The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 12
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 12

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
Page 12
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THE DAILY NEWS, PREDEEICK, MD, FEED AY, MAT 20,1932. Puzzler on Spain THE GC/MPS Jutt Soppofin' By SIDNEY SMITH HORIZOXTAfc Answer to Previous a - ? 7 Wfeo is its president? 12" Small bodies of iacd. 13 Miaate skin IS.Sereath note. 17~To devour. IS Bed on a ship- 19 Siir. 20 War fiyer 22 f acomsnon. 23 To slide. 24 Tax. 26 Ulcer. 27 Composition for ose voice. 25 Scandalous. 30 Sundry. 32 Bone. 33 Tipster. 35 Soniheast. 86 Gong. J7 What mountains separate Spain from France? }« Weathercoek- 10 To rub. 41 Weight allowance.. 42 Place where money Is made. 43 Shoe bottom. 45 Epoch. 46 To question. 47 Black hav. 4SS*lf 50 Street. 51 Neater pronoun. 52 To slip sideways la aa auto. SSCteTer 55 Largest city in Spain. 56 What dynasty laet ruled Spala? (PI) VERTICAL 1 Rerolatlon. » 3.1416. 3 Custom. 4 To utter raucously. 5 To permit. « Exists. 7 Torrid T 8 Cheat. 9 MrMlf. 10 Modern male box. 11 On top ot 13 Chaste. IS Portrait statue*. IS Barricade*. 19 Partner. 21 Sprite, 2! Disorganized eight. 23 Sounding. 25 Dormant. 26 Spirit. 27 Auction. 29 Pigmentary naerus. 30 Greater la Quantity. 31 State* again, 34 Symbol. 35 Prophet*. 36 Saving* Institution, 37 Heap. 3$ Befor*. 39 View 40 Forest. 42 To ciatllat*. 43 Went out quietly. 44 Seaweed. 47Typ» ot ·ho*. 45 Bird. 49 Eye. 51 Senior (Abbr.). 5S Therefor*. 64 Towzrd. v * (OKS CANT t»ET ovtR THAT ceTreit ^\ . BUM. WFKTT6 ABOUT MlCXIfc -- \ OF AU. TUE POOL MAJ'JOS.CRIP'rS 1 J'O LiKfc TO S££ TWAT B/RD MARRISA. MH't OUST SiT AROU^O AS.I. £AY- A^AK.l^J«· l_ov^ To Wl?, VJlFE-'i THE PIRVT V START WA^HIWtr THE 7 D»SwES WITM KIER . fUST A»4E OP VflTM MUTT AND JEFF Jeff Thought It Was A Succes* By BUD FISHER RIGHT, MJTT IT'S ^001? B«?THt)A'Y- How FONT You ARe oP tvJCK-T WAS REG'LAR FELLERS By BYRNES "Did Henpock get a divorce?" "Not that I know of, what make* you think *o7" "Why, I wa» talklno to him thl* morning and he remarked about the satisfaction a man has at his time of life In being hl« own master." COMMENCEMENT TIME Behold big brother graduate. With forehead tall and scarred. Does he reflect on cultured thoughts Approved by classic bard? Do Euclid, Homer, Adams, Smith, Involve him In a whirl Of learned stuff and problems tough. Or is it just--a airl? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Yeah? By MARTIN VitVX-A v -V 06NK VOO "E.VES, ·^atREG. U. S, PAT. OW. O2 BY H0 StRVICE. IKC.^ THE BUNGLE FAMILY Ha, More High Words By TUTHILL "Does Jack get along happily with his wife?" "Yes. some of his opinions coin cide with her's and the others he keeps silent about." ' SCHOOLS OUT The circus it has come and gone The small boy once more is forlorn; But warm June days will gladden him. For then he'll be right in the swim." YES IT'S TRUE PEGGY AS YOU S«t; THAT WAR IS FRIGHTFUL, AND I'VE OFTEN RESOLVED THAT EACH OF MY_ CAMPAIGNS WOULD BE THE LAST ONE, BUT UMFCRTUNATEUT I'M CURSED WITH MCR THAN MY SHARE ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT AND -' »S-SK^ /. SO WH«T! WKY YOU... WELL MISS BUNGLED I'M GLAD TO HAVE MONTY? r.'HY SUCH-OH I BEG YOUR PARDON MISS BUNGLE FOR SPEAKING SO SHARPLY TO THIS.. -AH, FELLOW DEAR Ot-D MONTY WE LOVE TO NAG EACH OTHER. HE LIKES TO GIVE OTHERS THE IMPRESSION THAT HE DOESNT REMEMBER ME. OH WELL, A BIT OF INNOCENT FUN DOES NO HARM SINCE IT'S ALL IN TH , ·. i j! A»*5*!tfr-V FAMILY. AHEM! v. WE, EVERYONE. WAS SO ALARMED WHEN WE HEARD YOU WERE LOST SO GLAD TO KNOW TOU WEREN'T REALLY LOST ON THAT FLIGHT MONTY AND.. HE SEEMED SUCH A BAD HUMOR. ESPECIALLY ABOUT YOU CALLING HIM BY HIS FIRST NAM MR EL DORADO DO YOU DO! PERMIT ME TO CALL YOU UP LATER. THIS EVENiNG. ABOUT SIX GUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS j THE NEWFANGLES (Mom and Pop) A Tough Spot! By COWAN Mrs. B.: I hope we will always be sble to keep the wolf from the door. Mr. B--Well. If he comes to this fiat he's sura to find the doorbell out of order. WART! T. TOLD AM TOLO AQouT OL HAL.F-ET APPLE. AROUMD.?' \ Or-l , 1 AiMT 1T4RO ~ 'AT,ME.-T. ' BE. AROOMO A WORM HOLE. AM' LOOH'lKj' AT Trf FUNiNME. AT TH' SAME.-TIME- Diner: That was the driest, ffatest sandwich I ever tried to ch^v into' Waitress: Why, there's your sandwich I You ate your check. AM' Tr-l' OTHER A«MT. OH CHtCW.'-THE MOST THOILUM T H - lM 6 HAS Et-US JUST Too ELOPED AGUSTA AMD THKT POET MR. AVER BE HAWIMG HOWER ?O A SOK-N-LA*! 1 MJ\J ViMT ELOPED.'! THEJA IM HAVE SKIPPED TO GET IN CAR -A\-U TU\S I DOtfT HAVE TO varr_I CAM SEE VWWS GOiNG TO HAPPEN TO Me. £'RE CJESPOiSlBLE FDR JAM- CAM HELP THEM OUT REHiVE

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