The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 23, 1931 · Page 4
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 4

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1931
Page 4
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FOTO THE DAILY HEWS, FREDERICK, MD, WEUflTEBDAY. DEOEMBEB 2S, 1981. INDEPENDENT SBTTSFAMHt. ed .T«J «f*«TM»B es Tt« Sevs-Pcst Balding, Conrt street, S pswnso CO. SO cOilifrSICATtOS cJ «ay tort er «*- MR. ROGERS FINDS A CRYING NEED IN CHINESE SCHEME O F T H I N G S To --he Editor of Tbe Ne«*: Feipjis. Dec. 23.--Vice-President Marshall fjund what Acu.-ica r-eeded. I can toE you «hai the Orient needs. Doct briag a lot of ckxfaes. You c*3 get acythss her*, toilet ar- ticl*s. cigarettes, ihoes. Scotch, aad all cf Asier.can standard Japanese Servants Held SOTICSS c: tay t:=!! pttakiag «f -»i 6« wr:tien . Bur for nwrcy sakes bRE$ a pil- v.n--off with leathers In it These oy* here ire t iCed with nc«. which v /._nt t« so bad if they hsc o--:«-i it :.-·* Yours WILL ROGERS. HEALTH By DP. MORRIS PISHBEE*, := «w cc.-=^ of corrscse-J upca Us b«Et b.-O cl lie WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 23, 1331. IT. rti-ar in DIVORCES DECLINE. JXvoroes decreased 5 per cent. 1S30 and ihe putdc. which fc: 48 y had known cciy increases, is. taken by suryr:**. «xkins an ex- '. Coasicier^.g thai the trend , has bees upward a: the rate cf 2 to 5 per cent a year, the decline is ever, sharper than the 5 per cent. Indicates. A cumber of factors have contributes to th's change. Tnere was less money ; Meal*s Mar Cause Death. «,! ns the fact that rr.any iids of c:,:iars. !.a-.e be":: iper.t th-b has no: jet be?:; di- co-.'red Th" tvneral ycpre»j3n prevails t£*i !t is so small thai it «12 rass through th* pores cf a clay filter. r.'^s.'lrt! are r.ow, BY KODKEY DCTCHEB SEA Service Writer Dec. 23.--Get the I.Jt-F^^tgy bin lor federal un- relief if you iaat to foEor sow seetns liie-ly to be tbe bi« lve figh; o? tbe 72d Grntro Aktyarra. M-year-oId Japanese but!i'r. nai Jitld in Poaghkeeijsle. N. Y . on a char,;', of first degree mur- ... . ,, , h (ler lor the fatal stabb'ng of J. William threat, rcic-.:-..r.g «f t;ie eys. a cough.. ^* ar.d Hie apjxa.-juicc of -Ahlte spots or. . Scnatz. his -.veal'.hy employer. Here Akl- the lining membrane of the mouth · yama is shown, bespattered with blood. J5,?e_-:_-e many ch Mr--n .vem to recover · a f f r his arrejt A'£iama mas said w cas-ly fr^ni ni.\u.«-, parei.ts have been [ have commuted the crane in a rage ac condition lightly. J being discliarged This bill, atitboncag $350,000,000 for relief, appears as tbe most asd carefully planned reUel advanced and is expected W .iave support of tie progressive* along ?. ,*.h that of many other Democrats and H-pus-icacs if it is demonstrated that jtaura and muiiicipaliUec cannot pre-,e:i-, svmatsoa ajsd extreae distress ·Ait:; fcistmg faculties am! funds. Se-ialor Robert M LaFoll«te of WSs- -ouia speac tcoe: of November renew- .ns coixi:v.','!ii 12 the co«ctry resulting · from usempjoyaxnt. m conference with experts u to the best method o! federal relief to localities unable to bear vh-e bird-fa of demands and la drafting ' and re-draft-ng the measure SQ that .', *i* o^i_vi coveTM C'Vtr'y wt?ui. Now LaPtalleM* ss Trorkosg on a sur- co-dltioae frosr mayors of about 800 . cities and is des:gr.«i to determine the , extent of need for federal aid He ex- Sadrsfco Ot-^ka. 26. was alleged to ' peca w use tea _-.forssa«oa with t*2- havr -siced her brjther-a-!aw. Gen- '-^ " l '~'- b - conles oJ « that asa=y aseffl- t r j AJc:vin-ji, sn the brutal fc-lUng ._ J Wil'jai Sc'-_i-z 56 ncftl'-hy cianu- ; ^ rs °- Co=?reis wiJ su; fa^.urer.'hj had 'dlicha'rg'ed them," '·**? lear = :ive iac:s; - .r-xn ^--^^^--^ ^ 6 ^i ^ Hc^r^nii^op^ ! .,bov,. ««n Coroner John A. ;^ 1 ..^:: A^iM 00o"ww "relier ap- » p-.cturtsi Cird afurr -r arrest on a nrst degree rr.urd-r charge. for counsel lees, court costs, carfare to i nc ; C({ } «; r e ar( . s,m? «ix think that ; · Re£O and steamship passige to Paris f.ery cr.Jd !'-is to have the disease. To cesses of Bocler? with limited in- 1 sr - d ha! thcrofore careful control is , " ,, , _ _ ur.r.c"°s.\arv. This np'nl~-n i s certainly coa« a divorce is still a iuzury. - ^ nt ^ v ^ oy . hr fjcts . Fewer divorces among the rich, it | -j^p c » li:c j ^v, 0 h.^ b^n tj, contact there were fewer, might be attributed i-a-y.h fuitr ch::£iren :ia\ing measle-s is · 10 tin fact that market worries since i likely to develop the disease from eight 1929 have left them little time for do- jnesstc battles or those infidelities which Children Make Known More Of Their Wants To Santa Claus j preiurrubly would be ve- | toed. Never-hcltss. LaPoUette proposes I to have the rel;ef funds adarcistered ! entirely by the state and iocal authorities, thereby meeting Hoover's constant insistence that relief administration should be kept 33 nsrar as possible to th; recipients of relief. The Red Cross, which last year to 10 davs after exposure «nd may. as a result. ha - . e coir.plicatioiis which lead injury if not to death. S'-ldom nccur ;ri a child un- so often lead to the divorce courts. Low flies out of the window when ! Or -«-x months of 3%?. because appar- poverty comes in the door, and when \"~^" *·* |" cther trawmlte to the chl!d ] i some of her own immunity, provided it, an airpUr.e, a toy Ford car. orange., cajiciy. Crap's ar.d ba- :ia:«is--Charlo'.ie Joy. Mt. Airy. Sautu \Vili YOU plcftse brliitj me _ ! .i big doll Ions carls, a set of prosperity coases la too large doses or 'l^tizx' had" the"eisVase~and' ret»ve7ed~ cis " t5 - a ^ooTM- «"··*· r - uts ar - d or too suddenly. The handmaiden of jihe ti^oise occurs most ccmmonly in ·wealth, is dissatisfaction with every- : children from five tx nine and from thing associated with the old state of I I 0 tc 14 ?^ s ° r ^ c , . -, All races are attacked by the dlspoverty: many marriages cannot stand Prosperity. : diar_s die mnre frejuent!y than Whites. Fewer divorces will be counted by ' perhaps because of their I'vlng condi- sosne as a compensation for the de:J °^ S nnd perhaps because the medical pression. though others will think only of those cnhappily wedded ones who ' j^ost w ;', aust suffer awhile longer. Dear Santa Claus- I tiould Uie you plane, some candy, nuts ar.d oranges ; through Chairman John Barton Payne Jo brli.-4 me a baby biugy. a coll to put -r.d a Christmas tree -- Rahue ant! , refused to administer any fecera* re- i'ph Bt-v inss. Adaftsstowc. · lief appropnation wrj-h aught be fcrth- D^.ir Santa. I -..oi.ici Use to have a · coming, li ignored in the LaFollette bill CAS TOU BEAT IT By Eet f C?oiKdr 75 LOOK; / \ ^ \ "3','o:i ar:ci train, randv. nuts and or- Lune . LaFollette i3\s S25C.OO.OOO is the "best Dear Santa Claus: I wasl an infant and nest spring." Belief new being i anises, and a Christmas tree --Ode Anders, Thurajont. Dear Santa Claus. Please bring me a i t^.J^ t ·I 11 v.ith long curls, a new dress, pairi",^^. S?T ease, but apparently Negroes and In- 'f slippers, tablet, big blue companion. ; Ljr ., a , lp a bureau icarf. a pink comb, migratory victims of unemployment. mirror, cn i:Jrcn. to Quotations The daredevil who, after going over Niagara Falls in rubber ball, seeks ... . . . . . . For a csld I take n pinch of bicarb- something reaUr recess to do, might . , Mte 0 . ^ a aj . d a ^^ Qf com _ ga try gettins; out Christmas eve for a ^o^ sV; moced iv.:h lemon juice and oocketbook. a. broom, candy, nuts and r:vnges, and a Chri^tmiis tree--Mar. iret Anders. Thurmont. Dear Sa-.ita Clans. Please bring me a · -pgun. a new suit, a pair of slippers. i pair of stocking."., ra ncoat, leather . ,pcc. a coat, train, track, trolley car, galoshes. ; records, a! car. mas tree.-- 10,447 CHILDREN ATTENDED SCHOOLS DURING NOVEMBER Winners Of Banners Last Month Also Announced. A toial of 10.447, children attended · the public schools of Frederick city «n»t I county during November, it was report- a d-W and wardrobe set ' * * * I ed by ifcss Gertrude Smith, atesad- zzle ·» storv book candj- ' A Federal Emergency Relief Board f anoe officer, who also announced ban... ^.,^ O ro.,^os-- Bcrr'ce ^ogle Mt' fioold be created to allo", the funds to i ner schools from the standpoint of "^^1" = ' · " - . - ^ ^^^ gotcrnmer.ts whi:h applied . attendance cunag November. Dtar S,Tta~ P'o?^c bring me a veloc- '-^ executr.e Dear Sar.ta Please brir.; me a big families of four, often with no aid pos- s.ble for sjgle destituts persons or small phonograph, with two , Grace Abbott, head of th ir.d needles, a story boot, a I Bureau, -ali-ch La^o.-e::^ cff.cer ?.ould be Miss j Of the total attendance, the pupils f ihe Children's ; trere divided as foJtowsi One room. says has had ! *53: two room. 953; graded, 6.187; poker date. moced iv.:h lemon juice -- MahatEMi Gandhi _ _ , , _ , , . . Tbls depression Is tough on some r:n R0 moro of s pe rson . o j an ij,. ! 5C t. electric stove, roller skates, Sar.tai Picase bring me a doll, j randy, r.uts. sr.d oranges.--Alta Ecker. : I baby, stool, red rocking chair, laundry F--d?r!ck Rcute 1. sport . Dear sar.ta Clau.-.: Please bring me a i folte. Sddte Cantor must tell depres- j cirtdual human being, than a can of ,'coat, some story books, candy, nuts, or- rair of bocts. a toss truck, a candy slon jokes and hard times stories over j peaches. the raido for nearly an hour for S2.SOO. Women j cigarets. anges, some doll clothes and a brush.--Grace Free. Dear Santa Claus: Please br'ng me a leisure. They want leather coat, pair of high top shoes. to go places · some games, candy, nuts and oranges. ia Sidney, movie actress. ·Jf TT ·?£ want They foreign correspondent who sent j They want culture, but not too much j --Billy Dosu, 20 East Seventh street. of it. I Dear Santa Claus' Please bring me a --Anna Stecse Richardson Japsji win not resort to war. Tbe m-litary meas-.ircs ·ahich she has tak- ! en . . .arc in the nature of police iunc- pamt car.c. nuts aad oranges --Clayborne Eo:er. Frederick. Route 1. D^ar Sar.ici C;aus: Please bring me a pair cf rlipperr. a 'anst «?.:ch, a doll, car.ciy orarsre.? Drrr.cnbrrp. Frcdcno'-:. Roiit^ 1. ile urgent needs by the ington street, 96.4; high schools, Mides are provided for. | dietowrs, 98.5; colored schoQis--one bij, job -srould be to re- , teacher, Horsey's. 95.3: two teacher, ;ions from the governors i Suanyside, 95 3; graded and high he evidence of need. It school, Lincoln High, 97.2. The complete record is as foBows: One-taacher schools--Bloomfield, 975; . p p . . - - ^ -^ a . Jthonze£i to pay each ap- slate up to 50 per cent, of the the amount spent Cattail Branch, 97.8; Maplevilie. 977; ov sa'e' and communities . jjt. Philip. 96 9: Philip's Delight. 95 8: ar.d nuts--Charlotte . r ^ r e:nerger , c y relief in 1928 and the | Kemptown, S4.8; Foun^m. 94.7 Broad the news dispatch about the "ommunlst girls wanting pretty clothes should brush up on the definition of news. amount in 1S31. Pleasant Perhaps Charley Curtis is one of I those horses which don't believe in be- j ing changed in midstream. ' D-ar S-r.-~. Glaus" --Baror. Shidchara. Safety flrst The only thing the contract bridge marathon will prove is that the winners had the best cards. "Why net a little relief for the federal treasury?" asks Uncle Andy. a vile motto. It is soul-c^'stroyinTM. a pestilent heresy which will robe the race of man of all incentive ; Dear Santa: Please bring ir.c a sled --Major General J E. B. Se-lr. Brit- ; p^,. of states, story book, pa'r of arc! t cs. and a cap --Ernest Baker, Wcods- boro. Dear Sar.t,i: Please bnng rr.p a pair eddy anci tool chest, new «uit. fire oi-.cinc. a set. can(33'. nuts ar.d oranges, pcrs. car.dy. nuts ar.d crar.gcs. Please --James Dosh. 20. East, Seventh street. Dear Santa- Please bring me a doll :hat cocs tn sleep, a Toddy bear, ptun ' yo't to !·«:-:: n-" s^me a Tablet. '!, stor- book, some candy, nut* snc! a c^--.por:~:i. canriv. nats, ar.d cranges. ] oror.gcs --pAUime Baker. Woodsboro. Dear Santa. Pleate brine me a doll, a gtmi ball, some candy, r.uts and an ^rar.gc --Viola Baker. Woodsboro. ,, _ Half the amount j R an . 93.3; Prospect, 92.8; Str.ta Claus: Please me ( Tou!d ^ paid at. oac^ and the rest as · Grove, 92.6 Foresi Grove, 92.6; Friend- A a coll. a pair of bedroom si'p- , ^^jj^ xae board could also make Iship, 92.3 Beaver Dam. 81.2 Harrisviae, pers. car.dy. nuts ar.d crar.scs. Please ^--^-033 j O r m.sratcry workers and | so .2 ; Locust Grove. 73.3. do nit fo-^et my brother. Jimmie.-- : jaT wheat from the Federal Farm Two-Kacher schools--Harmony, S6.3; Kc'.f-i Tuck-T. Frerlenck, Ro-::c 1. Board winch could be traced for or con- , Mt. Pleasant. 94.9; Johosvilfe. 93.5; I wouid like for Vef:s6 into Sour. Hearings for aath- j Brunswick, 93.3; Ijamsvine. 93 1; Feaga- :r.zc-ci agents of JNcll.e Burner. Route 1. Dailv Lesson In English Liberty Church Services. '.Veres often rs^used: Do not say. : P«vel by the board. Japan favors the approac systea of contract bridge. f the ap?l.M.nt states i yCe, 92.5; BuckeysMwn, 92.0; Union- be compulsory and such states ! 7l! t et 91 6; Forest, 91 1: Brook H01. 90.8; would have to present detailed plans I poxnlle. 87.6; Rocky Ridge, 86.5; Ca- sho-yins the purposes for which it j ;oetsn Furanee, 80. would use allocated funds and means j Three-six teacher schools--Creagers- -,nd meth=ds by which the funds be ; :OTI1- 04.2; -svolfsville, 94.2; Barfeitts- adniinistered. R«'_ef S'- 7 «- would be |rti i e 94; Urbana. 93.3; New Market, based on a standard family budget · Q 2 .8; Emmitsbur?, 92.4; JsSerson, 92.2; Knoxvilie, 91.8; SabillasvlUe, 91.7; Pt. 91.0; My- Walkers- 87 5; Woods- iaclop'ed b~ state authorities and ap- . ,, =, Luf s Stuff ' t'.ie church. The ann-ial Christnins PE- :"r:^-r.nirnt of tbe Libcrtytown Metho- 1 d^t Protr5tant church w;Il be held Sat- t.rdav r.;ht a; 730 o'clock, at which __.,,. :_rr.f a pageant. ' To Bethlehem." and ' -a.r.eoat ar-d hat Thanks To Tbe Postman. The Poststes lacen do»-n cards esprsssnig Icve and ki;id regards, aad wishes for evtencV-d cheer st Chrtstmas and thrrjghotit the year. ' We see iiia stopping cc'-r by door dispensing srrcetin^s frcm his Etrr- and helping folks alvT.s his b'^it to find the Christmas season s~cet He fciows no-t what the cards contain-- ifcey speak crief ines:r.z"c of ch-er. and hspes tf jc~.s tiirourh-?"t the yr-^r. :eci".'.cijS will be given. The commit- too in chars: is cf Duval S^cicnrr, chssntiar.; Mrs H. Bruce -.-r: civ c-xi:. a jva'-r of arctics, a dMl. a bat ar.d some candy.--Manrarct Fc- cle. \Vcrdiboro Dear Santa i Please br^-.c me a blue a Iv-.x of hir.dfccr- I-:al-a-ieo5, first a as in "at." tccr.d a ..r.-Te^:v.. TO as in "loose." ?.n.1 acc.r.t. :.-.s: r;. -l-.b'.e. not ti-e first., O f t t n mjspellcd; Tourn3Lineiit Ob- ! Synonyms' Breve In the club they were telling 50 bip." f^r.'ng Thr fish was at trc ctl'.trs ^ o ol i' into the boa: an-.p us" The same tiur.g happened c"." said a q\i.e" r.^r -- "or. tr.e ?.:a one. Id r-! let me ' for fear it sh-uld to me r-tan.3 '--Passing ih.efs. a bis box of crayons. r?-r of ·Lfc 5tockir:sr.«. pair of slovts, p^nc L-. ",ib.ct5. c^uav. r.uts ana -a*:ce5 :d a bcs-k --Lorraine L^vc.l. IVr.r Santa Clatw PVosc brir.c each us a ^-agor.. toy tractor. p--pr^- air- geacrale. V.'vri ^' .-ij. "L'se a -?rc three ant it is -^,irs" I--: us increase our -.".ar.. by tr.-sst^r.i.:; or.e word each cav Toda's Trcrd. Min.p'ilate: to har.rl'..- s's/lfull- ' It 15 very d.ffir; to m~.r..r":l.v.o parts of this CALEMJAK- Friday, December 25. Christmas Day. Centenary of the birth of John F. Dillon US31-1914. American jurist. Saturday, December 26. ICCta ans^-i ersary of the death of 5tepnen Girard 1750-1831). noted ve -_ (j_ff :cu ;; An-.erican rr.ercha-t. banker and p! MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP lar.tarc? 200th anniversary 'iTSl" 1 . French poet-cntic. Fiit-val rf St. Stephen. Christian martyr. SIDE GLAXCES By George Clar fOES.ULS.PAT.OFF.toi33I Ktttgf SSfHKX. BC "Hell probably give me a lot of expensive perfume and IH go on danan these stockings for a few more months." IN NEW YORK Graded schools--Washington S 96.4; Church St., 95 5; North Market j '^ Tork. De:. 23.--The CtCbsrt- contract, maratcoa has solt The Postzr^n -KITS our 5ug-h cstec~ ;: fee causes hop's and heart* to glcarr, jyful feelings ;o abound --X. A. Twenty Years A o Today Flapper Fanny Says--- the columns Pcr -7. 131! West Pat-- ci ; - reot. frctn Market to C^'-r*. beri~~ "n s- 5-ti as the N-"t lich-.-^d clcck in the a? fiur C."" r". 1. Oilvr ro'ej T.."° ^^n C-cT-rr -7 Cr-'rerj. * ^n t ^ the c:^im.^ .r.~'~ --* sr.d S,-: ' C .-. .« t: T..C N- . When roast b'o.m black j j^ bad ; Grc" e aid h ^ i;y r tt $ ^"cther, i ] Frank Gri-.c. ai.d J Al'.er. Grcsi- , | b r.e. of Bradd.-.'fi.^d a i l fence en \Vet. Patrick s;n^:. but n urr.e to rr-".cst, n 10,000 SPECIES o I ."Tu/ENlV MILLION Bartonsvilie. 93.9; Comswck. 925: Fountain Mills, 9? 5; B-oricttsviHe, 92 3; OidSelds, 88.9; Xerw Market, 856: of the death of W-uodTi^e. 86: Delia. 85.3: Liberty-town. i Ar.tolne Kcudart ce La Mstte ( 1672- £.1 5; Sbeneser. 77.4: Mt. Pleasant, 76.7. New London. 54 3. Colored. Two-ieach«r schools--Sunnyside, 95 3: Douos, 93.3; Hopeland. 92.5; Brans- Graded and High Schools--Lincoln K-Sh. 97.2: South Bentz St, 96.S; Lir.- cc.".n sevsnth grade. 95 8, West Seienih St., 95.7. cius Sccday, December 27. i -f Et. John. Apcstle evanielist. of tl-.e binh cf : Faircli.Id 1SI1-1SP6' 1 . Ur-ion ofEoer, iWscorsa go-.emor ar.d United States i 100th acr.iversary of the sailmg from i Er.clar.d of tbe "Besc'.e.' tl:e ship on. j-\hlch Dsrwir. made his histor.c vcy- t iddletowr., 98.5; Fred- enci, 97.1; Emmi^bunt. 955; Bruns-| 3r.dge expcr^sg and teacaing pr«c- wick' 561- Liberty. S4~4; Thurmont. ! ;ses to ^ecoics quite the oest racket. 9 - 7 - Waikersnlle." 87 8. j of th « ^ssou. Anyone who has at- One-teacH-er scnools--HorseT's, 95 3: I : «- a8d a class or two under the Cul- terrsons now qua,- i5es as aa expert Mrs. culbertson, I :c-Heye. charged S4C - lesson before th-. ~ .g show get under -.ay This will pos- .bly be tiltec - r.mewhat. Mar.;. - iio attesced a fev classes HDW hara -^s d3«-a to $5 or iJieresbotits. Music teachers s--d ve-:;al Tra-i* around a guarter. The loss of couple of rubbers runs "a? to $500 t tasreaboats. It's not uncommon several thousand dollars checfee an ereTiiig. ~ ·£· ~ Mast of taa "regulars"" play togeilx leriods cf time, for "short ses tT.=r np-inrij Court News freq-jsntly are icarfeed bj extra ordinary nms t"r.e cards -- 50 ~.9n what I asean \IvSt of us hav zs of thoee ·ant hoid a £teg3 'T"g- tonisht** ere i.ngs. For the professionals," tb -..g mo-sy days ar ·^rtai2jy b e r 3-.eryu2e seeins t ^.ant lectures ani 7;cial arttcies ' ^ach oiher fo: j who have been wcnderiag I ne for where tlieir next pup.l was cooiiris frc3 at S3. SIO more an hwir, now look bitterly a: Variery. the theatrical niade a re:e^t surrey which, said iti colusms, iadi^ted thai 5.000 person 'part^e -i- -,ro---a the world ss a naturalist, j Property Deeded. ·-,-,,,,,,.- - -" % -,"-"^-i Ccr^er.t:in -'. iTangeiists -Jo"" Sweadner to Martha I. Swead-i p-^ a ^ ^ EsiSaac.-ng wincows read-. - " ' "' " "" ^, . w ! -..- ~t- **·· ^A-wnT.,.1 -\-nn«r--T. m i *^ff: Coistracz Tausnt. * . a^c Ciir.'tiar. Workers. Memprus, Term. · s - · *^ 3i » persoaai properiy, »io. i = i Na-.^£l Asj.riat.c.n cf Accredited! Join Sweacner. widairer. to Roscoe j * -a- * | C-2r.-.rr.erc^l Spools. Chiccgo. j Swesdner ani wjf». coun^-, $1. ! i:=:3 S^'* "--» "^^ ^ tnnr? their | Teac-trs' Fed- , j a h- sweadner, wicower. to iosis K. iweadner, et al. couzty, $1. J. Walter Ezglar. et a'., to The Mt ! WTh« V Wolfe ard wife to LcHi-e nse several p-r-izts or. ihs str^ny-.'-i nf · ' May Wolfe, city, SIO. _ the growing vcr-=- ~ ir. New York are makir-z 510,000 ;-ar or better from zxctrsct ia ons way or another. --GILSSRT SWAS. '-i Lcr:d.» Phi. M^r.trcal. 's ace--even as you and I--aow ' estiva;* a swagger a^d challenge sa- j perior players. ; "Bah.- they ;!«iss. witb a saa? of i Bible Thought A prophet is not save ja his owi Comus :. Irc :3 --Mr ar.d Mrs Rus-1 ^a r.av- r^r-.Tc 10 Co---.if. Gee Jrrins^ri foent several . V V.« C'C**.-^ \ r T*-f- ^^-* T.^"- ' .n ...5 ?^ cr. ..^...c ».--. j^**~ i --Mr. ar.d Mrs. O--o Gr?sg motored | Ho--er E. Toms and wzJe to S. Luths ?o^ shiver £-. tt-.s prospect of a7. tbe * * °' '· To yiejd reverence and night v/--^ boaor ad in his 1S:57. * to another, to ~ Tons, county. SIO. people wco will st-ay ho:rs -igh S. L-utier Toas to Homer S. Toms ] oat =e ' T co ~- ra -- srcenies dd wife, ointy, 510. i Leo Wei-berc, asi^iee, to Witer V i c\rec:.v t ~; visted --aks her, J;hn H. Hoop and w^e to Walter A. B.?--er a^d wife, co»n:y. S5. Mr ar.5 Mrs j lea 3. Swomlev and liusband. to W. G--c G-s-jTs: Sstsrcay Ar.a Sunday ; l^^l.e B-ir;er ar.d wife. cj^. SIO. -- ,- :: -.-c^Mr-^R^S^Dr.:iisc2^a=a j o?cr;e and Frank L. Hoffman, to ·Bryan Mrs J W IXvi-.'cl -r.d Mr? ' Goocsca. Mr Albert Grrj^. Mr a=d _ :.:r Kc-_ry C-rcfs: arc; ti--.r or.. Kcnry [ j r . all of Washj=;:or.. r.r.d Mr. and ! Mr? Carter tic sons Le, land 2nd Harcld ar.d Mrs. Orrison, of ' Virr.n-a H.chlands. 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