The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on November 18, 1924 · Page 12
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 12

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 18, 1924
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

PAGE TWELVE. THE HUTCHINSON NEWS. •TUESDAY. NOVEMBER 18, f»» CROSSWORD PUZZLE Vii'\v with iiliinii, IT yon will, in lini'lzontiil. AIII IOIIK I I this word wilt MIH'M Iinlliin. and still I H . II calm* mnr In tin' niitebi'llitin <i lint it and liufi r ,t |;rn out papers. And an Alimriran tn :ti.';i ?!no hoars I Ills word Jl .s H.' tit It- Swifl, tins niillior, i'. n;~|ioiisihle for the loldlllon of a vertical Id llle K I>K M»I > llltlKUUIiiV. MR. X PERRY' Why Be Offensive With Bad Breath? Mr.">. I'.-rry of 702 HcKalb Ave- nut?, Uifoklyn, N. Y., writes: I. "I awakened each morning with an onplcn^nt 1;iitc and was uftcn rr- mindrd by my wife that my tircaili wafdisnprrtalilc. r "I tried perfumed 1 ablets, mouth washes and oilier camouflages which gave only temporary relief, "After consulting my dentist and finding my lecih in good condition, 1 confided in a friend, who suggested that pos^iMy my trouble Was constipation—faulty intestinal .elimination. After taking a few doses uf Carter's Little Liver Pills, my stomach and bowels were.relieved, foul and impure gases eliminated. • now enjoy a-wholesome breath well as improved health. Carter'.* Little Liver Pills arc small, easy to take, move the towels in a gentle 1 manner—without discomfort and distress." Beauty A Gleamy Mass of Hair •v : i "Danderine" does Wonders for Any Girl's Hair Children Cnrg CASTORIA MOTHER:- Fletcher's Castoria is especially prepared to relieve Infants in arms and Children all ages of Constipation, Flatulency, Wind Colic and Diarrhea; allaying Feverishness arising therefrom, and, by) regulating the Stomach and Bowels, aids the assimilation o{ Food; giving healthy and natural sleep. To avoid imitationi, always look for the signature o( Absohitetv Harmless-No^Opiates. Physicians everywhere recommend %> 30. ;tn. ini'iit. sr.. Hiehost i-art. Muslin Hiiderwoar. 4 Cow's cry. Plural of rivimi. Nmil or pronoun. l*ri»pt>^tt io n. Condi! ii.nal conjunct inn. Typogranhiral m u a a u r e* Short song' expressing; noble s-'iitimi'iii.-; in a .iiirnii'jert t*i>'!*.». :,(>. Millie, jiainiinp.'sculpturing; or liUTaturp. •W. S -H -hMcd retreats Vertical. 1. Koil or support. 2. Preposition. ... Aucifiit card game, familiar, by this time, to all crossword pn.. :de fan a. -I. Docs or performs evil. i">, W .-ry t-inali. 6. Kpouh. 7. >"irat person aioguiur objective pronoun, s. Reiiuires. 12. Prefix meaning three. I'ublic conveyance. Paid newspaper announce- COLDS Break a Cold Right Up with "Pape's Cold Compound" l'eople In thit county who ex- lieol to write inquiries concerning Hie amount of their taxes this year, are requested to do so at once by • Frank Y. Lewis, county treasurer, ^ who FtateH that IL Is nearly impos- j silile to answer all the Inquiries which are received the lust two weeK" before the last da«o when tuxes can he paid. t Nearly $2,000 more taxes have been paid up to date than were received at ttita time last year. The total tax receipts trom November 1 to 16 amounted to $73,210.62. Clean children wunt clean school clothes. Let us do the cleaning. Phone 1335. Lewis Cleaners. ll-10t The Greatest Shwf, of the fear / » AMERICAN ROYAL! LIVE STOCK, SHOW ICansas City, Men). 15-27 To Tell of Egypt The Women's Missionary society of. the United Presbyterian church will hold a special meeting ut the church, Friday at :30 o'clock. Mrs. William Murchle, of Wichita will speak on tho mission** in Kgypt. She was for several years teacher in the mission schools in Kgypt. Read the Classified Advertisements in the News-Herald. if.. IT. me nr. 'I tirt M: : inj.'. vimr hair, ju.-.t moisten • i.i hair-biuMi with a littlts "Dan• riue" anil brush it through your .air. The effect i^ L-tanlin^! You :in do your hair up iiimi'Miately -nil It v.ill appear twin- as thick .nil heavy —a ma.-s of iih-amy !iair. >iinrklin« with life ami po.-sOsiris iliat inconiparabk .soft n-ss I r+-sli- and luxuriance. While heautifylnt; the hair " lerine" i> ;il*o tor,ini; and ,<•••. imniut- jntr each «ln::ln hair to irrow ihiek. long and liair Mo;,;* fulling out ami dandruff disappears, tirt ;t hotile of "Dandt line ' at any drug or tot! a. count' r and just, bee- how healthy and youthful yonrliair appears after this d*-IIelilfill, refreshing dressing. Kxist. -Male cat. Ksqulmo car.oe. Adverb of negation. Act. Behold! Contraction for i have Coiruomeus. Dr. Sdmll's iiino-pa'.Ia stop corns hurting instantly. Remove the cause— friction and pressure. They are thin inetiicatet], anti-cptic, waterproof. Ah- rolulily rwife! l:.a.-,y to apply. Cut their ut your drui^i.a's or slice ctealcrV. 'Tltrev SUrx—for corns, callouses. Imnioni mScholl's ZitiO'pads "Put otto OK —-the pain is gone' 1 YODER j Mr. and Air*. Liint WIllianiK of ! Ureal llond were dinner guesis .it llie ^'. A. fliven.s liome' Sundny. i Mr. and Mr.«. Amnion Trover o j 'GoiH -Kro iii.-ntleii Coniniunion ; vices at the Yoder Mennon: t^luireh Suml:iy. i Mr. and Mrs. .louas Yod<?r an • .loe Voder and family left Sutnla. morning on a trip east to Illinois j Indiana and New York state. They went In .lee's touring car. i Clarence i'.oniraKer and Fre-Ula I Hhrock spent Sunday with home I [oil;?. They ate attending Hess! ton Culielle. ; Mr. ('lenience Miller and -Misy i roily Slirock "were married Tliui's- dny at tiie bride's liome In Yoder. .Nil*. .Terry and Mnhlon Bnnira- ger wer? dinner guests at the R. M. Hontruger home Sunday. John Overliolt and wife of (!ar- nett arrived here Sunday morning. They are visiting at the .lake .Mast home. While here Mrs. Ovorholl intends to have an operation performed at the Halsiead hospital. Knos. M. Voder and family of Thomas, OUlu. are hero visiting friends and relatives. Mr. and Mrs. John K. X'I of Goshen, Indiana, Mr. and Mrs. Bnos M. j Voder and Mr. and Mrs. O. M. i IJeaciiy were supper guests at the Terr. K. V.el'-r home near Tart j ridge Wetiie-sday eveiiitiK. Perry !•'. Yoder returned "Monday from Harnett wiiere he went ; to Uusli his corn. j The M. ts. lleaehy family is ciuar- .intlued with scarlet fever. Take two tab­ ids every threo hours until three doses are taken. The first dose always gives relief. The second and thlrdj-doses completely break up Mis cold. Pleasant nnd safe to take. Contains no quinine or opiates. Millions use "P «i e'i Cold Compound." Price Druggists guar- Butter-Krust [DoesNot CrumMeyj Try it / 1 BABY HAD ITCHYJCZEMA On Neck And Ears In Big'Water Blisters. 1 Cuticura Healed. *B«by w»fl troubled with eczema on her neck and cars. It was in big w*te; blisters and the skin was •ore and red. It Itched and burned and baby would scratch her head until it bled. She was awfully CIOBB and would lie awake and cry for hour 8. ' I found nothing that would do •ny good until 1 used Cuticura Suitp «nd Ointment and 1 only uecd one box of Ointment with the Soup, when she was healed." (Signed) Mrs. E. L. Ftoce, Vincent, Ohio. Th*te fragrant emollients are all you netd for all toilet purposes. Soap to cleanse find purify, Ointment to aoothe and heal, Talcum to powder and sweeten. ftu*l« t r«»j Midi. AMrntr. "CnUtsc* Ubw* •WriH, n #pl H, t-Uldu-t*. K MI " N «l .t rviry- -»ht ».Sr>»E>I> OiJitm«at?Ai>n0 tOc .Talf .imEir. 1 Tf" Trr «ur aewf Shaving -Stick. Why do your own Family Washing when our Terms are so Reasonable. PHONE HUTCHINSON FAMILY WASH LAUNDRY A. H. fultle, Prop I JOO I C i'or me tomorrow niRlit; I'll liavcMoinetiiiiig interestinj- to say. Owners find in the Oakland Six speed beyond need when the open road invites—a wealth of power to pull when the grade is steep or the going hard—a purring engine when traffic drags—a flying start when the congestion clears—and perfect control at all times with four-wheel brakes. Q Standard equipment include* /ovr-whttl bralut, due M M I whctti. balloon tiru, fvrmancnl tap, Hthcr Body, ons-piec* wnlitatinx uindiHicU on cloud typo, Duce faith, ctntrmlittd canlraU, <ndir<ctly-li(hud unit uutrumtntpantl, automatic ifiarfc control Q Qlaai ncloMira far opon can at >maU addai con. Roadncr $1095; Tottrinc *109S| Sfocial Woadllrr I! 195; Special Taurine *1195| Unttaa Caapa *IJ95i Coupe /orFour»M95j Sedan 91543; Landav > $1645. Prica at Factor* Superior Motors Co. Phone 3SS2 lM-lOS-UO W M\ Fir.t OA KLA.ND PRODUCT O V 6 I N I 1 A L MOTORS A Real Reward For Your Trip! Picture the mint brilliant, colorful (how tnd exhibition thtt you ever hive df eimed of. Such « ihow will be thli year's American Royal—• real reward for your trip to Kinj.t City. A stock show, coiuittlng of Pure Bred Cittle, Hogt, Sheep, Draft Horses, Commercial Draft Horses and Mules, that hat attracted entries from nineteen States from the Pacific to the Atlantic, and a brilliant afternoon and evening Hone. Show that brings the equine aristocracy of the rouiutvt Cowboy Mutut. and poultry, CM , dof,r«bbU,ca*T ind Iniiuarl .l ahuwt. Mort thin $60,000 In c.ih pttttll If frcr . arm .how mMftte m nip t* K.nto* Otv, th. Roysf «t 1934 wlllprovciiiv.luctotou. T .k..dv *m.|. of the fpecl .l reduced rtlltosd r .tea of la tar. tor the round crip, which .poll., to pplnn la lowi.Nebnjk., MbNourL K.ruM, Cclovicio, Aikmeai, Oklahoma tnd TexM.' Aak*outrallw.f seeat. Or takaadvantia* of th. treat hlihwart mterlral Kantu Citf. D—'IfMl* n)tj It—l CU>'$ freer Amtrhmm Rtyl Sktw. GtmirtlmdmitlltmSO cflt. Illllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllj Read the Classified Ads in The News-Herald. !(!!llll!!l!ll !lllllillllllllllillllllllllitllllllllllllliilllllillllllllllllllllllll!H ^Petey Dink Hot and Cold By C. A. Voight^ , V JEU , | DOuYWoTicEl ."ij ti©* 1 ITS MoT IM MCRe— ^ — \ TrilUK WfAVBe | ^OURtT fAttHiMtl fOlo| OR. yOMeiHIHC —

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