Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas on April 4, 1975 · Page 20
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Lubbock Avalanche-Journal from Lubbock, Texas · Page 20

Lubbock, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 4, 1975
Page 20
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I4.C—LUBBOCK AVALANCHE-JOURNAL- Friday Morning. April 4. 1975 ThMpgrtjHnn & »0. AntomoblUt 1874 IXHX3K Monaco Cuilom 4-Uoot. mauled. Only 11,000 mll«i. 1. Owner! 744-3281. 1970 MAVERICK. Automatic;, air fi oyliiwUr. good gat mileage. 4707 Alt. .7»-13§3. EXTRA Clean '67 -Olds. *lr-ccmdl- toiPd.!!! power, IMS or belt offer. 1971 CHEVY Wagon. Kxcellent condition. *1D75. 7S5.&95 after S'OO V.AI. 97-1 MAHK IV. sold edition, leather nlerlnr, wire wheels, AM-KM ttereo. lap: deck, (triilse control, climate control. Call T47.7M7. 9?J MAVERICK. six cyllnijer. rood tlr". new nalnt Job. Kvc*Mont economy car. 26-31 mpe. Will sacrifice for »H!». 7B-96W. 1969 MOB. low mileage, cood condition. New parti. 762-3627. 1963 MERCEDES BEN7, Diesel. 220 Serlw. 12730. After 6-792-M47. 69 VW CAMPER. Needs engine repair! Bc»t offer! 7S3-fiK>2. 1972 KORn Gnlaxle 50(1. pnv off note J977. My equity J200. 747-5762 [973 ' THUNDERBmt) • must sell mmedialely! Make offer: l/>w nil- lease. Excellent condition. 732-3598 after 6:00 P.M. 3969 CADILLAC Scdm Uevllle. sen- surf erfen. black vinyl lop. black leather interior, oir, power, windows. 50-tO split seat, new radial llres Extra sharp. 6023 Norfolk. 192.R526. After 5. CASH FOR YOUR CAR I'URR AUTO SAiJS 1W3 ATfaue Q TU-K44 WHY NOT THIS YEAR? Why nol move up to Cadilloc (7)1974 SEDAN DEVULES (7) 1974 COUPE DEVIUES ALDER SCW fjj' flu/iff <if * 4 KUUlh 713-I44I ]\f^ I** 90, Axtomobitet 1974 GRAND PrtJt, (ull vinyl top, ii^ctfflW ° W " r ' 10W "'Sw. 1 ™* """" nl con< " Uon •74 UATSUN plclt-up, matching thejl, equity )700. take over payments. Call 799-1S62. . 1963 LMPAUA SUlionwagon. Call after 4. 192-6637. Clean. Cheap! Good second car. 1972 fc-ORD Wagon, loaded, clean, 11275. or 1971 Poiulac Catallna. Loaded, new tires. {1075, P.oth Kood condition. Must sell one. 5304 46th. 197-1454. 1967 FOUR door hardtop Chevrolet Caprice. All power and air. new tlwj. now tags, new sticker, runs and drives very aood. |I95, After 5:00 p.m. 797-2909. 1971 MA CO .shark Corvette. Dark blue-black leather Interior. .150 automatic. Power steering, power windows, Tilt'telescoplc. Factory air. New wheels new tires. 56,000 miles. (806)353-46J4. 372-6779. 1*74 FOHI> TORINO OR.V.VO SPORT COUPE IHnehurtt Green with (iotd vinyl halo root — local Me ewier, power air, 351 Cll> tfllnr, ilec) Mlteri radial <lres, A beautiful car aait enihiecrril to drive with comfort anrl roidablllly. 100 prt. warranty on power train. Just Ilka new — Test drlvi! It today. Oaly J3M5 at Ulven'a Aul5 Salei, 131)1 1Mb, 7BJ- MJS. BUYING A NEW CAR! Bring your trade In to us. If we like It, we will make you a cash offer. You may save money on your purchase. Snodgrass- Mailer Company (14 Are. H. Dial 7R-5MI SPRING TO II.... JNO DO II \jn S»dan Devllle A Brougham PLUS (2) W3COUPEDEVILLES ALDERSON ^ fii/Mftir 121019th ' 743-804} 44 CHIVX Cars t KNOW YOU BUY FOR LESS OPEN 8 A.M. -9 P.M. Blue with dark blue vinyl lop, radio, heater, automatic trans, alr'conditioned- beaulitul! " 500 CAR FOR CAR WE'LL BEAT ANY DEAL OH A'751 itiuitiu gi m 01 CIKMIOH iiimit «MU mt* i; itni naj lilt! ON T1IH Oil (II 10«ll) IH! rillCUU 91 HI SI IK(i[ HMD tlli 500 '70 IMPALA 4-DOOR, radio, heater, automatic iVanimisiion, air PIICE'Ulb ALLOWANCE Sflt YOU I ^995 '73 IMPAIA 4-DOOK, 1 green, radio, healer, automatic, a u • conditioned, WSW tires ALLOWANCE 500 YOU PAY *1 795 '73 BELAII, radio, heater, outomatic. oir- conditioned PRICE*] SIS ALLOWANCE 500 YOU PAY M 495 '73 CHIVROIET Convertible, red with whit* top, power sleering/ brakes, air- conditioned - loaded! PWCE W§5 ALLOWANCE 500 YOU FAY 52795 '74 VECA NUCfWISj HATCHBACK, radio. AUOMKCt 51 heoter, automatic Irani., 114 A C I air-conditioned YOU PAY *•? I 9d '77 MONTE CARLO, automatic Irani-, air- conditioned, power ' MCE *24ttl U)U PAY '19951 '74 OLDS OMEGA 2- door, radio, heater, oi'r- conditioned «ICE 1 32HI ALLOWANCE 5881 \ you PAY '27951 '72 MNTO WAGON, blue, 3-speed front., radio, heater, WSW lire) PIIK U1I51 ALLOWANCE M8| YOU PAY '111 '74 ViGA WAGON, 3- speed tfans., WSW Pl!«»24lbl iliflW JUMY HWY 84 BYPASS • SLATON • 8284261 UNWU-IWCItY; USED CARS ,. l»74CMIV«Ot,«T MOV A J. J!OOOHMA«OTO» Gold color A white top, 350 V-«, automatic, power steering, air conditioner, «,000mlles S319S Jf. 1WJMMCURYCAPHI i Automatic transmission, ^ Blue color, T»n Inlerior, T radio* 2000C.C.*n 9 ine * , J MONTEREY . T CUSTOM sebAN *• 4 Door, Light Yellow color, Jf Bei se vinyl top, automatic, *- power brakej 4 ueerina,. •+. cruise & till wheel ... * .971 FORD "°« JT LTD BROUGHAM 4. 4 Door, Green color, power j^.-steering & brakes, air con- JA dilioncr, automatic, cruise J, control,32,000«clualmiles.. jA. 1»7J FORD LTD SIMS J 2 DOOR HARD TOP ? Light Blue color, D»rk Blue J vinyl top, power steering & J brakes, air conditioner, 3% cloth Inlerior, speed control, * sz«»s >»• 1»73 LINCOLN Jf CONTINENTAL 4. 4 DOOR SEDAN ji Medium Blue color, Dark y. Blue vinyl top, cloth in- U tenor, power steering S, J brakes, air conditioner, J AM/FM stereo, lilt wheel, )»• speed control, local one * owner • $44?S j^ i 3804 AVENUE Q * J PHONE 762-0386 * }^- Wayne Waters *" V***AWU*** 'V CHRVBUtR H**port. Dark (reea. KxcelleM CflmUtloo. HU. SWT Erd. JVANT a flualtty car; Com* to LUB- hock Auto Co., Inc. IMh * Te«ai. "fir Want Vour Riislnr^." iOO FORD dicle Tract Car. ,o (01 R£6. 10U Htti. 7«r\i!lS. !7J CUTUVSS, loaded. Buy and lave 1300. or auume leas*. 797-7142, R»». 744-2233. • •• :;.-'. FQ3 Sal* by Owner: IMt CMrice Vriv power i WrTcall 7»M7M»fUr 5 weekdays: or all weefcead. •; BUY Thl« -Uke -New. 1975 LTP T- Itnd «ayg $1000. 7K-3138 nr 747-6855. UVFFUERS, Tailpipe*, Custom-De Hfned Systems fc Shocks now In•tailed at (he Auto Care Center 2507 Texas. Also all upholttery. Wind- •hlelds fc auto guss. factory vinyl * emvertlble t<»s, SMe.MouldlajH and f«cetelter Crulae • ~ WT4 PORSCHE 914-2 A"-.- AM-FM. Alloy wheels. «,00 rnltos. KS30. 7S3- ' - ••• ^^ 1973'THUNrjBRBlRD, excellent con Must see. Call Joe, Iff? TORNADO Brougham, AM FM stereo and 8 track. Crgl» control, til extras. Call 797-3790 or 799-7900. 1*73 1UPAUA!!! .2-Door — Power — AJr — 12*50 — Consider pick-up ! -^ rt>»ke offer — 3«14 46th .•"— 744-33J2. 1%S MUSTANG V-8. automatic, 1473. 1)66 Mustang, six cylinder, standard |J75. 3101 4Sh, FOR sale: whit* 2 door 19S4 Dodge Dart, Good dependable school car New tires *nrj brahes. 1450. 795-1339. '74 MONTE Carlo, many extrat. TV* H73 Cartlllau. Kxtra »k»r». eleu. Beiai cars have all electrical assist* ud a full compllm*»t * CartlllM aTciiaHrlei. Ik* Ait* !• 4a>alrt*a «t»m)aw of exeeHeiK* *l wor40»it mu's pricci — IN »c« warraaiy en pewer train, etc, Ulirti tr»d* (Owaace fer y*v ear. We effer tcrrle* «fler tk* »J«. Priced a< low is U1K.M. Glven'a Alto S»l«, IMt 1Mb. IK-MSt. A-l LATE MODEL USED CARS SPECIAL PRICES CALL ERNEST GENTRY FORD Lufrkoc* . •itt-SMS Ml A ^A^|^ M ^WU AA TV* Mvivmwii^v ,973 VKOA. 30.«0« mUw. Good eeatdi- Uon. Call 7M-2047, ' " VOLJCSWAOEN a*U. L)k«' new' Dun* for with . tow bar. Me at 431S 454h. 795-81*8, 1S59 FORD' Bus --converted k> camper —. stove, lights, bunks, table, chair*. 745-2*41, lath • A not p. •:.'•. , ' v, • '•.., ,-' 1973! MONTlB-Cw-lo, k>*ded. wWU over grajn, 4J.OW rhUeaV new Uret, extra nice.,7»5-SOO}, 79S-34M. NICE, 11B7 Bjlclf Le sebri?, clean body and interior. Excellent rae> chanlcally, .new Urei atvd batteries. »59S. 4115 B 15th. 19«7 MUSTANG. toM. Call M2-2758. 1969 OLDS 98, luxury nxip?. Full power. AC, 3403 33rd St. 797.7981. •73 KORD.WD waaon, IcaHud, e.v- cellent. condition. New radial tires, 13293. 792-01M. . SUBARU offers the longest test drive In history I Call 7828214 for information. • ' SUBARU'S 'take; the Gamble "out o! huylng a new car! Call 782-8314. ASK any Subnru owner' about his car then call Carey at 762-0611. 1973 MONTE Carlo cl«an, sharp, and loaded. Must see and drive to appreciate. 797-1888. 1964 CHEVY- Impala, 4 doer, cream puff. Mint condition. S009 Ave. K. 744-4979. MUST Sell I 1968 Ford, automatic.',' door, sharp, '75 laga, inspection 1936 71st.' 744-5US.. ... 1933. CHEVY II-SS, 2-dr. hi, red A white, very aharp. t39a, jyi-V»qa. •'.' 1966 VOLKSWAGEN, very nlce-»585- 797-29W. 1967 RIVIERA - Complete new me tor-very good conditlon-»493 -797, 2909. -, - ' '63 SHELBY GT 500. Real Good Shape, recently overhauled motor A transmission. Just tuned 53,000. /65 Mustang, 6 cylinder, 3-speed, »500 4506 45th St. . • . ^ 1»73 CHRYSLER New Yorker Ee dan, like new, all electric, AM. FM rfereo. new poly-steel tires. 13400. to. UATSUN • WtX, • 1*74, Itiht blue, AM-FU. air, wire wheels, 91UO ml*. WK. 792-9601. ) DODGE Moniuo, 4 door, 9 >irten«er wMOB. all power equlp- aJfirt, dual factory air. New tires, trailer towlni MCkMe. 28,000 miles. iVUe's pw»ooal car. .•*!*«. Billy iims Trailer Town, 21W Clovis Rcl. 7K-W73. • '.* • : : IMS CHEVROUtT 1 ton truck. Ideal far city delivery.' Call 7-M-3256. 1«74 COUPB UcVill*. Excellent COIL dldon. Luscloui color. WOO. 1 Own. .792-2797. 792-S7U. 1K3 MERCEOEa Benz 190, new in- lertor, •-: perfect fnVine. needs wjme body work. »1300. 742-2714. . •79 .MONTK Carlo, belt offer, 806- 4 MQ.SEDAN, 4 sealer, 25 miles ttallon. |300. 885-2830. 1973 COUGAR XR7. I31>5. 16J-5257 ask for Karen, or 735-2542 after 8 PM. MUST sell 11913 QUDS, 98. 2 door, loaded. AM-FM •(stereo, radials. Excellent condition. 798-5660. "It VKGA hatchback, radio, thren speed. New steel belted radtals and chocks,' 1630-A 58tb. 744-4739. 11*59. FORD. Four door. Standard transmission. « cylnder. Cood work car; J125, 762-2908. 3321 1st PI. RACING .Engine for sale. 2»S. 530 horsepower, also accessories, gee at Bradley'a Automotive 2705 Texas Ave. 744-64Z3. . . • , VW buy. 1969 automatic, : clean, (raduatlon special. 1975. 7994414, nljhts. Or 763-3646. ; . 1974 HORNET, Sportaboal. Automatic, alr-condltloned,. power ueerinz. Very clean. »360ft 797-Z4M. 19«9 FORD LTD. 4 door hardtop, loaded. 59,000 miles, good condition. Ph2757.local... (S CLEAN .T-B(nl for lale. Call S06.S34.54M, o rS06-634-M52. FORD : van, fully "Insolatcd, wiU« trtad. mac wheels/Radio, carpel, KM. 797-0792. ..'. . V 1973 DODGE Polara, four door, cood condition. 11000. 763-1532. UKRCEDES-Benz. 1969. 220 Sedan. Original owner. Excellent condition. 24 miles per gallon. Complete service record. J3600. 793-5244. •« KA1RLANB V-8. standard transmission, clean, ffood condition, I29j. -•COS 70th. 744-4071,' ON THE AIR TO TELL THE TRUTH WILL the REAL There Must Be A Reason MODERN CHEVROLET IS THE NUMBER 1 DEALER IN LUBBOCK FOR 20 STRAIGHT YEARS These are the new automobile and truck sales totals taken, from the Official Legal Report Service at the lubbock County Courthouse. Automobiles Truck* 1974 Total Automobiles Truckt 1975 Total IS Month Total MODERN DON CROW POLLARD CHEVROLET CHEVROLET FORD JANUARY THRU DECEMBER 1974 1433 904 894 809 500 497 2243 1404 1391 JANUARY THRU MARCH 1975 116 149 67 67 391 2634 183 216 TURNER FORD 614 393 1007 119 60 179 the REAL #f DEALER is speaking....Listen and SAVE!! DEAL Please SPEAK UP? 19th ST. A TEXAS PHONE 747-ttll

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