Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico on May 7, 1965 · Page 13
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Clovis News-Journal from Clovis, New Mexico · Page 13

Clovis, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1965
Page 13
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VOtR FttfcEDOM too Many generals— A We balleve that aU men are equally endowed by their CYeator, and njt by any government, with the Rift ot freedom and that it is ever; man's duty to God to preserve his own liberty and re»pe<* the liberty ol otheri, Freedom is self-control, no more, no less. To discharge this responsibility, free men. to the best of their ability, must understand and apply to daily living the Treat moral guides expressed in the Ten Commandments, the Golden Ruie ar.d the Declaration of Independence. This newspaper is dedicated to fwnlslilnai information to our readers so mat they can belter promote and ifpservo their own' freedom and encourage others to see its blessings for only when 1 man understands Freedom and is free to control mmself and all hei produces, can he develop to his utmost capabilities in Vrmonv with' the above moral principles. CLOV1S NfcWS-JOmtNAL, Friday. M^7jOfi57PaK7'i3 SIXTH AND I'lLB - pllOfflB' W-iST' Body Value Increases! An expert in such matters,comforting bit of news to some'. We do know tnere seems to 'l says that chemicals in the hu-'of us who e e I to wondering °e little improvement in the con-1 - dition despite all the regulations that have been adopted by those (We invite qnsstlons ft eco nomlcs and the proper functions of government which will n*t Injure anyone.) QUESTION: "What should he done about smog, and who should do it?' ANSWER: We are in some-. Uiing of the same position as just about everyone relative to; smog. We do not know what! should be done. However, we' are different in that we admit | we do not know. man body which were valued,now and then why we haven't al only 98 cents in the 1930s I made more out of ourselves. Jin government. arc now worth $800. i Anyone who can take a mea-. , r , , . , . „ 4 . This could be written off. of sly 98 cents worth of anything fhc P rob ' cms of a »' pollution course, as just another ease of arid build it up to $800 can't be f eem , lo bc P rcvalent In al! rxagmrated inflation, and to such a bum. And if he ran also hc * vily con K c f lcd are « c M\ the truth it doesn't scorn manage to jigger those juices !.'r v ™, °" e ., ia . s , ^ ™ a perfect method of combustion to have caused much of a com- in chemical experiments so they A , ... .. motion in the stock market. spark some brain power and ..?.]. W ' avmtl N^rlhelenj,-, _,_ mi S M> ™o,- C y. ho, .-eall^^.lc. I^HA^I. ?K M _ — v „•• 'peralure inversion (warmer air The American Way aloft than at earth's surface! i these gases do not rise and clis- ;Sipate. but remain close to the individual lo h an o the con- air, particular- a temperature ° ers of there is no WANTKM "IV/o Pafewnv RAX $!(«) up UK mufjy Arnari:!o, I'CMH !1)I.K-' A Urns l?<?r rt's- munt on Also Panty Ulrd:e<. Jl- Your Cioverntnent Protects You pity on him because of his ill- By TOM ANDERSON ness and wanted to get him ad- John Martino, an American milled to a hospital. So Medina businessman, went to Havana on took Martino to the American business for a few days on July Embassy, on which ground Mar- 'J.'i. 19.V.) Twenty minutes after tin o was technically a free he'arrived he was arrested and man; Consul General Brown. falsely accused of being a pilot KcsMer. Gilthrist and the rest engaged in arms running and of l!l(1 officials at "our" Em- rimnter-revolutionary activities. hass . v wp rp horrified when they He spent 40 months in Castro's saw Martino They demanded to rlimeoons while the I'nited know whv he had been brought „.,,,., I to government turned its there. They told Martino that * g, b , or %£ L'n "dhco™ , ...... in hi m thnv were cooperating with Dr. f tuons - can help discourage i'«i ( ft i n \ 111 ii i /"•*'* t nn*;p H'nn m iv* MA u nwi II in <f t *-\ On his fourth d'iy of imprison- ' astro ancl did not want to cause 1 ' •. . " nwuim R I0 :rJ!"hrr t Sn''sr: p"nj°^rust j™" n <->- <« *««<™ -v - hv accident An American hel P Martino Consul General J 1, , official of "our" Kmbassv. Mr. Hrown ev(>n refused to talk on Droo ,' th _ f ,._.. n , ,."••"„••: HAIINTEIJ HOUSE B.-IV A pi.rt shn: r,i,.h"0 h-uvnTu-d to ho'at the tlie telephone to Marline's ' ' thal ' n> of tllc s °- call(> d N.™ open For uunnMi iv<> k. ur«m tl rt , c-Xd 1 m ••J'-iR-" and Pleaded with Mar- «™K-«>nlrol devices which the *™ »""» «!LJ^eg*L-. i .M.UII.V) iai.1 tmo to ]pa ^ (ht Amerj E slate has approved are effective /.ONA'S, ceramic shop i>rme r e * -w ' hassv ami go to prison. Brown »" ' liminati " C ( ' ont!iminants - * MUM,,,, w,s v<1 tin' br i'<<""^'d Martino that the ncst'... 7h " e is a belief amonji many — t I »X M : rt n« a' (l; '>' h(> wou 'd pitl ' cr R° f w or lbortafrans th:it '/ thp stat(> "'V M^r •, s rit'i^ 1 ' l " a hospital So Martino "vcnt.on were eliminated a so- h, d,lr.t S,...,K SiMni^i, U;i!k! , doutofithpAmcri( ,, nEm lution would he more likely to bassy and spent the next 14 ,° foim(i h >' P roflt ' -w^inR in- months in a cell with 17 other' dlvlflua!s Thr> P prsnn wno (lc ' m«-n caged like wild animals ve!ops a trul - v offp ctive device with no sun, little water, and soon woulfl h;ivp tho P(lcp on the countless hues market, and the competition be- Tlio American government tu '. ren inventive individual and State Department had ah- would hc R rcat - as oych * OU K^ solutely nothing to do with Mar- to Ollto ° hl<i competitors. i tmo's final release Martino has But stato intervention in thc ! wntton a book and made many wav of deciding that only cer- spt-eclics about his Cuban night- tair 'devices may bemused has a mare Robert Murphy, a high tendency to eliminate competi- State Department official, made tlon to Provide a better piece of, b™ or s SiitiorlT' 1,S p™'t.' a special trip from Washington pf l ui Pment The politicians arr 47M - tu Miami to warn Martino to llrulf T pressure to "do some-'v*no VERTIUZINO - Liq^n i MUSICAL GOODS IS Stwiton Sjhrtftl a! ,_ _^._ ^ MS Cdjimijfc*^ • fttttKft JUST ARWVBTJl fi&eity Htt»tf*«ia*it *n« a year tute-Wurinttr Spinel I'mnm- fully jniarantwrt, Hwutltal bwtt-at l<«* M vf». Inquire PHILLIPS HOUSE OK 118 Main. tlitl HAtKft MUSIC S\t«Pl>*> OttllAW, tt.\HH I 4M KASt 4th HIMHKST CASH HrtOM Paid 'or li>npef. Rarfmtritt, Brasi, Aluminum, Scrap, Uad, Batteries. N.M., ATTENTION TEA for sumnicr work. W:ll j>a> S."iii(.i. hasod on cffi.rt. Tor lofii; :rt.-r\ !•.•«• rnll our answering *er- vi, i, i,M\,n,; mime nnd phone number I'l.-asi tall 7!a-4-l43. WA.VI'Kl): Cur Hop. Apply In person to Mr. Kellh Knight. i)Dg 'N SudJ. ;>:'ison an rucr to !,•,•- «;11 (iilchrist claim »••] that t ; iov had not known u ''>crr w ould '.'AN'IK!>: single Indy to help with hj-se ki'i,|HM an'l c^ooklnK for family of two tl-,,1 •> vorklng. Will piy salary and !-;i.-V5n sepnriite living quarters free. \\'r:'i> Box 'J'jJ r/o Ciovls News-Journal 9»lei A Service Johnson A McOullwh Mutori Easy Tnrmi 1100 Mabrr l>r. 183-MOH SVECIAt 15 GOOD USED Boats, Motori * Tralle Complete, 25 HP up to 100 HP Motor traded for during Boat Show. Bargali Prices, Easy Financing A See Red! RED'S BOAT SHOP Your Mercnr? Bokt Dealer 101 B. lit PO 3-844 P.M. Kvo:yi iirno. WA.Mh.U bXPKKlKNCKU capaDlt waitresH Applv lo Ray or LU Heed. Gobi C«.te. t'ACEH V.'ITH A LIRINKINC; PRMRI.KV Per.inni Alri-.-'hc.* Ant)^vm-ni!i ran if'ri '!". E. Sf>.v, S'. or PO H-v LMi Meetlni!!. ^.Si M.ndav nm1 Frldav Al- Anon 7:30 rue^.'-.v. WAn'i:Ks>i-.s M:KUEI>: Apply m person lo m.-ina;.'i' Stanley's W Caie. Hi»Mw,iv ti',i-7H-S-l fcast. MISCELLANEOUS 53 We Kent Banquet T»ble« House of Color UUS 763-5593 Main }]' Thf ncx', rtav another from the American Km- Mr K'-'-slcr. camr- to 1 M.irtitio Hf \>'\<\ Mar- have to let wsr^' Marler of hU V.iilney con- sed 17 kid- rmi; !i'.« 40-month without any mod- He Ivrame vir- \i-ry 'A ii!iici.« t;".o t: .1' '!.f'' won! tir.o ;r!-.:nvd Ke 1 c ::ronii .1;:;! c:itica fjiv.on < Martino n; BUSINESS SERVICES 11 - HELP WANTED-MALE 38 atl^r.ti' t,;a!lv a skeleton, win do TYPISV; .t- ii(«i;-:i<i:i:i'!\ ; SM SV 'l'..i/.i *.. Hlh Tool Klmrprnlnc Si>rvl,> i;tu» E. nth rn •I;MI!I:X CI'STIIM SPIMVIM! Mr. Furmi-r. 1,1 r-ip-i ,i «I>.T<I In '«•:- »pr»y Jub call' 76.'-:':-:, charli-s Hi-i. 1 ,:. Pa'!.--. KXTHA CASH — Men, no invest-, muni ••- uni'k full or part time sell- 1 it;,.' the KNAPP AERO-: TKKi> SIIOKS. Kara top commis-! NOT ne.'i^sary - wrile' R. L.. • I'•i:kn;v Kn.'ipp Bros. Shoos, 6-101! !•" F-"liin!l.i St , K. Los Angeles '22, ( '.ihinniia. • Eleo. Can Opener ... $5.50 • 2,000 CFM Cooler $24.00 • Portable 1800 CFM $19.50 • Nice Refrigerator $34.95 • 21" TV, new pic. tube .... $59.95 • 20" Window Fan .. $11.50 • Elec. Clippers $2.95 Automobile Tires .. $2 up GOOD THINGS TO EA? a - - --• - - - --"••--•-• , _ >f .,— 1LB ---1'if-m— r • M H i YOUR ttvtxtr nmnm« law and ymir bltln piling high? Then let u« fin your trotwr and you can start paying for It 30 aay» Met d«Hv»ry 7B3-8&74. APARTMBflS .jWf^. CUR 210 WAKTED TO BUY FOR RENt 1 hertrooftTftf hntw 940 pet tfto. d 762-0078 or 762-0094, PVTW AT~Kri*»f * Cj^JrtA INIL.I!, ^ ifvin if, house, snntk bur, «lr ™r hor»e If desired. 141414 "S~ 763-8786 or 762^)753. .... ._, . „ 1*10 \Vr.>t 8%v««h, W*nt«d old t;ti1n« * Onln r.ill, i Supplies • Coin Hid ^'n I'rftdlnr Pint III B. Pltrt FEED ft SEED Jones, inquire st »tt call 763-819?. 3-ROOM FtmNISHED WOU9E, JJS a month. Inquire «t l»xi Prlnefc ___ FOR RENT 2"bPdronm unfuirnl«h«srt air conditioned, electric bultM SS!l t J c r d yard * n(1 3108 Los Palomns. FOR SALE: Ilenl gnm\ Airalfa Hay 3 miles We»t and 1 South of Cluvli. PH. 784.3403 , wlln Rarage, giwd ci)rtilllli>n. Call at 90S Sheldon. t BUY, SKI.I. and Haul All Klnrla of feed. C. P. Johnson 7B3-5175 I 3-BEnRt)oM WE!,i.-romt*h P d. parpet | 140 Ion-eon. Available June lit. I _ 7«3-.V>38 or 7« 0437. LIVESTOCK Jl ' i EXTRA NICK. 3 bedroom unfttrnlsh house with fenced yard, 1311 Cornel* Call 7H2-25itS. FOR SALE Holsleln Heifers Krps',1 sorm ____________ - ____ _______ .. some fresh now. R. A. Hulcheson 7H2-,«>R RENT or trade equity In Wee SI ' P. .,,._ „ ton SALE plenty of 1 & 2 vear old hie boned, yellow, silver hred Hereford Hulls, In top shape for pasture rervlne. J. J. bath home located In Belmont "">n for into model car plckian, ttrm tractor or cotton trailers of emial value. <-'all 385-41Z4 or :<K!i-5R98 or write Walter H. Branlley, 121 E. IHh. Littk'fleld. T*x. LIVESTOCK WANTED n j ~ IIIHI CO. Sam Moor* buyer. W« huy all grades ot >«.«™ Open «lx dayi a week. 763-6IK. i -.-- -— ASSISTANCE' by a citpaWe. cimrcrncd xtaft, re«(ly f willing & ,-ililp 1,1 h(M|i you find suitable!" housing ... KRKB ... NO COST TO.. yOC. Cnll Barbara Bownds, Town * SLEEPING ROOMS 74 1115) Thiirnlnn, 78J-4.WI FOR RENT: Close In, bedroom— privaici bath, private entranre, TV cable : ~ 763-3958 — 501 Pile ! 2-ROOM FURNISHED house, ?35 a month, hills pn!d. 1116 W. 4lh, PH. 765-6-198. CHOICE Bedroom, Air Conditioned, private 1 entrance, clone In. 818 Pile, Phone i<M- 4654* ' MILLER nr.Vd.U.OW HOMES ;II1B North Prince _ 7B3-7!I!IH (ir 702-2(194, TRAILER SPACES 7A - 10 : HICKS Trailer Kstates 314 W. Mth, TV A" * pace§1 clty ma "' treei ' 2-BEUIlOOM F', Call "Ii; FOR RENT rout, S or 7fi;t..T771. l-rnvliTiT hoin*. rinse lit, redcr-urali-ii ami airely f irni<,hfd. bltta pnld. no rhlldrcn anc ri i jiets. $85 a month. Day uhone 7(i,J.71il or evenings AKKRS TRAILER Park, Mortem TV\ Cable, telephone, achmil bus. pavement.! isuu E. (;rand, fha itx-sun. SWTNFOHDS TRAILER INN,~l'lose In on pavement. 1'V Cable eaay parking adults! or wlto small children. 1005 E. Oronn TllAir.ER ;;PA(,'t;S: NUM. iveek or month, claan retl rooms. Pioneer Trailer Paih »16 W. 7th (Hlway 60) 782-K'lS i 3 Bedroom unf. hniiNc. carrxirt, fenced, rnriwtcd and ilraprd. J7J * mo. 3 Bit. nnf. home, fpnred, »lt«rln>d girnsr, life rent to tenant «*• \vlll imint Uilerlur. b. lyman rentals, inc. 613 M/iTn ifi 7h2-« .7h2-4541 APARTMENTS 77 FURNISHED apartment for rent. 821 E. Grand, bills paid. 763-7!>81. 1 DKlilIOOM furnished house for rent inquire 913 E. 7th. SMALL FfRNISHED APARTMENT lor n-nl with hiils paid,, no pets please. Call at 209 Gldding. 2-BKHR(X)M house with basemen!, snraic nr.i] storaRp nwm. Nice yard wirn bar-b-que. l'a',1 762-U109 or see at 312 l,oa. and Tv !l BR. rl.'iin traiVr ! ' water prt. i/.-ii \ 76;H2S5 Owner Ili'l nuse, couple only. hL'.i.-isS, 7M.J824 or Wallace rent 'AAVI-KD KXPERlKNTF-n hn-niture mov. cri. anri ;,ni-k.-r»: .\pp:y at Bankers fnion Vari-i-.,i,:s, ; . ;KI w. j s t. Fron\ hi« vermln-lnfeiti'd toi Ir.s (,•;] in r,v:!:o dp Atarrs q ,, jf talkinc "• l It"iV'not"pat'notic """%"' and they will ( | 0 any- v, K rinfi'* tn »*(*f* Jinn. . .. H> i»ir«tH».*.^i«.^*,. —^4_:_ j_*-ji "*k? MnrUno v.n nr>ie to sec ano !o cntlcl/0 0!ir government " lhin « in orrl<> r to get rid of the hoar Russians as thev went M urpnv at | v j sc( ) .-n^, onlv pressure of those who are de- ah,,u! t^eir feverish fortification , HI , ' u romm ,, nis , 5 .. i .. it* • — Ktlli cut killing. Veiy 9 NEED EXTRA S I ne»1 KXTHA MEN-Houn «-:.0 P.M. Ca.i 7ti2-i;b2 1 to 5 F..\L i'. an p ' Thp '' iha. ' !' U' tha !irv the Amcr- f'a»!rn w a <• mandin« action in order to show that some effort is being madr The result is the current fiasco '"* in smog-control regulations. Fence vo-'.r •urr.rrer :'^. FENCE v«rrt ir.nv t cull B;ll : HELP WANTED-MALE FEMALE 39 CAI.l. 7i«.4 1 J!*4 for top qun.ity cabinet A ri»y«:r w-orlc. T. K. Simpson i:i» Ma.'le. r,.-!i! a ^o r.viio ar-;>-nr:t in MAYUG SALES & SERVICE Gambles, 504 Mitchell MKI.VIN P Guar.i- Cl't.l.lli »N SOI'T V\ SKK\ K I lull) I Herd C-*U. DlC ri.\ 111 lln'll (Ii Uutt d>H» or Mid • ruoni. ull I'M e MrVulnnd Ct> join .'t) a < • v>o'.ii) iittjiiu tin 1 a-! !• •• •• n '> charged partnicf! and t he PX[x-i N-d tn <(•!)!!• *'i>!ay nurst nuiid ' fo An attorn .,!>:n;; tSinij. 1 happened. Martino n-po Medina i-hu-f of the j .I'^- ».i- re- him thai hi^ (• uivi. 1:1' do- hr co;;!d!.'t MaTti'->> j. 1 t !i c n The domestic cat was worshiped in Egypt. Thou- iand» of cat mummies have be«n discovered there, and there were even mouse mummies, presumably to provide food for the cats. The Egyptians had a cat- headed g odd esc named Bast, whose chief scat of worship was the city of Bubaitu. C iaqrrli»it% i: M'HISO Crrdll llqrriw ul I Invl •II. IS ltC>r\l. HKKVKh Wl ri-nl » Uil Of Vhino fo I-M av ;JM » Jin DRESSMAKING ts Mr took BUILDING MATERIAL The Blues 1 IH/k tittle tl blue t liluc • Puritanical bJu« -12 lto\4in( U Intel 01 tlcnai IsUir (ruup (»b i (ewv 4 I'olor 6 MI: (ltd count • tnti re I R»i*'d. «j ia a K 0 " »tro»c ' Arrurdiajt lo 10 Mark lll>rii<ipf 17h*liw4 l»t tutu ioea»ure aiBrwiiuij r<..,n» 41 Dim the ti£ht iv<iut.he*«rf 42 lt«nt auopT«iy ' estimate* «u«l S5ti<;m point J*M*tte<J 84 1 . imjthi i,Ulr 44 Burrrn 4«£>ep>rt 47 Jump 27«U<1 Te«(anieot 3tiTiUctui faxell* book iBib ) W liart*r * tooU mouture M ' Slower (i ! 41 Kvr tcarf 4U Vonou* MMlf - windiai S3 Tailed ( pi. comb. {orn> 14 Caper metsat IS Levantin cout&ry (ab ' cure Nation's Press McXA.MARA'S (ONE - MAX) RAND (Chicago Tribune) I'rof McNamara. secretary of defense, put on a marathon lee- ~ ture on the war in Viet Nam the other dav Brandishing a mean- looking weapon, he said. • 1 hau- here one of the new tami!\ »f communist Chinese weapons I This i> a liuht machine of their '7 fi'2 <mm < class Ammunition for this ran only he supplied from Chinese source:,. Thi> gun l«'.irs the Chinese arsenal mark arid it's obviously been manufactured in that countr>. supplied b\ Omui to North \';et Nam. infitrated In North Viet Nam into the south " Well, \^!lut do \oti know "• Tiie professor's point was that the t'hiiiesi- C'ommuiii.sts were pro- irnoting. supporting, and arming Viet Xarn. Not precisely news. the communist war in South Viet Nam Not precisely news perhaps but it maks u good pic- ; ture. Meanwhile Sen Thirnuind was disclosing thai McNamara had overruled the joint chiefs of B . IUTlur staff on five distinct chiefs of PAINTING stuff on fue distinct occasions HK»IDKSH\I t dealing with major issues of 12" oonlr » i ' | " r - '' .. Mftrin l*o .t'.ti*>j! : inilitur\ jn'i-jiarfdnt^s He seal- ied down the number of Minute- KFRIGERATION man intercontinental ballistic sTu^T * "SKIP,; -i" missiles to be in position by 1969 ««'e«r»n-r i'.«».,ui from 1.200 to 1.000 He cut "down wwi™* V,« -", •recommended outlavs of 121 - lnc - llb s ' h « ill ' k ' : " .miliun dollars for development; PHOTOGRAPHY of manned strategic aircraft to U>K „«,, 39 million He turned down »."'"*> '''«>•• »i..m guilds for prc - production engi- *' .neering on an interceptor air- IABY SITTING j craft. I'"uiwt'i'N',«.".* | He vetoed a unanimous rec- «^jo.n '•> jonimendation that 200 million I dollars b* spent to install Nike- *'N>Bi |x homing rockets to defend cit " cu»« »» ' lies against intercontinental bal- »,*? ^'^ :lislic missiles He cut staff rec- A"*""' 1 ' jommendations of production of Tral 'V'.*..V isix nuclear submarines per year «t»'**"''«"« to four per year Sen Thurmond said that since 1981, when McNamara „,. took over, the pay rollers attach *"'; t'd to tlie office OJ secretary ut-_','. ! ' detente had grown from 3 Ouu to do 34.0U) What are 34.000 water A ' boys m-eded foi when one man •'•• calls all the »hots? i I 1 , EMPLOYMENT WOMEN UOOKKEF.PER - K'i:, Chargr TOPS SECJIKTAKY • S/II ^•ils! Tvp'ljt .. U' Mi-.:. P.'TCTIER .in.4" 'H. AlX'DV.VlAVr - W-.Ti .. HI S 'HOiiL C!'.\n . '„•-.;-, GOOD U.IIUS M.At KMh.NT Bl RKAU 1« Attrll B||y Repair Bicycles Western Auto Store 303 Main PO 3-9210 FOR RALE GOOD Saddle Call 483-34-15 Texlco J FORMALS FOR sale, sizes 9 and 7. hoop. Inquire 1200 Jonei 7b3-«907 STOVE & REFRIGERATOR FOR SAI>: ELECTRIC CARPET SHAMPOOER FOR $1.00 WITH PURCHASE OF LUSTRE 2-BEDROOM FURNISHED npf. month. 2-hedroom imfurni.shnl. mo., water paid. 763-4067. r* r i 2 BEDROOM house. Mrntsh»*. 1-t-nteil iiari; yard. 3-ROOM AND balli furnished apartment for rent. Rills pnld. no pets. Inquire 600 Lea 01 7i;'.M)ln4. CLOSE IN. nicely furnished 3 n»ms & bath, cable, bills paid, air rnnrt.. no pets, adults only. 501 Pile 763-3<K>8 NICELY FURNISHED clean 3-room duplex apartment, garage, shade & lawn, me Wallace. No pets. Call 763-7778. KuR RI.'y.T 2 hfiir.iom unfurnljh -•! house, recently r -ducorat^rt, .s'.ovf, ref. tqr, clone t) base. 7b4-o9'.i.'l aftuf 5 p.m. 2 BEDROOM unfurntshe* hnuie. Irteal for couple. Call 7K2-0041 after 5 p.m. 1-BEDROOM FtmmSHED garage apartment located at 513 E. 7th.—$70. Call 762-1596. LARGE 3 room Close In, air Giddlng. 762-0389. furnished house. mn n oned, Also 1 . i . n m "w'-, contact .'s,.' bedtoom un-i FOR SALE or rent 2 bedroom West of Thomas. Pay lUci'Teot, THS-OTH. 3 BEDROOM unfurnished house •J BKUItou.M unfurnished apartment J BKUUUOM furnished apartment ALSO A 3 room rurn'shpd apartment bills paid. Call 7B;t-;>817 or ITLLER BRUSH CO. FOAM. BUY." GUARANTEED BEST WAN'TKH \VATKI.N S DKALE.-S .IHI«. KMPtO\MI-:\T SKRV1CE Mam ciunl j.ilis avallnlilr Ul« Pill- Ilii 1.113 FOR SALE Lindsay Water Softner — fully automatic. Fibre Glaus caied, model '' t'AL', u*ed 1 year, retail SoOO. Will for S2SO. Can be installed by plumber ' SCHOOtS-INSTRUCTION FOR SALE TV Antenna >:il'. Set of end tables and mair-hing roffee table In Ma- hoi;any S7 50. see at SW Lea FOR RENT: at 51S Wallace, one bednom furnished apartment, air cond,. has fi>;ic- ed back yard, bills paid, Jot) PIT mo. ' Call 763-6829. TASTEFULLY furnished 142 bedroom furnished apts. Total electric. Launlry facilities, all the conveniences of hi'mc : Call Barbara Bownds, Tcnvn LX Country Real Estate, 762-451)1. FURNISHED l-BEDKOOM apartment. Bills paid. 763-993S or 7b3-3V71 Mill MAOI Complete Rentnl Service 2 ROOM ami UNFURNISHED SIDE of 3-ronm duplex. garage, stnrase and guod neighborhood. — 763-41S-J. ha'r rurnlshcd house Air '.4 miles North La. >'onda ' r.' -. I'iM.iv - New C:«JIP» Stur'lig 1'' '' - -'"' t' 'i • ': • Thi> rurht trmump •'., : i' r; '--J'i )1: >''' '•'' ili;: ' c ° :u '- e lts ~ Ni al" KISHWORMS tor tale. Red Goii Hybrid J1 u) per hundred. 1021 N. Loa or :«)» Piii? 7ti3-7tl54. NICELY FURNISHED— Side of a I-IT duplex, (^aiage, stiira.ii' L' >.».1 neignhorn,iod. Call 7 f ii>-^;>L'. a-BEDRCK)M Fl'RNTSHED «;,,T: trr.m: Bills paid. l"»s Wallace. I'-BKUKOUM HOMU. 1H bath, carpeted. «'. Wasner. dryer. lur furnlitMd. 782- l'i KIM' up mill Ih., imidrrn trend to itiiiMiiiuiiiui ll^ ».ci,-larhil ( iiurm.' ntltr- r.l i,% li,.ii...i, •;, ii.Mil ul ( nmrnrrrr non irii'hi.l.., HIM < ant ITi,,,,|, » nrt ,)il» |.r... ir»,,n k I'll,,in- liiliiiu lur an Inirrvlew. FOR SALE Early Amerlran Stereo — AM- J-'M Rail:-, Combination. Lady Hamilton watch with 8 diamond!, antiques 712 U Term —-., iX>!? SALE North Wind Refrigerated Air Conditioner. Capacity 22,000 BTL'. Used only 6 mo. Cost $450, will tell for 1183. 7S2-2-.'76. SITUATION WANTED 42 CLEAN CARPEmNG safely and effirlentl; wri Golden Star Snampoo. Rent Electm SnampiHwr ll.U) Ealy Kurniture 2u9 Ma.n 703-7121 FOR RENT— \erj nlrc Mifdrwmi furnished upwtment, 7UO 1. luh. Ml a ntu.. water paid, no i>rl». !W-V/II.Mi. UNFURNISHED !?'r*drnW'"TpU 7 " 7 /" Stove & refnRerator furmslu-rt if di",-i.'' 1'V Cftb.e, liKiUire 2;k'0 Giddir.g or rai; 763-1258 SALE — rSEl> CLOTHING Al Tilt; fl.OIHKS LINE 78-J-.-411 — 511 W. 7th FOR RENT 10 Wide 1 hertrAnm TV. air condiiMnert Mrs H <•];< i4tn. NICELY furnished 3 roni- M:HI Carpeted 401 E. Grand Sto .... l-'l):'. REK1ALS WANTED 19A 3 ROOM furnished apaMn', air conditi'ireij. $6-1 a rr- cuiipit' o:' witn bab> rii 1020 E. Grand TV C«n I'KI.K I'liiui 0,11,, Mil I/ — K»lu-1IINn« — |. 4 nu A Wf.d HlilllllJ. BUSINESS OPPORIUNIIIES 43 Po»t Cemented and punti . : 'ivo can metal garbair* racks msiailed 84.96 7(3-0142 after 3:30 KM. UL KL'iDS ol j'lpe * :.JB Qothet line! 'apartmsni.' bi;is "paM'.', p,>i«. aitchet tor all types at cars and! pels, also 2 bedroom c.iir trj.-ks Marks flp« A Iron. IZM W. I Inquire 4ub E 4!h 7D3-67-S. pin nil r IIUK \ Ni'u X tMalili»lii'(l Itcnlnl 'im maiiaiili' ol In Hi-»l f. I.M': ^luifi. W«* have IHHI- i list v>uiiiiiiL: i & .1 tu-itriMirn ,!%»• us u call iiclrts («»r .aal i miilnc >,iur IIIIIMI- A aiort- i en! Kur- j or Vb3- RENT BUSINESS PROPERTY 7»~ '' ''""I'.'ii'i °. c "'rdware and plumbing"^suppMes.!. •• ' n.ii'r sl< P n , tn » Koujh Lumber. 200 ranct.NlCE. clean 1 bedroom -U.T-S-H-! j;ni" Vk. :'S»t7. il: O.\ll-\N SHURiY'S GOOD Uaed * Bixika aiught ft Sold . 1W1 N ,,„„. " -. HOUSEHOLD GOODS SALE 54 ment. clone tn. reaw anle :cr! l:ii|i.' I Red i Boat Sh^p "tii-n-iU j.,),; | i ;j ROOM furnished di;p!c\ 3n-i !:•••» I- ,','',, I quire Mr*. Willie Thumai Ki-d Etta- j ...' 62U W 14th. i ,,'„, , --> r.rii.!,; .1; r,ir runt nf?' ' : i .v !..•.. •'. M..IS . •': Mri's. Very ••-»•-) .i and h«» •;• .. • :\ '.\ M.-nn Knr l«e ' i,- 'A :'i!.i; : Heally. »4ffl 20 pt-i in E mril a ln.un-,1. II.,! tlitl- I 1-1':' -A.. 4 - . . MONEY TO LOAN apartmunt • CAHPL'TS CLEAN easier with U-.» Bh:e conditioned cl,>n- Lutire ElectriL Shain|)tviei only Jl per coui'.e or.l;. day with purchnst of Blue Lustit. Uam-i " ... '; bUs SO4 Mitchell. U'NKrRMSfc__ •M- in t •'• »»•*., — .— .. parlmenl. 714 W IJlii iut n, > i,..: V'''"Ir.r^ ,-'.I'.M AUCTION Kvtry T'Msday Night 7oa-til79 ,-i,; I'll .1 .'tSl W * J AucM-JB i " _i 108 I'll* Ui>V«. N. Max. 1 BEDROOM I'NKUK.NISHF!) .lu;i i-x ,.._,' i ..,.,,1.-," ! —-•- : plumbed tor wanher and «:in1 ?'•:• e.i.-,-- : ,,J in* •• - i«r7 Ul'^* 1 '*"'* N tV» * I'SKI) riKMIlKf tnc 8tuVt . Adulu on .j. j nqu j r « SiJ H.r. ' - UeadquarliTi lor r«-upbul .cro4 cbs>lrt fci*. /r H |l . • . : -I -. Si - ': t ' tti. . . \' ; ;;' i' HI i;\^ \i,l M v .-Hi; ' 'K IU-. - I Mf- ,- B k ;mc,.. » (iM-fi !>-.. p.- .IV 0[ |Mlki b^&! i>-s? : -..:[& * Sirfas at Ultt TKICKa. tswl Urn I " A Ai>ptla»"<-i BOt'UUT 4 M. Orwid. fkuao 7«-tttiltt. 27 J hi- \ 1114^1 • i.i». . I. I !>*> N Mlltll \ ^Illll' I -ill 4 Mull SlIIIP S44 FOR RfNT turniihed 1 Ixdixiom duplex No pets. 7(i3-7t'!j;j FOR LEASE 8U; : *ICM.V UK. 3 If. roit., dcr. kit. lil, uftlb, air cuod., iillli inl. cvuiilv, uv MAS IW-Wttl uf 7m-A4'Wi UAa^CC EAtt f il C danwuatratur - ~^~' - ---' HUWti rUK jALC VVK1.L LOCA'ltU ': & a room furmjhed duv>4e uv»«i clue. •» » h»r«»tti. -fh IM-UflT *'""« l»«l «•» B»«f« ...... •• |4i,M apartm»nt» private twin »nd enirance MH»kt«e yeUww en" Hac4rlci 4ur c-HWlilumtd • b»ri»tai- ' ly rata* butt MORTGAGeS .^ to '>.v, ; '" I - in-, H.,:, ••:<•.. :i., t;,.,,.' „„ DOGS -- CATS -• PITS • Mil I I \ I I 1C » S-- ' ti-i. . fu.': 47 ••:<• n.i .- O i IJSW Mrta »«d SlUlKMtto WkHTUI -CCHUU . f*>. l-Ucdruom to 41 l «• **•}•-. NKW. furnished 1 bwtiDom ap's. N'v , •**•" read,' tor occuutncy. uills p*n' n«» ' i Air due Phone 7»4-**si ii lnc en i dim 111 ' r £ s? --• - -. ••- • •••• - - - ,iiid ».- l.ll(M4\ >lll 1'llhllll f I I'- >i>»l I l"ll> «" '""* vt> "" t *- TOP PBIUES FUB __ A i i-na;ittt<M)M HKMSHKU A . 108-7811 ,i ..-. ,i ,.: a-,j|t wsa and «ir ,.,-.i-! ?.h.f ;!.*-; Th«ir» pUrrtl) <»4 !,«•••. u-'.i l>, .1 ,'llul i-iv.8!JWi» (4) 4. r-,i«, . jU : t. !.__ _8l>7«-M• J«MM|t I'(."»'«!.' i '' ,ii'ii-« I- -i Sail 1 •*» f i;. .1 . i IOATSMOT08S 141 «U.M» tv . to, 8iv«nid4» Eight ¥VM. «r MrtitfM. 4it Udl h. I'hollM* 1«l HMIV t » i §MM«t •« ••IIUIK. , 8 *?'. t « ,^'J; : 4V*>i»vwi.*: N"* ^.•«i*~f«W^ 71": A^U (. nri'«it '-tf^if U'H» V fO *Nlaiit« BK Ul 'v. wi'.n Ki!fei»!*i<? Ki^Iy 2 U*!''•!, V. a'K^ilJ Cl'i(|fc(>. H Trial t - Ii -i i tur «« K) 3-57JU. 'IV t (en U«Kl t UEu w. live Ml » «v-lu VW, fit !*« ^^((*rt^t ..> ».ulu

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