The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa on May 6, 1970 · Page 9
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May 6, 1970

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The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 9

Des Moines, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 6, 1970
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

ORISON KANSAS RIVER ARSENIC-.^ Continued from Page One off .supermarket shelves; and irswh-aa directed on the box, Galle"said. The study showed sir Contained arsenic. v'.'In.fact," dalle said, "to our knowledge, there are problanTy mv»wflsh-day products on the" market now which don't contain Arsenic in some degree. We believe the poison is picked- up Mtidentally in the manufacturing process, probably, as part of the phosphates used as raw materials." Potential Hazard "We concentrations of arse- hjc.,ir\ many of the detergent products were high enough to pose.a pollution problem and a potential health hazard to people using them constantly," thflSqience article said. "While a 'tub of suds' is not used, for drinking, the clanger clearly exists that arsenic can be absorbed through unbroken skin. Another side effect ... is the possibility of skin rashes andiuther types of contact dermatitis ... in sensitive people. "* *'Kfsenic is a cumulative poison which builds up slowly ih the body. According to some medical sources, long-term arsenosis may not be detectable for 2 to 6 years or long,pf.".. Jt\. addition to sampling the wash-tfay products, the researchers also analy/ed water frnm''the Kansas River and water -entering and leaving the water and sewage treatment plants in Lawrence. Arsenic concentrations of.up 1,0 .8, parts per billion were found, in the Kansas River at Topcka, they reported. This is "too"' close" to the tolerance limit'of 10 parts per billion rcc- -omraended-by—the™ UrS—Public Health Service, they said. 1 .'. - Sewage Treatment The researchers.also pointed •out*.-that present sewage treatment, processes do not romove arsenic From waste water. However, "limited tests" showed, .said, that cold-lime water Remarks • Theodore C. SorenseB, a Kennedy family confidant .who is running for U.S. senator in New York, was asked what he thought about Senator Edward M. Kennedy's political future in light of the auto accident in which May Jo Kopechne died, Sorensen replied: "The fact that the judge, and the prosecutor, and the attorney general all said there is no finding for-any basis for further legal action in this matter, I'd say Is going to lift a great burden off him, and he Is going to he able to resume his political career, which I think is unlimited." * The World Court at The Hague, Netherlands, has 15 noted jurists for judges but has not heard a case since February. One of its members quipped: "We're not asking fof the Chicago Seven, but we could stand a little excitement." — ' • Senator Charles MathiaT"(Rep., Mdj, in a Law Day speech at the Pentagon, noted there are ominous signs that a period of national distemper has begun. He said: "It Is becoming difficult for anyone to speak his mind or vote his conscience without being accused of losing his head or selling his soul." S.D.), Mark Hatfield Ore.), Charles Goodell NLY), Alan Cranston MILLER: DON'T 'TWIST FACTS' JACK MILLER From Th» R«<il»t«r'i Washington Burtau - WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator Jack Miller (Rep., la.) expressed "great-sorrow 1 - Tuesday at the Kent State Univer- s i t y student deaths, but warned against c o n c 1 u sions that they were cr "product" of the war or of other national problems. Such "twisted logic," Miller said, "excuses the misguided action" of the Kent State demonstrators, "begets violence and-comforts-those—who.-shun their responsibilities." Miller said in a floor speech that it will not do to try to "twist the facts to clothe this incident with the respectability of peaceful dissent." Referring to the burning incidents and rock-throwing at softening treatment removed up! Kent State. Miller said that "to to $5' per cent of the arsenic j suggest that it is the only way and charcoal filtration removed j the particular individuals can abo'gt.70 per cent. receive a 'fair hearing' with The research was conducted undeK Dr. E. E. Angino, chief of".tfie. geo-chemistry section of Arrest Youth In Grocery Holdup Here A 17-year-old rested Tuesday boy was . ar- in connection Hughes: 'People Must Be Heard* GMeline * f * r HUGHES- Continued from'Page One (Rep., -(Rep., (Dem., lalif.) and Hughes. They had announced their intention last Saturday to introduce such leg- slation. It would: Cut off all funds for military military actions in, Cambodia 30 days after enactment. Cut off all funds military activities in neighboring Laos by Dec. 31. Slop funds for /the war in Vietnam by Dec. 31, except that money could be spent after that in connection with the "safe and systematic withdrawal" of American forces and related purposes. Require a withdrawal of all U.S. servicemen from Vietnam by June 30, 1971, unless Congress approves a finding by the President that an add i t i o n a I stated period is needed to safely complete the withdrawal. The alternative posed .by the legislation is for Congress to declare waf against the Asian nation's. ' Hughes said in his speech that "it is time for the people of the United States to be heard" on whether they want to declare war or to end the fighting. The decision must be made I'(before this escalating conflict mushrooms he said. into global war,' -th-Kansas-G eolog icaLSuniey.; in addition to Galle, these others participated: L. M. Magnuson, chemist; T. C. Waugh, spectographor, and J. Bredfeldt, a student assistant. Student at Drake mrtPlayingBall respect to their alleged 'grievances' is to encourage mob rule, foster negativism in minds that could be constructive, and, indeed, advocate a return to the jungle of anarchy."' 'Miller's comments seemed aimed in part at Iowa Democratic Senator Harold Hughes, who had referred earlier Tuesday to the deaths being a "product" of the war and to the inability of dissenting students to get a "fair hearing." A^Drake University student j j /)/)/) waff-injured Tuesday when he i»WI/ rai£1hto another student while playing Softball at the Drake baseball diamond, police said. Jeffrey Rattner, 20, of 1219 Thirty-fourth st., was listed in satisfactory condition at North- n f Ul west Hospital Tuesday night •with. neck and back injuries. Steven Israel, 20, of the same address was treated for a head injury and was released..Jxorn the'hospitalT'Both students'-"are frorn Milwaukee, Wis. Dynamite Stolen About 1,000 sticks of dynamite and 600 electric detonating caps were reported missing Tuesday] from the Quick Suppjy Co. north of Des Moines. The theft was reported to the Polk County sheriff's office at 7°a.m., a deputy said. The dynamite was. stored in 20 cases and we1glis'aDout"a'nalf ton, author-' with the second armed robbery in less than a week at Harry' Market, Eighth street and Washington avenue, police said, The youth was apprehended about 3:30 p.m. by Patrolman Donald Bierma who had stopped at the store to question grocer Harry Saltz about a holdup there Friday. . Bierma said he heard someone from inside shout, "Grab him!" Bierma said he saw the youth a short distance from the store and took him into custody. Saltz tb7d~p"blice a" boy carrying a pistol entered the store shortly after 3:15 p.m. and forced several customers to lie on Jhe floor while he demanded money from a cash register. Police said the bandit had forced two young people- who were standing outside the grocery store to enter the store and lie on the floor. Most of the persons in. the store were Dowling High School students, police said. Saltz told police nine one- dollar bills were taken from the cash register. Police said a .32-caliber, five- shot handgun was found about 15 feet from the front door of the grocery store. Four cartridges were in the pistol, police said. Saltz identified the youth as the same person who took about $150 and a wristwatch from him shortly after noon Friday. The youth was held in City Jail Tuesday night for questioning by juvenile author' ities. Hies said. WATSON IN PARIS PARIS, FRANCE (REUTERS) - Arthur K. Watson, New U.S. ambassador to France, arrived here Tuesday ai\d will .present his credentials i6"Prestde"ri( ''t}ebrges*Pompi86u .today. Get the Quickest Tan on the beach Now, half a day to a deep, rich tan with or without the sun, with the new QT Triple Tan Plan. Because QT has DHA, a unique ingredient, QT gives you a real tan in only 3 to 5 hours with or without the sun. Tan in hall a day—outdoors with the new Triple Tan Plan. Apply three times. QT tans quicker. richer than any other kind of suntan product. Helps prevent sunburn. Keeps your skin soft, too. Tan tonight — indoors. QT with DHA will tan you without the sun, before your vacation and after. Use QT three times on your legs and you'll have a-pretty pair of "stockings". You're always in control. QT lets you tan as rich as you like, keep your tan as long as you want. Get the new QT Triple Tan Plan booklet at QT displays. QT *" is guaranteed by Goppertone • or your money back. A Product of Plough. Inc. GET IT AT YOUR P*^ ^^*B ^ ^BBB^ Wr^l^^f* w^B^^yy^^ ^ DRUG STORE Message for Students A Hughes spokesman said the Iowa Democrat was anxious to impress upon college students who see no hope of ending the war that the proposed legislation calls for quick, definite action. The sponsoring s e n a t ors pledged to press for a Senate vote within 30 days, indicating that their plan probably will be offered as an amendment to the pending defense procurement bill. The measure was criticized as "reckless" and "irresponsible" by Assistant Minority Leader Robert Griffin (Rep., Mich.). "This Is no time," he said, "to pull the fug out from underneath the President of the United States. It would be unconscionable to do so." •But Goodell replied that the legislation "> would provide a "safe and systematic way" out of the war and would, notify the world that, "we are going to terminate by a fixed date." ~" McGoveriT~warned- that—violent' anti-war .protests by students and others may result unless Congress acts td "funnel the anguish and unease" into a constructive, legal solution such as that proposed by the five senators. Pharmacist Pay CEDAR RAPIDST1AT1AP) - Guidelines fof settlement of disputes between pharmacy owners and pharmacist employ- es were adopted by the Iowa Pharmaceutical Association Tuesday. The action was prompted by the recent organization of pharmacists in the Omaha-Council Bluffs area by the United Chemical Workers Union. Robert G. Gibbs, executive director of the association, said Pag* 9 MoinssR* _ WiaLyMiy 6. 1970 the guidelines were adopted by the; organization's house of delegates, as "ari alternative to unionism," T-he guidelines cover many Chemical Workers "Union demands fof pharmacists, including pay of $9 an hour, a cost of living clause, life insurance three times the annual wage, profit sharing, a bonus based on the number of prescriptions filled. Gibbs said there is no enforcement provision for the guidelines, which are recommendations only. WINS MISSILE AWARD— VANDENBERG AtR FORCE BASE, CALIF. (AP) - The Minuteman-missile-firing 44th Strategic Missile Wing from Ellsworth Air Force Base, N.D., has won the Strategic Air Command's annual Missile Combat Competition. When a storm about to strike Even the price is beautiful. $105 less man camaro. less than Mustang* less than Barracuda is America's lowest priced sporty car. But you wouldn't'know it to look at it. It's been completely restyled from last year's Barracuda. We changed everything. For the better. For example, it's lower and wider than ever before. And more persona I than ever before. There are, in fact, over 100 options to choose from—so you can have your You handle the car. Not vice versa. The feel and handling are sure. Responsive. Yet, at the same time, the ride's comfortable. Every Barracuda comes wiUrfrontr torsion-bar sus- _ pension. Torsion bars twist the bumps away-which means you have better control when you need it Dan Gurney, acknowledged by many as the world's greatest race driver, went with Barracuda—and one reason he did was because of its great handling characteristics. Sometimes it's wise to follow the High-back bucket seats, big read- welds! Most cars are bolted together. able gauges and .a cockpit make it. And guess what bolts are capable of You'll like the Barracuda's interior because it's what we call "driver- oriented." It's comfortable. And there's a brand-new instrument panel with gauges that don't play hide-and- doing. Working loose. And rattling. So far, we've never heard a weld rattle. (Now you know what may be causing that rattle in your present car.) . Barracuda exactly the way you want it. crowd. Especially when the crowd leads you to the new 1970 Barracuda. And that's exactly where the crowd is headed. A quick look at Barracuda's success story will confirm that. Sales are up 53% over last year. And that's just the beginning. We offer everything from color- matched elastomeric bumpers to wild exterior colors to six-way seats to super-fat tires to you-name-it. We make it easy for you to personalize your Barracuda because we realize you don't have the same wants and needs as the next guy. What can all this mean to you? Since the Barracuda is priced lower than any other sporty car around, you can afford to make your "personal" Barracuda even more personal. Now read on and we'll give you some additional reasons why we say our Barracuda is the best sporty car value around. seek. The cockpit? Have a seat. You're in full control. If you want the works, order Barracuda's beautiful, optional instrument panel, the rallye cluster. With goodies like a trip'odometer, tachometer, rallye clock and oil pressure gauge. Now is the time to save money. Anytime's a good time to save money. But there's never been a better time than the present. And that's why we've come out with the Barracuda. You can see it at your Plymouth Dealer's. jHBased on a comparison of Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Prices of,the new Barracuda 2-door 6-cylinder Coupe and the lowest priced Mustang, Camaro and Firebird 2-door 6-cylinder models with optional wheel covers, whitewalls and " with the following standard equipment differences: The body that's welded together, stays together. Which is why we bond the frame and body shell as one. With over 5,000 individual spot lumul't MinlMI Curort FlnWrf Fixed Rear Side Window Cigarette lighter Day-Night Minor High Back Bucket Seals Standard Engine Standard Fiberglass-belled Tires 'Standard " Brakes Alternator Gauge Yes No No Yn 198CIO-S D78xU Drum Yes Movable Yes Yes Yes 200CID-6 £78*14 Drum Yes Nont Yes Yes ho 2SOCID-S VIM PISC& • Drum No None Yes Yes No 250CID-6 E7!xU Disci Drum No Price excludes State and Local Taxes, destination charges and optional equipment. Barracuda is so popular that sales are up 53%. Plymouth CHRYSLER MOTORS COWQRAHQN

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