Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 27, 1998 · Page 2
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 2

Ironwood, Michigan
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Saturday, June 27, 1998
Page 2
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THE DAILY GLOBE, Ironwood, Ml — Saturday, June 27, 1998 Page 4 Obituaries Betty J. Lamerand SAXON, Wis. — Betty J. La- Funeral arrangements are in- merand, 76, a longtime Saxon complete and will be announced resident, died unexpectedly Fri- by the Engstrom Funeral Home, day, June 26, 1998, at her home. Hurley. Around the House Olson missions offer help to those in poorer nations (Continued from Page 1) Perhaps I long for the return of the days when the owner of a house would tell a buyer that .the bathroom door sticks, or the water heater is old and you would not need affidavits to swear he is telling the' truth. It would be difficult for me to sell this house under the new regulations. We've lived here 34 years and I'haven't, even discovered some of the things wrong with it yet. . The strawberries are early this year. Try this .elegant dessert called... Berries Delight Mix together: 1 Vi cups graham cracker crumbs V*cup sugar l /2 cup margarine, melted Press firmly into 9-by-13 pan and refrigerate until ready to Beat together an 8-ounce cream cheese, softened, and 2 tablespoons milk until smooth. Gently stir in half an 8-ounc« tub of Cool Whip, thawed. Spread over crust. Top with 2 pints strawberries, halved. Pour 3 W cupa cold milk into a large bowl. Add two 4-serving size packages of vanilla instant pudding and whisk together for two minutes. Pour over the cream cheese layer. Refrigerate four hours or until set You can spread with Cool Whip if you desire. If you have an idea, story, recipe, or comment, please share it with us at Around the Houfe with Jan, 416 Amygdaloid, ' Ontonagon, MI 49953. CELEBRITY CIPHER by Luis Campos OKtytv C*t*> trrttagnmt tfr crund from i*K**ar* by tmoiM Todmy s c**» •MRZXP AZICJUC UPBTUEA CUP AJZXX LPZIY FXCSPB CUTDIE JRP M T U X E , M P ' X X CXX LP UTHCIJZBA OUTM J Z H P J T J Z H P . ' - U C 8 BTMTXXS PREVIOUS SOLUTION: 1 haw* o«v«f untovad a human bwng bacaus« ot rac*. ct*«i or cokx I couldn't liv* any other way. U.P. News __J^sK•—• ••"• . . Power shortage halts mining MARQUETTE, Mich. (AP) — Operations at the Empire and Tilden iron ore mines were halted temporarily this week because of an electricity shortage caused by hot weather further south. • "We're a large consumer of electrical power," said CCI spokesman Don Ryan. "We basically had to shut down all processing operations, especially in.the concentrator area." Problems started early Thursday afternoon and ended around 6 p.m., when electrical demand lessened, he said CCI, which manages both mines, purchases its power from Wisconsin Electric of Milwaukee, Wis. To run its operations at both mines, the company needs about 150-160 megawatts of electricity, he said. As the temperature climbed, the amount of power available for the mines dwindled to about 20 megawatts, he said. "That just wasn't enough to do the job," Ryan said. The outage along the Wisconsin Electric distribution line were caused by demands in the central Illinois area, according to company spokesman Rick James of Milwaukee. Replica of Nina will visit MARQUETTE, Mich. (AP) — Area residents will pet a chance next month to see what 15th Century seafaring was like when a full-sized replica of the Nina pays a visit. The ship, an exact reproduction of the vessel Christopher Columbus sailed to the Now World in 1492, is owned by the Columbus Foundation of the British Virgin Islands. It arrives July 9 at the Ellwood Mattson Lower Harbor Park pier. Public toura will be offered July 10-19. "It's going to give people a good opportunity to sec what one of these ships was like," said A-J. Sanger, whose husband, Morgan Sanger, captains the ship. "Since 1992, we've visited about 400 ports all along the East Coast,. Gulf Coast and up the West Coast."' The foundation built the ship over six years, starting in 1985, Mrs. Sanger said. The architect's plans were based largely on Columbus' writings, she said. (Continued from Page 1) The State of Wisconsin Lions Club provided 2,000 glass** for dispersing in Ecuador. "We could have used 6,000 glasses," Olson said, noting "it was one of the most popular things down there." Optometry came in second, he added. Ecuador provides; free medical services for the poor, he said, but that service doea not include medication. The public health clinics do not have laboratory, x- ray or drug services. The clinics are also understaffed. "A doctor can writ* a prescription, but moat coming to the health clinics cannot afford to have the prescriptions filled," Dr. Olson said. The DOCARE International group brought and dispersed $70.000 in drugs and supplies to Ecuador, he said. "Some were do- City to purchase new equipment (Continued from Page 1) —2001-2002: One new tandem dump truck; replace second Oshkosh saowplow; one new or used W-ton 4-by~4 pickup truck; one new or used one ton dump truck. —2002-2003: One loader backhoe; one new L-8000. tandem truck; replace with new or used, single-axle belly scraper; one new or used Vfe-ton pickup truck. —2003*2004: One new street sweeper to replace No. 84; one new L-8000 tandem truck; replace No. 100 Drott ditching machine (new or used); replace with new or used No. 39, single-axle belly scraper, one new or used one-ton dump truck; one new or used Vfe-ton or 34-ton 4-by-4 pickup. Death takes Thomas friend KEY WEST^Fla. (AP) — John Malcolm' fcrtnnin, a prize-winning poet who first brought . Welsh poet Dylan Thomas to the United States, has died. He waa 81. Brinnin died Thursday night at his home in Key West, his dose friend, New York publisher and film producer Frank Taylor confirmed Friday, "He'd been ill for some time," said Taylor. "It waa cancer, among other things." Also a critic, anthologist and teacher, Brinnin taught poetry at Vaaaar Colege, Boston University, the University of Connecticut, and Harvard University. The Poetry Society of America in 1955 awarded Brinnin its Gold Medal for Distinguished Service to Poetry. From 1949-1956, he served aa director of the Young Men's Hebrew Association Poetry Center in New York City. During that time, Brinnin brought Thomas to this country, and waa responsible for all of Thomas' reading tours here. Brinnin's ~ most famous book, 1955's "Dylan Thomas in America," is a memoir of his times with Thomas during the Welsh poet's trip* to America. Brinnin wrote the book from his memoirs made while traveling with Thomas for poetry readings. nations from major drug companies; some were doctors' samples; some were purchased by doctors who were on the mission." The staff-of 38 professionals saw about 4,000 people and performed about 30 surgeries, during-the two-week period, Olson said. Highest on the list of medical problems was intestinal parasites. With El Nino' wreaking havoc, much flooding was noted. Four to six inches of water sat in the streets, . "'***' "We saw a lot of contaminated water, and an increase in insects. We treated a lot of infected insect bites," he added. Ninety-five percent of the country suffers from intestinal parasites, Olson said. "About 20 percent of the children die before reaching adolescence." People who have money in Ecuador go to the doctors three or four times a year to be "dewormed," to receive parasite treatment, Olson said.. The problem lies in bad water and sewage. The water plants are ancient and the water is not treated. A short-term solution to this problem is to boil the water, Olson said. But, the people who came in cooked on 20-pound cylinders of propane and wouldn't waste propane to boil water. Olson rocalled-an eight-year-old boy saying his family did not have, to choose between eating and boiling, the water to prevent illness "because DOCARE was there to provide medicine free." Otherwise, "that family would have had to decide between food or medicine, and fond would have won out," Olson said, with look of despair on his face. Dr. Olson has been taking part in' these DOCARE missions for -many year. "The availability of care does not get any better. We are helping people for a short time. It is not a cure for long- range problems because these people cannot afford tests and drugs." The group left a supply of drugs in Ecuador. But, "when they are gone, they are gone," Olson added. , Why does Dr. Olson annually devote his time to these missions? "I enjoy helping people as desolate as they are. It is my way of giving something back to the world. ;••;•; ' "I am able to see a country and culture like you would never -see if you were a tourist. And, the least of my get out of the northwoods during the winter months," he laughed. DOCARE International will return to both Yucatan, Mexico and Ecuador in 1999. Heart attack can be misdiagnosed By Peter H. Gott. M.D. DEAR DR. GOTT: I'm a M-year-old woman who weighs 98 pounds. Last winter, I suddenly experienced crushing chest pain while shovelling snow and was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. I was kept overnight, tested and given injections for pain. The next morning, the doctor reassured me that the tests were normal. He thought I had a pinched nerve and discharged me with instructions to sec a chiropractor. The following day, I had more pain. The next day, because the pain was so severe, I returned to the hospital, where I was diagnosed with a heart attack. Why wasn't this discovered earlier? Shouldn't I have been more closely monitored and treated? D&AR READER: This is a scenario that gives all doctors nightmares. Heart attacks are extremely unusual in young, slim women — and I am sure that the ER doctor was unforgivably misled by your age and sex. Had you been a 60-year-okt man with identical symptoms, the physician's would have been altogether Man dies after hitting train KIMBALL TOWNSHIP, Mich (AP) — A 19-year-old St: Clair County man is dead after his car struck a stopped train and caught on fire. Craig Ruck waa driving to his parents' home around 11:45 p.m. Thursday when he hit the train, deputies said. St. Clair County Sheriffs Lt. Jim DeLacy said the Canadian National train had stopped on the tracks for 20 to 25 minutes when the accident occurred. Make Reservat/on> Today! ITALIAN FESTIVAL Milwaukee Jgfr 17-19 -Transportation -Two Nights Lodging -Two-day Admission to Festival Grounds. Call: E-Z- Way Tours (906)932-5455 City takes aim at geese, gulls ESCANABA, Mich. (AP) — The city council wants to crack down on geese and sea gulls. Members agreed Wednesday to step up trapping and relocation of the birds from downtown Ludington Park and to build up vegetation buffers. Mayor Craig Gierke said some gulls may .be poisoned. "We have been told lethal control is the only way to go" in controlling gulls, he said. City administrators will gather information for the July 2 council meeting, he said. "We are starting down a road that is going to lead us to an eventual solution to the control of nuisance animals,"Gierke said. The gull problem is "intolerable," said Tony Schomin,. Recreation Department director. "Citizens cannot have picnics in Ludington Park without having the birds take food off of grills and tables." Meanwhile, the park's goose population is expected to nearly double to about 300 this year, he said. A representative of the state Department of Natural Resources will be invited to speak before action is taken, city officials said. After non-lethal means are exhausted and problems continue, depredation permits are issued under federal code by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, said Marlys Bulander, permit administrator for the department. But she said cities should do their part by enforcing no-feeding bans. SAXON/GURNEY CELEBRATION '98 SUNDAY. JUNE 28 IRON COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS PARADE - 1:OO P.M. * * cash prizes for winning entries * * * GAMES * * PRIZES * HORSESHOES &3ON3 BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT 3:OO P.M. LIVE MUSIC 4:00-7:00 P.M. by MAD TRAPPERS FOOD & BEVERAGE BOOTH by: SAXON/GURNEY VOLUNTEER FIRE DEFT. Call 893-236O or 893-246O For More Information DR. GOTT PETER GOTT, M.D. in the doctor's defense, I should emphasize that heart attacks are sometimes very difficult to diagnose in their early stages before changes occur in the cardiogram or in the biood-enzyme levels. Also, as I'm sure you are aware, more and more physicians are realizing that women — especially those beyond menopause —.arc almost as much at risk for coronary disease as are men. Thus, a woman with chest pain is far more likely today to be thoroughly investigated for heart disease than she would have been a year or two ago. Of course, this doesn't excuse your original ER doctor who. quite frankly, missed the diagnosis. Many hospitals have begun using a new blood test to identify heart attacks, and this test may well revolutionize the diagnosis. Called "tro- ponin," this substance is released into the blood stream when cardiac muscle is damaged. Troponin levels rise quickly during a heart attack, can be measured easily, and are far more reliable than any of the older, standard tests. If the. troponin analysis had been available at your hospital, your heart attack would have been diagnosed far sooner . Be that as it may, you were, in a sense, lucky, because you lived long enough to return to the hospital when your pain failed to ''subside. Nonetheless, your story — despite its happy ending — serves as an important reminder thai all chest pains in adults must be considered to be'car- diac in origin until proven otherwise. . To give you more information on your condition, 1 am sending you a copy of my Health Report "Understanding Heart Disease." Other readers who would like a copy should send $2 plus a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope to P.O. Box 2017, Murray Hill Station/New York, NY 10156. Be sure to mention the title. In la taring memory of lames GUdwrio who passed away five years ago, Jane 28th, 1993. God took him home, it was His will, But in our hearts we love him still. His memory is as dear today As in the hour he passed away, We often sit and think of him When we are all alone. For memory is the only friend That grief can call its own. Sadly missed by his wife and family In Memoriam In memory of Lloyd Kukiinski who pasted away two years ago, June 27, 19%. God saw you getting weary, He did what he knew best, ., He came and stood beside you. And whispered come and rest. You bid no one farewell Or even said goodbye, You were gone before we knew it, And only God knew why S*Aly mutfj by hit wife JaAnn, Daughter antl Son-ln-Lam firm and Bart anil GranthiMrtn Jamie anj Mark. The Presque Isle Chamber of Commerce Presents The 21st Annual SUNDAY JUNE 28, 1998 1998 SCHEDULE OF EVENTS lfcOO "UVE" SKY * Moor* (M*2a Stage) ProfkT««kR*e««(BciBfre fit Bafciaj fViBtr* Jmfri ii| UJO ».*. *UVE" Doc Pvfcc* * Skippr $fc«w IiOOfh«. "UVT LOST ART DraMMMdo^-BMCTavtuM 1 tOO f-m. OU feawMd Gndp M«cfc-Pm<p« Ut v*. (%«£(•«*« (TW. h ttrt** tafAJ® 2JOp.». " 2>45p.av 3.15 p.*. 3<30p.M. 1*1 CHUury C«JMM IUc<* 440 p.a. K*t 'CASH' bfflc Dnrwiag BIG "CASH" RAFFLE $500.00 1st, j 100.00 2nd & 3rd, $25.00 4th fc 5ih "A Day OfVittlet, Fiddle*, Frolic & Fun!!" ARTS Hi CRAFTS LOST ART DEMONSTRATIONS For Booth Sp*cc Ac \mtoimnio* CWI, 715-686-2910

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