The News from Frederick, Maryland on November 24, 1951 · Page 9
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The News from Frederick, Maryland · Page 9

Frederick, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 24, 1951
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

The Ntwt, Frederick, MdU, gtttirday, November 24, MX. APfB MftO, THE GUMPS Just A YM Man UH-OM/XBLEW IT OUT. GIMME AGAIN i FUNNY . T , THCRSE* A GALC Cf) TALK WINP NWBNEVWC y WHKN T. u. lug. u. i. r«. on. JOB CANT HELP I'M DYING OP YES. ..YES, YE6CUBIOSITY. .YOU 15 ITA SECRET? PO YOU KNOW ANY OTHER WORDS BESIDE YE*?/ H6 XL**** TALKS. HC U6E* UP SOUT OP MORt THIS ALL ABOUTf 6AID YE* POUKTEEN TIMES/ BIS STUFF BREWING... WATCH MONDAY/ MH0TT AND JEFF Misery Loves Company And Misery's Gonna Get Itt CHRIS WELKIN, PLANETEER R i c h M s c o v e r y MOKE ME UP AH AGO'ICAN'r H MM {ALUMINUM IT£ TH /VK?r P-RECIOW^OF WHERE ME FROM! YOU'LL. HAVE A FORTUNE ;N VOUK BCX ARCH -SUPPORT.' IF A METEOR. THE HI/LI. HAVE TIME THEM ON WEAK PONT LET 7 you've BOOTS AND HE* BUDDIES Carnival WEEKLY EATING CLUB fSVX ^^OO CftJ^ OOV Of TOO OYO TO HEARD- EVERYTHING,- UNTll.«HE WS.TENEO TO A 006 PSVCMIATRtSW QIKXI..IM ALURGlCTO WORLDS IN ANOHEQt WORflYlM6 IMTHE ROOM, AND BUGS BTINNI Can't Take It, Huh? ID SWEAR WE6OT" FRECKLES AND HM FKIKNDK Up With The Sleeveo Answer to Previous Puzzle" Breed of Dog j ME BOYS AKB AFTER. OUT-CAPITAL- 7Q my OFF MRS. CLABBER --- THEM YOU WILL WORK FOP. ME UNTIL THE BILL FOR.THE DAWSE ~e MY CAR is FULLY PAID/ } MA.Y6E YOU'LL LEARM THE DANGER. OF MOT KEEPfNe- UP YOUR CAR IF ; YOU HAVE TO EARN THIS MOMEY/ T, M. RED. U, f. C*T. OFF. COm. 1»B| 8Y NEA eiERVICt tMC HORIZONTAL 3 Doctrines 1,8 Depicted dog, 4 Size of shot the West · -Highland SORRY, SON, YOU'D BETTER. BURN UP SOME OF TMIS PEP FOR SPEEDING BY WORKtNG- OFF THE DAMASES ' Til call you back, Mabel! I ice Waldo lias nn appointment to use the phone!" JACOBY ON BRIDGE With Cause To Think Player Makes Slam WEST 6 8 7 5 2 V A 6 3 * Q 8 4 NORTH 24 4 A K v J ic 9 s : 4 K J 7 5 + KS EAST 4 6 4 3 -^ V Q 8 7 4 1 *QJ1052 SOUTH (») 4 Q J 1 0 S ¥ K · A10962 * A 6 4 North-South vul. Sorth Wert North East 1 * Pass 1V Pass 16 Pass 3 4k Pass 3N;T- Pass 5 ^ Pass 6* · Pass Pass Pass Opening lead--V A By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NEA Service ' When the national championships are played in Detroit during the first week of December, many bridge players all over the country will be wondering just able to finesse in diamonds if he wonted to. At these tables, therefore, the West player opened the nine of clubs. Dummy won with the king of clubs and returned the jack of hearts for ?t pretended finesse. West therefore got his ace of hearts and could exit safely with another club. In each of these cases the slam was set when South misRuesscd the trumps. In short some declarers made the slam by careful · thought. And some defenders defeated the slam by givintj the declarer nothing to think about. ·JACOBY ON CANASTA 5 Essential being 6 Bugle call 7 Iroquoian Indian 8 Brilliant colors 9 Universal language 10 Ailments 11 Oriental 12 Keep 17 Rough lava 25 Nested boxes 26 Halt! 27 Chickens document experts are. The they vary some- how good the answer is that what, just as some big league baseball players are better than others. All of the experts are pretty good, however, chiefly because they have trained them- · selves to think clearly and carefully at the bridge table. Today's hand, played at a recent national championship, shows the sort of thinking that goes on when expert meets expert. The hand was played at many tables, and in most cases South got to six diamonds. This was a very reasonable contract, of course, depending only on "finding" the queen of diamonds. At some tables the West player opened the ace of hearts. At these tables, the South player reasoned something like this: "Why did West open an ace against the slam contract? Did he have reason to believe that his ace would go to sleep if he failed to take it at once? Or did he have a possible trump trick, and was he therefore cashing a side ace to make sure of setting the slam?" : -In each of these cases South felt iairly sure that West had no sound reason for feeling nervous about his ace of hearts. Each of them therefore decided to finesse through West for the queen of diamonds. Thf finesse succeeded, and the slam was made. At * few tab}es, West was sure that to open the ace of hearts ·would cause South to guess the location of the queen of diamonds. North's jump to five diamonds indicated that a high diamond would turn up in the dummy, so West WHEN TO TAKE DISCARD PILE By OSWALD JACOBY Written For NEA Scrvic/s "The player at your right discards a card that you can meld," states a San Francisco correspondent. Under what circumstances is it wise for you to draw from the stock pile instead of taking the discard pile? 1 ' It is very often the right play when the discard pile contains only four or six cards. It is usually the right play when the discard pile contains only two cards. Notice the even numbers. M you have picked up the discard pile last, it will contain four cards when it comes around to you again. If your partner has picked up the discard pile last, it will contain two cards when it comes to you for the, first time, and six cards when it comes to you the next time. In general, you refuse to take the discard pile only when your side is in such control of the situation that you expect to get it later on anyhow. This means that you or your partner has taxen the pile last. It is quite different if the opponents have picked up the pile last. Then you are eager to get even a small number of cards so as to meld and either compete for the pile or meld out quickly. This means that you would' pick up a discard pile of three, five, or seven cards. You might even pick up a discard pile of only one card. These principles apply only when at least one side has melded. At the very beginning of a hand, before either side has melded, you are seldom interested in a discard pile of only one or two cards. But you are interested as soon as that pile contains four or more cards. After all, a first pile of four cards. may allow you to make the initial meld and still retain ten or eleven cards in your hand. It almost never is wise to pass up a discard pile of eight or more cards. A possible exception occurs when both opponents are down to only three or four cards and are obviously struggling to go out and are being forced to make dangerous discards. In this situation you pick up the discard pile only when it contains some very useful cards. Otherwise, 13 Pauses 14 Interstices 15 Shade tree 16 Palatable 18 Type of boat 19 Neaps (ab.) JO Relieves 21 Station (ab.) 22 Symbol for selenium 23 East Indies (ab.) 24 Roman god of 28 Killer whale underworld 31 Public 27 Antler 29 Symbol for niton 30 Sea eagle 31 Blood money 32 North Carolina (ab.) 33 Mince 34 Membranous pouch 36 Laughter sound 37 Part of "be" 39 Limb 41 Stage parts 46 Chemical suffix 47 Follower 48 Utopian 49 Metal 50 Colonizes 52 Rectify 54 Expungers 55 Minute skin openings VERTICAL 1 Song birds 2 Assisted the natural or wild cards that will help you make canastas. Mr. Jacoby is unable to answer individual questions on C»nasta from readers. However, he will include the most frequently asked questions in his column. 33 Two-wheeled carriage 35 This breed originated in Scotland 38 Repairs 40 Diminutive of Margaret 41 Vex (coll.) 42 German river 43 Not as much 44 Babylonian deity 45 Blow with open hand 46 Roman road 51 One key only. (ab.) 53 Volume VIC FTJNT Somebody Drop In? you continue to draw from ' the in tn* hope of drawing UNABLE TO GIVE BLOOD TOKYO, Nov. 23--VP--Hideki Tojo's daughter tried today to give blood for Allied soldiers, but stage fright sent her pressure so high that it was decided not to take her blood. The 19-year-old girl, Kimie, fourth daughter of Japan's "Pearl Harbor" Premier who was executed as a war criminal, was surrounded by Japanese photographers and teporters when she appeared at the United Nations blood bank. "Please don't." she pleaded, trembling and near hysteria at all the attention she was getting. Attendants whisked her inside but sent her home after checking her blood pressure. QUARTERLY DIVIDEND VOTED BALTIMORE, Nov. 23 (#·)--Di- rectors of the Consolidated Gas Electric Light Power Co. of Baltimore have voted quarterly dividends of 35 cents per share on common stock, it was announced today. Also approved were dividends of $1 per share on the series C 4 per oent preferred, and $1.12^ per share on the series B 4M per cent preferred, all payable January 2,1052, to holders of record December 14, 1951, REAL ESTATE MAN DIES 1 SALISBURY, Nov. 23 -(/Pi--Daniel Burton Cannon. 78-year-old Salisbury real estate owner, died here today of a heart ailment. , Cannon was treasurer of Wicomico County from 1910 to · 1918. Active* in politics for most of his life, he came out of retirement last year to campaign successfully for election of his son. Robert Powell Cannon, to the House of Delegates. Cannon acquired large tracts of farm land which he leased on a business basis,'and had an earlier career in the wholesale tobacco business. 6OOD NIGHT VIC. FOR THE WONDERRJL. DINNER AND THE MOVIE. 5EE MDU IN THE MORNING. BV MEA SERVICE. JMC._T..I*. HBO. «. S. PAT. I DOSJT MIND LAYING X HOPE THERE'5- SOME. FRESH BU£INE54?. WAIT) MS FOR ME AT PRISCILLA'S POP A UGHT/ I DIDN'T LEAVE ANY ON WHEN I LEFT/ FUNTT; THERE'S- ' FISHY HERE/ Good Old Grampj YOU CANT PLAY WHILE MV DON'T WAIT UF? .GIRLS. 1 ! 'S UP TO ME TO FATHER! SOMEBODY ENTERTAIN QUESTION! ZMTERTAIM OUR BOARDING HOUSE 71 MORE CASUALTIES WASHINGTON. Nov. The Defense Department today identified 71 additional casualties of the Korean war. The list (No. 446 includes 11 dead, 53 wounded, four missing and three injured. The rare metal palladium re- Cjuires the working of many tons of ore to obtain an ounce of it. Say you saw it in The News. It's just barely possible rhaT the reason some wives ore nags is because they ore married ro "*ulcs. lONMi WHOEVER. TOLD YOU T RAFFLEO OFF THOSE TUR^eys, MARTHA? H---1--- vJHy,Ye, SEEMS TO ME T DiD/-*~LJV\/FOR CHARIT/ -*-VAS/lUg PROFITS VJERE: DEDICATED TO PURCHASE OFAI4EVJ PlP£ \FOR1HESTOve } AT THE: A (5REAT BIS, BENEVOLENT CHARITY ALL RIGHT/-*-£o tiowvou AIOD THOSE eeR.TiLi.oM CHARACTERS CAN TOAST VO)R FAULEM ARCHES ALL ARE voti STILL A CHAMPlOM AT .THE IOO YARD TASH OUT OUKff.tT I CANJ'T UNPER-STANJC? WHY YOU GO PLAYIM' IK1DIAM CLUB WITH TH'THIMG-THE WHY IXDM'T SOME HOUSEHOLD STUFF OF YOUR EVERY TIME YOU CALL MOM UP, I WAY YOU HATE TO CTEAlOK »T WITH ANYTHING NEWSPAPER lEWSPAPERf

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