The News from Frederick, Maryland on May 20, 1932 · Page 11
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 11

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1932
Page 11
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ncvro, JTAJTIJ.BJLIUJL, 2U, ^^SS^BKEM. i MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP MmnUlJiM Dlbnur, -- Dr. J. Ralph Magee May Be . Elevated Sunday. A-.^utic C.-.y. N j . Jisv ;s --The -»-e~.-i-:-cLs*. Gervrra; Conference oa tie ?e-.?r.teea:a ;a:.ot :xiay«: Rev. Dr. j 3alp:i Mas* yf Sea'.l, Wash., a c^aop. TS* el*c:.js a:r.e u^espc:;^;. a:":er ;r?:.^$ ia;ljre= -.3 r?.-i.a cbcxe had j-.srv.d a renewed mo «meat ta ba\e :»o S^^ccpal ireau aDoUshec to oin:- who a** :..e voting siac* ·-£« '..--rd ba-I jme :·» firs: o! :~e '-·····3 :;fiv oish ·· a? -hose- ov ;ne ^-on:?re:.v-* r.en j .-.« :e:v.ied 56: io:*s, .-r ;5 ssore thar. . v necessary for As iooa Si :i_i uie »ai anoo^rced , :.-^ trj-.^re i jn!«rei::* c*^ga!:5s arose ! Ai.d :*a ictiEoers of :ze Beard of Bah- ' .V^ W F Adders MI, el Bcs:-n ar:i T;:^ Loie ,,·: P?r-.:a;:c, Ore o: :=e ep^cspa.-y. Blship Anderson orai-^rc :ne C-sr:- vp-e.r-'. m :"·* and BTMo? L3.- -ias n.s ^apertjr .;: ;he ?a^:n' NVr.ix'es: -Auere Ur. "Oj-ee ^i* d^- :r.r, 5jper^:?r.d-er.: o, :l-.e Sear.Ie. ' Wai.;.. di:r:c:. Snc^Id :::e coherence be 2 ale to se- ' Itv: :he secasd n?» o.^:i.? before :.~e ·"t^fk-end. oo:.; ;)roac.y »o^li be for- , aia!!y ek". a:^d :o :he ep^copac; "^i a ' ipecia; certnro::» SiLr.c3.y- ; O:her leaders on :ne lo: v:ere Rev. R s ·.er. ". V . «;; Hev. L. O Har.aaan. , Bc-s-.or.. 287: Rev L C. Wr:;h:. Cle^e- j :?.r.d. 95; Rev. A. S. Day. Pit^ourga. j 54: Re-v. J M Gray. De:ro;:. i8, and | R-.. \V. EL Sr.s^. Peorj., C:.. 37. j De:«£a:es' from the ?ir Was:, who ·.ctei for Dr. Ma?c« from the openmg ballot, greeted ha elecuon ·aith the "The Pacific Coas: is very neCAPOL!^4A R/ML 7H« VNHE/4 ABE MADE cfA UMtliOS AKiTHlHS f CSS *J MARe one NOR 1 Mar fr.'\cr MM. Sarah Albaush. and j M»^ Mirj' Kotmiz attendee the fun- ·TJ. of Mr; Gt v ^s t ' Albauv;h. he'd at ' Ncv M.a\\ iv. Sunday Mrs Aitwugli · 'was the mother ol Clarence Alb* ugh. ol ! aear 'o-.n The fur^r*: u*s largely j -Mr ,nC air* C-ircme Wolf a^i i H a V H P V caueh'.i- Vr:ior.'".v:\ MX-S : Su:-.u:i i l l d l l l C y Mr .',-Hl M: K.i·:·:.·!-.(.) IX^lvT i H t - i ! " v V,».-. TO :»-e:v 1 --Mr* Jtjs* Mjers rece.^ec. »crd oi ) he coji:J» of lur :iphe». Emory' . i-e:c llr r*ds\ a-. -'30 -o :-, -M" ana Mr^ nanco £ -c-iiRer Mr .-:-.a Mrs Jvi.u H Sa-'o o Mrs ' E..T.M Sr.-ro Mr ana Mr.- P*-... i?::orb Mr. ..r.a Mrs "lo.wr. Shvro. :uar :o«n. Held a. '.;-.c O?f:a rioufc Mi»nd?\ -Mr. u_^S ' - M SL;T' V-* \\..i_^r O'-.-" s-p.".' ... Sa:u:rav alter: ov *: .-. Vr .'.:c M.^ M-s C * ' · - . : '·: , ,·· · S...:c.i Carr jS-iot«· i^o- j.:.^ e. c.-.c- IV':',- - : » v ;,, KoT ·;.-·!.- ' 1 ' ;r - I V 0 * ' - M- :r. M: V::-.- I . - ^ - » . , . · - ' .-pens i? ,:'iiv ·'.·:!.::j ' : .- V.'-.r I ^ --. a: *.:- 2l~ *1 r- Fro. r ' ". \ v » . x ' » V )·::·-. V t i, · ' . r " ; --Mr j-.c :.!:s Ro* 1-Vvr a::a , ttr M. Ann ?.I»c ci to'. : . Mr H . cr N .11 .nd V- ':-*· -.ov;' a::c M: ire M.^ Jicob N».: Ksr-^ve:. \i..«S Mr a: s ci Mrs-. Perfumes a-o : » a a c r ' f r BEAUTIFUL! UT beauty t» only one of the these new «pnng designs of Armstrong's Linoleum Have to offer. Stop in at our floor style show, and let u* tell you all about the*e modern good-house keeping floors. -- Mr sr..: Mrs \V.i:arn Oh:«: and | Mrs c:a:.::c-" Eokard *rer.: Sj.cs af- j u-rr.j -a with Mrs Sallie S'.emer. a: " Yer-: Pa J --Mrs Ca'-h-r-ne CrabU ar.d i-»o i en .Icrers are ^;x-uoirii ie\eral isys iMU» j Mr. ar.d Mrs \Y:I._i:r5 Rocgor^ LAc:e- | burg i -- M" ?-'".d Mrs Aiidr?* B.flc. r.ear to. vs. \li. '.-! Mr. a:;. Mr-s pa:: Bioftn ; ar.d Mrs- M-r B.:_e Plc.oanv Villcy. -- Mr and Mry fair.i^v. Keys 1 . :., vc: Mr _:id Mrs \ Mr .i!;". Mrs \V_o Warren and i at '.ne Jv.rce .uM Ohr and Hahn Sjturday j "" .'---- .S-.ZO a proud of :h^ Rep:yu:g: :o eleci.or. " Tie Sors or carol ja so n;ys:enous.v w.-ea cold esrv ^h^i se'.eral 5 ·.her t p^sced :abs o; the winter months ji .ows v.ere i-^o^iht :rojs. and soen- ' As :a:e as ;·» ::i:: :h« na:«r Svra!- ' ^rua-.ior; of birds bury *r;r"i3cl'.cs ' o m£n\ penotts ra;it^t:cr^. ice bah- jin iJ» ra-a and become -.orrsi elecuor; was "a :re- s --"* cold ·searner As an e^ XEXT John Har.ier. the Cig^sh ana:o:nis:. '. sue? :_r v.a;. ^ o:r clo a dance Pnday nigni a; the club ho'jfe mencous responsibility tea; caa b; en:«red ujto w::h grea: seriousness as represesta-tive of the grea; democ- *·«*··" /\* r rt^. \*^*v**xv«* f^H*»*v»i* ** i --.. o. ...e -v.e«-ea^. ^..^. t ... --Miss Lucy \Vc'J:r.g sr^.-it the'-:- ' The is a brorner of Car*; e ,^ ·* m,^-- ,,» ·,,,,. , ,",,- M~ r ---n - TC 3ds«. of ihe Oklahoma DaJy Se«.' |±," ^'^.:^i "7^ c'e^^a ' T ^^ a - Mav ^---« °an; Peo. i O^K : C-.e-.^ooG l p.ccfTi-eyto-.i-narc-arror.sir.s 10 gi\cs. C.ub dar.L-e i benefit ptzy w h e !p wfray the cxper^es Tanevtown Gul^forc. --^Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hayes and cinldsen spent the week-end xrich their parents. Mr. anei Mrs. W. Hayes, and Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Carter. --^Walton Hood Grant, vVashmgion. v as a ueek-end gust, of Mr. and Mrs Ed-a-3; Kood. --Jant-es O. Ridgely and family enjoyed a trip to Gettysburg- Pa., oa Sunday. --Miss Minrue PiiJlaiger !ef: Sunday for a ·areeS's visit to realnres IE Bal- son are %-^umg their sifter. Mrs Wace 'of ! --Mr. and .Mrs. 'b^rencc HOME CLEANLINESS When you burn high grade ;oal you will observe a i marked toproveinent in the " ;hi * : Cleanliness of your home. Albrajhi ' : ** delivering coal we exer- 3 \VcIiine. · E:ar:, Mr. ani Mrs. Karri- Freet. Mrs ~~ \ cise 4^ SO AMERICANS THREATENED : You will like our coal serv- --Mrs. George Bl^zard has been under tile (ioctcr's care since the death of her daughter. Mis. Frederick Gebhardt, on Thursday, t --Major ana Mrs O. K. Luxford and son. Franklin. Washington, D. G , were .tives in Ho'a'ard Chinese Communists Threaten City Where Thev Stav. ATTENTION Stop in »cd set the *** ice -- it merits your full con fidence. snt; aries, by 20000 Chinese Comrrtuntsts Xortri3r -?-'-£g irc-r-ps ires ar.d threatened to cu: of Pen^p.! there, block- guests Sunday of ccu=ty. , i were overrunning --Mr. and Mrs. D. vr. Cauthom.! pro-, ince. vere ca'Jers at the home of Mr. and The Coaimur^sis had ourrcunded r ooo --Miss I_!i?an Siu:th. Alexandria. Va.. T%as s. caller here Sunday --Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hams and j ag the of governrner", ·-»--. lan-ii-y were Suncsy guests of the ;3t- i foroements. i ters sister. Miss Ida Davis, Catons- Reports fro.-r. Americans a; Penzpu £aid they couotec that the Coamuriiito, vrouln be ab;e to capture the city, bat · the apprehension r.-^t acute. ! The Chinese go-.e.nmen- ru;-hc?d! troops to Pengpu Us; Monday at the · request o: -.he American Legation. Ap- i parently i; was these trho trerc sur- ! rounded by the Coannuii-st.£. i The Ooi=aiunisU. ^rho ha-.e been Fl"r,dering vide areas in Anh^e'. Eonart ar.d otiier provinces in Ceniral Chaia. ha^.e caused a genera! exodus ' of rore.gners 2nd Chinese a'^i« frorr. ' j ALBEET C. PALMEE, Agent t * ; s vffst I3ttl street Phone 5I9TT MARKELL PHONE 202 --Mrs. Wiliizin: H. Day. Gleneig, -s-as a caUer at the iwme of Mr. and Mrs WCiam ^r. Jones on Fridsv. --Miss Mary Hart had as her ·sreek- end guest. Miss Glenelg. Thompson Bemice Islehart and Ethsi Thomas r.-ero ^re^-tnd guests of Mr -~nd Mrs. Philip C-yel Glenelg. and at- "end'Cd tile "shotrer' tendered Mrs HUar;- fUpiey. formerly MJS.S Ira Igle- itert by her frl-enos en Saturday night. --Miss Margaret Harris is having her apartment house on th: hill touched up by paint th^ s - eek --Rev. D C Watson. Alexandria, trili rno'. e to the rcctcry of St Barnabas church the first of Jur.e. these territories. I 1 Ready For Hop. ! j St John. X. F.. May 19.--Amelia Ear- ! j hart Putnam, en route to Harbor Grace. ] '.-Tie. May 20.--Mrs. Clyde P-n- i -;-, 9 Atlantic. "landecf her pirie" ^-"tr" eel entertained the Glcnwood Bridge | airport here at S^Vp'.'ni *E S T """ i r!ub at her home en Friday afternoon, j , ! There rere four tables --t'h Mrs. Can- West VTinSetd. Fa., has c^ust-i. 1 " f : I -on Welling and daughter. M_ss Lucy a mc-dem recreation 'room .and '"danc; · WeHir.r. Laurel, as truests of honor. -The Glen-s-ood Co-intry Club gave ground. hal; Sn an old rr.iria 300 GAINS NEARLY TO against the field 5 145^ to S 425^ Installed / $5.00 DOWF ·1931 SALES GAIN...ALL OTHER MAKES COMBINED $5,22O,OOO * 1931 SAUS GAIN HOKGI ALONE $1O, O O O , O O O I New Prices For Ice Effective at once at new ice plant on East Street, i between Third and Fourth Sts., until i further notice: Retail Prices for Irs Delivered Anj-where in City Limits 100-lb. block 40c 75-lb. block 30c 50-lb. block 20c 25-lb. block . lOc 12i-,-lb. block 5c Plant Open Day and Xight / Platform Prices 300-lb.. block 60c 100-lb. block . . 2oc 75-lb. block .... 20c 50-lb. block 15c 25-lb, block lOc b. block . 5c Phone 839 S E E T H E N O R G E B E F O R E Y O U B U Y T[7ntfaasiasm for RoIIator Ei Refrigeratioa is breaking ail sales records- 1931 showed Norge the favorite by almost a two to one margin against all other electric refrigerators combined! You'll see t^hy when you see the Norge. It is a fact that no other electric refrigerator offers you so many exclusive features of utility and convenience. And performance! The Rollator mechanism is simple, srardy, efficient and almost everlasting. It is extra powered to refrigerate and freeze ice at all times for a long time. x Only Norge has the Rolla- tor. So by all means see the Norge before you buy an electric refrigerator- · Fts*reifrsm rirrt ef Electric Refriftrf THI C O L L A T O R A roller roll* «od *nerc"* ice-.:hat\ i!J tncre i* to the powerful, Hooo;h opers- t*oa of the Norxc RoUitor . Ftlnrrj 2tst, 7932 N O R G E Sincerely, T. S. MICHAEL ICE MANUFACTURER. AND DISTRIBUTOR NEW GREATER VALUES AT LOWER PRICES ; x L. B. NICODEMUS , 326 North Market St. Phone 754 E j HOWARD F. LATE MEAT FRUITS AND VEGETABLES CRAB MEAT AND FRESH FISH 243 North Market St. THE M \RKET EVERYBODY IS TALKING 'BOtT" Legs Lamb ». ig c Sirloin Steak «· 22^ Round Steak «»· 22^ Armour's Hams . . . . I b 13 c Armour's Picnic Hams ib 7 l /2* Chuck Roast IB. l2 l / 2 Pork Chops Meaty End 2 Jb * Frankfurt Sausage All Meat Ib Veal Chops Shoulder ^- 15 c Fresh Killed Roasting and Frying Chickens 642-J--Phone Your Order--We Deliver THE RUG STORE MI/I.L1XIX i BENTZ 4 EAST PATRICK'S! 1 . I TRY EASTWAY'S FIRST. . . 1 Simpson Grass Seed Simpson Sheep Manure 5 Ib. bag Nott's Excelsior Peas -Black Wax Beans Fan Trellis 6-8 ft. . Ib. 20c ... Ib. 29c . qt. 29c qt. 29c 98c--S1.19 c r. | EXTRA SPECIAL = Friday and Saturday I A. C. Plugs-all sizes . . . 49c 1 Windo\v A\vnings ___ 89 | Seat Covers ...... $1.59 I IEASTWAY STORES! = THE HARDWARE DEPARTMENT STORE = == Hardware -- House Furnishing -- Paints -- = U Glasses -- Garden Seed -- Electrical Sup- =5 = plies -- Auto Accessories -- Sporting Goods = = -- Bathroom Outfits. * H 36 East Patrick St. Phone 187 Goodyears cost so little now.. why not buy a SET NEW LOW PRICES Lifetime Guaranteed GOODYEAR PATHFINDER Supertwist Cord Tires CASH PRICES I Full Orersice 29x4.40-21 29i4.59-20 3«i4.50-2t 28x4.75-19 29i4. 75-20 29x5.00-19 30x5.00-20 28*5.25-18 30x5.25-29 31x5.25-21 30r3 30x3?4 Res. CI. 30x35 O.S. CI. 3Irf 32x4 Pric* nf Each *4.79 5-35 $-43 *-33 6.43 6.6$ 6.75 7-53 7.»» *.I5 4.O7 4.19 4-29 7.35 7.58 EaehlR Pairit ·4.65 5-19 5.X7 6.16 6.24 6.45 6.55 7-30 7-65 7-91 3*95 4.06 4.16 7.O9 7.35 Tub* SI. 03 I.OZ 1.03 1-17 X.O2 1.30 X.33 1-35 1-33 1.43 .81 ·90 .90 1.32 1.32 NEW LOW PRICES New 1932 Lifetime Guaranteed GOODYEAR SPEEDWAY Supertwist Cord Tires r\sn PRICES 59x4.40-.21 Expertly Mounted Rims cleaned, straightened, painted, and wheels checked for alignment. QUALITY! Goodyear builds millions more tires annually, enjoys the lowest costs, returns the savings to you in a quality so superior that "more people ride on Goodyear Tires than on any other kind." Fall OrfrtlZf 29x4.40-21 29x4.50-20 30I4.50-2I 2Sr4.75-19 29x5.eC-I» 30i5.6«-2D__ 31x5.25-21 30x3 i Re$. CI. rri;« ~r r sch S3- 95 4.30 4-37 5-II S-39 S-«5 *.63 3-57 Each In Pa.-r. $3-83 4-17 4-13 4-97 S.*3 5.29 *.43 3.46 Tnbc « .91 -91 -91 ·94 I .OO 1. 14 1. 16 .S* e^ $15.?2 PER SET Eipertly Mounted Free TRADE US YOUR OLD TIRES FOR NEW 1932 G O O D Y E A R ALL-WEATHERS History's Lowest Prices GOOD USED TIRES $1. SI.50 UP EXPERT VULCANIZING S.-.O P. M. Goodyear Radio Program Sowell Tire . Battery Co. Phone 938 133 South Market Street

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