Carey Rory Calhoun 'MEET ME AFTER THE SHOW (Color liy Technicolor) 'JOIN HOSPITAL AID THEATRE D A M A S C U S . MD, SATURDAY, Nov, 24th "TEXAS CARNIVAL 11 Esther Williams, Red Skelton Howard Keel Selected Short Cartoon Shows: 5:45 Continuous Starts TODAY Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday A Love Stoiy Of Todays Youth THAT WILL LIVE FOR EVERYONE... WITH THREE BRILLIANT YOUNG STARS AS THE LOVERS! Paramount presents MONTGOMERY ELIZABETH SUNDAY MONDAY Nov. 25th 26th "His Kind of Woman" Robrrt MHrliiim .lane Russell Idlest New* Shows: Sun.--3:00, 5:00, 7:23, 9:46 Mon.--7:15, 9:88 CLIFT-TAYLOR SHELLEY WINTERS GEORGE STEVENS' Production of A PLACE IN THE SUN ' ««h KEEFE BRASSELLE »ro*K.1 «nd O.r«i;t«) by GEORGE STEVENS Riled nn |h« nov»l, AN AMERICAN TRACED*. hy THEODORE DREISER Also Latest World New* Kventa YOU'VE SEEN * MAN ALCOHOLIC! ... r o Rsal... So true! You'll Tell Everyone o »«· H . . · ihit POWERFUL* Motion Picture! WANNBR BMO*. JFames PHYLLIS THAXTER CJomeMll tKe WITH RAYMOND MASSEY- JAMES GLEASON · GIG YOUNG Not In 50 Y.ari Of Motion Picturw H«v» You $«en Anything Lik'a This! Not Ev.n 'THE LOST WEEKEND" W«i AbU To Bring You Such Rtaliim! WARNER BROS. SUNDAY THRU TUESDAY D O N ' T SAY WE DIDN'T TELL YOU! TODAY ONLY 11 A. M. to 11 P. M- SPAPFRf

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