Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas on February 27, 1942 · Page 2
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Lubbock Morning Avalanche from Lubbock, Texas · Page 2

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, February 27, 1942
Page 2
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W. FOUR—THE MORNING AVALANCHE ^ Lubbock, Texas, Friday, February 27, 1942 By Margaret Turner W E ONLY begin to realize the value ' of our possessions when we commence to do good to others with them.—Cook. * * * IN THE MAIL M ARC ARE" TURNER: May I say that the American citizen is not romplacent in regard io the war. Most of the people are using money, they owe on debts or could use for comforts needed by the family to buy stamps and bonds. Most of the families I know are making greater efforts to do more, raise more, work harder. We are giving our boys and I am sorry to say many a mother worries more over her son's morals in our army camps than she does his soldier's duly in foreign fields. I think the complacency is with the "higher ups" in. Washington. Why do they handle the strikers, the delayers, with such padded gloves? Why let the profiteers pad prices and the unions raise salaries? They have already added years t<? war and will take millions more of our boy?, not to mention the money part. Pearl Harbor and Singapore were complacent examples. Yes, we are awake to -the danger of war and we want the politicians to wake too. We also want enough soldiers left (and equipment to use) to portect our own country. A Housewife. • * * • "T\EAR HOUSEWIFE: We agree -L/ with you that the general public is awake to the possibility of this being a long war with great sacrifices necessary before complete defeat of brutal forces is realized. We know many people have become disheartened in noting the apparent lackadasical attitude ot our representatives in Washington. We have responded by buying stamps and bonds, by doing Red Cross work, by contributing time and money to soldier aio 1 and civilian morale. We have taken the rationing of tires and sugar, the freezing of cars in our stride. We are awaiting authoritative guidance and if our leaders will call upon us they will find us ready. Most of the people with whom we associate indicate they are ready and willing to meet any regulations that is imposed upon their way of life. They say they can take it; they can cut themselves down on everything, any product that is not an essential to living and breathing. ; « * » OFFERS CANARY S. F. O. Kelly, 2218 Fifteenth street, has a yellow canary that she wants to give to someone. The canary has a sweet voice she says and all she wants is to :b'e assured that the bird will have a'good home. -, - * * * LOST~GLOV£ ' S. ETTA BRIDGES, whose telephone number is 2-2440. -has lost a wine color kid glove for .the right hand: It is almost new, she'says, and she would be grateful if someone has found it and tells her. « * * A ND Mrs. M. C. Bruce has two .;-£*• little kittens to give away to someone who calls at her back door at 1914 Avenue M.' * * * CALL "TIME OUT" E' YOU tired during these strenuous days that call for decisiveness and organization? When six o'clock comes do you find yourself with spirit lagging? .Alicia Hart, NEA service staff pro- p. m.. Mrs. was ctivities center jram director, assisted by Markham. Mrs. Markharr. elected historian of the class. Those attending were Mesdames D. Worley, Marie Jordan, Z. L. Wright, Grady Davis, Gradiei ««'j- AUU cringe CJUD, Bownds, L. O. White, J. V. Jones, | s ' B- Hly - mo loth 8 'S. A. Hamilton, J. B. McCauley,! Pirsi jr., Jesse Hendrix. Estoll Hendrix, i sored InNR (Nature's Remedy) Tablets, there are no chemicals, no minerals, no phenol derivatives. •*.TT^ rw~ j«n_.i«j4 ui_i j r a 1.1 v ta* NR Tablets are different— act different Purely ccreiabl nation of 10 vegetable ingredients Uncoated or candy coated, their action is dependable, thorough, yet crnflp a<3 miTi;/\Tii? rtf MT> P - I, proved. Get a 10£. Convince Box. Larger economy sizes, too COATED orREGUUR! 70*- Fhree Baptist Church Classes Have Luncheons Pictures Of China Shown At Center f) _ . ^" For covered dish 'uncheons bock '" Today's Events ... ». m., Hotel Lyb- church; Mrs. Rufus nush ist Winsome and Mary ara . .-lasses and the Centra! Baptist •' to «vi«»-. TEL class met Thursday. , c ,, wy BapUj , IJ>Imue(UaM GlfJs Baptist Winsome Class > lliary, 3:1S p. m., church. First Baptist Winsome class | i..v. ijiin, unjust winsome Class meeting 1 o'clock in the activi- \$ f ?%$£ Sfi^V^. Ret! , the class 50 years in the future j w - c - n«niy, teacher. FricUy Needle club, 3 p. m., Mr». Minnie Flcias, 1610 Ave. L. Merry Ai>n Bridge club, 3 p. m., MM. Aid course. 3 to 5 p. m., spon- . . --„..,„...,,, b >' Kpfcoe Wilson P-TA, school: John Cox. O. H. Gideon, Ray i Mrs ' Ivy SavaBe - instructor. Peeks, Jack Markham, John Mark- ! , , ham, Privett, H. C. Allen, H. R. Keifer, Cecil Turner, L. H. Barley, Gordon Deering and Eugene Knox. Guests were.Mrs. J. C. Arthur and Messrs. Kwing and Marshall. TEL Class Rev. Jeff Welch discussed Red Home Nursir-z courfe. 1 to 3 p. m.. Foursquare Gospel church; sponsored by K. Carter P-TA and taught by Mrs. C. L. Adams. Noah circle of First Methodist leyan Service Gui.'d, 7:30 p. m Maud Dee Skeen, 2319 131h St Cross sevtnx. Wes- Mitj, Red r arss instructor. Work-shop Theater. 8 p. m., P ' m " Cot ' TEL class meeting with Mrs si H* -Milton arid, Elliott, 1909 Avenue J. •I* v-v -*^ Y. _, ' *-"uwwt^ w ui AajiviJ nzea: Mrs. O. i. Rodgers presided for I Seaman hall, special meeting a short business session. Refresh- > , u . , „ rnents were served to Mesdames ton^uf DanclnB c!ub ' 9:3 ° Kodgers, J. L. Birdwell. M. M Meek, H. H. Davis, Matti'e Holly W. L. Stephens, R. C. Holton, A! J. Allcorn, J. B. Vikery, sr.. Jack Medley, B. W. Lane, R. E. Swain Ernest Exum, H. D. Bell, Ralph Thompson, Mary E. Cox, S. E. Fisher, J. A. Beasley, Jimmy Fisher, Glenn Elliott, E'arl Thompson, Ear] Hprton, James Victory, jr., H. E. Singley and Miss Iva Brock Mrs. Exum will be the next lostess and will entertain at her nome on the Plainview highway. Mrs. Singley is class teacher. Mary Martha Class Meeting with Mrs. R. E. Miller 2421 Twenty-sixth street, members of the First Baptist Mary Martha class attended a called executive meeting. Devoth led by Mrs. H. R. Laubhan. Refreshments of cookies coffee Stitch-In-Time club, 3 p. m., Mrs Glenn Thrush, 2525 E!m St. ' Junior dais of Tech college, t- to 12 o'clock. Hotel Lubbock. ballroom. 1912 Junior class queen to be presented. Sew-On Club Honors Husbands At Party Husbands were special guests at a dinner at the Mexican Inn and theater party given by the Sew-On club Wednesday night. Members and their husbands --•—">*».»• t» \-onuu I attending were Messrs and Mes- executive meeting. Devotion was dames Cecil Sanders, Eugene I.H w w« w T, T -..,uu__ Kn(JX) M rrfs GOX( B ^ Jc| J in « and Milton Kirksey, Grady Davis, W. serv ed to Mesdames , E. Morris, J. B. McCauley jr' , . . I. Pittman and Preston Smith" Laubhan G. A. Gunn, Other members were Mesdames H. Scale, S. E. Seed, Sidney Wesley Witt and J. V. Jones nnt*rM4 A IT *LT *•.....!«_* r* v^ ___ . T H. Trice Joe George, W. D. ^ - -— — i —-- -^. «^»_^.i_i, >^ti\^iiv:v Claiborne, A. E. Herring, S. R. McKinnon and fat Muckieroy. The class will attend their regular monthly social next Thursday m the home of Mrs. Gunn, 1811 Avenue R, with Mrs. Herring as «•- whic . 1 } V me an co-hostess. \ officers will be held. Buy A Detense Bond TODAYl writer, suggests that you give yourself a small break in the day's occupation. Next time you face a late afternoon overcrowded with responsibility and chores, and an evening of relaxation which you know will find you too fatigued to enjoy it, stop a moment and set aside a half hour for yourself before dinner. Use that half hour for glorifying force shower, first hot, then cold. Then take a critical look in the mirror. Dampen your bedraggled hair ends, pin or roll them into curls, tie a net turban on, and lie down. A warm beverage would help more, and you'd enjoy and profit by moistened cotton pads on the eyelids, and by a good cream or mask on your face. * * » CAT-NAP HELPS "JUTAYBE you will cat-nap—it's - 1 -'- 1 - the most efficient thing you can do. If you don't, you'll appreciate just lying there with your mind made up to pay ho attention whatsoever to "things to do" in your thoughts. Then get up and remove the cream, and apply fresh makeup and nail polish. Very likely you'll spend a relaxed, refreshing evening, and therefore will be truly fitter to function efficiently next day. » * * OPEAKING of cat-naps, we think ^-J they are wonderful if only you know how to take them. Two coworkers Thursday afternoon told the wrtier they enjoy short naps taken alter lunch; returning to work refreshed for the afternoon's work. The late William Jennings Bryan often napped during the day. It's an excellent habit for those who can learn the art of taking a short nap and then returning to their complete senses. As for us we feel drugged and often .lose a day's recollection if we try to follow the cat-nap plan. For Premiums make the simplest dishes complete]]' satisfying! And the fjuali'ty that makes Premfuia Crackers so popular, is typical of all crackers and cookies identified by the red JTabisco seal, - Look for it -R-hen you bur. Baked by NABISCO NATIONA?. BISCUIT COMPANY Reception Is Honor To J. C, Streets Mosdames Ben Pope and Artie Justice of Marshall, and Cordon McFarland of Dallas and Dr. and Mrs. Fred W. Standefer entertained with a reception Wednesday night in the Standefor home, 3105 Twenty-first street, as a courtesy to Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Street of 1416 Avenue L on their 50th wedding anniversary. Mesdames Pope, Justice and McFarland arc daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Street. Over one hundred fifty guefts called between 7:30 and 10 o'clock. They were greeted by Doctor Standefer and Mrs. George Langford and presented to the line made up of the guests of honor, the hostesses, Mrs. Frank Cave of Plainview, Mr. Pope and Sam J. McFarland. A golden motif was featured in all details. Bowls of yellow jonquils and snapdragons were placed about the entertaining suite and a huge gold embossed wedding cake on a reflector centered the refreshment table. Streamers of satin ribbon extended from the cake to edges of the table. Members of the house party wore corsages of camellias that came from Mrs. Pope's garden. In Dining' Room Mrs. McFarland presided at the cnke and Miss Dorothy Lomax poured coffee. They were assisted in serving these refreshments with yellow mints and sandwiches by Miss Lula Mae Cravens, Mrs. Boyce Gregory ot Plainview, Mrs. Elliott Taylor and Mrs. Walter Patterson of Hale Center. Miss Dorothy Sue Standefer £»r»"!irfi»ri .it the aiiPKt hnntr whinh was placed in the library. Out-of-town callers included Mr Street's sister, Mrs. John J. Mills of Stanton and Mr. Patterson. Mr. and Mrs. Street were hosts with a dinner at their home Wednesday noon. Their guests were their daughters, Dr. and Mrs. Standefer, Mr. and Mrs. McFarland and Mrs. Mills. A son, Dr. Alvin M. Street of New York City, was unable to be here for the celebration. The Streets w.ere married in Goldthwaite Feb. 25, 1832. They have lived here since 1924. Mrs. Street is the former Miss Nettie Hines. Guests were Donald Gibson and Misses Lanier Felber, Lois Smith and Alonzo Lee Stanphill. Mrs. Cox will be hostess March 4 at which time an election of Monroe Group Meets At Faubion Home Feb. Pjol 4343 for The Avalanche-Journo! Offu-ea Lectures Thursday George William Berry Honored On Birthday A party Wednesday afternoon honored George William Berry on his birthday. He is the seven- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Berry. Mrs. Berry was assisted in entertaining by her daughter, L/a- dorma, and by Jean Hawley. Guests were Mary Jo Jackson, Mavis Fluke, Sharon Sue Cox, Charles Brewer, Don Elliott. Dickie Lowrey, Duane Rampy and Jerry Adkinson. Friendship Program Conducted By OES Representing 20 chapters and about 40 past and present worthy matrons and worthy patrons, an annual Friendship program was sponsored by the Lubboek Order of the Eastern Star at the Masonic hall Wednesday night. One hundred and seventy-five persons attended. Three officers from the Grand Chapter of Texas were in attendance: Mrs. T. H. Barnard, associate grand conductress; Mrs Mary Lawson of Post, deputy grand matron of district 2, section 4, and Mrs. Rafe Nabors, grand representative of South Dakota to Texas. Mrs. Ida Mae Banks and Miss Voima Jo Bishop were initiated. To Pay Ofiicial Visit Mrs. Lawson announced her official visit to the Lubbock chapter will be made March 3 and a school of instruction will -be held here May 7. Pot plants in red, white and blue and cut flowers decorated the Mrs, Stalnaker Is Shower Honoree Honoring Mrs. Harry D. Stalnaker, who before her marriage Feb. 13 was Miss Jean Higgs, °a shower was given Wednesday by Mesdames Sumner Haynes, S. A. Hamilton and E. J. Dresser in the r club meeting today at the home] or Mrs. A. L. Faubion. quitted a quilt for Miss Etta Robinson. The club voted to change its meeting time from 2 o'clock to 2:30 o'clock. Mrs. E. W. Smith was named a delegate to the state - Members decided to bring toothbrushes, toothpaste and wash cloths to their next meeting and turn them over to the Milam Opportunity home in Lubbock. They also agreed to complete two garments for the Red Cross by next club meeting. Covered dish luncheon was served to Mesdames Guy Younjj George Hunter, Bill Vanstory F M. Haddock, Pat Dunlap, koaTi Jones, R. E. Harvey and the following members: Mesdames D. A Atkms, Elmer Edwards, E. W Smith, D. L. Morrison W O~ Fortenberry, John Harrel, John- McGuire and Wallace Randolph. Chapter AK Of PEO Will Meet Today Mrs. W. P. Clement, 2609 Twentieth-street, will be hostess to Chapter AK of the P. E.' O. this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Semi-annual dues are payable at this time. is th Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Hlggs'o["'>3'>6 Nineteenth street. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs J D Stalnaker qf 2211 Twenty-sixth street. Mr. and Mrs. James Lee accompanied the couple for the wedding which took place in the st , ud y o£ Rev. A. E. White, pastor of the College Avenue Baptist church. Games were played at the social Wednesday. Gifts were presented. Refreshments were served r , Ms f, dames c - M. Lang, Grace Culwell, C. C. Outturn, A. C Higgs Steve Higgs, w. A. Lindsay, James Lee, Tom Lee, T. H. Sneed, J. D. Stalnaker, W S Denney and Miss Ladora Williams. Gifts were sent by Mesdames A Geor S e o' Crosb y. Soash, Stalnaker Stalnaker, Edna Stanley ^. aney Ralph Guthrie, T. T. Hughes Steve Etter and M. B. Dresser, jr. PRIDDY-GAINER BIG SPRING, Feb. 26 — The marriage of Mrs. Laura Gainer of Menard and John F. Priddy jr of Stanton has recently been announced. Mr. Priddy was graduated from Stanton High school and attended Texas Technological college. Two Essay Winners Are Announced Announcements of two essay winners were made Thursday afternoon. According to word received from Dr. W. B. Gates, head of the department of English at Texas Technological college, Miss Arline Younger, daughter of Mrs. W H. Younger, 1513 Eighteenth street, was first place local winner in the annual essay contest sponsored by the axuiliary to the Veterans of Foreign V/ars. Miss Younger will receive a reward of $5 and her essay entitled "Unity for Victory" will be entered for national competition. Hooper Stiles ,jr., son of Dr. and Mrs. J. H. Stiles of 3002 Twenty-second street, won second place. Bobby Carr, son of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Carr, 1920 Twenty- fourth street, won third place. Miss Younger, a senior student at Lubbock High school, will be awarded the prize on recognition day in May. Jo Walden Winner "Women in Defense" was title of a essay read by Jo Walden at a dinner meeting of the Lubbock Business and Professional Women's club meeting Wednesday night at the Hilton hotel. The essay was the first place winner in a contest sponsored by the B and PW club. Miss Walden, a student at Senior High school, was presented with man of the Friendship hour program which was given with a large clock on the east wall as center of activity. Smaller clocks were pinned to the clock as each officer took part and chimes sounded as the hours were marked off The service was closed with a song, "Now The Day Is Over " bv Mrs. Frank Barclay. Mrs. Barnard spoke on- friendship after the introduction of worthy matrons and worthy na- trons. ** Homemade cake and coffee were served during a social hour. Mrs. Troy Phillips Is Elected Head Mrs. Trop Phillips was selected president of the Needlecraft club during an election held Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. E. T Burdette, 1503 Twenty-third street Mrs. Lloyd Bentley was chosen reporter. Other guests were Mesdames Buday Hacker, Buster Vaughn and Ted Zachary. . The club meeting March 11 a* 3 p; m/ will be with Mrs.- Zaeharv" 2318 Nineteenth street. denary ' Fun Night To Be Held At Community Center Lieut. Fred H. Sanner and the social leaders of the Salvation army, assisted by Mesciames A. M Cowdrey, Fairy Holt and H. A Beaty, city WPA recreation leaders, will be hosts at the Community Center Fun night tonight from 7:30 to 9:30 o'clock. Young people from 13 to 21 years of age are invited. Reviews "Windswept" For Unit Of AAUW ^L-^M. Pratt gave a review Two Entertain For Wednesday Club Mesdames S, C, Wilson.and A. W. McKee entertained for members of the Wednesday Needle club in "he -.Wilson home, 1615 Tenth street, Wednesday afternoon. Members attending were Mesdames T. M. Maddox, William D. O'Brien, T. W. Thomas, C. J. Wagner, L. C. Ellis, R. E. Karper, L. B. Wright, Carrie Thomas, H. A. Davidson, E. L. Robertson, J. D. Maxey, G. W. McCleary, R. Rush- ir.g, J. L. Ratliff, Jot Smyth and T. B. Duggan. Miss Buena Sowell of Waxahachie was a guest. Mrs. Rushing will be hostess to the club March 11. 1941 Needle Club Has Meet In Henry Home Mrs*. C. F. Henry, 191G Twenty- eighth street, was hostess for the 1941 Needle club meeting Thursday afternoon. Members attending were Mesdames A. E. Dietering, Ivan Flynn, J. A. Jackson, Meritt Clark, J. O. Pope, Thelton Hamilton and Palmer Sime. Mrs. Pope, 2107 Twenty-fourth street, will be hostess for the meeting next Thursday. ' -. _j,, „ ^«—'i*tij^;/ «(, . UlU meeting of unit 6 of the AAUW Book Review group held in the home of Mrs. Add L. Eddins, 1911 Twentieth street, Wednesday. Mrs. Carroll Carr was co-hostess.'Mrs. Pratt is a speech teacher at the Lamesa High school. Members attending were Mesdames Earl Dietering, Reginald Rushing, Rankin Reynolds, Lenro Keeton, F. B. Malone, C. C. Chambers, Eldrid Travis and W A .Pettey. Mrs. J. A. Fortenberry, 1909 Twenty-fourth street, will be hostess March 25 Martha Kuykendall Is Contestant For Queen 'Y 01 " "" been received here that Miss Martha Kuykendall a student at Christian college, Columbia, Mo., is a contestant for the title of queen of the Kemper Miliary ball which will be held April 4 at Boonville, Mo., Miss Kuykendall is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George P. Kuykendall of 2201 Sixteenth street. Her sponsor is Cadet Carey May, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. W. May of .2121 Eighteenth street A tola! of 22 entries are listed for the titled position. Final judging is to be done either by Earl Carroll or Tyrone Power of Hollywood. ATTENDS ACC ABILENE, Feb. 26.—Miss Lorene Templeton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Templeton of Posti has been pledged for membership in the PALS, socials club of Abilene Christian college. Miss Tem- plejon is a freshman student at ACC. Relieve Misery of HEAD COLDS Put 3>purpo>» Vicks Va-tro-nol up each nostril. It (1) shrinks swollen membranes, (2) soothes Irritation, (3) helps clear cold- .„•„_ clogged nose. Follow VICKS fn r fold°e n r! VATRO NOL lies For Friday, Saturday And Dollar Day RACK RACKET Ladies, heres the buy of the year. A rack o£ merchandise from every department in our store Values up to $12.00. No try-ons, no exchanges, no approvals please . . every sale final. This "rack racket will be piaced on sale at 10 o'clock sharp Friday morning . . . none sold before and we imagine none will be ieft. Your choice Sjoo DRESSES One Group Values $16.95 to $29.95 $3.99 $5.99 $7.99 HATS Oni: Group, your choice Extra values to S7.95, choice ...... ROBES Only 58 ] 0 ft Cnenillo, Wool and Corduroy, -j your choice _________ "o price 29c Sl.OO COATS Only 10 fur-trimmed costs in the house. Values from §45.00 to $35.00. T Your choice 2" price COSTUME SUITS $29.95 values S49.95 values S79.95 values Others reduced accordingly. . $9.95 $19.95 1HE VOGUE Broadway at Avc. J Get Your Defense Stamps Hnre . . . TODAY! Dial 6001 FEBRUARY MONTH END Wallpaper Bargains Values To $1.00 A Ro!I » Ne*v Exclusive Patterns! • Largest Selection in town! • Four Bargain Price Groups! Group One 5 PATTERNS Reg. 18c roll. Now roil 5 Group Three 30 PATTERNS Heg. 5Sc roll. Now roil 19° Group Two 16 PATTERNS Reg. 28c roll. Now rolf Group Four 50 PATTERNS Reg. Sl.OO roll. Now roll 29° SOLD ONLY WITH BORDER! Cfose Out Bargains In Room Lofs Reg. $1.19 Now . 69c Reg. $2.19 Now . $1.49 Enough paper for average room including border. COOK 5 PAIN Graham's Paint & Paper Co. Paul Graham, a check for five dollars'from the club. Eighteen members of the Lubbock Treble Clef chorus, directed by Mrs. Elois Elliott with Mrs Paul Laverty at the piano, sang five selections. Miss Elsie V. Link was program director. Thirty members and three guests were present. EVERY BOTTLE OF Flash "O-gaS CONTAINS FULL 100 LBS. OF PURE PROPANE y S & en D O o •o o a as o « •" A e * O >> -u b <n V O V a '. o -u c" « <2 3 ttt u Baker-Fleming 3206 AVENUE H LUBBOCK, TEXAS City''Federation Wilt Hear Nominations This Morning A report of the nominating committee wi!l be heard this morn' ing at 9:45 o'clock at the meeting of the City Federation in the junior ballroom of Hotel Lubbock. Mrs. George Berryj retiring president, will preside. /Vs seen in the They're » c J» £ TA IfJ Their Shape and fit Boys' and girls' fasc growing feei need the roomy toes, snug heels, and inkle-hugging back parts built into Poll-Parrot shoes.' There's no papei or fiberboard substitute in vital hietdtr, parts," that means Poll-Parrots keep" rheir correctness for the life of th< shoes. 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