Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 22, 1961 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 22, 1961
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

Fish Yarn i ACROSS I '1 Pelagic fish . flsh«« 9 European per* 10 £*$*** f 13 Reckoned ' ! 14 Ceremony i 15 Comfort ,16 Bud's sibling Ant*»t to Prdviou* Puiii* NOfl HUM , A R A A N SA i ! 21 ± S aUve e word 25 °™" istM *> i 22 ohsdii-ort ^® Skin opciiirii 37 Door 1 |ASS&»* "B-* »9W ^ 8 Clin 28 Memorandum 29 Adolescent fishln « 44 Heavy blow 45Lavatlon 46NautIcalterm 34 Soft-finned fisb 35 Location • , 36 Get ready 38 Resplendent 39 Hops' kiln 40 Golfer's term 41 Pastime 44 British money ,. of account f§ 45 Nocturnal flyer 48 Multitude 49 Cuckoo blackbird 50 Bargain event 51 Lohengrin's bride 52 Reiterated 54 Transaction 55 Ditches DOWN 1 Field 2 Jump 3 Foundation ^ 4 Peer Gynt's W mother C Symbol for cobalt 6 Attack 7 Chock 8 Editors (ab.) TIZZ - 35Pronoun « Greek mountain 53 Half-era NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE ASSN. By Koto Ozann "Hi, gorgeous! What's to eat?" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By M.rrill Blo.M, TI I'M GOfMo up TO SYOURSELF/ LCX3K AT THE UPfV/EW? WE'PETATIHE BEACH— ; MOUNTAINS! MORTY MEEKLI ritzY ALLEY OOP T^^sSS^p^Sp By V. T. H«mll« \ How ^» y°. u t ay that Jimm V ls hopeless, Dad? If '. CAPTAIN »A«Y V anything, he hopes more than any boy I know,'" CAPTAIN IASY YEH! NICE WORK,, CALlfiHT ) LETT/N r HIM V^iNCE'THEY- \1D"OUR BASE 15 RASCAL.' / W»V?N THAT (HAVE NO IDEA ) NOT IMfWM: CRGW OF \WE EXier/ ^s^i REALLY THEIRS.' i<*/iV«?j»sS *'-": '***A;!*?v • i^itl^^ W • IH-1L. l_M^IIW DISCOVERED,.. AMI ANNIHILATED/ • 1>1 MISSEI7/ ANMIMIL&TED? ) THAT'S RIGHT; STUPID.' , A MATTER I 'WNiniimtpry OUR pe O p LE ' HyXV E OF TIME UNTIL vou'Re N^-. ,—-"\ WHAT IT TAKES TO WiPE YOU APES OFF THE BARTH... AMD THE WILL TO ,,, VP »^tx>!T,7a>/ M "wy n M 'tt£K\ ^«C..V >l' ^v & •;>i ' O U«t l» Nf*, liv TM U /V(;;r.»VuJlSo •K,/' ' •-!4 i..t.''Ar.Vo«.|/^4. By Lctli* Turner SWEETIE PIC By Nadlne Seltiw THAWk-& TO CASTRO'5 ANTI-YANKEE t\T DAWN tif T ||?APE S' PEA5AWT WORKERS WILL W EA\V' K TURN VOU IN J° POLICE, E^y, SOON LEWS^S BL^ Uj06fe . PTOPty TM|^!P"> ^6W6LLl 'SBE VOU BLONDIE YOU GET 450 MILE* WITHOUT PAPERS? PAH! ...we CHECK ON VOU AT THE STATION! ARE VOIJR PAPER'S? I DIONT , V REALIZE OUR WIVES \ V IT WAS I thought you said Sweetie Pie was upstairs taking nor nap I'! SIDE GLANCES , By Galbroitk WELL HAVE TO APOLOGIZE By Chic Young /RISCILLA'S PO, WHEN YOU'RE, .ABOUT TO MEET VOU MAKER, IT. MAKES VOU . _ MEEKER l^ ^ .('O <i-J\ *te vfe / 622 By Al Verm««r $ J IP !•! f ^^T"^ 1 i *'H ! I } "|| ; 7 i <D 1961 by NEA, Inc. T.M, R.j. U.S. fa. Olf. "' d'dn't get th* raise, but he did put my name on• th» waiting list!" SHORT RIBS I'M SO QUAD TWE BOYS WENT BOWLINGS IT'S GOOD FOR TWEM By frons; O'Neal OUT OUR WAY Io tMUj KM, intTriM. nig. ru. on. By J, t. WiuMm. OUR BOARDING HOUSE witH Major Hoopto •v Dick CraHl THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI BORW FIFT 1 / YEARS TOO SOOW A PLAtJE (TAME FOR US WWLSVDU WEKE60KIE/03LLEEN ' LEAVIWS |M AM By WiUen Scruggg TOURISTS WHOL& I'M STARVED pou COMPAUV IS IT ALL KI6HT IF MK. HAKPEK WOH'r LIKE IT, BUT I'LL FOB 6ET TO TELL HIM YOU'RE HEKEJ 1 BUGS BUNNY BUT—AH - MY \J. c'MoM,SOh)ZALES YOU'LL TAKE- ^ V ZKK. MAOAM-AW-)) 6IS& (4-, A LOAD THAT PARROTyfW u( ^; M ;T'y' l4V ^ OT 6lMe o V OF ^A^ " AhiO W& PARROT A LITTL6TIIW£ tAltf BA" « 12 OR T'LL/J 51LBNC& FOR A V-lEEK OR SO - ' - - ' y — THAT ISA HABIT OF THE5& CALLTUe I — IHA1 15A HABIT OF THE 5& Rour^ ' V HlMDU PARROTS/A SORT OP ROUCe'K HINUUKX pLJMt-tef/- I ReT p eArt NO WONPER THIS ffARPEN HOSE IS 60 CHEAP.' IT'S AtAtQfr TOP SMAIL IN y PIAMETES FO? < THE WATER TO FLOW THWOUSH { ULP| MVFINiSER'i STUCK THAT HOSe IS A BARGAIN //VC£(/a/#' WHAT TH' POCTOR CHARGES FBI? GETTIN' VER FINGER OUT, ELMER!

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