Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 27, 1942 · Page 3
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 3

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1942
Page 3
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*• ~ f '- ' i -*<f-' *'- '••• '"""'" — THE MORNING AVALANCHE LINDSE Now! Thru Saturday Today & Saturday GIRL TROUBLE ...BOY TROUBLE! Xoreliy and Comedy UYRIC 9c 22c TODAY vand SATURDAY HOP M-OHG FOR A tHWLi WITH ' - CHAPTER 4 _ "•TOWERING DOOM" KIDS 5c S a. m. Until 12 Noon AT THE LYRIC & TEXAN TOWER Ends Today! 9c & 28c Fredric March Loretia Young "BEDTIME STOHY" with Hobert Benchley • _, Slaris Tomorrow Bing Crcsby Mary Marlin "Birih of the Blues" TEXAN Today & Sal. 3c & 22c Gene Autry "SIERRA SUE" •with Smiley Bumelie dipt 5—"King of Ihfe Rc^l Mounied" CACTUS Today & Sal. 9c fc 22c ->CTWO FEATURES-^ Three Mesquileers "PALS OF THE PECOS" "THE MONSTER AND THE LADY" with Elian Drew RoberV Paige Halifax Defends British Action PHILADELPHIA, Feb. 2S. Iff) — Great Britain shipped 9,0fl( planes and 3,000 tanks aboard in 1941 at "appalling risk" to the safety of the home front Lore Halifax asserted tonight in answer to accusations that Britain "leaves the fighting to her friends." Some of that material played a vital p.jrt "in the historic defense" of Moscow, the British ambassador said i:i a speech prepared for delivery to '.he American Academy of Political and Social Science. "In 1941, we got 2,000 aircraft from this country but we sent more than 9,000 overseas," he declared. "We imported 200 tanks but we sent aboard 3,000. We have had to take appalling risks with the safety of Great Britain by sending vital war material at critical times to other theaters of war. Gets Hoaosry Degree "I hear it said that Britain sits behind three and a half-million bayonets in her island fortress and leaves the fighting to her friends. "Two million of those soldiers are home guards whose full-time work is in war industries. The other million and a half have got to defend something like 3,000 miles of coasts and 90,000 square miles inside them. "Certainly, I do not think that the idea of the British Isles being over-insured is one that would be accepted by any responsible military opinion." Earlier in the day the ambassador received an honorary degree as Doctor of Canon Law from the Divinity school of the Protestant Episcopal church of Philadelphia. Lord Halifax said 70 per cent of the empire's casualties on land uubbock, Texas, FrMd MW» ' ;0iol 4343 For Th« Market Reports The Nation Over Spotlight Stocks. * NEW YOrtK, F«b. price and net chin active flocks today; <Uch T and .$p .... Erie RR CT NV Central Hup(, Mo'.oi i _, fitd Oil lad Gimeral E!«c Kash-Kelv South P«c Radio 4 200 Packard Mot 4.0CO General Motors — 4000 Patino Mines ^ ooo Cor.sol Oil 3,700 Socorjy- Vac 3.500 Cotnwlth and South 3.300 S:d Oil KJ „. j,jo0 2« VTh-Stltit. eloslnjf te of the fifteen matt Net Sties Close Change .. I2.SOO 36>i .j. iJ, 11,000 S»« 4. </j S.8CO J'.'t ~ y. 5,800 »i 4-l-l« S.5CO 31*« + V% 5,300 55!i + 3 4.400 )3 ,. T *•"« 2'* 33!i -4- '.'4 33?i 1 <i 7*4 "T >-l '.'« —1-31 JS'.i 1 »i Stock List.. NEW YORK, Fro. J« ID Sains la lOO'l High LOT Am C»n } gl Am T and T 1 \i-,'\ my. Am Woolen I sy» Anaconda 18 'i 3{^i AT and SP . 117 3611 31>i Aviation Corp 5 3'*.', 31, BarnsdaU Oil 9 »--, ' 3* t Chrysler J4XD SO 5 . SOU Cont O:l Del 17 il'V Jiv, Curliss Wright _ 1« 7»» '<n Douglas Airc - 14 jjy, Kreeport Suiph — I 3« Gen Elec 51 35'', Gen Moton 41 34 Goodyear . 3 12^4 Int Harvester . 11 43", Mid Cont Pet 10 13'» MKT i *. Ohio Oil s 71/1 Packard 40 ly. Pan Am Alrvays 6 M'/i Penney i S7',V Philips Pet ji 355^ Pure Oil 11 t.\ t Radio 41 2?4 Sears Roebuck ___ 11 50!. Shell Union O!l _ i 12' Socony Vac 3s ly, Sou Pae 40 13 SO NJ 34 35,; Stone and Web 2 4» t Tei p»c : 9 n» t Tex Co 11 34' Tex Gul! Sulph _ 1 33V« Tex Pac C and O- 1 3'« US Rubber 7 is» a US S'.eel 21 sis. WU Tel 53 25*. At A Qlance .. Qrain .. 63 16 33'1 67 36 <~i 50 7 !J', 34! mi 51'.. 25V. Clote S',4 50V 7= 63? 25' 33? 4T. 13V 61 36' 50V. 7V. n UH 34 51V. 25 Vi NEW YOBK CUBB MIDWAY 1800 BLOCK ON BROADWAY A REAL BARGAIN IN ENTERTAINMENT ADMISSION: Today and Sat. 22c IN TECHNICOLOR BLOOD AND SAND STARRING Tyrone Power Linda Darnell Rita Hdyworth ALSO N Color Cartoon LATEST NEWS 34 IV. 7V, Cy»n B 343; 34 Cit:es Service 3 2 7 i 2H :agle Pich 3 8V. El Bond and Sh 35 jy. t'i Gulf Oil 3 303; 30 i, * 1 .?r^ t ??» O 1 ? in M''. j;i ' Lone Star GS.S 2 71:. 71; Unit !.{ and Pav A. S 3-16 Produce ., CHICAGO REPORT CHICAGO. Feb. 25 (:p>_Buttcr. unsettled 90 centralized carlots 33Vi; other prices uochanged. Eggs.- unsettled; dirties JS'/i; checks 15 other prices unchanged. Poultry live, 37 trucks; heivy hen* easier, balance >te»dy to llrm: hens, over 5 Ibs 21',i; 5 Ibs and down 25, Leghorn hens ;o: stags 20; broilers, 2'.i Ibs down colored 20, Plymouth Roclt 22, White RocV £2; springs, 4 Ibs up, colored 23. Plymouth nock S5',i, White Rock- ZS'.i; under t Ib" colored 31, Plymouth Rock 24, White Roclc 23. barebact chlckeaj 18-20; roosters IS'i Leghorn roosters 14W: duck 4 »* ibs up colored 20, while Sl%, small, colored 19 white 19: g-eie, 1J Ibs down 19 over U Ibs IS; turteys, toms. old 20: young 23 henj. o!d 27, your.f 27; c»pons, 7 Ibs up 26, under 7 Ibs 26, slips 23. KANSAS CITY ftEPORT KANSAS CITY, Ftb. 26 W>/-PouHr .nd produce: sprines 15-21 "A- mn».r NEW YORK, Feb. 26. STOCKS: Mixed: price changes narrow, BONDS: Uneven; some rails improve. COTTON: Irregular; trade demand offsets moderate hedging. CHICAGO:— WHEAT: Higher; Senate passes government grain sales restriction bill. CORN: Higher; fair shipping demand. HOGS; Fairly active; steady, top 513.25; dressed pork higher. • CATTLE: Steady to 2? cent* higher; moderate offerings. reet MARKET FAIRLY BALANCED NEW YORK, Feb. 36 W- Selected atoekj attracted enough bidding to keep today'* stock marVev Jalrly well balanced. . R»il» were »olt most of the tim« but steadied >t the list. Santa Fe touched a new 1941-42 high with a gain ol Hi and Unian Pacific tacked on a point on a few sales. Aircraft and specialties did moder- ateJy well while steels, motors. rubber» coppers and mail ordera held to an x> ceptionally alim sroove. R«entl)- weak oils and «ofc drlnlc cojn- pany issues revived on the thought these may have been ovenold notwitbstandine tanker sinkings. d»indl[nj of private gasoline consumption and the sugar shortage. Modest come-backs here were staged by Standard (KJ), Teias Co. and Coca-Cola The Associated Press average o! 60 stoctj managed to post a nee advance of .L of a point at 36.7. Of 644 issues traded 2SJ were up, 189 down, and 1J3 unchanged' Dealings were sluggish throughout but picked up a bit In the final hour. Transfers totalled 353,200 shares compared with 339,130 Wednesday. Followers of the rails were heartened somewhat by an assortment of January revenue statements showing the ability at such roads as Santa Fe and Union Pacific to surmount sharply risinc costs with broad expansion In net operating Income over the In.'tial month last year. Cotton., were borne by the isles and "a sea they have been heavier still.' "What Would Be The Good?" The R. A. F. made daylight raid over western Europe all last sum rner to draw away from the Rus sian front as many enemy fight er planes as possible, the ambas sador said, adding: "That form of help cost us abou half the number of fighter pilots alone that we lost during the whole battle of Britain in 1940.' _ Halifax warned against spreading stories likely to endanger Anglo-American cooperation, declaring that "if we want Anglo-American cooperation to succeed, we must refrain from throwing monkey wrenches in the works. "I saw that an eminent gentleman announced in Washington the other day that the loss of Singapore was entirely due to British negligence and bungling. I wondered to myself what possible good he hopes to do by saying that Tune Out Your Troubles .... And Tune In On The Fun! Chpt. 3 — "HOLT of the SECRET SERVICE" 5-1 • Tenytoons, in Color— '- \ "THE BIRD TOWER" I And a NEW ORLKAXS REPORT NEW ORLEANS. F«b. 26 «•>—Cotton f u . Senata at the Btnkhead bill"rcstricline Commodity Credit corporation sellini powers. Th* maritit closed steady I to 1 points net hieher. ,. ". . High Low close March 13.40 May 18 . 60 July 18 7j Oct. Dec. Jan. B—Bid. 18.34 18.50 18.61 18.88 18.81 18.86B 1S.S3 1J.S8 18.89B 18.92B 18.37B 13.51 18.67 NEW TORK REPORT NEW YORK, Feb. 28 Wj-Cotlon futures moved IS to 40 cents a bale higher on buying stimulated by Senate approval or limitations on .the sale al government S'jrplus commodities below parity. TJi e close was down slightly from the diy t best levels, the market sullerlne Iftnueat setbacfcs as hedging increasd Local and trade buying absorbed the of- ferngs easily. News th»t * price celling tor raw cotton vas under consideration kept attention focused on Washington, but had little apparent elfect on prices. Tht grey goods market shrank further ±^. P . Iy ,l t ,_^ «»'W «« ^vilian March 18.56 13.67 18.71 18.75 12.80 Middling spot 20.90N, lip 3 N—Nominal. Livestock .. 18.30' 18.46 18.51 13.62 13.G5 13.73 Last 18.31-3 18.-49-50 18.61 18.63 18.72N 18.75N _ _ KANSAS CITV REPORT BLAnoAS cn£, reb. is v<j — lUSDAi — Ho« 1500; fairly active; steady to i 10 h:gher than WednesdaVs average- mos- advance on 250 Ibs. aiid up; top 13.00 to ?iL- -?°° d '° Choice 170-370 Ibs. 12.85-13.00' J-320 Its 12.60-12.85; «ws 12.00-12.35. ' H : CaIVt5: salabl = "O: total O, .ed stcerj uneven: weights 1108 Ibs up steady to strong; light weights fairly steady; supply coniisting mostlv O r medium to good short feds; canner "cows weat to 35 lower: other she stock steady- bulls vcalers and calves steady; stocker and £ mJ/, ?" S fU " y St " dy: on 'y » J1 S»" to moderate carrjover in dealers pen: fed steers of top good to choice grade lacking- bulk medium to good short fed 10.23-12 na- medium to good heifers 9.75-11.50; few loads held around 11.75: medium to good ™* 0: le»50 -- Shcep 5500; opening sales lambs about steady: numerou» loads lOT-no Ib Rood a°bo«°Iiy. Cd Umbs »•«•"-»: *«t S3d FORT WORTH REPORT PORT WORTH, Feb. 26 (J)— irjSDAl — Cattle 3.100,- slaueht^r *tee« and £\7- Unjs draggy and weak to lower, other cat"« * nd "i«s generally stiaily. sorne K caves stronger; bulk common °nd ium beer- steers and yearling 300., jood kind 10.50-11.50. few club sear- I'njs to 1J.50: beef cows 7.25-9.2 c\n«« and cutters 5.00-7.00; bulls 575-925- v-il ing talvej 8.50-13.00. culls 7.00-3.00;' good " u - 00 - 12 - 00 - choice 180-290 Ib iverafis l^TS-ls latter Pries paid freely by fit Int«es"; good and choke 1M-175 Ib 11.90-12.65: pack'?!" f nd pigs .teidy. packing sows -70.- stocker pigs 10.00 down. Shetp 2,000; shorn lambs stronr fat s fully steady; Rood wooled Iambs and shorn aged wethers unsold: medium erade heTd ablv mb , S1 "' 50: KOO" ««« eholcf B Sd« 9 00 on^t f "o 5i Sh ° r " Umbl m ° 5tl y S- 5 "9.00, one lot 9.25; wooled ewes 6.50-75. OKLAHOMAN APPOINTED WASHINGTON, Feb. 26. (U.PJ — The Offite of Emergency Management announced today that Harrington Wimberly, Altus Okla. would serve as branch information officer for Oklahoma' His headquarters will be in Oklahoma City. ' CHICAGO EXPORT CHICAGO. Feb. 2« W>—Grain prict., today dtrived only moderate, «n-J In some cases temporary, support from Senate passage of legitli'.lon which would restrict the flow of government owned wheat • nd corn from ever-noraisl granary at<xkj Into coneump'.lon. MtTtet quotttloni vtrr up frict!on« to »lmost » cent *t times, with cora »nd rye showing the uioit strength, bu', these gains were reduced later. Wheat closed »i-fi cent higher '.ban yesterday. M»y *1.29 ',i-l' 4 , July si 30 !i- corn n-Ti up, Miy «7 ?'.->.;, July «9 (t- V<; oats '.'«-=• higher; rye ',i-V« up- soybeans V s -l >;, higher. ' FORT H'OHTH KI.POST FORT WORTH, Feb. 26 CP)-Whe»t No 1 soft red »1nter 1.39 >'«-41 ',' 4 ; No 1 htrd accordir.j to protein and billing l.Ji >/ t -34 c - 3 x Ko - 3 "0 Ibf -W; No" .. Corn, shelled, tie. 3 white 1.03 >/<-<)< y t No. 1 yellow »A >.' t -9« V*. OatsNu. J red 41-6J; No. 3 red 5C.« Official Records.. Marriage Licenses M^dn^^ye^ue; % °o f f S ^oV nd Lubbock Courts S9TH DISTRICT ... ?• l : Pi "». Jud t « Pr«! f- iult Jeisle Warranty Deeds VICTORY BOOK WEEK" SET FORT WORTH, Feb. 26. <*>/ — pnl 6-1.1 will be "Victory Book Week" in Fort Worth. MerSbefs of the committee for the local campaign to collect books for service men will give the campaign em- phasjs during that week. Buy A Defense Bond TODAYI R. O. Kershner and wife to M. f. Carr f " 1200 7> b ' OCk Bl Lub ^ 01:k '<""»O- L- Peterrnan and irKe to J Mason Moxley. pares of lots 50 and 51. block; T Dupre addition, $1,000. Building Permits T. B. Fortenberry, owner, and F. J PoW, contractor, to move building outs de city limits from 120S Thirt y :fourth s trtCv. ' 0- ? wens - owner, and Charles A. Elghth^slrect ' l ° *"'* buildinff " 2001 >->. M. Hampton, owner, ia repair residence at 60i T«enty-seventh street. $50. i ."2L Carnt5i own * r . to repair build- in? at 403 Avenue R. 5:50. and w S w° U f, J , n ?, com P* n y- In <:-. owner. and R W. Walker, contractor, to con- *s'i ,nJ°«?? C ? tory f " me residences at 2622 and 2628 Avenue K. S3, 800. GiJ And Gas Leases . ASSIGNMENTS w^v"n-» r ? °u to W " B " Prlce - «ctlon 42, wav ?iT' Ciosbvtotf-South Plains ri s ht-of: ?,i y / *, : n «»»east -one-Iourth and north h»«. <" northTfest one-fourth of section «. block p,; northwest . one-fourth of west block °E "s 0 " 15 " 5 ' one - Iou ''tlJ of section e. ^™t y Slmmons '" Magnolia Petroleum RECRUITING OFFICES MOVED SAN ANTONIO, Feb. 26. (#>— District Marine recruiting headquarters were being moved from Houston to San Antonio today, Twenty-five officers and • enlisted men will compose the staff of the San Antonio district office. , Sub offices will be located in Beaumont, Houston, Corpus Christi and Harlingen. Argentina will- buy 250,000 tons of wheat from its 'growers. BIO DOUBLE FEflTURE RRCRDIR ^ THE FHMILV THESTPE Friday And Saturday Cfffc.t Muth Scrap Said Available Here ; has approximately 1,to 1,900 dismantled cars and trucks, available for use in slapping the Japs as scrap iron needed in war, a'jcording to a survey completed by the district Works Progress administration office it was announced Thursday afternoon by ,T. O. Jones, director. «/ rh V >ffice ' 3t the request of the War Production Board in Washington, made a suvvey here. It was a part of a nation-wide survey made by WPA lor all towns i V «innn a p °P ulation ol more than J5.0QO persons, Director Jones stated. Cars and '.rucks {ire on 15 "automobile graveyards," it was ex- pljiioed by Mrs. Evelyn Bradley, who made the survey. No estimate was sought as to the probable weight of the metals in the dismantled bodies, but Mrs. Bradley said she believed that an appro". imate weight of under 1,000 pounds could' be counted upon. T-n S o^ VOLlld todicate at least 1,- vaO,"Q3 pounds of meta!. steel aiummum, etc. WPB asked WPA to make the survey for the larger towns. For farms and smaller cities and towns, the Agricultural Adjustment Administration 'is to be de- P eAnded upon. Lubbock county AAA Thursday had not. received us forms fir making its survey 'Graveyard" Is Defined The war board has defined an automobiie graveyard" as "a lot or building which contains five or more cars or trucks in various stages of dismantling . . . and which does not include used car lots which have only cars or trucks which they contemplate resetting in running conditions" Walter Y. Wells, AAA administrator, said he would make a survey of such yards in Slaton, Idalou, Shallowater, Wolfforth, Woodrow, Abernathy and other communities. Prior to Jan. 1, he reported, 47 car loads of scrap iron nad been shipped during November and December, from the county- Local railroad men said they believed the tonnage for January and February was equal to that of the previous months. Shipments are in four brackets steel cast iron, tin and metals. Shipments in car load lots of steel and cast iron average 75,000 pounds per car; tin, 50,000 pounds and metal. 40,000 pounds. War Production Board BansUse.Of Rubber In Corsets, Brassieres . WASHINGTON, Feb. 26. (U.PJ —To American woman's regret, the War Production Board has banned use of rubber; thread in corset-, girdles, brassieres and foundation garments in general. The men, too, will be affected by the new curtailawit. There's akely to be less elasticity in suspenders, garters, arm-bands, elastic top socks, elastic-supported undergarments, arjd al! other garments containing rubber thread. Immediately following the WPB announcement last night came assurance from the Associated Corset and Brassiere Manufacturers, Inc., and the Corset and Brassiere Association of America that sub- stitut j will be used wherever possible. FOR TOfi/GHT SAY ff GOOD NIGHT to colds' miseries Leave them behind —slip away from achey muscles and stuffy burny nose throat, into m—**^mm^mmm sleep. Rub throat and chest with Peaetro as directed. Penetro does 'double-relief duty. You feel it work inside and outside. And it starts almost instantly. Inside, soothing, cooling vapors siveep into breath passages—break up mucous congestion. Outside, it comforts by counter-irritation. ., .Always demacd Penetro. 25fi, double supply 35c. ATTENTION FARMERS 2 Carloads Excellent Cotton Planting "NORTHERN STAR" Short Staple Variety 7/8" to 29/32"'Staple T:sted By State Department Of Agriculture 90% Germination Price S2.50 Per Bushel (3 Bushel Sacks) Planters Warehouse Company 2206 AVENUE E TELEPHONE 5331 "MISERY'S" Call "DOC" ",' JONES AUTO CLINIC WE ACCEPT FOOD STAMPS WEST"Lone Rider Fights Back" Feature No. 2 "BARNYARD FOLLIES" — With — Mary L««, June Slorey And RUFE DAVIS | Added ' • Chapter /'White Eagle" — With — Buck- Jonei Color Cartoon "Dumb Like a Fox" Admission FRIDAY AND SATURDAY will be Ihe I last opportunities for you lo see this iruly great Ouidoor Picture. SYLVIA HENRY FONDA u f Hi TRAII OF IHE DONALD Gold Medal, Sauce Pan NATIONALLY ADVERTISED PRODUCTS AT MILLER'S Karo Syrup Del Monte Coffee Premium Crackers Calumet Baking Powder Maxwell House Coffee Comet Rice Cheerioats \V. P. Brand, 3 cans Hominy 2V4 she, 2 cans__. Pork & Beans IS oi. cans, 3 for___ Oleo Golden Brand, Ib Coffee ^^C Admiration, Ib. Vanilla Flavoring, 8 pz. bottle Snowdrift FOP Pastry and Biscuit, 3 Ib. can. Spuds Colorado, 10 Ib. Toilei Tissue -i |\C •9 ^ft^V Kor'thern, 3 roll* Cake Flour Soft-a-silk, 44 or. packaga Cocoa Mother'*, 2 Ib. can. ROAST Veal « o Chuck, Ib, 17 ft BACON Rath's, Sliced RIBS Veal __, JOWLS SALT LUNCH MEAT . Assorted PORK CHOPS Nice and Lean BACON . Wilson's Certified ft 33C - 14c Fresh Fruits Yegefc CABBAGE Nice firm hnads, Ib. _... APPLES^ Fancy Deltcioui, large size, doi. and ORANGES Navels, Sunkisl, large size, doz. APPLES Extra fancy Wincsaps. small, dozen LETTUCE Ice Berg heads IVORY AKES SNOW A MONTH FOR LIFE , 6 WEEKLY CONTESTS IVORY , 1 Large 1 Medium 2 for ILLER'S FO s We Reserve The Right To Limit)

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