The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 9, 1918 · Page 4
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 4

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1918
Page 4
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.mm THCi HUTCHINSON NEWS OFFICIAL J>/\PEH OF" RENO COUNTY VV. Y. MOt'OAN, EDITOR, £5TACL)GHED 1872. tftitrrtyl nt ti>* rusMrire in HUlrhln- ITCH, K 'iK.i fur trHJi^mtfWi »n lliruufrh tn* UIILII.'J v& a*cuiul-«4n>» waller. DuHituna Of flue Wo. 3 .* ilvt.i UMIIK UtspttrlintuV ,,..Nti. i }*iU<l)Ui ItDUlUB ti°- «Ui ticiMy liXlit'ir ,iYo. i*y-; TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. Daity LUIUUII rich*L-I VA uy carrier lo .III, VIK- >vttl. iiy ina-ii, HI* irtuial*» j-li' JlliitJ, Oji,.. JIH'Jtlll htw». uuo yuu' ,i>v TO CHANGE ADDRESS. In urijLiinn <tw lufdivatf yr yur paper I'L-aVUt-X'tCli AUUliiiibU HN well «.» liio ADVERTISEMENTS* Tbo Now* leaurvtut HID right, to reject any iulvwiiHinu mAiU'r tlui it amy ui>uw Tl.e Nt'W* lw »vl r*.^pi »flmUio for a Avar- —• •-• ~-«HriM. cards *>f no- duly uiM cliunri sociala, ledum notice*, ktriiioiij mo i.t-itsiUfcrucl A* ftdvur Lining I liu liaMi'i;i oditiH of OiU paper are ut Jfc -lSt Kui /Gilt in eel, New Xork Cily. And HiKJtM flJ4-:i^5 J!,trri« Tru»L Uiiuiyo; tilt WtVUliiflni \lUlg.. Kiuvfu* Lily, A)u., ]•;, it*,* AdwtUmuie Agency in Aiivi-ritnliig t.ites initio known uii appll eiiliun. Tiit'i'li-uie Nu 3. Ti^fpliuMo IHWH I tern* to This nipnn.4 that tlic biK In nil battle- i \V .•= 11i 11s are li\ llir land i)f ':li-nr Milling | ^5fc=; watnr between the Allied tanks and tin! Hiiuloiiluirg Hni.'." Abe Martin il en IJio way li) ulnri' Hi" in.Mny wants 10 slop and n-sl. Il tnrims dim Hi" !«.+•! 'if|i'ii."in- iniiliTiiil ihf Allli'ii mill Ami.Tirfuu Juivi- us vii Ii'ii-i] on ihi> llrriiinny h;ivi' an ul'ii'Tlunlly In K"l III Ihi'li' wink. Suiiii' uf I In' l«>«l MiiitiR miiiU" III llir liiiii rlx wi-i'kn liav fume tlironi:li l))P (iimil ivnik iloni' liy Ihn iiiiikn. Tuni'ti ](iii«n wiih i:i|infili' iin n in rlmi'K'' IJn-ri-' in scarci.'ly any way *n slop Uiiiii. Tlii'y tnki- the 1)11 In Ui'Mr Ifdli iinil itcpp on Kol'ig, apimrciilly nol riiriiiR n rap f »i" me m»cliinp guns nt lh^ iMK'iny. Wilh clear nnlllni? Fur tlm <anka IliiTr IH a cliani-p tlmt lliu niiuU'li- burg lino may bi> ruhbril out iunl raiiUo 6o InillKtlnct Umt cvpn n haril-lirraswl Hun --will rind nuiall clmncc to lililu bi'hlml Its nllperil inoti'ctlon. ilerc 'D liopinR Tor (ho tatika. tit Hdlt.rlal MEMBEK OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ^x^ 1 ^"^^ dc «il.iliVi hcrclu am M«« r M orve^ The SldUnger Drug Co. PRES'JBIPTIQN SPECIALISTS TeteDTionB.11. No. t7 North Mam 3treot, Hutclilnaon * » * * * PAY CASH. When the lirltlsh troops now fiulrifi lillhfr anil yon In Mosopotaniln Kei llirougli with lliolr work lu Iliut. Turk land, 11 will bp i-U'iwvd up, much ol this land will Again lie iinilfr irrtRn- Hon Hllor liimilriiilR or yonm of Ottoman conlrol inul HIP i-iitlrp country will lip ri'iuly tov tlic progrcaa (Inn to slnrt ihrro oiifo liio war in oi'ur. AG "I don't bPlli 'Vo 1 ever sppn such bin ppiichra on top as thi'i- arc Wiis seiuion," wild - Mrs. Tlll'md Moots, t'tiuy. My lilua of a hi'iivy dinner 1B wliun my wife trips t' mnkp Hulit, fluCCy noodles nn' (hey don't fluff. alp occusioiiB, nuil always, of course shu has ouu good I 'voiilnis sown whlcli is boUKlit nt ii first class shop and. Mesopotamia might again return to be lusta her two or three years. Sin: the ciirden spot, of the world, an Unproved Uarilen of Kileu,--the early Adam and Bvu homo being located In Its borders. * If JIIII have, trouble In your tent • * you'll i.iri.'iiuly eiiliirKe It, by say- " " Inn I" Hie grocer Kent, or other * • dealer, rhurge II." In peaceful • * times 1 bought my lath mid coal * * mid hay on iTtdlt, hut cash Is now * * ()<c nutt-Hi fiaih, mid sn J sanely * * Iread it. When war's on deck no • * man can say what Ills may cbuiico * * Imnorrow, »liat slern reverse may • * come his wny, what heavy clouds • * of sorrow. Ami if the winds or " * trouble blow, the frost edged blood * * concealers, unfortunate are those " * who owe IMK lillln (o nil the deal- * * ers. The merchants ought lo have • * Uinlr Dion rrum putruna whom * * they (niptell; they want to help * * lo whip Ihe Hun and can't be- * * cause iftcy're busted. Debt is a • * nuisance and a ITOBI to seller and * * to buyer; U Is one thing that * * keeps the cost of living going * * higher. The dead beat slides the " * grocer J;iy mid skips for l>ar'.s * * uncharted, and then his hill we * * have In pay, which lenves us * * broken heaiii d. Ill times of peace * " 1 ordered piuin s, and said, "1 II • * serf lie Inlrr," but now 1 hand the • * picayunes lo merchant, clerk or " ' waller. I know that debt's a " " thing accural, and I remark, "Ay, • * marry, lhough future days may do * * (heir M-or.M, ]T1 have no debts to • carry. -WALT MASON. * The nuns, in getting nwny from llussin, have sold themselves, body and soul, to the Huns. 'Thoy' have, agreid upon a treaty whereby they are to serve the Germans la the hitter's armies, and fight to make, the (Jeriiiiih eiuiHre supreme. The latins may find their nriijlibors, the Swedes, ligainst this, for Sweden and Nisrwity" don't care for having Ucnnnny'a power extended farther in that direction. The Hnns have taken on n big contract with the itims. When the Germans retired from Mont Kcmmcl, near Ypres, tliey did something that will likely coat them dearly before they get through with it. It was a handy knob of earth to have around when the CJermans were caught in a tight place nnd the loss or it will give the Vluns a very.poor show- to ever get to the English channel. The Allies have their eyes on a burg back of the Ifindcribiirg line, named Aaigges, and are putting forth every effort to get it in time for breakfast some fine morning. It is remembered they already have Ham. Wouldn't il be flue to have tt "Hie linn" that would shoot the submarine bases nt Zeebrugge and Ostend full of holes and another of ihe same sort that would make liell-go-Land look like it? Austria Is to be dismembered If the A.lied plans go through. Austria hasn't hud any excuse for its present kind of existence for hundreds ol years anyway. THE "FlflCT ARMY." Are the Americans lo "go duwn ttie Jlliine?" There is a feeling In Washington Dial when Deneriil lVrshiiiB's First Army is formed and ready for business 11 will start In at the Switzerland edge of Ihe war and give the 'Germans some sleepless nights. If It' should start there and meet wilh initial success it would give, the tier- mans soyiclblng to think about from tlio very beginning. The llhiue ii Ihe rich manufacturing portion of Western Cieriiiuny. its buiiliB are lined with fine cities, many of them tlu; quarters for some of Ihe largest war manufacturing establishments of the empire. Nol fur distant from this stream, as it follows its course north Hi Ueruiauy, are others of the munition manufacturing centers anil HIB hcudiiunrtera of tin? large stores of supplies for ihe Hun unities In Prance. An ailrunea in dlrengtli down tho Illilne would get into I lie heart of industrial ijcrmnny in a hundred miles and the war could be. brought illrvi't)y iio.uio to II"' Ti-uion, fighting lor his hciii'tbstouca on his own snll -v,. The big American army Is (o be JIB Jienrly n complete and perfect organization us It is possible to plan. It will have every needful branch of (he Biiivlce wilh communication lines established clear back to the cuuton- Menls, the munition factories and the producing (arms of America that Hothlug is likely lo disturb, Jt will he mi itruiy built {or ihe purpose of couipicllng the job It taciilee. It is (O'gO through the Hu,u lines |{ (here is any' way to get" through, It will pnrry the Stars tuul Stripes down the Ithlne if (ho decision, is to a Hack Hie. fluritttuiB by this route, General Pershing will have an army that is formed niter a < year (Mil it liulf of effort to make every jnon in it ready for the work laid gut lo do. Wlten it's iitpvcojani Klarts spiutnhiug' Is liable to tapped, for U is Acaded lotfsrrf (he heart of the lajiit of the }Iu». . CLfAfl 8AJW.N0. rOHT ^B TANK?. In llu-lr ailvRiiKii ihe Krench were in a hurry and they put tiulacard In ihe discard and went on their ivay toward Ihe ithlne. ,», .j. « <i. -ii 4- * <f- * 'v * * * •» * * ,i, FEWER CLOTHES. (Ity HutU Cameron.) usually has on hand a thoroughly good but very plain coal which lasts her scvernl years. She lias had one set of furs since 1 knew her. She paid a price for Ihem which the other "womnn .thought extravagant. They still'give her an air of distinction lifter six years wear. In order to keep her clothes in harmony, sho sticks to two or three colors, which* she knows are­ coming to bcr. Of course she has to Appear In the same clothes a good many times, but they are always so attractive and Bhe always so well groomed, that she is never hard to look at. Also she sometimes has to be rather undepressed, as for Instance, in a suit and blouse at an afternoon tea where the other women wear gowns. Uut It Is always better to be underdressed than overdressed, especially when the overdressing Is of a lawdry son. 1 meant lo leave It uncertain which of the two ways 1 liked the best. I fear 1 have nol done so. 1 wonder if you agree with mo sufficiently to join me in tbe resol'Uion 1 have made to get fewer clothes and have (hem better. OVER OUR STATE. * * * « * « * «$• * * * * * * * * If one should lake a pencil anil sit down and reckon how much it would cost to have dollies exactly suited to uil occisioiiH (even for those of us who haven't such u wide range of oc easlows), lo have them good, and to have them new each year, one would be appalled. Of course Ihe average woman never does Hint, it would do her no gonf, for she knows that II is impossible fur her. She must compromise ana sacrifice same of Ihem mid the lines- tlon always and ever before (he house is which considerations shall she tac- crlflee. Among my young married friends, are two who answer this iiuestion in exncliy opposite ways.• *• 1 want lo tell you IIIHIUI them. One has a great many clothes. Sho. Is nut satisfied unless in her wardrobe there is always a winter and summer suit, (wo or three afternoon gowns, several thin Ureases nnd innumerable blouses. Bhe is always surprising us by appearing at the small functions where we meet her, wilh something new—now a new uflernoou dress, again a new hal and n very fancy pair of shoes Unit she bought at some bur- gain sale, usaln a blouse whoso claim lo distinction is the njubprato way it is trimmed. Must of the tilings are made of Inexpensive ttuiierluls mid are'concocted at home by a nono too gifted dressmaker, Inevitably Uiey soon gel shabby mid out or style, which justifies her in buying more. Shu never sticks to any particular color scheme, saya she. gets tired of two or three colors, and likes to try Ihem all. The other woman lias compuralive­ ly lew clothes, but what ihe ha.s are of the best. Xhe Ifuys, perhaps once in two years, a .first class Jult of excellent tailoring and materials. 1*0 no with tills she buys two thoroughly good blouses, one more elaborate. Uion tbe other, She wears these witu lior suit to the most of tbe ofteruoou and stapler evening functions to waieb tie other woman wears her afternoon, gowns. The simpler blouse also servag -when n»e goes suopuing, rifcWAft^a^"' Once a week in Hslstead a program is held for the boys that are going forth to the war. The mayor of Leavenworth has tendered ills resignation. He said il was for "business reasons," Autumn days hung around this per- tlon. of the state for quite n while iii9t>vfeek and were very welcome, et cetera* The Hock Island road fixed up a crossing, near Culllson, just because someoue asked, is the mlltvuium approaching? The Atchison Globe came out half sine a few days ago because of a serious shut down for repairs of the power plant. The Great Bend home guards put on their uniforms und escorted the last list of new soldiers to the train an Friday night, There was an auction sale of old automobile tires at Pratt on Saturday evening, "the proceeds being for the Hod Cross, People who are opposed to street pavements should lake a (rip to Dodge City and find what an Improvement It lilts made in that fine city. The school board at Haven has arranged to haul the rhllldren to school living niare than a half mile from the city limits, during this year, ^ Newton is to be down at the depot tomorrow morning early to see the elephonts unload and the monkeys cavort, for n circus 1B coining lo town. A Nlckerson man is on the Pacific coast, riding over the hard roads iliere and getilng filled up with them lo talk lo his folki when he gets back home. The Union Pacific and Missouri Pacific trains now ran Into tho Sunta Fe station at McPuerson nnd it Is one of the bttslnest spots In (awn. Its one of the plans for consolidation. Vincent H. Miifinlnir, Jersey City, N. J. Corporals Martin .1. Ktilli. llav l'U», M»-li. Alii.iliniii Hleiu'ii, Nf» \prk ''liy, M V Victor H. Johnson, Leavenworth, Kan. Privates I'l.aMp* i 'nt 1 1 in: I '.i in. Sli'ie'iv.'in, likla. 1-kl.lie i" l .inil, Sinn, Wi". .1 I.NI Mni'W-kl. i liic:i|i", lit. Slfillng .M. I 'i'"'., I''i'..-, T'l.' Iti.Kiud H. Hisliil., I,'•••liimrl. X. V. ''!i.i rl.'. p i I.. H.imt-'in. U>r'>itl. I'LL lull J. Sinilh, ll'i'.-lil itin. It I". l.«r 'IVtimini'if. I.'II.I'J.IIIII';'.'!, N. M. John Avlur, h'"iiuin'li', i.tUla. Ilmri liii'sliiiii"", l'.jlj.nnrn, Klevi', llier- Si .'l. II. 1'. I'nliin, .«l. Ji»i'|ili, Mn. I'hnlt B, .Mil. In il, Wiiln I. ull!:l. Ili'livy I-'. I 'i l ,'i>-i'ii. At li I,,: I mi. NMi. Fi,rrl»tcr H. Douuncrty, Kiin.fia CKy, Kan. DIED OF WOUNDS: Sei-flt'.'uita Knnik 1-;. Aiiilica. llvvi'fifiinl, H. P. I'lltriuil W. iMhill, lliiilrniil. I'liiin. Corporals Victor lIulieM llaniiiey, HerHi-lry, t'al. llM-iiiu -il lliMiiy ItiielHin.'tti, CuvlliK'i"'. Ky. Privates William J. lllnieli', Newnik, N. J. Arthur l\ c 'liitilnflerMiiii, Mllwutikee, Wis. Wllllnm J. I'iMjiipy, v'tu 'iTV Valley, Mass. 'rluiin.'i.i lliiiii -iin, l'lirllanil, lire, I'lllliw A. Kclilinaii, IJuliiry, Wis. .lue fuller. Ai 'linclon l\>lu. Julia I-'. Uciiniaii, l-'iir Itc'-kiMvay. N. \. Krnnpili 1 ,1'Hli, Wai'lihiKli'ii, 1.1. t'. tlolilvon Mailiii'i, N't'iv llriietnii, Ala I'llrfiird II. Mi.-."!!, lliiMlen. Mnns. Oliver releisiiii. Twin Vallry, Minn. Wllllnin I.. MlH 'in -iT, Milan, Ha. frank Slnak'-, l 'liUnvlellilila, t'j. i\m H. Kllltnn. Iillllilifl'lull, \. (.?. WOUNDED SEVERELY IN ACTION: Mechanic llonslil Jolin McDonald, Llicboygnn. Midi. Ptlv.iteR t'lpniile Hall, Knii.'.'is I'll*. Mo. Ottn ].'\ Hi«v. IvultsiH'l, Mont, rinifiice II. le-iiwn, flllluii. N. \*. AlipilUl i *«Mlf.Hll'-lln, Nl 'WMlU, N. J. l'Vlwnl-il Ml7 .in.TalU. lliiliiaml, l.'nl. tlilbrlcl 1". Il.>m.«li'>-, I'lilrlli-lil, N. D. Jnlm KitnUiwskl, I 'lil'-ann, 111. Hlchnitl Knii'Ker, Mllltm .linn-linn, \N '1«. llliei l^vinulnw.ikl, Waiisiui, Wis. I 'htvrlny W. Mulaup, Soils. Miss.*. Jolin llov Miller, Klkt»ii, Mlvli. Clayltm, I,.:.sli>y Murray, MaelllnaK City, jricll .Slc|ihra X, I'appa.i, Wnrvrstcr. Mtw.i. Marlon K. Kowlrr, Noviniti-r, Mo. I'liMilPS K. .Srliafli'r. llunl, W. Vn. HevtMln Tinisi'ii, Kesslon. Minn. Jelin J, Volley. Ilciiki'lin.-in, Neb. lleerRe A- VVrlKht, iNissi'l.tun. N. Li. Oscar t'ctcvsiiii. l'opeioy. In. Hoy Pierce, Cm-Mlnir, Ark. Mlcliacl Qulnn. HiiHjSlyn, X. Y. Ernie I'. Itehliison, rfrtiieef, Tenn. Walter O. Sehtattrr, t'l. Wayne. HlO. William M. Stattcry, I,una. N. V. Paul M. Spi'hnr, t.'hiissi'l, Mich. Nouredilln B. flterl. Oaklimd, fill. Caspor .Stftlm.-u'liowskl, Milwaukee, "Wis. Joseph Stnkrs. llreoklyn, X. Y. l''jdmuiid Tytiomyk, Milwaukee, U'Js. Tnwns-en, Kennetl, Mo. tlnberl I.'rbnn, Xuw York, N. Y. I'Vffdin-irk 1'. Vlliwna. Liiii.'is .i, N.-C. llleii G, Wagner, KU-timnml, lnit. Morris tT Wabmii, St. I^ouin, Mo. l.Mna WTitLaker, faney Sprlnps, Tenn. 1 ^'iwi'enee Tboma.'' White, Ann Arbav, Mleli. William IX. Whltlock, Pulford, lml. Percy John tl'leks, iL'amon c .lll', Aflch. 1,'iwl Wilcox, Morley, Mlrh. Charlie Wright, Middle Creek, Ky. Nelson Wright, J^i|>orte f lud. Atbnrt Win rich, Uelolt, Wla. Nlchotaa Yakovlch, West Pullman, III. Geortje C. Fllinerald, Kiowa, Kan. Wm. G. Wolloway, Lecompton, Kan, WOUNDED:' (Decree Undetermined) Lieutenant Ifnrloy P. Gaston, Lowell, X. 0. Serge^nU Frederick Aloysus Uockcntlnrf, Chicago, ^ ARMY CASUALTY LIST The following cftSUaHlcs nro repor. toil by the Commanding General of tlio Amorivan Uxpt-tiU.onary I'^orces: .Killed In Action, 19; missing in action, 72; wounded Boyorely, 46; wounded tflifthUy, 1; wounded, degree undetermined, 137; dlud of wounds ( IS, Total, 203. . KILLED IN ACTION: • LleuunanU. Jr/aji-laon A- plcklnvvP' Uprlngfkld, 111. ill. Waller Henry Uftrnctt, St. JnluiK, N. 13. Andrew OrrtiUT, •• Brownflehl, P.I. lid ward AlfrcKer, Vulpun, lml. Willlajn D, Quimby, JUunchMiur N. li. Hober|, sA. Williams, Cl «Vbland ( O. •yd' Corporals GuOrtftiA. D«sutka. UurfnJo, N. Y. John Bronkftarst, ttoaw, MHi. Clyde C. OtinpLuill, 1M Junta, Co)o. Alex CwixlUch, JrMlfpurl. Mlaw. j John Co-w'ey, Vnii<Jltne ,l Pa. Noriuun JC Clapp, CSrti/tnn, O. Jarucs Derllllppo, Snn FraimLsfo, Cfil liulnier Arnold Kgliitiil, Mnltd, 111. 3o1.n lv. l-'iniiey, PhUadelphin, l J a. • Walter E. Vnrih,- Pcirolf, Mich. Kr'iuwu S. H.iyoH, AJlPgn". Mlcli. Andrew Jensen, MHn«r, N. D. Uerljorc B. MrJ>ermolt, 1 liii-inon, 1U. Frank N. M^rtlnii*. Frostiu. Cul. Ditntol XelHon, . Morrison, Oklu. Frank Nichols, ditcngo. 111. Uarthulumow O'Connor. New Yorli,. N. y. Kuy A, Mck«tt, TflJlsade, Minn. • Delmi-tli Steele, ifilnionte. Cat. • J-uuls S^u^o'(]u, iu>elru', Wis. Oncrgi' VUHOSK, Dixuti, Mtmt. J<J1IJI S, ^'ntltliis, Wlnoiui, W. Vn. Cook Frn»k J. StDiisUtiit. i'hiludelphla, l'u. Privates Uubeit J. liaison. VitfUi, X. C. Walter J I. aegluy, Soldiers Grove, Wis. N*'v.Wm M. Bon-y, Pluto, Minn. ClifTiMij is. Blllonv, Hi. Paul, AJJnn. KUwih J. Bower, Mlnnuaptiltp,• Minn JfLnitti t-'ack, Philndntpnla, PH. : 'J'imulliy Jum& CuUuluvn, Milwaukee, \V1H. lteniumln l-ovln COIUR, Uedfor.l, Ky. AdoTjth F. L *Arnl (iii, lloek »:r.-ek. Mini, A'lt.j Cuttilnno,, CiimpoliusHO. Iinly. U'huiniui Chnmueri), South Winchester, Conn. truest Champluvlcr, 8k Inn era Kddy, Tn. J.ii?ah AsCcr Clark, ISaston, Md. Uliner 10, Cloud, Greenup, 1)1. Ntchoiu-s F, Cody, Hevere, Mfisu. Jliii-oy CoOlcy, 1 A«* A,nRel>M, Cal, FAlwurd K. Cruven, Y«un*j«town, O. Bllzuo Cullar, Alice. Test. Charles Cmdimn.ii, Broken How. Neb, Wrhunl M. Cutter, Mountuln View, CtU. Albin p. Uithlberir, Amery, Wis. Co*per Idolpli Da hi by, tsievn, Wis. ward Kmncl* Pi.ley, IluimnlyiU^ Mass. Wiirl 13ePu#, Croat on, W. Va, v Frunk A. Petti AH, Milwaukee Wis. AUJLM'IS ,1. Uolven, l .Utly Fails, Minn. l->unlt Domusk, Berlin, Win. F-itrl 10. pomer, Ka*t Canton, U. Clnrunco Doxler, Clifford, HI. Joisepli It. Drouiflit. Jani^villp, Wla, Jean T* Durand, uawUe, Lo. JCara J3l>y, Jones, llleh. Arthur lUriekiiun, Irene, B. li. Kelmer C. Espeulund, Mellonvtl/e, la, John A. FnUnlrontv, Faulun, Wis. Fluritm J. Fenton. Philadelphia, Pa. Harry Hartley Flab, Xlrkltind, \Va«h. Alva A, l'Veoman, Pnrafa r ould, Ark. l ^mrt-net'. F^ist<inuur>f< Sfoux Pad*, Mom. - . I'iih'ur Olrard, LouislanH. Mo, Thoi'vuJe Oranny. Poplar, Minn. Clifford Iinicen. .POJICUH lUpIda, Minn. Henry Cleoiva llauge'n, Chicago, VI, . llny-K. HUtteUev, U^coU), Ul. . Hhiinmtn Hoover,-TBrrytpwh, |*n. "~ John W. HOpklna,' Forest Port, N. Y. Howard U Johnaun, Denver, Colo. lVtfr Joe KJopotek, Cu.iler. 111. DunnlH Mallon, Deliolt, Mich. Tiumms n, Mnllory. Jewell, Tex. Wlllhim 11 -ManHfloid, lUclne. Wis, John MId(*olt, i^owlUJig, N. 0. UiiliMph John Mlkulcnhn, Hmlthvlllc, | T« v. - i Anthony Morkufs, Phowdy, Rnsahi. .liinip?" VI. MnrUK-, 81vnh«-mrt.c, O. l-imll NMibnin-r, Mailln, N. I\ ''ii/mi.-h N^vlt;*ky, Mi id Mini, Mn*r. 1 <;rmi;i' Vitu\, Dlxmivi'-lf, Pn. | t'lairnri' 1,. Petty, Nr\v Wm^rly, Tet-i \"art V. fV(IMson. Mimn'npC'fi!; Minn, i *'lfin«*nt W I 'iM -ier, ti"?*t 'Ut'K, Idalm. Iliin^ M. Piirduin, i!htiiii", Minn. I.'.w ('-ii 1>. liMhrPMII, Unritiy., Mn, llinnnn. llvhliiMkl, Kl,,ln, Nvl>, Itnlph \V.. Fhull. Mniifri«r, III. t'.nv Hill I til, Kiluiliif rMrni, (-Mil t.'hi-.-di-r StevmiP. N.-I^IHUIP, Teiin Itsrur 1. Sjki'M, l.rrliy. VI." Aiuli"w Hm:.srll Th^nri*'. Milwood City, I'n. SVUlUmv S. TOV.-II-. \\rvt ntlrld. M.I.*P. •Inim-H II, Van Winkli', ((roHKhtuii, Al !*•]». I'hiirlpfi Vnn Zlh ,1 lluivr. lnd. i it>t'iI;P W lint i-n, 1 In nt lev, Mont. Cilin-ncp K, Wlinrhip. l>f«altlt, 111. Willtani Weltncr, t't)i-ii«-ni>, n. W )lllJinwi <in, 1*1. t*nd.n *i, I'uSit. IU'II Wrlklit, Hiililcii Mill-". Vn. — Jdseph Ifolf/iski', .Sniitlt A.n:Ji«,v, N. .1. •Ian iu,u<'edt. ( is f! w Cuinh^tlmul, W. V«. JoiU'ph Ctinu.nniia. Jr. Klnnphtun, M.'IM, LniiMi iJiinrorlh Dllfrll. Miidii'ntt, N. Y. .Ifi ^rph I 't'iMirh, ChrlniHftird. MUSH. CiiHicy OHrn Uri-pr, Hr)mri. , ) l 111. ItuKfou It. (it of f, (..htrmimnt. 111. .Innirs Tf. IfmnUtnn,. We-it (IHVIMI, Conn, AiMph HniiKi V>»1 tun, Minn. Willi urn 1>:. ll.u'ktn, lUnithiim, V't;ili. Iticliurd U Jlnrd, Nnrllt Chatljuiooifo, Tvnn. .IfSfic J. McATfe, Pnl ^i Tvx. . . Frcfli'Hrk McClownn. liftwlHto'.vn, Mont. J'rln M.innMlnh, .nrookshht\ Tex. TOriKiir Millar, Snpiilpn, OKI.*. Alhrri Nkol.i, Pulli?Unrr.'h, J'a. ' KmII I 'elutMfii, (irrjiMu 'HIc, Mlrh. P.U'hnrd J, Pa went, t'htirtfstnwn, Mn;?s. limil 14 Hniltkr, HhchoyKan. Wis. /Jrurpe C. ltnullietibere', CrnC«eo, 111. Iivyivn W. Kheti, Siuiumo.r, la. WHIInm ttulilini, I'nrt Wa.iitln/rton, Wis, Wnltor Schneider, Milwniiker, Win. I'.II-KK Tiiitter, Hello Pinirfe, HI. Foster T. W«rd, Jiies:, Ky. Bert Wntkme, Mflnhnttah, Knn. Joseph Li. U'a«ny t Anhnrn AMclt. John D, Wi>u .nst WooftiliiRtun, EnrI White t^er; Melvcrn, Knn. WOUNDED SLIGHTLY: Lleutennnt Walter h. Mnyne, St. Lou fx. Alo. MISSING IN ACTION: Corporals John V. llbhvnsacy, .IE) Beno, or.ln lli -iijamln T. Meoka, rvisnr. H. I.L'Jiuy Muspfliuatt, Arftontji, III. CIMIIK<* IV Parkinson, Slltwla, Mont, Jimeph D, Hen way, Hurllntjtou, \*t. Wafloner Hariey Ogden,Belie Plalne, Kan. Privates , llnc;o C. Allon, Mt. t."af|«>:\ 111. Cart F. Aadvrsnn, H iy fiiy, Allch. WjllK'tifi li. Aiidiv.vrf, Hiiiiln^tnii, \ \ Clarcin'p L. Arii'/i'i'isiEf, I'l-riy, Ml^h Henry J. Beciudtifn, SL i;phtaH", C. 1, CftTlHllR. JoHC -ph A. I'Jeikn. iaidhujion, Aftch. I|pnry F. Hoiihiiijrer, F,J)I>-I t^n, N. Y. AUred O. liiewev, T*!-.'* 1 1. HI. Out C. Hrown, Itrvtur. Arlc CIPIIO Ciiflnl, IH'trolt.' Mli-n. liiovnnnl CannoiU'. ^^' men ,\ Fn. Virgil Cnrroll, lmlirvv.ip,»:|s, Ind. PJi-htird n. (*nsf.v, Clinton. N. v. .Vlcholns Chrhttnw, Sn.iih*, O. .lajneit Jackson, Mn«on i/*iiy, 111. Cernrd Johnson, D'^-f .i'i. In Jume:i 15, Ugh throw u, WhliFinsvUie, 5lii.w. (War Mira, Afnyi^li?. N. t\ Wllllnm D. Mtinson, V.O,-TII Mnsn, l.;ui\ttert VI. Post, Caldwull, Mor.'. Alfred Jj Handei'von, Snns"!', I.'JII. Morgan K VVclker, irurW.-m, Mont. Arvln Wt&ffunri, AI wafer VUnn John A. Wineckt, Btev*iw Point, Wis. Charles. K. Woodhons**, Victory, Wis. GU.i A. Ybnrsetbal, N«w OrlennH, 3..n. Albert V, Ainyakefnhy, UUte Fwlla, Ml tin. Cnrl O, Anderson. Prestott, Wis. ««n. W. KnRReH. MuUantla, lit. Howard Hrudon, >tiif'i-U*»nln, 111. Philip T,. HrovoUl, Mlnnenpolls, Minn. Meliille- C«dy, Frunflwld C.-nler, N. Y, " GiiH C Carlson. White Pruk, Minn, Harlow O. tJlnrk, Wlnnehaign, Jll. John U. Coburn, "Vandflllfl, III. . Jnmea Tiru'ltiVto. Dtnmnnd/lU, MHo.. F#.\i«enb(?o«, . MaHinsvlllo, III, . CI nude Fuller, Detroit, M3ch. ItohPft C. Cttvan, Quitman. MIHB. V>»nk C. ailla-rtuow, SL Paul, Minn: Herman Cu!bi annuo, Dill nth. Minn..'. •-. Tlrijco. HAfmo)), Aluncle, 'lml, V- Mr. Andrev; B. Hsirrouf, MurphBboro, i)i. •-• - . . p.fndllc Hnpan > -..KIr>hmpnd Ttsach; Wlfwli, « _. "-jg^j^ Miinipdon. ptinu ThonwtP JB. Nlplpfin, 0 «l«rt, Ark, .Hnrbert A. Nlemnnn, ('edarburs, WW. Atltfhnel J. Obernt, Rnnltie,-"Win. Htoi'Ke W. PHgrVm, LymUinvllle., VC J-Yonk rondorr, Yonn>r«tti>wn, O. MARINE CORPS CASUALTY LIST— SUMMARY OF CASUALTIES. TO DATEi Officers Pr.-itn^,. ."fl; \v"oitd'-d, r/f*^--mi»*»*ni:, 1. iS'Wli ti.-l.)/, !>f, Enllttetl Men F.'ralhw, SH; w.nindcil, l.S'JS. in nt "neniy, ID; inlsflnt:, l;i£i. Sub loinl, vlrnnd Intnl. s.n'ifi 'I hv. followiii^ ..i:npuaittf:< nt o r*io: by Hid Coitiritiindlnf; iUwnl or the 'AmcrU'iin KxpnlUlmuiry Fortes tUiuludfrt In nimvi" taMH. Killed in acllon, 1; fljnrt of tvnntiilo r^rr-ivcfl in a<:ilnti, woiuultHl lb tn-lUm, si'Vrit'ly, « M'oliil, 7. KILLED IN ACTION,: {Previously reported mlfilrtQ In adten) Qerrjeflnt Hay Andri^njf, Ahron, o. DIED OF WOUNDS HEt'LIVED IN ACTION: Corporal WIllJ** H. nulmmi, Pbilnilrlphtii, Vn. Hoy .11, Hunch, Irfiwnuxn, Vn. Privates Wllllnm A. -tinnier, CenltTVIilr, Mo. Frank Snider, Mnri|iic((i\ Mlrh. 'WOUNOED IN AOTlOtt? (Severely) Prlvnte Rdwnrd iVUbnrK, Uftiwtltc, Kllttv, Oei- niany, WOUNDED IN ACTION SEVER&LYi (Plevlouily reported mlBtlnrj In action) Private Wllllnm IT. Lrrnt,, (lllllnn. Mo. RETURNED TO DUTY WITH ORGANIZATION: (Previously reported mfcalnrj In action) Private W.ltml Hnme.K\ Wnrc, Mans, lough ton. New * neJford, Where Can I Find Relief From Itching, Terrifying, Eczema? This Question I» Ever on The Lips of The Afflicted, Eczema, Tetter, Eryuipelaa, and other terrifying couiliUoua of tbe akin, are iloiingeiited bluoil (liaoasoB, nnd applications of salvos, lotions and washes caji only afford temporary relief, without reaching tho real seat ot the trouble. But Juat because local treatment has done you no good, there li> uo reason to despair. . You simply harp' not sought tbe proper treatment, that Is within your reach. You have tho eiporlwico of others Who have" suffered a» you feave to KUUJe you to « prpwpt riddance ol bl -PSd J>» d '«M» di»«aae|B, No to»tter laOw^Umlxlitat UiA iuUftUoariio »"»'• ter how unbearable the Itching and burning ot the' akin, g. 8. S. will protnpUy reach the. seat ot the trouble ami forever rout front tbe blood every trace of the disease just as it has lor others who have suffered as you, have, This grand blood remedy has been, usod for tnoro than fifty years, nnd you hare only jo give Jt a fair trial to be restored tp perfect health. Our pblef medical adviser is an authority on blood and sUn disorders, and hi? will t«lte pleasure tn giving you sued adyice as your Individual caso way need, abspjutcly without cost., write to-day, describing your ease tp . M^wa" Depart went. Swift Am% oik • ~ ".>. • Curl HoHj Chariot AliUUI. William J. Urnlmk, C'liicaKn, ill. Harry D. HUKKIIIH, Ornnlniry, Trx. Krnnk-TJ. lllllljuril, Colchester, Vt. lliirr>' A. JahiiAini, Mamluill, III. Robert K Joluiyon. Nyu, WIM. I'Vlink O. Jvilrr, Thonni*, Okl.-i. Ilutluliili C. Klltlcson, ironist City, In. Theodore Kulum, UtuomiiiKlon, Iiul. Juliii A. I^inctillo, Avon. Minn. • FrcO W. l^Lligc, West Hollyoke, .Mini, I 'lcorEn Mclogiin, Snc 1,'lty/In. Htirv'r Miller, Iteninirulliicr, K. V. Clifton N. Muffli, ClmiitHer, Minn. •Nciil Mori;.iii, Kt. Johiisiinry, Vt. Mux Nmiliuucr, tiinUhvllU'-, Minn. A Dolfci'mnii, incetlnc n mnriHr-il limn out late onii nlcbt, nskcil Him •whern lie was Ruing. "I'm itnliiK lo a lecture," the tnurrlcd man .rciillcil — Atchison tilolie. BELL-ANS Absolutely Removes I'j Indigestion. t>rugg!^fi*V tcfund money if it fails, ^sb v McVAY LIVERY . TAXl-CAGGAGE Phone 86. Orjposlle Convcodon Hall, PROFESSIONAL CARDS. | H.OREV00RI,M.D.! PrflcllccLlmlicdto i Office Treatment W t Chronic. Wseas&s | R.tnmlniition Ana Diaxno«l« free. ; J JU West Klret St., Hulehlninn, KknsaaV U ^ Kate Williams ( CITY VISITING NURSE OfricD with Dr,.Lntiiia IP.' iiichinvnd, Hull* ! 1181 RDrnbn Ugh- Wiley MulMlng. Phone SSSSW. i THE JOY OF MOTHERHOOD Came to this Woman after Taking Lydia £. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound to Restore Her Health Ellensburg, Wnsh.—"After 1 wn» .•narricd 1 wua not well for n lonp'tlme and a good deal of the time was not able to go about Our greatest desire was to have a child in our home and cne day my husband came back from town with a botUo of Lydia E. rink- ham's Vegetable Compound and wanted me to try it. It brought relief from my troubles. I improved In health so I could do my houBcworii; we now have a little one, all of which I owe to Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound,"— Mrs. O. S, J OIJNSON , R. No. 3, EHenBburg, Wash. There are women everywhere who long for children in their homes yet arc denied this happiness' on account of some functional disorder which in most cases would readily yield to Lydia B. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. Such women should. not give up hope an.Ul .they haye given this wonderful medicine atrial? and for special advicn write Lydia B." rinWiam Medicine Co,, Lynn, Mass. The result of 40 years experience is at your service. <^ar Your Skin) WiuSCoticW cum 0. Sample each I free ct Culle«re,| Dept. E, Baetea." TE8TINQ EYES AND FITTINO SPECTACLES Is our specialty. Prices reasonable* accurate service. SHtPMAN BRoa. Over Commercial National Bank. Phone 3359. tlMILfiOAD TIME TABLES. 4ANTA Fe I ^o, ; T w Navajo j;o» „. „. I {Jo. i uiuciiso umiieil " No. 8 Uhlcuno 1 'txtneM. no. 8 buntu Ulglu Nil. 10 The Seoul. o. in. ..Utile, e. m. • . „ ...12:111 a, m. » i I ... »a* a. aar ft Nu. U Kansas City KUer l«f» — Nu, >«e /assensoi'."" 7 :4u p. m. No. bOD II, <i H. feieifllKcr Ar,. p. ill. No. 74 Wo.* 1'TclKlit ....... li '.•it p. m. •veatbound. Ko. 1 Tlio Seoul • s.'M p. M. No. a Tho California Limited., Miv p. m. No b 'Die Colorado ISxprees... tint p. m. No. 7.1>'W*v Mul I.'"* P. '"• , No. a TliO Navajo............. a. m. No It Coloitulo t r eai Mull »- m. No. 1SS PiMsenKer <:°D l>. m. No. Ml fasseliK'-T ,» : *» «- <"•• No. 967 J'usaoiiaor lino a-.m. No, 607 11, A 8. I'aaeenser..., unit a. m, : No. 78 Way Prelum (Main llnel ' lt>:°0 a. nu line) "W •• MISSOURI PACIFIC, <e»TBound. No. «•— 1-ocnl r»»»en»er .... No. tit— Local J'aa«»ng*r .... Nq.VJI-l.oca: (•'relaiit , WeeiDound. No. t!3— iMU Pa«««li»«r .... No. <j»-lio«iii'Ptt»««nt«r No. 19k— Local trrelsl.t -10.I0 Am • 4:36 Dm < ai;t» pa . 1:10 pra ' . 0:33 am ' • 11:40 am ROCK ISLAND, ea.t Oound. t^t No. S4..Ar. (:» „. oi., depart «M5 a. m. ' No. 'i lotiq tt. in • No, 80, Looai ytelsni 12 hi S. m. • Weet Bound. . : No- V ; \. ' 7JZ0 a, m. ' No. 911..Ar. «:1S<1>. m., Depart 1:36 p. nu No..«l, Local jfjeiyht. , j.,} £ {Jl ARKANSAS VALt-EY INTERURBAN. j j'l Eastfaouncf. Ij^J : Wefirlo !rr 'tns)nir.Newton; Wtehlla anjHil InreriiKdlate points^leave Ht,teafn»oa aii,' : l t;30 A. M. 6:80 A. M., Llmllol; " r,.i A M .}.'•• 3!18 A. M-, 10IS5-A. M„ 1!!:30 P. M„ UmlJ'l led; l:lo P. M.. 2:3 - Mwlttnl; 6:35 I'. M . 7:55 M., U-.SOT. M. " Wosi.jiind. hi Electric trains from Wichita, Newton )!| and intermediate points arrive at itutcli-i^l Inson at 7:40 A. M, 8:30 A. M., I.imlied; 10:1S A. M., 11 .-35 A. M., 12:55 P, M„ 1:51): P. M„ Umilcd: 3:St I'. M., 4:6i P. M.. S:60; V. M.. lAmlleA', T.J5 P, M„'.s-.M P. la„ 10:16 P, M., 11:95 P. M. 1(30 A*. M. t'7 M'.. >M6 'P.' jj 1. (li AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY Accessary, Supply ud Repair Houses AUTO SUPPLY COMPANY 114-116 Hhennan St. East 'Auto Supplies, Tools and Garage, Equipment. Olstributors; Bosch, Connecticut, Atwatsr, Kent, Stromberg Carburetors, and Leak Proof Rlnos,* Phone 3000, -"QUALITY IS ECONOMY"THE wVanZandl " p c0 •is |>»TRI0UTORS <3>1^1Q First Sast REO Automobiles and Trucks HASKARD MOTOR CO., 17 First West \i . , Phone 2*3 WICHITA Arnold Auto Co. HUTCHINSON M«rmon-—HsyneB- -Dodge BrotlierM Phons WW Automobiles it East First St OATsPI? —"Tbe Most Beautiful rMfyfJBt in America" 123SberwtiiiSssi AHosiii«e6ai«r fj ^MM\^. D18TRIPUT9R8 rpa BlectHciat ^feKepalrCo. ""' m&MSJ! 1 "*" LARGEST BATTWY HBPAtH STATWN^If/ r5AN«A»„ tea Sherman East. - - Pn«M W*» F»ll lNW607WNflH» ANY tATTUY AT ANY TIM* • .ii' 11 ii jii sasasisj'*'rlf r J '• • ' • '• Directory of the Horiibiiugh ny Bldg. Elevator'aentlce dar and altrbt. AHOlJiTliCTS MANfi'jA OERQW Reeme 7)1-12.' Phone 21SS. ATTORNEYvS WMi.H. BURNETT AHorneyat.Law «,0 |l, |LrW, Blily. DlJ^'iUSTS Sulla •1t.1i.--X>.*' ;^)«n «l««. Phone SOW, PHYSICIAN 8'A.ND SURGEONS "^^r^rTT^A«TT ^iiroT •ulte 111. Speclel Attejillon to Eye, star, Neee and Threat, aiateea Accurately Pitted. Br. Etta MundeR Dr, W. N, Mundeil DR8. MUNOELL, Bulla 511 K.-W. Hid*. . Plions IMIW Q, A. OUAtf'PEL PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON •ulte ill, . Office Phone: »1>. Ree, phone V*t DR. LOUISE F, RICHMONp. SulU Mt, Office Phone 2W2W. Residence tetin 1 'Q. A.iCHICKERINQ, Phy»lcl»n.»urtion, He*. Tel. "ll'K otrice Tel. n»i»W, suite igi. • ^PhyaloiiA'iand Suroeon BpeclaJ, At<flut,lon to pla«no#l«, ; ;'%JS»>i'Hrp. 8TERRETT • ' practice limited to . ., Eyo, car, JIOUO und throal. flPom 60s jioi-ahaueh- Wiley Wder. Vho«e

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