The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on September 9, 1918 · Page 3
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September 9, 1918

The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 3

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 9, 1918
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

F jgit t mini" i lwftiirf«liiillrt' y "-'-^-.'. SMT USDA1TY LIST I *P1» folio?.l(i K ensualtle* n .ro renoricd ,1* tft* tXKttMAiidln* Octtw-nl »t Hi« • n umlon, K: lobuiine In tu'iinn, i«; iwnuiiilpti swerrly, 7»: d>d of dtariiV!. 1; w(tun*pfl, tl«jrr*e unaM<>ttnlm-d, !18; died t>f wound*, 5. Tout, M. KILtfeb IN ACTION: tSehlamtn P. tflanltonarilp, Thorn w4od, VV. V«. ' Seraetttt , .lnhti nilArr, (IfBiivltl^ t*. C«rpor»U Thomas F. Crtdk, Rwidlhff, Pa. (.'nil Frederick Pai 'Wjft, Mortfoe, Mich. Frank Ai BadMuobner, Rockvtlie, Conn. ' .Cart 3. Bortt, Dubuque, lint*., .lams* W. Brewer, tiriwley. Neb. BdwaM Harold J*kb*rg\ Aapa Walls- kog, Sweden. Hairy j. FMTMI , Springfield, MM*. •ON* Fletcher, Caxdfttt, Mo.-. - Francln B. P&rgmton. Onsted, tticH. , Ofnrrf Tit. 'tanr. l^llkinsbUTR, Pa. Jnhn^Maxsle, Button. Mont. Btun Mtnnlchuk, Cbicneo, HI. Iinuls Jl. <w, oreat J"ait.i, Moot lioul* Sohrr, Benton Hainor. Midi. Ralph tvilklnp, tdabn,Spring*. Celo. ClytT A Ib-yarU, Oohkoah. 'Win. ^ r .ou|n t 'otieti. New Torli, H. X. An Ounce of Is Worth a Ton of Generalities A MILLION motorists in the Middle West use Red Crown Gasoline every day because it gives them dependable power. It has been proven in racing cars, passenger cars and trucks that as a source of power Red Crown is the best fuel yet developed for the modern internal combustion engine, The reason lies in die perfect chain of Boiling Point Fractions, ed Crown Gasoline All theTime It is idle to experiment when it is possible to get the best gasoline (every where and everywhere the same) at no greater cost than the unknown and unproven. Red Crown Gasoline adds power and life to your motor. It will not rack your engine. It leaves a minimum of carbon deposit. 22.Sc Per Gallon ai the FoflowngStaadiriOH Sertict Statitns: Sherman and Poplar Sts. Sixth end Main Sts. 913 South Main St. STANDARD OIL COMPANY Hutchinson {Indiana) Kansas HMALCU Of Headache-" Rob th* forsnrtd and ttniplaa with MEW PWcES~.36c, eoi, *l,So Htmry Bertci HctulrUcson, Verdalc, Minn. uonti A, Meyer, Warren, Mich. .. William U. NtuaU'l, UobtruiOu, N. t>. Ijenjumhi F. Otvtw, Sitn *YHJIC)SCO, Caiir. DIED OF WOUNDS Privates Jnmrs S. Helton, iTayioravlllo, Ky. '.t huintut llcnrv Miller, Fink, Mu. DIED OF DI&EA8EI fjeoreo Mtueckfera Ui>i»rnl, \no. WOUNDED SEVERELY* U «utftnantft Harry Healy i>emtiir>K, Brookllnc, Mass. ^John WorUihitfton lX'ruey, Cape May, 8yp»jys t>, Qundersoil, Sharon. N, D. Bernard F, McMeel, Meade. Kai. Stephen G." Hcnr^ Llrand ilaplda, Mfch. Sergeant* William G. T. lirujiiff, New York, N. V. Cordon T. Buell, Chlcigto, III. Howard H. Crum, CoiietnauKb, Vti. Stephen. MlchaijlF, Mltultn, Oallrtu, Austria. l^yde John .Si^maji, Shelroysmi illch. Floyd U. MtiCutchuua, W ore-eater, Mas, 1 ). Corporals Jarrir^w R. Ajiderj*ouu Wltaon, N, C. Kramct V. Curtwi-tglU, Mn4lsoti t Wis. AVHllBm Cntfthnll, Tolt-do, O. *W1llbun F. Jones, Dunn, 'N- C. John H. Norton, BrefikemHdffe, Minn, finest Shiwvcs, AJpenn, .Mich. Mlloti Macloakey, J^oa Atiffolos, Cntlf. ; ^Y/uik McNenicy, ' (*au4te Ste. Mnrir, Mich. Privates Itobrrt B AlcxiinUer, PortnBe, Wis, TInroM U Baldwin. Ueinnlnff, Wash. Waller H. Hlaiikc, Bladen, Ohio. Will nrucc. l J el«er, a. C. Bnn Coun'llln, B1R Arm, MonU John Cynowa, Detroit. Mich. John Dolan, Portsmouth, S. II. Waiter Hall, Dennlson, 111. Aticufit llamni. Itosedalc, Ind. J»)hn Johii^lon. Bedford, Ind. «teve Kotniiwlii, -Throop, I'enn. Jenne C. Kuomi, Salt Sulphur Spritw* W. Va. Unrland l^ank Lemolre, Sheboygan, MlcU, Walter MeCoroa-s. Bnuieh I.*ind, W. Va. Elbort Marvin, Seattle, Wash. Frank Nevitskl, Berlin, Wis. I^rank II, Owena. pleaattntvillf, Mo. l'asqualc Parentl, MJnncapolIs, Minn. John I'aaquole, Wfest Jfohokcn, N. J. William A. Roberta, FJeLclier, Okla. Joseph P. Schmitx,'Detroit, Mich. Adam Sedlacek, liriid, Mont. Walter Smith. Jadlc« Okla. Ray Weaver, Knllspell, Mont. Herbert J. WlfftOn, Kureka, IJtah. Htrdl J, Alanlvit. ToIvoWv Mich, Anthony J A Baldlga, Kulptiutnomton, Pa. Henry Brclmaycr, Brooklyn, X.-T. Carlton D. Brtj^gs, Walllnfftord, Conn. Jamra Co^swolij Joplln, Mont. Harold C, Cunlcy, Danhury, Conn. TJmothy Willin«i Ctirtan, irtlea, 111. Henry Dortman, Stanley-;' Wis. Matt M.lOHSiin, Forsyth, Mont, Percy Chewier <"»ednoy, Chelsea, Mass. Albert Ginter, Wonewoc Wis. John SS, Qrpnicr, J^owell, Mass. Fiimk , Hevda, ChiciiRO, -m Albert Hudson, Walker, lova. }lolnier O. Johnson, I-a Crosse, Wis. Jon Kesslp rf Chicago, '111. rcvwetlc Lyon McCurdy, Milwaukee, Wis. Wllllnm P. McMilllnn,vNpw Tork, N. Y. Clinton M. Miller^ Rio, Wis. Pierre Mollllor, Oiseijo, Midi. Kdward P. Motan, New York, N. Y. Lnwr<!ijcr G. Morgan, Malud, ldalio. I^oirb* Oaitrin«rr, Ma.s«llIon, Ohio. Ryoichl okamoto, Honolulu, Hawaii, Edgar P. Ornder. Wagoner, Okla. iOnill PriflcaJ, CMcaso, 111. Alonr.o H. Puff. Puughkcepslc, N. Y. Dean S. Reynold?, Alton Bay, N. H. Charles ltosinsk, Indiana Harbor, lnd. Stephen Karl ScahiU, Detroit, Mich. Uaurltin P. Sorenson, Great "FHIIB, Mont, Jnnvs S. Tockor, Richmond, \V. Va. Joseph J. Voffel, Jaflfpei", Ind. •.. John Vosa, Lombard, HI. , ' Guy H. Warred, Westfteld, Wts.' WOUNDED: (Degree Undetermined) Lieutenants Julius K. Bell, Surintjfirld, Tonn. Kemwitn V. WlHott, Shrridan, Ind. Uriel G. X/tley. Hu.rAy, Ark. . Sergoants Hymun It, Ambon, New York, N. T. Hurley V. Butter, Indianapolis, ind. Frank Mortimer lAtidRfehe, New "York, N. Y. David M. Smith. Houston, Miss. James Wilson, McKiwsport, Pa. Corporals , WtUlanv S. Anderson. tUiiumUus, O. Coorsa F. BatTt-tt. Santa Itosa, Calif.' Gturgo W. Blumi*. Vallejo, Calif. John T. Bryan, l^owell, Mass. Clarence K. Hdhor. Biidsboro, Pa. Ali'xander N. I^ttshaw, Anacorlas, Thtodoii! Ij,'>e. Bay St. I-oula, MIHH. Julius N it-It en, l.iucoln Uike, Mich. Arihurt Clurencti Xligmi, Ftasikfor Heights, m. \ Georso W. Savillo, Pittsburgh, Pa, Klinfer Ji, Thomas. Wool wine, Va. Albert R. Wick hum. Columbus. O. BnlpL W, Buvier, Norfolk, Va. 1 lierlnald A. Hutli'r, Lorf Angeles, Calif. Charles A. Kiehltr, San Francisco, Calif. Kugene H. O-eur, CJcvpland, O. Charles Levy, Atlantic City. N. J. Frank C. Slarek, • Chicnffo, III. George C, Wrench. Oakland, ^alif. Busier Frank E. Shatweil, Milford, Mich. , Mechanics Olaf BrolUvu, F«rs\is Fails, Minn, Georpe . Saumgartner, Green ' St., peka, Kan, Privates Harry W., N.-wark, O. Albert G. Ad<unx. OJkluijd." Mlas. Rol>ert Ijexuy Adauison, Fergus Fulls, Minn. ^Ataerico AJnul, Westchester. N. Y. Albert Anderson, XfcFarland, Wis. Aleut Audcreon, North St, Cloud, Minn. AitdJ ^H' Ji, Aiuleruan, Rochester, Minn- Aitton Anderaoi^ Rhame, N. D. John 13. Andress. Hancock, CUOi, ?>vln AnBJ'ick, Ruclne. Wis. Charles Arniistcnd, Madera.'Cal U. Julian P. Ariieson, BarttsvJilo, Minn. Edw&j-d B. Aurand, Savmina, III, Harry Baker, Isabel, HI. Joueph BarUtus, Uewislun, Mo. lOdward W. Baske. Detroit. Mich. Cluatav Buck, Sheboygan Falls, Wis. RAISE TOO MUCH COIN New Revenue Bill Will Brine in a Billion loo Much. SAVS FORDNEY OF MICHIGAN He Tells About tile Last Revenue Bill and (low It Produced Big Amount. Washington, Sept. 9.—A billion dollars morn than the $8.1)4.000,000 estimated by the house ways siml mentis committee will be raised !>}• the war revenue bill, declared Representative Fordney, of Michigan, ranking Republican coninUttecm'an In nddresBlng tUe house today when It resumed consideration ol the measure. Mr. Fordney said his estiraalo was predicated ou the returns of la»( year's bill which is the basis o£ the pending legislation. Designed to raise $3,750,000,000 he said,' the present law already UaB yielded Vl,-l4l,- 000,000 he said, the present law already has yielded J-U41,000,000 and added-that the international revenue bureau estimates vrerc that another Wllion dollars would be collected. This uncollected billion, he said, was due to different interpretation of the law's, provisions and does not include any penalties lor tardy payment. Mr. Fordney criticized several sections of the bill, saying' that capital should bo more liberally defined and that the six percent tax should not; apply to undistributed dividends. About Capital. Capital, he contended, should be regarded as the value of a property as of March 1 ; 1913, instead of the original invosted amount. Some businesses, particularly many smaller ones, he said, were organized yeare ago on small original investments and since that time have Increased in value by the owners putting profits 'back Into them. The six percent additional tax on undistributed earnings provided in the bill virtually is a penalty on business, declared Mr. Wordney. Banlts, he said, will be prevented from puttinf: money into surplus and undivided profits, because of the higher rate of taxation and that, he declared, Is a serious menace to good banking. Mr. Fordney also opposed the pro visions in the Mtl permitting either branch of congress to obtain by reso lution the tax statement of any company or individual declaring such reports unnecessary and, calling attention to the fact that when sent to congress they became public property. l.uwrenco Blgbee, Oak.nidge, *Ml'ss. William Joseph JJlrinlnghutn, ' Provl- deuee, II. I. \VUl>er Black, Nevada, Iowa. ChinlM Krank Blooni'iudsl, l^ibe Village, ind; umll Buoltchcr, West A Ilia, Wis. Jack Boyle, New Concord, o. Charles Breeu, 1'nwtucket, K. I. Maurice. \Y, Brown, .Scolvftle, Mich. Victor V. Custasnetto, Sun ri -aact»co, Calif. Edward Coon, ..l.os Angeles, Calif. George 12- DeKorreal, l.uruinif, Wyo. Buiil A«_ l-'lsher. Deuolt, MJuu. Nat Porlln, Turton, S. D. Carl GerrHs,' Nudsunvflle, Mich. Doan jialtln-jun, iluwe 4 OkU. Dale 11. Hopple, MarrUburg, Pa. Julius J. Humphrey, Hurley, Vu. JBKKJH i. Jewett, Anil. N. L\ Olaf Jensen, Taoonia. lYitsli. 1-Larr>- Jonep. liu£k<:nsftck, N. J. Arlhur lviaielln, J^aporte, Ind. Peter Kownlewski, Ualtiinore, Md. J'klward l-uw, Soutli clileuffo, Hi. John W. i^j-wson, J*»wrj- Clly, Mo. Artliur 1^. l-ertdlek. Beading. James Hale, Providence, U. 1. Goorac Mcleod, Toledo, O. GeoiKo Craddock Miuigrutn. Carters- vllle, Okla. Mlllv Mano3.-Camiwna.nvv. Crete, Oveeee. „Phillli MazauJo, New York. N. v. 'Dun Miller, Koilaun. Montenegro. John H. Moore. Kanklin. Okla. 1-Iubct- Myor, Wauwatoaa, Wis. Lrf'o Joseph Newman. Mount Clemena, Mioli. .lames Garfield PucUctt, Port Wayne, lud. George W. Ftoberta Ocilla, Gu- laiwrence 0. G. Itoblnaon, Golden, Tex. John B. Hosa. ^Ipone. Culir. Geortfe 1., Sheets, New Albajiy, Ind. Harry J. Stanley, Slurlngton, Pa. Jaseph 'j'elgen, Kiu Claire. Wla. C'iU-l Thonias, Gt-ajnl itanldti, Allcli. . •Sam Walker. ThomusvUle, Oa. ,• Daniel J. Weiiner, Brooklyn, N. V. Cloyn IVlillania. Mlllerstown, Ky. HUKh M. Wright, Port Smllll, Ark. Robert William AJlard, T.yudoa Center, Vt Obildren Ury FOR FLETCHER'S CASTORIA Your fall suit and overcoat are ready —our line of clothes should please every man and young man. We can fit all no matter the size. We sell Society Brand and Hirsh- Wickvvire Clothes. "Quality First" Hanan Shoes James A. Anderson, Crow ROCK, Mont. liussell Andrews, CiUiinMst. Mich. Kilve.stro Arena, Ltriatol, Conn. Joseph Ilnudis. Worcester. Mass.>s A. B.;niscliek, Chicn?o, HI. l'nul II. Bollmlin, Port Wayne, Ind. Sibley Bonner, U, Albert Kttrt Uruoka, Ore City, Tex. Walter W. Buckley. t,yndonville. Vt. Joe ltugaj, Chattpel, Tex. Thomas llethel Davis, Pierce. Okla. Thomafl J. l>onohue,-Trenton, Mich. Herbert O, BUitiKbee. Klrkholien, Minn. John Plaher, liemidji, Minn. Albert Gray. CalasHUgua. PtL. Jolin Hanaon, tternidji. Minn. Genrge P. Joties, Millville, N. J. Clarence It. lv-elly. Ht. Paul, Minn. Arllim* l^wif^, llreen J*ay. Wis. Klmer H. I.Ien. Dee^irali, Iowa. Jacob G. W. -Sclimel. Heading. Pn_ Kliner 1^. .Shnpso/i. W^lIIIrtrnaport. Pa. Pi'a-sper A. fcUandaej-t, Kewanee, til. Geoine B. Stoll, CtovetaniJ. o. Cordon B. Kykes, Derby Line, Vt. Kdward ^ r aI'fio. .Iron Mmmt'alii. Mich. Krvln R. Vetler, KlerlhiR. III. Eudl H. Wotwer. Venice, O. MISSING IN ACTION.' Privates Wllllnm B. Buller, Bilwnll. Wash. Rnsfiel V>. Davuull, prlnceion, ln.1. John 1.. Poiffdm. liveretl. Waali. Alvin Frnser. Murjihysboi'u, JJ1. Stunt Glmbt«, Kowna. Itnssln. Aliphonse Gntlerrey, itntou, N. M. Ah»- Huslun, Ulelimond, C.illf. Jnmes A. ^'ey, Honham. Tex. Jiune -K It. Kvmnedv, llyilro, Mont. Ailrlen Klloljerl. St. Patrick, l.u. Marie A. M «*./utH 'ey, Doyh'ylown, Pa. Tony MartHHo, Ponghkeepale, N. V. ArehllH. Mocclo, Puinnont, W. Vu.. Thomas W. Moore. Fayette, Ga. Jtnlph 'I'ntlinn, l^urllngton, Waah. y .Toseph A. Walts. N*orwoo*i. Colo. Total Number of Casualties to Oate. (Including those reported above): Kllh»d in action (including 291 at sett), 5, 2t0; died of wounds. 1.65S; died of dla- eaMe, 1 ,C8S: died of accident and other causes, VU; M 'otJnded In action, lt,6"7; mtvunff in nnllmi t Including priyonera), 2,:'24. Total to dale. 27. 173. • • « • REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. 0 • « *<t $>*5><5>^>«>(J.(S.**^.4>*^ (ltcrorted by Ilnll-Itagland Abslract Co., ,No. 8 East Khormaii.l Sarah Maloney (o Pearl McCoy, tract in block 7. II. I. Co.'s ajdition to Hutchinson *2,u"00.00 Hutchinson Lumber & P. M. Co. to Jamca A. 1'ark, lot 01 Ave. "C" west, Hutchinson, \V. D. ..$175.00 Font ran l^onn T. Co. to Charles 11. Wheeler, west ',!, 20-25-5.$H,fiO0.O0 Charles IX Bvans to A. U. Heal, lots 31-33-S5-37-39-41 K east, South Hutchinson $750.00 Oscar it!. Young to Carrie M. Voellzer rt 13 -1'A feet lot 152, all 154 and west ten feet lot J 5 (1, .Sherman street cast, Hutchinson $1.00 Walter H. Jordan to Walter Schnon- over ct al, lots 13-1415 and east 15 Tect lot 16, block 4, Eccles' first addition to Hutchinson $1.00 $1.00 Way. Men's suits or overcoats cleaned and pressed $1.00. 13. K, Gallup, 41!) N. Main. Phone 901. Mon. Thurs. 13-tf 2,000 Pairs in c ^^oim. Children 's Dept. ,We Have What You Want 0t% AC buys boys' gun call' w£*VV Uluchci-shoe9tol3.'4 $3*45 Buys 11 ° 6 $8 95 ' Jtivs ' )o5 ' !, ' k' a °k ° r tun r .DRlisli, I to 6 £Q UJC buys Boy Scout VVsWW uruiy last, 1 to 6, • '.."If It's Made for tne $2 45 1!uys K ' r ' s ' Eoat ' >ut * 11 % to 2. ton nil solid shoe, SI 75 for * chiW ' s calt or goal, 5 to 8. *A Af for best quality, UK VViVV 10 2, ill pntcntorguu lace Kufflisli. AA AF for child's tau Russia dVitfV culf, luce: 9 to 11. 01 Flj and $5.95 for the -11 U ^avV to 2, gray aud tau. Kiddies, We Have It" mm PETEl DINK Yes, Petey, It Has Been Done Since the Days of Eve Nj By C. A. VOIGHT

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