The News from Frederick, Maryland on December 23, 1931 · Page 3
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 3

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 23, 1931
Page 3
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THB DAILY HEWS. FUEDWHCK. MD. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 23. 1931. IflLERIAIHER FOR XN1AS LIKELY More Members Of Red Cross THIS CURIOUS WORLD nperature Likely To Lower By Friday. Be STAY HIGH TODAY Dee 22 --Cooler weather »as predicted ranig--t by S. VVeeis, r*ad o! the \Veatlier v± here. ti*e ineantisie, ho»ei*r, i-gh tem- irares aill pre.ail ^i-- the crop ncg Thursday e-.esi.ig. No "se\-ere · or £23* .i y« in s.g=:." Mr. Weeks declared he co-uld give no on :he Teaser corj.d,uc±s lor Itristeias because o', :'=.? atrcosplier.c buti-on arid because oJ the impos- Jiqr ol de:ern_ining »hai lay beyond Jew-pressure area. Trhich conunued ay to" dtwnna:e about three-fonnhs | Ue United S:a:«s and Canada. The sporadic rainTall o! today regis- or_e-h2" icra ai 5 o'clock. The Iter le\el at L;h Raven -*as 15 £eet tow the crest o! the dam ··ax-m-;m temperature for the |y was 55 d^gre^s a: 5 p. 21 and a mm of 60 or 65 x'as predicted The Frederick county mMBbentltlp IB the AzKricca Red Cross for the comin* , year reached a total ol 2,093. it tras as_iou2C«d Tuesday by Otbo J. KeSer, 3d. county roE-caH director. ', TSe largest branch meicbersJsip lists «ere reported Iroai Thunaoat, Rnm'te- jirg. Midd_e:own, Brunsw_ck and Buck- eys:o*n. at the order aaiced. Additional jcembers enroUed in the county districts Include! Bn.iittsv.lie--jir, and Mrs. J. Mar- · shall Stanb. M'** Ruth Erdman. Mrs. j M. I- Eoruse. Mr and Mrs. Samuel _ Aushencan, Miss ftnna Sowers. Miss i =a-a Sowers, Earl Lowell. AuKta Mil- j V Miss Amanda Ahalt. Mrs. Msud j Rou-^aha. Mrs. Ralph Weedy. Miss j Stella Beatty. Mrs. Ed-arard S=uth Mrs. David M'Jllendare, Mrs. Ccarles House.' \V. J. Bohrer. ! Myerenlle--Mr and Mrs. WOaca I- Dete'r. Rev H. C. Kraft, Mrs. William S. Wach'-el, Mrs. J. D. Ma-^se. Miss Agnes Arnold. Mrs. D. Edgar Btttie. \fv» Saiii* B- M***" 1 . C. A. Brown. Braddoci Heists--Prof, and Mrs- Charles H. Resssberg, Miss Rose Stem. W:ll:a:n O. McCutcbeon. Mrs. J. Ho_re- Remsberg, Miss Grace Potterield. Miss Martha MoCl-eery. Mrs. David Ko'b. Mr. and Mrs Edgar S McCar- ceJ. Mrs M. J. Croghan, Mrs. Prank Mactz. H. K. DeLan^r. Miss .22 Of Inch Of Rain- warm ram which drenched Fred- tcSt Tuesday, dampening much o! the r s Christmas spirit, ^ ill be fo!lo~ed ay by partly clo-idy weather. *i:h change in :tm?er.;:ure. What in store for Chr-E'mas has not yet en determined. rain began in a half-hearted P». about 8 o'elo;5c Monday night. [it not until after micnigh- did i; get aid G. Remsoerg. Miss Ela Eyler. Miss Cla-re Keller. Miss Anna Mary Rohr- baci. Miss Eeanor Jones. Miss Alice ; sj-ce. Miss Mary Jones. Mrs. Milton ; Stanley M'omford. Mrs. Ralph j Jrs Clara K. Wilson. Mrs. Vic- j Mrs. J- P- Mam, Mrs. Halph H. Fellows, Mrs. Frances Rhodes, _a~i, Mrs. DAY'S WAGES EACH MONTH TO HELP LOCAL CHARITIES Plan Submitted is Endorsed By Kiwanis Club. I W«lir aad Bev. Dr. Amos John T*»- ! \er K»ve a report ol How the money I , collected Christmas, 1950. w»s spent , ! Guests present »ere- Dr John C Tr»\er. Hart Mick Seminary. N Y . anc Park W. T Loy. Hagerstotia Secretary Sappingtoc *nnoivrjc«l ' iha: Uie attendance at Us* mee«iig was 100 per cent, ol tie Yutide *as af.iagly obserwd by -he Kiwan.i Club st the Krancis Scott Ke\ hxrl Taeiay rKwn With the ?r:" room attractkely decorated u:tli . Chrjimas tre« arxi hs?lidiy trac- si^gs. '.he ?^?*r bafigro^nd »as pr«- »'::vd for the spe-c'jil program which ccrit.^ted ol Chnstmas n:^lc ar.d tho c'vo's a:mual rontr:bui:o:i for cnar.ty. W^^am M Stora. told o! the aork oJ the Ijcai Eii»ergency R^^ef Associa- ·.r: and aspect ti:e club to jxs :n a v ».n __ r^ty effort to support tha or, ;injut::a. a, try:ng -o provide i ^2:?;o\n:eut lor that* in cis-ress a::d ^r«ien: sr.v s'iSeruis in '«* Salesman- And »hat kind of saotor- ^r:; aou'.d ^'J like, j.r.' Do oa care i^ a good k-d b^st* Hd-ibty I:-.Ji\;dual No. I »ant o i '..^x that ,'.!»·. 4j*CTfr»'--Tae Hjai- We carry only standard coals. Their quality cannot be stir- passed, Geo. S. Rodock Son Pttth St. m* Pa, S. K. T W Hamwe:: sa.d '.hit a resident uho can find odd jobs sboct h^ home jhould call the aasoc-auon and thereby cj his part toward proncung rel«eJ The c'.ub endorsed the plan submitted by Mr. Storm, and tie president. Harry O. Schro«fder. appointed a committee. consisting ol Mr svorm. James H. Harr.s and William T. Delaplaice. to confer »:th comnuttees from other organizations. Briefly the plan pro- pared is to call upon regularly em- plored persons in Frederick to con- ·r.l--'e cr.t ds\'s inccase each month for three months to support the aork of the Rr^t-f Association. One employ - »r menibtr s:at*d that his organuatioa ;-id alreacv been cons-j'.ted on the plan in-i e%ery :iiiii agreed to g.\c on th.s i-73 © 1S3I BT MU itIWK*. entz. Harry * JMA» DeLauter. Woocsboro--P. A. Richardson, Mrs. J. When the i - - oodsboro--P. A. KicsarosoH. jii*. --, F^ser. Mrs. J. Fran* ^ M.S. ^e M j Mother: Well. :hi is good news, any- Ashton. J. H. Day. | J.OT My daughter* written to say Clifton--Mr. and Mrs. M. F. Me- ! s j, e s g^; a regular ]?; a-- lis:. as bnces- Bride, Mrs. Lena Tntapce, F. S. Good- i -u^g , o a a_~ ac'.rcs* a t HoUjnood -man. Mrs. Harry Hailer. Miss Kellie, fit-Bits. Mahoney, M'^s Nann.e Gaither, Miss : ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_________ carols were sung by a quart*:, conjisims °' Austin E. Rcoads. James H Harris, Mrs R E. Town and M!s Miriam Rhoads. The members joined in smgir.g sevtral numbers. Kiaania:is raised another I'-ind for chanty at the meeting, the money to I be expended during ;hc .ear by the ni^ilster members. Rev Dr. C. E. i · -Mrs. C. D. Walker, i is. Norman Lease, j Jacob Shaw- | Sicodemus, Miss \ Perfume Fout. Mrs. seioy, Mrs. Margaret Hop- ! i_aura ' ^i=s. Mrs- L- O. Willis, New Market Mrs. i Homemaker's Club. Mrs. H. L. Davis.! Class. '' Misses Shawbaker, Mr. and Mrs. V. W.! ' · Nicodemus, Mrs. N. H. Albaugh, Mrs ', TTT T ettnrv Mrs. Wil- ! Grace M. Smith, Jesse Burrall, MIES . . I T *fi.»-r\----\1T5 H - ij. OfcODC, ai · '^ ¥T*A ' * t^l was pegged a.' 24 feet, 9 :ncnes for j i-"*=-o i - . Lentre I. Whit- Williams, Miss Jane Downey, Mrs. , J^ I drop of only one inch Tuesday. The .bur Hammaier, jo.^^ ·.__,,,._,,.,, I T^,^ \T«vr a rri Mr* onfnfh Aiim , .. was comparatively heavy :n 22 looks for a few J Liberitown womens ^ ' S { OIie Miss j **£· 3iis. ^^ary McGolerick, Mrs. L. i Cann, Dr. a - - ' r^^i . D. Browning. j i T*M t C^T^Q--Inrr^* StO^e \1TS- \Vlli »/WiiCO, v**i* [ "^ .^i conunued to oe , L,nA-iutw; ·J*~T-, --*- ivirs Mil- Lewistowa--Gordon F. Palmer, · ^. "Tuesday, .he high being 51 de-i Thomas.^ Msss^C^^^ones,^^ ^- _ charles c T Stui: j N - ormail Harp- ; Jfc r'.y an inch the year amounts to 1.95 inches. . .il^hough ine precipitation amounted i less than a fourth of an inch, it did , re a good effect on the city's water j .ply K. Fishing Creei. The water] ·as neaped at 24 feet, 9 niches for i rie bur *TM^5 r ' r ^ M TM^ ld -M^-' Frank Maymrd. Mrs. Gnlfith. Allen , ^ :he , ^ore^Mrs^CIa^ce ^^^^ j w . Nieodemus , G^^ Duval l. John N. I AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE I IRE THEFT PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY HELFENSTEIN URNER and tie low 44 degrees. De-iron Nash, Mrs. "-"-- TM ; --T p.... j er. Frank Rice. Mrs. Albert M. Po-' KT has ' H. C. Trunole, Rev Fr. PnJip I- Far | · S teft!p mw r. M-^ mTM i ^ r mea= temperature to date has ' tt- v. ^ r ^^^*' ·^," r ^ene ' * el! . Hea rT Stott'.emyer. Mrs. Harvey teraged 7.8 degrees above normal and ' reil. Mrs Harry X^£%j£°*? i Ramsburg. W. A. R. Bell. Ira T. Stun, tere does no; appear to be any cold . Hammond. Jr.. F. ^"^ ®^*S^ , MB. R. Paul Buhrman. Mr. and Mrs aiher in sight. Cloudy weather with | Miss Annie Yingung, Mrs. ^^° ' ^35 gensml cssti of tJis iliss^ssippi ' EQOOE. JVJTS, w. u- ^ · Tuesday. Temperarores were Hammond. Rev. Owen W.^ ^^^ R - . C vHer, Miss Wright, Stanley Stul!. Mrs "K abo-e normal, paraculariy east T A * -*"--* Simxison, Mr. and IF. Lewistown Stull, Mrs. Irvm Ramsburg. Mrs. Cameron Hil!. Mrs. G. Lloyd Pal- Mrs Mrs ,.^-^.fl. Dec. 22-The M. E. Sun- 'er, F. Leo Smith Mrs. Artie ^-^ ^^ s ^ \K school -B-Zl hold its arjnual Christ-; Miss Mary Sappmgicm. Mrs. Charles | TJnionvilIe _ Dr ^ d Mrs _ -^ w service Wednesday night. An en- Smith. Mrs. George Thomas. i ^^.^ ^^ stanjey stindergiU, Rev. H lining Drogi^m has been planned. Bninswick--Rer. K. E. Burgess, l*r. j JJ^Q. E j. rtorme- 'pai-fipid [-STM.- P. Sunday school w- hold j G. Kearfott, Jr.. WiEiam Scinauf- | Weste ^ erMa ^, aT ^ Vsa - K ' FaL ' le ' c Christmas serv.ce Chnstmas nigh:, far. J- Henry Rinker, J. H. Bowers, Fo g M 7^0 o'clock. 'Arthur nightman, E. P. Omson, Dr. j ^ j^^ j f E ' |-Mr. and Its. Jacob Layman and, Thomas Scrother. Howard SJarra. ; Tonng TE: J oa ^ e women's Club. Mr- fiy, RidgeviHe, have moved to tner Jones, R . F . ^ o ^f' %JL?^ C. C. Nicodemus, Mrs. S. M Thru't. ferm at Ije-s-sMini. ! Howard Kaetzel, E M. Gordon. Mrs. Mr. Harry Arnold, who has been Mary Strailman, Mrs. C G. Smith, for the past five v^eeis with rheu- Mrs Edna Wenner, Dr. W. B able to be irp and about his jjvs. William (Sross. Mrs. Mark Jesse Hesson. Locust Grove Brethren *. '^ Peddlcord- alrs G Miss Earoaugh. M!5S vioiec uarey. . D WD -· -TM- s ?? ;· STcrs ^ss^s^S- ?¥^ iving congratulation upon -.he *^rth ' c . M. Wenner, Mrs. M E. Mullen, , j-^ ma^ rnidderar Mrs J a son, Ross Sy.vester Miss Eartjaugh. Miss Violet Carey. .,, TCr , t ,_,,, ,, _,_,._ . U ^_ I --Mr. ana Mrs. Elmer Bowers, tashington, are spending some tune a :ir hctne in Lewistown. Swani, Oscar P. Kam, H. R- Mace, -Mr. and Mrs. George Arnold, ·xno . _^ jj Albaagh, Mrs. Edward archased the John Corine property, jj. jjoelke, Thomas J. Shafer. I ok possession of the property on De- j Keller. A. Z. Elun, C. S. Nicodemus.,; ^ cber 15. I C. H. Feete, ilrs. H. R. Baker. J. " ' " " We -wish to express to you, our old customers, our appreciation of your loyalty. To our new customers, our appreciation, of your confidence. To you who are not our customers, the hope that we may be of service to you, and to wish you not only a Merry Christmas but a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Christmas; what precious Memories . it calls forth, what joy and happiness! It comes again and again and each year with greater meaning. It is in this spirit our greeting comes to you f appreciating the relations of the past, looking forward to a continuation of pleasant associations in *the days to come. Farmers Mechanics National Bank CORNER MARKET and SECOND STS. ^ , ba.ugh, Mrs. Snader Baker, B. G. Dan- . £_r I ner, Boy Stoner, Mrs. Danner. Wilbur Wilt, Mrs. 'Moore. W. A. Beatty, Mrs. W. E. i Shannon. Dr Levin West, Dr. J. G. F. . T. Lease, Murray Nicodemus. Mrs. D. C. Peaire. -.Of STORM SHIPLEY § BOOKSELLERS. STATIONERS, RADIOS, VICTROLAS, RECORDS ^ft ! Pull Toys For the Little Girl or Boy atSOc ATTRACTIVE ARTIFICIAL Christmas Trees Gifts of Lovely Linen Gn^E A FTKE Blanket or Comfort ^ FOR CHRISTMAS $2.95 Cut Cnlbertson Lead. Kew York, Dec. 23 --Winning five of , Sln _th H E Disoa, Mrs. A. G. Horine. ;e rubbers a; che eleventh session of | G w Freeman, J. S. Dailey, Mrs. Eva | _2-_d"of "sKster e big contract bridge match ending i .jv,,^ = ». D r T^WTK. "VTr unfi ·vrr^_ A_ i ·]y today. S.cney S. Lenz and Os- | c Por table home use. decorations or other Ants ha-e been observed to set i ms in a! Our Store Will Be Closed On Saturday «*· t ^a ^"_ ^ff _JS!«_ LaRue, Mr. and Mrs. A.! Youthful Count R. : Thomss. » laid Jacoby reduced the lead of Sly j ^jn on Bridge--Mrs. C. D. Metz, Mrs j luibertsca and Theodore A. Ligatner j jggcjg Nicccemus. j 11.123 to 10.705 Several .imes | Tj r ban a --Mrs. G. O. Eendnckson, · fuibertori's was more than 13.000 , Mr 3Ii Mrs Charles Dudderar, Mrs. | oicis ahead. The ruober s-anctag^ for ' j ean . e K idd. Harry J. Kefauver. Miss ! 2e series became -i2 for CiUKrtBon j^^,^^ Dudderar. Air. and Mrs. Geo.! 36 for Leni. ?om^ of raooers, 78; ( · R -_ pgt'g^ -^ g pramer, ^£r3. Manha' 2320: Culberaoa. 330. iDL^on. Juanita Dudderar. Mrs Amy | . . Brown, Mrs. Albert Strube, Mrs. C. W." i Ser^t. Mrs. Mincnie Oden, Mrs. Mary ! S Caulfield. Mrs. Joseph Price, Miss , H^acy S:h--artz. Buckeystown--Dr and Mrs. T Clyde Houtson, Re~. aud Mrs. C E. Dryuen, 1 J. B Myers, Mrs. Ciinton Gardner. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Baser, Mr. and Mrs. A. ' W. Nit-odeums, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Mornincstar. Mr. and Mrs. W. E K_Ed2ey, Mrs Leo M'caael. Mr. and , Mrs T E. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs C. E. Main. Mrs. Smith Blsur, Miss Cath- ar^ie Thomas. M^s Came H. Thomas, William B. Grimes. Mrs. Edgar Nicodemus. Miss Doro.hy Xicoderrras, Mrs. · A. L Spechc, Mrs William Boteler, Jr^ Mrs Waller Ciitsail, Mrs. Edmund Adams. M-ss M:-r!-e Keller. J. P. Stalling. Miss EC--_ria Boteler. M.SS Mary Dry=en. Mrs. F D. Moler, Stoddard Routson. Mrs. C. Hayes Lamar. Mrs. K M. D-ntermaa. Mrs H D. Shankle, Mrs. C.ias E. Lamar. \£rs Virginia Records, "I3rs. C E. Nichols. M-ss EZa V. Kreig. J.-is. Jolia P. Graff. M^s Theresa Graff. Mrs. A. E. McCussey. Janies In- rram. Russell Grarns. Mrs. Luther Marsha. Edw. N Snouffer. Mrs Jshn Ball. M- snd Mrs E. I_ KeHer. XnoxnUe--D M. MJler. Mrs. John H M. Claggen. Jack: Fraser Claggett * M. M/iler. Mrs. C. W. Shaff. Miss Cera Garret. Miss Ella. McDueil. Mrs Cri-jj. S L Remsberg, Mrs. Ma- r;al.s Mr? Rice, Olive Luitoc, Har- vev G Vires. Mrs. E. A. Cramptor:. M-ss Julia Morse". C. E. Moss. Miss Margaret Hatcher. Jolia Marguette Mrs McDuell Staley, Mrs C E. Rad- lev Yellovr Springs--Ralph Burgee, Louis E Ts-cr.te-. Mr. ar.d Mrs. George L iwer/cy. Karc-ld T-s-entcy. Ross Tweeter. Mrs. John Cove!!, Miss Catherine , LCW.S Futmar;, Mss Lot- t.e Bl- CovcH Mrs 98c Take. IMPORTED POTTERY Greenawalt f s j j p P A P P F I I O ·n 0 T1^o1irri T.iTT^ T»,-c,W != *V« ^^XlLJI Jl JLajJLjijLjlVX Dandelion Liver Disks for Sonr Urn's Sake 25c 51.00 i= STOEE NO. 1 300 North Market St. PHONE 686 STORE NO. 2 20 North Market St. PHONE 813 III Refrigerator Sets :d dccorate 69c Hand decorated. All linen crash cloths with colored borders 52 bv 52 69c , · rt _ I Heavy wool mixed double'blankets. 54 by 68 95c 60 by 80 $1.25 | ^ ' .tUOEIRA ! PIECES Begin at 25c each Hand AppUqncd Linen Guest Towels 50c each ALL LINEN ! Bridge Sets j One cloth and four napkins. Block j printed or appliqued. Cresent A large size double all-wool blanket of unusual merit. $5.95 a? ALL WOOL FELLED Comforts Satin covered. ATTRACTIVE COMP. SYEUP OF MULLEIN For Coughs and Colds j= SPECIALS FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS DINNER ||' 1 Large Bleached Celery . . . 3for25c 1 "E. "ifc. r- n ;= Large Iceberg Lettuce . . . . headlQc = * DUC ^ 1 5a , or Dealer-. |g Fancy Cranberries Qt. 15^:2 q ts.25c j ^ = Emperor Grapes . . . ib. 15c:2ib s .25c j ,^ Waste Paper Baskets a Godey print. 39c | $1.00 set ! Peasant Art Sets . S.ze 53 bv 53. "ilh six napkins ! Many shaces. $3.39 B $1.95 Channensc Corercd All Wool Comforts In attractive paitemsl ·!§ Large Florida Oranges doz20c:2doz35c = - ·1= Extra Large Florida Oranges K ) ^_ bcccnie 2-- s-rjr.i' trainsr ir_steAd a 5~3"?.~ri'-n l--:c h-s famous octo- r.a.r_ar. £reat-gr-ndfatlier. Count Apr^: ':he cr?rc; cl of* Hungary" Ar. ."w i ' « a *cv d;^ 'hat Frank!.n J. South. John Krepps. John W. Apponyl a.ipjars ^ Ul^s Rothenhoefer Mrs. Kelli" V. Cannon, Mrs - Joseph Martz. Mrs. Helen Linton, Mrs I^uise Kehne. Mrs Vergie Stalev, A.oert. ' H".rrir B Staler. tCtore. j Monrovia-- H. B. Watkins, Maud '· i* Good Evening Did the Mrs. S a y . . . Don't Forget To Order BISER'S CLEAN COAL PHONE 267 Large Grapefruit 6for25c _= ^ Large Tangerines doz!5c:2doz25c n = Extra Large Tangerines . . . doz.25c = ^ .,, ^^ ^j _ V --» A Gift for the Bridge Addict ATTRACTIVE Ash Receivers That c..p to the card tabie. Paired - '.o '-he !:- There Arc SU1I a Few More tf Those Very Attractive Sets of GREEN GLASS ITALIAN $4.95 Linen Sets Cloth and Jour aapfans : $1.79 ALL LINEN | Dinner Sets 1 in ·xhi'e ar.d sol' *:n;"J shades. 1 C'.otr. size 64 by 84. wi'h eight ' r.aosiiis Brocaded Rayon Covered tvs5:-SUe tDne efTccts. c?rdei border. $7.95 Quaint Attractive Styles of Copies of Hand Made *' EE I Ex.Lge.PaperShellPecansib.20c:2ibs.35c | PEAS, TOMATOES, CACLIFLOWER. CARROTS, BEETS. BEANS, {= NEW POTATOES, ITSHROOMS--ALL REASONABLY PRICED. = Mixing Bowls .-.e c fTerent s^es to the se 1 65c set $5.95 Madeira Pieces beg-anixg at 25c each piece Quilts $1.95 each · = We Specialize In Beautiful Baskets Of Fruit Prompt and Free Delivery lo All Parts of the City Bennett's WE WILL BE CLOSED SATCRDAY AS WELL AS CHRISTMAS DAY § OPEN EVENINGS I TILL CHRISTMAS K

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