The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on April 25, 1986 · Page 26
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 26

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 25, 1986
Page 26
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Page 26 article text (OCR)

THE BAYTOWN SUN Friday, April 25. 19J6 LaRouche funds donated by wealthy retirees .......•• ... V . \.: ;. ,.. ; .. •- ' * • SARASOTA, Fla. (AP) Charles R. Zimmerman, Carl Swanson and Ordel E. Bradley are retirees who should be forgiven if they don't seem eager to take a phone call these days. At different ends of the country, each has been the object of intense telephone campaigns to open up their pocketbooks and their savings to the mysterious network of organizations surrounding political extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche. And each has agreed to loans, gifts or even investments they now regret: —"I'm mad at myself now," says Zimmerman, 79, of Sarasota, who has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars to LaRouche-linked groups. "I said I was making gifts to my family only. They said gifts to them would help my family more ... because they were changing the world situation." —"I'd be on the phone for hours at a time," said Mrs. Bradley, a 75-year-old Modesto, Calif., widow who lent a LaRouche corporation $30,950, and who found the calls from a LaRouche fundraiser irresistible. "I told my friends I hated to answer the phone because I'd be talked into something." She says she has not been repaid. —"It wasn't unusual for the phone to ring every five or 10 minutes for four hours or more," Swanson, a Baltimore resident who was disabled by a stroke at Waldheim not wanted in U.S. WASHINGTON (AP) — A Justice Department memo says former United Nations Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim should be prohibited from entering the United States because he "lacks credibility" about his World War II activities, according to news reports. Neal Sher, chief of the Justice Department's Office of Special Investigations, wrote the memo urging that Waldheim be barred, the news accounts said. Justice Department spokesman Patrick Korten confirmed that a recommendation had been made by Sher, but Korten refused to say what it was. "With all due respect to the position and achievements attained by Waldheim after the war, it is clear that he lacks credibility with respect to his whereabouts and activities during the war," Sher was quoted as saying in Friday's Washington Post. The Post and The New York Times reported that Sher said Waldheim's name should be placed on the Immigration and Naturalization Service's "watch list" of deportable aliens. Waldheim has denied he was involved in German atrocities during the war or was part of a counterintelligence unit. But in its report. The Times said Sher said war records showed Waldheim was a "special missions staff officer in the Intelligence and Counterintelligence branch" of a German army group involved in reprisals against civilians in the Balkans. The Times said it had obtained parts of the memo from a former Justice Department official. The Knight-Ridder newspapers also said they had obtained portions of the memo. CBS News on Thursday quoted unidentified Justice Department sources as saying the recommendation to bar Waldheim from this country was based on Sher's review of secret U.N. files on Waldheim. ABC News also said the files were being cited by the OSI as sufficient reason to exclude Waldheim as a suspected war criminal. Waldheim's defenders concede he made mistakes in his selection of material for autobiographies and statements, but maintained he had nothing substantive to hide because, after getting wounded on the Russian front, he spent the rest of the war on low-level desk jobs and as a translator in the Balkans. Earlier this month, the United Nations released to Israeli and Austrian officials a 1948 U.N. War Crimes Commission report which places Waldheim on its "A" list of suspected war criminals. That designation means the commission felt the evidence against him was strong enough that he should stand trial. 61, said in describing how he was persuaded to lend up to the limits on his credit cards. "They always wanted me to write a check for $25,000 because they 'knew' I could." About $2,000 of his $5,000 in loans has been repaid, Swanson said. . They are among other elderly or infirm people who have been the object of fundraising activities by organizations linked to LaRouche, including corporations and his presidential campaigns. Mrs. Bradley's and Swanson's complaints are on file with the Federal Election Commission. Zimmerman, a retired Bethlehem Steel executive and investor/ said he was persuaded to invest $200,000 in a partnership with other LaRouche associates for the purchase of a small AM radio station, WTRI of Brunswick, Md. He has lost track of how many other loans and gifts he gave, but one estimate puts the total at more than $1 million. Lawyers'for Zimmerman and his bank are considering legal action seeking return of the money on grounds that undue influence was exerted over the man, a widower with no children and few relatives. Edward Spannaus, treasurer, of the LaRouche campaign,! declined to comment when asked about allegations by individuals that they were talked into making loans they now regret and for which they have not been repaid. Spannaus said, "I'm not going to comment on matters that are in litigation right now." Asked if LaRouche-related organizations encourage supporters or members to turn over personal sayings, Spannaus attributed the allegation to "the drug lobby." In a series of interviews over several days this week and last week, Zimmerman recalled the campaign for his contributions, most of which were made to the LaRouche-linked Fusion Energy' Foundation. Receipts show that Zinuner-: man sent at least 24 overnight letters by Federal Express between last Christmas and late February, some on successive days. Zimmerman said he was sending them checks. Each was addressed to Fusion Energy or to Caucus Distributors Inc., another LaRouche-related group, in Baltimore. 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